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2015 Blue Pearl Dodge Charger

I absolutely love my 2015 Dodge Charger. It has enough room inside to where your drive and ride is comfortable. These cars are built well, drive well and look absolutely stunning. I've never had any major repairs that needed to be done. Just basic maintenance. It's a very smooth ride as well. I've had a few people tell me how nice it rides. And if you want to have a little fun with it, you can!! It's got get up and go when you need to or sometimes just want to. Gas mileage is surprisingly good for it having a bigger engine. I don't think I will ever purchase a different brand vehicle. I love it just as much as the day I bought it.

- Cory M

Dodge charger comfortable good looking car.

I bought my car used it is a 2015 I've had it for 2 years. I have had no issues with it so far. It has 80, 000 miles. It is a v6 and has a lot of pep. It is rides smooth. I have heated seats they work fast and heat up well. I have taken multiple long trips in my car longest trip was 13 hours. I found it to be very comfortable. I am 5'3' and I am able to adjust the seat to my height. I am high enough to see and I do not notice any blind spots while driving besides the typical blind spots in all cars. The gas mileage is great on the highway I get about 25 miles to the gallon.

- Michele A

My fast, comfortable and stylish car

My Dodge Charger is one of the best cars I have ever owned. The speed and the control of the car is amazing. I love the comfort level of my car. The front has slightly bucket seat so they hug you very nicely. And the back seat has bucket seats as well. The only part I didn't like about the bucket seats was that my car seats didn't fit so well. My car has been very reliable in the 5 years that I have owned it I have not had any issues so far. I'm a lover of bigger cars they make me feel more safe when I'm on the road. This car is stylish, fast, safe and comfortable.

- Marisol H

2015 AWD SXT Dodge Charger personal experience

So far no problems. Car runs very smooth and has quick acceleration. Outside is a muscle car, inside is luxury. Handles bumps nicely and unstoppable when the AWD kicks in. Seat has multiple settings for comfort and has heated/vented seats so it's always a nice ride. I have high performance brakes that seem to 'squeak' more than normal so will probably switch those out. Gas mileage is good on the highway, drops around 5 MPG when city driving. Tons of additions and customizations available!

- Ryan D

It takes a lot to fill up the gas tank and it uses only premium gas which can be expensive.

my car is a very smooth driving car...very comfortable with lots of space inside. The gas is a little expensive for it but I feel that the car is well worth it. The car has lots of features one of the best being the bluetooth. It also has a camera in the back to show you when in reverse if you will back into anything. The radio system is quite loud and clear. More features include two tv's in the back where the children are able to watch videos or play video games.

- Marina R

Very reliable and sporty.

In all, my experience with my car has been good. I have owned it for about 10 months now and have had no problems mechanically. Other than just regular maintenance it is very easy to deal with and keep up with. It is actually better on gas than other v6 vehicles I have owned. I drive over an hour once a week and it only uses a quarter of a tank to get to and from my location. Overall I am happy with the car I bought.

- Marco D

It's just a great car in general.

I absolutely love my Dodge charger. It's very sporty yet roomy. Its looks great and it's reliable. The only thing I would change would be to add more options for heat and air conditioning for the backseat. The back passengers never seem to get enough air but the front passengers are either too hot or too cold. Other than that I have no issues and will definitely be upgrading to another charger in the near future.

- Crystal M

You can never lock your keys in your car.

I have a 2015 Dodge Charger sxt. Its exterior is silver and interior is black. It has 18in alloy wheels and new tires. Some features it has are fog led lights, sunroof, remote start, heated seats, automatic rear view dimmer, push to start, voice recognition, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi capabilities, cruise control, USB connections, and so much more. It's up to date on maintenance. Has no problems. All recalls complete.

- Burgundy R

Not for you if you have a big family fits about 4 people comfortably.

My car has pretty much little to no issues. Breaks are always needs after every 4 to 5 months, also my air and heat makes a weird noise but nothing that is noticeable and it still works perfectly fine. The car is fast which is obviously expected. Car is also okay on gas, takes about $100 to get a full tank. Overall the car is absolute perfect, Its strong and it looks good! Its comfortable and very durable!

