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Great looks awesome performance.

I am the owner of a 2014 dodge challenger, I am in love with this vehicle. I do not believe I have had any problems with this vehicles since I purchased it. I have kept up with maintenance. I always do full services before needed. My car is super comfortable I really enjoy driving it. But the looks of it it's my convinced me to purchase. It has a super stylish and modern look to it. The vehicle is also super fast and it never feels like if I was forcing it. Overall I love the looks and performance of my dodge challenger.

- Kris perez K

My challenger is a great daily driver and is reliable for travel, as well.

My challenger is fast and I enjoy driving it on a daily basis. It is extremely reliable and I have not had any problems with its performance in the 5 years that I have had it. Besides the usual maintenance and oil changes, I have not had to take it to the mechanic to get any work done. It is very spacious and comfortable for me and my three kids. The only thing that is currently not working in it is the lock on the driver's side door. It has to be locked manually on that side. Overall, I am very happy with my car.

- Christina D

My thoughts about my Dodge challenger srt.

As far as performance, I am satisfied with my vehicle. however, since purchasing, I have had minor issues that were luckily covered under warranty. It is reliable, comfortable and has luxurious features. As far as issues, the power steering went out within the first 200 miles on the vehicle. Second issue, was the front two tires blowing due to a manufacturing defect with the srt rims. Last, issue is the window tint provided by the dealership was poor quality.

- Cameron D

Love My 100 Year Anniversary Challenger

I absolutely love the interior of the car! The custom color leather seats are top notch. There is lots of room in the back seat and lots of legroom for passengers, which is not common in high end, sports cars (in comparison to the Mustang, for example). Very comfortable on long road trips, and a very roomy trunk as well for storing luggage. The only complaint I have is the GPS system, and the inability to sync my phone to the car is extremely frustrating.

- Judi K

Dodge 2014 Pre-owned still works like a charm

My car is quite spacey, which is nice, but it is all leather and summers can be very hot. There's sometimes a strange noise which usually lets me know if something is going on. Recently a pipe broke and that had to get fixed. It has been alright since then though. The car was pre owned so if there are minor defects I am not surprised, but despite that it's a really great car.

- Grace L

My love hate relationship with my challenger

It is very roomy, it's just that now the repairs on the vehicle are starting to become expensive, I have poor gas mileage on the vehicle but overall it does get me to where I need to go, it's a sports car I really will consider my next car purchase because with this car it's just a hassle sometimes, when I go shopping having to move seats to put bags down in time consuming

- Jessica A

This car is the most amazing car I have ever owned.

The dodge challenger has been my dream car since I was about 11 years old. It is everything I imagined. The car has a lot of power I drive stick so I have more control over the power of the car it reaches to great speed in such little time. It has a lot of space for a 2 door coupe and I would recommend this amazing car to anyone who loves American muscle.

- J E

Reliable, fast, and comfortable.

Those vehicle is very comfortable on long drives. The performance is amazing. It gets up to speed very quickly and performs like a charm at high speeds. The car is very reliable not problems at all. It has heated seats and automatic start which is awesome during the winter. The heated seats start when the car does so it's warm when you get in.

- Janice C

Why my Challenger is the best..love my Challenger!!

Love my Challenger! It rides great... sounds even better! I like the fact that the design is true to the original 60s model. It is fun to drive, hugs the curves and has great amount of power! I did not get the Hemi engine Thomas Little too pricey for me at the time. You can believe that my next car will be another Challenger!

- Vicky S

Dodge get up and go and look like a beauty doing it.

My Dodge challenger is a beautiful bright white color. No spoiler and has only 45, 000 miles on it. I love it. This car is super on gas and when you gotta get up and go, it is the perfect car to zip in places. . . The inside is black cloth with not a scratch on anything inside. This car is an eye catcher that is for sure.

- Angie L

Fast and stylish with great performance and almost everyone stares.

Very sporty look has great speed for 6 cylinders big trunk space. It is comfortable for 3 people only problem I had with this car was battery dying out due the alarm system on car. The alarm system is very sensitive to loud noises. Overall it runs good it stylish in any form and has the look of it being old and new.

- Carlos O

"Challengers" best muscle car in American.

I have the 5. 7 Hemi and it is fun to drive. I have not had any major repairs needed since ownership. It is a special edition redline challenger rat and it looks awesome. I highly recommend Dodge and especially the challengers it has more room then the Mustang, and Camaro. The best of the 3 major muscle car brands.

- David E

The best car to own and drive. It the fastest car to drive.

Well I haven't had any problems out my car. It runs and drive wonderful. I would buy another if it was up to me and the comfort of the car is amazing. Only problem I have is that no one wants to ride with because they say it's to fast. But I will say that this is by far the best car to own and drive out of town.

- Daryl A

Dream car, but not so great in snow.

He fun to drive. Power and comfort. It has a classic muscle car look. The downside is that is doesn't handle well in snow and has major blind spots. Only other downside is the gas and oil is pricey. But it's a beautifully made machine. I wish I had blind spot detectors on it as well as a backup cam.

