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Dodge challengers: the muscle in American muscle.

2015 Dodge Challenger

The modern day Dodge challenger is an innovative of its ancestor. It has been redesigned for those with a passion for muscle cars. The updated sleek design is coupled with roaring horsepower & torque that gets adrenaline levels skyrocketing. Most of these remodeled coupes comes with a soothing leather package, unprecedented safety features, and even a desirable range of trim levels to meet the needs of daily drivers and "street freaks" or people obsessed with powerful engines. Although the challenger is much roomier than most 2-door cars, I highly recommend the possible purchasing of one, however, for the group of people with a very small load of passengers, items, etc to maximum comfort levels.

- Denarius J

My dodge challenger the sports car.

2015 Dodge Challenger R/T

There are really no problems with my vehicle. The only one problem it had since I bought it was the sensors needed to be adjusted/ or replaced which the vehicle was still under warranty so I did not have to pay out of pocket for. The Sirius com went out and does not connect for some reason although I do not think that has anything to do with the vehicle I believe it is the service from sirius xm. The performance overall is amazing in this. Vehicle. The get up and go is a huge difference than owning any other vehicle. I couldn't never own a 4 cal car after owning this vehicle. The upholstery is great. Air conditioned seats and heated seats. Heated steering wheel.

- Jennifer B

My experience with Dodge challenger.

2015 Dodge Challenger

The 2015 Dodge challenger has been a pretty great car for me so far. I bought it new off the lot. It was pretty expensive, and I am still paying on it, with pretty high payments. Cost aside, I haven't had too many problems. Just small things once in a while that the dealership will take care of free or at a very low cost. About a month ago though, my whole cars system just shut down. I had to get it towed to the dealership, and it sat there for a week because they didn't know how to fix it. They finally figured out the problem, and it is been fine ever since. I love my challenger.

- Cheryl P

Dodge challenger is all in all amazing.

2015 Dodge Challenger

It is smooth and the handling on this car is amazing. Rear view camera helps a lot for tight parking spaces and the side mirror alert helps when switching lanes and other cars are in your blind spots. The GPS on this car is pretty up to date and definitely helps a lot. Another amazing feature on this car is that you can connect your phone to it and do everything through the car through voice activated feature, that way you're not causing your eyes to be distracted from the road.

- Jennifer C

The old school style with new features.

2015 Dodge Challenger R/T

The style of the car is my favorite thing I love the old school look the challenger has. It drives nice and picks up speed at an easy pace. Has adjustable seats and back support as well. The keyless start is probably one of my favorite features along with the easy open trunk makes use of the trunk easy with your hands full. The only bad thing I can say is I didn't get the all wheel drive and wish I did because it doesn't drive good in the snow at all.

- Andrea L

Dodge Challenger is the best car ever!

2015 Dodge Challenger SXT

This is an awesome car. It's fast and fun to drive. It is very comfortable and easy to drive. The technology is user friendly and convenient. The sound system is good and I can connect my phone via Bluetooth to listen to my music which I do all the time. It's one of my favorite features. The heated and vented seats and steering wheel have literally changed my life. I love this car.

- Erika H

2015. Dodge. Challenger This car is so much fun to drive It�s a real looker.

2015 Dodge Challenger SXT Plus

I love it It's drives and handles great. It has many features It has the sport mode and paddle shifting so if your feeling sporty one day it will get you there on problem Or is very roomy. Back seat has a lot of legroom Tray heat and air temp control for driver and passenger. Just love overall performance Have had on problems with the vehicle So glad I made the purchase

- Nancy C

The Challenger's cabin is more spacious than most other sports cars', but it features a planer design and more hard plastics than you'll find in many rivals.

2015 Dodge Challenger

The 2018 Dodge Challenger is a good sports car that's more powerful (with its strongest engines) than just about any other car on the road. It also features a large interior and trunk, making it more practical than many other sports cars. However, it doesn't handle nearly as well as many rivals, and it also has one of the highest starting prices in the class.

- Frank H

Nation's leading vehicle- best all around.

2015 Dodge Challenger

The vehicle drives very well. All the bells and whistles still work perfectly, from the seat warmer to the sunroof. The vehicle gets great gas mileage, and is very cozy throughout all seasons. It is reliable and affordable. Thus far, I haven't had any problems with the vehicle and I am torn between keeping the vehicle forever or getting the next years model.

- Sarah G

A very Reliable car to have

2015 Dodge Challenger R/T Plus

This particular model is good on gas mileage and it has a spacious interior. I have had my vehicle for years and haven't really had any problems with this model. Other than the normal things, tires getting holes, or battery getting too cold in the winter and not wanting to start, etc. Very reliable car. Good for hauling stuff around and it is pretty durable.

