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It is a push to start, so it is not traditional.

It rides really smooth, it feels like floating sometimes. The acoustics are something you cannot even imagine, windows up or windows down blast your favorite song and you'll be jamming all the way! Also the windows are perfect for people with children they're soundproof so when that loud scary fire truck rides by, your perfect little bundle of joy can sleep right through. The heating and a. C. System is pretty amazing, in the winter you can forget it is cold, and when it is summer you can forget it is hot. The vehicle is also very spacious. I have two children and they always want to bring along as much as they can fit, the trunk fits stroller, pack-n-play, bookbags, and that is with space left over. If you are thinking about getting a car & not quite sure which way to go, the Charger is a great choice, for a starter car or just looking for something new. Look into it:).

- Deja J

Sporty, sleek makes me feel young.

I purchased my car brand new. I've owned it for 6 years. I love everything about it. I have not had to put any large amounts of money to fix anything. New tires and basic care. Good gas mileage in town and on the freeway. Drives smooth and quiet. It has power as well and can go fast quickly. It looks and feels sporty. It has 4 doors which is nice with kids and family. Interior is nice, seats are comfortable and adjust in many ways. Back seat is roomy. Trunk is huge, this is nice for trips and grocery shopping. Overall I truly enjoy my charger and have no intentions are getting anything else.

- Shanna L

Love the seat warmers and radio

Drives like a sports car and Cadillac in one vehicle. Has heated and chilled cup holders and a great sound system and Bluetooth microphone. Very comfortable and easy to drive. The navigation system is one of the best I have seen. I get around 40 mph on the freeways. The car is sporty and fast. It gets great gas mileage. It looks sharp and it is reliable. I have had a glitch with the lights. Sometimes the auto on quits working for a couple days. Then randomly it starts working again.

- Lisa G

Great family and single vehicle.

The car is excellent. It has great audio features for listening to music and easy touch screen features to change the settings. It does take time to set up Bluetooth capabilities which can be frustrating at times. It also does take time for the defrosting features to work. However having heated seats work great and love having it on both sides of the car. It does have good gas mileage but I feel it could be better. Haven't had too many technical issues to bring up right now.

- Kathryn B

Older people like the Dodge charger for comfort. Plus they look sharp!

The Dodge charger is a phenomenal vehicle. It's not just for the young crowd. It has plenty of room in the front and back seats. We got one with adaptive cruise control, power windows, door locks, sunroof, dr dre sound system, heated and cooled seats and cup holders in the front with heated seats in the rear. The car has excellent pickup and the cruise control keeps it steady. I've had many people move out of my way on the highway because they thought I was a state trooper.

- RHonda S

Great body style and has mileage.

There have been several recalls for this vehicle, air bags, alternator, ABS system, powertrain control module and the Jack system. Parts for some recalls took months to come in and so other problems came up. The car is noisy so the radio has to be played at a higher volume. Air conditioner should have more or stronger vents. Gas mileage is good, body style is great. Dodge is the only brand that has innovative styling, all other cars you can't tell apart on the road.

- Carol H

Nice interior look. Spacious car, perfect. Fast packs a punch in the motor.

My vehicle is a 2012 Dodge charger. Its very spacious and is really a perfect combination of family vehicle and a sport vehicle. Its a large 4 door muscle car and it's definitely fun as it packs a little under 300 horsepower. Depending on what model you get it has really nice interior features such as leather seats, nice dash, and also has cup holders that control the temperature! Dodge really did an amazing job with this car and I would recommend it 100%.

- Bryan G

Black, fast, muscle car, big build, graceful.

Overall the car really runs great. The car sounds like a race car even though it is just standard. Everything is good on it except a few small minor issues. It drives fast but not always too smooth sometimes it makes a noise when it is making a stop. All the light on the car are bright and completely functional, I like that the lights on the car are white and not yellow. It looks better and it also help me personally see better at night.

- James W

The 2012 dodge charger sxt is a great vehicle for the safety minded consumers.

