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When the battery goes out in the key fob make sure you use a very very high quality lithium battery to replace it or you will have continued problems.

I love my car! I wish I had bought the Hemi but I know that would have gotten me in a lot of trouble. I have a Leadfoot and even with it not being the top-of-the-line model with the bigger engine, it performs like all my other sports cars. This is my 2nd Dodge, the first was the Stealth, which was almost identical to the Mitsubishi 3000GT inside. This seems more like a solid American muscle car. What I don't like is it there seems to be some parts of it that are made rather cheaply; for instance the dashboard is separating from the top of the vents. The inside molding of the trunk does not seem to pop back into place the which should and things rattle around in the top of the trunk like when you take a car apart and it is never as and tight as it was when it was new. I wear 4 inch heels everyday to work, and within the first 6 months there was a hole through the floorboard where my left foot set everyday. That's never happened before in any of my cars! Possible that I was a little harder on this car with my left foot as this was my first automatic in 30 years and I was so used to driving a stick that maybe I unconsciously put more pressure down on my left foot the normal. Overall it's a good car and I would consider it again if I ever bought the same car twice.

- Danielle B

A story about Marilyn, and our journey together.

My challenger is beautiful, I love the jazz blue color of the car. When I was car shopping it was between this car or the camaro. I chose the challenger because the space in the car itself, if I wanted someone in the back seat, there was room to put people back there! The car drives great, I have never had an issue with my car and the way it drives, it is currently at 100k miles and it drives great! I love that there is Bluetooth to connect my iPhone and play my music, my only complaint is that it occasionally freezes when playing music and you get a 1 second silence! The seats are super comfortable, the interior looks sporty! I love this car! I only wish I could afford the v8 since it is a v6 but it still drives like 300 horses!

- Zach M

The happy owner of a Dodge challenger.

I love my Dodge challenger with the hemi motor. It's a beautiful car. The car has enough torque and power that makes driving a joy. This particular model year, the 2013, has had a few mechanical recalls. One of the recalls, the linkage, ended up causing other problem with the engine. Needless to say, Mopar had a new crate engine. Since I didn't have to pay for the new motor or it being replaced, I am very happy over my car. Maybe a better sound system because I like my music loud.

- Andrea H

My beautiful challenger! It is amazing!

My Dodge Challenger is fantastic! I love it more than any other car I've driven. There is only a couple of actual problems I've suffered and one is that it is hard to back up sometimes because of the lack of vision. It is hard to see out of when backing out of parking spaces if there is someone beside you because your sight is blocked. Also it's very wide and long so it is a little tougher to park it as well. Other than this I have no other problems with it and I love it a lot!

- Dante W

This is the greatest car ever.

I love this car so much. I get complimented on it everywhere I go. It is fast, it is comfortable and it looks great. My only complaints are the feature of the windows dropping an inch when the doors are open is a bad design for people who live where it gets snowy the windows freeze in place and makes it hard to close. Also sometimes the directional will turn on before the toggle is fully switched. So it you bump it by accident your directional will turn on.

- James L

Great cross country driving experience.

I have had this car for 5 years and not had any problems. It is going in for the first time at 149k miles for its first repair other than oil change. It has been very dependable when traveling west to east coast for vacation. We'r have taken 3 cross country trips. It is a pleasure to drive and the hemi has plenty of power. In a North Dakota rain storm it held the road better than any other car I have driven. This car is a pleasure to drive.

- Catherine P

I love my challenger, best car ever

I love my rt, it has a hemi so it sounds like a monster. The paint job is beautiful. I'm not going to even say how in love I am with the body style, omg!! I call it night rider lol. Runs perfect and I have never had any problems with it. Only thing I can day is make sure you use top of the line gas stations. Cheap gas station gas I noticed will make your engine light come on until you drive that gas out and replace it with high brand gas

- Princess R

Big, dark shiny color with dark rims, clean inside and out.

It's comfortable, very nice, no problem with my vehicle. I love everything about it. The color, rims, the tinted windows. Everything is nicely detailed and very clean. The features on the inside are nice and features on the outside are nice too. Whatever color you choose will go very good with a muscle car like that. I personally like dark colors on cars like mine but I'm sure any other color will be good too.

