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2005 dodge caravan, yay or nay

Since getting the van 2 years ago, I have only performed basic maintenance. Some of the maintenance I was able to do myself. It rides smooth, gets me from point a to point b without any problems. I would like one with stow n go. Taking the seats out are easy, but they are heavy and bulky. Then you have to find a place to store them. On the plus side parts are fairly cheap and easy to find new and used. If you are good with your maintenance schedule and don't drive it like a sports car, the dodge vans seem to have a long life span. This is the 3rd one I have owned. I like the roominess the van provides and so do my kids and their friends. So if you are in the market for a dependable vehicle, with lots of room, for a fair price, I would definitely recommend a dodge caravan. Just remember, stow and go is convenient, but it does increase the value of the vehicle as well.

- Jessica M

Problems happen with every vehicle but the Caravan is a warrior

Recalls, the airbags falter, we have been in 3 accidents and the airbags don't go off to protect us. We keep having issues with the air pressure for the gas and it makes the check engine light go off. The car if you get nice tires are a peaceful ride. The inside has been easy to keep clean through 3 kids and 4 dogs. The gas mileage is good. The exterior is sturdy, resulting in only small dings from the accidents we have been through. The glass in the car is strong, in all these years and through rocks on the roads for winter, we have one little chip. The vehicle is very comfortable, reliable, pleasant to look at, humble but strong.

- Jamie B

It is a great family vehicle. It is very spacious and Toads of comfort.

My dodge caravan is very roomy with third row seating. I love the two built in car seats for children that's located in the second row seating. The headlights on the vehicle needs to be brighter. I have cleaned and had new bulbs replaced and have the same result. Once the headliner starts to fall down it all falls rapidly. It is very annoying and thus far I cannot find anything to secure it back in place. We as a family enjoy taking trips and vacations in our caravan. It rides very smoothly and the motor is very quiet. My caravan gets really good gas mileage. It averages between 20 to 23 miles per gallon.

- Kristina H

From dependability to comfort the Dodge Caravan is a excellent choice.

I simply love my Dodge Caravan. It has lots of room which would be awesome if you have a large family. It is very reliable everyday. When I start it up in morning it starts 1st time, the front seats are very comfortable and cozy. I have a bad back but when I am driving my Caravan I feel like I am sitting in my chair at home. It gets good gas mileage for a 6 cylinder and has the power to make it up the mountains here in western Washington with ease. The Caravan comes with 2 sliding doors which make it very handy when you are running errands,

- Judy M

The back captain seats move forward and backwards, like the front two seats do.

I love that my car doors are electrical. It makes it so easy to push a button to open the doors when my arms are full of stuff. My kids love it too because they can closes the doors by a button. One of the things I do not like about my van is the very back door does not stay open by itself most of the time. It's like it has a mind of its own. Also the volume button on the radio doesn't work that well. You can try and turn the volume up and it does the opposite. It will turn it down instead of up.

- Ashley J

Dodge caravan wig 6 CD changer in dvd player.

Good on gas. Up to date with oil changes. Year round tires. Plenty of cargo space. 6 CD changer dvd player. 6 cup holders seats 7. Missing the passenger side visor. The sliding doors do get stuck sometimes. It needs a new antenna. It has traveled almost all of western mass. Two hundred thousand something miles on it. New break lines wipers radiator. It has a clean title. No accidents. Kid friendly some wear and tear as a everyday driver. Great heat and ac.

- Erin S

The ability to let all of the seats down besides the two in front.

I think that the van drives really well a lot better than some other cars that I have had in the past. It is really comfortable especially for big families with the ability to let down the seats. It is definitely a reliable car it got me and my brothers to and from school, soccer practice, dance practices etc.. She has never given me any issue besides needing an oil change and brakes repair. I have had it for 3 years now with little to no problems.

- Cordon W

Dependable dodge caravan. Quality you can count on.

This dodge caravan has been very dependable. . I count on it and is used to transport two physically disabled parents to the grocery store and to church several times a week. They are also transported to physical therapists several times a week. They are transported to the airport every several months which is sixty miles round trip out to Dallas love field. There is plenty of room for both walkers and still an extra open seat for an extra person.

- William N

I have kids in college, so I need a car that will get them back and forth from school each year.

It's a minivan and it's 13 years old. In general it's been reliable, but it's reached a point in its life where some of the nicelties are breaking down (auto door lock, etc). If I had my druthers, I'd have a different car, but we've got two kids in college so the van will be needed for at least four more years. I give it about a 50/50 chance of it making it that long, which is actually a positive thing, if you consider how old it is.

- Paul O

Great performance, reliable but needs a little bit of help

The performance of my car is still great, it's still reliable for road trips and going to work, passengers are still very comfortable since the Air conditioning still works so great. But the mileage is starting to get so high that I need to have change oil every 2 months or less, it is a little bit pricey but it's better be safe than sorry. The tail light is getting bad every once in awhile also, I need to change it like every month.

- Douglas F

Dodge caravan, great to drive yet easy on the pocketbook!

The van gets great gas mileage, is easy to handle, and will last as long as it is properly taken care of. It is great for transporting family on either short or long trips. With a built -in DVD player, it helps keep the kids occupied while on long trips. The only issue that I have run into is to replace the alternator and transmission. Other than that, I haven't had any problems with the caravan.

- Josef O

Even though parts seem to go bad frequently, the price to fix it is decent.

This vehicle has some problems, but for the most part is a wonderful, reliable car. The engine light comes on for the same problems all the time. The oil pressure sensor is going bad, but does not affect the way it drives. The power steering pumps seem to go out on vans pretty frequently. However the parts do not seem to be outrageously priced, so it will not cost an arm and a leg to fix it.

- Rachel B

It's a good solid car, but not very good on gas at about 15 mpg.

It's comfortable and works well for the most part; it's old, so the automatic key doesn't work, and it needs repairs periodically. It's got a lot of zip so you can accelerate quickly. It's got a small turning radius, which is good. One odd thing is that when you turn the steering wheel it blocks view of the headlight signal so you can't always see whether the lights are on bright or dim.

- Aldene F

Great family vehicle. Especially for vacations.

It is the only van I will have. Great for the family and their friends. Good on gas. Most of the maintenance really depends on how much you drive it. The stow n go feature is a huge selling point for our family. It tends to get great gas mileage on the freeway. Only pretty good around town. Ours is old and has recently gotten many new parts, but it's all part of having an older vehicle.

- Colleen P

I like that you can set it on cruise control and go.

I have had my van for many years and it has been a good car. I haven't had any major problems with it, but the basic maintenance. We go to a lot of auctions so we use it to haul our merchandise home. It has always been reliable and am not afraid to take it out of town. It rides very well and lots of room to stretch out. We take the back seats out to have more room to haul things.

