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The Dodge Charger is a great family car - safe and plenty of room.

I love my car. It is powerful and a solidly built car. I feel very safe in this car. We've had few problems with the car and it is 12 years old. The only drawback would be that the car is low to the ground. Engine performance has been great and upkeep minimal. The only real issue I have had was with the sunroof. The drains get clogged so I had to have them blown out. In order to do that the roof liner had to be dropped down so they could access the drain holes, which added to the cost. I am not pleased with the local Dodge dealership. When I needed to replace my remote they refused to give me the codes. I was told that I had to purchase my new remotes through them and have them program them. Not true.

- Stephanie L

It loses Its value ridiculously, even in perfect condition with low miles.

I loved my car when I purchased it but It's getting to be nothing but problems now. I've had problems with it overheating but not registering hot on the temp gauge and replaced the thermostat multiple times. It doesn't get very good gas mileage. The power steering has been going out recently. Replacement parts are pretty high priced even though the vehicle is 12 years old. It's a comfortable ride in long and short trips and with all the extra options is a nice looking car but It's time to trade it in on something more fuel efficient and less expensive to fix!

- Katrina N

The Dodge charger is a great vehicle and should be driven by more.

I love my 06 Dodge charger, it handles smooth, looks great, and does not kill me on gas. The only complaint that I would have for this vehicle however is that it is rear wheel drive and does not do great in the snow. however I own a 2014 Dodge charger and it does to great in the snow. So I feel it's all in the year that you get with this car. When my family bought this car they got 2 add-ons of a spoiler and mud flaps which I really think helped add to the longevity of the car.

- Grant P

2006 v8 Charger pros and cons.

The gas mileage is not the best. The v8 engine puts out over 300 horsepower which makes it fun to drive. Heated seats are a nice touch. Leather seat and. Electric adjustable seats are nice. Has had trouble cutting off when oil is low with no warning. Performance tires would be ideal for this type of car. 4 doors gives you plenty of space for your belongings and to ride with company without being crowded.

- Jake M

They are very bad in the winter weather. Good tires or not and sand bags don't.

Had a few problems a first due to only being able to use 89 gas than the car ending up shutting down and the dealership had to contact the Dodge Chrysler main building to figure out the problem but after that I have only had to fix things that would naturally go wrong after time passes. It is not the greatest winter car but other than that it is always been my dream car and I love it.

- Christina P

Unique tales of the spacious Dodge charger.

The car is reliable because it takes me to and from where I need to go, one example work. The problems it carry is the car has a rebuilt title due to a crash with the previous owner. The overall performance of the car is amazing. It's very comfortable it has a nice size to it and it's very spacious on the inside of the vehicle. My favorite feature has to be the rims and the tints.

- Julie C

My car is very spacious. The truck is amazing I can fit just about anything I need back there. Like a said before my car had one of the best transmissions dodge has produced.

Love my car, the only things I could suggest would be cup holders in the back seat. Also, better AC to the back seat. Other than that my car is 13 years old this December and runs like a charm. Of course has required maintenance because we live in the state of FL and AC take a beating. My transmission is one of the best dodge has ever produced. I love my car!!

- Stephanie D

2006 Dodge charger black.

The car has had a lot of engine problems. I had to get the engine rebuilt and it still had a misfire on cylinder 4. This could be a result of improper work being done but nonetheless it is still having problems. Also the it is not as smooth as I would like, bumps are pretty harsh and it seems as if you can feel the road when you are driving.

- Chris M

Great vehicle runs amazing with high miles well maintained ones are a great buy.

Bought my 06 charger used has 200k miles runs great still has a ton of power honestly can't believe how well built it was solid 5. 7 hemi engine even with high miles I honestly believe this car will last another 10 years leather seats have stood the test of time everything works great even being a 12 year old vehicle.

- John F

Probably the most safe car on the road. It kept me and daughter from being hurt.

I love my charger. I was in an accident in it. An elderly woman pulled out in front of me and my daughter was with me. It was safe and we were both fine. It took about $4000 to repair it but we would have been hurt in my Nissan. Its smooth and roomy. It has over 203,000 miles on it and still runs like a clock.

- Karen s

Absolutely love it. Would recommend it one hundred percent

I absolutely love my car . I have had it for about year now when I first got it had to put a transmission in it but I paid cash for it. It has been the best car I have had just the normal maintenance is all I have had to do since the transmission replacement. I have traveled and has been very dependable

- Ismay D

It's a red car which is our favorite color comfortable seats.

It's a family car very comfortable for a family of four. It very easy and comfortable to drive. I have never had an issue were I was worried if it would start or not I have not broken down anywhere and have not had to make any big costly repairs. I trust driving my family around in this car. I love it.