- Sadie G

2013 sports coupe challenger.

The car has small windows which makes for blind spots while driving, and the side mirrors are really small. The performance of the car is great and it drives very smooth. Even though it is a sports coupe, it has three seats in the back and 3 seatbelts. There is enough room for 3 people to sit. The car has been reliable so far and the maintenance on it is not expensive. I absolutely love the way the car looks.

- Sarah M

Car handles well on the road and is a eye catcher.

My car is reliable and had no performance problems. Just replace the brakes after hitting 100, 000 miles. I am on third set of tires the Michelin that came on the car had be replaced at 25, 000 miles. The continental tires was the second set and they had road noise. Trying coopers tires this time. The only real problems I had with the car is the abs sensor going bad and the set built light coming on.

- Anna S

Dodge Challenger an amazing muscle car that captures a lot of attention.

I have had my Dodge Challenger for almost 7 years now and I have had no major issues with the vehicle. I love Dodge muscle cars and the body style of Dodge cars. In addition, I always purchase an American car. It is very comfortable. The only disadvantage is that there are several bad blind spots and it is difficult to see other cars on the road.

- Kerri R

The Dodge Challenger 2013

The only issue with this car is the Alternator has died within 1 yr or so besides that car handles good and from. The car does spend a good amount of gas even with ECO mode on. Hopefully newer models come with better light brightness instead of that yellowish tint. Battery is located in the back which is a good idea. Keeps its clean.

- Elliott G

Driver comfort and convenience at it is finest.

The red leather interior bucket seats are very comfortable and with all the added features of seat warmers, telescoping steering column, satellite radio, paddle shifters, and electronic controls in the steering wheel make this vehicle the most comfortable vehicle I have ever driven. The only flaw is there are serious blind spots.

- Shelley H

It is not a very good car, like I said fuel mileage sucks.

It is not very good fuel mileage but it runs very well, haven't had any issues other than having to refuel every 10-20 miles. But other than that it is very spacious and very comfortable, I like the navigation features and GPS and on screen displays that it has. I wouldn't recommend it but I could say it is an okay car.

- Kay M

If you are tall, you will love the challenger because how spacious the car is.

I love my vehicle. I love the horsepower that my car has. I also love the people recognize my car when they see it. Its comfortable. It's reliable. Its flashy and matches me. Nothing beats having a 2 door coupe in the middle of Atlanta during the summer. Another positive to the car is it actually has good gas mileage.

- James C

Dodge challenger is the best.

The vehicle is good on gas very spacious maintenance is reasonable. I have had no problems with this vehicle at all. I have a v6 engine that runs great no added systems needs is required due to it has a built in system already. The hubcaps looks like rims so no rims are needed. Gears move great it does not get stuck.

- Amber L

gas saving, grate for sporty people.

its gas saving, the trunk is amazing super spacious. I love the performance and we have not had any problems. Highly recommended. Even some small touch ups are doable at home including maintenance. The seats are very comfortable and all the interior is nice very sporty. The price was very reasonable.

- julie M

Coupe 2013 Dodge challenger.

I love the way the car looks and handles. The performance is great and drives really smooth. It is good on gas mileage. The car is very spacious for a coupe and has three seatbelts in the backseat. The car has big blind spots because the windows are small and the side mirrors are really small.

- Sara M

don't fall for good looks.

My car looks nice but that's the only good thing about it. It's very expensive keeping up with it. Gas burns quickly and it requires expensive oil changes. Also depending on your age your car insurance goes up. If you just want something that's fast and is eye candy then this car is for you.

- Caleb H

2013 Dodge challenger, rallye redline edition.

The car is extremely reliable. I love driving my challenger around town. The engine sounds great, especially when starting it. I have never had any problems with it since I bought it. I get around twenty two to twenty three miles per gallon. I would recommend buying a challenger to anyone.

- Nic C

Its reliable, smooth and fast.