- Nick D

My car drinks a lot of gas so keep gas in it.

My vehicle runs great but after it reaches over 100 thousand miles my transmission and wiring started to mess up. It is very standard and drinks gas. It goes pretty fast but no hemi. It was stylish and catches people eye. I always get compliments. People always let me by when I need to get over lol.

- Queen S

2014 Challenger Review. Great looking muscle car but a gas guzzler.

My challenger is a good sturdy car. I love the look since the style is similar to how the old muscle car use to look (unlike the mustangs and chargers). However, it's not very good on gas mileage. I even got a 6 cylinder so I would save money on gas but it still takes up quite a bit of gas.

- joel C

2014 Dodge Challenger redline rallye edition. Silver with red stripe

I don't really have any problems with my car. It's only a v6 and it purrs like a v8. They only concern someone might have with a Dodge Challenger is the visibility, but I have gotten used to it and have no problems. I highly recommend purchasing a Dodge Challenger. You will not regret it!

- Matthew N

I like the sleek design, it's got class and sporty at the same time.

I love my dodge challenger this car has proven to be reliable with very few downfalls, in fact I can't say one negative thing about this vehicle. If I had to take off and go out of town unexpectedly I would feel assured that my challenger would take me to my destination without issues.

- Angela H

It�s sleek and fast! Perfect for summertime

I haven't had too many problems with my vehicle. I just had to get my brakes serviced since owning it. Otherwise, nothing major. The gas mileage is great as well. Just stay up to date on oil changes and tires, it will treat you right. Also, I had an issue with a sensor, but that's it.

- L T

Dodge challenger: owning the road.

The power on the challenger is real. You will feel in charge on the road when driving this car. It has a smooth ride and fairly comfortable. Only downside, like any sports car, is that the space is limited so not ideal for people or packing. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Steven L

Fast, cool and super comfortable!

This vehicle drives great although it seems that the engine is not powerful enough for the car but it still drives very well. So, far it has been very reliable and I haven't had any issues. Its super sleek and always draws attention. The seats are very comfortable as well.

- Mary B

The gas mileage isn't as bad as most people think.

I really love the way my car looks. I get compliments everywhere I go. I love that it has heated seats. I like that it has a back-up sensor. I like that the trunk is big, but I wish the inside was more roomy. My only complaint is that it's dangerous to drive in the snow.

- Savanah L

Even that is a coupe it is really spacious.

I love my car I bought my car 3 years ago and I haven't have a problem with it. It feels really good when you are driving the sites are really comfortable you can even warm them. The car is very spacious and it has a big trunk I just love my car it is the perfect car.

- May V

It's beautiful and rides like a dream and gets good gas mileage. Total package.

Love the look as it resembles a classic car. It's sleek and beautiful. It gets good gas mileage. Has enough power and looks to still feel like a muscle car but is a 6 cylinder. The key dislike is the radio/nav system, it's never worked properly and is not user friendly.

- Angelia A

Gas mileage is great! Using regular we get 21 city and 28 hwy.

I absolutely love my 2014 Dodge challenger. It has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever had and it looks sweet too. I have not added anything to it, kept it the original way it is. Thought about adding a lime green stripe down the side since my car is white.

- Julie P

The challenge of the challenger.

I own a 2014 dodge challenger. The vehicle was bought brand new back in 2013. It is the base model challenger. I chose the base model because I was looking to see money on gas with the v6. Although I have managed to save a good bit of fuel money I do miss the v8.

- Travis T

Love it the car is great. Weekend car

The vehicle is great. No complaints. It's fast. Has sports mode and love the black n red material. Water pump went out on 30,000 miles that's the down side about it. Warranty cover the water pump and the car is running strong. It's my weekend car. Thank you

- Aman S

One of the greatest family cars!

The 2018 Dodge Journey is an amazing family car at an affordable price! It is very spacious and comfortable! It fits a twin stroller & groceries in the trunk (with the third row down)! It drives smooth and is very reliable. The Journey is also great on gas!

- Cj H

Sporty and Fast. Spacious and great ride.

Terrible in winter. Sits too low; gets stuck. Problem with fuel/gas gauge reading. Otherwise, really fast car; very sporty; lots of power. Spacious and spacious trunk space. Rides very well especially on long road trips.

- Julia M

There isn't very much room in the back seat so if you have a family then it's not going to fit everybody

I've had the car for 4 years hasn't had any problems I bought it new and was very happy about it no negative feedback about the challenger I'm very happy with it and will stick by it until I doesn't run anymore

- Brian B

Why I love my Dodge Challenger.

My Challenger is roomy enough for my family of 5, but sporty enough for me to feel like a teenager driving a sports car! It's dependable and gets great gas mileage! It hasn't let me down, yet. I love this car!

- Tonya V

Beautiful curves and speed on demand

Overall I love my car. I have had a few problems with it but they have all been covered by the warranty. This is the second Challenger that I have owned. Responsive and fast car. Really no back seat.

