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Lots of room in all areas.

My challenger drives great, handles great and has plenty of room. 2 adults can ride comfortably in the backseat and the trunk has lots of room. I've had trouble with the rear abs sensor going out, twice so far. Also the front clip being that plastic is starting to droop a little. It gets ok gas mileage being the v6, but has good power on take off. You will be going faster than you think if not careful. The ride is very smooth, has some outside noise that you hear, but radio does cover it. I love my car, but some things could be different.

- Joanna S

Drives and rides great, lots of room but has a few issues.

This car drives and rides great. It has lots of room 2 adults can ride comfortable in the back seat and the trunk is large. The rear ABS sensors keep going out ,which is a problem and the front clip is starting to drop. My car only has 59480 miles on it and this is the 2nd time the ABS sensor has went out which means no cruise control and no abs . I really like my car but wish it wasn't giving me these problems. The tire air pressure sensor is now giving me problems also.

- Joanna S

It's fun to drive while still practical for everyday use.

I love my car. It doesn't have the same boring body style of all the other milktoast cars that you see on the road. It's fun to drive and is quite fast. It has the technology features that I appreciate, though I know other cars are now more advanced. I added an improved exhaust system to give it a deep throaty sound to match Its power and appearance. The only thing I don't like is how much fuel it uses, but my typical commute is very short.

- Jennifer K

Very powerful car for sure.

Only problem I have had is the starter went on my car about 3 months after I had gotten it. Also the airbags have had a recall so I have had to get that replaced. Overall it is a very nice car it is smooth and it is super powerful. I love the interior design and the feel of the car. Breaks easily, barely have to hit the gas and I feel really safe and comfortable with my 2 year old daughter in the car. I'd recommend this car to anyone.

- Katie D

Ride, handling, v6 performance, gas mileage, front seating are great.

Great looking lines, inferno red crystal pearl color is to die for. Love the rear split seat back, handy for transporting antiquing finds. Gas mileage, handling and dash controls are as expected. Engine response, 6, is smooth and as quick as i require. Smooth ride, cold ac. Neg. 's: rear seating not great for an adult, can only access from passengers side, rear windows are stationary, rear middle seat useless.

- Deborah V

Size matters, this is a two seater only.

I get a lot of remarks from people who see my car. It is a very popular model. Handles very well and easy to drive. The electronics including stereo and phone connect are great. Never have to listen to radio commercials again. Plenty of legroom in the front but no leg room in the back at all. This car is really a two seater, not made for backseat passengers.

- John M

My van that is dark grey and has a few problems but they're not that bad.

My vehicle has problems starting up and with the brakes. It is a dark grey van and it's very comfortable most of the time. It is kind of reliable. The tires are nice, I like the air conditioning. I wish it stayed clean and it smells clean most of the time. I like to use the little air fresheners you stick in the ac vent and it smells good but not for long.

- Chloe L

2010 Dodge challenger, great classic look, reliable vehicle.

I have a 2010 se Dodge challenger, I like it because of the classic look, it is pretty decent on gas and has a decent amount of power and performance for a v6 engine. It handle the road well. I have had problems with the tire pressure and it cause the tire pressure gauge to go off constantly can get kind of annoying sometimes.

- Cody B

It's beautiful but has a time limit on how long it will last

I love the speed of the car and the glide. Seats are amazing the way that they hug the body. It's comfortable. I hate that it fell apart so quickly. the dash board came apart at the seams and the speakers have a rattle. I had to fix the engine and the tires have to be replaced within 25- 30k miles

- Jessica r

Dodge challenger rides for a long time.

Ny vehicle is just now giving me problems, Dodge is 8 years old and never had problems until now. Good mileage, good performance and good on the road, my tires came with warranty, good on gas meter, I only needed oil change and kept the oil up and it took me where I need to go.

- Deborah A

It has really good suspension.

It's great for showing off but not for long travels. It has nice seats and the suspension is smooth. If you want something to drive to work or just around I would get this car but not if u want it for traveling. So with other words I would say it is an amazing beast of a car.

- Omar J

The never ending strip that draws in it customers.

My Dodge challenger is okay, but it is super old and kind of slow. The comfort is nice and the car does not seem to age badly. However, gas is not cheap with car, so try not to drive too much. Also, the car has a hard plastic interior which is not ideal if you have kids.

- Hope L

2010 Dodge challenger srt8. It's a beast!

I can only speak for the srt. It's got some power, but it's also pretty heavy. Handling was good, but not quite up to my desire, so I installed aftermarket. The brakes are amazing (Brembo) and stop on a dime. Super comfortable seats and I suffer from regular back pain.

- Justin F

My comfortable Dodge charger.

The heater and air takes a while to get going but other than that I love my car. It holds 3 days after a full tank fill up, it is a pretty comfortable sized car and the seats are adjustable. It has seat warmers and u can pit up the seats I am the back for extra room.

- Diamond S

Challenger is the way to go!

