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2013 Dodge charger: reliable and affordable.

This Dodge charger is very spacious and beats any car I have been in as far as being comfortable. This car is reliable and runs great. This car occasionally has a few problems but what car does not? I love the features my car has. It has heated seats for when it is cold outside, and the passenger side has access to their own vent so they can change the temperature for them without making changes for the drivers temperature. This car also has a touch screen and satellite radio ready inside of it. The backseat is spacious for backseat riders and it has good legroom for both the backseat as well as the passenger. This car is all around reliable, in terms of getting you from point A to point B and to being the go to car for comfortability.

- Joseph M

I love my Dodge Charger car.

I have had this vehicle for over 5 years. . . I've been the only owner. . . Got it fresh of the lot. . . I have never encountered any problems with this vehicle so far. . . I love driving it everywhere! I never get tired of my car! My car is as good as it was the first day I bought it. . . There were several recalls on this vehicle but good s new! I recommend to anyone and everyone on their purchase of a Dodge Charger! You won't be disappointed! I love my Dodge Charger and you will love yours too!

- Amanda L

Overall a great vehicle and good on gas

It is very dependable and not hard to keep up the maintenance nor expensive to do so. We use it for everyday use and traveling and have found it to be great on gas and love the speed. Not a loud vehicle sometimes you can't hear it running I love that. Starting to experience some problem with the ac making a strange noise but I'm sure it will be fine once we get it checked out and fixed.

- Keshwana D

Amazing Dodge Charger 2013!

I love my car I have had it for about 2 years now and the biggest problem I have had is it takes a lot of gas. I have to refill it often but no more than any other car I have had. I do plan on buying newer model of the Dodge Charger soon but for now this car is my baby. I love the leather interior, I love how it drives and I love that my paint job is amazing in all weather conditions.

- Nancy F

The Dodge Charger is a comfortable, powerful performance car that you can enjoy every day.

The Dodge Charger is a great car overall. It has enough power to get you out of trouble if you need it, even in the 6 cylinder engines. The interior is roomy, comfortable for 4-5 people and good to drive back and forth to work or school. The car itself is a little low to the ground for me, I would love it if it were higher or offered in a SUV model.

- Barbara F

Consumers sure know that the performance and reliability is excellent.

I have had my Dodge Charger for 3yrs. I like the way the Dodge combine sporty and luxury all in one with the Charger. I haven't experience any major problems with my vehicle but I am one for getting all of my work done a the Dodge's dealership. The Dodge Charger is roomy, comfortable, and reliable. I am considering on upgrading to 2019 next year.

- Patricia S

Best fast and sporty car ever. If you like style, get you a dodge charger.

Key fob goes dead quick. My car is very fast. Haven't had any mechanical issues since I brought it. It's very spacious. The only thing that bothers me is the color of my seats because I have children. Dodge chargers are sports cars and popular. I live to drive it out town because when I first got it the miles were low and it drives smooth.

- Danielle S

Fast, great on fuel, it looks like the Batmobile, its a muscle car, smart car.

I love my car, it drives smooth and great on fuel, I have used it for multiple out of town trips and it got me from point A to B in a breeze! The "economy" mode is great, the moment I am a certain speed, my fuel gauge increases the fuel efficiency on miles so I can drive longer before I have to stop as a gas station.

- Francisco R

2013 Dodge charger, excellent purchase.

My 2013 Dodge charger is the sat model. It has a lot of great features in it and drives very well. It heats up fast in the cold and cools down in the heat. Beautiful car inside and out. I would recommend this car to anyone. It is an exceptional vehicle and they are becoming pretty affordable as they become less new.

- Greg H

Love the many automatic features my vehicle provides.

I really love my Dodge Charger. It's a sturdy, strong vehicle that handles well in all types of weather. I feel safe in it when I am driving. I haven't had a problem with this vehicle. I especially love the rear view mirror dimming and the blind spot alerts on the side mirrors, as well as automatic high beams.

- Michelle H

Review of personal and work (police) vehicles.

My personal vehicle, (2012 Ford Fusion), has had multiple mechanical issues in the 4 years that I have owned it. My work vehicle, 2013 Dodge Charger, is a police vehicle and has held up decently well to the harsh driving required in my profession. It has sustained some mechanical issues due to that though.

- Caleb B

Goes very fast quickly and super fun to drive.