- Candice R

The look of this vehicle is seats and great looking inside.

2015 Dodge Challenger R/T Plus

I absolutely I love my car. The performance of the challenger is amazing. Gas is not even an issue. It gets about 24 miles to the gallon in the city and 30 to 32 on the highway. I haven't had any complaints thus far and do not foresee any in the future. I highly recommend buying this vehicle. Great space for people to ride as passengers as well.

- Kirsten F

Dodge challenger sxt plus. Comes with 0-60 sec timer.

2015 Dodge Challenger SXT Plus

I really enjoy the digital dashboard along with the touch screen radio that comes in the 2015 or newer models. The car handles extremely well and accelerates seamlessly so I do have to watch my speed on the freeway. My sxt plus came with leather power seats, tinted windows and climate controlled seats so I really enjoy the comfort it provides.

- Kris B

Fully equip spacious sports car that is awesome to have.

2015 Dodge Challenger SXT Plus

Only a 2 door car. Performance is really fast, runs great. Reliable for me to go from place to place very spacious a 3 person row in the back and the passenger and drivers seat. Filled with surround sound speakers. Awesome navigation screen to see and tell you where you are going. Very reliable, spacious, awesome performance car.

- Jose lena T

Sporty Dodge challenger sxt plus.

2015 Dodge Challenger

Easy to handle. Very sporty. Only con is hard to see out window looking over shoulder. Great gas mileage. Has heated seats and steering wheel which is great for where I live. Mine is the sxt plus so the interior is very comfortable. A lot of room so travelling long distance is ok. Large trunk makes it very nice to travel in too.

- Melinda P

My car is amazing if you are looking for American muscle and horsepower.

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT 392

I absolutely love my vehicle. It's a very comfortable and quiet drive for a sports car. The seats are comfortable also to be a two door car the back seat and inside is spacious. It runs good and is reliable the only thing I have problems with are my breaks I replace them about every 5 to 6 months and my car uses a lot of gas .

- Amanda W

2015 Dodge challenger set six speed line green.

2015 Dodge Challenger

The only problem I have in three years is my tire pressure sensors are bad other than that I have had no problems whatsoever, I love the way the car runs and handles, I changed the system and the sound is now incredible, I love the size and the room in the car, the interior is set up perfectly and the six speed is incredibly.

- Jim W

2015 challenger, best ride of all the muscle cars.

2015 Dodge Challenger SXT Plus

The challenger is amazing. I have the sxt plus with the v6. The look of a muscle car but I average 28 mpg. It drives amazing. Sits the perfect height off the ground, feels heavy and does not wobble or shake at all. Interior is super comfortable and has great features. In my opinion, the 8.4' uconnect screen is best in class.

- Reagan A

The car is too small and dose. Not run well.

2015 Dodge Challenger SXT

It is too small and I can't hall a lot of things with it and need a 4 wheel drive for winter and the car has a lot of electronics. Problems and the paint is peeling. The car also does not handle well in the winter time. I just want a bigger car like a truck or something. Like that a lot of parts in the car had to be replaced

- Holly D

Dodge challenger summary

2015 Dodge Challenger SXT

The dodge challenger gets 305 horsepower around 20 mpg city and 29 mpg highway, it has plenty of space even in the back seat for long trips. It's more spacious than its rivals the camaro and mustang. It features modern technology with a retro exterior. All around a great driving experience, very comfortably suspension

- Robert V

Sports cars can be fun to drive but also functional and practical as mine is with good gas mileage and good safety rating. It's a high quality and solid car.

2015 Dodge Challenger

My car is very reliable (since I bought it new). I like that it is sporty, comfortable and also gets decent gas mileage. It's a beautiful car and I get quite a few compliments when driving it. My only complaint is the small back seat as it's difficult for my step son to ride in the back. Other than that the car is amazing!

- Monica P

The real specs of the new Dodge challenger, from a father with kids.

2015 Dodge Challenger

It is very responsive, it is very fun to drive, it gets good gas mileage and it really is a great looking muscle car. I get compliments a lot on how nice it looks. The trunk space is huge. The back seats are not that comfortable but they do the trick. Definitely not recommended if you have young children with car seats.

- Bob W

Dodge Challenger 2015 review

2015 Dodge Challenger SXT Plus

The computer chip malfunctioned after about 6 months. After being fixed the ABS light is on. I fixed it but it came back on 2 weeks later. It's still drives comfortably. Also, when it rains the defrost sometimes does not work and window gets a green fog on it. It's hard to see when driving and it is hard to clear up

- john L

Yay for the dodge challenger.

