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08 charger a good first car and very reliable.

Really nice car gets the job done and has a loud engine if your trying to make an entrance. The car for me personally has been pretty good these past years and having it for 8 plus years and it has had some work done but you can expect that with any car after so many years. The car drives smooth and is a good first car its really reliable. The comfort in it is good but the interior is all black and leather so in the hot summer days it will be an oven other than that it's comfy. The features are standard and nothing to complain about so it's an overall good car.

- Edward S

Super nice car especially for an 18 year old kid who gets to call this their car.

My vehicle is super nice, especially for an 18 year old. I love the looks of it, mine has a black stripe on the side. The only thing bad is that it is a horrible car when it comes to driving in the winter. You need to get snow tires during this time. Other than that, it is super awesome. Also mine is a 2008 so it has quite a lot of miles on it, but we got a warranty that allows us to get a new engine if it breaks. Overall, i'd buy this car if you want something cool to drive.

- Sam C

My car go fast and its brand new and its black and I named my car coco.

I don't have any problems with it. It's a good car and it drives fast and I love it and don't have any transmission problems; it has 47, 000 miles on it and I just recently got it like 6 months ago and it's a awesome car. The color of my car is black and I named my car coco; a lot of people say it's weird but I love it so I thought that I could give it a pretty name, and it's also my second car; I have a Altima at first but I sold it because I didn't want it anymore.

- A G

Overall comfort and reliable.

I absolutely love my 2008 Dodge Charger. I purchased it pre-owned (1 owner) from a used sales lot 5 years ago and have had no problems at all with it. Have only had to have general maintaining work done to it. Meaning oil change, tire rotation, etc. It has been a very trustworthy and low cost upkeep vehicle in the time I have had it. To be all original, the comfort and features are amazing!

- Melissa H

Deception Dodge Charger on 24's.

My car is very reliable. Its my daily driver. I am a car enthusiasts so I had to custom my car to my own liking. I put custom vinyl on it. . Custom headlights in the shape of transformers. I also have 24 inch rims on it custom with the transformer emblem in the middle. I also have 2 12 inch speakers in the back. I love my car. Black and silver. . . Not to mention the custom mesh grill.

- Selina B

A cool detail is that no where on the exterior are the words Dodge or charger.

Vehicle runs pretty well with little problems over the years, though it does tend to shift heavily. Comfortable to ride in for long periods of time and have driven it across the country several times. There are no techy features such as sync, navigation, so it would be nice to upgrade to a newer model. Overall, though I love my car. Her name is black betty (bam-a-ram). After the song.

- Stephanie K

Pleased used Charger owner.

This car is extremely comfortable and spacious. Other than looking awesome, it is a smooth ride. Not many technical problems other than brake fixes. I am actually the 3rd owner of it and still very pleased. The only downside I have to the vehicle is the fabric of the seats I have is a bit harder to clean. Detailing internal and external is a pretty lengthy process but well worth it.

- Stephanie F

For a v8 it is sometimes still not that great.

Overall it is a great car when well maintained. It has a lot of space in both the front and the back. The trunk is a very large size. The engine is holding up well for being ten years old. It used to pick up speed a lot quicker. To be a v8 engine it should be able to pull off very quickly. It sometimes is slow to pick up speed. When it picks up speed you can feel the power.

- Jessica J

2008 Dodge not in charger - significant flaws.

Cheaply made parts (mostly plastic) on the interior of the vehicle. Handles poorly - wide turns, cannot fit into tight spaces and feels very "clunky". Low gas mileage- averages around 17 mpg for a car. Heavy front end = frequent/costly front suspension repairs. Most parts need replacing in the 25k-30k interval range. It gets very costly very quickly.

- Mike U

Best ever car: I bought mine used and have never any problems.

No problems at all, is a large sedan the size does not compromise its handling and driving experience. The performance is excellent trims come with four-speed automatic transmission. The ride is firm, yet not jarring and feels quite controlled. The charger combines the feel of a traditional big, American car with the sporty handling of a European sedan.

- Milton R

Personal thoughts on my car.

I honestly have been relying on my car for the past five years. I have no real complaints other then how often the oil goes out, and or needs to be changed. The tire pressure stays where it needs to be, and the air conditioning and heater work great. The radio is great as well. The headlight however are a little to dim for harsh winter storms.

- Lindsey L

The bumper has to come off to change a headlight.

