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2014 dodge charger, a good family car that is fun to drive.

It gets really great mileage with the v6 engine. When I first purchased the car we took it on a road trip and actually got 53 miles per gallon on the interstates. Along with that it has great power, having 292 horsepower. Yes, from a v6! It is a very comfortable car for travelling or for a family and has huge trunk space. It easily seats 5, but does have the 'hump' because it is a rear wheel drive car. It drives great in snow and inclement weather. There was one issue with the valve train in the engine, but it was a known issue and was repaired at no cost to me by the dealer. It is been fine ever since, with no maintenance issues. Maintenance costs have been relatively low. It is really a fun car to drive and I have had many compliments from others telling me how much they like it.

- Bill O

The cruise control that keeps pace with the vehicle in front of you.

I was skeptical at first but it was something my husband wanted. After driving it a few times I couldn't believe how comfortable it was in the driver and passenger seat. It drives smoothly almost to the point you have to look down to make sure you are not speeding because you wouldn't realize it if you were. Mine has heated and cooling seats up front heated steering wheel heated seats in back. A back up camera and sensors for your blind spots. It even has two cruise controls, one is regular the other keeps in pace with the vehicle in front of you. It slows you slow, it speeds up you speed up. Automatic start which is nice in the winter months. It was a good choice for me.

- Shannon M

Family Friendly yet Sporty

I love how comfortable and roomy my car is, yet it still has a sporty look to it. It's very peppy and has a nice dash area with touch screen radio and climate control buttons. This really would be my all-time favorite vehicle if not for a few things: there has been an ongoing transmission issue which ultimately came to light when there were several recalls that required me to go back to the dealership for repairs. Also, I would really love to be able to connect my phone to Bluetooth for hands-free talking and would love to have the option for satellite radio, but I don't..

- April H

It is a very fast car and sometimes you do not realize how fast you are going.

My car is extremely comfortable and very sporty. I get many compliments from people I do not know. I get around 20 miles to the gallon which is fairly good for a sports car. It can be driven year round through snow and ice. It is the only sports car that is available in all wheel drive. It has comfortable heated leather seat in the front and back. It has voice command and Bluetooth access. When it is time for me to purchase a new vehicle I will definitely purchase another Dodge charger. They come in many sporty colors to choose from. I highly recommend Dodge chargers.

- Cynthia P

The dodge charger is beauty!

A dodge charger is by far the best car I have ever own! My charger provides me with the feeling of a muscle/sport car while still offering me the sedan experience. It is the best of both world. The only downfall of the 2014 models is the back headlights. The lights are individual bulbs that wrap around the back side of the car as a halo effect. They are super cool during the day and night when they are on. Unfortunately, when one goes out it's very noticeable and you are only option is to replace the whole console; in which runs roughly $300+.

- Trent I

It is fast and safe to drive.

The vehicle has ample space. It has four doors and can fit large items in the trunk. Great for grocery shopping and has plenty of room for pets and passengers. The vehicle has good gas mileage. It does not spend much gas during the work week. The vehicle has a powerful engine. It has the power of a sport car with the space of a sedan. The vehicle is good looking. It has the mean look of the sport car. The vehicle is reliable. It has not broken down. The vehicle has power windows. The vehicle also has a great stereo system.

- Carolina L

Cool black car with cream corn in the backseat with a donkey riding along.

Great car, all muscle, black sleek, heated seats, chrome wheels, heated steering wheel, big tires, red interior, four door, fast, comfortable, seats eight, fits great dane, great with chicks, leather interior, all wheel drive, Bluetooth, v six, it includes a moon roof, as well as sirius satellite radio with other non paid services such as weather and gas prices. It has dual zone climate control and even has climate control in rear seats and the back seats have heated seats as well.

- Tim S

Power, comfort, and reliability in an attractive package.

I love my car. It looks sharp - I've always liked Charger's looks. It drives like a dream - responsive acceleration, steers well, has a tight turning radius and the suspension gives a smooth ride. It had to have an oil pump replaced in the first year I bought it but that's it so far with repairs. It also gets decent gas mileage in traffic and excellent mileage on the highway, 29-30 mpg, which is good for a 6-cyl. Overall, I would - and probably will - buy the same model again.

- janine c

Beautiful sporty vehicle with space and speed!

My vehicle is very reliable, I have never had any mechanical issues with my Dodge charger. I have drove it out of town a few times and it did great, I love how spacious it is as well being that I have a child, I love the make of it because I am obsessed with sporty looking cars, the color is a cool smoky grey which I live as well. The radio is touch screen, it has 5 car charger outlets, and auxiliary cord, Bluetooth and great built in speakers! How could you not love it?!

- Cheryl T

This Dodge charger is fierce!

Performance is great. But I often need the vehicle serviced for warranty repairs. The trunk currently leaks water and I have been told it is not covered by warranty. The interior is lifting, and again, I have been told it is not covered by warranty. The tech is great, but that has had to be serviced multiple times in order to work properly. The driver's side window randomly stops going up and down. But overall, I really like the comfort and the drive.