- Linda M

Its suitable for transportation needs, as it works and has more space than a sedan

We bought it used, so some issues might not apply. The cigarette lighter will not support much use (for a vacuum for example). The ac doesn't work as well as it could and can cut in/out briefly (decreases performance despite being on the highest setting). Its wobbly and noisy when going over bumps also. But it drives ok and has more space than a sedan, so it suits basic needs!

- Christy G

It gets me to point A to B and holds are whole family in one vehicle.

Too small for my family. The first row seats only 2. I like it to be 2 separate seats. It is all together. If the seat is together I feel it should seat 3 not 2. Back seats 3 but the middle has lap belt. The middle should have full shoulder/belt. Has no truck space. Not enough room to put shopping bags in back. If you put bags on side no room for anyone to get in and out.

- Robin S

The best comfortable Dodge you ever want to ride.

Well it rides smooth it has minor damage to the back window it has CD player radio it lasted me for two years it very comfortable they have gray cloth seats it gets you around town with 158990 miles it has sliding doors and car alarm are four tires are inflated it rides to me like a champion needs oil change I changed the transition strainer and put a new pulley on it.

- Kimberly L

A roomy and reliable vehicle for you and your family!

It is sturdy and reliable, with plenty of room for a growing family. It is extremely safe and comfortable. It has safety features for car seats, making them secure and easy to move around. There is tons of room for groceries, strollers and other items. It drives wonderfully with no major issues. It is a bit bad on gas mileage, and difficult to see behind you.

- Kayla H

Dependable and affordable van for a single mom.

My van has been pretty reliable since I have had her for the last 2. 5 years. I have had to do some repairs, like the radiator, tires, brakes, passenger sliding door wouldn't work a couple of times so there were parts needing to be replaced. Overall, my van gets pretty good gas mileage, has some good power and I feel pretty safe driving my children in it.

- Cassandra T

You need to keep an eye on the thermometer and it's great on gas.

It's an old beat up minivan but with as many kids as I have it's not about the bells and whistles. It has nice comfy seats, great trunk space. One of my favorite perks is that the seats tuck into the car instead of having to take then out. One thing I just realized and kind of irks me is that it doesn't have an auxiliary input. Aside from that I love it.

- Ana M

2005 Dodge Caravan Review

Had the van since I was about 6, and has been a great and reliable vehicle to get me from place to place. Occasionally the transition fluid leaks, which can be frustrating but an easy fix. For being an older car, it still runs good. Lots of space for people or whatever you need to carry. Back seat can be put down to make more room. A good family car.

- Tessa D

This van has a lot of room and very comfortable seating.

The van runs great. The windows however are a problem. They started getting stuck and then would move with help but now neither window will open. The air conditioning does not work. However, the heat is great. There are some rust spots in the wheel well and a dent on the hatch to the trunk. The power doors no longer work and neither does the hatch.

- Alison D

It is great on gas miles. Very reliable. Mostly roomy. Great for a lot more f.

My van has pretty good gas mileage. Sometimes it sucks up gas but most of the time it does not. It is very roomy you can basically live in it lol. you can shuts the seats and it is an automatic. It runs great it might have a little jump to it but it is pretty reliable. For the most part. I suggest this to anyone. Especially with a lot of kids.

- Dana F

Roomy and comfortable for big families

My dodge caravan is roomy and comfortable for my family of 7. This is what I love about my vehicle. I don't like the performance for the long run. We travel on the highway a lot and I have had to repair a lot of things because of this. The engine and transmission are very reliable. The trunk is bigger than most van's which is another plus.

- Sha K

Reliable van with 150k miles.

I have over 150k miles on my car. It is still running well. There is a little bit of rust on the hood and trim under the sliding door. The only issue is that the motorized drivers seat has stopped working. The drivers sit is locked in one position. I feel that my van is extremely reliable. I continuously remove the seats and carry cargo.

- Jenny K

wouldn't have this car of you have kids.

This car has taken a lot of time and effort to maintain. It doesn't always work. I would say if your thinking of getting this car don't. Only because I have spent a good 5000 on this car. and it is still having trouble. The alignment on this car isn't well at all because I've had to replace it twice in the last 3 years I have had it.

- Kelly C

Van has seats for large family. Van has good radio and CD player.

I have had trouble with it since I have had it. My van uses so much gas, it does not have a special features on it. The seats are not comfortable. The van has three sets of seats and they are to close together and there is no leg room. It takes forever to heat the inside during winter and long time to cool it inside during summer.

- Beth A

It's made to last. Dodge is a great brand and you can trust this vehicle with your family.

I'm a fan of Dodge and I think the Caravan is nice. It's roomy and comfortable. My only complaints of the vehicle are wear and tear damage that would happen to any vehicle that is 10+ years old. It is large, as minivans usually are. I do wish we had something that had the same room, but was a little smaller, such as a crossover.

- Billie R

Outstanding, reliable, family vehicle!

Haven't had any major problems. Minor issues, the exhaust the manufacturer altered needed repairs. Few different repairs on a/c and thermostat. Love the room for my family and other items. Great for trips. Comfortable for everyone. Excellent on gas mileage. Love the ease of the seats folding flat. Awesome reliable vehicle.

- Dana C

A reliable minivan that goes the distance.

It is reliable. It has never had any major repairs. Although it got a weird leak under the dashboard. The mechanic could not figure it out. Gas mileage is okay. Air conditioning is not the greatest maybe it needs a tune up. We have the base model so it has no bells and whistles. Nothing automatic which would have been nice.

- Rosemary T

I would definitely buy one just like it, it is been a great van.

I love the room I have four young boys to take around, doing my shopping. I have not had any major problems just routine maintenance. It is been great during the winter months. No real frills just a good dependable vehicle I would buy another one. The motor is great easy to get to the oil and transmission fluid to check.

- John C

I would recommend Dodge caravan to anyone it is a reliable and dependable van.

My Dodge caravan has been a really great van for me I bought used 3 years ago it had high mileage and it has been a very dependable van, only problems I have had is replacing a water pump a try and maintain oil changes every 3 months I have taken my van as far as Arlington WA, which is about 2 hours from where I live.

- Lili T

Has removable seats for more storage in the van

Great reliability, regular maintenance required for performance. Runs well through any weather. Has seats that can be removed and is very comfortable on long rides for vacations. Gets good gas mileage on the highway and through town. Is a strong vehicle can fit many items in the van for picnics seats seven people

- Nadine D

Sturdy comfortable family vehicle.

It is nice and roomy. Great for lots of kids. The backseat comes out for more trunk space because otherwise there is very little. That is a downside. Not a lot of storage space. The seats are comfortable. The radio reception is horrible. Pretty sturdy family vehicle that will last a long time when taken care of.