Love the car except for in the winter as it is front wheel drive and horrible in the snow in the winter. Has a lot of power otherwise and a fun car to drive. I would recommend this car to anyone! I had never owned or driven a Dodge before so I was quite happy with test driving this before purchasing it.

- Kari C

Good car just not comfortable for the people in the back.

Really good to fix 8 people. Even though there’s room for eight people, they might not be comfortable. Very short space for leg room. I had one problem where the cars battery died on me for the first week I got it but it was expected because I was used I believe. But other than that it is a good car.

- Sonia S

Great performance and excellent handling.

I love the power and reliability of the Dodge Charger. It has a lot of get up and go and handles like a dream. It is very comfortable and travels well with the family. I love the overall performance and handling of the vehicle, but do wish it was an all wheel drive instead of rear wheel drive vehicle.

- Stephanie M

The best thing about this car is how easy it is to go on long trips and still be comfortable.

I haven't had any problems as of yet. It is a very reliable car, I never have to worry if I will make it back home or not or if it is going to break down on me. I love that the interior is easy to clean, the sound system that came with it was fantastic and over all it is a joy to drive. I love it.

- Destiny w

Transmission replaced, overall good car.

I love the look of my car, interior and exterior. For the most part, I have very little issues with my car. I have had to have a new transmission put in, but after that, I haven't really had any other issues. It is a reliable car and has great gas mileage. It is spacious and that is perfect for me.

- Tessa B

Comfortable, compatible with many, cool and clean feeling. Charger!

No problems great performance eco mode which is great for gas mileage. Comfortable and spacious. Have navigation and backup camera perfect for parking. Everything works great haven't had any problems. The front bumper seems a little low and have ripped off a few times but more then likely my fault.

- Cassandra K

We have a grey model, with tan seats, dashboard, and glove department.

My fiance� has had his car for about 3 years now. He loves it so much, we went on our first date in this car, brought home our first baby. There has never been any problems with the car as long as he has had it. I drive it everywhere. It is a very smooth driving car, plus it is very comfortable!

- Megan B

Dodge charger a car at its best.

I have had issues with the electrical system and the brake system. I get good gas mileage and it's very comfortable for my family size. The reliability of the car is good. It does real good on gas for out of town trips. Besides the minor issues that I have had overall is a very good car to own.

- Stefanie J

In love with my 2013 Dodge charger.

I love my charger! It is sleek but not small. The interior is gorgeous and makes me feel like I am driving a luxury car. So far, I have had no mechanical issues with my vehicle. I wish the gas mileage was a little better, but having this spacious beautiful car in my driveway makes up for that!

- Kelsey B

Love it with some hiccups.

Dodge has quite a few recalls. I bought this car back in Dec 2013 and I am so glad that I did. I had a few issues with the dual temp and the jack does not work well to pick up the vehicle without damaging the undercarriage. Now that I had the car for a while it's just the normal wear and tear.

- Moriah N

The battery is in the trunk under the floor.

It is a good vehicle. It is very comfortable and roomy. Gets good gas mileage. Had only one problem with it. Alternator shorted out but Dodge took care of that as a recall had been issued for it. Over all I like the vehicle. I miss my truck though and I will be getting me another one soon.

- Roy M

Fast and reliable vehicle. Must have fully loaded option.

Very comfortable and reliable. Has a lot of power as it is a v8. As it is an rt is does not handle well in bad weather conditions. My husband and I have in the past purchased other Dodge vehicles such as Dodge RAM and loved it. All vehicles where reliable and we had no mechanical problems.

- Tammy M

Charger, beautiful car with great abilities.

My car has great traction and good control in the weather. It keeps me from feeling as if I am in danger when driving in bad weather. It has good gas mileage. It may not get the best, but it has better mileage than my last car. It also has eco saving options for driving long distances.

- Kennedy M

I love my car I love the speed, power and how safe it is.

I love my vehicle it has been the best one I have. I love everything. The only thing I don't like is that I don't have heated seats, a backup camera. Other than those add on features I love my car. I love the engine and the power is has I love that it is very safe and dependable.

- Nef W

Dodge charger ..Great car

The dodge charger is a great car. Not to small and not big I fit 3 people in the back plus my infant in the car seat. I love that it has small light on the bottom of the doors when you open the doors the turn on. My gas tank fills up with usually $20 and last about a week.