- Dana B

My Charger- one terrific vehicle!

We love our Charger. It is very attractive in appearance. It is very comfortable and easy to get in and out of it. The Sirius radio is a big perk and we enjoy it every time we ride in it. The heated and cooled seats are a benefit we've never had before. We enjoy that and the heated steering wheel in cold weather. Our dash is easy to see and the gages are very clear to see. We get good gas mileage. We really haven't had any problems with our Charger.

- Ellie R

My rides name is: steel!!

This is my second Dodge charger and clearly I love them. Even when I was driving back and forth from Penn state gas was always good and I still had either half a tank or more by the time I got home to ME I got my second charger in 2014 and I have never had any complaints. Besides the normal wear and tear a vehicle experiences I will say my car has honestly, never let me down. I truly appreciate Dodge for this great car!

- Tierra B

to me, the most important thing is the safety features of the Charger.

I haven't had any problems with any of the Dodge vehicles I have owned. I have owned a Charger, challenger, dart and ram. The RAM is probably the most comfortable for long road trips but consumes a lot of fuel. The dart on the other hand wasn't very comfortable for extended periods of time but got great gas mileage. I have always really enjoyed the stock sound systems that Dodge uses in their vehicles.

- John T

Aside from the creature comforts, the car gets amazing mileage and has plenty of power.

The style is great, we have sirius xm radio which allows us to listen to our music everywhere. It also tracks gas prices so we know where to go for gas when traveling. The auto air/heat and split zones allow us to stay comfortable. Our mileage is better than any auto we've ever owned, and still has plenty of power. There has not been any downside since owing this vehicle.

- Allen F

Not as good as monte Carlo but its 2nd best.

It's a very reliable car. I prefer the monte Carlo but since it's no longer being produced the Charger was my next choice. It has good gas mileage and has a lot of foot room. The seats are very comfortable. The one thing that I found odd was that the battery is accessible via the trunk. Although there is a box under the hood that is used in case you need to jump the car off.

- Patricia J

Dodge charger. Super nice white charger, everything is good and working well!

It is a great vehicle to have! We love our dodge charger! We really haven't had any issues so far with it! And if we have they have been super minor! We love the radio and how it is touch screen! And also the ecoboost which helps massively when we are low on gas! It save so much more than our little jeep that we own! We love it so much! We recommend to everyone!

- Jena S

You need to still use your mirrors when going in reverse.

I enjoy that it is a push start and I can start my car from inside my house or doctor as by using the remote on the keychain. It has a review camera so when I put it into reverse a video pops up on a 7. 5 inch screen where there radio and a/c is. The a/c, heat, radio, cd player is all controlled through this screen that is touch screen that is really nice too!

- Emily W

Great car for tall people, but be careful to maintain warranty on it.

The 2014 Dodge charger is great to drive, rides really smoothly and has enough space for people who are 6 foot 4 inches to sit comfortably in any position. The features can be incredible, satellite radio, electronic screens that tell you every detail of performance. But there is a downside as there have been a lot of recall on parts used to build the car.

- Matthew A

A jack of all trades. Smooth but fast. Comfortable but stylish.

2014 Dodge Charger r/t blacktop edition. As far as performance, reliability, and comfort its top notch. Never minded taking a long drive in it whatsoever. Very comfortable seating with more than enough room. As far as a head turner its a entry level muscle car with a lot of get up go power. Fun to take out on a low traffic road and really turn it loose.

- Brian S

There is not lot of car seat that fit Dodge Charger.

I do not have problem with my vehicle. I pretty much love about everything, but the only problem is I have the vehicle about a years and I haven't find car seat cover that fit my Dodge. I love decorating thing even my vehicle. I will love to buy car seat that fit my vehicle and keep it look cute. I was disappointed that I couldn’t find one.

- Shaw M

2014 Dodge Charger five star car!

I have never had problems with my Dodge Charger r/t. It is well-built and very reliable. The 2014 Dodge Charger r/t combines "old-school" muscle car power with modern comfort and innovation. There is enough room to comfortably fit a family of four or five. I have had two car seats in the vehicle and young children fit very well, too.

- Chris R

I love my charger. My sunroof and heated seats were a win.

I haven't had any problems with my Dodge charger since I purchased it in 2012. The only thing I have had to do was at the beginning of this year, 2018 I finally had to purchase 4 new tires. Other than that there were a few recalls but nothing major. The biggest recall was the shift gear, the dealership put an up-to-date sensor in it.

- Erica T

This car is a very powerful vehicle.

It is very powerful. Can get away from you if your not careful. Have to watch you speed constantly because the pick up is very fast. It has a very smooth & comfortable ride. The only thing I do not like is the dark blue color because it picks up dust easily and you can clearly see all the dings and scratches from other cars/buggies.

- Tiffany S

It is very reliable with a great motor.