2015 Dodge Challenger R/T

I really like the power of the v8 hemi engine. The radio system is nice also. The navigation and display screen is large and really helps due to my limited visibility. Gas mileage is not as bad as I thought it would be. The lights look really good especially when the car is clean. Definitely a head turner.

- Pao B

A touch screen radio, that is a fantastic feature which I've really enjoyed.

2015 Dodge Challenger SXT

I have been pretty satisfied with my challenger. The things I'm not happy with are the lights that come on, for example ABS CHANGE ENGINE OIL, ect. It's difficult if u have an individual fix these things because u have to figure out how to make the lights go off. This car also has BAD BLIND SPOTS.

- Amber H

Family vehicle gas saver also many adventures and memories in this vehicle.

2015 Dodge Challenger

I like the way it drives it is a gas saver it takes me wherever I want to go I like to travel good on gas plenty a room with plenty of trunk space it is a pretty good vehicle cannot complain it is only me and my husband but when my grandbaby comes and visits there is plenty a room back there.

- Celia M

Its fast, good looking, and very comfortable

2015 Dodge Challenger SXT Plus

No problems. I've had this vehicle for last 5 years now and still love it. I enjoy driving it everyday. I still have the same amount of excitement as I did when I first got it. If I had to get a new car I would just get a newer model of this car. Its comfortable, fast, and looks beautiful

- Rocky S

Review for Challenger Dodge

2015 Dodge Challenger SXT

The vehicle is nice however, the v6 does burn a lot of gas. I love the engine and how the car drives. Dodge is known for suspension issues so I would recommend a person to keep that in mind. The vehicle's parts under the hood are beautiful and neat. I love my vehicle overall.

- Elle J

Roomy Great gas mileage Attractive Low maintenance Affordable for many budgets.

2015 Dodge Challenger

I have no complaints about my car except when I first bought it the ac went out. It was still under warranty so I didn't pay anything to have it fixed. Surprisingly since it is a sports car it gets excellent gas mileage and is incredibly comfortable. I'd highly recommend it.

- April G

Maintenance, always maintain your car.

2015 Dodge Challenger

I love my car. There are no performance issues unless you overload the trunk. It's very reliable, there are no issues getting it to start. I find it very comfortable and the features are very nice. When there are severe weather warnings they come through on the dash screen.

- Jessica W

I love the sound of the engine. I like that the gas cap cover is silver.

2015 Dodge Challenger

Though the vehicle is a two door vehicle the back is not small. One thing that is a bit annoying when riding with multiple people is the fact that you have to get up to let people in the back. Kids really love the car because it is fast and very popular in the racing world.

- Dodge P

When I drive my car I fall in love every time like its a new car all over again.

2015 Dodge Challenger

The car drives fine, its great. I love it so much. I got it when I was 16 years old for my 16th birthday because I turned 16. It silver and black and sometimes a rattle trap but it still is an amazing car to drive for your first car. I see no reason no to own a challenger.

- Shane P

My dream car is a Challenger

2015 Dodge Challenger SXT

It's a beautiful car with a lot of muscle. The wheel sensor is a problem however. It goes up whenever I get it washed. Other than that, its reliable and fun to drive. I have a moonroof, and USB port for listening to music. I get a lot of looks when I drive around.

- Christie S

This is an awesome car that performs well.

2015 Dodge Challenger SXT Plus

This is a great car! It runs and performs well after four years, and I drive it rough. It still gets lots of attention, and people love it. The only minor issue I have had with it, is that the rubber seal along the front of the hood has had to be replaced twice now.

- Todd H

I like that there is a lot of room in my car. The sunroom offers a nice feature.

2015 Dodge Challenger

Sometimes it is poor on gas but it handles well and is very comfortable it has a lot of pick up and can drive well in the snow. I like that it is a safe car for my family and I can easily get my children in and out of their car seats because there is a lot of room.

- Jen T

Love the sound of the engine, the speed, and overall appearance.

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT 392

Have not had any problems and I just hit 99,000 miles on the car. Has been super reliable in all my travels around the U.S. I get like 25 mph if I don't romp on it a lot. Very comfortable seats and has enough room in the back if someone needs to sit back there.

- Cheyenne Z

Very reliable and comfortable.

2015 Dodge Challenger R/T

I love the car very reliable and has a comfortable ride to it. I wouldn't be afraid to take this car anywhere and it has a great combination of power and fuel mileage. I would recommend this car to anybody that's looking for a sports car I'm extremely pleased.

- Cole S

The 2015 Dodge challenger fun.

