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Dodge challenger rt: the 'family" muscle car!

I drive a 2012 Dodge challenger rt equipped with a standard six-speed and a 5. 7l 375 hp engine which has plenty of power, enough to make driving a thrill and transform the vehicle into a cop magnet. Alcohol consumption is not an option, but who needs it with a ride this sweet. Interior is roomy enough to keep the grandkids comfortable and the wide tires are surprisingly effective in the snow--we drive it year round and use it as the family car. The sight of grandma rumbling up to drop off/pick up her grandkids in a muscle car, rolling stones blaring, our black lab sticking his head out of the moon roof, creates quite a stir at local daycare providers and schools.

- Ronald L

My Challenger is a dream car for me.

I love the way the car performs. It has been recalled a few times, and yet never fixed, so that was frustrating. Now I am having issues with the actuator door on the AC, which is banging at random times. It's fast for a V6, any faster and I'd have more speeding tickets. I like the feature on it that you can see exactly how fast you go from 0 to 60. That's a pretty cool perk. It's pretty comfortable, and the back seat has plenty of room for my kids.

- Dawn C

This car is a joke and I never buy it again I'd buy a ford next time.

This car has caused us nothing but problems and many we have had to replace the motor already because the head gasket blew out on it and we've had to do a lot of work including have oil leaks repaired three times already so far all together that is a total of 4 gaskets that have had to be replaced the last one including the motor then the stereo went out costing us $800 already.

- Cathy R

It has the 70s muscle car look.

I love my 2012 dodge challenger sxt plus, it has a great ride and is very comfortable I have no complaints about the car at all except for the three recalls that have been taken care of two were four airbag plugs and one was for the alternator other than that there has been no problems, though they could put a better set of tires that could last longer on the car.

- Clint B

Beautiful eye and ear candy.

I enjoy the lines of the vehicle, I also enjoy the comments I get from people when I go drive it around. It would be nice if the aftermarket parts would be cheaper. The only thing other than tires and a new door module going out it's a very solid beefy car that takes a few days getting used to how it drives and handles and how you can push it.

- Christopher S

Good ride, awesome style, great car.

My car looks and drives great. Gives good gas mileage and has little to know issues. It has been very reliable since I got it and is always a very dependable vehicle. The features on the vehicle such as the sunroof, heated seats, backup camera and navigation system all work together to make the driving experience of this vehicle a perfect one.

- Bryant D

Overall very good vehicle.

Overall good vehicle only problem is the seats can be a bit uncomfortable. But my vehicle was able to drive for 10 hours when I moved. Great radio, great size. It is 6 years old and overall handles quite well. It is also very spacious and was able to carry loads of boxes from my move and only needed to stop for gas 2 times.

- Harmony A

Fast and good on gas., Dodge challenger.

Love the interior lots of legroom, great engine performance, have had some issues with heater and air conditioner vents, the part that pushes the air through. Not a mechanic so not sure what its called. This car did not come with fog lights, that is not right I think all cars should come with fog lights standard.

- Wendy P

Great car, but stay on top of your tires!

My car is great! It performs well and drives like a dream! The only problems that I've come across thus far is that the car is hard on tires. You have to stay on top of keeping your tires rotated and properly inflated or it severely affects the proper performance of the car. Other than I have no issues.

- Regina B

2012 R/T Dodge Challenger, all white with two red stripes under each window.

I love the pick-up on this vehicle and that it has sport mode available. Not only does it drive well, it is pretty spacious considering it is a two door vehicle. My three small children can fit in the back with two car seats. The only issue I have, is that it is a gas guzzler, but that is expected.

- Natalie D

As I said my car is old and beat up nothing really interesting about it

There is nothing wrong with my vehicle if I'm being honest. It is just very old and beat up and has seen some better days. Drive smooth and amazing. The only problems I have with it is that it's kind of slow. Besides that it's great. I love my car and wouldn't take a different one.

- Lucas S

Great car for comfort and function but is better suited for warmer climates.

The car is made of very high quality materials and is very comfortable to ride in. Great steering. Trunk is a great size for hauling groceries or other items. Unfortunately it does not drive well in the winter but does do better with extra weight in trunk and snow tires.

- Kortney K

2012 Dodge challenger review.

I have had minimal problems with my 2012 challenger with the exception of a warranty issue which was fixed rather quickly. It has been rather reliable however the media center has had occasional issues but overall I would recommend this vehicle. I would buy again.

- Josh Y

I like the throaty sound of the engine and acceleration.

Love the engine power and the quick 0-50 acceleration. Wish it came in a convertible model. I have had few mechanical problems with the car. The colors offered are very unique and I love the muscle look of the vehicle. The gas mileage has been good, as well.

- Francis R

One of my favorite things about my vehicle is the heated seats.

Very time efficient and reliable. Never had any problems. I keep my vehicles well maintained. Very smooth ride and would recommend it to anyone! Always need to keep well maintained tires because it is very dangerous to drive this vehicle with bald tires.

- Jessica S

Dodge challenger a family vehicle.

Smooth driving vehicle. No problems to date other than usual wear and tear. Safe and solid car safe for families. Other than being a lower vehicle to the ground. Great technology and sound. Good gas mileage. Large inside and roomy for kids and luggage.

