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Highly Dependable Vehicle

Have never had any major problems. For a van, it gets better gas mileage than my Pontiac G5. It always starts no matter what the weather. I enjoy the fact that I can open the side doors remotely. Makes it easy to load. My husband and I have traveled with a Caravan for many years and have found them to be totally reliable. We have had 4 different ones. I like the room it has to take along even the kitchen sink! It also allows me to fold down the seats to pick up things, like plywood, that won't fit in a car or SUV. My van has CD as well as a cassette player which takes in all of my music. Sound is great. I have ABS brakes which I hate. I prefer to do my own braking, but I am sure most other people would welcome them. I have had only one area of rust, which I repaired because I want to keep it.

- Marcia L

Versatile, family friendly, and useful for many types of cargo.

My van has over 200,000 miles on it. The front and middle seats are very comfortable. The back seat has no leg room to speak of. We have had this vehicle over 10 years and in the last few years we have had to replace a power window motor, radiator, water pump, and alternator. We generally try to maintain our vehicles with regular oil changes and basic maintenance. The interior has worn well, though just this year the headliner has started to come loose at the windshield. I have noticed a couple of very small areas where it looks like rust is starting to set in. We've used this van for a lot of moving for family and hauling various items. Overall, I have been pleased with the value for my money. Gas mileage is about 17-20 mpg

- Kelly A

I love my Caravan, or my mommy mobile, as my children call it!

I love the Dodge Caravans. I have owned at least 3 by now. It has enough room to carry an entire soccer team or if you went shopping it can carry more bags than you can purchase. The only problems I have consistently seen is the rust on the passenger door and it begins to peel up and break off. A little white duct tape always can help with that. It has a fold down second row of seats as well as the back row folds down to provide much needed open area for carrying bigger items. It also has a long life... these caravans all last to almost 200,000 miles. Some minor maintenance regularly and your good to go.

- Corinne C

Bad quality transmission (on older models) but other great features!

Our Dodge caravan is an older model and fairly simple. Cons would be that, like most Dodge older models, it needed a new transmission before it hit 160, 000. Pros would be that all of the back seats disappear into the floor. . . No more taking out seats! Say hello to extra space! So convenient for traveling. The double power sliding doors are another great feature for those who often have full hands (like parents!). It gets an average of 19 mpg and we love the head and leg room. Oh, and the car seats not only buckle in, but latch in with the metal hooks, making them twice as secure.

- Bobbie C

Reliable and low cost of maintenance.

I have had good results from my caravan. The only problem has been that I ran over a deer and one feral hog. Both destroyed the front end of the vehicle. I have spent very little on it except to go through several alternators. I discovered that they are Japanese made and cannot be rebuilt as mos. alternators can at a much smaller cost. Other than that it has been a good vehicle and I intend to keep it for another year at least. I keep the oil changed regularly and add a quart of Lucas oil on each change. We have taken several enjoyable vacations in it.

- Tommy W

Good value for travel, has good gas mileage, comfort and room.

Have not had any issues. Performance is what I expect of a van. Have been on many road trips and find that the driver's seat is comfortable. Third row seats need work as they do not offer much comfort for adults but are great for kids. Have a/c for all seating rows wish that controls were located in the seating rows instead of the front and center areas of van. Stow and go not as easy as it seems, but is nice in that you do not remove seats. Extra storage under floor when seats are used and not stowed. . Large knobs for ease of tuning a/c and radio.

- Michael L

My HHR is fun and comfortable great car.

My HHR is small but room enough has great pickup turns corners great can park this car anywhere lots of room in back plus back seats fold for more room speakers are awesome plugs for your phone in front and in back steering wheel had option to move for different heights seats are heated an add plus for the winter months auto light are a plus. Drawback is the frame of the car front window and side window you really got to pay attention when looking out the window windows are small and the frame can get make your view hard to see things.

- Penny M

Overall I would recommend one who likes a spacious car to try a dodge caravan.

The pros to having a Dodge Caravan are; the spacious room inside for whatever you may need to haul or anything such as that, I love how smooth it rides going down the road, and I love my stow and go seats. The cons about my Dodge Caravan are; it has very high mileage so the transmission slips every once in a while, The speakers for the radio are not very loud at all even when the radio is turned up the whole way, It is somewhat a gas hog, and The lighting to the gauges on the dash are very dim.

- McKenzie G

I love my caravan. Interesting detail: it can carry 7 passengers.

I am very pleased with my Dodge caravan. It is the fourth caravan that I have owned. I like the ease of entering and getting out of the caravan. My wife is arthritic and crippled and the caravan is necessary to carry her and walkers to the doctors and therapy centers. The large rear cargo area with the overhead gate is very handy in loading and unloading equipment and supplies. All in all, I am very happy with my Dodge caravan. If I buy another automobile it will be a Dodge caravan.

- Billy J

Great car! Drives nice and real comfy!

About the only problem I can really think of is that we always seem to have trouble with the tail lights going out a lot. It does perform quite well on the road. It drives very smoothly. It has always been very reliable and we've never had it break down or anything. It is very comfortable and the seats can be adjusted in two ways. The rearview mirror tells us what the temperature is and what direction we're going. And finally, the heater and air conditioner both work great!

- Tanya W

Dodge Grand Caravan that a stay at home mother of two kiddos and one on the way.

I love this van it works great! It gets me around as far as taking my child to school, running errands, taking my child to his father's house a half hour away and back! The only problem I have encountered is the compressor has gone out on me so sometimes it blows sometimes it does not! I recently had it pass an emissions test which is great! But then my brakes started going out so I'll need to get those fixed asap! Other than the few minor maintenance details I love it!

- Teresa B

My spacious 2006 Dodge Caravan XLT.

My Dodge Caravan is very comfortable and reliable. It does have issues with the automatic passenger doors, which is very expensive to keep replacing. The gas mileage is not bad for long trips, but is not good for in town. I do love the space I have to fit my family of 5, my van has seating for 7, with the 5 rear seats all having a stow and go capabilities perfect for moving medium to large items. I very much recommend my vehicle and happy with my purchase.