2015 Dodge Challenger

I have a 2015 Dodge challenger with a 5. 7L v8 and this car is a blast to take it to the dragstrip or just to have fun in the streets even just cruising through town is fun with its 350 hip but when you throw on a turbo Charger that's when it hits maximum fun.

- Danielle Barker B

This car has it all! Looks, dependability, luxury, and tech savvy gadgets.

2015 Dodge Challenger

Beautiful, dependable and luxurious! It has an amazing sound system, heated and cooled seats as well as a built in navigation system. It drives so smooth! The trunk is HUGE; the only downside is the lack of legroom in the back seat.

- Nichole G

That if you buy a Mopar (Dodge) car that you are going to be set for life.

2015 Dodge Challenger

My car is a 2015 Dodge challenger, and as of now I have no major issues with the car. Performance with the car is perfect, the car response as soon as I smash on the gas. The car has a comfortable interior perfect for two persons.

- Mario A

It drinks gas so if you want something good on gas it is not it!

2015 Dodge Challenger

It is a srt V8 hemi it literally drinks gas! The front seats are roomy but no room in back seats. A lot of room in trunk. Battery is still n the trunk very inconvenient. Sensors go out a lot. It is very fast and sleek looking.

- Kelly D

My car is a very smooth ride and not too bad on gas.

2015 Dodge Challenger

I love almost everything about my car. The muscle car appearance and the fact that it is so much like the old models. The only problem I have with it is that there is a bad blind spot when backing out of parking spaces.

- Martha W

My car is very economical to drive. There is also no shortage of power to accelerate.

2015 Dodge Challenger

Excellent performance and styling. The ABS wheel speed sensors are an issue with these cars. They keep failing but are cheap to replace. The gas mileage is excellent, especially since I have the 485 hp version.

- James H

Smoke gray Dodge Challenger

2015 Dodge Challenger

I recently purchased my vehicle and I absolutely love it. It's a gorgeous car and very reliable. I have owned it for less than a year and haven't had any issues. It's great on gas and my kids love it as well

- Jessica R

It is very reliable and provides a feeling of security while also satisfying my aesthetic needs.

2015 Dodge Challenger

I like that it feels very smooth while I'm out on the road. The interior is comfortable and feels safe while I'm driving. I dislike how low it is because I tend to hit my head as I step inside.

- Samantha H

Before getting a Dodge challenger RT, consider how fast you want it to be.

2015 Dodge Challenger

It's not fast enough. To small in the back seat. Waste gas a lot. I wish that my car was more efficient when it comes to driving longer distances and I wish that the car was faster than it is.

- Robert H

I think my car has good gas mileage for the engine and power that it makes.

2015 Dodge Challenger

I love the color as it fit the car great. I enjoy the power my car gets. The breaks are really good and even good gas mileage. I have never really had any issues with my car which is great.

- Tanner M

Gas mileage is horrible. Parts and labor are extremely expensive so be sure to get an extended warranty.

2015 Dodge Challenger

I like that my car is roomy for a 2 door car. I do not like the gas mileage. I love the color and the speed. My biggest complaints is gas mileage and the front end is not very good.

- Ayesha L

They should know the car is paid off and the car looks good.

2015 Dodge Challenger

I love the look of the car, and the space in the car. The v8 engine is great. The thing I don't like much about it is it's a heavy car and not as agile as I would like.

- Jacob s

My challenger, best car I have ever owed.

2015 Dodge Challenger

I absolutely love my car. Awesome sound system. Only issues the abs tire thing went out twice but was covered by the warranty. Fast smooth riding, good looking car.

- Page J

That the challenger doesn't have the best handling.

2015 Dodge Challenger

I have a 2015 Dodge Challenger. I love the way it looks and the v8 engine. My only complaint would be that it doesn't handle the best because it's a heavy car.

- Jacob C

The gas mileage is great and the repairs are cheap..

2015 Dodge Challenger

I love everything about my vehicles and so far have not had any complaints whatsoever. If I could change anything I would definitely love better gas mileage.

- Sierra H

A reliable car that get A me to point a to point b

2015 Dodge Challenger

I like it has power and speed decent amount of room. Do not like the stereo recover to much the factory would like more options to upgrade but a good car

- Juancarlos R

Perfect and very attractive vehicle.

2015 Dodge Challenger

Gas is awful - very spacious for a two door - never has any issues - very reliable oil and tires only maintenance required an I am at about 70, 000.

- Jasmine S

Can have transmission problems.

2015 Dodge Challenger

Looks nice, drives well, efficient on gas to a degree. Great sound system and other luxury items. Dislike the red color but have gotten use to it.