- Andrea C

2013 Dodge charger better than you think.

My vehicle is very reliable. I wish that it was newer but for the age it is running great! The only problem I really have is that my cell phone is too high tech to connect to the Bluetooth. So I want to upgrade the radio system in the car. Other than that the car is great.

- Sloan B

This is a great car for a great price.

I have had no problems with it the 4 years I have owned it. It is great on gas and it is spacious. I have no qualms regarding this vehicle. It can even go forever without an oil change and there is not even one tick in the engine. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone!

- John M

2013 Dodge Charger body style r/t 4 door sedan.

Very dependable. Have over 144, 000 miles. Excellent condition, great gas mileage. Handles the road well. Very satisfied with my car. Have GPS system better that iPhone carplay or android car play. Power features are comfortable for me. Car finish has held up very well.

- Joe D

Fast pretty economic and great value.

I do not have any problems with my beautiful car is great I love it. Is fast and economical do not waste too much gas. Great to travel or go on road trips super comfortable. They are not that expensive but depends on which one you pick it is a great choice by the way.

- Ashley Y

Reliable and efficient always.

Overall a great vehicle, goes very fast and. Gets me where I need to go. Also, it is very spacious and I love that also! Very reliable and can last forever I believe. Again awesome car and would most definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a new car choice.

- Jane S

Comfortable and quiet and good gas mileage.

Very reliable and have had no problems as of yet. The ride is very comfortable and quiet. It has power seats and windows. The stereo and speakers are great. I get great gas mileage as well. I find that on long trips that I do not get as tired as I use to.

- George J

Dodge charger is very powerful car that has okay gas mileage.

Great reliable car with a little luxury but more power. The torque is on the string side but the suspension is not all great. I have had the car for five years and haven't broken down. Been in a couple of accidents and didn't get hurt from any of them.

- Nicholas G

It's an amazing car and anyone who has a Dodge I am sure would agree.

I haven't had any problems out of my Dodge it has been one of the best cars I have ever had and will stick with Dodge! It gets great gas mileage and has a lot of room and will get up and go. It's a smooth riding car and wouldn't trade it for the world.

- Lauren H

Charger is cool and Beats such

I like my car it is great but like any car it has its issues. The big issue it the Beats stereo as the screen goes black and you can do anything and there is no sound. It happen off and on and doesn't do it when you take it to be looked at.

- Bobbi L

It isn't just a sporty car, it drives very well and is better than people think it might be

I am a very big fan of the shape of the vehicle as a whole. It drives very smoothly and is very spacious on the inside. I like everything about the car except for the fact that the heated seats do not work very well on the driver side.

- Thomas B

My car drives very fast. You can go from 0 to 60 in less than 1 minute.

I like the size of my Dodge charger..... I also like the body style of my car..... I do not like that it look like a police car and at night you can get a regular charger confused with a police charger or vice versa..

- Janet T

I take immaculate care of it. I know it's a valuable tool to me and I take care of my possessions to make them last.

I love that it is AWD and has the HEMI in it. I wish it was a stick but it had paddle shifters for the auto stick so I can live with it. I also love the color. Bright red is awesome, it gets tons of head turns.

- Matt Q

Excellent, practical sports car. Very comfortable seating and FAST on the road!

I love my 2013 Dodge Charger SXT AWD. The AWD handles excellent in snow. If I were to buy another 4-door car today, it would definitely be a Dodge Charger. It is very reliable and seats 4 adults comfortably.

- Kiera N

recalls and maintenance of the charger

my car has had a lot of recalls. I feel it is too big and wish I had gotten a smaller car. other than that it is a pretty decent vehicle. its maintenance cost have been low and it is pretty easy to drive

- lisa s

That we worked very hard and saved to be able to afford the type of car that my husband has wanted for a long time. Also, it is considered a muscle car, but it works great as a family car.

It is a well made, reliable car from a good manufacturer. The style and color of the car are beautiful and eye-catching. It is a nice looking car that still has plenty of space for my family.

- Janelle H

Dodge charger, I wish I never bought.

The price I owe is not worth the trade value, I've had for 2 years and wish I would've purchased an SUV. I love Dodge and it is features but it is a cheap vehicle with a high price tag.

- Ashley B

Hemi engine, racing shifters, high performance tires.