- Amanda E

Reliable car for family and extra curricular activities.

We have had problems with the driver side window, and both sliding side doors, other than that this is a great vehicle to own if you have a large family or need extra space for sporting equipment, lawn chairs, coolers, or your pets. We have driven this car everywhere and it has performed well in every aspect.

- Roberta P

The Dodge caravan is like a reliable family member.

I have a large family & I depend on my vehicle. My minivan is a reliable, dependable vehicle. It is an older model, but I haven't had a lot of problems. With proper maintenance & preventive upkeep this minivan goes above & beyond its expectations. I truly recommend the Dodge caravan any yr. , Make or model.

- Andrea N

A van that gets you where you need to go

It is a good van but its prone to having window and automatic door malfunctions. Very comfortable, average gas mileage, roomy. We enjoy taking it camping because the seats are removable and we can put a queen size blow up mattress in the cargo hold. It also allows for extra storage to be added to the top.

- Shannon S

The sits hide and gave u more room.

I have had no problems with my van I have good gas mileage and great space love how my sits hide and all the room I have it great this is great van to buy have air and heat in the back the doors open with a push of a button radio is on the steering wheel so u stay hands free I am glad I bought this. Van.

- Kat P

Dodge caravan gas mileage.

It is great on gas mileage, the ac is wonderful, the ride is a smooth, and the sound system is actually pretty good for what was stock in a caravan, being that it only took one fill-up in Taos new Mexico and get to boulder Colorado and only be a quarter tank empty was an eye opener for good gas mileage.

- Logan R

Power everything windows doors hatch side mirrors seats love the power seats.

I have no real technical issues with my vehicle love the extra features such as power seats they help you get a comfortable position for driving like the power hatch in the back comes in handy when your hands are full and the stow and go seating for hauling large items when you do not have passengers.

- Catherine B

Stereo seats that are easy to clean rubber floor mats.

I have had no problems with van is since I brought it 7 years ago, rides smooth as you can get, has no mechanical problems, but change oil every 3000 miles, seats are easy to take out and put back in van, had not have to do much except tune up once a year, keep good tires on, get excellent gas mileage.

- Sheila H

Best family car especially for long rides.

We have not had any major issues in the last 5 years of owning this car. It has 250,000 miles on it and is still going well. It is the perfect family car. This car is very reliable, and is very nice to drive. Our kids loved it as well on long vacation trips. We are still very happy we bought this car.

- Cass D

It is roomy and very safe.

Reliable in all these years it has never let me down. Comfortable even with two grown sons and wives. And a younger daughter we fit well roomy enough for large amounts of groceries. Easy to get my 92 year old mother in and out of. Can transport walker wheelchair and cane easily love my van.

- Norma K

Great family vehicle. Dependable van.

Great family vehicle. Seats easily fold down. Cindy, roomy and dependable. Automatic side doors and trunk. Does rust out at bottom, I have noticed that on other vans that are the same make as mine. I would highly recommended this as a great family vehicle for large families like mine.

- Jessica P

Make checks to. Keep up your vehicle.

I bought this vehicle new. I use it for business reasons. It almost has 300k miles on it. I have changed motor gaskets and the radiator. The axle had to be changed. Maintenance must be performed regularly. Up keep is very important. Change oil, check transmission fluid, check antifreeze.

- Charles M

Great family vehicle. Really awesome if you're into running errands.

The car parts are good. Minor repairs needed gets me where I have to go in the city. Besides it being an eyesore. It's a really decent vehicle. Good on gas, mileage, and again old but really good. Family car. Convenient for shopping and getting lots of errands done throughout the day..

- Michael F

Love all the room! With great gas mileage.

The stow and go feature of these caravans is amazing. Vans get a bad rep, but they are dependable, good on gas, and very roomy. We love our van. . The front end seems to rattle and our front driver seat is broken. It will not decline any farther which makes it uncomfortable to drive.

- Natalie H

Reliable car Dodge caravan 2005. Reliable, comfortable.

This is a reliable car and have good performance. I will not hesitate to buy the same car in the future. I do have any complaint since I bought it. I love Toyota but my Dodge caravan do not give major problem. . I will recommend it to my friends and family. This is a good family car.

- I G

It's got a lot of extra room. And it's a very good van.

I get a lot of flat tires. And it gets to hot sometimes. I travel a lot though so I know that's what it is. But always gets me and the family where we need to go. I would encourage you to get it if you have a big family and need the extra space. It's very good for sports events also.

- Tiffany F

Not very reliable, wouldn't buy it on purpose.

Lots of engine problems, small things keep going wrong. I have problems with the car stuttering when I'm in idle. Other than that, it's not a bad car. I think it's just because they're older cars. Parts are hard to find and expensive, even if it's just for a small piece that I need.

- Mackenzie S

Great reliable van. Few minor issues.

Maintenance on this caravan is pretty simple. Usually a lot of the repairs I can do myself which helps save money. I have nearly 200, 000 miles on it and it has not had any major breakdowns. Has been reliable. Has issues with the sway bar and bushings. Cruise control and headlights.

- Jeff G

In decent shape has a lot of room runs really good.

Runs pretty well, had issues with ac pretty often but gets decent mileage as is really dependable. Fits all my step kids and has a lot of space as well as love the room for moving when putting the seats down. Would definitely keep the vehicle for a good while and would recommend it.

- Kirsten C

Rear passengers are able to control their own over head lights for reading or homework. Drop your phone easy to find.

I have great mileage. Lots of space. I do however wish we had more deep space and had more of arm rest or a wider seat for long travels to be able to lay back and rest. I have not had much car troubles other than the normal wear and tear. The Dodge Caravan is a pretty reliable van.

- Melanie T

Great family van, and good value.

Power window motors go bad every year, door locks fail, lots of suspension issues after 120, 000 miles. Very reliable have 285, 900 miles on it and still running good, other than older car maintenance requirements, and rust it is a great van. Perfect for family with young child.

- Tom A

My Van is very special to me. It is a wonderful vehicle and I don't want anything better.

I love the way my van drives and how comfortable I am driving it. It may not be a high tech vehicle but It's mine and reminds me of my childhood. The only thing I dislike about my van is the fact that every now and then I need to fix something on or in it. Like any car of course.

- Katie M

Great, reliable van for families. You will not regret your purchase.

The Caravan is a great family van. With the Stow and Go Seating and Small TV in the back it makes trips with the kids a lot less painful. If you are going shopping, depending on what you are shopping for the back of the fan can have as much as space as you need for any occasion.

- Jed R

Others should know my vehicle has been very dependable!

Our 2005 caravan has been a wonderful vehicle we have had to replace the radiator and water pump other than that we have only had to change the tires, oil, spark plugs and other things anyone would expect to have to keep up; currently there are 120 thousand miles on our caravan.