- Logan G

my car is very comfortable for long drives and very roomy in the back seat.

2015 Dodge Challenger

I like my vehicle because it has a black interior, with black leather seats. Has cruise control. The only dislike about my car it uses a lot of gas.

- Gabriela G

In reality it's a nice car

2015 Dodge Challenger

I have zero problems whatsoever with my challenger , it runs great the car gets me to work and back it has a touch screen radio which I love

- Ramiro C

Great car for the road and fun driving.

2015 Dodge Challenger

I have had no problems and the car rides great all around nice car I also have srt8 challenger cars are great for trips and fun driving.

- Ray R

Carries a heavy load easily.

2015 Dodge Challenger

No complaints.. I love driving my car around.. Nothing is wrong with it.. I have no dislikes about it.. It's wonderful, fun and fast.

- Erika K

The car drives as good at 90 as at 45, it doesn't get better.

2015 Dodge Challenger

It is fast, handles well, and has a "sexy" look. A true modern muscle car. It is also available at multiple affordable price points.

- howard M

it is really great for traveling long distances gets really amazing gas mileage has a really great sound system and you can ask it anything and get an answer

2015 Dodge Challenger

I love the high performance and the way it handles the interior is just amazingly comfortable there is nothing I dislike about it

- jon s

it's nice but is a gas water and u should look for something that wont take so much gas

2015 Dodge Challenger

Just my breaks i wish they would last longer and that my windshield wipers were better and that it would not take in so much gas

- Gabriel G

Sports Car Very Fast on 22" rims

2015 Dodge Challenger

Excellent service at dealership! Wide body but I like to say this car is for two people unless there's a child in the back!

- Latesha M

new shinny smells good fast and the ladies love it

2015 Dodge Challenger

it is like new not a scratch runs great always starts up the inside is clean I get good gas mileage and I love it

- trever h

The car runs really smoothly.

2015 Dodge Challenger

My car runs real smoothly. The steering is real smooth. It's a bit stiff but it makes for great controllability.

- Edmundo C

Great look good ride comfortable.

2015 Dodge Challenger

Very comfortable. Great gas mileage super nice looking. Turns many heads. Very few issues overall with the car.

- Kay J

The car runs a lot per gallon of gas.

2015 Dodge Challenger

I do not like the color of the vehicle that I currently have. I would like for it to already have seat covers.

- Sonia G

A enjoyable ride with power when needed.

2015 Dodge Challenger

1 recall and 2 other repairs reported from manufacturer. Dependable and comfortable. Sleek and sharp looking.

- Nicholas C

Real comfortable for driver and front passenger. Very roomy for a 2 door car.

2015 Dodge Challenger

I love the sleek look of the exterior. The interior is nice, but not suitable for a car seat in my opinion.

- Brandon W

It is a safe, affordable 2 door car. It rides well and is pretty good on gas mileage.

2015 Dodge Challenger

I like the color of the car. It's a torino red. The car drives very smoothly. I like the car's gas mileage.

- Frank S

it's fun to drive because it's fast

2015 Dodge Challenger

I like that it looks nice and is fast. I dislike that my doors are so long that I can't park next to people

- Jennifer W

They should know that it has more room in it than you think it does.

2015 Dodge Challenger

I have an issue with the air conditioning. I like the comfort. The front grill needs to be made stronger.

- Jeff L

It is a very fast car, which needs to be controlled extra carefully.

2015 Dodge Challenger

My car is very fast. The color and style is perfect. I sounds like it rumbles and fits my personality.

- Tatiana M

the color and the make of it

2015 Dodge Challenger

I like my car because it's a smart one . there I nothing that I not like about it It's a fantastic one

- Florence S

Surprisingly roomy, good travelling car, not too bad on gas.

2015 Dodge Challenger

The inside is roomy considering it's more of a sports car. It gets up and go. It's a smooth ride.

- samantha c

They should know that my car is q manual drive.

2015 Dodge Challenger

No complaints. Love my vehicle. Bought it new and it's a manual drive.

- Rhea C

That the Dodge Challenger is one of the most hemi power that Chrysler has made

2015 Dodge Challenger

I have always loved the Dodge Challenger because of its body style

- Joshua W

It is my Midlife crisis car

2015 Dodge Challenger

Suckss6for winter driving. tires spin easily. No center armrest.

- Chris K

it is mine, keep your hands off of it. 23 miles per gallon

2015 Dodge Challenger

it run fast, it turns good, it is cool, makes me look cool.

- teri g

Has lots of room for a two door

2015 Dodge Challenger

I love it drives very well, Maintenance is high though

- Sandra M