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The Dodge challenger is and will always be the best American muscle car.

I absolutely love how my car rides! It is so smooth that I cannot even feel when I am going 60mph - 70mph. Unlike other cars the vast majority, you can feel the drive act a bit differently when doing so. It has an amazing performance that cannot be compared. I have to say my favorite features are, the climate controlled leather seats, the automatic rearview dimmer. The most utilized feature has to be the Apple car play! The Dodge challenger is and will always be the most reliable and comfortable muscle car. So far I haven't had any problems with my vehicle and I hope it continues to stay that way.

- Den G

I have always had Dodge cars and I'll always buy them. Dodge girl for life!

My Dodge challenger is my absolute dream car. She's beautiful and drives like a dream. Dodge cars have always been in my family and they are super reliable and last through the years. I plan to keep the challenger for years and our family is actually looking to buy another Dodge car soon because we've loved it so much. It is a sports car so the only downside is blind spots, but still pretty easy to navigate and does not seem too cramped even for a 2 door. Love my Dodge.

- Victoria R

The size of the engine and the hose power it is capable of.

I love my car, the seats are awesome and cradle you when you sit down, when you start it up the rumble from the exhaust gives you chills and the curves in the body give it so much character what's not to love. I haven't done any major upgrades yet but in the future I plan to get louder exhaust, a catch can that is an add on for oil filter, lift it up about 5 inches, upgrades to the interior, new tires and rims, tint the windows and put lighting underneath. :)

- Emily G

Beautiful fast muscle car.

I love everything about it except the price of gas. It is stylish, sporty yet, very roomy. It is a miracle car and gains lots of attention, but I am a lady and I love the fact that men hate that it is mine. When it starts it sounds like a boat which is another added bonus. The only thing that could've been better is for the price difference I do believe there should've been some major differences on the body vs the other basic models.

- Shasha H

It is an 8, but better reliability would make it a 10.

Firm, sporty ride. Easy entry and exit for a sporty car. Nice array of electronics. Comfortable interior. Good power and fair mileage. Concerned about reliability and durability - already had water pump failure under new car warranty and am beginning to hear bearing noise from differential. The car looks good, drives great and has all the power I need. I get compliments on the appearance, and enjoy pride of ownership.

- Jeff G

Very roomy and cozy for all passengers.

I love my car I never really have any problems with my car. Sometimes there be something wrong with it like headlights and etc.. I really enjoy the performance of my car, even though there is a few things I would like to do to it. It's very comfortable and roomy for not only the driver, but also for the passengers. It has Bluetooth, Sirius XM radio, automatic transmission, and power steering.

- Inez V

The high points and limited low points of my 2016 Dodge challenger.

I have not had any issues yet. My challenger operates real smooth. Its responsive and quite nice to handle. The seating is comfortable and I really like the option for heat seating in the individual seats. The steering is good, especially for navigating single-lane country roads, as well as busy, congested traffic conditions. It looks really good, though they're very popular.

- China B

Things I hate about my Dodge challenger.

First of all it has no CD player available.. Hate that. Now when you stomp on the gas to pass there is a 2 second hesitation before acceleration and when you let off the gas the car feels like its still accelerating, I almost have been in accidents because of this, also is the panic level that I feel as I let of the gas and the car is still accelerating.

- Kr R

seating in the back is rather tight so its not appealing for larger size people to sit in the rear of the vehicle

I own a black hemi challenger that has the r/t performance package. this vehicle is rather fast as it has a big 350 cubic inch motor. I purchased the vehicle new in 2016 and it has been very reliable to me. I have never had any problems with it. the seats are cloth and it is actually very comfortable to sit in as well as plenty of legroom up front.

- pete t

Out of this world paint job.

My Dodge is great it looks great and awesome paint job on it stays clean you won't see one like mine on the road anytime soon especially around here where I live cause nobody has the guts to drive a car so wild my uncle has the same car but you it them beside one another and they look so different like night and day.

- Travis P

Challenger: there is nobody close!

Very reliable, extremely stylish and unmatched performance. Unbelievably pleasant to own. The value I got for the price paid is almost ridiculous. Seriously, absolutely the best vehicle that I have ever owned. Better than any other vehicle I have owned or driven. Better than any camaro or mustang out there.

