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This car is a spacious reliable care I would recommend to anyone.

The only problem I have is that it is so big it's kind of hard to drive because I feel so small and its feel so huge, my husband on the other hand is 6 foot 7 inches and he fits very comfortable in it and he has lots of room he love this car. We have had this care for about 4 years now and I think it is very reliable and very comfortable for long drives, me and my husband and our 2 kids drove from Alaska to Arizona and it was very spacious and comfortable I would definitely suggest it for long drives. During this long drive the car performed very well and we had no car trouble at all and no stress of having any car trouble, it was very nice smooth drive.

- Sunny F

Its fast, adjustable, roomy, and not loud.

I personally like the Dodge charger no really mattering the year of the car. Works great when wanting to pick up speed and switch lanes. The Dodge challenger also has great traction control also adjustable when you do not want it on you can take it off. The car is very roomy with plenty of space in the front and the back as well. Also very good on gas. I honestly think it gets filled with just about 38 dollars and that is a full tank from 0 drops.

- Laura G

2010 Dodge charger. Oldie but goodie.

I have a 2010 Dodge charger. I can honestly say this vehicle is the best one I have had my entire life. I have had trucks my whole life and I was skeptical at first to own a smaller vehicle. My charger does not feel like I am in a car. I feel extremely safe and the heaviness makes it feel like I will not get tossed around if I were to get into an accident. I would highly recommend a Dodge charger.

- Kay S

Chargers are awesome, fun cars to drive.

After many miles you experience minor problems with the car. It is no good during the winter however, it is a awesome car to drive. Be sure to stay up to date with the recalls. There seems to be lots of recalls however, as a vehicle owner you have to look them up for yourself. Extra fun to drive down the highway! I highly recommend a charger for anyone who wants a car that can get up there go.

- Kayla S

Dodge charger is a very reliable and comfy car.

My 2010 Dodge charger is a very reliable car, it drives well and has good mileage. The interior is comfortable and nice. The radio gets has satellite options and an auxiliary port. Lots of trunk room and a nice looking exterior. This car gets you where you need to go, over the years I've had it I haven't had too many problems with it. Just a few problems with the transmission and the starter.

- Nicole J

Dodge Charger 2010 is not like any other 2010 car.

I have a 2010 Dodge Charger. I really love the car. I been having Chevys every since I could drive but I am so glad I made the switch. My Dodge Charger is a gas saver believe it or not! I love the chrome rims that came on the Charger. Only thing I do not like is it take a while for the car to pick up it is speed. Other than that. . . I look forward to getting a newer Charger!!

- Polo L

Expensive parts and labor. Continuous money pit. Not worth the money spent before the motor slings a rod.

Parts for this vehicle are extremely overpriced and poorly maid. I'm continuously replacing the same parts over and over sometimes 3xs a year. The fuel economy even for my v6 is terrible. This is my second Dodge in this category and both have had the same issues. Electrical problems along with the 2.7l engine is more suitable for an anchor than a power supply for a car...

- Cody E

Although there are many external problems with my car, it is a durable car and it hasn't given me any trouble while driving.

My car has a salvaged title on it. There are a few problems with it. There is a huge tear in the driver's seat. There is also a crack that goes across the window. The front bumper is falling off and is being held up by tape. Other than that, it's a good vehicle. I wish it got better gas mileage but it is a type of muscle car so the mileage isn't that great.

- Anita M

My Dodge Charger is great.

My vehicle is a black Dodge Charger. I have had a problem with the gas gage being off and I have also had problems with the internal computer of the car. My car is a 2010 and it was previously owned before I owned it. The stereo system is not up-to-date and the seats are heated. They are also leather. The gas mileage goes fast, but I do love my car.

- Kylie R

It will caught your eye... My beautiful dodge charger.

Dodge charger 2010 great speed drives smooth very roomie. Gas to the mile is good. Haven't had any problems with my vehicle. Love the four door access and that it still looks sporty. Love how people turn heads just to look at it. Love the tire and body profiles. Spoiler and ground effect body kit fits the cars performance. It has a great look to it.

- Alma T

She's very fast. You may think your only going 40 when your actually going 60. I've been pulled over a couple times because of that. It's high maintenance they prefer you go to a dodge shop to get it worked on. It rides low to the ground so one wrong bump and you could dent the whole undercarriage breaking the fan.

