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Fun driving,

Beautiful car new tires great fast performance acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in 2 seconds, the sound of engine is loud outside but inside it sounds dull - it is kind of loud too a little annoying the engine is aggressive. Computers onboard have been upgraded. There is an indicator of a car in the blind spot. Comfortable seats but uncomfortable for long distance 3 hrs. drive. Smell of new rudder and fabrics is unbearable for first 3 weeks later is ok. Car is fun fast and stands out. It has radio in built and GPS but does not CD player. It has automatic gear very fast cooling cold ac and darkened windows.

- Veronica G

Best car I have ever owned!

I love my car, it is the best car I have ever had. It is only a lease but I would recommend buying the car to anyone looking for an affordable sports car. The sound system is amazing and has great technology. I love the backup camera which really helps me park. I also love the apple car play that allows me to legally and safely text and drive and also change my songs while connected to it. I also love the amount of USB ports in the car so I can always have my devices charging.

- Julia D

V8 model, grippy summer tires, upgraded brakes are outstanding.

The brake pedal feel is medium- firm and well-suited to everyday driving. During panic- stop testing, the portly challenger needed just 104 feet to stop from 60 mph. This is a great results, but keep in mind it had the benefits of summer tires. The challenger has decent small-item storage all around, and the moderately sized center console is useful for holding a variety of items.

- Troy A

My 2018 Dodge challenger is smooth, fast, and comfortable.

My Dodge challenger drives very smooth and comfortably. Compared to my past cars it is better on gas mileage. The oil life also lasts pretty long and it tells you at what percentage your oil life is at so you know when you are getting close to empty. The only bad thing about it so far is sometimes I do not realize how fast I am going since it does drive so smooth.

- Alexis W

Dodge produces great family friendly cars for semi affordable prices.

Our charger was our dream car my problem is only with the dealership because I was talked into an expensive extended warranty that was unnecessary the car itself has treated us good. It is very comfortable and reliable for our family. We love the color it came in. The price is a bit on the high end but what I expect for a popular car.

- Brittany W

It is not a gas efficient car at all. I get about 17 mpg but I love the car so it doesn't bother me.

I love my Challenger. I have the blacktop package so the gas tank cover is blacked out. My rims are black chrome 23". 0-60 is fantastic and I can track it. Very spacious and comfortable. Back seats go down and provides a large amount of trunk space. Also have android auto which makes navigating very easy.

- Tania A

Fun car to drive, many safety features, comfortable ride, large trunk area.

Great performance. Many safety features. Fun to drive. Large trunk area. Gt model is good in the snow. I initially had a problem with the radio and navigation system but it was replaced and I have had no further issues. Love the backup camera. Has a sport button for extra power, which I do not use.

- Kim O

This is a good base line muscle car.

The gas mileage for a muscle car is really good. The interior is a bit bland but the exterior design makes up for it. Rides very smoothly and there has not been much issues. Comfortable enough with many features like Bluetooth, jack, surround sound speakers and more. Would recommend it for sure.

- Sean S

It is an amazing car. I love it so much.

It is very spacious. Nice seats. Great conditioning. Great hearing. Can drive for a long time. Good surround system. Reliable. Dependable car. Amazing. Fantastic. Phenomenal. Great. Show stopping. Best care of all time. Beats the rest. Comfortable. Awesome. Beautiful. Comes in nice colors.

- Maryam T

Do not even try to touch it!

I love the size of this car. It's not compact it feels safe. The ride is smooth. Has a backup camera. I have the blacktop edition. I love the way it sounds. The car has hands free calling and it connects to your Bluetooth for music. Very nice I recommended.

- Terra K

carplay- which is a feature that sync your iPhone with your car.

The Dodger challenger is an amazing vehicle, from the car-play to the sunroof, with the touch screen access which makes it very easy and hands free for you to drive safely. Also you get high tech equipment with a sporty look. Makes it really cool to drive.

- Tommy J

It is the most affordable car in it is category.

It is the most affordable sports car of its kind. It has excellent acceleration as well as handling. The touch screen is wonderful. The ability to link your phone or other device to your entertainment system is a huge plus.

- Jason W

Tough classic looking car

I love the way that the whole car looks; especially the front end. It reminds me of a muscle car from the 60's. It is black which looks amazing on this car. I will be adding tinted windows and black rims within the year.

- Shaughnessy M

2018 Dodge Challenger GT smooth ride.

2018 Dodge Challenger GT. This car rides great. I don't mean because it is a sports car that it handles great, I mean the ride is extremely smooth . It handles the rough roads like a large luxury vehicle.

- Eric T

Driving a hemi 5.7 feels great.

This car's performance is great. It has a hemi 5.7 engine. It has the choice of driving in manual or automatic. Gets great gas mileage. It also rides smooth. It has great pick up and it is very sporty.

- Dana F

Smooth Effortless Ride at the touch of a button

The dodge challenger provides an effortless and smooth ride. The performance and reliability are far beyond any anything I have ever seen. It is a comfortable car and has some nice features.

- Jessica T

Dodge performance vehicle, brings on vintage muscle.