- Sandy S

Oldie but goodie, trusty but not too rusty.

My caravan is very comfortable and roomy. It allows me to take trips with the grandkids comfortably and not squished together. I have not had it very long to experience driving it in winter weather however the power is still there even with a hundred and ninety thousand on it.

- Carrie H

Has great gas mileage for city and highway.

Great van, runs amazing, low miles, I love the color that I picked. The speaker system is awesome. Has a lot of base. My seats are heated and it helps keep me warm in the winter. It's not too big and it's not too small. Great for a family or carpooling. Cost was great as well.

- christopher T

My sienna is one of the best cars I've ever owned.

This vehicle has been extremely reliable. It is very comfortable & quiet. It's extremely comfortable to ride in long distances. It currently has almost 300,000 miles & still sounds like a brand new car. We will definitely be buying another one when this one is retired.

- Ryan M

Dodge caravan, great for family.

I drive a dodge caravan, 2005, it is a good runner, good on gas, all ways started right up, and ready to drive. It is very roomy, if you have children, it can fit up to 8, it had a DVD player, you can use on long trips, the seats go down, safety locks, just a reliable runner.

- Patricia N

Dodge Caravan review for consumers.

No problems generally. Just takes a lot of gas money which is expensive but overall it is an okay car. So far no maintenance problems. It has 165, 000 miles and still runs great. I would recommend for a big family because it seats a lot of people. A good car for a big family.

- Sheridan S

Very dependable for older version vehicle.

I love my van. It drives good, smells good, runs god. Fits all sorts of people, very reliable. Easy to keep clean bucket seats are amazing. For a old vehicle it runs great and last a long time. I highly recommend the 2005 dodge Caravan SXT. Best decision I have ever made.

- Jessica L

Dodge caravan is a good vehicle.

It was a good purchase. The van drives very well and it drives really smooth. It has a DVD player in it as well. It has power windows and power doors. Its has enough seats to seat 7 people, well 6 people comfortably but 7 people cans fit and is just overall a good vehicle.

- Matt M

The room in the Dodge Grand Caravan 05 is great! Seats 7 with Ease

The 05 is known for having Fuel pump issues. I have had to put two in a 5 year span. There not expensive but hard to put in on own. I use the van as my daily driver, does really well for to and from work. Gas consumption is pretty rapid as well I fill up 2 times a week.

- Adam S

Roomy but automatic door issues

It's a reliable vehicle and the seats drop really easy the only issue I have come across is that the sliding doors don't like to work, runs extremely well. There is plenty of legroom I find it works great for people with kids or jobs that require hauling a lot of stuff.

- Brooke T

Wanting a different ride. Looking for a truck.

It is a good working van but the downside is the gas mileage, and transmission issues. I have had to change a lot of parts on it though. It has gotten me to and from work for the past 6 months. Brakes and rotors wear to fast and oil change is more frequent than others.

- Amber P

The Dodge caravan, roomy and comfy.

We really like our Dodge caravan. It gives us the comfort and space our family really needs. We all have the room we need. I like the my seat isn't warm or cold when the weather changes. The only real annoyance I have, is lack of design for compartments to put things.

- Kelly W

It has 270k miles on it they are proven vans.

It is used as a mail vehicle for the usps and it's a good van it has 270000 miles and we have had to change the alternator and radiator. It's very comfortable. It is the basic package but it's not a bad package very plain comfortable seats, it goes 200 miles everyday.

- Kim M

Older van lots of problems

It has plenty of room but everything is falling apart on it. But that could be just because it's an older van. It was prob very nice when new. It is fully loaded has DVD player leather seats stow and go seats. But they are very uncomfortable when in seated position.

- Tammy S




Electrical issues and swat I convenience.

Only complaint I have is that it is aging has made the electric systems start to fail. The automatic doors do not open and shut as they should. I also would like if there was an easier release to lay down the back seats. It is a hassle to put them down when needed.

- Miranda Q

My car. Looks like it is new.

I bought this car with 250, 000 miles on it. The car gets good gas mileage (19-highway) the car was well taken care of I change the oil at 3000 mile intervals. Paint and interior was in good shape. New shocks on the front and new tires were on it. Everything works.

- Maurice E

Dodge caravan. No problems in 200k miles.

This model of dodge caravan has been the best vehicle I've ever bought. I have 200k+ miles on it and it runs with no problems. It also gets 34+ miles to the gallon highway. It is roomy and easy to drive. The only thing I have replaced is the tires and the radiator.

- Adam R

Great Comfort or Performance

The only problem that I've had is the space of the van. The trunk is short and you can barely fit anything in the back. The seats are also so close together that you aren't comfortable. Overall, the van's performance is very good especially during the winter time.

- Isabel C

Dodge caravan are good vehicles to own.

It is a good van it has been through a lot but it is tuff it as hauled a lot of stuff like vehicles it has almost 400,000 miles on it and still going it is rough looking now but it is a good van dodges are pretty good my next vehicle I would prefer another dodge.

- Brandy A

The dependable aspect. I can count on it in any situation.

The caravan is the best van I have owned. It is dependable with regular maintenance. The caravan is the best as far as room for everyone to ride comfortably and for things to fit after shopping for groceries. Baby seats install easily. No major issues. I love it.

- Norma M

Comfortable family/travel vehicle

The seats are comfortable. I love the way it feels to drive. The transmission had to be rebuilt at 140,000 miles. Repairs are fairly easy to make since the engine compartment is not too compact. I love how easy the rear passengers seats go in and out of the van.

- Renee L

The car has lasted a while and is in good condition.

The performance has been pretty good, now that it has 150,000 miles on it reliability has become a concern. The car shakes sometimes, and I have had to spend quite a bit of money recently on repairs. Comfort is still okay though, but the AC has finally gave out.

- Sergio W

Family oriented and always reliable to get to and from destination.

Very comfortable and always reliable. Plenty of room for passengers and plenty of space for comfortably. Can run forever it seems like no matter how many miles, high miles vehicle lasts reliable with no real issues. I would recommend this vehicle for families.

- Amanda H

It is a great family vehicle!

The only problems I have had with my Dodge is slow leaks in tires from running over nails during road construction. I love my van. Doors open with a push of a button. Air and heat work very well. Roomy. All seats can fold down if need be. Great family vehicle.

- A S

A reliable vehicle for everyone.

This caravan is white. With fold down rear seats, makes easier to haul things. It is rear wheel drive, 6 cylinder. Good performance reliable, automatic windows and doors a rear hatch. This is excellent for a family. I would recommend this vehicle to everyone.

- David B

Great for families and gets great gas mileage.

It is a very reliable vehicle, I have had to put very little work in to it. The van has a DVD player, which is great for my children. The body is starting to rust, but the interior is in good condition. The work I put into it has only been for minor issues.