My 2014 Dodge Charger has performed really well since buying it brand new. In four years the only issues I have had include blowing a fuse for the a/c blower and a wheel speed sensor went bad. The car is very reliable and is very spacious. I enjoy how the car is sporty, but also has a luxury feel with all of the room on the inside.

- Christopher W

Satisfied owner of a 2014 Dodge Charger.

The Dodge Charger is a fun, reliable vehicle to drive. The build quality is excellent and the vehicle performance is outstanding. The only complaint of this vehicle is that the sound dampeners were not placed properly on the dash and there is often squeaking while driving, especially while traveling over imperfections in the road.

- Antoinette C

2014 Dodge Charger was an awesome buy!

I haven't had any issues with my car. It gets 20 mpg in town and anywhere from 27-35 mpg on highway. It has power seats, power windows, power door locks, and push button start. It has easy access to the truck with a push of a button. It is a really reliable car. Smooth riding, seats are comfortable, and one heck of a sound system.

- Leslie W

The highlight would be the remote start.

Great vehicle love how it runs wish it had more upgrades in it, not the best in the winter for being all wheel drive but spring summer fall when there is no snow it's great all over car and good mileage. Dodge should work harder to make sure the little things like the sunroof and power lock windows and doors work without fault.

- Jordan M

The inside of the car is surprisingly spacious and comfortable.

2014 Dodge Charger is very spacious and it is also eco friendly. I get really good gas mileage it is comfortable the interior is beautiful and big. The car is fast and it has all the right things I can ask for in a car. It is reliable and the eco feature is really nice also. All power window and locks make it easy for anyone.

- Alex A

Great ride great handling.

Great performance, even though it is only a 6-cylinder it has more than enough power to get out of a bad situation if needed. It is built like a tank, I feel safe and protected when driving it. Precise steering, hugs the road beautifully. Very smooth ride. Comfortable seats, roomy, large trunk, easy to see all around the car.

- Adrien H

2014 Charger, favorite vehicle I've owned

I haven't had any problems with my Charger. I have owned it one year. I don't have the top of the line interior, and it's still extremely roomy and comfortable for the type of vehicle it is. It gets very good gas mileage. The reason for my 4 star rating- I like it so much that I wish I had gotten a brand new Charger instead

- Kristy O

Dodge Chargers are a very family friendly car.

The Dodge Charger is a top performing vehicle. It speeds up very fast and is a smooth drive. It has a lot of space which accommodates pets, kids, or hauling smaller projects. It has rear wheel drive which can be tedious at times, but when you start to slip it automatically switches to all wheel drive to keep you on track.

- Rachael S

2014 Dodge Charger: A Reliable Car at a Great Price

I purchased my used (2014) Dodge Charger in 2016 from a local dealership. At the time, it had under 50k miles on it. Since that time, it has performed exceptionally well and had minimal mechanical problems (none of significance) and several recalls. The 2014 model is probably the most spacious model I have driven in.

- Erik A

Love my car. Very dependable car will last you as long as you take cara.

My car has been working well for me do not really have anything wrong with it sometimes my warning lights come on but a day later they go off, I had a gas leak once they fixed it with a weeks time as I said before I do not have many issues with my car overall I love it I would buy another one if I ever sold this one.

- Veronica M

Strong silver/grey machine that takes the highway by storm.

My Dodge Charger vehicle is wonderful and full of power. Her engine rolls over on the straight highway like the best of them. When I am on the highway it takes me just minutes to get where I am going. I have had my car for three years and will have it paid this year. I have never had to have her tuned up.

- Veronica T

Runs nice and very smoothly! Reliable car.

Overall I love this car, I have had a few mechanical problems recently we got the lifters on the engine exchanged because it started making a noise. We took it to the dealership and they got it done fast. It is been working perfect since then! Love how it runs, the interiors are really comfortable!

- Tania A

Beware of the recalls, they will stack up fast.

I enjoy it, has decent gas mileage for what it is. It can get up and go fast when there is an open road, windshield wipers mess up a lot so I have been through many of them. I have had many recalls and dodge is very slow releasing the updated parts, I have been waiting many months for the last one.

- William C

I feel safe in my car and although the car portrays a young, speeding kid, I am just an older adult that loves my car.

The charger has been very dependable. Great ride, decent on gas mileage. Seems to do ok on all surfaces (dirt, pavement, snow, rain). I like that I can accelerate quickly if needed, maneuvers well. Lots of room inside including the trunk. I like that I can lay down the seats for bigger items.

- JoLinda G

My review of my Dodge charger.

I have currently owned my 2014 Dodge charger for four years and it has been very reliable. It fits my two kids comfortably and has plenty of truck spaces for our many groceries and fits my infant strollers. It has just the standard features. It drives very smooth and has decent gas mileage.

- Cheyenne R

2014 Dodge Charger RT Plus with v8 hemi fully loaded.

I bought the vehicle used with 75k miles on it. The absolute best purchase I have made. The car is roomy, sporty, and not to mention it is fully loaded with beats speakers and a v8 hemi. Anyone who is looking to stay on an affordable budget with good credit should definitely take a look.