- Jillian S

Dodge caravans not a bad minivan.

This is the second caravan I have owned. The last one was a 1998 Grand Caravan and the grand is for the extra cargo space I lost, lol. So far no major problems with my newer 2006 caravan, and the last one I owned and traded towards the one I have now had 300, 000 miles on the original engine and transmission. The engine was starting to feel a little tired and I was starting to lose miles per gallon but all things considered I told that is not too shabby.

- Kimberly C

Vehicle of Perseverance and Adaptation

The vehicle is very reliable when it comes to having to depend on its multiple features that include children. It's great for road trips as the seats can be moved to accommodate. When something goes wrong, it's usually only easy fixes. There may have been a few times that it almost fell apart on the road or had an issue with the weather changes, but that only started after ten years of having it, and even then the vehicle held out until it was fixed.

- Aline M

Great family van, lots of room. Sliding doors make it safer for kids.

I have had this van for about a year and a half. It is pretty reliable. I have only had to fix a few small things so far. There are not any special features. It has manual crank windows, which is nice in a way, because there is less of a chance of the window not working. It is great for my family, everyone can sit comfortably and have plenty of room for their belongings and still have room in the back for groceries, or beach gear, coolers etc.

- Katrina T

Regular maintenance has kept it running well for 17 years.

It has served my needs very well over the years. It has had regular maintenance. Batteries and tires were replaced several times. Keeping up with fluids I am sure has helped keep it running well. It has handled well in all weather situations. It was outfitted for a wheelchair lift in the back. I did put heavier shocks in the rear. By treating the van with care has made it reliable. This is the second Dodge Caravan and I like it .

- Sue V

2006 Dodge grand caravan. Gas eater.

We bought the vehicle from a used car dealership about 2 years ago and it started off with a crack in the oil pan, it uses way to much on gas we go through 1/2 tank in just a day just in town. The brakes and rotors and oil are constantly needing to be changed which is ridiculous because we do not use the vehicle that much. But the number one problem would be the horrible gas mileage we put at least 60-80 dollars a week into the tank.

- Megan B

Spare tire storage, good on gas, lots of room for storage and people.

My 2006 Dodge caravan is great for big families and space, it is comfortable for long rides, and family outings. Some of Its features include: radio, CD player, AUX cord, seat mobility, sunglasses storage, cup holders, armrests, and more. There are 8 seats and room in the back for luggage, it has spare tire storage, floorboard storage, and storage under the passenger seat. I highly recommend this vehicle for big families!

- Megan P

It saves lots of money on gas. It takes 20 to 50 bucks to fill up.

I've had my van sense the day it came out. I love my van really reliable, plenty of room to grow. If it was running well I would keep it forever. I also moved things in it too just take the seats out and they are very easy to put back in, a little heavy but easy. The only bad thing is the rust is all around the sides and my side door does not open. Maybe make the windows in the back roll down. All and all love my van.

- Carder V

This van has plenty of room on the inside and is fuel efficient.

I really like that you can fit 6 passengers in the van. One thing that I don't like is that the missle windows don't roll down. Änother thing that I think would be great is a half door for the rear row of people to get in and out of the van. The rack on top of the van is not high enough to run a strap through it. I really like that the middle and rear seats fold down for when I need to take cargo.

- Ernesto Z

My overall review is Dodge caravans are very reliable.

My electrical system is a problem does not always work, driver side window does not go up all the time. The van is very roomy and works perfect and reliable for my family with 3 small kids this van suits us very much. Love how I the seats in the back can go down and how much room there is in the back. It is very reliable, performs great and the features in our model are very basic.

- Angela C

2006 Dodge Caravan Review

I personally love my 2006 dodge caravan. It holds 7 people, which is great for a large family, doesn't guzzle gas, and is very reliable. This vehicle has endured a tornado, a deer running into its side, and wear and tear from 4 children. The only issue with our vehicle is an ac problem, which is easily fixable. It also is a bit harder to drive due to its large size and blind spots

- Ashley H

Ok van for a family with kids

I wasn't crazy about the car at first and I'm still not crazy three years later but the one thing I do like is how much room I can get from it if I quit all the seats down in the back. Very handy and useful when you go camping, moving or buy furniture. Or if you have a car full of kids. The downside is how much of a gas guzzler it is. Not sure if I would buy this car again

- Joy S

I love the vehicle everything in it is electric it even has a DVD player.

I love this van I bought it used but it has never left me stranded handles well in the snow and other weather conditions we use it for collecting scrap so it has paid me back for the purchase as well as any money I had to put into her if given the chance I would buy another one after this one's time comes I cannot say enough good things about my dodge caravan.

- Becky B

Reliable dodge minivan chronicles.

My van is very comfortable, pretty good on gas. It drives well. I haven't had any major problems with the van at all. I wish it had a better sound system and an auxiliary port and a multiple CD changer. The shocks on the trunk hatch doesn't work and the chains for the sliding side door are broken but it still works. I would like something a little sportier.

- Tracy L

Lots of room for shopping or moving

It's too old and has transmission issues, plus the gas gauge doesn't work, it needs tires, and I want more modern technology, it's good for moving because there is a lot of room and the back seats are removable, it is reliable transportation, but the air doesn't work and it's really hot in the summer months, the heat does work so I'm warm in winter months

- Susanne G

Battery or no battery,it'll get there.

There was one problem with our van. The trouble started here with what was an issue with the battery not working after 200,000 miles; this was a minor problem that was fixed with a carry-on jump starter. Overall, our van is family made and helps so much. We're very lucky to have it. This was the only issue we had and this van takes on a lot of family.

- Jasmine M

Why I love my caravan! It is the best vehicle for our family!!

I love my caravan! I love the room it has!! We can do so much more with our van than any other car we've had. With kids we were always taking friends along to events and the extra seating helped. I like the fact that as the driver I sit up higher than in my other car. With my hip issue it helps to step down out of the van than to push up from a car.