- Sarah T

Van has a big trunk to hold all boys stuff.

Van has 230 miles on it. Fuel pump has a leak and muffler has a hole. Very reliable gets us to work and back everyday. Comfortable but seats are not stow and go. Has been a great family car. Kids grew up in it. It is about time to find a new vehicle though.

- Kristin J

Comfortable, but being from 2005 needs constant repairs.

We have had to make a lot of repairs on our van. The repair engine light has always been on, and no matter what we do to try and fix it, even with professional help, it's still on. Fits my family of 5 comfortable and it wouldn't be hard to add two more in.

- Cassandra M

Pro Dodge for comfort, stability and fun.

It is quite easy to drive, very safe, very comfortable, carries 5 adults with no problem, little maintenance (if kept current), starts easily, maneuvers easily through traffic, accelerates rapidly, easy to wash and clean, holds its color very well, the end.

- Patricia Y

Dodge is a great company, would tell a friend to buy.

Very smooth drive, great speakers and Audio. Handles well in all conditions such as snow rain and ice, even withstood a hailstorm. The seats are very comfortable and there is a lot of leg space. Not a fan of the wiper speed and weird sound they make though.

- Nick A

It has sliding door on both sides.

It's great for grocery shopping and carrying passengers. Gas is a problem as prices go up. Check the air compressor. The models sometimes have problems with the air conditioner. Other than that, I really do like the fact that there are doors on both sides.

- Marilyn B

Family vehicle for your wallet

This car is a good car, I love it because being a family of 4 is one of the best options to have. Also it has help me for my job, in those hard situations I just remove the seats and I get more space. About the parts, those are affordable and the gas too.

- Aaron P

Details of a Dodge Caravan. Great mileage, comfortable leather seats.

My vehicle is awesome it is very reliable and has great mileage not to mention the air conditioning works wonders in this Georgia heat. The leather seats are very durable and nice as well. It takes less than 50.00 to fill the gas tank. I love my Dodge!

- L H

Great gas mileage for lots of driving

I love my dodge caravan because I get really good gas mileage. It makes it easy to hold 7 people and where we have to go. The one main thing I'm not a big fan of is that when it rains the belt under the hood gets wet and it can squeak for a little while.

- Kori M

It has over 170, 000 miles on it.

The van works well. I have had to change the alternator. It also uses more oil than it should. The worrying harness in the rear, driver's side door got caught in the door and now none of the power doors work. The driver's side window motor is going out.

- Jesse P

Likes and dislikes of a 2005 caravan.

I love the way you can put stuff in the floor. I don't like the ideal you have to crank the spare tire down from under the front. I like the ideal of the having the DVD player built in but went the headphones goes out you can't find any to replace them.

- Jerry R

The Dodge caravan is overall a good vehicle.

Over all the Dodge caravan is a good vehicle. It is dependable. Plenty of options for seating or room to carry things. Has a built in child seat, which been handy. Drives nice. Is pretty good on slippery roads as little no as you have good tires.

- Ann W

Great for families. Lots of space for passengers, cargo rack for luggage and way more comfortable seats then newer ergonomic models.

I love my van. It was in a major collision and other then some aesthetic damage it still runs well. I even bought it back as a salvage just so I could keep it. The only drawback of this model is that the middle windows do not roll down.

- Rebecca P

A nice family vehicle with lots of seating to fit the whole family.

I love our Dodge Caravan. It has enough seats to fit our big family. It rides smoothly and is ok on gas. There isn't as much storage space as I would like. Luckily the seats can be easily removed and rearranged according to your needs.

- Joey R

The very back seat has barely any leg room. Kids sit ok but adults do not. And there are no back passenger air vents.

I love our van. It fits all of my nieces and nephews nicely. We did have to replace the fuel pump for leaks. And it does not have back passenger air vents so the back seats get hot. It also does not have a lot of room in the back.

- Anna M

It is excellent mechanical condition and documentation proving service checks with oil changes every 3k miles

I definitely wanted another Caravan considering my first one was 16 yrs old and 308k miles before the transmission died. I purchased current van used mainly because Im partial to the shape, low mileage and excellent condition.

- Carla J

It is very reliable, good on gas, and lots of room inside.

I love it because it keeps running, I've never had to fix anything but get a new battery. It has lots of room, I took out the middle seat...…….it has a defect of some sorts in the wiring system but doesn't affect the car.

- JudyB C

Good mileage and smooth ride.

I like the space of a minivan and the captain seats in the back. It's nice to have the DVD player for the kids when traveling. I do not like how old our minivan and honestly that is the only thing I do not like about it.

- Samantha M

It has been very reliable with no major issues. Comfortable and roomy

This has been a good car. Lots of room, and cargo space when the seats are folded down. The seats fold down into the floor quick and easy. I haven't had any major issues. Still Driving it with almost 160,000 miles in it

- Luci D

The space is perfect! We're a family of 5 and it's the ideal vehicle for a family of that size.

I like the room, having all the space. Perfect family vehicle. I dislike all the current issues I'm having with it. I've replaced numerous parts over the last year and still keep having other mechanical issues.

- Charles K

It's great for an active family.

It's very roomy in the belly. The back seats can be removed. It's been dependable for awhile but I think the transmission is going, we moved to an area with a lot of hills and mountains and it doesn't like it.

- Andrea F

stow and go feature for storage

my vehicle is older but it is fantastic for hauling kids around. It has a stow and go feature that is fantastic!! I can either put seats down for hauling or store kids stuff or travel items when seats are up

- cindy f

It drives better than it looks. Do not underestimate Dodge. It does drives. Good

Its as standard as it gets, it does have power window and CD player, but I'm ready for an upgrade. I would like power tailgate, and navigation system, which I don't have. I do like mileage it gets per gallon.

- Ivan T

Be ready to replace breaks often. And be ready to deal with struts and boot replacements.

The suspension even though replaced/fixed multiple time still wears easily and quickly. Brake replacement is a every few month occurrence. The only thing i like about it are the stow and go seats.

- Krystal S

the best thing about my van is it is great for moving because you can put the seats into the floor to make room and it has a 3rd row

I enjoy my van it's a stow and go so the seats go into the floor and it also has a 3rd row and is great if you have a big family it drives nice I can't think of anything I dislike about my van

- Shayna S

I love my vehicle. Gas mileage is wonderful. Great in the snow.

Likes: it is supports my needs as for extra room for my family. It runs fairly well, considering it is a used vehicle.... Dislikes: it needs some minor maintenance. It is 13 year old van..

- Cynthia C

It is very practical and has a lot of space for storing luggage or driving your kids around

I like it's size. I can do dump runs and fit a lot of items in it. It's safe for my kids. There is a decent sound system in it. I've never had a lot of problems with it. No complaints.