- Dan E

Great car for a couple or small family.

Been a great vehicle. Great gas mileage, roomy for family of four, comfortable seats. Great for long road trips. Love that it has read air vents for passengers in the back. Also the driver and the passenger control their own air temperature. Great car. Will be kept as long as possible.

- Lauren S

Great car. Fun to drive!!

I love this car because I drive a lot to school, work, and to visit family. When I drive I enjoy driving because the power that this car has makes driving more fun than any old car putting along. I haven't had any major issues so far with it and I have put over 100k miles on it.

- Lj S

Awesome looking car! The red and black interior, just adds oomph.

I love my dodge charger v8 hemi! It has lots of room, and the trunk is huge! The only thing I do not like is the lack of view, especially, backing out! I am not sure what the exact term is, but sometimes, even looking to the side it is hard to judge, but maybe, that is just me.

- Donna G

It is safe and comfortable.

Very comfortable in the front and back seats. Lots of features. Wish it has a backup camera but it does not. Also wish it had navigation and cooling seats. Rides smoothly and is good for long trips. Love the remote startup feature. Beautiful car. Pretty good on gas mileage.

- Mandy D

It has a good amount of room.

I have not had any problems out of my Dodge Charger. It is a really good and reliable vehicle in my opinion. It drives pretty smooth and nice. It is a big comfy car with plenty of room and even a huge trunk. It comes with cruise control, XM radio, AUX port, even Bluetooth!

- Jessica Q

Love the features and user friendly accessibility.

The features of this car are very user friendly for both the passenger and the driver. The large touch screen interface is easy to understand and incredibly readable. The heated seats are also a plus with their ability to change between two different temperature settings.

- Amber G

Dodge charger rt: the beast.

It's great. Gets through snow well. I really like having a v8 engine. I wish that I could manually switch to AWD in icy conditions. The car has a lot more power and acceleration than my previous car, a ford Taurus. My car is fun to drive and has been a reliable vehicle.

- Katie B

A paint that changes color with the light.

Overall very reliable. Broke power steering pump after 2 years but for the most part just oil changes and tire rotation. Was in accident and getting parts for it was easy but matching the paint was a little difficult. Over 75000 miles, good gas mileage and very roomie.

- Timothy S

My car is very safe. it has the smart key feature which makes it easy to lock and unlock your car. The dashboard alerts you with a message if anything is wrong with the car

My car is a 2014 all black dodge Charger. What i love about my car is that it is very comfortable and quiet while driving on the highway. I'm always traveling on the highway so it's a big deal for me. Another thing i love are the 22" chrome rims that came with the car.

- Luke G

Great vehicle highly recommended.

My vehicle performs really well and there has not been any major problems since the vehicle has been bought. Vehicle is very reliable vehicle and comfortable. The most upkeep that has had to be done on the vehicle is your basic regular maintenance. Very nice car.

- Kay E

The fast and the furious.

With the Dodge Charger the interior is black and I love it. Charger is very fast also. The body style is nice too. As long as you perform the necessary maintenance, like oil, and filters. This car will last a lifetime. My Dodge Charger has all wheel drive also.

- Isaac T

The upgrade to the rt is worth the little extra.

I have had very few problems with my Dodge Charger besides my door panel slightly pulling away at the bottom of the window. It drives great and the dealership is always extremely helpful when I need to get it serviced. It still drives like the day I bought it.

- Megan M

Dodge charger for the win!

The 0-60 speed is amazing. It runs so nice and so smooth. The factory radio system is actually pretty great. The whole body style is what made me fall in love with the vehicle to begin with. The gas needed to run and maintain the car never gets too expensive.

- Jennifer D

They keep the battery set up in the trunk near the spare wheel.

Overall, it is a dependable car. It has a good pickup off the line and stays steady until you release the gas. On the other hand they hold absolutely no value and I am swamped in over 18 thousand dollars that the car holds no value for anymore. Comfortable.

- Christopher S

The dream car to drive through the canyons.

The comfort of the car is amazing perfect for car rides though the canyons with the family. The seats wrap around you and the heated seat are a dream during the winter. If you are looking for a car that will make you smile when the engine purrs this is it.

- Julie D

Great car, seats could hold up better.

Great vehicle, front seat is not as comfortable and breaks down fast. It would be a lot better if the front seat was more comfortable and didn't break down as quickly. I haven't had any other issues with it. I really like the vehicle. I would buy it again.

- Jeff G

Black onyx color, with red racing stripes.

I do not have too many car issues. I have experienced transmission troubles with a head gasket. It got fixed and now I am back running in the road. I love the nitro in the car which causes. I like fast "racey" sporty cars. Fuel compatible with a road trip.

- Isaiah M

All blacked out Charger. . .

Very comfortable good for a small family but my family has outgrown this vehicle I love the touch screen radio love that the car drives smoothly it is black good for family with 2 kids but we have four now and we need a bigger vehicle with a bigger trunk.

- Alexa B

Easy to drive with heated seats (rear and front) and steering wheel.

