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The hemi is a real monster in this vehicle.

I don't really have any problems with the vehicle. It is very reliable, I have not had any problems with it in the summer or the winter. The performance is great the hemi puts out so much power. It is very comfortable to drive and is a head turner when it is going down the street fresh out the car wash. It has a lot if features like the back up camera that works great and it lets you know exactly how far you are from whatever is behind you. It has mirror warmers so your mirrors are always clear. The factory sound system is great it sounds like you have put a sound system in the vehicle.

- Anthony A

Sporty and reliable with good gas mileage.

Overall it is been a pretty good car. It is very spacious for passengers, has good trunk space, and gets good gas mileage. I also enjoy it because it is sporty and has a good sound system. I have had a few problems with the display and radio but that could possibly be due to previous ownership. I am also having problems with my trunk randomly opening and a slight rattle when I drive but that just started to occur at 97,000 miles. I have had no other issues.

- Andy Z

Dependable, powerful car with a few hiccups typical of Dodge/Chrysler vehicles.

This car has a lot of power. Durable but has been involved in several Jeep/Chrysler/ram recalls, particularly with the alternator. Another issues with this vehicle include computer issues, faulty trunk button which triggers at random moments, leaving your trunk open and exposed until you notice and are able to close it. Interior is comfortable and roomy. Large trunk. Great heat/ac module.

- Samantha B

My Dodge Charger handles even better than it looks. Whether driving in stop and go traffic in town or highway driving, the handling is fantastic.

I love that the truck can hold more than my van did. I love the comfort of the driver's seat. My car has a great power and a smooth ride. It also gets better gas mileage than my van did. My Dog has a great safety rating so I feel comfortable with my grandchildren in my car. The only thing I dislike is tall people have a hard time getting in and out out the car.

- Teresa B

With this vehicle it is overall a great mode of transportation. It does not feel heavy when driving as some would say. The way it handles is very well even in harsh weather conditions while driving through mountain passes.

I like how my vehicle handles on the road especially during winter weather conditions. The one thing I do not like about my vehicle is that there is some delay with the backup alert system, so you can't necessarily rely on it when in reverse. On some occasions, the 6th spark plug misfires. Overall my vehicle is very reliable and has plenty of room.

- Sheyenne R

I think the cruise control automatically slowing you down when you come up behind another vehicle and warning you to break is certainly a life saver. All the special features that it provides make it a wonderful car to drive. It is a great ride with little road noise.

I love to drive my Charger. When the cruise is set it slows you down when you come up to the back of a vehicle. The lights automatically dim when driving at night and another vehicle is coming toward you. I have a rear backup camera. Warning lights and sound if you are too close to another vehicle. So many other great features on my car.

- Sherry K

The car has AUX reliable and has Bluetooth also the key don does not work either.

The car kept shutting off but it needed a new battery, it is a pretty good no real problems but not my personal favorite because of its big body & I like a smaller frame kind of car. Also it didn't have any special features like heated seat of anything like that. It is comfortable to sleep in though and very spacious in the back seat.

- Princess R

The best part about the Dodge charger sat is the axel and handling of the car.

I love my Dodge charger sat. I prefer an older 2011 model due to the fact that all the models run through gas pretty quickly. A plus of having an older model is it can receive service parts within a week. Overall the car runs smooth and has a great axel system for safe turns and braking. I'd recommend this car for any novice driver.

- Nasser B

Family friendly Dodge charger.

Wastes gas fast. But other than that it is very comfortable. Family friendly 7 month old infant loves it and looks very comfortable. Performance is great goes fast when you need it to very reliable. Has seat warmers cup warmers which comes in handy. Also has Bluetooth to connect your smartphone hands free calling.

- Liz P

The little engine that thought it could.

He’s frequent suspension issues and poor gas mileage and cylinder misfires after a full tune up. The was has electrical problems to where the radio controls stop working and the display screen turns completely black. Trunk light only works when it wanton to and the ac will stop blowing cold from time to time.

- Dorian L

It is very spacious and looks really good on the road and in my driveway!

I love the space in the car. We are a tall family, and we never have to complain about not having enough leg room. I also love the dash, it is digital and very appealing. The dual sided air conditioner is one of my favorite things the car has to offer. I also love the look of the tail lights.

- Bee D

Dodge caliber the most amazing car ever.

The Dodge caliber is a great car. Best car I have ever owned. Great gas mileage. The only thing I do not like about the car is that it drags now and then. It a hatchback and you can put a lot in it. Nice interior. Very good car. When I have to get a different car it will be the same kind.

- Candace P

It is a nice color. It is sporty.

This vehicle comes with various electrical issues. So far I have had to replace multiple components in the engine. When the battery dies the key is useless, you cannot even open the trunk. It is a cute sporty vehicle but it is not worth the hassle. This is a love hate relationship.

- Nicole H

It is very roomie does very well on gas.

The radiator there been no problems I love this vehicle it is been very reliable however I have had to replace the thermostat it does well in New England it is great 4 everyone in my commute I would like it if it had jet I have to go to buy engines and could fly.

- Gustave D

Fun, fast reliable. Sports car.

Its a 2011 Dodge charger, its got great engine, drives fast. Reliable. Gas mileage is a little much, but it's worth it. Comfortable, nice radio, speakers. Ac and heat work great. Nice trunk space. Good room for passengers. Fun, gets people looking. Fast.

- Trent H

Very powerful 5. 7 liter hemi motor.

It is a very smooth ride. Has good acceleration and handling. Very spacious on inside sleek look on outside. Has a very strong 5. 7 liter hemi engine with plenty of horsepower. It has a 8 in factory touch screen with very easy controls. Overall 8 out of 10 car.