- Ry R

great size, lugging seats in and out of van is a real pain

I like, The size of the van, high seating level, power windows/doors, love the abundant room for hauling things, dislike taking out seats when needing more to pack things into the van

- cindy S

It has over 160,000 Miles on it but it still runs and sounds great.

I love the comfortable seats and it's very roomy. It has 2 captains chairs, 2 bench seats, cruise control, power door locks, power windows and an am/fm radio with 6 disc cd changer.

- Tammy W

Best vehicle I've ever owned.

The performance is pretty strong and it's a comfortable drive. My vehicle currently has 210k miles on it, and it's still running great. Probably the best vehicle I've ever owned.

- lori s

Amazing family vehicle for amazing family.

It is a good vehicle. Good for a big family it has a lot of space for passengers. Great to travel, performs good, it is comfortable. Easy to drive and clean, great view, spacious.

- Helen V

The car's dealership takes good care of the car.

Its gets good gas mileage.. It's comfortable to ride in.. It has lots of room.. It breaks down all the time.. Goes through tires like crazy.. Do not have any middle compartment..

- Sheryl L

The van is easy to drive and is very adaptable.

I like the room in the van especially the trunk and the ability to move around the seats. I like seating and how the van drives and handles bad roads. No complaints or dislikes.

- Erica N

It was free. My husband won it at a casino and it has great gas mileage.

This van is equipped with handicapped ramp accessibility. I am disabled and use a mobility cart to get around. I am able to transfer to the driver seat and drive myself around.

- Roberta K

The Grand Dodge Caravan. My 2005 Grand Dodge Caravan is the best vehicle I have owned in my lifetime. I can fold all the seats down to make the inside flat. It is like having a truck with a cover.

drives good sits up high. no problems. good shape, has all the bells and whistles. I have taken it on a lot of long trips to florida. I have had it for 6 or 7 years now.

- melanie r

It's durable, it's dependable, and it's the best car for my family.

I really enjoy my car with all of its features and functions. It helps me get around for my job and for everyday travels. It runs well and performs everything I need it for.

- Jane J

It does not have any interesting details or features.

Nothing to say about this vehicle we got it used and I do not suggest anyone do that. Save up your money and get a new one because wasting money on a used one is not good.

- Sheryl B

Bumpers are sensitive, easily dent and cost a fortune to repair

I do not like the seating. Do not like the third row which folds down on top of itself. Do not like the space in the trunk. Everyone I see has the same dented bumper as I.

- tina m

It has lots of room for storage with stow and go seating.

Very comfortable and spacious. Sits up to 7-8 people with a hatchback and floor storage. Great for making long car trips. Air conditioning /heat work well. No complaints.

- Crystal S

My vehicle has lasted me 4 years. It need a lot of work. Some parts are broken and/or falling apart.

My front end is busted up and needs replacing. My back brakes are terrible and need to be changed. The AC works great for my family. I have owned it for 4 years now.

- Amber S

It's very comfortable overall with its seats, room, and good driving reliability.

My Dodge Caravan has been very reliable. I've maintained it through usual service maintenance like oil changes and rotating its tires, and it gets good gas mileage.

- Robert C

My van has too many things wrong with it.

It has issues right now with the battery, oil leak, and my car windows will not open. My car doors will not open from the inside. The power windows are not working.

- Brenda P

The rack and pinion is going out,,,, other than that I'd drive it across country

It's a Dodge caravan,,,, bought it with 59 miles in o5 been a very good and dependable car,,,,,it's, a very good vehicle,,,,it's in need of a all over paint job

- Albert D

Its running out of life and I don't know how much longer I will have it.

I like my van but I wish it had automatic seats and doors. It fits everyone perfectly. The seats also remove to allow me to transport large items if need be.

- Kelly F

It is comfortable on long trips. It gets good gas mileage.

I like that my van has enough room for me, my spouse and our four grandchildren. It is also great for hauling large items. It is great for camping trips too.

- Linda S

It has power windows and ac with a am/fm cd player

My van has low miles but it has some rust to the body and it runs good i am a second owner of the vehicle and it was well taken care of other than the rust

- Kenneth K

A great vehicle that I've had no problems with

I love this vehicle for the space with transporting things and for the features I got with it. I honestly haven't really had any problems with my vehicle.

- Stephen C

There is so much room in it. You can easily put the seats down and is like a truck!

I love that it has a DVD player for the kids. I also love how the seats easily fold down and I can fit so much in it. Comfortable seats and kids love it.

- Jen L

It is reliable. It is a 2005 with 81 thousand miles on it.

Have 4 grand kids. Lots of room. Not too spiffy but serves my purpose. No complaints. Car does not have many options. I would like it to have a few more.

- Kay G

Vans are the best investment for me!

I love my van, haven't had a lot of problems. Changed brakes 2x put on a new muffler. Runs great. I wont drive anything but vans they are my preference.

- Joann G

My Dodge. I love my caravan.

I truly love my Dodge. It handles easily. I haven't had any problems or concerns it is nice to have flex fuel. I do have a problem finding it sometimes.

- Carrie H

Shelf life of dodge caravan

I love the room in the vehicle, it's not too big and not too small. The problem is that it doesn't have much of a shelf life before other problems start

- Anikoj J

That she might not be pretty but she gets me there.safe and sound.

My 05 dodge caravan is rusty but trusty has 364.000 miles still starts right up. She's very dependable.heat and air works. Can't. Beat this automobile

- Presley T

I like the idea that my vehicle can hold a lot of people, it is comfortable, it saves on gas, it rides smooth, there is nothing that I dislike about my vehicle.

what others should know about my car is, Dodge is a great car and performs very well, it can seat 7 people comfortably and plus it is good for mileage.

- priscilla c

It has a lot of miles but it still runs like new.

I love my van I would trust it to go anywhere I have had it for 4 years now and I have had little problems with it and it is really easy on gas also.

- Tina C

Depending on where you live the body does not last long without rusting. Poor manufacturing.

Definitely a good runner. The only downfall is how quickly it rusts and makes dodge look bad. Appearance is everything if you want someone to buy it.

- Dena K

Very reliable and can carry my grocery, the family and friends.

I like my car, although it is old. Few mechanical problems. It is a family car and very reliable. Whenever I can I will not hesitate to buy the same.

- Immacula G

I think the more important thing about my van is how much I can store and haul with it.

I like the room I have in the van and how much I can store in the trunk. I also like how many people I can safely carry. No dislikes. No complaints.

- Erica N

It can fit a lot of people in there.

My vehicle was given to me as a gift but I do not like it because it is a mini-van. Someone my age should be driving something better more sporty.

- Raymond H

i really haven't had issues at all with my car, except the electric windows in the front work when they want to.

i like how it tells you how many miles until empty. i dislike how they don't have an option for the way my husband drives because she's so y'all.

