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Want a classic Hemi but also want to drive it daily?

I love this car unless I am watching the gas gauge. The car has all the power and grunt you would expect from a hemi V-8, but it is built on a Mercedes platform and works very well as a cruiser on the highway for longer car trips of 3-6 hours. I've not driven it longer than that in a single day. In addition, the air conditioning works amazingly well, and I even find that I appreciate the navigation when out of town. The bad stuff - I'm not really able to see out of the back window very well. Sightlines are terrible when backing out of a parking space. In addition, a minor annoyance that drives me personally crazy is how low the armrest is on the door. It is not usable at all for resting your left arm upon, and it means I drive with my elbow in the angle of the trim panel on the door just below the window.

- Daniel C

Love/hate relationship with challengers, but really reliable.

My car has some flaws to it, but there are times when my car is very useful & I love It. It's an automatic so on rainy days is so useful. It's really reliable & I've had minor problems. I'm a small short girl so my challenger is pretty long & hard to park at times. It makes a weird ticking noise I think Cause of my ac, but I've had no time to get it checked out. I wish It wasn't a base model, but they are pretty expensive so I deal With what I have. On some days it's hate/love relationship because people love my car but it's just not my type of car. My challenger has a backup camera, & a digital rear view mirror.

- Crystal R

What it is I think about my vehicle

My vehicle is in good condition it's fairly new low mileage and I have great insurance other than that my vehicle is in perfect condition I love you very much and don't plan on trading at. Although I do wish they gave better pricing on the monthly payments required for insurance renewal services for my driving record and for my vehicle and how new it is and how good my driving is I should be getting quoted or at least that's invaded way better prices

- Kyle K

The rims on this vehicle are nice and they make the car more appealing

This vehicle is absolutely comfortable. The durability of this vehicle seems to out due my last Dodge. I'm very happy with all the detailed comforts it comes with. The stock stereo system is very loud and I didn't need to add extras to the stereo system. I really l I'm e loud music. Living in Arizona it's very hot and the air conditioning system is great.

- Isaiah L

2011 Dodge Challenger a classic revived.

Several recalls done at no cost but dealer had no free loaner cars. Time consuming. $28k sticker price seemed a good rest. Ended up buying out after lease. Daily driver has had only one major issue. A harmonizing balance belt, wheel of some sort which my extended warranty covered It's only a 6 cylinder but fast enough for NJ. I like the car a lot.

- Mark A

Chevy and ford wish they could create something as special as an srt8 challenger.

I have an srt8, there is nothing more satisfying driving. I will not go back to another engine type. The body it is self is sleek, and sporty, yet somehow spacious on the inside. Definitely one of the larger sports cars I have been in. U cannot drive this car without getting multiple compliments throughout the day. It gives me power.

- Stephanie W

2011 challenger six cylinder 3.6

Good gas mileage for the v6 but if not concerned about it I would definitely go with the hemi. V6 also need a suspension upgrade to help the car handle as it should. I put coilovers in mine and the ride and handling is far better than factory. Sometimes the window control buttons stick but not a major issue.

- Jason F

Pros and cons of having a challenger.

Does not have features like Bluetooth, it is very standard, it is spacey for a two door and runs smooth. It does use a lot of gas but gas does not drink up fast. It will cause people to always look. I started having major problems after having it 4 years. It is very reliable and comfortable seating.

- Queen S

My 7 year car that runs like she's 2 years old.

It is a reliable car but it takes a lot of gas. The few problems I had was with the cooling in the summer but once it was fixed it is a good car. Easy to park and enough room for multiple people and belongings. Even though its a 7 year old car it can defiantly keep up with the new models.

- Sarah F

Dodge Challenger - Fun Budget Muscle Car

Low MPG. Needs tires frequently. Does not ride well in the snow. Gets a lot compliments for the look. Fun to ride on the highway. Tough putting a car side inside. Also hard to get a car seat in and out of the car. Heavier build which makes the steering feel more in control

- Darrell W

It is a great car, comfortable, affordable, and looks cool!

My car does not have to many problems, and if any, they can be easily fix and it does not a lot of money. It is a great car and good for long road trips. The seats are comfy and have seat warmers, great for cold weather too! It a very reliable car and you should buy it.

- Rose O

I would recommend the challenger to anyone with a taste for American muscle.

Beautiful car that will draw looks and compliments alike. I have had some mechanical issues and a recall on the airbag but nothing major. Big vehicle with blind spots but it drives great on the open road.

- William H

Sexy dark gunmetal goddess

Bought it brand new and it still gets compliments today. Got it repainted in a deep dark gunmetal makes it look even sexier. My husband is jealous of it.

- Olivier M

It is very fast & does not get out of control.

I modified everything new turbo, mufflers, intake valves, it drives smooth no problems, I love this car so much it is more than a car to me.

- Michael S

It's got a lot of mileage on it and I think i need new brake pads

I like my car because its sexy and badass. Its costing me too much money, which I do not like. I hit a car so now my front end sucks.

- Richard F

Horrible to drive in the winter.

I love how comfortable it is to drive and its aesthetic. I do not like how expensive it is to repair miscellaneous problems.

- Emily L

It's fast. Also you have to make sure to use high octane fuel.

Love my car. The only complaint is the driver side door doesn't let me open it sometimes. Other than that nothing else.

- Jennifer E

That it is reliable and good option for a vehicle, for people my age.

My car is light grey and gets decent gas mileage. I like that it has leather seats. I had a tint put on the windows.

- Melody R

My vehicle that I call betty.

My vehicle runs great. It was a gift but is in great condition black color with black leather air works great.

- Char R

The 2011 Challenger could have a lot of problems...buy the warranty.

I've had a lot of problems with it. On the good side, I had an extended warranty that paid for everything.

- Paula C

This amazing car isn't as expensive as you think. It may look and act expensive but it's actually way these then what you're thinking.

I love how fast the acceleration is. Then the seats are very comfortable. Gas mileage is also pretty good.

- Hunter B

Number 1 car. You so won't regret

Ride so great. Amazing features. Great miles per gallon. The service is top notch Service spectacular.

- Max H

I don't have many complaints. Except for the fact that everything is computerized

I bought this for myself. Mommy and daddy did not get this for me

- Rebecca N

it's a decent car for its price, very reliable and affordable

none attained at this present moment, like all features

- aisha t