I love my vehicle. It's fast it rides smoothe, she's a beauty on the road. The things I don't like about my vehicle is if I drive with my windows down even just a little it is extremely loud, you can't even hear the person in the passenger seat directly next to you. I also don't like that you have to be in park to connect the Bluetooth to the phone.

- Tammie P

It is been going since 2010 and this car is still pushing it.

I do not want to sell my car. I love my car it has been with me through thick and thin and it is also paid off it gets me where I need to go. I do recommend this car for people that are interested in this vehicle that this are very reliable just hard to get a part for them because sometimes it has to come from the Dodge place.

- Mckenzie B

Charger: a lot of car to love.

I love the look and feel of my charger. It rides really smoothly, and has a lot of pep. The interior is spacious and comfortable. It is a bit of a gas hog, so I do find myself at the pump fairly frequently. Also, it is a fairly large car, so it can take a little while to get used to parking in it. Overall, I really enjoy it.

- Samuel W

2010 Dodge Charger review.

It is a really good car. It is the car that I drive the most to commute to work and back. It is reliable and maintenance is not costly. Today makes 4 years since I purchased the car. The body style is nice, it has a 3. 5L v6 engine in it. I recommend this vehicle for anyone who wants a stylish but cheap on gas car to drive.

- William S

In love with my Dodge charger, but I have had to put a lot of money into it.

My car needs tires currently. When I purchased the vehicle I had to replace the transmission which wasn't fun. My car is a pretty good car and does not give me too many issues. Recently replaced the fuel pump as well. I have also had to fix the wheel bearings. I do love the car though and my husband had decals put on it.

- Angella S

Dodge charger, looks that it can be aggressive, but a powerful workhorse!

Dodge chargers are known for electrical issues. Before you work on it yourself, take it to a dealer for repairs. Besides that, the performance and reliability of this model is great! Comfort, you need to know how to drive a rear wheel drive vehicle. Other than that, it's not something you will regret having!

- James L

That you can have a car that's good for family trips, sporty enough to get lots of compliments, and gets decent gas mileage.

My Charger is the newest car I have ever owned. It's sporty, and yet still a great family car and a very smooth ride. The only complaint I have is the back of the car has a terrible blind spot inhibiting your vision between the side of the car and back glass. Other than that, it's practically perfect.

- Kristie s

VERY spacious interior. If you don't need all the room it feels unnecessary to get this car.

I like the space on the interior of the car. I don't like how hard you have to press down on the pedals. But I do like how the car handles speed. Very good radio factory system, needed no upgrades. Also it's been great on mileage and gas, I commute a lot to work and the ride has been amazing so far.

- Victoria R

2010 dodge charger sedan base trim.

Reliable good on gas electrical problems but overall very good make and model. No transmission problems even after 8 years. Works great as long as basic maintenance is down on time like oil changes, brakes, tire rotation etc. Interior has held up really good even with toddlers. Easy to clean.

- Irene G

Good performance, compact yet roomy.

It is comfortable for the most part. My only complaint, is that I am tall so the top of the car touches my hair. I do not have many issues with the care performance, I just have general maintenance issues. The car is small enough to park easy, but it has a nice amount of room in the inside.

- Wa S

The pros and cons of my Dodge.

Had no issues until this year.. A rod is going bad. I only have 55, 000 on the car and it is 10 yrs old. Besides this issue I have enjoyed the car. Very comfortable and drives nice. Oh the other thing that went bad after a few years was the coating on the front bumper and back bumper.

- Linda H

Great reliability and stylish looks is what the Charger offers.

I have had my Charger for around 4 years and have never had any major issues with it, only routine maintenance. When it comes time to get a new car I would probably go with another Charger because I love the look of them and the reliability that I have experienced with this one.

- Tamara H

Why it wouldn't start, its fixed now.

I had a problem with the car being "dead" after sitting for 8 or more hours. With a lot of time and money, found out the radio was turning itself off and on throughout the day. Therefore draining my battery and the car not starting. For the last 5 months, I have had no issues.

- Leigh G

The best Dodge charger has a spoiler.

This a good car. It is very spacious to be a sedan. There was a recall on airbags. If you are a do it yourself type of person there is some difficulty changing things under the hood yourself. Pretty fast car for a 3. 5l. Does pretty good on gas. Has cheap replacement parts.