Problems in winter with the rear wheel drive in 5-6 inches of snow. Just need to buy snow tires to make it better. The ride is very smooth and quiet. The hemi engine is the best for passing on freeways. It is a large car that seats 5 people very easily.

- Bruce C

My charger is solid black. Clean she's beautiful/clean lasts 5 mins.

The only issue I have ever had happen with my charger was a lifter went bad and had to be replaced. That was at around 65,000 miles and the vehicle was still covered by the factory warranty. I have been extremely pleased with the purchase of my charger.

- Jeff R

It is a very nice car to have.

I love the look of it. It is sporty and fun! I have never had a mechanical problem or any other problems with my car. T drives really nice. Very comfy for long road trips. Great gas mileage! Wish the trunk was a little bigger! All and all I love my car.

- Lynda G

Great look. Fits me right!

A lot of driver space. Not so much in the back, especially with teenagers. Love the looks of the car. 6v not really a gas saver but it works for me. I do not commute long distances. No problems so far. Not a silent motor, but does not bother me at all.

- Rosario J

I'll always be a dodge fan!

Buying a charger was the best choice I've made. It's not only comfortable but very reliable. I use my car for work daily but also to travel long distances and I've never had any issues with my car. Several recalls, but the dealer has always been great!

- Angir P

They should know that it is a much longer/bigger car than they would expect.

The first thing I like about my vehicle is the style. It is a mid size sedan with an ample amount of room. The only thing I have to say that is bad about it is that it has had too many recalls. For instance, something was wrong with my steering wheel.

- Kyler A

She's the Batmobile, but more family friendly. So it feels like a sports car but it functions like a family sedan.

I love the body style and the power from the hemi engine. I like that it has lots of room crosswise and vertically, because my husband is tall and we have a car seat in the back. I wish the gas mileage was a little better and there was a moonroof.

- Katrina S

It drives really good and picks up speed quick

I love how my car has four doors so I can fit my kids in there but is a sporty looking charger with a great engine. I don't like the color I have, white, because it is a little drab. I don't like that I have had recalls fairly regularly for it

- Jason c

If you would like a sporty car that can fit a family, the Dodge Charger is it

I like the way the vehicle looks. The car is like a full size sports car and handles like a sports car. I do not like the problems that has come with this charger and the other one I own. Both have needed control arms replaced.

- Dee G

The lifespan of the Charger doesn't seem to be as long as other performance sedans.

The front end rack and pinion has serious problems. The trunk space is pretty terrible, especially when trying to fit a full sized spare tire inside. However, the motor and transmission are both great and it drives like a dream.

- Mark A

Charger has great takeoff speed but top end is even better.

My 2014 Dodge Charger is the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned. It has very good pickup yet the gas mileage is great.I have had 2 recalls since purchasing but they very minor. If I had to do it over I would buy the same car.

- Ralph W

Slick style and has good pick up and go.

Over a two year. My car overheated on several occasions. They finally diagnosed it as blown head gasket‘s. Every recall item they have had has occurred in my car or would have occurred if they have not caught the problem.

- Penny E

Great handling, speed, and relatively high tech. You get a lot with this car and is definitely worth considering.

The car handles great, has great pick up, and I love that I can control almost everything from the steering wheel. Downside is that it sits low and is sometimes a pain to exit as I have back problems. Overall a great car.

- Chris A

The controls form the steering wheel allow you to do most things without having to actually look away from the road

I love the heated seats and the heated steering wheel. The responsive cruise control is nice for highways and the backup camera is essential. The only annoying thing is that sometimes the shift stick isn't as responsive.

- Lea M

It's amazingly fun, looks great, gets looks and kicks butts.

Heated seats in the winter. Sirius available (and used often). Awesome speed, acceleration and handling. Looks bad, hot and sexy. Drawbacks, only takes premium gas and seat can get uncomfortable on a long ride.

- Todd V

Make sure they put gas into it. Because the gas hand does not work.

My car needs a lot of gas as soon u tap the gas pedal a little bit!.. And I have black leather seats in my car and they are super hot in the summertime. I never would buy a car with leather seats again!.

- Nadine E

It is very fast. The gas pedal is very sensitive.

I love the way the body of the car is. I like the interior. I dislike all the scratches on my car. I dislike that the Bluetooth does not work in my car. I dislike that my speedometer is broken.

- Drew C

Many times it is mistaken for an unmarked police car.

I like my car because it is powerful and attracts attention. Has a very smooth ride and comfortable seating. Just wish it had better city driving gas mileage. Highway mileage is pretty good.

- Ted m

I love everything about the car except for the fact that it is almost useless in the snow or ice. Other than that the car drives amazing and looks amazing. It does great on gas and has a lot of space.

That it is not good in snow or ice. This is very important because I live in the northeast and it can sometimes snow quite a bit. This means that a lot of snow makes it very hard to drive.

- Rocio Z

My car is fun and sporty yet functional and practical.

I love that my car is sporty and stylish yet still large enough for my family, with plenty of trunk space and comfortable seating. I don't like all of the recalls that it's had...