- John D

It's fast, loud, aggressive and an amazing machine.

It's a bad ass Dodge Challenger R/T Scatpack in Black with black rims. It is powered by a vicious and loud 6.4 Liter 392 Hemi V8 that's pushing 485 HP and 475 lbs of torque. I absolutely love my car and everything about it. The adrenaline rush, looks, feel, sound, everything about the car is amazing to me.

- Jonathan W

It is fast, cool and reliable!

Only problem I have had is it drinks gas too fast. Other than that no issues! It is fast and reliable. I love everything about my challenger. I feel cool driving it and all my friends always want a ride. It is black with black interior. 19 inch wheels and chrome trim make it look sharp and sleek.

- Sam G

My Dodge challenger review.

I like that the car has a lot of storage space and that the sound system is very modern. The car also has wireless connection and I can link my Spotify to the sound system. The color of the car is a bright red and at first I was expecting the car's motor to sound loud but it surprisingly didn't.

- Kye S

I love my challenger, Mopar or no car.

I've had zero issues with the car. I love the car. It's awesome to drive everyday. Its roomy for a sports car. Has plenty of legroom in the front, not so much in the back especially for taller individuals. Has XM radio and all current ways of listening to music. Bluetooth for hands free calling.

- Cassie D

Key fob stopped working last month.

About a month ago when I tried to start up my car, the unlock button on my key fob stopped working. Slowly and slowly I began to not be able to unlock my car with my key fob. Fortunately I found out that there is a physical key inside the key fob which I was able to get luckily thank goodness.

- Chris S

Vented seats are a lifesaver.

Vehicle performs well as long as the manufacturer tires are well maintained. Requires proper upkeep such as oil changes, tire rotations, and tune ups. Comfortable for up to 4 people. Plenty of sound system, phone, and Bluetooth features. Seat and steering wheel warmers, vented seats as well.

- Shun N

I love that my car looks like a sports car.

I love how my car looks and sounds, I like that it goes fast I like that it is a six speed manual transmission. It however is not really kid friendly. I don't really like that you have to pull the seat forward to get inside the backseat. I do not like that it does not have a backup camera.

- Abigail F

Makes an impression on others, comfy, nice.

Tires wear out quickly due to the weight. Brakes squeak soon after purchase. Car is roomy and comfy. Makes an impression on others. I love the heated seats and steering wheel in the winter and cooled seats in summer. Drove better than the Mustangs I tried out when shopping for a car.

- Celia L

The car is all black and goes very fast.

My vehicle is great. It has had no problems. It is smooth riding and goes fast when it needs to. Its black with cloth seats. It has the technology package and a huge trunk. The tires are black and shiny. It also has navigation and XM radio that is great on long rides.

- Jeffrey R

Best decision buying my challenger.

The space is incredible. It is a modern muscle car so not only does it have power it also has room and luxury. Buying this car was one of the best decisions I have made. The car is amazing inside and out. It is reliable and sporty. The radio is amazing. I love Mopar.

- Cass C

It's a V8 Hemi American muscle car. Looks great and drives good.

2016 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack. Comes with the 6.4L V8 Hemi. Has the backup camera and 8.4 touchscreen nav system. Backseat is pretty comfortable for a 2 door car. Love the way it drives and handles pretty good considering it ways about 4,400 pounds.

- Adam W

The vehicle is an all around good vehicle and it always performs well.

This vehicles drives very comfortably and is very reliable. No performance problems and the features are easy to use and operate. Easy to drive in for long period of times and has good control at high speeds. Would definitely invest in this vehicle again.

- Grace H

The vehicle has good size trunk space.

The car is too long, and it gets poor gas mileage. The car is not good when it comes to gear shifting. But, it is very comfortable and reliable. The engine is good. The car is very long but the trunk is big. I am more of a fan of four door cars and SUVs.

- Amber D

It is safe and actually very fuel efficient, another thing I love about my sporty "muscle" car. I average around 24-25 mpg in the city.