- Jeremy H

Dodge charger on part of American muscle.

I love my Dodge charger it has good gas mileage and big seats. The trunk is big for traveling and my back seat fits 3 comfortably the only was the headlights were low. The radio is nice I love my cup holders and armrest would have liked a fender and a black instead of red.

- Lisa S

Car is very outstanding to look at.

Dodge charger is a very roomy car inside and the trunk is very big. Rides very smooth. Do not have any problems with my Dodge charger at all. I get a lot of people who see my car and tell me it is very beautiful in which the Dodge charger is beautiful. I love my car.

- Beatrice E

Dog Charger is a great car with great style and features.

Dodge Charger is a great car. All leather interior. 2 bucket seats in the front with middle console. Full beach in the back with a drop down console. Full size truck. Handles great. Tight steering.Responds well. Front and side airbags. Sun roof. Plenty of interior space.

- Melanie R

Very reliable and great on gas.

Absolutely love the Dodge Chargers, very spacious for a single mom with one kid. Comfortable and stylish. Very decent on gas mileage. Very reliable vehicle, and affordable. I have no complaints and would upgrade to a newer model. Plan to stay within Dodge for awhile.

- Monica C

Buy a Dodge charger it is great!

This car is absolutely wonderful. I encourage people to buy it. The engine is nice (v-6) and it rides so smooth! I got it as my first car and I do not think that I will ever give it up! It is long lasting. It takes about $35-40 to fill up the tank which is not bad.

- Jon W

My vehicle is a white dodge charger 2010 model.It has the original interior as well as original features; engine, air conditioning, etc. The exterior has some scratches on the pain due to poor washing.

My vehicle doesn't really have that many problems. It's always really run pretty smooth and it obviously has that kick when your driving due to it being a sports car. Overall the only problem my vehicle has is the color and paint job due to poor car washing.

- Cross R

If I had my dream car I would cherish it.

I have no problems with my car why? Mainly because I do not have a vehicle at the moment but if you want you can purchase me one. If I did have a car it would run smooth cause I would take car of it and make sure it is in great shape in and outside of it.

- Darryl C

The Charger, a great car.

I love the Charger. It is big and spacious. The heat and air work really well. It is very good on gas. I don't have to do hardly any maintenance on my car. I look all around for a great car I finally found exactly what I was looking for in the Charger.

- Tracy H

It's a smooth ride you have to be careful because it feels the same going 45 mph as 75mph. Tires are expensive and there is not a lot of room in the back seat

It drives really smoothly and I love the heated seats. I wish it had more room in the trunk and I wish it got better gas mileage. It's not really baby friendly though. If I had known I was going to have another baby I would have bought something else

- Amber M

The car is comfortable and reliable. The car gives me a great rushing feeling when I drive it.

I love the ride of my Charger. It gives me full power. I also like the way my seats feel and the way the sit up comfortably. I don't like the maintenance of the vehicle. For the last few years there has been extensive front end repairs.

- Latonia B

Nice looking, albeit not very gas efficient

It sounds very nice and drives very well. my only issue with this vehicle would be gas consumption. it does not consume gas crazy fast, but sometime i find myself wishing i had bought a more gas efficient car. awesome car, though!

- Jake N

Very comfortable sedan that is great for all passengers.

I have no problems with my car really at all. I think it is very comfortable, but my only complaints are, it could have more power and it is hard to know how far you are when parking, a rear camera could be useful.

- Cris P

Very reliable and gets great gas mileage.

I like my car because I could get a Charger with and. Also I love that I have leather and also all extras minus a sunroof! I do not like that I only have a v6 in it but that would really be my only complaint.

- Edith B

It can go very fast if need be! And I take very good care of it with all the upkeep it needs!

I just bought it this week so far I love it! Great mileage comfortable driving! Plus it looks awesome on the outside for a used car! Paying high price but it's being financed but i'm very pleased with it!

- Amber S

Her name is betsy and she's lowkey a race car but acts as if she's not.

I like the size and space that my 2010 Dodge charger gives me because its a full size sedan. I dislike the rust on the side of my car but that is about it because it's a good car other than that.

- Trina M

It is realizable and I love the power of it. I have not had any major issues.