- Debbie H

Dodge caravan is a delight.

Oil leak but otherwise fine. Vehicle runs a bit hot from losing oil. Leak has two areas to be fixed. The front fender is bent. The passing gear from 30-45 is a bit shaky. The parts of the seats that fold down are a bit weak in manufacturing. There should be more options than to just stow and go seats. The back seat should also fold down like a bed.

- Jill S

Dodge caravans can get you from destinations a thru z in a breeze.

I love my Dodge caravan! It is roomy and comfortable with nice cargo space. I like how easy it is to rearrange the chairs and the convenience of it. The engine and power is tough and I have confidence I can get from point a to z with no problems. If there were to be a problem I have confidence that I wouldn't be too hard or complicated to fix.

- Owen N

Reliability along with comfort.

My 2006 Dodge caravan has 387, 000 miles, it has needed very little maintenance other than your routine oil change, new tires, battery, average servicing. Travels well with comfort as well as traveling around town. My Dodge caravan has been very reliable. I would highly recommend this model and brand to any family, friends, co-workers.

- L N

My favorite is the stow and go seating. We put an air mattress in the back.

I love this can and will likely get another one someday. It has 120 plus thousand miles on it and still works great. I absolute the stow and go seating and the front and rear heat controls. It is easy to get around in and there's tons of space. The rear hatch door is excellent and the sliding side doors with automatic button is great.

- Sara P

Windows motors replaced several times.

I just hit 210,000 miles and the can has been my main vehicle for over 10 years. Reliable for the most part over the years. The only thing that had major problems was the Windows. I had the motors on the drivers and passengers side replaced 3 times. My passengers window doesn't work again but not putting money into fixing it again.

- Arlene E

It is very accessible when getting out in back both side doors open.

I have had my van for about 5 years. It is very roomy for my family my kids are tall and they have room to stretch their legs especially on long tricks and you have extra room to store your belongings it is bad on gas I think I would like to have air in the back of the van like in the front overall I love my van and it is paid for!

- Patsy S

Long lasting family vehicle.

It is an older vehicle, with over 200, 000 miles, so I worry about performance. Right now it is running ok, but it has had several issues in the past. I have had to replace many parts, batteries, tubes, shocks, struts, tie rod ends, brakes, to name a few. I worry that something else will happen that will be too expensive to fix.

- Michelle B

A somewhat reliable but slow car

It's acceleration is extremely slow but makes up for it in its spacious inside. It's died on me once but other than that it's fine. But it's slow acceleration really bugs me. It also eats up gas and it's air conditioning isn't very good. The front seats are blasted with air while everyone else in the back are still sweating

- Don D

Stow away seats meaning the seats fold into the floor for extra room.

My Dodge van is blue with stow and go seats. Both side doors open and is a third row seated vehicle. Very cheap on gas and minor problems with engine. I've replaced fuel pump and turn signal switch other then that it is a very reliable vehicle. I have drove to Michigan and back with no issue. My kids fit comfortably.

- Page H

Like the slider doors on both sides, very handy with several kids!

Has been dependable, have had the vehicle awhile. Trouble with a leaky radiator and a small oil leak which is difficult to pinpoint where it's coming from. Also having a problem with the volume dial. The temperature speed button only works on high. The vehicle has done very well with as long as I have had it.

- Becky S

A well managed safe and spacious family van

The only problem I have had with this vehicle is my ignition locking up and I had to get it replaced. Other than that it runs good on gas, there is plenty of room and it's comfortable for my family. I feel safe in this vehicle mostly because of the airbag system and all of the seat belts work successfully.

- Haley D

A Reliable Ride with Lots of Room

We love our car. It is roomy and when we moved we were able to carry most of our stuff in it. It is comfortable, and my husband, who is 6'6" tall and suffers from mobility issues, can get in and out of it easily. It has been very reliable. It handles well, and we feel safe in it. We have no complaints

- Teresa N

Unreliable minivan with electric problems.

It is very unreliable - breaks down often and has numerous problems. It is a minivan that was extremely poorly designed so that it cannot avoid electrical issues - which leads to steering, battery, and power issues constantly. There really is no effective fix for it because it is simply designed that way.

- Carson R

Caravan minivan the timex of dodge.

My caravan is still going strong at 170,000 miles. No major problems and routine replacements fluids, brakes, lights filters. It truly has been a great vehicle. It continues to run almost as smooth as it did 12 years ago. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone. I plan to drive mine as long as it lives.

- Lisa O

Sits comfortable for driving.

I like the smooth ride. Like the room. I get decent gas mileage. Really good gas mileage on the highway driving. I do not like that the clear coat on paint job is off. I do not like that the headliner has came loose. I like the rear window wiper blade. It clears the window so I can see to back up.

- Joy T

The new latest Dodge caravan, I interested the new style and they put tv.

I love the car I use because it's comfortable and also can fits seven person. Even its old still in a good condition.. The engine not easily break or malfunction.. I still prefer to buy a my car model and maker but the latest feature because I seen the latest Dodge caravan, I really love it.

- Zed L

A reliable vehicle for the whole family.

Very reliable and comfortable for the whole family. Plenty of room and head room. Lots of features. Repairs are simple. Maintenance is easy. Have 250k miles on it and still runs like a champ. Have had minor electrical system issues but were easily resolved. Plenty of legroom and cargo space.

- Rebecca U

I love the automatic doors. It is so convenient.

We love our caravan, very convenient with kids. It is simple to load and unload all the children especially during school drop off and pick up. We are so very fortunate to own this vehicle. We always recommend this make and model to everyone with children who is looking to buy a new vehicle.

- Der J

Good on gas. Rides nice. Seats are ok.

Rust is a huge problem. Just replaced my rear brakes because they rested out. Not wore out. There is no place to put your tool and fluid. You never know when you mite need them. Spare tire is under the van. At 62 do you think I am going to get it out of there? Very bad. No matter the age.