The car gets great fuel mileage with the v6 engine and 8 speed transmission. The front suspension components seem to be the weak link in the vehicles reliably. At 125,000 miles, I've had to replace most of the front suspension components. Remote start is a great feature to have in both summer, and winter. The vehicle also has great crash test ratings, which makes me feel safe transporting my children in it.

- Shawn C

Awesome, reliable, comfortable ride.

I have owned my 2012 Dodge Charger SE since 2013. The only issues I have had with the vehicle have all been manufacture recalls. The one specific recall was for the alternator which they replaced. The car is spacious and a comfortable ride. It has been very reliable and hasn't had any major issues in the whole time I've owned it. I would highly recommend a Dodge Charger if you're looking for a large sedan.

- Alyssa F

If your looking for a reliable car, try a 2012 Dodge Charger.

I bought my used 2012 Dodge Charger in 2013. I needed a car that was big because my brother is 6'5 350. It has held up really well for me. I get the oil changed when the light comes on and regular maintenance when something comes up to do so. If your looking for a comfortable and reliable car, I definitely recommend the 2012 Dodge Charger. I also get it washed and vacuumed, regularly.

- Joanne M

2012 Dodge charger rt review.

The car is super comfortable on the inside with leather interior and heated seats. The speaker system is fantastic! As for the performance of the car it is really fast and a fun ride. I have had the car for 2. 5 years and I have had to replace the radiator and water pump, alternator, and back bumper (accident related). The only thing I do not like about the car is the gas mileage.

- Sierra F

The perfect silver Dodge Charger 2012.

When I first got my car it was a used car and it was running perfectly fine. I love big cars so to me it was a smooth ride. I would say after driving into the city of Atlanta a couple of times the wear of my tires went down so I kept getting flat tires over any little pot whole or bump. But aside from that the inside was very spacious and clean. Very good speakers as well.

- Kayla R

The Dodge Charger is an extremely comfortable and smooth ride.

It's a very smooth ride, I like the fact that it feels like I'm gliding across the road. Also, it's very spacious and leaves a lot of room for storage or company to ride along. It's could use an improvement to the handling, it's very heavy in turns and in the rain I need to be extra careful. Also, the gas mileage is poor, I wish it was more efficient on fuel usage.

- Michael W

Driving the dodge charger.

My charger is a very nice car, it has leather seats for all 4 seats, it's a 4 door sedan with a v8 engine and a hemi. It's very reliable, I've owned it for 3 years and have never had any problems. It has heated and cooled seats and heated steering wheel. It has a touch screen entertainment center. The charger has a lot of legroom and is a comfortable drive.

- Colt L

The motor and the low mileage

The only issue I have with this car is the Bluetooth is so old and my phone is so new it does not connect to the car nor does my phone sync with a cable. It has a lot of recalls and I have to take it in all the time. The eco boost on the car helps with gas. It's very spacious to be a car. I have three kids and they all fit and have space to move.

- Alexandra G

My average car is just about average.

Since 2012 I've had 5 recalls on my car. I like my car and the technology provided in my car. The push start feature is very useful but can be a problem. There have been times where I left my remote behind and could not start my car. My windows have begun to malfunction, windshield fluid has stopped working, and some sensors have malfunctioned.

- Mario J

2012 Dodge Charger SE is a great family vehicle!

I love my charger. The only issue I have had is a lifter sound coming from the engine. The seats are comfortable and there is plenty of room. The dash is a little high, but as long as you push the seat up you are fine. It has cruise control, automatic windows and locks, and plenty of storage space in the trunk. All in all this is a great car!

- Chelsea D

i live in a hot climate, but my car is never hot. It has never overheated. in the winter i am not cold.The drive is always very smooth.

my favorite thing about my car is the amazing deal I got on it. The dealership i went to made it all very easy and they even helped me with the insurance. I feel good when driving this car, I think it makes me look tough! and I also like that I have had no problems outside of getting oil changes.I Wish my car was able to use bluetooth

- nikkie a

Great car but has a few kinks that just don't seem to get fixed.

My Charger is in great shape but it was used for Uber and has high mileage (about 135,000). It runs great but there is a problem with the airbag sensor. The light comes on and off a lot. Also the windshield wiper motor makes a weird sound sometimes. I've taken it to the shop to be fixed many times but it always happens again.