- Michael H

2015 Dodge Charger, great for families.

This car is a great larger sedan, it has plenty of room inside for the whole family to fit. It has Bluetooth capabilities that allow you to not only talk and text hands free you can also connect to listen to your own music. It is a larger car so it is on the higher price for filling the gas tank but it gets really good mileage so we do not typically have to worry about filling up more than once a week.

- Maggie G

Full spectrum of a dodge charger.

My heater and air conditioner are not very strong, ’. I click the radio off and it turns itself back on if I am backing up etc. There’s no place for a CD. Car shutters when it shifts strong jerking motion. . Poor gas mileage on streets great on freeway. It is a gas guzzler. It is a beautiful, powerful cat. It has tight steering and is a smooth ride. It has lots of head room and leg room.

- Erin S

The dodge charger is trendy and sporty in design.

It has good handling. It is comfortable and up to date. I like the way it looks. It is a sporty sedan. I have the rallye edition. It is all wheel drive which is good for the snow. The car is dependable and the rallye edition makes it go fast as it has extra horsepower. It feels like a race car in the way it drives and looks and feels. It has s large backseat which is good for a large family.

- Rebekah R

The dodge charger has not only an attractive appeal but also one of the best cars on the market.

My dodge charger is a 2015, white door door model. It is good on gas which is great for saving money. My dodge charger came with a one year warranty as well. Overall the dodge charger is very dependable, fairly priced, roomy as well as cheap to maintain since I've had my car I've never encountered problems that would be considered costly. The dodge charger is as well appealing to look at.

- Brandy K

This car is built for speed.

The 2015 dodge charger is a very spacious and luxurious vehicle to drive. It is surprisingly quiet for a car with so much horsepower and speed. It has tons of trunk and back seat space and comfortably seats 5 tall people. We are planning on using it as a family vehicle for a couple years and have had no trouble fitting all of the strollers and car seats we would need to put in it.

- Victoria C

Good Power, Comfort, and sleek design.

Not as bad in the snow as you might think for a RWD but its not the best either. Good power for a 6 cylinder. Not to bad on gas Mileage. You get about 30-35 highway and about 12-19 city. Drives nice and has plenty of luxury items in it like back up camera and heated seats. It's a wide frame though so if you live in a big city with small roads I would advise against getting one.

- Greg C

The sun roof that will open and at night you can watch the stars shining!

I love my car! It rides beautifully! It can take off from 0 to 30 just hit the gas! It's very reliable because it has digital numbers telling me when my gas gets down to a dangerous level telling me to stop and add gas to the gas tank. It also has a security issue that is a electric start so that I can start my car from inside my house so that I can open the door and take off.

- Brenda W

Just about the computer and the recalls that come with the car.

It's a nice car but however it does have a lot of issues when it comes to its computer system. When the car runs hot it makes the car computer also get hot and makes it start to act up and start to mess up. There are also a lot of recalls that seem to be attached to this kind of vehicle. I love the car and other then the issues that are with the computer the car is great.

- Jeremy P

2015 dodge charger, luxury car without luxury price.

My 2015 dodge charger has lots of room and feels like a luxury car without the luxury price. With heated and air conditioned leather interior it makes for the perfect year round car. Fully loaded with the Bose sound system it has clear sound as well. The interior and exterior of this car make it feel like a real sportster and still has 4 full size seats for everyday life.

- Trish T

Dodge has details like the windows are double reinforced.

I love my 2015 dodge charger. The only reason why it is not. 5 because I want more power. I want a rat But for the sxt 305 horsepower is pretty impressive for a 6 cylinder. The only bad thing I would have to say is that my car was broken into pretty easily which resulted in my door being destroyed. I feel they should make it more difficult to break into.

- Angela J

A Family Man's sports car!

My 2015 charger is one of the better cars I've owned. Very stylish interior, roomy, and loaded with all the latest technology. The power output of the 5.7 Hemi is amazing and it handles like a dream. Very comfortable for me and my family of four. Very large trunk space capable of carrying lots of items. Overall a very reliable and fun car to drive.