I love the look and feel of my car. It is the modern version of the classic "Dukes of Hazzard" Charger. A lot of people don't know that! I love the old "muscle" car look and feel. I also feel very safe in my car. It is well built and sturdy and spacious.

- Jennifer W

No rain guards, really? Why!?

No complaints, really, with my challenger other than the fact there is no rain guard on the windows! So, even if it's barely raining, you can't crack the window otherwise water pours in! Other than that, love it!

- Carrie L

The car goes as fast as it looks. Be careful if your not used to a big engine.

I have a 2016 Dodge challenger R/T, the car runs beautifully and i love the handling. Plus the exterior of the car looks very sporty and mean. The interior is spacious and is very comfortable for a 2 door.

- Mikhail K

Vehicle has 400hp for the best price compared to other similar vehicles.

I wanted a sports car and was between the mustang, Camaro or challenger. After several test drives, I believe Dodge gave the best features for value. Now I am happily motoring "very fast" down the road.

- Eric B

It's a dodge challenger muscle car. Fast and fun.

I love the retro muscle styling, with some modern touches. The power is decent and gas efficiency is acceptable. It is also a headturner. The only thing I regret is not getting a v8.

- Tristan R

That it's not cheap. It may be affordable with the monthly payments, but because it's a sports car everything else costs more, tires, replacement parts, etc.

I like my car because it's a sports car and it gets me to and from where I need to go. The only complaint is that it doesn't have 4 doors, but its a sports car, so that's okay.

- Lauren S

Pretty decent gas highway and city mileage for a V6 engine.

The performance is great for a V6. You get over 300 horses right out of the gate. The seats are very comfortable. The only issue would be getting used to the blind spots.

- Jeff S

I like the sporty design and overall look of the car. It is comfortable to drive and has many added features such as heated/vented seats. The only drawback is the gas mileage.

The most important thing to know about my car is that it mixes a sports car with functional everyday requirements. Long trips or daily commute, the drive is comfortable.

- Amanda N

Good car for a reasonable price

It has a nice visual appearance, good acceleration, reasonable gas mileage, and good built in GPS as well as rear view backup camera that makes backing up safer.

- Billy H

It has anti theft and an alarm so keep your hands off of it.

I love the color (plum crazy). I love that it goes very fast. I do not love the large car payments. I do love that everyone comments on how much they like it.

- Cheryl H

It's fun to drive. It handles great. Even the V6 has good pick-up.

I like the muscle car design I like the smooth ride. I wish I had a full size spare and I wish the trim would not fade as it has in the florida sun.

- Richard g

It is a very expensive vehicle.

Great driving, smooth, fast. The leather in the interior is genuine and smooth. I absolutely love the vehicle and I would recommend it to everybody.

- Dakota L

Very fast car. Very comfortable and roomy. Great for taking trips.

The car handles extremely well being as large and heavy as it is. This is the second Challenger that I've had and wouldn't hesitate to buy another!

- Shanah Y

Dodge Challenger review. 2016

It's a really good car. I live it more than my own family. It runs like a dream, no problems with it so far, and it's just an awesome car over all

- Andrew F

Perfect for a mid life crisis ;)

It's a muscle car, performance trumps comfort. It has been reliable so far, no mechanical issues. Would recommend if you're looking for a fun car.

- Roz D

Its my dream car, its my baby.

Love the color black, and how heavy it feels when I drive. Enjoy sitting back, and the power is nice. Great and comfortable drive on road trips.

- Christopher B

The most important thing would be that it has a considerably big tank, so it costs a little more to fill up on gas than an average coupe.

This is a great vehicle overall. Great performance and very comfortable. Cloth seats and vinyl finish on the dashboard. No problems whatsoever.

- Christopher R

Nice car and it drives nice a little rough.

I love everything about my car. Its fast. It's the color I love. My car has everything I need the only thing it does not do is drive by itself.

- Jeanette S

That it is very fast. It was a challenge to learn the acceleration of this vehicle over the first one.

This is the second Challenger I've owned. I owned a 2010 Challenger R/T and loved it so much I bought a 2016 Challenger Scat Pack model.