- April H

I take care of my car myself so I think that is one of the reasons that I have not had any problems with my car. Besides regular maintenance, I've not had any other problems with my care.

The same thing you should know about any car. Either do it yourself or get it done. And I'm talking about regular maintenance! You take care of your car it will take care of you!

- David C

Dodge is the affordable performance brand out there.

Nice full size car with lots of power. It could have better handling. The styling is very sharp and appealing. There are a few squeaks and rattles, but overall, it feels solid.

- Jack B

My sporty & speedy Dodge Challenger

Love my charger; very stylish, sporty, & fast. Have not had any issues with the performance. Not fond of the battery operated keyless start.. Remote only lasts about 2 yrs

- Marjorie S

This is a stylish and high performing vehicle.

I really enjoy the style of the car. I also enjoy the legroom it provides as a tall driver. I dislike that I have had to have it serviced a couple times that were unexpected.

- Thomas N

It's one of the best looking vehicles, if not the best, on the road!

Gorgeous looking vehicle. Spacious and powerful engine with plenty of room. Only slight complaint is how low and angled the windows are, thus limiting field of vision.

- James Y

It's spacious and handles good. I bought the AWD option for bad weather.

I love everything about my car. I've had it over 4 years and enjoy driving it as much now as I did when i first bought it. It drive good, is comfortable and looks great.

- Sheila K

It sucks. It's terrible. It's only four years old and it sucks!

I dislike Everything about it! It has constant electric issues, AC works when it wants to, transmissions acts funny. I don't Like anything. Dodge is not a good vehicle

- Crystal T

There is room for the family, I like other muscle cars like the mustang.

The handling is great, it really sticks to the road and has a great feel. I also love the power. I have the v6 engine, it has plenty of pickup and performs wonderfully!

- Joe K

Economy very good & comfortable.

Beautiful car to show off driving around.. Comfortable seats and roomy for tall people in my family.. Heated steering wheel and heated seats are great in the winter..

- Sandra M

If you are a cool dad, go with a charger.

Really good fuel mileage. Air conditioning and heater work very well. haven't had to use the heated seats here in southern California. Love the hands free operations.

- Matthew C

The speed as and performance are top of the line.

Love the car. A Lot of issues with the power steering. All of my sensors are on,and a clicking sound when I turn right. Besides that amazing car. I have an R/T model

- Rod W

Does the job, feels fast and smooth

Good car, no problems, takes off really fast. I am short and I have a little of a hard time seeing from left and right. No rear camera, so it's also hard to back up.

- Elena R

It's a nice running car, but once the mileage gets high, it has some issues

I like the look of the car. I like that the back seat is big enough to fit my kids car seats. I don't like that it doesn't have a lot of speed like other chargers.

- Ashlei T

Safe and comfortable; reliable.

I love the rear view camera, the automatic ignition, the GPS, the Sirius radio, the ease of handling, the heated seats, automatic temperature control, smooth ride.

- Trish M

It is very good on gas. You can get a lot of miles out of this car.

I do not have any problems out of my car. It is a pretty good car. I definitely love that my car is a dependable car to get back and forth to places I need to be.

- Lena G

Very reliable, stylish and fast.

Love the way the look from the inside to the outside. The engine has a lot of power and the transmission is fast. I yet to have one problem with this vehicle.

- Stephen C

Reliability, the charger hasn't let me down when I needed to get from A to B

Comfortable, goes smoothly over speed bumps, able to shift gears easily. Gas milage not so great for just city driving, long distance driving makes it worth it

- Jesse Z

An all blacked out Dodge Charger

My vehicle is a 2014 Dodge Charger. It is all blacked out with amazing beautiful rims and tires, perfect spoiler, beautiful chrome edges, comfy black interior.

- and A

It gets good gas mileage, but can be expensive to fill up.

It does not grip the road well unless the road is perfect which obviously isn't always the case. It is a very reliable car and does not break down easily.

- Samantha G

Join the club of hemi lovers.

The vehicle is a high performance v8 hemi engine with all wheel drive. It has some rust issues on the top of the roof but otherwise a very solid vehicle.

- Lawrence R

This thing likes to move. I joke and say it idles at about 35 mph.

I love the interior, speed performance, handling, and overall appearance of the vehicle. The trunk is much smaller than what I was previously used to.

- Patrick D

If you are to purchase one, ensure that you get the backup camera.

I like the entertainment system. Specifically, I like that it has a large touchscreen interface. I do not like that it does not have a backup camera.

- Curtis W

It is good on gas and it drives nice.

Nope I love my vehicle never no problems with it and it rides nice and good on gas. There's nothing I can say about this car that it is a great car.

- Pamela B

Love the interior of my charger.

The comfort is great, and roomy enough for my husband, who is over six feet tall. I travel often for work and get good gas mileage on the highway.

- Christy S

One important thing others should know is that i'm going to be the only one driving it

My car was a present from my father for my 17th birthday. I like the size of the interior but i dislike the size of the car. I have no complaints.