It does not come standard with Bluetooth or a backup cam, but it drives smooth and has better than you would think on gas mileage. It's comfortable to drive, though be careful about hard braking. It has a roll stop mechanism that was very surprising to me but this was my first sports car.

- Michelle D

Stylish, comfortable, and very dependable. I would definitely choose it again.

It drives smoothly. It is very roomy and will get up and go in a hurry! The heater warms quickly as does the air conditioning cools quickly. It has features such as push button Start. It also has sensor unlock and 1 finger lock. It has lots of legroom in the back and has a big trunk.

- Melinda Y

Very well made. Car that looks nice and is easy to drive

Minor issues including air conditioning issues to where the adjuster will click... that has broke a couple of times. Car rides well very smooth. No other issues to speak of. I enjoy the look of the car and the feel of the drive. Sunroof is nice and the tinted windows are well done

- Josh H

Fast, stylish fun and roomy.

I have had no problems so far with my car. I love the way it handles and how much interior space there is. I would definitely buy a newer model of my car in the future. I would want one that is fully loaded though since I have the base model. Best car so far that I have had.

- Charlotte A

Dodge review very good no problems

so far it has been great. No problems. Looks good. Always get compliments. The interior is sharp as well. Good stereo. However gas mileage could be a little better. Very comfortable, enough room. Overall a very good and nice car would definitely recommend to car buyers.

- jake N

Very fast and great pick y

Very dependable and stylish. Wheels and tires are expensive but definitely worth it. General maintenance and upkeep are essential. As long as I take care of your car, your car will take care of you. It costs about $50 to fill up the gas tank but it's pretty good on gas.

- Tina S

Pretty sweet ride. Smooth ride

Love the width of the car. Does have a bad blind spot. Strong heavy car. Pretty good on gas mileage. A lot of room. A lot of legroom. Backseat is small. Not made for tall people in the back. Trunk is huge and heavy. Speakers are good too. I enjoy the speed too

- Stephanie J

A classic looking hot rod at a reasonable price

The only problem I have with my vehicle is I wish it got better gas mileage. The performance is awesome and the car is very reliable. I wish dodge would have more up to date features that were more on the high technology side, regarding the interior features.

- Valerie S

Super performance car great car over all.

Great performing car rides fantastic no problems in three years of ownership very sleek and great looking car gets good gas mileage for a high performance car will do up to about one hundred fifty miles per hour and handles great at any speed that you do.

- Art B

Very Roomy and has been a great daily driver.

The Car performs well. I had one issue with the fuel pump once, the key fob, and the car dents easily due to the type of metal used on the side paneling. The engine, regardless of the amount of type of oil, has a weird sound when pushing the throttle.

- Kenneth D

Challenger I love the unique color of my car.

I love my challenger. After driving something slower for so long, my challenger is amazing. People say they waste on gas, but i only have to fill it up once a week, just like all my other cars before it.

- lou b

It's a beautiful car!! I would recommend getting one.

Well my car is very fast. I always pass other people. I haven't had any problems with it yet. It always gets up and goes. The radio is awesome as well. You can put it in sport mode any time you want to.

- Elizabeth C

The car is much wider than most and has a long front end so it took some time to get used to parking it in tight parking places.

The spark plugs went bad about 60k miles and the passenger seat broke so the seat will not lock in place. There is a blind spot that can be annoying when trying to switch lanes when using only mirrors.

- Thomas R

It's one of a kind to me! It has a lot of get up and go like me.

I love it, just like a race car, it has a lot of power, but unfortunately you can't use the power or you will get a ticket. Nothing that i dislike, only maybe that it requires a lot of maintenance.

- lois A

My car is special and unique we were meant to together.

I love the style of my vehicle, the body, the interior and just the way it drives. I dislike the blind spots and low mpg. I have no complaints about my vehicle as I love it very much.

- Chandler S




there is very little back seat space so be wary if you are look for a family car

My car is a 2013 dodge challenger white paint with black trim v6 motor one and I love it one problem I have with it is back seat space it's a struggle in and out of it

- Jaylyn W

2013 Dodge challenger. Great performance. Different and interesting car.

There are no problems I love my challenger. It drives great. The view is amazing the space in the back is bigger than mustangs cameras and other two door sports cars.