- Pam S

Charging down the highway.

I love the look for the Charger. It handles great in dry or damp conditions but the rwd is horrible in snowy or icy conditions. Love the acceleration, especially when getting onto a highway or tollway. Like that it is got 4 doors and has what I needed at the time. Wishing to completely change now to a truck or SUV.

- Michael R

Good gas mileage, powerful, sports car where you can go crazy with your family.

Dodge Charger is a very smooth powerful sports car that can fit a family easily. It has a great performance with good gas mileage compared to the other sports cars. It is a very good looking car that has many features to maintain a good comfortable ride. AUX cord, high quality speakers and comfortable seats.

- Nadia K

My vehicle is a really good car that you can drive with comfort.

I bought my vehicle 2 yrs ago and it has been a good car. I only have changed the oil and tires of my car but apart from that I have not had any problems with the car. This car is very good to drive and has the ac is very good. I do recommend this car to everyone because it is a car that you can depend on.

- Erica M

2012 White RT charger Hemi Engine 5.7 cylinder

It's a 2012 with only 1 previous owner. Runs great. No issues with performance as long as you maintenance it regularly (3000 miles or so) love the leather seats with heating and cooling. I love that it's enough spots to charge phone both front and back. Bluetooth capabilities and GPS! Overall great vehicle

- Samantha J

I love the body style of my vehicle.

Great performance. Reliable. Great on gas. Love the looks. Love the color. Great interior. Safe ride for my child. Stylish. Great stereo system. Ac and heater work great. Trunk size is perfect. I have paid off this car and definitely getting into the newest model, that is how much I love the Dodge Charger.

- Jessica Z

My experience with a 2012 dodge charger in 2018.

Dodge charger rt is nice car. It has the power of a true v8 comfortable to ride. I only had my car got a year used I have a few issues that should of been address from the used dealership like radiator problem, overheating and suspension problem. Overall I love the car it has the muscle look monster roar.

- Christopher G

My opinion about the dodge charger

For men over 6ft the passenger side might be a little too snug to get into. If you are a do it yourselfer, to change the spark plugs, will be difficult to do, you have to really take apart the part of the motor. Other than that it's pretty good!! I would buy it again if I had the chance but newer version.

- George J

Phenomenally incredible machinery

Great performance, okay on gas. Really comfortable and spacious. Very reliable. Touch screen on inside. It has tinted windows, 24 inch rims, big trunk, push to start. There is a aux access to play your personal music, all seats are comfortable. The speaker inserted are good quality and have a great sound

- Ronald R

The car that gets you places

I absolutely love my Dodge Charger. I knew I wanted one and I bought it with a bunch of money that I saved up. It has gotten me to places I needed to go without any trouble. It's extremely reliable and I've never had to put it in the shop. Dodge is definitely the best. I recommend the charger to anyone.

- Lauren B

Lots of room and a few recalls.

Several recalls on the vehicle. One solution was providing a block for parking dumb solution. Runs great and gets up to speed nicely. Great for cruising. Downside is when door is open it swings shut. Love the interior. Lots of legroom in the back for adult passengers. Kids feel cool sitting in the car.

- Heidi Z

Great performance, great looking.

Great vehicle, good ride. Love the look, I get a lot of compliments about my car. Has great power but not too much. This vehicle has been very reliable and a lot of fun to drive. It get good gas mileage for a sportier type of vehicle. This is my first Dodge and I will be very likely to buy Dodge again.

- Cory B

Know that the brand of the car is good. It came from a good company.

The car runs very good. The car drives very good. The car is very comfortable. The car is very fast. Everything about the car is great. The body shape of the car is lovely. The color of the car is nice looking, the only bad thing is that the car will take up to about $55 to fill up the whole gas tank.

- Shay B

2012 silver dodge charger SE cant wait for the 2020 charger to come out.

great performance and very reliable so far. Lot of room for my long legs even with family in the back seat. Very good on gas on the highway I drive 40 miles a day and fill up once a week. Only problem was there was a lot of recalls one that cause the car to cut off but was quickly fixed and notified.