- Kristina S

Sporty but efficient for parents to use with kids

The car is very nice it has a sports car look but is a four door so makes it easy with kids. it has a v8 hemi but yet is easy on gas. the faults are it sits very low to the ground do it drags easily and also we have had to replace the cooling fan twice in less than a year, but overall a great car !

- katie r

The Dodge charger rat is amazing fun vehicle, harmless sedan but a powerful beast.

The Dodge charger is a fun car to drive as it possesses a fun filled 5. 7 hemi motor for his power plant. It handles beautifully, corners well without any shake. The interior is packed full of amenities that I love including heated leather seats. It has great gas mileage for a hemi.

- Heather C

This vehicle has several blind spots.

The 2006 Dodge Charger r/t with the hemi 5. 7 liter gets an a+ on performance and a c- for its reliability. You can not count on suspension components in this vehicle. They wear out quickly and break easily. But the ride is powerful and smooth as long as you are on a good surface.

- Jill M

The car has not given my family any serious issues since we have had it.

The Dodge charger is a very reliable car it has not given my family at home many issues at all since we have owned the vehicle it has been basically passed down from my mom to my older brother all the way down to me it is been one of the cars that we have owned the longest.

- Joseph V

Great handling and comfort.

I bought my car new and still live it. It drives like and BMW and picks up like a vet. I don't have any problems. The ride it great. The comfort is great I live in VA n drive to FL in one day only time I stop is for gas n eat. When I get a new car it will be another Dodge.

- Christine B

Smooth Sailing in a Sports Car

My vehicle performs well, especially to be 12 years-old. I did have to have the Black box replaced a few years ago. It is a comfortable riding car. The only thing that I dislike is the spaces between the grill are far apart, so I have had a few birds get stuck in there.

- Philisa H

My car is all black from head to toe.

My Charger drives smooth and great. Only does the problem start when stuff starts to break down and finding parts can be expensive. It very high maintenance car. But it comfortable and is very reliable but just wish it wasn't so expensive to buy parts when they mess up.

- Reina B

Give it a test drive you will fall in love with it.

We have had no issues with this vehicle. One of the smoothest riding vehicles that we have owned. Love the design and the room that is on the inside of the vehicle. The trunk has a ton of room. And the V8 engine has some get up and go. This vehicle will not disappoint!

- Jennifer E

Greatest throwback vehicle ever.

No issues with the car. It is very comfortable with lots of power. The gas mileage is great for the size of engine it has, and it is easy on the eyes. Dodge really did great when bringing back this American classic. It is reliable and durable. Definitely a great car.

- Heather M

The amazingly spacious car.

So my car has had several recalls that I have not been able to get fixed. It drives well. It needs some newer features in it being that it is a 2006 car it is really basic like 1999 vehicles. The parts for the car are no more expensive than any American brand car.

- Ashley J

One of the best cars I have owned.

Comfortable to travel. Good speed, fairly good gas mileage; takes curves very well. Looks great and proud to drive it. I do not like to brag on it is reliability because I am a bit superstitious when it comes to that. I would buy another charger. It handles great.

- Linda L

It's a great running car. Couldn't ask for a better car.

It's a older car. Looks good and rides great. Clean inside and out. Has a Hemi so has speed. Looks better than some of the newer cars. Good tires. Just a nice looking and good running car. Teenagers always want to race. Police cars are the same make and models. .

- Sharon A

It is a Dodge charger is a great car.

The car is very reliable and very strong, I love the torque and quickness, very comfortable and roomy, the perfect car, it performs great, love the speed, good room for the family, decent trunk space, has a mean look that I love about it and a great sound system.

- Rich B

It is my batmobile. I hope it lasts a little bit longer.

Gas mileage sucks. Been dependable though. I have enjoyed it overall, I call it my batmobile. I drive it to work everyday. And anywhere else I go. I think it helps me pick up women. Lately it has issues w the thermostat and a bunch of other odd and end things.

- Dusty H

The most important thing is that it will go from 0 to 60 in just under 5 seconds.

I have a Dodge Charger and I love it. I purchased it in 2006 and have no intention of getting rid of it. It has a hemi and will run fast. I have also loved muscle cars so this car fits me. I drive fast so my beautiful red charger is just what I needed.

- Desiree B

It's very reliable if you have kids or up to a 5 person family.

I like my car but a lot of things go wrong with it and I find out that its normal for that type and model of car for those that go wrong. I love the size and the way it looks and has enough space for a 4 person family and has enough trunk space also.

- Alyssa B

Solid, safe, and comfortable.