- Matthew A

My car is fast strong and stylish

Everything about the car is great to me with respect to performance and handling. Even the price point was reasonable when I bought it. My only gripe is the gas mileage worth the price of has so high. I wish there was a means to make it more fuel-efficient, even if it was an aftermarket product so that I could save money on fuel costs

- Ian W

I have always wanted a dodge charger.

This vehicle is very comfortable. The front and back have heated and cooling seats. There is a heated steering wheel. The rear back up camera helps a great deal. It is a smooth ride both on and off the highway. It would be better if the car had tinted windows because the seats are black leather and can get very hot in the summertime.

- Jenna K

Spacious and updated family vehicle.

I love my car because it is space and as well as the features that it comes with it as well is pretty reliable. I like the fact it as many airbags as well. It also shows when the pressure on tires are low which helps during the cold winter months. The car comes equipped with spare tires and tools to change it which is very helpful.

- Mother K

I love my Dodge Charger rt!

My vehicle is very reliable. I have had no major issues just routine maintenance. The interior is very comfortable and spacious. My husband is 6'5 and he has plenty of legroom. It is great for the person who loves power and speed. It is quick to respond and you can put a beating on it without it falling apart. Very sturdy vehicle.

- Jackie P

This is a good looking care that is also great to drive and reliable.

This is a smooth driving car, good acceleration and easy with turns and curves. It gets reliable gas mileage, great highway mileage. It is very comfortable to sit in, even done several 12 hour drives. It has a nice large trunk. The car has great visibility when driving. Nice features. Love the remote start. Great sounds system.

- Kimberly M

Great engine, it is very fast and powerful.

My car is really cool. It is fast, strong, and super amazing. The horse power is great and chicks totally dig it. I definitely recommend this car to anyone. It is pretty reliable on gas and the sound it makes when that engine roars is satisfying. Very fun car to drive, if I were you I would definitely purchase a Dodge charger.

- Ramsey P

I love the get up and go my charger has.

I love the look of my car and it's my favorite color, blue. The get up and go power it has is remarkable! A very smooth ride and roomy. A very comfortable car to travel long distance in. Its just a tad bigger than I prefer but definitely not so big it's a deal breaker. Great family car but looks sleek, not soccer mommyish.

- Jessica K

Cute, fast, great car with great mpg.

I love the car! The performance overall has been excellent. It is fast, so easy on the gas! The sport mode increases this dramatically. All of the controls are touchscreen. It is spacious enough for 4 people to fit comfortably, 5 at most. However, this car is at an increased risk for water damage due to a lower intake.

- Kami J

2015 Dodge Charger SE edition

I love my dodge charger! 50,000 miles and still runs just the same as the day I bought it. Fast, clean, smooth, reliable ride! Best purchase hands down. I am a young mom and it has enough space in the back seats and trunk to fit my kids along with our lifestyle. But still makes me feel young! Better than a minivan!

- Theresa B

Jazz blue Charger!! Love the led headlights.

I would actually say it has been reliable, I haven't had any problems and there our 60, 000 miles on it. Haven't had to even change brakes or battery. It drives real smooth and crisp, and love the look. I have the AWD se model, really enjoy the look of it and in the winter it drives through snow minimal trouble!!

- Corey P

Awesome solid drive for most customers

Smooth ride great handling outstanding highway gas mileage and decent city mileage. Strong pick up and go, good dashboard layout; back seats fold down to transport long items. Heater works very well which is needful in winter here. Easy to use interface of phone for hands-free driving. Mechanically sound.

- Del S

Oil filter is on top of the engine and easy to change.

Very reliable car. Love the backup camera. Really helps to see what is behind you. Got a really good price at the dealership for it also. Really affordable. Smooth driving and easy on fuel. Keyless entry on the door handle help out when you need to get in or lock. Love the auto start button on chilly days also.

- Maria G

My vehicle is gray with 4 doors. It is a large car and very stylish.

Great car. I bought it new and it runs great. I keep it maintained by the car dealership. The performance is great. Very spacious for my 4 person family. Great Stereo system. The trunk is very spacious as well. The interior is cloth and cleans very well. If you take care of this car, it will take care of you.