- andre T

Strong, reliable & entertaining.

Dodge has made another classic: the charger. The charger sxt is a muscular vehicle that allows for smooth handling and excellent traction. In the seven years owned, I have not experienced any major issues. I keep up with the oil changes and maintenance and the car keeps running like a blessing.

- Christen B

In love with my Dodge srt8 hemi 2012 charger. Super recommend will not regret it!

I barely got my srt8 hemi 2012 charger 2 weeks ago, but until now I been loving it and no problems yet. It is really comfortable and it is well equipped with navigation system (which I have never had in any of my past cars) it is really smooth while driving it, I wouldn't trade it for anything!

- Carina R

Dodge charger summary review.

I love my charger. The back is roomy for children. I love the big touch screen. My car has heated seats. I have had no problems with my car. I do not like that it is so low to the ground. The seats are very comfortable and plush. I have beats by dre speakers in the car. The trunk space is huge.

- Victoria H

The charger ensures that I have that sports car feeling with the safety.

I have had my charger for 7 years. I have never had any issues with this car. It is very reliable. I like that the back seat is very roomy- I use this car to take my daughters all over. I love that is a roomy enough for them and cool for me! I always feel safe because I have never had issues.

- Cristina C

Dodge chargers on one of the grape vehicles they're fast there fun to drive.

Dodge chargers are the great car they're very fast they're good on gas you can lock it while I'll let warm up and you do not have to worry about locking your keys in there because it would let you know your keys are in there if you ever forgot them. Is a fun car to have during the summer.

- Sabah A

My Cohort, my Comfort, my Charger

I haven't had any major issues. Just the regular maintaining of the vehicle such as oil changes & tire rotation. My car runs and drives like a dream. Performance is excellent, I have no complaints. Gas mileage is definitely a perk for me, being that I do a lot of driving with my job.

- Nadine P

Bright red and beats audio: my dream car

It drives very smoothly on the road, very easy to shift. Sound system is fantastic. Engine is soft and smooth sounding. Gains speed quickly and easily. I would strongly recommend this car to anyone who enjoys luxury/more sport like cars. It's fantastic to drive and always looks fantastic.

- Calliope H

I love the color. It has done good thus far but I think it time for a new one

My car does not have Bluetooth. The performance could be better. The transmission went out. Replaced the water pump, and starter went out. I love the car I have had it for about 6 years now and it have over 200k miles. At this point I am not comfortable with the car and it's capabilities

- Courtney D

All around great car. Would buy another

Cup holders go out the radio can be a bit picky. All around I love this car this car can be pretty mean. Make sure you keep regular maintenance done on the car will last you awhile I've only had to replace 3 engine parts within a year..This car was a great purchase for me and my husband

- Megan S

Good looking, smooth riding and dependable.

I have had my car for 5 years. I have not had and major issues. Just bought my second set of tires last month. I towed it to California and drove back. It was a great trip. Only gas fill-ups. I love my car. It is smooth riding with enough power to make you feel able to handle anything.

- Kathleen B

The title of my review would be the dodge charger sedan has good body lines.

The problems that the Dodge Charger has is that the car has problems with dashboard lights coming at will like the airbag light with has bad wiring. The TPI sensor for the rims go bad. There are the issues with the window control system on the doors will not allow windows to go up.

- Martin R

24in rims black leather interior black paint job black rims.

I have no problem with my vehicle, everything works good, car runs good, well maintained, new tires, radio system, ac & heat work, black interior black paint job, 24in rims, buy it from carmax dealership price was 17, 000, car has 85 mi on it & counting, reliable car has no issues.

- Derrick W

The Charger is a nice size. Heavy weight but moves quickly.

The Dodge Charger is wonderful. It is a good family car and classic. I like the way it drives, it's very smooth. It gets great mileage and has a very large trunk space and wide back seats. It's very spacious in this week and of course space gets up to 75 miles an hour very quickly.

- L O

Great control, very fast, and super comfortable. Great if you like cool cars.