- Tea J

Fast and comfortable style to look good in.

I love the speed and sound of the engine. I like the sleek style of a sports car. I dislike the lowness to the ground, I keep hitting my head.

- Rashunda D

For the power of this car, it gets great gas mileage with city and highway driving.

I like the sporty look and feel of the vehicle. Great gas mileage. Safe and roomy for the family. Large trunk space for groceries, bags, etc.

- Brandy S

It is a great depending car. Plenty of room in the back seat for kids and adults.

I love the look and style of my car. It is comfortable on long trips and great on gas mileage. I have no complaints about my car. I love it!

- Jennifer B

It is an all wheel drive! Pretty awesome for a muscle car!

I love the hemi power. It is very comfortable. Lots of useful bells and whistles. I dislike the fact that the voice button rarely works.

- Jessica M

You wouldn't think but it has good gas mileage.

Wish the radio screen was bigger. Love the amount of room. I like how fast it accelerates and it looks cool while still family friendly.

- Jennifer T

The best mother's day gift a mom could ever get (from her husband, of course)!

I've had this car for just over 4 years and I have absolutely no complaints. It's a very cool car and also very spacious on the inside!

- Tabitha J

It has a gas opener inside.

I like that it drives smoothly. It also has a push start. I love the tint on the vehicle. But I do not like the front grill of the car.

- Gregory Simmons S

The style, and the room it has.

I like the style and room it has. It is good on gas and safe for kids also. It is reliable. I like the seats because it's comfortable.

- Amy B

The car will get up and go, no hesitation. Not expensive upkeep

Love the car, dislike it is a lower model without bluetooth and many other features that could of been added, for the cost of the car.

- Sue N

The car is comfortable, easy to drive and has great features available.

I love the comfort and ease of driving this vehicle. Heated and cooled seats are wonderful! I also enjoy the looks the vehicle has.

- Cassie E

With only 114k miles the car runs in excellent condition

It's a pretty good running vehicle in very excellent condition a little dent on the left side but other than that it's pretty good

- Morgan S

It's GREAT on gas. I really love this car a lot. When I put in $10 I go on two and 1/2 days with just that.

I love that it is good on gas. I hate that it cost a lot to fix it. I love that its a pretty car. I hate that the car goes slower.

- brittiany b

This car has a lot of horsepower hold on to your hat

I love my car it's roomy but sporty and fast too it's great for family outings and for commuting to work. It's great on gas also

- Malinda Y

I like the back of the car and the lights

Since I got the vehicle it has gave me nothing but issues. It probably has had 6 recalls since I had it. It's also bad on gas

- Thomas M

2014 Dodge Charger r/t plus

I have not had any issues with this vehicle. It is the best car I have ever had. Compared to other vehicles I'm very happy.

- Olaf J

It is overall a great car, it's a rear wheel drive so if you take it slow in the snow you will do just fine.

The car is great, no issues at all. Papa's dealership takes care of it for us. Device department is great, not pushy at all

- Maryana P

It is fast and is great on gas mileage. It handles very well.

I love my cars drivability and performance. I love that it is a comfortable ride. Has been reliable and low maintenance.

- John A

Love how smooth it runs. Can get me in trouble with speeding though.

Have not had any issues with my car. The only thing I would change is. . . It is unusually loud if I run over something.

- Shannon B

It goes very fast, very fast.

I love how well it handles. It's great on gas. It has a sporty look. It fits my family perfect. It handles well also.

- Nicole H

It is very comfortable and spacious. It does need better gas mileage.

I like the roominess of the car. The design of it is good. It does not have much power. it needs better gas mileage.

- Scott P

The most important thing is that it is a dependable car.

It is my dream car. It is Royal Blue. It rides really well. It is really comfortable on long rides. It runs great.

- Tyler S

Dodge charger has the space the comfort and the engine

Dodge charger is very reliable with state of the art touch screen and the car is predictable comfortable interior

- Jamichael S

The vehicle is high tech and very comfortable. I love the heated seats.

Had a noise and was fixed. No other issues with the engine or transmission. It is comfortable and safe to drive.

- Carlos V

This car can go really fast.

Easy to use when passing other cars on 2 lane roads. It does not were well in snow because of rear wheel drive.

- Bruce A

Great Gas Mileage, easy to operate , fun to drive,

I love our car, it gets good gas mileage and the price was right and If we wanted to sell It's a market for it

- toyya w

It is a dependable and reliable vehicle.

I love the power of the car. I love the look of the charger. It has been a dependable car. It handles nicely.

- Melissa M

If anything needs fixed it will be expensive

Expensive to fix Low gas mileage Not many features Comfortable Nice looking Reliable Has never broke down

- Samantha H

It Won't last. It will let you down in the long run

I like the look, feel, power, and style. But after 100,000 I have a ton of problems including a dying engine

- Joe C

Quick 5.7 liter hemi that is easy to play with

Awesome comfortable ride. A lot of power for a family car. Love the performance and for doors. Tons of space

- Jason F

Fast and comfortable commutes.