- Kathy K

The Dodge caravan is an amazing car i'd recommend it.

The Dodge caravan is a really nice comfortable car. It helps me get my friends to one place to another. The van has lots of room and the driving is extremely smooth. Although it's a bit old, it still works great. I've barely had anything bad happen to it and it's such a comfortable car.

- Lauren H

Roomy and reliable. My family and I love it.

I have been smelling a burning smell lately do not know if it's oil or otherwise. But I like it for the amount of room it has for the kids and my husband and I because we like to travel from Illinois to new jersey. Be other than the burning smell I haven't had any other issues with it.

- Michele S

Grand caravan 2006 very clean inside an out very reliable.

It is reliable, very roomy, good on gas it rides great, I never have any problems with it, the body has no rust on it, very clean inside and out, very low miles on it, love the stow away seats, it makes it easy to move things, like all the plug-in were the kids can charge their phone.

- Enoch L

It is a great comfortable ride!

It is not the best on gas mileage and there’s not much leg room in the back seats. I’d drives good and comfortable to drive. Mine has a few issues but that is only because it is 12 years old. Radiator leak and blower control knob is going out it does not work on the high setting.

- Roxanne L

While good ol’ Smokey may have some issues they still get me where I need to go.

The back door does not lock. Caliper always has trouble. It has a huge dent in door when bought. Always seems to have a problem. The car still gets me places though. The abs light is currently on. Caliper has messed up a few times. Sometimes the air conditioning does not work.

- Kennedy A

I just did I love what I was able to do with it to make it mine.

It is wheelchair accessible with a lift and hand controls which makes it just right for me since I am in a power wheelchair and need to drive from my chair to they were able to put the high roof on the van too!! I will be happy to show and tell all my disabled friends about Dodge.

- Grayson E

Very reliable vehicle! Haven't had a problem yet!

It has always been a very reliable vehicle. My children all fit comfortably. I always make sure to keep up maintenance on it and I have never had a single problem with my van. If I had to get something new I would definitely consider getting the same vehicle, just a newer model.

- Rachel Z

Dodge caravan great family vehicles.

Have had for 2 years and one previous owner only minor fix of brakes and alternator greta van for family trips has 145,000 miles. Plan to have van for a long time. I have a family of 6 and they all fit comfortably inside plus plenty of storage underneath seats and in truck area.

- Jennifer M

Dodge caravan with fold up seats.

I really like the way the seats fold up and out of the way. It makes it easy for hauling items. Camping, traveling, and shopping is much easier with the seats folded down. The van runs smooth and gets good gas mileage in the city and on freeway driving. It is good for a family.

- Vicki S

Spacey, family friendly car.

My Dodge Caravan is a spacey an reliable family car that has been functional for many years. The only issues I have had with it are the automatic sliding door feature that no longer works and sometimes the ac feature gives me issues in the summer. It also has low gas mileage.

- Flippin D

A very accommodating van Dodge caravan.

This vehicle is very reliable very good on gas cozy easy to move around in good cargo space and has all the amenities you could probably need in a very affordable van. The Dodge caravan I would most definitely pick to take long road trips because it is very easy to travel in.

- Jess L

Used cars, what to watch out for when buying. Always check oil.

I have nothing to say other than very reliable and very few problems since bought in 2016. Bought from one owner who took care of car. The only thing to worry about with used car is whether or not cared for. Makes no difference what make lr model. That is all I have to say.

- Tom M

It does great on fuel mileage and the parts are not expensive.

The Dodge caravan is a great vehicle for a family with children and pets. The caravan seats seven passengers comfortably. The vehicle is great on gas and requires very little maintenance other than oil change and tune ups. I would definitely be interested in a new model.

- Stanley W

Lots of room for cargo, seats can be removed to make more space.

Very reliable minivan. Very comfortable and roomy. Has a nice v6 for power can tow my fishing boat. Great for camping! The only thing I dislike is the finish in the van it is rusting by the sliding doors. I see other vans like mine and they all rust in the same place.

- Jack C

I like the dual controls for heat and air.

I purchased this vehicle and I have really been satisfied with it. I feel like I have a good reliable vehicle. I daughter who is in college likes it too. I enjoy driving the Dodge vans because t is a great comfortable riding vehicle and always have a lot of room.

- Vicky T

Reliability at its finest.

It is very reliable and needs no repairs other than regular oil changes. It is also very good gas mileage for 6 cylinder. I would buy another used one when the need arises. There is basically nothing more to say other than previously mentioned. Over and good day.

- Thomas M

In depth on and off problems.

One side door has problems opening, the color chips easy, the engineer is actually pretty good but in the winter it freezes in at times, the gas light is not accurate so that if the red light turns on you can never be sure how many miles you actually have left.

- Maria C

Very comfortable and great gas mileage.

It has been a really dependable vehicle. I've recently had to replace. A few parts but other than that it gets great gas mileage, very comfortable seats, good heat cold air conditioning. The seats fold down intel the floor which makes the back completely flat.

- Jessica W

It fits my whole family & has a DVD player in it for my child.

The rotors make a noise when it's raining. Nothing else is wrong with my vehicle. We have fixed the problems that were wrong with it. The van works great. I love driving it. We fixed all the problems. We take the van everywhere we go. It fits my family in it.

- Melinda P

Dodge Caravan review. I hope this helps someone.

I got this van used with over 100,000 miles on it. I love it, but there have been transmission problems off and on for the past few years. There has also been problems with the computer that controls the tire pressure gauge. It's more annoying than anything.

- Jordan D

Love my dodge caravan! It is perfect for my dog too as he goes to work with me.

I love my van! It is old but still runs great. Over the years I have spent minimal upkeep. I've spent a few thousand on it but a new car would have been thousands more. I will by a dodge caravan again. It's almost 14 years old so it will be in a year or two.

- Tamara H

The best deal ever come one come all.