It's a great car. It runs well and is comfortable. It's spacious and has comfortable seats. Has many awesome features like heated or chilled cup holders and heated or air conditioned seats. Navigation and Bluetooth unavailable. Lots of control when steering and has back up cameras.

- Jubilee C

2012 Dodge Charger RT Road and Track

Great car with wonderful features and performance. 2012 and it still turns heads in 2019. UConnect is a bit slow to connect Bluetooth but no complaints other than that and gas mileage but it's a hemi so it's to be expected. Overall great car and will upgrade to new body style soon

- Don D

I love this car! 2012 Dodge charger.

Great car love the roominess and the fact that the speedometer goes past 160 mpg.. Its quick and handles great I feel like I am driving the batmobile it has muscles speed and I do not need a hemi! It's the nicest car I have ever had and I plan on buying a new one after this one.

- Patricia M

Great car for the price you pay

Comfortable, roomy, nice riding only problems are several recalls minor ones Was able to purchased bumper to bumper lifetime warranty which has been handy had issues with conditioner needed a new blower. Very dependable vehicle never had any issues of breaking down on me.

- Donna P

Highly recommend this car.

This vehicle is very comfortable. I didn't think a car like this would be, but its great!! Drove it to Mississippi and was comfortable all the way there! I have had absolutely no problems with this car. Very reliable!! Not just a sports car. Very nice family car as well.

- Kelsey P

Journeys in our Journey: this car has survived a lot

It is a smooth drive with only a few electrical issues. We have been in two wrecks with this car and it still works. It drives long distances for road trips well and has a decent amount of space for two in the back as well as luggage. It makes for a great family-mobile.

- Katie O

Speed racer. With many underlying issues. Need to come as a convertible

Body style nice features are a bit outdated color dull. High maintenance, and uses a lot of gas. Lights are always coming on. Size is good trunk space is Hugh push start tends to not work at times. Not a car that I would invest in again always work is needed to be done

- Jess J

Fast, nice color , dependable

My car is very great on gas, runs smoothly, it go fast when you need it too. Sometimes too fast, The seating of the car is great very comfortable spaced, not enough room for a lot of kids. Very cool features, special lights, movement of seats on air and heat

- Michelle F

Nothing really just the standard dodge charger

No problems, great car.. just need a family car. I got the car in 2012 when it first can out. My granny paid cash for it. The charger was a graduation gift to me from my mom and granny. It's white exterior and black interior. Everything works and runs great.

- Justin A

Highlights at its best with a great car.

Vehicle drives great, love that it is a hemi, great price when bought, rides great on the road, sensors act up from time to time but nothing that cannot be fixed, gas last longer, love tinted windows, and the color of my car is white and it's called ghost.

- Renee O

Awesome in the snow and great color.

I like my vehicle. It is comfortable. Although it is not very spacious but we have a car seat in the back. The gas mileage is not great but it is decent. It is a good vehicle in the snow. It is easy to clean. I like the color it is darker and I like that.

- Lacey K

Super fast and cool charger.

Performance is acceptable considering it is for school and work. Very reliable for what I need it to. Very comfortable with heated seats and enough cushion. Features make the vehicle more enjoyable, surprisingly easy to foster camaraderie with passengers.

- Ashley S

2012 Dodge Charger Benefits

I've really enjoyed driving my Dodge Charger. I like the performance it gives without having a V8 engine. I love having the leather seats as well as the heated and cooled cup holders! Heated seats in the front and back are always a bonus in the winter!

- Ethan C

2012 Dodge Charger SE there is nothing interesting about the car.

My vehicle has had several problems from the first day. The radios in dodge chargers are horrible they cut in and out all the time. The LED signal lights are over $200.00 to get a bulb replaced if they go out. Fuses blow out all the time over and over.

- Devin K

Dodge's 4th Generation Charger SXT

The 2012 Dodge Charger SXT has a 3.5 exhaust intake, dual tail pipes, and auto windows and in-dash AV system included. Center console attachment adds convenience in everyday storage, and goes 0-60 in 5.5 seconds.

- Edmund A

It has very touchy breaks, so drive carefully and don't slam the breaks.