- Kim L

Dodge Challenger 2016 white

Fast and a lot of room. The trunk space is great . Easy and cheaper than expected for repairs. Dodge offers a lot of great accessories

- Loreal B

It has a really bad blind spot in the back. So that's hard to overcome unless someone is with you. Also it has a good system

I wish there was a backup camera. It came with everything I usually want. Except the camera and maybe heated seats would've been nice.

- Kaylan M




It is a great looking car that is fun to drive with many features

I love the looks of the car, especially the front end-it is so retro. I love the performance. I love all the features of the car

- Terri D

Fun drive and good looks for a good price.

Fun to drive. Good gas mileage. Poor field of vision. Small back seat. Cheap interior, back of passenger seat is falling apart.

- Greta F

Love the comfort and space.

Comfortable ride when traveling. Reliable during all seasons. I haven't had any problems. Maintenance cost are reasonable.

- L M

Keep an eye on the speedometer because it goes really fast really quick.

It is a really good make, the only problem I had was the recall for the cruise control, other than that it is a good car.

- Rita R

It's super fast has a sport mode just as fast as fast in the furious

My car is black on black with big rims touch screen it's roomie I love it everyone else hates that I own a car this fancy

- Jasneli M

It does not have as much room as you’d like it to be.

I have had no problems with this car, it drives well and has not broken down. I would recommend this vehicle to others.

- Brian S

It is very comfortable. And seats 4 large adults quite comfortably.

I like its speed and comfort. I like its gas mileage. I dislike its size and how big it is and how big the tires are.

- Jonathan R

Amazing Car that is extremely fast

great sports car. seats are comfortable and heated. only downfall is it is terrible for everyday use in base weather.

- Kristy S

Nothing. It is an awesome car and everyone would enjoy driving it.

Huge muscle car fan. Have been a huge fan of the remake. I love everything about the car, I do not dislike anything.

- Cassandra C

It can hold my entire family.

It is very reliable. I can always depend on my vehicles to take me wherever I want to go. It is a family vehicle.

- Danielle L

Living a dream by driving a muscle car

I have not had any problems with my vehicle. It drives like a dream. The performance is exactly what I expected.

- Tom K

How durable and smooth the ride is.

Mpg is recorded and updated in real time. There are great tech features.. The ride is smooth on the highway.

- Chris C

It runs like a sewing machine

My car has a v6 engine and a hellcat motor I've been in love with it since I bought it home it runs.

- Kyle W

There are decent amount of safety features provided.

Gas mileage is good for the type of car. Sporty and very nice looking. Insurance premiums are pricy.

- Nancy A

Not sure I can't really give you details at the moment

My dodge challenger is a very good vehicle low miles I keep up with oil change and many other things

- Lee A

It's got a very small back seat area but is beautiful and sporty

I've wanted a dodge challenger since I was a little girl. it makes me happy every day i drive it

- victoria N

It is very fast and beautiful. It also has a navigation system and its dark blue with silver stripes

It is a hellcat very powerful and fast. Lots of electronics inside leather seats 6.4 liter hemi

- Justin A

I value my car and try to keep it in the best shape possible.

I love the sleek look of the car. The motor has plenty of power. It fits my style perfectly.

- Crystal E

The Dodge Challenger is the coolest car around. American Muscle, baby!

I like how fast it is. I like how it looks and sounds. It is comfortable. It is a cool car.

- Jenna J

It's a very reliable and great car.

I love how stylish and fast car is. I enjoy the leather seats. I dislike it's a 2 door car.

- Jennifer Q

They are nice cars! I have always wanted one and so glad I got it!

I love the seats. I love the sport style of the car. I love my sound system. No complaints.

- Bianca M

This car is fast. It commands a presence and most people will turn and look when they see one.

This is a beautiful muscle car. Sleek and sexy. Just like those in the 1980s.

- Justine H

I really like it for every trip I take

It's nice, fast, powerful, comfortable, smooth, and I like it

- dale j

it beautiful because it looks like the older challengers

i like the style and the performance and the gas mileage

- thomas B

top of the line sports car i love everything about the car... i really can't afford it though

Top of the line car very proud to own one and love it

- jay a

that is manufactured by Dodge

best brand and performance car i ever own

- donald K