- Russell H

That even though it might not be the kind of car that you do not like, it is something that i like and something that i enjoy driving.

It is a great vehicle that gets me everywhere i need to go. It is a good car that gets looks wherever i go. It is reliable and has not had any major problems at all. Only thing i do not like is that it did not come with all the features that i wanted.

- Angel M

I really love the look of the vehicle. The Dodge Charger looks like a modern and cool sports car, while providing the space and the comfort of a 4 door sedan

The comfort features are great. The heated seats and the seats itself are very comfortable and nice for long journeys. However, I have had many recalls on the vehicle that have forced me to get it checked out and replace parts too often.

- Rachel G

Sporty look beastly looking if you like to drive fast.

Reliable comfortable sporty easy to handle handles well in the winter durable has a great sound system with a 8in radio have had it three years now and have not had to replace anything but a windshield and tires every year and half.

- Kayla E

Combines muscle/sports care visuals and performance with practical advantages like all wheel drive and comfortable seating for 4 to 5 people.

Overall I am very satisfied with my Dodge Charger RT. I chose it because it offers great style and performance while also offering practical advantages such as a roomy back seating area, bluetooth, and all wheel drive.

- Gregory W

The color most important. Got to have a nice wet.

Complaints here all is good needs a little work on materials but otherwise all is well. I like the way the body look. Headlight your nice. I love a two-door sports car. The hellcat is the best one.

- Selena H

It has been a reliable and safe car I have had for a very long time, and I really enjoy driving it.

I really always liked the style of the charger. It drives really well, and is comfortable. I wish it was a little better on gas mileage, and I feel I have put quite a bit of money into repairs.

- Dan M

The is economy and have a big capacity for any works job.

The Dodge can be the best car if you need any part of it you can have it any where is a comfortable car and run really good I can see other people to buy it for my is my baby.

- Johanna B

It's a dependable and reliable vehicle and I would recommend this type of car to anyone. I bought it as a used car.

My vehicle, a 2011 dodge charger, is excellent. I love my car. Its dependable, reliable and I have had it for 3 years now and I haven't had any problems with it.

- Chasity A

it runs great and I feel great in it.

it's a nice blue 2011 dodge charger. The eye catcher, with nice rims and a great stereo system. Nice tints but could use a new paint job because of a few dents.

- Kimberly S

The larger Charger my dream

I purchased my dream car in April of 2018, love love love it. Its fully loaded with every option the dodge charger can have, I could ask for a better car!

- Kim W

There have been several recalls and you should address them asap.

I like the color, the style, the space inside and trunk size. I dislike that because I have a bright color, I think cops pay more attention to me/my car.

- Ivette A

It is very easy to handle.

It is my first car and I love it! There is really nothing to complain about. The previous owner took wonderful care of it and I haven't had any trouble!

- Lizzie B

It's a sporty car but still great if you have children.

I like that my car is roomy yet sporty. I wish that it had more features like backup camera, navigation, and bluetooth. I love the color of my paint.

- Amanda P

Very sporty and reliable. Get to your destination on time and in style.

Seats and AC are very comfortable. Acceleration and top speed with the V8 is remarkable. No major issues. Great value for the price paid.

- David L

If you are looking for a stylish, sporty, car that also offers good gas mileage, this is the one for you. Powerful and practical.

My car has great acceleration. Smooth ride. Low road noise. Plenty of interior room in both front and back. No complaints at all.

- Christine S

Do not buy the Dodge charger unless it is a supercharged v8.

The car has more problems than you would expect. The oil cooler horse bad, the suspension goes out on you, it is bad on gas.

- Dorian C

It has great mileage and low maintenance! Despite the recalls.

Problems with the suspension and multiple recalls on the alternator and other things! Comfortable ride. Fast and reliable.

- Antonio W

It drives well and is comfortable with lots of room

I don't like the rear wheel drive. Mostly I do like my car. It has been very reliable and I have put a lot of miles on it

- Shannon F

It's a great car that is very comfortable to ride in.

I like the room and power it has. The way it handles and the comfort of the ride. Also I like how big the sunroof is.

- Sean B

It is a black Dodge Charger that is very safe and handles beautifully.

It is a black Dodge Charger. It has 46000 miles on it. I love the way it drives and handles. It is a luxury to me.

- Johanna W

Dependable, smooth ride, powerful.

Smooth ride, stylish exterior and interior, power, quiet ride.... Not gas efficient, many recalls on various parts.

- Sam B

It lasts and is a quality vehicle. Large enough for a family and still great for everyday life

It has a lot of reamd that is concerning. I love the styling of the car. The price point is very affordable

- Krista I

Dodge Charger all white 2011 model review

this car is nice looks very sharp, makes people think I drive a cop car, good on gas, it runs very smoothly

- rene l

It's American made and goes fast. Also I can haul about 50 kilos.

I like the dodge brand. I like the smooth ride. The parts are easy to find. I get compliments.

- David D

It's loved very much by everyone and it is also really great on gas

I like the seating I like the back seats own air controls. Has cruise control and bluetooth

- Amber W

It's a smooth riding car, that is easy to handle, and it's pretty fast.

I love my vehicle. It rides smooth and is easy to handle. It is bad on gas though.

- Jasmine W

Get out of my way it's fast and will take a better any day

Love the size the comfort the features and it's a Hemi, don't like the stiff ride

- Jeff R

The car hasnt given me any problems. Its my second charger its amazing. I feel safe driving around in it especially now that i have a baby

Its drives smoothly. I haven't had any problems with it

- Kaaaaa G