- Alexandria M

Dodge Charger the beat car you can ever ask for clean sleek.

Dodge Charger caught my eyes because of the body style real sporty and smooth drives with potential. It is a very smooth and clean drive the maintenance is easy to keep up not so expensive. The interior that it came with black leather seats are a plus in my category. It just gives you all that you ask for.

- Camille B

Great performance in a cheap luxury vehicle.

No major issues with the vehicle. Is a great reliable vehicle. Does have some noise issues with the rear speaker padding. Does rattle when the bass is turned up. Vehicle gets great gas mileage for a full sized vehicle. Seats are very comfortable for long trips no matter where you are riding in the vehicle.

- Cody C

It handles well on the road, especially in subpar conditions like rain.

I like that it has good safety ratings. I like the size of the car. There are several small electrical problems we keep having with the key fobs and easy access doors working correctly. Also, the inside of the door is pulling away from the actual door which is annoying. I wish the gas mileage was better.

- Carole G

Everything is great about this car

A great american car There's nothing quite like the thrill of getting behind the wheel of a sports car. And when that car is a redesigned 2015 Camaro from the athletic LS to the track-ready ZL1 that feeling reaches legendary levels thanks to bold new looks, renowned performance and enhanced technology.

- miguel n

Wonderful fast sporty car with seats that fit even a plus size person.

I simply love the vehicle. The heated seats and steering wheel are wonderful. The fact that I can warm-up the car from inside my house is incredible. The seats are comfortable and being a plus size woman that is especially important, since most sporty car seats are not comfortable for larger backsides!

- Dee H

It gets amazing gas mileage as long as we don't use it for long road trips often.

I like that it has a remote start. It makes it extremely convenient when the weather is too hot or cold I can just turn the car on to warm up or cool down before leaving my house. I like that it has Bluetooth so I can get my calls and -messages hands free. It is also very quiet and smooth when driving.

- Janna R

2015 dodge charger at its best

My vehicle performs very well haven't had much issues, breaks work beautifully and I've had it for 4+ years I've only had to change it twice. Seats are very comfortable and the Bluetooth feature is my favorite. It is very reliable and hasn't done me wrong since I had it. Comfort ability level is 100!

- Sadie M

It's one of my dream cars and I can't wait to get my other two.

It's very stylish and fast. I love that's its a sports car and have so much space. I love the push start and the custom designs I added on to make it and it's amazing. It is good for family road trips and is very good on gas. I got it because I love muscle cars and the Charger is one of my favorites.

- Kelly C

It is a sleeper, when you need power and acceleration, you have it.

I like the way it looks, . It is fast, seats 5 people, it is 4 door. Has a powerful engine, I like the color of the car, I like the way it sticks to the road. It is relatively good on fuel, has a pretty big trunk, I like the way the front end of the car looks, I like the way the rims and tires look.

- Perry B

Quick accelerations not shifting.

The car works great the only issues I am having at time when going from 30- 50 it seems not to shift gear and wont go faster than 35 mph until I let go of the pedal and go at it a second time. This only happen when I am trying to speed to change lanes or make a green light not on a regular driving.

- Oscar T

Highlights of the Dodge Charger 2015.

No problems at all it's perfect and got a good price for it. I wasn't so sure about getting this car at first because I thought it was going to be really expensive like 30k-50k. But once I got my license I found a good connection through my friends who knew someone to get me a good performing car.

- Cameron C

Has nice interior and sleek look on the outside.

My car gets good gas mileage and is very dependable and looks nice. The inside is very comfortable and very roomy. Trunk is big for plenty of items. It is fast for a v 6. They come in cool colors and my car looks like a expensive car, but it is not. Price is very reasonable and good for the price.

- Chris E

Reliable fast car that has pick up and go ability

Reliable vehicle. Vented seats are great, vehicle is wide so fitting in small parking space is hard, causing other vehicles to hit car when they open doors, plenty of room in back seat for passengers. Trunk space is large. Drives smoothly. Sunroof has problems closing at times needing to be reset

- Edward P

It's just a good car. Runs great

I have a Dodge charger with V8 HEMI, R/T Trim with sunroof, I have not had any issues with the car yet. So far everything is great. Very good breaks and much more. I have the car stuck in mud once and it was very difficult to get it out because there is no pull point to access from the outside

- Jason J

Stylish, yet fit for the modern family.

