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Easy and comfortable to use and safety features is guaranteed good.

It is the vehicle of my husband, Dodge challenger 2017. It is very nice and automatic easy to use and can my husband told me it is very economic, I super love the color burgundy and high speed, easy to use and very safe and secure. And also there is manual and automatic and it is really light when you driving on it you are very comfortable and very relax. I love the safety measures and features of it. I love it so much it is very sporty. Where ever you can go, whenever you want. The problem is my husband while he is at work it doesn't run, or there is something problem in the engine, he called someone to help him fix it, he came home late. There is no perfect things in this world but for me it is very car.

- De San V

The color of my vehicle is go mango and everywhere I go I get compliments on it!

It is a very comfortable car to take on long road trips. It is very spacious and easy to handle. It has a very clear and helpful back up camera. It is not great on gas mpg which is expected when using a larger vehicle but it is also not horrible! I love driving my car! The interior has a super modern look to it, including:. A large touch screen, leather accents, digital speedometer, power adjustable seat, light dimming rear view mirror and much more!! My Dodge challenger is my dream car and I wouldn't trade it for any other vehicle. I am extremely pleased with my purchase!

- Kelsey S

2017 Dodge challenger is a great vehicle!

No problems at all! Its is a great car, very reliable. Also super comfortable, took it on a road trip from Florida to Virginia and it was very nice! My dog (German Shepherd) even came along and had the whole back seat to herself and she seemed awfully comfy as well! I also drive it around town a lot and it's very good on gas, and like I said before very reliable. By far the best car I have had.

- Zach R

The inside is amazing. Its comfortable. It a four seat rider.

My car is a good source. I used my car throughout my whole life. The performances are fantastic. I get lots of complements on how my car perform. It drives very fast for sure. My tank stays filled longer than compared to my truck. One day my car was stolen from a gas station. The robber thought they were gone forever with my ride. Four hours later my car was tracked and founded.

- Dandy R

It has some kind of electrical malfunction with the touch screen and interior lights, yet no recall.

I love the styling of this vehicle. It has all wheel drive which I needed. I hate the blind spots this vehicle has. I hate the in dash touch screen. The screen goes out every time it rains and at other random times. The interior dash lights dim and bright during the day and night all on there own for no reason. It seems like the car is possessed.

- tracy s

My one and only beautiful car.

There is nothing wrong with my car and the performance is great and I just love my car very much. I really do not have anything bad to say about my car. She is very reliability, comfortable and has great features for me. If you have a idea of your car of the future these are some of the quality I would look for in a car.

- Jesse T

Performance is great and I love the style

I love my Dodge Challenger more than any vehicle I have ever owned. The performance is great. The interior is roomy and very comfortable. My only complaint is that we have had to have the radio unit replaced twice in the past because it keeps blanking the screen and we need to have it replaced yet again.

- Tammy C

Fun and function. Nothing sacrificed! Drives smoothly and looks great doing it.

I love my Challenger. It's the perfect combination of sports car/fun and practicality. There is plenty of interior room as well as truck space, performance is top notch, it's beautiful and fun to own and it has very impressive safety features and ratings. It's the best of everything rolled into one.

- Monica D

Summarize your vehicle or highlight.

Vehicle is great for performance and other things, it's pretty cool to see. This is the best car that you could drive because it is very cool to sit in. I was going to pull in a Lamborghini but the Honda is better by for. The reliability, performance, comfort and features are by for the best.

- John J

A classic come back. . All wheel drive, even!

I love it! I have always loves challengers, but never owned one until now. The ride is perfectly smooth. It handles amazingly. It is so fun! It very comfortably accommodates me at 5'2 and my husband at 6'4. We love it so much, we are considering another one, in addition to, not instead of!

- Tamara W

Value muscle car with great gas mileage.

The exterior is amazing and I love it. The interior is a bit bland but I do not mind. It runs really well and has decent gas mileage for a muscle car. I like the kick it has when you step on the gas. I have a silver color and I love it because it stays clean longer and looks better.

- Sean G

All black fancy and clean.

I love my car it is very sporty still very new. It is very reliable and got it for a decent price. I love the fact it is good on gas. It can be very fast. It has good mileage. I love driving. It is all black. The shape of my car is good. The bucket seats. The fact that it is clean.

- April M

Beautiful, powerful and a delight to drive.

This car is a monster. The sxt has plenty of power and engine growl. It is extremely comfortable and gorgeous inside and out. It feels sturdy and has great handling. Parking it squarely between the lines is the only difficulty for this tank. Best car I have ever owned.

- Joni R

The Dodge Challenger is a beast on the road and a head turner.

My car is a sporty vehicle that reminds me of an old muscle car. It is yellow so it stands out in a crowd. It is cool to drive and I love the ride. I have been in love with this car since I first saw it as a concept car at the Auto Show.

- Lateefah B

My car is great on a few gallons of gas.

Everyone will tell you not to mess with an icon. But the Dodge brand has never listened to the “everyones” of the world. So we took this model of muscle—the Dodge challenger—and, in true Dodge brand fashion, made it even better.

- Benjamin N

It is a fun car to drive and very reasonably priced!

I love the handling and the leather heated AND cooled seats. The gas mileage is not great and the windshield wipers do not come on automatically like in my previous vehicle. Also, there is no blind spot monitoring.

- Veronica M

Love my challenger! The technology they put into these cars are awesome.

It is comfortable to drive, the seats adjust which is great for short people like myself. The car is quick and fast. I do not love the rear back up camera and the sound system they put in these cars are amazing.

- Lisa M

Best recreate of an old classic

I love the body style of the new Challengers. This is the first domestic automobile that I've seen that has taken the look of the 70 model muscle car and made it just as cool or even better in the new century.