- tammy s

They should know that it goes pretty fast.

I love the speed, shape, color and design of the vehicle. I just wish that my model had modern amenities such as Bluetooth and a big screen in the middle. The speakers could be better as well.

- Perez B

the most important thing about my car that people should know is that there is no eating or drinking allowed in my car.

I love my car because is very cool looking. It's only me so the fact that is only 2 door is great. The only thing I don't like is there a big blind spot that I need to be extra careful about.

- jessica a

Husband likes driving it and the attention it gives him although he will complain about the attention it makes him happy getting it.

It isn't actually mine, it's my husbands I don't drive. It's red and has bucket seats which I don't actually like. A nice sized trunk for groceries. No actual back seat room for passengers.

- Jana J

Stock parts could be better but still a good car.

Turning with stock parts is not the best. Stock breaks are not the greatest. It started to make a noise not too long after i purchased from the dealership. I love the car though

- Edward T

Red R/T 2014 Challenger. 95,000 miles.

I have a red challenger. It is a 2014 with about 90000 miles on it. I have only had it for about 4 months. The interior is half leather and half cloth.

- Hope R

i love it and it one of the best cars i ever owned

has great styling from 70 s good interior space and visibility excellent acceleration and handling on road. Good size trunk. Everybody says looks great

- robert E

It has a sport button that makes it go fast.

I like how fast my car is. I like that my car is 2 doors.i like the sun roof. I like the leather seats and dashboard because they match.

- Alma r

Reliable. Comfortable....

The car is sporty it drives really fast. Can't complain how many people just look at it. The trunk has lots of space to put items in.

- Carlos O

The shiny paint really helps me ignite the flames of righteousness.

Shoddy transition and the undercarriage can be a bit of an issue when going over potholes, but I love the way the horn squeaks.

- Allen H

Safety. These cars are built to take the impact in a crash.

Great car. Second one. First one saved us during horrible collision. Large interior for sports car. Reliability has been good

- Kristene C

Do not buy. Chrysler no longer cares about their customers.

Fast, reliable and beautiful. Get me to where I need plus looks. I am a doge person always have been, challenger is awesome.

- Phillip M

Handling is top drawer for a car with this weight.

She is my favorite vehicle, shiny and new rides like a dream. Very good on corners. Lets you know when there is a problem.

- Theresa E

My Dodge Challenger and loving it.

I love my car. I haven't had any problems or issues,I get maintenance done regularly like oil changes and tire rotation.

- Sassy J

Dodge Challenger offers incredible style at an affordable price

I love the style, appearance of my vehicle. The leather interior adds something to an already superior product.

- John K

It's got all the stuff motor wise for going fast but yet comfy

It is very comfortable never had any trouble out of it yet it's all leather sunroof bought it new drives great

- Tiffany S

The visibility is very poor when backing up and looking behind you.

I haven't had any issues with my car I bought it used and only did basic maintenance a great smooth ride.

- Mandy K

Sporty, roomy, great gas mileage.

No problems, sporty, comfortable, excellent gas mileage, smooth ride, fits car seat roomy back seat area.

- Deborah G

Gas mileage decent for a muscle car.

No major problems, smooth drive, handles well, great performance and better gas mileage than most guess.

- Christine G

I can beat any others very quickly.

Fast and reliable sporty, good looking very competitive and comfortable hemi engine makes it very fast.

- Luis G

I am loving my challenger!

The challenger is a wonderful driver! Very smooth on the road, and you can definitely feel the power.

- Mckenna M

It has a terrible blind spot.

I really love the look and design of my care. I really dislike the blind spot it has It's terrible.

- Kraig M

It's a car that reminds me of the cars of my youth the one true throw back that looks close to the original

It's sexy fast and mine.................handles great looks good sounds good no complaints so far

- kem h

It is an attractive sports car.

I love my car. It is maroon. It is a 2 door sports car. My car also has the racing feature.

- Amy W

Recalls! After only a few years it does this lagging thing after driving for about 30 minutes. Not spacious.

It had a lot of recalls when we first got it. I want a larger car. Perhaps a Honda Odyssey.

- Danielle P

It is a great car that handles well and performs well in town and on the highway

It is such a cool looking car. It handles well on the highway. It is high performance.

- Franklin K

That it's a muscle car and is fast

I love the way it looks. I dislike there isn't navigation or a back up mirror.

- Grady S

Doesn't get around very good in the snow & tires spin on take off in the rain.

Love the Look & how smooth it drives. Hate that it's rear wheel drive.

- Brenda O

Speed and the ability to keep me warm in the winter and cool in the summer

I love my car it's wonderful. You can drive and gives a smooth feel

- Michael M

My car needs a new spray paint job the inside of the car is not too bad it's alright it runs pretty if u ask me

It's the best and you will have no problems when you take it out

- Emilson R

It does what it does. It is a car. It drives well.

It gets the job done and hasn't given me any problems so far.

- Jack J

It is not good on gas but it is American muscle it's a treat to own

The power of the car no complaints the car is wonderful

- Amber S