I have the scat pack shaker package. It has the 392 Hemi big block engine. It is a lot of muscle and power, and absolute joy to drive, it performs excellent and rides great.

- Allen B

This muscle car is a must have for young drivers.

The ride is comfortable and the power of the car is amazing. The exterior has a great look but the interior is a bit bland. Over all, I love this car and would recommend it.

- Sean S

Gets great gas mileage for a muscle car and runs very well.

The car is reliable and runs smoothly. The interior of most Dodge vehicles is a bit bland but the exterior makes up for it. Good gas mileage for a muscle car.

- Sean S

No back windshield wipers, I was trying to find a button for that for 20 min and then I realized it didn't have one

I like how much room is in there, I'm a very long person 6ft 4in and I can fit perfectly in it and also visibility is really plus the car looks really

- Daniel T

The highlights for me is the inside of the car it is really nice.

My car is nice inside and out. It is a cool car that helps me get around the town. It is an easy fixer and an all around easy car to take care of.

- Bill E

It is octane red. But sometimes it looks like she changes colors

Had not any problems. Love my car. It rides really good. Best decision I made. It's comfortable and it looks awesome. I get a lot of compliments.

- Michelle M

This is a fun car to drive and is fairly roomy for a 2 door

This car handles amazingly! Sport mode is very responsive. Acceptable gas mileage, my all wheel drive model makes it driveable in all seasons

- Gretchen K

Its loud, fast and fun! Its vastly improved over older challengers.

I love the engine and exhaust. My only issue is the lack of XM radio and remote start. Otherwise it's my 2nd challenger and I love it

- Adam E

All weather package, so I can drive it in the winter.

Very stylish and roomy. I've had zero issues and would purchase again. Love the all season package. It is a win for winter driving

- Charles N

For a sports car it is very roomy.

Love the body style. Very stylish and sporty liking. Love the leather interior. Great handling. Get a lot of good comments on it.

- Joy K

Luxury Car for the most part. If your looking for comfort this isn't a great pick.

Great luxury car. Wish the gas mileage was better. Different material for softer seats but all in all very in love with the car.

- Eric B

Luxury Muscle Vehicle FTW!

It legitimately feels like a luxury car for being a muscle/sports car. So much room even in the back and the trunk is huge!

- Rae C

American muscle for Americans

I love my challenger. It's fun, comfortable and fast. It's really roomie for a muscle car. The sound system is excellent.

- Frank I

Gas limits and speed and seats.

The car speed is fast. It has a fast car sound and the speakers are amazing. You can plug the aux cord in the arm rest.

- Julie J

It is very fast and has great brakes.

I love the horsepower and size. Also I love all the extras. Only dislike is windows and the way the roll down and up.

- Charity M

2018 Dodge challenger. Beautiful.

This is one fine automobile. From the black grill to the black wheels and black leather, great lines. . . Beautiful!

- Thomas L

It's the first performance trim for that line.

It has the right amount of power. It looks aggressive with the body lines and paint job. And has good fuel economy.

- Andre T

Safety and comfortable nice car.

Comfortable, roomy, speed! Powerful and worth every cent I am paying for it! It is a eye turner people love my car.

- Holly L

We love it, and will always drive a Dodge Challenger

This our 5th Challenger, We love the model, Hate people parking right next to it very close. Have no complaints.

- Carla L

It has a built in vacuum for your slobby little children.

Its brand new. Has many options I didn't know were possible. I do not like the gas mileage. The doors are heavy.

- Candice G

It does not come with a spare tire.

Love the back cameras. I like that the car came with rims. I do not like that there's not much room in the back.

- J L

This car is a joy to drive. It is comfortable and looks awesome.

The dashboard controls are perfectly angled for driver ease of use. It drives very smooth and responsive.

- Christy D

It's a very sporty looking car. The interior is very nice. I really like the fact that it has "CarPlay" technology that works with my iPhone. Also, it is a V6 engine, which is much faster than my 4 cylinder car that I am used to.

It is powerful and fast. Additionally, it has "CarPlay" technology, which is really neat for Apple users.

- Maggie S

The car that everybody whats to have!

I don't have any problems with my vehicle, is my second Dodge challenger is fast, and i love it! thanks

- sugeil v

That it has seat belts so wear them they save lives.

I love the look, speed, gas efficiency. Dislike that people like to try to outrun me in their 4 bangers.

- Tracy W

Really easy to get around with my dream car.

The performance of my car is great! It's really helpful and really comfortable. I give my car a 5 star!

- Anthony S

Great pricing for a sports car. Not complicated at all

Great gas mileage despite being a sports car. No complaints. I like the style of it.

- Patrick R

Very popular car. Dodge is well built and reliable

This is my dream car worked hard to get it love the power and handling.

- Donna M

For this car to be a sporty car, it gets decent gas mileage. It's very comfortable to sit in and has good legroom. Getting out of the bank can be difficult for tall or older people.

That the car has still had power even though it had an eco mode.

- Rachel N

It is a car with a good gas mileage

The car is unique. I like the color. No complaints.

- Cagney w

It burns gas at a fantastic rate.

No complaints. I love this car. It hauls ass.

- George G