This car has been very good to me. I have had to have the transmission overhauled. However, I have not had any serious issues with this car. I have drove from Florida to New Jersey and back.

- Erica M

It just rides and runs so well with no issues.

So far I've never had any problems with it. It runs like a charm and honestly I love the seats. The dashboard and driver area is super comfortable and it was just even for my price range.

- Victor R

It drives really smooth and is comfortable.

The 2010 dodge Charger drives great. It has plenty of power and is very smooth and comfortable. It gets decent gas mileage. I enjoy driving my Dodge Charger and highly recommend it.

- Brandon A

Reliable and looks great!

My car is 8 years old and has been very reliable. This last year I have had some mechanical issues including the fuel pump and alternator. But not too bad for an 8 year old car!

- Sarah B

it's a great car and good on gas

it's a good car had no major problems with it i bought it when it was a year old and it's good on gas .I keep the upkeeps on it like changing the oil every 30,000 miles.

- phyllis A

It is rear wheel drive so be careful in the rain.

My whole family has plenty of room for our legs and bodied as well as any packages. The engine is very dependable and very powerful. And the car handles very good.

- Lisa P

The car gets pretty decent gas mileage for a sports car.

I like that the car is very floaty, any small adjustments to the steering wheel will move the car, also the breaks and gas are more responsive than most vehicles.

- Jason S

The only thing annoying is that the gas gage does not work on my car.

It has 254,000 miles on it, and still drives and looks perfect. I haven't had any problems with it yet. I just now had to change the breaks on it. ( after 7yrs).

- Sara D

The most important thing to know is that I have had the car for five years and have never had it into the mechanic.

I like the roominess of the interior as I am a tall guy. I also like the sporty look of the car. My main complaint is that it doesn't drive well in the snow.

- Greg O

Once we got everything fixed it has been a good car.

When we first bought our used car a few years ago we had nothing but challenges. I am just thankful we bought the warranty. It paid for itself probably twice.

- Anthony B

The burning of the oil, that's not a good sign and it's only a six cylinder engine in it.

We traded in a trailblazer for this car and it has its issues, it burns a half quart of oil a month and the tires leak air, other than that it's a decent car.

- Steven T

You can't wrong when you by a Dodge Charger.

My 2010 Dodge Charger has been very reliable since it's purchase. While I have had to make some minor repairs, I have no regrets my decision in buying it.

- Chris W

Very reliable car that always gets me where I need to go.

It's a very reliable vehicle. It has held up over a few years through some abuse. Very easy to fix. Can be expensive if you don't take care of it.

- Alexander P

It is not a light pedaled car, it needs a little out of force to move.

My vehicle is super reliable and sometimes a life saver. It never goes out on me nor dies and i have very little maintenance work. It is awesome.

- Tiana M

The car is very dependable.

Overall the Charger has been a solid vehicle. Built well, good on gas and roomy. Great vehicle for families or larger children and spouses,

- Sherry H

The radio and air conditioner.

Brakes, front and back. Had front ones changed, there is black soot on my rims. Back brakes need to be changed. Probably rotors, etc..

- Dawn B

How Powerful and fast it is

Don't have any complaints about my car. It's drives very nice love the horsepower it makes now and I know it has room for a lot more.

- Jorge H

Couldn't pick a better vehicle than the charger when it comes to performance, reliability and comfort.

The Dodge Charger is a reliable vehicle. It is roomy and comfortable. Have had it 7 years and have not had major repairs or problems.

- vanessa L

The car is a bit low and this aspect can make it difficult to see traffic lights. Sometimes you have to lean down over the steering wheel to see.

I like how it runs a lot faster than other cars I have had, but it is a bit too low and difficult to see traffic lights at times.

- Heather P

It is really specious & the trunk is big.

It uses a lot of gas. When it needs to be fixed, it has to be taken to a dealer. I absolute love the trunk space & seat warmers.

- Heide C

It has almost 200,000 miles on. Nd still runs good. I'm impressed.

My vehicle has been very dependable. My only complaint is how it handles on ice covered roads. It is horrible on ice or snow.

- Frank S

How the driver seat adjusts to make you very comfortable and easy to enter and exit.

The car sits up and is easy to enter and get out. It handles great going down the road and turns easily. Looks nice too!

- Sam V

It is not as fast as Its appearance.