I enjoy a larger roomy car with good pick up and go and this car delivers. I commuted a 150 miles round trip for 8 years and never had any problems other than normal wear and tear. I have 250,000 miles on it now and it still purrs.

- Kathi H

This car is great for transporting kids around. It is very comfortable and drives smoothly.

I like the handling and speed. The car is pretty quiet and is comfortable. It has spacious room in the trunk and interior. I don't really have any complaints with this car. It is aged very well and has caused me few problems.

- Jeremy N

It's a great size for a family, especially soccer moms, yet still sporty.

I love the power of the engine and hemi. I love the size, it's perfect for my family yet is still sporty. And I love the way it drives and how sturdy of a car it seems. And the size of the trunk, I can fit everything in there.

- shelley d

Very dependable Dodge Charger! Car that likes to show off power and beauty!

My Dodge Charger is a beautiful navy blue with a hemi. It has good get up and go and loves the highway. Leather seats are fully adjustable and front seats have warmers. Air conditioning works great. Sharp car!

- Mary A

It is dead right now, completely dead.

Great when I first bought it but now that it is twelve years old it breaks down constantly. Battery keeps dying and replaced it twice in a year. But really fast and easy to control when I first purchased it.

- Tanya M

It drives well and is a nice car.

Driving and wheels the car drives well and has many great features such as the radio and the air conditioner but the wheels don't do great and it squeaks when it turns but overall it is a very reliable car.

- Faith G

It is a R/T with a HEMI and it looks like the Charger that is shown on the show NCIS.

My Charger R/T has enough power for what I need. The only problems that I have experienced is my gauge panel sometimes will not work and my sunroof leaks sometimes. Over all I really enjoy driving my car.

- Timothy C

The better engine for the 2006 dodge charger

The 2006 dodge charger is a pretty dependable car. The engine does not make a lot of noise. However, the 2.7 liter v6 engine is not the greatest thing. If possible, consider the 3.5 liter v6 engine model.

- Francisco R

don't like being low to the ground, but vehicle has option to move seat higher.

Car has over 100k and hasn't had any major problems. Still runs like its brand new. Handles and drives amazing. Only con is gas mileage is not that great, but how much fun it is to drive makes up for it.

- Savannah R

I do not own a car . I am going to purchase a car very soon , and when I get a car , the people who never let me use theirs will get the cold shoulder .

I do not own a vehicle . I utilize someone else's vehicle which I answered in a previous question. I simply only put 2006 Dodge Charger because there were no other available answer choices .

- Mikhaela B

I really wish that it had controls to let know when your oil is low and how tell you how many more miles you can go with fuel on. e

Very comfortable, good on gas, a lot of power on the road. Over all very reliable car. I love the sport look to it and that it's also a family cat with plenty of room. Very spacious trunk

- Stacy F

HEMI R/T, people either love it or hate it. Very shiny

Original owner since 2006 with just 5 miles on it. Still runs strong with the usual parts replaced such as brake rotors, steering components, and even a custom leather driver's seat.

- Dave C

Chargers are family cars with a kick

My Charger is the best car I have owned. It is big enough to hold 5 people comfortably. It's a family car but very stylish and powerful. I say my charger is a family car with a kick.

- Sheryl B

It is beautiful and a smooth drive.

My car has a problem where it randomly starts shaking really hard when I am driving. The car besides this issue is excellent- it's very pretty and sleek and have lots of trunk room.

- Ava H

Its works great and has a beautiful style. It's a car we will keep as a classic.

I love the look, sound and style of my car. Shimmery black, bucket seats. My only complaint is its expensive to maintain and its getting bolder so it seems there is a lot to fix.

- Brandy R

Low maintenance high quality vehicle with little problems.

I have had my car for 6 years. I've used it to travel out of town on multiple occasions. It's not bad on gas, but its not the best. It is reliable and low maintenance for me.

- Jade M

It is just a very reliable car but the older it gets the more gas it wastes.

What I love about the 2006 Dodge charger is how fast it goes. It is a very reliable vehicle. What I dislike is it runs low on gas, every 4-5 days I have to fill up the tank.

- Raven G

Small things go wrong, air conditioner motor, window motor etc.

I like how it looks and I like the power that it has. I don't like all the little things that go wrong with it. Nothing major but small things seem to go wrong with it.

- Abel P

High performance and all the bells and who's led.

My car is comfortable for long trips. It has all the options from moving gas and brake pedal, arch support, heated seats. Great gas mileage and excellent performance.

- Tammy V

overall the charger is an average car, but does offer a good amount of space inside

This vehicle has been relatively good. We do use it to travel some long distances and it does well. 1 of the bigger issues we have with it is it seems to burn oil.