The car drives really smooth. I rarely ever have any problems with it. The inside is very spacious and works for a family, but is also stylish. The digital features are great and easy to use. The front of the car is sort of big, but is not a problem for experienced drivers. Overall a great car!

- Emily H

Love my car. I would recommend it to anyone wanting a comfortable car

I really love how smooth my car rides. It is great on gas and I like the style of the car,I get lots of compliments on my car the color is beautiful .the inside is very roomy and comfortable. The cons are that u have had a few recalls but I was told that the manufacturer pays for the repairs

- Peggy M

Amazing 2015 Dodge Charger

We absolutely love our Dodge Charger! It has been the best vehicle we have purchased. We have had it for 3 years, and have had no issues at all so far. It is a great family vehicle. It is also really good on gas. We typically get close to 30 miles to the gallon when driving on the highway.

- Jennifer R

All in all a charge of a buy.

The performance runs great, the only issue I have is the gas and how much it takes. It's a nice smooth ride even on terrain. It has Wi-Fi compatibility, nice stereo speakers. It's always sleek and shine it even had a sunroof and heated seats. The seats do become sticky when warm though.

- Tiffany C

This is the best car I have ever owned.

The 2015 dodge charger act is a very super smooth ride. Love this car and the interior is very sleek and nice. Very comfortable and it is surprising a very big car. The sxt is a v6 but has a tremendous kick! Sometimes feels like I am driving a hemi. Currently have no problems with it.

- Nicole G

2015 Dodge charger review.

Very smooth comfortable ride. Have had a few issues with rotors and brakes for the vehicle. Gas mileage has decreased from the first time I have purchased the vehicle but it's something to expect from a Dodge charger. Performance on the vehicle is good very little maintenance issues.

- Chris S

Performance, great style, comfort and style.

Reliable and fast, powerful, very minor repairs done. Also, it has good space and durable. We have kept the car for a long time even with a new child because space is great and safety is first for us. Not only that it is reliable & durable, it has a beautiful look on the exterior.

- Xcel V

Made to last. Style is great and love the color.

I have had little to no problems with my car. It perform quite well. It is very reliable and I love the room it provides inside. The features are nice too. I like the color and how well it is made. Build tough to last a long time. I also like the color and it is great on gas too.

- Marie V

Great details, color trim and tires

Everything about it...inside and out , radio ,seats, Color, front end, features on steering wheel, features on the radio and air conditioning, trim work around the out . Wheels and tires look great everything I love. 2015 looks better than any of the chargers on the last 4 years

- Eric C

2015 Dodge Charger rallye edition

Only problem is the tire sensors go out regularly and have to keep computers up to date other than that cars a dream to drive. Love to phone charging option when cars not running cheap on gas compared to my truck.. you get the feel of sportiness and family car all in one vehicle

- Danielle V

A vehicle for someone who want something fast but still family-oriented

It's a fun car to drive to can be a bit ruff on the gas mileage. I'm a huge electronics guy and I kind of wish the vehicle had a better electronic setup but overall I love it. Only it is a V6 it's a very enjoyable car something you can ride around with your friends or family

- Ralph G

I love my Dodge Charger

This is my 3rd Dodge Charger and it will not be my last. I love this car, it is easy to drive, very sporty. I have had no problems with this car, or any previous Chargers. I have just kept up with general maintenance. Great gas mileage. Test drive one, you will be surprised.

- Teresa W

Fast and comfortable and fun to drive.

I love the fast pick up for getting in with traffic. The seats adjustments make it comfortable and extremely easy to set up for personal preference. The only thing I can say that I do not like is the Bluetooth/uConnect system. It's very slow and freezes up occasionally.

- Serenity H

Dodge Charger with amazing space and mpg.

My Dodge Charger is an excellent car. You would imagine it wastes a lot of gas but it actually doesn't. Great highway mpg and the space is incredible. It has not given me any problems besides a factory recall on the door panels. They had began to peel off with the heat.