I don't have very many vehicle problems. The only thing that I would suggest as a problem would be the a/c. The reason is because I wish it started faster so I can instantly get hot or cold air.

- Chris T

This is a truly fun car to drive! Looks good, handles great, economical...

Love my Charger because it is sporty yet still has plenty of room, great performance, very few problems; handles like a sports car, yet trunk still has space for groceries and hockey equipment

- Teresa S

Very fun to drive would recommend to others make sure to go with the larger engine

It's is a great car only issue I've had has been to replace the starter but other then that does great in the snow with awd and a big fan of the hemi really enjoy all the technology in there

- Edwin G

The size of the Dodge Charger and its fuel efficiency.

It's a really great car. It maneuver really great you cannot hear any outside noises. The seats are very comfortable and enough leg room. The Dodge Charger is a wonderful family car.

- Christine S

Dodge Charger is the best car in the world.

This car is super reliable. It's the perfect size for me, and has few problems. It has comfy seats, a good radio, and even has a place for back passengers to charge their phone.

- Kristen R

My car is good on gas and very fast. Doesn't do that well in the snow, wish the car sat up a little higher.

I like the sporty style the charger displays. The lights and the leg room that it provides for individuals with long legs. The ride is smooth and acceleration is barely notice.

- Khadija H

It's comfortable for long distances with 2 or 3 of you buddies.

I like the keyless start and door locks. It has good gas mileage for the type of car that it is. And I really enjoy the trunk space, it is quite large compared to other cars.

- William A

The car is economic. It saves up gas.

I like the speed. Once you step on the gas pedal, it drives right away. It is a really comfortable car for the family. Even for long trips as well. Really beautiful.

- Karla V

That my car have very high speed and it is so pretty i love my car

I pretty much love my vehicle because it get me where I have to go and ride smooth and it looks so beautiful what I hate about my car is that it only can go so fast

- Tristan S

My srt is a phenomenal ride. Has over 500 hp engine that is pure adrenaline.

The gear shift knob is not welded securely and will break off. Was able to fix this with pvc pipe and hose clamp as the price to fix at the dealership is sky high.

- Curt D

Very comfortable ride lots of room.

I love my car its an se. . . Very comfortable and fun to drive! My speedometer reads 160 mph not bad for a 6 cylinder! May not have a hemi but its quick as hell.

- Patti M

this car is a really good car and very fast. i really wanted to tell my friends to purchase kind of vehicle.

i love my dodge charger , it runs really fast and i don't have any problem on it. i'm planning to get another one but its same car and i wanted the model 2017..

- Sales S

The price is very fair and you will not regret your decision.

I love my car and everything about it. It is nice on the inside and out the gas mileage is great and it is just a smooth open road ride very tight on corners.

- Chris M

It looks great. Also it's smooth to drive and goes well in the snow. Prefer to drive it because I can talk hands free also.

Sporty and fast with a unique color. Everyone thinks I'm a police car when on highway. Too many recalls that I think we will think about replacement soon.

- Sandra N

It's very easy to go too fast. You have to really watch the speedometer until you get used to it.

I love my charger. It has power and is fun to drive. It's also a family type car because it has four doors (the only sports car that does).

- LeAnne C

One of the most important things others should know about my car is it is an automatic start with a push of the button it won't start if the keys aren't within a certain perimeter of the vehicle.

I love the interior and exterior of my Charger. I like the gas mileage this car gets. I don't really have any complaints about my vehicle.

- Candice M

It is so dependable. I really love the brand and the car. I will just buy another one in the future because I have loved it so much.

I love my car. I will probably just buy another charger when I need a new car because it is so dependable and great. I love it so much.

- Todd M

2012 Dodge Charger - Reliable Performance

Extremely reliable and one of the most dependable vehicles I have ever owned. For the power, it actually gets really good gas mileage.

- Carol W

This is the best car I have ever owned.

It is been a very good car no major problems at all just basics brake changes oil changes I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Michelle H

Allows use of alternative fuel.

Like- automatic, get to speed quickly, look.. Dislike-within 1 year had many recalls, sensor issues, computer upgrades needed.