- Nikki a

It is an old cop car, and it has the same characteristics as one.

I love my car, it has a lot of miles on it but it runs great. It has a hemi in it and goes fast. Everything works except the dash lights, and the car Chargers.

- Cass L

How great of a car it is, how reliable and comfortable it is also.

I love how reliable it is! The charger drives great! It is roomy enough for a family of four! Also it has never broke down on me and starts every morning!

- Stephanie Y

Fast and sporty but not as professional.

The v8 hemi is the best part. Very fast and extremely pleased with the performance. Down side is gas mileage is awful. At the pump more than on the road.

- Nathan V

It is an SRT. It is all black with blue racing stripe.

The car runs really well, but you have to get it checked more often than other vehicles. But other than that I would definitely recommend it. I love it.

- Maria S

very reliable and great looking car.

It's a great car. Like any other car, the older it gets the more maintenance issues and problems you come across. Very comfortable when maintained.

- Christopher P

It looks expensive without being very expensive, and it drives amazingly.

I love how easy it drives and how comfortable it is. I do not like how expensive it is to get it repaired or get replacement parts for it.

- Corey S

It's a good solid car. Lots of legroom in the back seats.

It's a very good car. It looks nice. Has tons of room. A good family car that has get up and go. It does not have very good fuel mileage.

- Crystal G

My car is very well maintained and clean.

My car runs very well. My charger also for its age is in great condition. It is very comfortable and I love to go on road trips with it.

- Sarah B

That it is a special edition.

I love the Dodge brand as a whole. I dislike the fact that I bought it used with a lot of mechanical discrepancies and I wasn't aware.

- Rebekah W

One owner, never been in a wreck, oil changes regularly.

I like it because of the power and the mulita displacement engine and the leather seats. Also the slap stick and upgraded paint.

- Edwin W

That it is good on gas, and it is a sporty vehicle.

It is classy and sporty. It is very economical to drive. Starting to have some mechanical issues. Otherwise I love my car.

- William B

Muscle car, fun to drive around town.

Very fast, but not that great on gas mileage. V8 engine has plenty of horsepower for anyone looking for a performance car.

- Joe N

Charger issues happen frequently

Needs new egr valve and air conditioner doesn't work. Drives good but overheats really fast when sitting in heavy traffic

- Jamie B

Its a 6 cylinder vehicle that's very fast and i don't let anyone else drive it but me because my car is special.

I really like my vehicle because its a sports car and very comfortable and fast. I like the interior and color of my car.

- kady S

It's a beast you van hear it coming from a mile away very loud.

Like it cause it reliable have had for 4 years. Lots of memories in it. It's a beast my oldest kid loves it as well.

- Ariel R

Low maintenance if you keep up with oil and filter changes.

I like the pick up. I like the room size. I like the look of the car. I like the color and it has been a great car.

- Raquel R

The most important thing people should know about my car is that it has 6 seats.

I love the power it has. I dislike the amount of gas it uses. I wish it was better on gas. It has been a good car.

- Debbie R

The engine. Is a hemi v8. 350 hp. 5. 6l.

The color is amazing. The engine is powerful. It is a crazy stylish car. All around it makes heads turn everyday.

- Daniel R

Its clean a people admire it when we are stopped at the light. And give thumbs up.

This car has the same get up and go performance just like it was brand new. It has a hemi and clean and classy.

- Sharon D

Its has tons of power. It also has a lot of space.

It's fun to drive. Has tons of power and handles like a race car. It also is very roomy. Great truck space.

- alfred m

My car has a v8 and it's a hemi.

The car is really nice, it has leather seats. Its a v8 hemi drives real fast. Smooth and really good car.

- Nicholas T

It has much more power than you would expect.

I like the amount of space and the power. It is pretty low to the ground, which is not preferably to me.

- Josiah f

Fast sports car dual transmission ability

Fast, automatic and 5 speed sports car. Sunroof, leather seats and seat warmers. Automatic windows.

- Tamra I

It is a lot faster than you'd think! It is a safe grocery getter and it's pristine.

I like that it is big and safe. I don't like that the passenger seats aren't very comfortable.

- Audrey C

The one most important thing they should know is it's a Hemi.

I love the body style. The Hemi engine. I wish the inside was a little more comfortable.

- Lamar B

It is fast and handles well.

I love everything about my vehicle. It has been great to me, no complaints.

- Natasha J

I like the style of it. I like that it has enough room for my family. I like that it drives good. I don't like that it is rear wheel drive.

That it is a great car and fun to drive! But be careful on the rain.

- Morgan H

It's in great shape. it looks great.

i like everything about it. it drives great. i love the look of it.

- lisa a