- Jorge R

It is fully loaded and push button and remote start.

This is the most powerful car I have ever owned! It shifts so smoothly and is very easy to speed in so you have to really watch how fast you are going! The back up camera is very helpful. Also the blind spot alert is a must have too. All in all this is a beast of a car.

- Sara S

I am currently getting between 25-29 miles per gallon on the highway.

I have not had any trouble with my 2015 charger. It is not only a great looking car. It is dependable..I keep up the routine maintenance and it never fails to start on cold New England mornings. I would recommend this car to anyone looking for an American made vehicle.

- Lee H

Review of the 201 hellcat dodge charger

Great drive. Excellent on the road also great in the winter. Has that sleek look to it anybody looks amazing driving. Doesn't do well on gas so you do have to fill up a lot. Very comfortable car love the body style and the leather. Car does amazing with remote start.

- Kylie H

I love my 2015 dodge charger.

I love this vehicle! The only problems we have had were caused by a small front end collision. The engine is powerful yet does not waste gas. The interior is roomy and steak at the same time. We are almost at 90 thousand miles and have yet to have any major issues!

- Ashley P

My charger is all black cream cloth seats

It's a great car haven't has any problems. Brake work great had it for 1 year still haven't had to put any work on it. Rides very smooth. Tires were great in a snowstorm got me around with no problem. Only had 85000 miles on when purchase now it has 101000 miles.

- Sarah O

Dodge charger, you will not be disappointed.

Really great car. . Needed a reliable car that would get the family from point A to point B. After doing extensive research and looking for a great deal we found it and couldn't be happier. . Surprisingly lots of room for the family and a real treat to drive.

- Ray S

THE Features & the ability that the car had in and out.

my vehicle really doesn't have that many difficulties. It rides so smooth and good on gas I don't really have to fill up as much as I did on my other cars. Everything about this car I live it was better than any car I had. They had very good features in and out.

- Alyssa G

Dodge Charger sporty but practical.

It's a sporty car but also a good everyday car it gets good gas mileage and very little maintenance is needed it has a lot of legroom and comes with great upgrades then you can and even later do or add upgrades yourself and full coverage insurance is not bad.

- Raymond T

Bluetooth radio and AUX. Handsfree options, sunroof

I like how smooth it is on the road and with the AWD it makes Minnesota winters easy to drive through. It has a lot of horsepower so it has a lot of power and control. The electronic features in the inside are awesome and the sound system it great. Love it

- Indigo M

Dependable, Good Fuel Mileage and Smooth riding.

The car is dependable, however it had 2 factory recalls, but I took them to the dealership and they fixed what needed to be fixed at no cost to me. The car rides smooth and has great 'pick up'. It has a fuel economy setting and gets really good mileage.

- Sunny T

The dodge charger is a wonderful car it is ride smooth with a luxury appeal.

My vehicle drive like a sports car but have a luxury look which I love! It is a 4wd, great stereo system with a Bluetooth collection, leather seat, with a eight cylinder motor, great navigation just in case I may lost, beautiful paint job ride smooth.

- Jose J

Great value and wonderful standard features.

I find that the vehicle could have some more comfort to the seats. They are somewhat hard to conform to bodies that sit in them. It is reliable and I have very few problems otherwise. I wish that the batteries would last longer in the keyless remote.

- Dustin L

When people see me in my car they all say that is one nice car, kids say is it fast. But they all want to know if that thing got a HEMI, and I answer, yes, yes it does.

It's very roomy,it seats 5 and has a very sporty look. It's fast for a four door, with its 5.7 HEMI I can burn rubber or keep my foot off it and still have great gas mileage. When it comes to shopping or going out of town,the truck has lots of space.

- Clarke B

Not for the serial car trader

I have had no issues with this vehicle at all. I hit a bear and it sustained minimal damage. Seats are very comfortable and it is very smooth to drive. My only issue is that this is the longest I've kept a car and I still don't want to trade it in.

- Robin V

Dodge Chargers are Junk! Buyer beware... your wallet will stay empty.

bought my car used with 28k, by 32k the warranty had run out, i had wheel sensors going bad and both front door panels had warped allowing all kinds of road noise in. To boot the door panels are backordered, worst car i've bought since the 70ies.