I have a 2006 runs in driving the best I want 2500 or obo first come first serve no low ball stuff or I will not reply at all please in thanks u getting what u paid for u can drive it to make sure its what u want to get make your next move your best movie.

- Richard Jones R

Automatic lock and DVD for kids air and heat control for back passenger

It is a great family Vehicle. It rides smooth. Has safety features. It has been a great investment. It great for taking long family trips. Haven't had to do much maintenance on it. Keep oil and tires and I feel someone will be pleased with the purchase.

- Alexandria H

My satisfied opinion of dodge caravans

Great fuel mileage and very dependable lots of space but only issue is transmission has went out twice since I have owned. I would recommend dodge caravan to anyone especially for a family vehicle. They would also be great for a teens first vehicle..

- Terra W

It's old and should be treated like a high mileage car when selecting motor oil and keeping up maintenance

So mostly that it's is old. However when I have to take it the mechanic for repairs they always mention how annoying it is to work on it because how the motor and other components are in such a tight space which in turn causes higher labor cost.

- Lindsay D

The space is great can fit at least five tall adults and 2 shorter.

Dislike would be always in shop and mechanic says hard to get pieces for this van also electric doors are broke and ac. . Like the room the fold down seats the sunroof and DVD player and TV are awesome very comfortable seats and heated.

- Bob M

Dependable make and model that has been a real trooper for us! Over 173,000 miles and counting!

The Dodge Caravan has comfortable seating, performs well on the road, and can tote a fair amount of cargo. This older model has seating that must be removed to use entire cargo space; next time we buy we would love Stow-n-Go seating.

- Sue S

Great family vehicle, spacious, reliable, great for long trips or simple grocery shopping.

Problems include burning oil after 100k miles, performs VERY well in all weather including snow, very reliable, very comfortable to drive/ride, the DVD and navigation system work well. The automatic doors and trunk are very helpful.

- Abigail I

It is a popular family vehicle that gets decent mileage.

I own a tan dodge caravan with a v6 engine, removable third row seating and a smooth ride. It has power everything. The mileage is on the lower side. It doesn't have all the fancy upgrades like newer vehicles but I don't mind that.

- Don b

It's comfortable, safe, and reliable. Takes me everywhere.

I love my Grand Caravan, I the stow away seats are the best, I can take my family wherever we need to go but I have also transported the entire high school jazz band instrument in my van. It's comfortable, safe, and reliable!

- wendy z

My van... it has a lot of room.

my van has been a good van but it does go through a lot of breaks. that is the biggest flaw it has. It doesn't get that good of gas mileage either.. it has very good air conditioner and has always got me where i needed to go

- teresa b

Dodge caravan: still a good option.

The doors are electric. (including the trunk). Very spacious interior. Is able to hold 7 passengers. Has "stow-and-go" storage beneath floorboards for easy storage. Vehicle is over 10 years old and still runs smoothly.

- Sierra H

It still works and runs after 200, 000 miles!

My van has lasted for so long unlike any other cars. I have had fewer repair demands then other cars I have. My van has over 200, 000 miles and it is still kicking that shows you that Dodge is a great brand.

- Diana R

It can hold lots of people. The seats fold down do we can put bikes and stuff in the back. So much room!

I bought my van about 4 years ago. I had an Equinox that was unable to hold 3 car seats in the backseat. My husband bought me my van as a winter vehicle and after winter was over I couldn't get rid of it!

- Shara F

It is 12 years old, has over 200,000 miles on it and still runs well.

I like that it has enough room for a family of 5. It is dependable, easy to maintain, and decent gas mileage. I hate that it does not have power window or locks and that the ceiling lining is coming off.

- Dana B

Great family car. Great gas mileage.

The van is very comforting. Love how many passengers can ride comfortably, great van for kids. Extra features such as DVD player make traveling with kids super easy. Great gas mileage, no major issues.

- Wendy A

I like MY Dodge Mini Van. I would recommend it FOR THE comfort and the roominess.

The caravan is spacious. Good for family, sliding doors. Seats are comfortable and made OUT of cloth. Great if your going on a long trip. Good on gas. The airs okay but not the best. Rides smooth.

- Melissa R

It is a great family van, and we have used it for many years with little problems.

It is reliable with the motor that lasts longer. I also love the upgrades of leather seats and DVD player. My major complaint would be the rust on the doors that seem to be on many of these vans.

- Michele B

I don't know if this is specific to my car, but it doesn't run well with the AC turned on. The gas mileage is greatly affected as well as performance.

It is a black van with three rows of seating. We bought it from a used car lot for 2500. It runs nicely, gets decent gas mileage and it overall reliable. It is the perfect size for my family.

- Heather C

Terrific Family Vehicle with a Few Minor Issues

My caravan is roomy and comfortable. It is mostly dependable although this is the third Caravan I have owned and all of them have moderate electrical problems and brakes wear out very quickly.

- Rebecca U

Reliable and roomy for families, with basic features that get the job done

I love the features with four kids. It has plenty of storage in the floor and trunk. It comes with built in carders that are wonderful with traveling with kids. It also had been pretty Diane.

- Kelly G

It's very comfortable and reliable and very good for family trips

I enjoy my Dodge Caravan, it's very reliable and comfortable. Of course with any vehicle you can expect some issues from time to time so there will be maintenance cost, but I love my Caravan.

- Mary L

My family uses it to haul all their stuff. seats are very comfortable.

It is a great minivan, very comfortable ride. My dad says every time he rides with me he loves being up to see the traffic. he thinks it is a very good seat with the comfortable ride you get.

- Paula B

The gas gauge is fairly useless at this point as it will jump with the restarting of the car and fails to accurately show fuel remaining after the half tank mark.

I do not like the shape of this caravan; I am a sucker for the more aerodynamic looking design. This design seems to go back in time. This vehicle has been very reliable since its purchase.

- Courtney L

Family van. Runs great and very reliable.

Ac. Very reliable. Of the car windows does not go down so I had a problem with it and constantly seems to be in an issue. Had to switch out the ac unit that was after it was years older.