- Cole A

The beat detail about this vehicle is its comfort and power.

It has a lot of power, and is very comfortable. I like the features, wish it had a touchscreen radio and better looking rims. Other than that it's a great car.

- Paul C

I've had a couple cars in my life, but this is my favorite. I feel it is unique to most cars out there

It is a very nice car. I enjoy the interior comfort and the exterior makes it an attractive car. It is reliable, I have never had an problems with it.

- Kevin B

Car details about Dodge challenger.

I love the car, runs and drives great also drives really smooth. I wouldn't trade it on for a million dollars. Super quick and fast for a v6.

- Adrien B

The eco on my car does wonders. I save a lot on gas.

I love everything. My car drives so smooth and easy. I will definitely buy a new model same car. I recommend it to a everyday driver.

- Kenneth M

Drives smoothly and makes is very comfy even though it seems very small

I like the structure and size of my car. the height is perfect and drives so smoothly. the things I dislike about is the blind spot

- Amelia o

Its loud and it's my baby.

I love the sleek body style and racing exhaust and drive. I dislike the plastic bumpers and flimsiness of the outer body parts.

- Taylor C

The car can be very stiff upon driving and making turns.

I like the sporty look of the car. I dislike that I am constantly having issues with my tires because they are low profile.

- Rosa W

Lowest price and highest value muscle car.

I love the horsepower and torque. Maintenance is easy. The car turns heads and has that distinctive American muscle look.

- clint d

A surprisingly good road car

My Dodge Challenger is a reliable vehicle that has power, good gas economy, and looks good? I would recommend it to others.

- Richard H

My car is reliable and easily serviced. It looks much newer than it is and the interior looks really expensive. It takes lots of gas!

I love my car! The style and speed are great, however I'm going to have to get a new car maybe because it's a gas guzzler.

- Tonya K

It's amazing! Best deal for the low cost! Will buy again!

This is my car! I've never had any issues. Only ever needed oil changes and new tires. Fun to drive. Looks gorgeous.

- Melissa W

High performance, It has a lot of horsepower and is quite fast.

The Dodge Challenger is a high performance sedan. I've experienced no major problems with it, and is very dependable.

- Ted S

I love it and drive it so I know better than anyone when something is wrong.

Love that it has power with somewhat decent gas mileage; love the responsiveness- hate the cost involved in repairs.

- Holly F

Some highlights have to how fast it can go

It loud and really hard to take care of buts its worth all the money. I receive a lot of praise and attention.

- Junius C

that its made of a lot of plastic get what you pay for

i love the car it gets me point a to point b all the time and i've been only owner the parts are cheap to fix

- Matthew J

It is the number one best car to have.

It is fast in run good less car repair smooth ride my favorite car dream car easy to keep up easy to clean.

- Kelly S

Wat to drive fast and comfortable?

It's a great purchase the features are amazing I love it. It had the sports mode feature very comfortable.

- Virginia F

My Dodge ram never lets me down.

I like everything about it, except for the side windows. I can barely see out of them when I back out.

- Mikhail A

It is a cool. muscle car! The care is well-made, runs great, and fun to drive.

I really like the way it looks. I feel strong and powerful. I get lots of compliments on my car.

- Heidi M

The gas mileage is very strong for such a sporty looking vehicle.

I like the body lines and overall look. The gas mileage was an overall plus. No major dislikes!

- Luke Z

It's larger than most coupes. Not for everyone to drive but lots of fun.

Love the size and look. It's got power to it. Only wish I could have a larger engine.


Don't drive it like an idiot.

It's been a solid car, no real complaints. Great on gas, easy to drive. I like it

- Cheyenne L

That it is a great car to have

I love the look of it. And i enjoy how well it dives and how well it does on gas.

- Sid S

Very dependable good gas mileage Good stereo.easy to get in and out if

Lov it's easy to get in and out of. It's dependable. Good mileage

- Vicki S