I love my charger. It's a luxury that's very roomy and accommodating to at least five people comfortably. I have the hemisphere with shifters. I get a lot of compliments wherever I go.

- Preciss S

It packs a lot of power under the hood for a family sedan.

It's a comfortable ride. It has the V8, so there is plenty of acceleration when needed. My only complaint is the bluetooth module went out when the car was only 3 years old.

- Adam A

Great driving performance.

Love the car and the way it drives. Beautiful royal blue color and nice interior. Only issue is the brakes squeak and not sure why? Had them changed and it still does it!

- Ashley W

It drives very well and has good gas mileage.

I like the room that it has on the inside. I like style if the body. I love the way it drives and looks. It has been a good car to take on trips because it saves on gas.

- Marcella M

It is able to get to places without spending much gas

Whenever I first got the vehicle I absolutely loved it, but over the years it started to become a little bit broken. The vehicle would be a great first car for any teen

- Edward P

That it is relatively inexpensive.

I love my Charger. It is a great car, drives smoothly, good on gas. It is extremely nice car and even with slightly high mileage, it is an excellent running vehicle.

- Irene H

It has a lot of recalls including the airbags

It is too big. I am use to smaller cars and driving it is not as easy as i thought it would be.. Other than that it is a great car..but I does have a lot of recalls

- Lisa C

Retains Its appearance and good mileage.

Over 80, 000 miles and no problems. It is a great looking car. I have rented the same model on three different occasions and have had no issues with any of them.

- Richard S

Dodge chargers are comfortable cars but you have to keep up maintenance.

Transmission issues over the years. Basic cosmetic issues. Had to get a new starter last week. Very comfortable and easy to modify to any specifications.

- Chris A

Keep your key fob covered with foil when car not in use

I like the fuel mileage, style and phone sync with the radio. Don't like the keyless start and entry. Makes it too easy for others to steal from your car

- Roy M

It is extremely reliable.

Plenty of power but easy on gas. Hands free phone through radio very stylish. Still trying to get use to the shifting. Do not like the keyless ignition.

- Roy M

It's an affordable sport car

my car is beautiful well maintained. it runs smooth. the radio it has it nice. nice interior and exterior. nice affordable sport car. i recommend it

- Karina C

It's a great car. Very reliable. Reasonably priced. And probably would beat your car in a race!!

I love my car. It's black with black rims. It's fast and gets everyone's attention. It's comfortable to drive. I don't really have any complaints.

- Liz C

It is very good on gas mileage.

It drives well. The air conditioner works. It is good on gas. It is very reliable. It is very comfortable. Never really had any problems with it.

- Eden R

I am overall happy with my car although I wouldn't purchase another Dodge.

I don't like how cheap some of the interior materials feed. I also don't like how small the screen is. I like how smooth and fast the car goes.

- Avery L

Dodge doesn't stand behind their product and offer no assistance when things fail.

The warranty didn't take care of many of the problems with the car. I love the heated and cooled cup holders. The car wasn't built well.

- Teah C

The gas mileage is terrible on this car.

I liken the power the car has. It is terrible on gas mileage. I also like the speakers and the noise the car makes when you hit the gas.

- Janice E

it is a beautiful reliable vehicle.it is extremely fast and definitely gets noticed

It's beautiful . It's fast. and It's fully loaded it was a wonderful gift from my mother in law that is even more cherished than before

- tammy h

It is the awd model and I wouldn't have it any other way. It handles great in the snow

It is a beautiful car fast and reliable. It has a lot of recalls that dodge makes it hard to get refunded for but a great car overall

- Sean M

very reliable and very comfortable compared to most cars

we have over 130000 miles on our car no large bills so far only normal wear and tear. normal service and three tires and oil changes.

- mike b

My charger is all wheel driver.

I have owned my car for 5 years and have not had any problems. It has a great smooth ride. I love the touch screen and backup camera.

- Karen M

Its child friendly, especially because I have a 4 month old I needed something with child lock and ability to safely strap in my car seat.

I love everything about my dodge charger. It's a candy apple red. Leather interior, full front screen, and it's a RT so it goes fast.

- Natasha R

It is a very safe car to drive.

I like the way it looks. I like the power that it has and the GPS system. It has a lot of room can fit five people with on problem.