- John J

Dodge Caravan Roomy,dependable, good on gas, long lasting.

I like that the back back windows open but the windows in the back seat don't. It is roomy. The seats fold down to make more room for trips and shopping. It's been a great vehicle.

- Lisa V

I love the comfort and ease it drives. Its suits my family well. The very best thing is it is good on gas.

I like the space it has for my family of six. I do not like that it doesn't have auxiliary outlets and automatic side doors. The front seats should be able to adjust more ways.

- Shannon W

The most important thing others should know about my vehicle is that is is a great family vehicle.

I like that is very spacious for my family size. I also like that it has a lot of storage space. My only dislike is that it is an older model and often is in need of repair.

- Tracy W

Great gas mileage on highway.

It's a minivan that needs to worked on to have a heater but besides that it is a wonderful van it has good gas mileage on highway. Smooth ride and so comfy with lots of room.

- Mary H

That it is safe to drive, an dependable.

I like that it has enough room in for all my family and still put more stuff in. I like that it is dependable. I also like that you can put the seats down to make more room.

- Melody B

Efficient on com gas. Spacious seating. Always change oil on time. You take car of the car, the car takes care of you

2006 dodge caravan is a gas friendly, spacious, reliable vehicle. Perfect for those who have more than 2 children. Great for those road trips to family or vacation retreats.

- Ashley J

If you keep it maintained it will keep you going, we just turned 179,000 miles

We purchased it new 8 miles on the odometer, we have kept up with all maintenance and warranty issues, we kept it in a garage for the first 13 years. No issues or problems.

- Jack C

Plenty of room for passengers, but not much cargo room.

I love the 3rd row seats. There is plenty of room for my whole family. But we have had to fix quite a bit of mechanical problems on the van. It's not the most reliable.

- Debbie F

Used and old. It has been a reliable vehicle but it has many miles on it too.

I like the space in it for my kids and their stuff. I like that I can put many miles on it. I dislike it because it becomes a home on wheels with all their stuff too.

- Carla F

Awesome gas mileage and low maintenance. Plenty of room for a large family

My caravan has been very reliable with only small maintenance problems. We've put 170,000 miles on it driving all over the country. Very sound Dependable transportation

- Cara M

Kia is an very easy car to drive and the mileage is good..

I like the space it has. I like that the captain seats are removable.. I dislike that I have to load children that are in rear facing car seats through the rear hatch..

- Allison B

It runs. It has been very reliable for the last 12 years.

I like the low mileage on my "retirement" van but the paint is bad and the headliner has not stayed in place.Low maintenance is good. Will never buy a black van again

- Catherine M

Dodge Caravan is very dependable. We've never broken down or had to be towed for any reason in over a decade.

This van has held up well. It is modified to be wheelchair accessible and we've never had any issues with it. It's been across the country and back with no worries.

- Susan F

Despite not having any significant defects, the electric door locks on this particular car wear out very fast.

I like it because it is a very reliable vehicle. Despite being a van, it has never felt bulky or difficult to drive. It gets better mileage than my last van as well.

- Kaitlyn B

Perfect to travel in. There is plenty of room for people to be comfortable!

I love the fact that I can sit 7 people in my vehicle. If I need room to move large objects I can flip the backseat down and have space. I also love my stow n go!!!

- Jamie P

My good run car that I got in 2015.

My car run good get me where I got to go from work and home that I had it for 4 years now its hard find a good car that run good and get you where you have to go.

- Tracey N

That it is a reliable vehicle that is great on gas.

I live that it's great on gas. I love that it has enough room for my family. Also I like that it has stow and go seats for when we travel. I don't like the color.

- Kayla H

A lot of miles, but it still runs.

My van was in an accident and the side is very damaged. The coolant reservoir leaks. The transmission is going bad. there is currently over 200,000 miles on it.

- Jes V

It is a good car all around once you take care of it.

This car had overheating problems had to change the water pump. But it is very reliable we driven to west palm beach and Orlando and the car handle very well.

- Elizabeth S

Takes me where i hAve to go

Gas tank overheats car drives smooth but slow brakes are good but at times slow down drives smooth brakes are slow fast sometimes a problem needs to be fixed

- Jean M

It's a family vehicle. Does Not need to be pretty, just reliable.

The only thing i don't like is that it is getting old, rusting, etc. I really like everything else about it. It holds my family, stow and go and drives nice.

- Shannon L

My car has lasted a long time and runs quite well.

It has lasted me a long time and has rarely ever broke down. Doesn't have many issues and gets me where I need to be. I love that the seats all go down.

- Linda R

It gets me where I need to go on a daily basis. I travel the road a lot!

I love having a van so I can have extra room for my kids and all their friends. I wish I had a newer one because this one is starting to show its age.

- Tracy P

It runs pretty well for an older vehicle and does pretty good on gas

The van is a good vehicle. It comes in very handy with having to drive my kids to all their sporting events. It drove great when going on a road trip.

- Stephanie T

Easy on gas for its size. Has plenty of room seats 7. Seats come out for hauling cargo.

Runs perfectly at over 220,000 miles. Only had to change the water pump, at 202,000. Plus general maintenance. The most trouble free car I have owned.

- Darrell F

Besides this minivan being so spacious it's really easy to do repairs on your own.

I love all of the space. We just had our 4th child and there's plenty of space for everyone and their belongings. Just wish I had push button doors.

- Crystal L

The Dodge Caravan is extremely roomy and you can remove the second and third row seats if you need the space. It has a 2.4L engine and is as good on gas as a much smaller vehicle.

I really like my vehicle. I like that it is roomy and the second seat has two built in car seats for my grandchildren. It is also very good on gas.

- Teresa W

It is comfy, lots of room, and great gas mileage.

Very roomy, has room for everyone in family plus friends. Very comfortable and has DVD player for long trips. Great gas mileage and very reliable.