- Haley v

Everyone thinks it is a two door with not enough space. I would say it is just like any other sedan car. With enough room for four people. And the trunk is larger than a regular sedan

It is the best car i ever had. Being a sports car, It has enough leg space and trunk space.. It is very comfortable for long drives, gives good mileage. Only complaint could be a better back up camera

- Jyothi B

Most important thing about my car is that it is really fun to drive.

Love that my dodge challenger has all wheel drive. Great in the snow and rain. Has suede seats and a large trunk. Built in navigation is top of the line. The trunk is surprisingly large for a coupe.

- Jeff C

It has a yellow halo ring in the front which looks really cool.

It's a very cool looking car and I just love the way it looks. It drives very smoothly and does not have a very bumpy ride at all. I do not have any dislikes about the vehicle.

- Christian D

Scat pack 392 hemi challenger with Shaker hood

Love it great build very nice speakers great on the drag strip. Seats are a nice material. It does get very hot after sitting in the sun for a while because of the black seats

- Devun F

Under warranty & experience problems

Less than 30k miles beginning to have engine problems. Performance tires only good for around 20k miles. Upkeep is continues & quit exactly expensive for vehicle type.

- Kyla B

2017 Dodge Challenger T/A

Awesome fun to drive, descent with economy, no real problems. The media hub has been the only issue I have encountered and it was replaced by the dealer.

- Ray D

Speed. Very fast take off.

Great speed, decent miles to the gallon. Reasonably priced for anything that needs fixing. 4 wheel drive perfect for snow. Sleek design and interior.

- Whitney H

My Challenger drives incredibly well and is super fast.

My Challenger is awesome! I have had no problems with it. It runs great and is very reliable. It is really comfortable and has every toy available.

- Heather r

All wheel drive challenger.

I've had no problems with my vehicle, it is comfortable with good performance and fuel economy. The adaptive cruise control is my favorite option.

- Mark W

My Challenger with Scat Pack is a Real Head-turner

My Dodge Challenger Scat Pack is really a head-turner. With a 6.4L 392 Hemi, it will really get up a go and passing other cars is never a problem.

- Jennifer B

Be ready to use gas and go fast!

I feel amazing from the time I start the engine to the time I turn the car off. I love the smooth ride, even when I'm on the highway.

- Colleen Q

One of the greatest cars I've ever owned and would continue to upgrade as they come out.

I love the body style. The heated leather seats are wonderful in the winter. The audio system is amazing. It's all around just sexy.

- Elijah C

It's a classic car but has many modern conveniences.

I love the way it looks, its a beautiful car. It handles well to drive - even in our winter months. Enough space for my family.

- Tanya R

This car is great on gas compared to its mileage!

I have no complaints as of yet. I love how it drives and I love the size. Car has great pick up and drives extremely smooth.

- Debbie C

It has a aux cord so you can definitely get lit to it

It has a dvd and a radio and everything that a car should need it goes and stops its grey and it didn't come with headphones

- Jordan B

That's it's a manual shift vehicle, but it's extremely easy to drive.

My vehicle's a bright yellow Dodge Challenger. It was barely used when I purchased it. It only had 1000 miles on it.

- Wendy P

Metallic candy paint with some wood grain interior

It has a v12 engine and twenty thousand miles beige paint with chrome interior twin exhaust pipes All around tires

- Jason H

It is really for luxury more than anything.

Love my vehicle. Perfect for me! Not the greatest gas mileage however it is not the worst. Would like softer seats.

- Rufus B

Its two door but very roomy.

This car is very fast. I used this vehicle to commute 150 miles a day. It's quiet and very sturdy to the ground.

- Tara M

The big motor 6.4L uses gas if you really push it.

Retro styling, old school looks with a modern blend. Powerful engine, great interior. Many options, a nice car.

- Pete R

5hey should get a different brand so no one looks like me.

No complaints. I like my car, it is stylish and cool. I would buy it again if I needed a new car. Thank you.

- Edward E

It's a bright yellow beast that will pass you in the blink of an eye.

I love everything about it. I got it for a great price, it is fast as hell, and it turns a lot of heads.

- Sandi B

there is not much head room in the front or back seat.

it is very fast. i like the interior. it is modern and sleek. there is not much room in the back seat

- Matthew G

This car is great if you like cars with optimal performance and fluent design.

My dodge challenger is an overall great vehicle. It is very smooth to drive and is a beautiful build.

- pablo s

The car is very reliable. It's well built with many great features

It's fast and has a lot of power. It has a sleek look and the dashboard is state-of-the-art

- Mopolo G

It is safe, and will protect you in an accident

it is easy to maneuver and handles well. it came at a great price. Excellent safety ratings

- nikki M

The most important thing would be It's reliability.

It is comfortable, reliable, and for being a 2 door it still has room. Large trunk as well

- Ray T




It actually fits 2 small children in the back seat even though it looks too small

I hate that gas mileage is lower than I'd like. I Love the roar of the engine

- Chrystal C

If you have a dodge you know it's the only car for you. If you don't just test drive one and it will become the only car you drive.

I love everything about my car. It's nice to look at. Its Fast. And reliable

- Jaryn W

Super fast loud coming down the street

Love my car clean and loud. Scatpack fully charged and in mint condition

- Dan S

Has a lot of speed for what I need. Makes you feel younge.

Looks Good. Runs very Good. Has all the extra equipment I like.

- Sam W

I love my vehicle, the color, style and power. I wish it had a sunroof, otherwise I'm completely happy. It'd be nice to have vented steering wheel too.

It drives like a champ, and is fun. It makes you feel powerful.

- Sandy P

Not good in the snow it's rear wheel drive and very low

Great car with perfect handling beautiful design

- Fuat G