- Robin B

It is a custom car that was made to my specifications.

It is the perfect muscle car that fits me well and is fun to drive. It is a very unique vehicle and I have not seen another like it. It is the car I always wanted to own while in college but was not able to afford, until now.

- Eric M

It is a great car and I would recommend Dodge to everyone.

I like the way it drives and how long it has lasted me. The car is also very comfortable and offers excellent space and comfortability for long road trips. One thing that is not good is the gas mileage I get with the car.

- Chris P

It's an overall good car. I have had my car for a couple of years and it has been very good to me.

I love sports cars so I love the look of my car. I love the color. It's a pretty royal blue. I dislike how the side panel is made.Sometime because of the side panel your view is obstructed.

- Shenella T

Make sure you keep it tuned up.

I like my car but it doesn't have an updated stereo, connectors to charge the phones don't work. I wish it would have it to where the seats get warm. . It helps during the winter.

- Judith L

It is high performance and comfortable to drive.

I like the looks of my car. I like that it looks like the Challenger like one from 69 or 70. I like the performance and that it didn't cost a fortune compared to imports.

- Robert S

Feels like a muscle car. Very spacious for a two door car. Has a custom exhaust that sounds great.

The Dodge Challenger is a very comfortable car to drive. It handles well and feels smooth. I've had it for 3 years now and it still works perfectly with no issues.

- Jacob D

The backseat is to small for passengers.

The only thing I dislike about my challenger is there is a huge blind spot in the rear passenger side. This makes it difficult to back out of parking spaces.

- Kathryn W

It drives me where I need to go and it is still reliable after all these years.

The brakes are not up to par, it has a lot of mileage and the perks is that it is easy on gas. The fuel pump is still good as well as the system period.

- Sue M

It is a very sharp looking car! I have the v6 so it is good on gas yet looks sporty.

I love my car. There are times I wish the back seats had more leg room. Also 2 doors is not easy if you have dogs to put in and out of the car.

- hope c

How safe of a car it is and how stylish.

Not very comfortable but is very stylish. I like how it is a two door because I don't drive many people around. It is also very reliable.

- Cara H

I love it and am completely happy with everything about it.

Love the size and speed. The look resembles the classic muscle car. It is sport carish and very comfortable for somewhat compact.

- Jennifer B

My car is better than yours.

The Dodge challenger that I drive it great. It is a sporty car that has some get up and go. I love burning the tires off it.

- John W

It has a cooler built into the glove department. Love it.

My car is wonderful. I do need it to be a little bigger because I often transport four children. I love the way it drives.

- Mary M

Fast, fun, cool, great, best

Nothing has ever gone wrong, everything worked fine from when I brought it at the dealership, would not have any other car

- Matt E

Unfortunately, it does have a blindspot but it is very reliable!

Great on gas and sporty look. I have a Redline and love it- have personalized it plenty. One blind spot in back corners

- Kim C

My challenger is amazing in every way.

6 speed with a hemi. Great vehicle. Minimum problems. Basic wear and tear. Not bad on fuel considering it has a V8.

- Teresa D

It's beautiful inside and out and I would recommend it to anyone in need of a vehicle.

I like the amount of space that I have in my vehicle. I also enjoy the interior feel. I don't enjoy the outside color.

- Caroline M

Dodge challenger vs ferrari

very good car. would prefer a ferrari though. or a lamborghini. you should really look into purchasing a challenger

- Bryce W

Symbol of strength and power

The Dodge Challenger is very reliable and fun to drive. It is a symbol for strength and power. Very recommended.

- Erik W

I waited several years for it. In my opinion it is a 6 cylinder performance car. She has a lot of horses under her hood!

My car is a beautiful sports car that is a lot like the muscle cars of the 70's. When I want to go, she goes!!

- Denise E

That it is a very nice car.

My vehicle is perfectly fine and has not one problem and gets oil changes regularly. I love my car period.

- Emily G

It doesn't waste as much gas a normal car would

My vehicle is very reliable but when it breaks down then it tends to be very costly which I don't like.

- Cristina A

It's a Dodge Challenger SRT. V8 V-8 engine, dark black with leather seats. This car is one of a kind, and it's fairly fuel-efficient considering what is .

No complaints. Very efficient vehicle. Looks great. I would recommend to anyone.

- Stuart R

muscle car. fuel economy.

i like the muscle car look. fuel economy. air conditioning works really well

- joe W

That you can't keep up with it

I like that it's a hell cat with a hemi motor and there is nothing I dislike

- Joshua M

It's a 6 speed hemi. It's fast and comfortable. Leather

Electrical system is a nightmare Wheel tire sensors continually go bad

- Dewey C

It's fast got up to 120 with no issues but it gets bad gas mileage

it is the car I always wanted to have. Never had any problems with it

- jon a

I love my car it's a muscle car and has a lot of horsepower.

Has a very powerful horsepower engine and you'll fall in love with it

- Daniel C

It's really big. It's been a pretty good car for me. I like it a lot. I have had to make a couple repairs on it though

It's spacious. It's a great car for a huge family.

- Myles K