It is spacious and has a very cool style. It is not as fast as it looks and is very heavy which makes it clunky a times.

- Mary F

Very reliable and very comfortable to drive with a great turning.

Comfortable and reliable. Does not cost a lot to maintain. Do not like that sunroof leaks even though replaced twice.

- Cheryl C

I love my Charger very much!

I love it. It is really fast and accelerates really quick. Decent gas mileage and has lots of room for a sports car.

- John E

It has a incredible amount of power. Lots of fun to drive.

Very fast SRT8. Very comfortable. Large four door sedan. Tons of fun. Loud and obnoxious. Haven't lost a race yet.

- Eric H

We like to travel and our car doesn't let us down.

I like that my car has power. I like the look, between a sporty and a family car. I wish it has hands free system.

- Jane B

It is gorgeous and an eye catcher.

Makes a weird sound but good looking car. It gets good gas mileage. It has great leg room and it is easy to park.

- Debbie K

I am not sure about the V8 version, but I enjoy the power that the V6 provides with the better gas mileage than a V8.

I like the interior room it has. I like the size of the trunk space. I like the power that the V6 provides.

- Russell S

Great on gas. Style is great. Nice size trunk plenty of room for my kids.

My car runs extremely smooth. It's definitely great on gas. The seats our comfortable and it's stylish.

- Shawana G

It is a fast car it can take you from 0 to 60 in seconds.

I like the speed. The interior is clean. The body is in good shape. I don't like the flaws of the screen.

- Kate J

Black Sleek Dodge Charger

It is one of the best cars I have owned. There is plenty of space for my 4 children to ride comfortably.

- Angelina P

My Dodge Challenger! The best

The car runs very efficiently. The control you have over the vehicle is amazing. Very nice in all black.

- Dylan J

Its fast and gets good gas mileage.

It is a great car. It is really good on gas. I like that its low maintenance and needed a lot of work.

- Tracy C

It will do the work. It will get you where you need to go

Its low rider so that's pretty good. Its got pretty much everything you need so that's a good thing

- Alex S

It is a very spacious sports car to own and drive.

It's a fast car with a v8 engine. Very roomy for a sports car. Very clean for being 8 years old.

- Mason W

This car makes me feel like I'm the queen of the road.

I like that it is spacious and stylish. I like that it runs fast. I hate the cost of repairs.

- Sasha F

that it is a beauty, and i keep it so clean and shiny

The make and model and color....The leather interior....That it is paid for....That it is fast

- jenny M

There are a couple recalls on the Dodge chargers. Most importantly a front airbag recall.

I like the power it has for a V6. But don't really like the front end feel and interior noise.

- Steven V

It is roomy. The seats are comfortable.

I like the body style. It drives very well. It doesn't get great gas mileage though.

- Kayla w

It is a dependable car. I have had very minimal problems with it

I like that my car has good acceleration. I like that my car is roomy on the inside.

- Amber S

very Compaq but efficient in gas mileage.

Very dependable with little to no problems except for regular maintenance problems.

- Michael M

it is a well made car lots of room and feels very sturdy

It runs very well. Comfortable and very roomy. It is a very well made car

- Justin H

It's fun to go cruising in

It's sleek and stylish. Although It's kinda old and needs work done to it

- Mike S

It's very, very loud and can be obnoxious at times due to the type of exhaust pipes on it.

It's a silver charger, though I wish it was the color of gunmetal gray.

- Juliann T

It has great gas mileage. It's easy on tires and parts.

I love it. It has good gas mileage. It is easy on tires and parts.

- krista g

You feel really protected and safe in this car. Its really big and lots of room

I love the look of the charger. I love that its big and roomy

- amy h

I wish I had the extra details. My windows don't go down, I would like to have a sunroof. And Bluetooth

It doesn't have any special features that can make it better

- Joyce M

spend little gas and engine is strong run fast it is very spacious

works well spend little gas run fast i like it it is broad

- luz g

Large trunk. Comfort lot of legroom.seats 5 no problem

Rides good,good on gas,no problems.Would buy another one.

- Donald M

It is my dream car. I love the leather. Seats and the. Color.

It's cool It's beautiful It's fast It's built to last.

- Jenny W

The van have an DVD player

I like the vehicle. My family have it for 8 years.

- Hunter B