The Charger is fun to drive. I have had minimal problems for the length of time I have driven it. What I don't like is if you have to change the headlights you will have to take the entire bumper off. I also do not like that the battery if located in the trunk. Mine blew if from the water evaporating, which supposedly it does not of that.

- Deborah G

Dodge charger basic car with umph.

It is very reliable and has not had any powertrain issues. The brakes tend to need more maintenance than average. It is comfortable and the interior is nice. As a base model it has all the basics but does not have any fancy features. It gets pretty good mileage for a large car, averages 27 mph for a v6 with a 3.5 l engine.

- Lois S

My charger is a great car! I would drive it anywhere!

I love my car. The backseat is more roomy than I thought they would be. Gets good gas mileage. Handles great!! My car is sporty but does not have the hemi motor. I see these cars everywhere. It's really reliable we could take it anywhere and not have to worry about it breaking down on us. Even my kids like riding in it.

- Nicole H

The engine is new it drives fast it is comfortable.

I love my car it is so nice comfortable the speakers work really nice he drives good I can race in it if I wanted to that is the best car I have had so far. The only thing is that it does take a lot of gas but it is worth it I can go to work in it I can travel in it I wouldn't want to different car.

- Victoria H

It is a Dodge challenger and it is amazing, it is truly a wonderful car/drive.

My car runs great, it is 10 years old and has been driven all up and down the east coast and is still as reliable as the day I got it. I have no problems, it performs greatly, it is comfortable and easy to control. My dad actually taught me how to drive in this car. It is truly a great car.

- Samantha S

Very dependable 2008 Dodge charger.

My vehicle is a 2008 Dodge Charger black with gray cloth interior has approx. 150, 000 miles and runs (so far) very good, it's been a very dependable car all only, hoping at some people point I can give it a face lift because I'd really like to keep and just add another vehicle.

- Thomas J

Works perfectly and the seats are very comfy. In fact, never had a problem.

I really love my Dodge just because I love how it runs and how it works perfect. In fact, I haven't had any problems with my car I love how the stereo works and how the seats are so comfy. My car makes me look good since its very nice this car has everything I was looking for.

- Anna G

My vehicle is one of the best cars that I have had.

My vehicle is very reliable. I have not had any problems with my vehicle it is a Dodge Charger with a 3. 5 engine, it runs great just keep an oil change every 4 months and the minor changes like brakes and fluids. It is a fast car and great car to have and very dependable.

- Dodge L

Great vehicle, lots of power.

It's a very good car. Plenty of power. Lots of room for 4 adults. Only issue is the rear wheel drive can be hard to handle especially in northern climates. My car gets up to 28 miles per gallon highway and about 22 in the city. Very dependable currently 150, 000 miles.

- Kent K

White, ride nice with tint.

No air conditioner and my car runs great I do not have any problems. The seats are great, it runs great and I have enough room for everyone in the household. I have automatic windows and door locks. I have tint on the windows to keep it cool. The trunk is nice size.

- Rene R

Spacious and smooth drive.

Smooth drive, easy to handle and accelerates better than any car I have every driven. Love the power seats, one down side is poor handling in snow. Other back seats do not fold down but the car is so spacious, I am still able to fit a 50 inch TV in the back seat.

- Sylvia P

Family vehicle travels well, comfort and plenty of legroom in back seat.

Dodge Charger was purchased used with 30000 miles. It is reliable and has over 160, 000 miles purchased for leg space and comfort. The trunk is huge compared to other vehicles. Purchased as a family vehicle. Taken on many vacations. Handles well on snow and rain.

- Yolanda A

Dodge Charger to buy or not to buy.

It's a great car, love the look and feel of driving it but cosmetically it has issues inside. The air vents pop off, the sunroof is leaking and the navigation system has quit. Also, oil changes need a special tool so they must be done at a deale4ship.

- Michelle W

It is extremely reliable, has not let me down except when I wrecked it.

I like how fast it takes off from being stopped and how smooth the transition is. I like how I have hardly had to replace anything on it since I got it in 2011. And I love how spacious the car is, with the TVs in the headrests for kids too.

- Steve D

It is great on gas mileage. Traveling distances it does great on gas.

I love my Dodge Charger! The only major problem I have had with was the key fob and airbags. Had to have replaced 2 times and when the dealer replaced it they messed up my manifold on where the radio is. It will not sit flush anymore

- Lia G

It is roomy and was a good car until about 150,000 miles.