I enjoy the V8 5.7L Hemi engine of my car. Also like the convenience of four doors and space for passengers.

- Marlon C

Very dependable. Safety: sturdy construction, excellent handling & acceleration.

Great handling. Heavy and sturdy, makes me feel safe. Good pickup if I need to get out of a bad situation.

- Adrian H

It is a great car to drive.

Its a muscle car and I love the style and how it runs. I love the color of my car and how reliable it is.

- Leonardo E

Others should know that it is fast.

It is smooth to drive everywhere. It is really good on gas. Also, it is beautiful and I love the color.

- Esmeralda C

Safe and reliable. Gets me from point a to point b. Always there when i need it. Dodge made a good car when they made the charger.

How reliable it can be when you are looking to travel and the safety it brings when you have your kids.

- Serge R

It's a fun car to ride around in, not much for road trips.

I love my car because it is sporty and comfy. I've always wanted a sports car. It rides really smooth.

- Jennifer M

Excellent car, seat hurts.

No issues, except the driver seat hurts my butt. I think it would be better if it didn't hurt my butt.

- Jeff G

It has a lot of power so you really need to be careful when driving it.

Love it all. Only dislike is the mileage that it gets. Also wish the navigation stuff updated itself.

- T T

It is comfortable and reliable.

I have no complaints it is the best car I have ever owned. Reliable good in gas and all wheel drive.

- Vanessa B

Turns itself off at a light.

I like the look of my car. I do not like how much gas it uses. It is very spacious in the back seat.

- Cindy P

It is very reliable and comfortable. The vehicle is safe and secure and I have had no issues with it.

I really like my vehicle. I like the safety features and the style. I like how it drives as well.

- Josh H

It is a dependable car I don't worry about being stranded

My Dodge charger is pretty nice but I wish I had gotten the hemi. It is a nice dependable car.

- Zana F

it's good on gas mileage and comfortable to travel as well.

I love my vehicle because it's good to travel because it has a lot of space between the seats.

- Liliana G

that you can't drive very well in snow or rain

its black and goes fast. i have no complaints. love sirius radio and moonroof is great too

- tricia c

It is very comfortable and roomy in both the front and the back.

Great car. Very roomy so good for the kiddo, but still doesn't look like a mom car. LOL

- lisa e

I feel safe in my car since it's a bit wider than most cars

I love my car but I would love to upgrade some things like adding camera for reversing

- Jennifer T

worth the money and great car

first newer car owed runs great very dependable and lots of power but good gas mileage

- Maria P

It's not foreign and is comfortable for 4 adults to stretch out

I like that it gets good gas mileage, dependable, 4 doors and is comfortable to drive

- James H

I love my dodge charger, it drives wonderful. I have no complaints on my vehicle.

They drive absolutely wonderful and very smooth. Handles very well in the rain also.

- Renee M

The Dodge Charger I own does very well on Ohio's rough roads.

I'm a big fan of it. I don't really have any complaints about it. It holds up well

- Sierra E

i totally love my dodge charger. it's a 2014 hemi powered so it's fast and drives great. it's a dallas cowboy blue. it drives very smooth

it's a very dependable but fast beautiful car. my grandkids love grandma's ride

- hester r

it is modified to perform better than stock vehicle

handles great, has all the features and comfort i want. great performance too

- rick s

She's dependable, reliable, mine

I love the reliability, comfort, dependability. Looks great. Always starts.

- Larry H

Has good power and handling

Great power, good look outside and in, nice features, nice wheels

- Sherri F

Its Stylish and Fast. Worth the money to make you feel good

I love the look and the ride of the vehicle. It makes me so happy

- Kar P

How good it drives and handles

The body style the room it has the gas mileage how it drives

- Donnie k

I drive a 2014 Dodge Charger RT. It has a 5.7 L Hemi, which I love. I had an aftermarket exhaust put on it, and it sounds awesome. I love this car!

It's very fast. You have to accelerate slowly on wet roads.

- Angie M

The Dodge Charger R/T AWD has all the performance you'll ever want, it's a really comfortable car, and it handles well in the snow. It does sit low to the ground, so visibility can be a problem for a short person, no matter how much you adjust the seat.

People will think you're made of money...even if you're not.

- Kathy W

I like that my vehicle is sporty. I also like that it is large enough to accommodate my family of four. It has some awesome features like a keyless start and seat heaters.

My vehicle is large enough to accommodate a family of four.

- Ashley N

My car is comfortable to ride in

I like the gas mileage, look, leather seats, audio system.

- Brandon S

top safety rating and very fun to drive. worth the money

smooth drive, comfortable, fast. muscle but still luxury

- Alison M

The car Rides great. It is sporty, but has room for the whole family.

Love the size. I love the power. Dislike gas mileage.

- Keith J

It has an economy feature that saves me on weekly gas

Muscle car that has economy feature to save on gas

- Katina L

Reliable & fun dodge charger.

- Cindy C