- Todd J

Although it's old and looks aesthetically bad it's done it's job over the last few years

This vehicle gives my two year old so much space and gives me and my husband the ability to move around the car without feeling cramped. Great van

- Erika M

How to check the fluid levels

I love the minivan aspect with the sliding doors. If is old though and breaking down. We have needed to change the transmission twice in 4 years.

- Rachel W

It is awesome. Great family car.

It is an awesome family car. It always have always have room. It is a very old van. It has a lot high mileage on it and is slowly breaking down.

- Linsey S

Dodge Caravan has 344,000 miles and still going strong!

fits seven passengers easily; have only had problems with the passenger window; very reliable van; features include a/c and dvd/cassette player

- Susann F

It is a great car, it drives smooth and is reliable.

It is a great van. And lots of room. What I do not like is there's no portable DVD player. It runs very well haven't had any problems with it.

- Angela P

It is dependable, and is great for a growing family.

I like that it is large enough for my family, and has a DVD player, a CD player, and a cassette player. I wish it had a bigger trunk area.

- Rachel K

If you don't need something as big as a truck, this will do the job.

I like that you can transport large items. The leg room is also more than adequate. On the down side, the engine pick up is not that great.

- Roberta R

It runs great and has the room i need to carry anything

Has Mike is good or could be better. Love the way the seats drop down into the floor. The major problem is that it is starting to rust out.

- Ron R

Its safe, and it a great van for all family activities.

There is nothing wrong with my van. It's perfect and just the right size for my growing family this is the 2nd one like this I have owned.

- Brandy H

It runs great & for the most part it does it is job and gets you were you need.

Gas is 4 cylinders wish I spent a bit less on gas since gas is to pricey right now. Other than that runs super well & the tires are great.

- Van E

Great to travel in Good gas mileage Roomy DVD radio CD player Extra storage

Drives great has a DVD player Is comfortable and roomy Good gas mileage doesn't burn oil Has cd radio seats 7 Seats fold into the floor

- Diane K

Beware when buying an used vehicle

Van is not very good on gas and does not drive well in snow. Although buying this vehicle new maybe a different story..as i got it used.

- jennie k

that I feel it is safe, I drive with my grand kids all the time, they love the dvd player too

I like that it seats 7 people and the stow and go seats, and the built in dvd player, it is reliable, I don't like that it is rusting,,,

- lynda n

Runs good. No concerns. Bought used

There has been multiple battery issues but other than that it runs great. I do not worry that it will have problems while I am driving.

- Nellie K

It is really safe and an affordable car. It is worth the money.

I like that is is a spacious vehicle, and it can fit all my groceries and people in it. It is very safe. However, it uses a lot of gas.

- Allison M

One of the best minivans i've ever owned

It's one of the best cars I've had, Comfort and reliability is second to none. I've never had any problems just the usual maintenance.

- Irene M

Good vehicle to travel with kids and family. Good for haul things. Lots storage space.

Rust on body. Drive good and good on gas. Have fold in seat more room. Has a top rack. 4 doors, 7 seat. Electric doors and power lock.

- Jennifer N

It hold 7 and its a van. They break easy.

I have issues with stuff constantly breaking. Both doors are broken. One only opens from the inside and one doesn't like to stay open.

- Stephanie L

Amazing gas mileage which is a must anymore.

It gets great gas mileage and fits the family nicely but doesn't get around very well in the winter. That's really my only complaint.

- Sarah P

It has a lot of space. It's great for kids.

I like the 3rd row seating and the store away seat compartment. I dislike that it is a minim van I prefer more of an SUV body style.

- Rebecca H

The best feature of my vehicle is the 6 disc DVD player.

My vehicle has the full package, including leather heated seats it also has stow and go seating. 6 changer DVD player and sunroof.

- Amber M

It is comfortable to drive and it is good on gas..

I like the roominess of it. I can haul what ever I need to in it. (grandkids, groceries and building supplies) It drives very well

- Donna T

You can remove the seats to get more room in the trunk!

It has a lot of room and was exactly what we needed for moving across the country as well as buying large items like furniture.

- Elijah B

You get what you pay for.

It's a cheaper vehicle that gets me places but is cheaply made. The air conditioner went out and the interior is falling apart.

- Mal W

It's a great van for the family. Lots of room for everyone.

It is a reliable minivan. Lots of space for my children. It gets us to where we are going. Dislike-parts are hard to replace.

- Angela G

It is great for multiple children.

I love this vehicle for the storage room and third row seating for my children, along with the DVD player for entertainment.

- Taylor A

It don't go well in the snow. And the gas mileage is not that good either

It has been a good van I haven't had much trouble with it. The only fault I have is it goes through brake shoes pretty quick

- Teresa B

it is an ok vehicle would

been a pretty good vehicle. comfortable to ride in..the automatic door locks for the sliders do not work when start driving

- missy d

The Durango is amazing. Great seating and comfort. It is reliable in the snow.

It is needs backrow seating, it does not work as a family vehicle. I love the Durango and would love to sell the Caravan.

- Marjorie C

Have to apply brake to use the gear when you start it.

I like it because it has plenty seating room. Pretty reasonable on gas.,You can fold seats down for hauling light loads.

- Bertha D

It is reliable and will last a long time, making it good value for the money.

Ac blower doesn't work, bad gas mileage, the paint job is horrific. Tires are worn.. Although I love the spacious room.

- Erin Q

It is great size for kids to get in and out when you have four kids.

There is no complaints. It is perfect for family size and love that there is passenger doors slide on both size of car.

- Michele H

Rear air able to open or close the side doors with key ..

Lots of room run good power doors air and back as well as front.. only thing I don't like is cost to have it worked on

- Susan K

Good handling in bad weather.

It handles well on the road, no matter what the weather and is a pleasure to drive. I wish it got better gas mileage.


Its fabulous when having twins. We can comfortably go out.

I like the room the van provides for us. I love the stow & go seats. I dislike how old it is since it needs more work

- Rachel L

It is a very quiet car. Do not hear much outside noises.