It has been a good car for our family for years. As it gets older there are more problems with it burning oil and using more gas. We have always had regular maintenance done on it and we seem to be doing more work than ever now.

- Melinda I

If you have and older model there are some factory recalls on the airbags.

Having a miss fire issue right now but no problems ever before. Car has 140k miles. Runs like a top otherwise. Love the satellite radio feature and the looks of the car. Plan to keep it until it just will not run any more!

- Ed B

110k miles and still going strong

I've had my car going on ten years with only test driving miles on it. It has performed beautifully for over 110k miles. Outside of some minor cosmetic damage my car still drives like a champ.

- Bern R

it is amazing that a car that cool can still pull 26 mpg

the performance is great, I have had trouble with the transmission ithink if they would have gone with the 4 speed that is on the v-8 it would have been ok. but all and all no real complaints

- robert m

I feel others should know that my car is reliable.

I like that it runs very smooth. I like that it is good on gas. I like that it is fast as far as speed. I dislike the tire pressure system, it wear down a lot and is expensive to replace.

- Donneisha D

The 2008 Dodge Charger is dependable and always turns over. I never have to worry about getting to my destination.

I like the h85th performance of this vehicle. It is built like a tank and drives very smooth. I do not like that a few features such as the lights are not automatic, but it is a 2008.

- Alyssa H

It's faster than it looks. Both classy, elegant, yet manly.

Sportier, not smooth ride. Love black on black, incredibly fast out of gate. Love sportier design. don't like round cars that look the same, like spaceships. No unique characters.

- Christy K

I have no complaints about this vehicle.

It's a very reliable car if taken care of, affordable and does pretty well on gas. It's appealing to the eye yet family friendly. It has plenty of room and it is easy to clean.

- Jacob W

My car maybe old but it's still very reliable with lots of good memories.

So far nothing wrong has been occuring with my car, my parent's first got it in 2009 and now I use it everyday since graduation and it still works as if it was new.

- Arianny E

I love driving it. I feel stylish and sporty in it

I love the style and look. Has been good car for most part. However the company in general.is not very customer friendly nor is some cosmetic things holding up.

- Ata W

That it's a good car that drives really well, making it easy for anyone to operate

I like that the car runs very well and cause me and issues. I also like that it always gets me to where I have to go with good gas mileage. I have no dislikes

- Robert B

Loving your Dodge charger.

The Dodge charger is a wonderful car to drive especially if you get it in black because when you are driving down the highway everyone moves out of your way.

- Michelangelo J

Has coolers in the back in the floor they come in handy when on a road trip.

I love my 2011 Dodge journey got it brand new in 2011 and I have had no major problems with it. I would recommend getting a journey very nice and affordable.

- Austin P

It has high mileage. New pair.

It a little bit up on the side and on the bumper. For the tires It's really hard to get a good price for it along with the rims. The aline mint is also off.

- Geneses K

The most interesting thing to me is the factory sound system

It has good power all electric very comfortable and roomy. It also has a good sound system. The bad things are gas mileage and too light in the rear end

- Ryan L

It is a safe and also very fun car to drive.

I like the style of my charger. I like the color of my charger. I like how good my charger drives. I dislike the gas mileage. I dislike the seats.

- Amanda F

It is a very dependable midsize car. It has a RT Hemi motor, auto transmission.

My car has a lot of space inside the car. I like the sound system and leather seats. The outside of the car was made rather large than most cars.

- Latoya H

It's very dependable and comfortable. Luxury style in a mid sized body.

I like all the features of my car. I like the dual control air. I like the comfortable seats in the back. I don't like the battery in the truck.

- Leslie G

It runs great, no problem with the car since I bought it.

It is comfortable.. It is economic.. I love the model, it runs perfect, I do not have any problems with the car since I bought it. I love it.

- Yuri A

Noise reducing pad under hood makes for a quiet ride.

My car has power windows and locks. Key fob ignition, electric adjustable seats, independent front and rear suspension, 3-speed transmission.

- Thomas T

Drives very smooth and reliable

We enjoy the charger as a family. It's been reliable over the years. We have had to replace a few parts but that is expected with the age.

- Christy L

It has quite a bit of power.

It is really cool looking and reliable, although it does not have the best gas mileage. It is very spacious and the backseat is not cramped.

- Leann D

It does not have that many miles on it for its year.

I like how smooth it runs. I also like the way it looks. Also the seats are a very clean smooth leather and the horsepower is just perfect.