- brittaney l

It's quite comfortable to drive and roomy for cargo and passengers.

I love that it is easy to get in and out of it. It's comfortable to drive and responds well. My only complaint is wish it got better gas mileage.

- Ann B

It is a great family car and comfortable to drive.

It is roomy enough for traveling and for everyday use. It has been very reliable with minimal routine maintenance. I have no complaints with it.

- Debbie k

Not everyone who drives a minivan is a parent.

I like the way it rides. I like that it provides a lot of space if I need it. It was my grandfather's so I feel connected to him when I'm in it.

- Jason D

My car is reliable and roomy, has built in car seats.

My car has been reliable, it is just old. Paint is fading, the top inside is sagging down. I have replaced some mechanical parts over the years.

- Marcella R

It has giving us a few problems

It was a good buy..we got our taxes back a couple years ago and got a good deal..we have a small family and it gets us from where we need to go

- Calvin B

The car has held up well with very little maintenance.

Vehicle is fully automatic which was great when it was new. Now the sliding doors no longer work. Drives well. Has not needed much maintenance.

- Marjie T

Because it has remote start.

I would like to have a smaller vehicle. It is pretty old and does not run like I would like it to. Trying to get the spare tire off takes time.

- Christina M

An amazing family wagon. Great for traveling in, great on gas mileage.

The only problem with this vehicle is age, thus now we just have maintenance problems to fix. Otherwise a great vehicle with great gas mileage.

- Laura P

It runs. I can take my daughter ,her husband and 4 children to places at once.

I like a van. It has front wheel drive. It is easier to get into than a car., but not as hit as a full size truck. It is usually good on gas.

- Ruth T

It has plenty of room to haul stuff. it doesn't have automatic doors.

I wish it had automatic doors and trunk. I wish the seats folded into the floor. I like that I can fit all three kids in it plus extra stuff.

- missy h

It a good van I have had it for 2 year now and it is still going.

My 2005 Dodge caravan is a reliable van just miner problem with belts and maintenance. Very good on gas miles and takes very little to full.

- Miranda W

My car has enough room to seat seven passengers comfortably.

I like that my vehicle has enough room for all of my kids. I dislike that it doesn't have air conditioning vents in the back of the vehicle.

- Ashley S

Cozy and comfortable minivan

It has an electrical issue where the lights, gages, and radio all flicker and go crazy. The AC also starts blowing hot air when it happens

- Jennifer L

It drives well and handles well. The power steering is great.

It is good for speed and gas but has dents all over it. I wish to restore it and make it look like new again. But that would be expensive.

- Sequoia N

It has plenty of room but I feel like the storage space is lacking. Sometimes things can get loose and roll in the floor because there is not a division of space

I love all the room it has. It accommodates our family of 4 perfectly. Vacations and everyday life and errands go pretty smoothly with it.

- Christy M

It can hold many people and a load of items for traveling.

I love this vehicle. It is spacious. It is very comfortable riding. It can fit many people and is wonderful for traveling a long distance.

- Sheila A

A family car with children.

It is a very comfortable van to drive. Good gas mileage. I wish that it have the doors on the side close that can close from the front.

- Janet C

It drives well, you have very good control.

Like being up higher than a car. Like how roomy it is. Not enough places to put maps and things. Beverage holders are not wide enough..

- Nina D

That it is reliable and drives well, but not easy to take care of.

I have no complaints about my vehicles.. It drives nice and smooth.. I can also watch DVDs in it, because it has a built in DVD player.

- Sandra C

The windows do not work. They do not roll up or down.

The body is horrible. It is rusting out. It is size is great. Able to use it for many things. Taking many people or moving furniture.

- Jacqueline M

It is practical for a family. It seats seven people.

I like that my whole family fits in my van. The seating is great! One of the tires gives us trouble. The front end is starting to go.

- Brooke B

Low mileage. Comfortable to ride in. No dents. Low rust

I have a 2005 Dodge Caravan SXT. It is silver in color. Has stow and go seating which I love. The passenger doors are auto sliding.

- LuAnne F

Problems come up quick but easley repaired.

Alternator has gone out several times, great on gas, lots of room, brakes go bad quickly, drives great and line of sight is great.

- Andrew B

My main important thing about my vehicle it is a comfortable ride and is safe.

I love that even though it is a older van it is still running strong I dislike that the tires do not last as long as they should.

- Michele O

I feel it is a great large family vehicle.

It is reliable, holds my entire family. I like the fold down stow and go seats. I do not like the automatic doors keep breaking.

- Tiffany B

It is still in n very good condition and everything still works.

I like the vehicle because it's roomy for the running around I do with family The only thing I don't like it uses a lot of gas

- Maria P




Wiring problems is pretty much all that's wrong with the car

It's not a bad vehicle for the price dodge does have wiring problems but they seem to be a bit more reliable than other models

- Bob H

I get great car seat installations. Also very easy to get kids in and out of.

In general I like it. I think I would prefer captain chairs in the middle row. Having four anchor systems would be great too.

- Kim G

One of the first stow away chairs.

Runs well. I have over 200,000 miles on it. The performance is good. I have not had many problems, just routine maintenance.

- Cathy P

Fold up seats - good for a family.

I love the fold up seats it is also good on gas. The van is comfortable, ride is smooth and has enough room for my family.

- Vicki S

It seats seven and the seats fold down. This makes it easy to make a large purchase if we need to.

It's a minivan. I love having enough room to drive everyone. It's not as easy to park as other cars. It is getting old.

- Rena P

Dodge caravan: good family car.

Wonderful family car! Can haul a lot in the back as the large, bench-style seats can be removed. Good gas mileage, too.

- Brandy S

It is a van. Seats 7 middle seats fold into the floor to open more space.

I love that it has so much space and it seats 7. Overall good vehicle. Wish it was 4 wheel drive for when winter hits.

- Rebecca H

Has heat and ac in the front and the back of the vehicle

Love it there room for 7 people or remove seat you could move most things in your house.Runs great very dependable suv

- Rich T

It is very dependable and reliable very comfortable to drive.

I like the way it handles. It's easy to carry items.Has been a great car I have no complaints regarding this vehicle.

- Virginia S

It works for me, it is an older car. But that is ok.

I like it because it provides transportation. I dislike it is age. I like how well it has held up through the years.

- Denise L

it drives well, it has good heating and ac, the cup holders are adjustable, the seats can be tucked in for big hauling

There is a place on the passenger door that your leg hits no matter how strait you sit up and its very uncomfortable

- Amy b

It's very dependable and has lots of room for passengers.

My Dodge caravan is very roomy and comfortable. It has been a very dependable van with no major mechanical problems.