Love the minivan. Fuel efficient. Convenient. Easy to drive. Easy to maintain. It has been a most enjoyable vehicle.

- Mary R

The hide away back seats to create more room in the back

I like the room. It has seats in the back that fold into the floor. The back hatch opens by controls in the front.

- Sandy C

sometimes it is hard to find parking space, but still worth it

reliable and comfortable, it's also big so you can put in a lot of stuff, which is good when you have large family

- Iya G

Great travel van for kids and adults Would recommend it to family and friends

Get good gas mileage Has a DVD player Seats 7 Stow and go seats Roomy and comfortable Has a cup holder for everyone

- Diane W

The van is running good as ever.

It works great, no problems whatsoever. Runs smoothly every time, although the breaks can wind up squeaking a lot.

- Shaideline S

The car is worth recommending.

I really like driving. I love this car very much. This car is perfect for me, I especially like him. Recommended.

- Osmy O

Gas mileage, engine maintenance, good on fuel, interior design

Plenty of room to carry people very dependable wonderful van all together id recommend it to anyone and everyone

- Linda R

That it is spacious and has lots of room for storage.

I like that it is lots of space that I can use for hauling stuff. And I dislike that it is starting to rust out.

- Ella M

the seats can spin around and move under the car it has a lot of room for storage as well

i loved my van so much there was nothing i didn't love about it but it broke down pretty soon after i bought it

- destanie j

Has a lot of room and seats.

I love all the spacious room. Push a button for the door to open. Lots of seats. Drivers smooth. No complaints.

- Casey L

The heating is a poor system. The lights are not automatic so you must manually control them.

This car has cost me a lot of money to fix. It runs well but doesn't have features that I feel are important.

- Miriam L

The gasoline and space for the family. Everyone has enough room. I have 4 child.

A very good family vehicle. Run great as long as you keep up maintenance. Great on gasoline and toad trips.

- Angela W

It has a DVD player works fantastic

It is an awesome buy. Very good condition and very roomy. Runs great and smooth. The gas mileage is good.

- Liz l

Reliable and great gas mileage, holds up pretty well

It's a pretty great and reliable vehicle, I use it almost every time and it's performed great so far.

- Krasimir T

Spacious room for all things.

My van is very reliable. I have lots of room for all of my grandkids plus room for all other things.

- Tammy L

It is not as easy to fold down the seats as they say.

I dislike how hard it is to service. Oil changes cost more, and the service center is over priced.

- Larry T

that is is put together very solid and rides very smoothe

i like the way it handles and the gas mileage is very good. there is nothing i dislike about it

- charles b

Has a lot of storage and is good for families with kids, car seats, luggage, etc

I get good gas mileage and have lots of cargo space. I do not like that there is no back air.

- Lynn B

I like that it's large enough for my family. I like that the seats go down to transport large items. It's also good on gas.

That they should pump the brakes to help stop it. Sometimes the brakes seem really low.

- Melissa G

The most important thing others should know about my car is that the left door is broken

The car is ok. Although it is outdated it has been very sturdy. It's reliable but old.

- Carlos W

Very reliable and safe Company that you trust I love this van

I like his is big and roomy No space for my family Very comfortable while maintaining

- Susan A

It is old and has some problems. But it does still run good motor wise

Like the stow and go seats. Don't like air don't work. Just in general needs replaced

- Richard B

It has a ramp in it and please do not park too close to me so I can utilize my ramp.

I like the size for my family of 5. I dislike the doors need a lot of maintaining.

- Marybeth J

It could break on you any time, and keep money on hand for the gas hog.

It's a nice family vehicle, I just hate how it's on gas, and all the issues it has

- Ceejae E

That it is a good minivan to use because you can flattened the seats.

It is a mini van that has stow away seats. The color is silver and fits 7 people.

- Melinda M

It's a great family vehicle.

It has good gas mileage. It's reliable. There is nothing I don't like about it.

- Joshua T

It is good for a mom with smaller kids. Makes it easy to get to the car seats

It is too big for me now. It is old. and it is starting to have more problems.


It's a wheelchair van and is nice for people who can't walk

It a wheelchair van that my mom drives me around in, and I have no complaints

- Nicholas B

The amount of room. It holds a lot of stuff

It's safe. There is enough room for all of my work stuff. It's reliable

- Andrew M

I like it because the seats hide in the floor, gets us where we need to go. Also good for traveling. Wish they were still made.

Comfortable, good for camping, fishing, go traveling to see our kids.

- Janine M

It carries me and my family safely back and forth.

I really love my van but it is getting old so it needs more work.

- Regina H

it is a gas hog on the road

this is a good work vehicle. it is convenient it is an easy ride

- bob N

whatever you do consider other models first

it always needs work i hate it.drinks gas and has no good power

- ron B

Lasts a long time great on gas and as long as you service it your good

It's a black van used and has a lot of miles on it it was cheap

- Olivia G

I have 2006 dodge caravan with 110,000 miles on it. I bought it used in 2010. it's very good on gas, the only trouble I've had is with the a.c. It's needed repairs twice for & cost over $1200. otherwise I've had 8 good years.

It is gold and it also has tinted windows to help keep it cool.

- Zach r

runs good looks good for a car that old and i can go anywhere

it's good for me to load thing in it i don't have no dislikes

- darren v

Has been fixed to have a ramp that lets down so that a mobile chair can be driven up into it. I do not like that it is pink and very old

It use to be a taxi for handicap people in electric chairs.

- Jean B

it is dependable, I think it is pretty, It is very comfortable for traveling and has good storage space'

runs great, fair gas mileage, dependable, very comfortable

- Linda E

it drives well lots of space seats go in floor for extra space or use it as storage when seats are up

power doors lots of room stow and go seating heated seats

- bre s

I like that it has plenty of room for my family of 5. It seems to have a lot of engine issues frequently. It has place to carry other large things like furniture.

That it has plenty of space and room for a large family.

- Dinah C