- Richard C

Only routine maintenance, great performance.

I have no complaints about this truck. It has performed reliably and and only been in the shop for routine maintenance. The ride is smooth.

- Wendee B

They should know that I take really good care of my car.

I love having the power of a Hemi engine. The car gets decent mileage. The only thing I don't really like is the automatic transmission.

- Greg O

that it runs well and everyone loves it. They always ask what's under the hood

i love my vehicle, its sporty and sleek. It runs well and is comfortable for me and everyone. I wish there were less miles on it though.

- Hannah A

This vehicle has a nice interior

This vehicle is has amazing control and is very fast. It responds very well when you accelerate and it isn't too big nor too small.

- Erik p

It is a very safe car, not made like an aluminum foil ball.

Looks great, dependable, roomy and its paid for, its paid for, its paid for, its paid for, its paid for and its paid for..!#.

- Thomas J

It is a great commuter car. It has pretty decent gas mileage. The gas is a little touchy at times.

I like the power that it has. I like the features that the car came with. I dislike the fact that it is rear wheel drive.

- Dax P

Its my first car and I am proud of myself for getting it.

I like the body design and the way it rides. I dislike the fact it's not good on gas. I would like to get another car.

- Derrick H

I love the body style and how it rides. I also have loved Chargers all my life and when Dodge re-released then in 2006 they did not disappoint. I feel safe but I don't feel like I'm in a boat. I feel like I'm driving a muscle car but updated. My only complaint now is that its 10 years old, and I'm getting ready for a new one.

The most important thing they should know is that its rear-wheel drive. Takes some getting used to in snow or rain.

- Susan H

Nice powerful car looks great gives no problem

luv it's a powerful car very comfortable drives really nice don't like black color get really dirty it's small trunk.

- Grace d

I love it! there is nothing more beautiful than a black car!

I love my car so much.It is black i love black vehicles. Everyone thinks i am a cop when I ride by. It is a tank!

- geneva j

It was gray with 24 rims , very beautiful

Motor requires a lot of maintenance, every little piece is expensive,but runs good, and looks good , I loved it

- Jackie N

Once you own it you will never want another car it will be hard to let go.

Its fast reliable does not take a lot of gas engine runs great. It's spacious and fun to drive on a expressway.

- Shirley A

I bought it cheaper than market price but good condition

I like the interior design of the car. I like the body style of the charger. It has a nice sound system in it.

- Jose C

It's nice to look at inside.

I like it because it is a nice car to drive. I don't like it because it is a big car when you sit in the car.

- Sam V

Do not let this be your only means of transportation.

Vehicle is spacious and comfortable however we have had many issues and repairs completed with this vehicle.

- Susy P

I would suggest it to anyone. It is very easy to drive.

It has a smooth, easy handling, and comfortable ride. It is economical on gas. It has a lot of power.

- dawn s

Tires run down fast and engine problems.

Head gasket wear down on brakes and radiator tends to leak all the time and headlights tends to dim.

- Justin L

I want people to know Dodge makes very good cars and the charger not only looks good but runs good

Love the look of my car. Love the reliability of my car. Love the sound I have no complaints

- Sherry P

Used to be a cop car. So people go really slow when I'm behind them

Goes extremely fast when I need it to. Good daily driver but is horrible for gas mileage

- Alicia B

It's a safe and dependable car

I like that it's a large vehicle, but at times it's too large to comfortably park.

- Regina J

It looks great on the outside and it handles as well as it should.

It does not have enough bells and whistles for the modern world. It's too simple.

- Stephen H

2008 Dodge Charger: Not too old, however still STRONG AND POWERFUL

The ride is smooth. The power is amazing. And it just looks so good to drive!

- gina p

that it is a very reliable vehicle that also looks very nice

i like the way my car looks. its my first car. it hasn't given me any problems

- Ramiro R

It's stylish and roomy. It has good acceleration. I think the trains is starting to go as sometimes it gets stuck in 2nd gear.

You look like a cop when you drive it. So I don't really get pulled over.

- Marcus B

I had it specially built combining two body styles

I love love it will not replace it because I hate the fob start

- Cyntha R

I like the sporty look. It has a fast engine. It has not given me a lot of trouble. Very well made.

That is is very well made. It is not made with cheap parts.

- Martin B

it only has 40000 miles on it .

my car gets me to and from work. nothing fancy.

- bill B