- Laura E

My white 2012 Dodge Charger is a dream to drive.

It is great to look at and handles weather well. It has a hemi engine. the performance is outstanding and is very comfortable.

- Jodi R

The gas mileage is great.

My Dodge Charger is reliable, modern, and safe. I like the roominess and excellent gas mileage. The design is very appealing.

- Mariah C

If you are looking for a car with great performance and lots of space you should get a dodge charger

I love the size of the car. It gets good gas mileage and also performs very well. It handles pretty good I'm the winter too.

- Larry L

Dodge charger srt8 super bee -- fun to drive and very fast.

It is fast comfortable and does eat up some gas it is generally reliable but can be expensive in repairs and maintenance.

- Dean C

Its fast and drives smooth.

I love the size. I love the color. I like the interior. It is roomy and isn't all cramped up because I am a big girl.

- Danielle M

It is safe, reliable and a good small family car.

I like the smooth driving. I like the body style. I do not like the gas mileage. I do not like the front wheel drive.

- Antonio V

The most important thing would be the power and versatility of the engine

I love how it looks, I love the power of the hemi. It gets decent gas mileage and has plenty of space for passengers

- kristen c

It is a safe car and it is roomy.

It is a nice car. It is good for durability and safety. It has four doors and airbags. I have no dislike of the car.

- Julie M

It is very impressive looking. It has great lines and power.

I like that it has a lot of power. It can accelerate well and has a deep rumble. It doesn't get the best gas money.

- Raymond A

It is a dodge and it is awesome.

Solid built, rear wheel drive. No complaints at all. Very reliable. Drives great. Nice interior. Very comfortable.

- Frank P

It is very reliable and have not had any major repairs

I have not had any problems. The car has been nothing but reliable. I has been a great car. I would recommend.

- Chris B

I can say the way it takes off once you speed up.

I love everything about my car, the smooth drive the way it speeds the space inside is amazing for being a car.

- Jennifer R

It is a safe reliable vehicle.

I love the power the car has, the color and the type. I dislike the stereo that does not have Bluetooth or gps.

- Mike J

Great Car, Great looking!

Very reliable, great gas mileage. I get a lot of compliments about the way my Charger looks. Great performance

- Cory B

Dodge charger common problems.

Transmission and passenger window motor went out after first four years, besides that everything works great.

- Anthony D

The push to start feature is the best.

The car a little too large for my liking but it is spacious on the inside for my children to sit comfortably.

- Tiandra C

Great Car to purchase. Low maintenance

Great car. It runs smoothly and after 6 years, just now replacing the battery. It came standard with Sirius.

- Sonja R

Sporty sedan for the family with aggressive lines and styles

For a sedan it's very sporty. Like my year the newer styles ruined the headlight aggressive look

- Terry C

it's a great car, fun to drive and really comfortable

I love it's really comfortable, it has a great engine, is really fun to drive, no complains

- Marissa G

It's navigation system and smooth driving.

I like how it looks. I also the bed nice speakers in the car. I don't like the seats.

- Dylan G

It's a car with plenty of room, handles and rides well. Gas mileage is good

drives and rides well. plenty of room on the inside can't really think of a dislike

- Sue K

Nice look for s sedan. Get the hemi if you do

It's cool but like challengers better. ChaRger is a nice sedan. Looks sporty.

- Terry N

It is very reliable and dependable. I think Dodge makes a great car

I like it because it is dependable. I also like it because it is powerful.

- Mike J

It Has Great Speed. Also The Structure And Build Is Amazing. It Lasted Over 4 Years. The Maintenance Is Very Expensive

Keep Up All The Maintenance On Your Vehicle And Treat It Responsibly

- Adriane E

Nothing, it's absolutely amazing everything about it

Vehicle gets me from point A to point B. Very pleased and turns well

- Dana F

Great on gas. Great looking car. rides smooth

great on gas, power to pick up speed when needed, drives smooth

- Hilda R

It is a very fast car. So when accelerating its important to not give it your all.

I like that it high performance. It run very smooth.

- tiv r

Would purchase dodge vehicles again

Mostly love it, just a couple minor things

- Jen W