- Rebecca G

It has gotten me where I need to go.

It needs some work done to it. The rack and pinion keeps going out and the water pump. I like the DVD player in it.

- Angie S

Dodge caravan. Thermostat issues

Love the space but every caravan we have had gets thermostat issues which causes overheating . Besides that love it

- Tina D

The fact that it is long lasting but of course I don't think they make like that anymore

i love my van because it has been reliable for the past 14 years. My favorite feature still is the automatic doors.

- ileana S

they should know that although the car has some issues it works just fine

it is old and the air conditioning does not work very good. also, the car makes a weird noise when I am backing up

- camila n

2005 dodge caravan seats 7 people.

It is a white van that seats 7 people and drives nice.it has sliding doors on both sides for passengers to get in.

- Kim H

It is 13 years old but for the most part it is still running well.

We love the fact we can use our van for family outings and for hauling things. I wish the seats were stow and go.

- Anita B

It gets me from point a to point b but looking for a couple more cars now.

It drives is good. It has a lot of miles and worn out is what I dislike about it. About time for another vehicle.

- Sherry G

It has a lot of room in it.

Its old. And needs a lot of work done to it. The backseat belt is broke, and the wiper in the back does not work.

- Terri M

It has passenger airbags and automatic side doors.

Easy to drive. Very spacious. Lots of cargo room. It has great gas mileage. It is equipped with monitors and GPS.

- Ethan J

The one thing others should know about my car is that it's very good on the highways, it cruises well

I like that its a van for hauling stuff I don't like the gas mileage,also I'm starting to have problems with it

- Henry C

My vehicle is blue and it has no technology in it.

It's been very good to recently seen its been breaking down. It is getting old so that is why im replacing soon.

- Stephanie S

It has a built in video screen that allows my kids to watch movies. It is great for long drives.

I love my vehicle. It has so many miles on it but it has served me well. It is the deluxe version and is great.

- Holly R

It could get you to place you want to go and it is a gas saber.

Its a van. That runs good for a family to ride in and to go on vacation and have fun. It's a good car to drive.

- Theodore F

It holds a lot of things. It is great for shopping. It is great for kids.

My van is old and is rusty, the inside is not very attractive. The brakes are getting old. I wish it was newer.

- Mary M

Wheelchair accessible. and that they need to leave enough room for the ramp to come down and let the wheelchair have room to get out.

my van is a wheelchair accessible van. It is for my for my husband. We like it. it helps us with travel a lot.

- Vicky H

I do not think I have anything to comment.

Like: large enough for all passengers, spacious, comfortable, drives okay. Dislike: bulky, mediocre design.

- Reese P

It has been very dependable and for trips when you have lots of things to carry,.

It has been very reliable. I like that it has lots of storage areas and that it holds 7 people comfortably.

- Judy B

Its an older vehicle that has a lot of upkeep.

It has the room for a large family. Seats are comfortable just needs a little more leg room in the front.

- Amy M

Good dependable transportation that will get you where you want to go and back.

Very roomy. Good gas mileage. I can put seats down and use it as a truck. It is comfortable on long trip

- greg l

Is very stable on the road. Comfortable.

I like my vehicle because is big enough. Is comfortable. Bring me security and stability. Easy to drive.

- Dolores D

It works. It may not look pretty or always be the cleanest car in the lot, but it works. Oh and its paid off.

It is old and showing rust. It still runs well though. The AC works also. Just getting up there in age.

- Travis B

Nice family van and easy on gas.

I like the 7 seats and lots of room in my van. This works for my family well and not bad on gas miles.

- Lynn C

Great family vehicle for children and pets!

I bought my Caravan used, and it is old. However it runs great and is the perfect size for my family!

- Brandi T

That is extremely reliable.

The speed the drive the color, I just love how it moves. It's great car. I can send my kids places.

- Natasha L

It's a very family friendly vehicle with plenty of legroom.

I love the number of seats. We have 3 children so it gives plenty of room. It drives nice as well.

- Marilyn R

Fuel efficient vehicle for travel

Great vehicle for transporting people and cargo. Is fuel efficient. Has been easily maintained

- Dan M

The storage! I love the stow-and-go!

I like the room. I dislike some of the features...my son shut his hand in the automatic door.

- Ashley F

over 170,000 miles.that is too much to ask of someone try it a little too much

mostly low cost of use. very low low low low low low cost to use. sum repairs but not much.

- Gene H

Low mileage. Great on gas. It us well maintained and serviced regularly.

It is reliable. It is economical. It is spacious. It is relatively maintenance free.

- Gilbert T

It makes a lot of noise when the a.c. is on.

I like that it is a good family vehicle. It has lots of space. It is comfortable.

- Desirae S

It has stow-and-go seats, which are better than removing the seats.

I like my vehicle. I don't have any complaints. It is a good, dependable vehicle.

- Amy A

Good family car with lots of room for traveling and kids.

Gets me up high so I can see better. Has room for cargo. Very little problems.

- Deborah s

A great vehicle to live in when you are homeless and no one wants you.

I like that it's a van and can hold a lot of things and seat at least 8.

- Nancy J

I like that it runs well and it's easy to use, has a working air conditioning system. Not a fan of its low maneuverability and how stuff (the interior) is starting to peel.

More than 10 years old and still going strong! New cars are for schmos.

- Michelle M

The back door sometimes malfunctions

It was a gift. No car payment. Lots of room. Not very good gas mileage

- Matt G

Nice trunk size whenever back seats are laying down

Like it because of passenger space. Don't like it because it's older

- Darlene B

It's got a beautiful interior, and it is very spacious

This car is great for taking my the family around but it guzzles gas

- Daniel C

That it is safe for children of all ages and has lots of legroom left over

Good on gas. Lots of room. Has a DVD player. Don't like the brakes

- Jason M

It fits seven people. Has a lot of legroom. And you can lay the seat down to sleep in it if you have too.

It's big. It's reliable. Smooth ride. I like the way of it's style

- Zenaida P

Rusts very quickly. Feels like a school bus when you drive it.

Hate it. Old lady car. Needs work. It is a grocery getter only.

- Lucy R

It is reliable it gets you where you need to go. It is ok.

It was inexpensive. I wish it had more luxury features.

- Marie C

nothing I love it wouldn't change anything I have nothing more to say

nothing at all I love my vehicle I would change nothing

- Carole L

Reliable and safe. Perfect for a family.

No complaints. Love the safety ratings. love the space.

- Cassie H

It's a good driving van .

Good size. Easy to drive. Just don't care for minivans

- Shirley M

It's cheap on gas and takes any and everywhere no problems

It's very spacey I don't have any dislikes about it

- Janie L

I love the stow and go seating. It is great for trips. I also love the automatic doors and windows.

It is made to suit a family's every need and want.

- carissa t