- Tim H

It's a gas saver and it's save to drive, it can be modified and able to have fun with it. Can be a family car and a sport car.

It is really nice and comfortable to drive ... saves a lot of gas and just fun to drive , i personality don't hate nothing from it.

- Antonio V

My charger gets approximately 23 miles per gallon in town and around 28 on the highway.

My car is fun to drive. It is sporty and can go pretty fast for a 6 cylinder. The backseat and the trunk are very roomy as well.

- Susan F

This is a fantastic car that will last you a long time if properly cared for.

I LOVE my 2013 Dodge Charger! It drives well and is incredibly durable and reliable. The interior is very comfortable and roomy.

- Tammy B

The charger is safe and reliable and fun to drive.

I love this car. It is reliable, comfortable and fun to drive. It has a ton of features including navigation and Bluetooth.

- Brianne C

The gas mileage is really good. I took a 1200 mile trip and averaged 33 mph

The ride is great, I do not notice any wind noise. I like the looks and style of the card and that it is a four door sedan

- George L

Fast and Comfortable Ride

This car is very quiet inside as well as comfortable to ride in. Great pick up when you need it but also cruises nicely

- Teresa C

It has a lot of speed and can go fast. I love the trunk space.

I like its paid off and low miles. My car is great I love it. It has a lot of room for my long legs. Nice stereo system.

- Lisa B

Its fast and can speed up quickly if you are not aware of its power.

I like that it's my favorite color which is gray. I dislike the design of the car. The newer chargers look much better.

- Michael F

Silver vehicle with minimum features.

Bumpy ride. Too many issues with camshaft sensor. Brakes keep going bad and vehicle looks so much like police car.

- Janet T

It's safe and reliable. I feel safe driving my family around.

A great and super fun car. It gets me where I need to go and is reliable for my family. I enjoy driving this car.

- reese G

It is fast, spacey, gas efficient.

Very spacey love everything about my car I do not have any dislike just yet, the value has dropped fairly quick.

- Kelley L

Beautiful, sleek and dependable.

Very dependable. Powerful takeoff and very responsive. Comfortable for 4. Sleek look and very good gas mileage.

- Beatrice R

It good on gas and very safe car. Made really well.

I have no problems really just that my gas cap makes check engine light come on but other than that I love it.

- Daniel C

Handles well, easy to park and back out.

I like Dodge vehicles in general. I like the way my car looks and the color of it. I like how my car drives.

- Michelle L

Very good warranty, good gas mileage, very comfortable ride

very reliably, comfortable car, low maintenance. plenty of storage, smooth ride, gets good gas mileage

- Denise M

My Dodge Charger is the best car I've ever owned

Push start , heated seat, comfortable , fast , dual exhaust , tinted windows all around a beautiful car,

- Megan A

Great car good gas mileage.

I love the size color and model. It's a nice car. It rides smooth. It looks share. The rims set it off.

- Taylor T

Its grey far away but a sparkling purple up close

My car performance was perfect at first but now I'm getting a new motor installed and a new paint job.

- Paris P

It is a dream car for me. The charger has taken me all through my senior year and other parts as well.

My car has been with me since senior year. It is the most reliable car and has no problems running.

- Ajay G

It has great brakes and can stop on a dime. It has plenty of room.

It's a very loud car that turns heads. It has great acceleration. The suspension could be better.

- Matt B

It absolutely hugs curves! It handles so well and rides so smooth that you have to keep an eye on how fast you are driving!

It is a beautiful bluish purple color with super bee sticker kit and has velvet like interior.

- Teresa O

It's very spacious. It is a family friendly vehicle.

I like everything about my car. I love the size. I love the designs. I love how it drives.

- Ricky P

It is great on gas and is very roomy. The sound system is amazing.

It's a sturdy and stylish car. It handles very well and is fuel efficient.

- Christina L

Power fighter and cheaper than its competitors. You could imagine fast n furious.

I like the power of my car. . The only thing i dislike is design.

- Min C

The car does good on gas and is still going strong. This is a reliable car. It is very room as well.

It is reliable and doesn't go through gas as fast as an suv.

- Patty U

The car is easy to use when it comes the computer component of the car

Stiff steering wheel but overall great driving performance.

- Nikita M

It is fast.Rides very smooth. Many safety devices.

Nice ride.Good pickup. Poor gas mileage.Good storage.

- david c