Very reliable! Runs good, looks good. Very happy with my purchase. Dodge makes a reliable, nice vehicle, and the challenger is at the top of its class! Very comfortable to drive, very responsive. Lots of power for such a big car, it can definitely move.

- Carrie L

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- Sarah R

It is the only true modern muscle car and yet it is completely comfortable as well.

It's a powerful car but extremely comfortable. I don't think I would like the lower trim models as much, mine is an SRT. The only 2 major dislikes I have are the steering wheel (addressed in new models) and the heaviness of the car as a whole.

- Juston F

It is loud, fast, amazing but hard to get a car seat in.

I love the car, it is fast and smooth. It is reliable and I can count on it no matter what. It is very comfortable and easy to drive long distance with, and the stereo is awesome. I love the cruise control especially since I drive a lot.

- Rebecca C

It's long lasting, fuel efficient, and trustworthy

I've never had any mechanical issues with this vehicle despite it being driven over ten thousand miles. It's pretty good on gas despite being an older model and has been instrumental in me keeping my job.

- Jennifer S

It's sporty, but roomy and very good for families as well!

I love the speed and sleekness of the car. Routine maintenance; nothing has gone extremely wrong with the vehicle. I hate that it is basically a police magnet though. It may stand out too much to them.

- Rebecca A

2010 Dodge Challenger r/t

I own a 2010 Dodge Challenger which I love. The interior is roomy and very comfortable. It has he 5.7 hemi which has good power and also I get 20 to 23 mpg. I would definitely buy another challenger.

- Stan G

I love it, I just wish my payments weren't so high.

I don't have issues with my car! It handles curves like a race car! The only thing is gas mileage and how it handles in poor weather, but what do you expect from a race car type vehicle??

- Lisa C

Review of my Dodge Challenger.

My Challenger is very steady, Handles perfectly. The fuel consumption is good. i've had a glass winding issue before but that was just one time. Overall I would say the car is a solid buy

- Luis g

Don't try to race me on the freeway. I am a responsible driver.

First I love the look of Dodge challengers. I like the size of the vehicle. I like the performance speed as well as the safety and control of driving this vehicle.

- Carlie E

It has horrible blind spots.

I love that it is blue, has a trunk and is a two seater. I hate the blind spots when driving on the freeway. Also wish some days that I had more of a back seat.

- April R

Dodge Review Challenger .

Condition is good. Mileage becomes bad. Performance has no other issue. Purely reliable and comfort. Interior is too good and exteriors has a nice look.


It is an extremely dependable car.

I like that my car gets good gas mileage. I like that my car has excellent acceleration. I do not like that my car has more blind spots than most.

- Amber S

It has only a 6 cylinder motor and not a hemi motor, but it still runs great!

I love this car. It looks great, and runs excellent. I had custom paint work done, and a few other modifications that make it unique to me.

- Ricky C

It is reliable, comfortable to sit in and drive.

I love the way this car handles on the road. It is so easy to drive. I have the 6 cylinder and it is enough power to get out in traffic.

- Diane H

It's a great car i drive it every day it runs real good

i like my car a lot.it runs very good.i drive it every day.It's real dependable..the next car i get will be like it It's a great car.

- James H

They should know about the airbags it is equipped with.

I like that it is fast and I like the attention I get from it and I like the color it is a great muscle car my family likes it.

- Ryan Williams D

My car has plenty of cabin and trunk space.

I like the style, power, and room that my car has. It hasn't given me any problems so, i don't have any dislikes about it.


Red Challenger, love her!

My car is fast, pretty, and only has 31,000 mile on her! I will drive her till the engine blows and build another for her!

- Tim C

It is beautiful and is extremely comfortable.

Like the style. Love the color. Drives well. Easy to put grandchildren into. Dog loves to ride in the front seat.

- Anne G

It will make you feel cook.

I love how sporty it looks. I do not like how bulky it is. I love how safe my car is. I love the fuel efficiency.

- Kelsey R

This is a car you have to be willing to take care of.

Not a family car, but a great car to work on and great for a couple of friends or even a spouse. Would recommend.

- Jacob R

Dodge Challengers handle even better than they look.

My car is very sporty, comfortable, handles very well, it was affordable and I really enjoy driving it.

- Sandra S

It is not for backroads. . .

It is a nice reliable car. It is sporty. It runs good and looks good too. Easy on gas. No complaints.

- Levi W

Need gasoline all the time starting to get expensive

Brakes are bad and bad on gas. Speed and handling is good radio sounds good. Descent trunk space. An

- Ryan C

It's hella sweet. It looks like the old school sports car and rides like one too.

My car is freakin sweet. It's sleek, sexy and rides great. I like making a presence in it.

- thomas b

My vehicle is one that I wanted. It has all the perks I want in a vehicle.

It's sporty and stands out amongst others in the same class. It's personalized by me.

- Lakisha O

That the exhaust and headers are special and added quite an expense that was worth it for the unique sound and power it gave to my car

My car is bad@ss, it has upgraded everything, and it is a beauty to see

- dreama e

car is just plain fun to drive

Has great looks as well as top performance

- Dee c