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It is a decade old and runs great.

I love my car it is still running efficiently and smoothly. The only problem I have had with it is when I got my oil change once and it had a leak because of a broken oil pan. Other than that everything's still fine. The reliability of the car is great, it is a family car, so it is built up on mileage, but it has not broken down in us yet. The comfort is excellent nothing to complain about there. The features are a bit older so you do not have things like USB ports or Bluetooth but it is nothing serious the radio still works also the air-conditioning and there is an AUX port.

- Alexa S

It had lots of horsepower

Never gave me a problem performance was excellent. It was a very fast car 5.7engine with all leather inside. It also had two screens one for the navigation and the other for DVD players. It also was great to travel.I love the inside of my car it was so nice with a the huge screen it had

- Fabian L

Great car at a great price

I love my car. The ride and the performance are amazing. The only drawback is the gas mileage but that's not why you drive a muscle car. The car accelerated excellently even with an automatic transmission I can still peel out at will. The handling is a little rough in the snow.

- Tate R

It's capable of going very fast. It starts off and accelerates quickly.

I love everything about my vehicle except the fact that it's getting up in maintenance. The paint is chipping and I would change the interior. Every time I take it for maintenance it seems like there is something new that needs to be repaired. It's about time for a new car.

- Eric W

The car may look super nice and high end, but the engines are more complicated than meets the eye

It is a very reliable car that has been able to get me to place to place, but the gas mileage is not great and brakes that are on the car are not super great.

- Joseph M

The car is 4 doors, and the size is big.

The only thing I don't like about the car is the size, but besides that, I love the way it drives, very smooth.

- Alison G

Rides smoothly and is very safe and secure.

None at all. It's a great car, it runs very well. Great mileage. Nothing more to say. Wish it was a bit bigger.

- Kate G

good on mileage great in all type of weather for a low car.

I like it because it is roomy. I had this car for a long time and still runs good.

- jessica o

It is a very good vehicle that gets good gas mileage. It is something I would recommend for a dirt car because that what it is for me.

It has great gas mileage and that is something most people need these days.

- John G

The first big maintenance visit is after 100,000 miles. Not every 30, 60 or 90 miles.

This is so dependable and only has to go for regular oil changes.

- Joanne T

Its a 2008 Dodge Charger and I love my car. It goes 0-60 in about 10 seconds. I bought it used and i drive it everyday.

It's in great shape and its been handled with lots of care.

- Connie W