- Terry H

Sporty, safe and comfortable ride!!!

Very roomy car. Lots of space for entire family or hauling friends around in. Stylish and sporty appearance. Ride is comfortable and handles effortlessly. Great safety features and AWD is a must in my snowy state. Love my Dodge Charger!!!

- Chandra C

safe, dependable, reliable and fashionable

I absolutely love my charger. it is speedy enough to zip around town and get me where i need to go fast, it is modern and sleek so i'm not driving around a mom mobile and it seats all 3 of my kids in their car seats safely in the back.

- brittany M

Vehicle is worth the money overall but expensive to maintain.

My 2015 Dodge charger is very reliable. The only issue I have had with it is the tires are very expensive to replace. Also it is very expensive to use any of the Bluetooth features since you have to have a yearly subscription.

- Maurice P

It gets good gas mileage, but also has a lot of horsepower.

It is the car of my dreams. I love the look of it and all of the built-in features it has. My only complaint is that the door panels have started warping from the heat of a Texas climate and Dodge won't replace them.

- Scott H

That it doesn't get a great gas per mile but it isn't terrible. Also that it drives smooth.

I do not like the passenger seat it is very uncomfortable to sit in for more than a couple hours. I do like the way the interior is set up. I like the heated seats. It has a lot of room in the interior which i like.

- Gabby S

The most important thing is the comfort and the gas mileage is great.

I like the color, the way it handles. It is very comfortable and I love my sunroof. It handles great. I dislike that it does not have the hemi in it, but we didn't purchase that model. Otherwise no complaints.

- Karen T

One should be very careful not to exceed the speed limit. You may not think you're going fast, but you are.

I love how strong and sturdy my car is. I feel it is very well built by a reliable and reputable company. I don't like how big it is, and how it is hard to see out the front windshield if the visor is in use.

- Jessica B

It's a good car to own and drive.

It don't get great gas mileage but it handles the road real good it's comfortable and it looks good on the road I've had no problems with maintenance so it's a really great car I've had it for 3 years now.

- Wayne J

My car has adjustable power steering and adjustable driving modes.

I love the power that comes from the v6 engine. The paint seems to scratch easy and the cloth seats and carpet exposes dirt and debris a lot. Very smooth and quiet ride that makes transportation enjoyable.

- Grant P

My car is bright red and I put eyelashes on the headlights of my car.

I really like that it has leather seats, the whole interior is leather. Not only that but it also has a very useful feature of having a 'backup' camera. So far I do not have any complaints about my car.

- Laura B

Worth the price, nice car.

I have the v6, so it's not quite as quick as the V8s/Hemi, but I drive 50 miles both ways to work so it's better on gas. Still has the balls to out pace most cars on the road and look good doing it.

- Ste M

I don't think there is anything special that I need to tell anyone about. It's a car

The color of my car is b5 blue which doesn't sound special but it is a very pretty color. I love my car for so many reasons, the only thing I don't like about my car is that is isn't very roomy.

- Crystal F

Battery is located in the trunk.

Things I like about the car: the navigation, heated seats, audio, Bluetooth connection, ac vent in the back, fog lights, trunk size, screen information such as tire pressure & oil life.

- J V

I would like to highlight the powerful HEMI engine.

I don't like that the volume buttons are on the right side of the steering wheel. I don't like that the black paint looks dirty all the time. I don't like the interior spots easily.

- Michael G

It drives great with turning ability and is easy to maneuver.

I like the way it drives but the door swings open to far and closes to easily if there is wind. I wish mine had air controls that could shut off in the back. Great car otherwise.

- June T

It is not a flashy or expensive car.

I like the stylish exterior. I like that the fuel economy is not too bad considering it is a muscle car. I like the comfortable interior. The car has been reliable over time.

- Ori o

The car has a lot of recalls.

Everything inside is up to date. It has a nice blue that glow at night inside for my speedometer, radio and doors. I hate that it has no back up camera that's my only dislike.

- Abigail B

It does not get good gas mileage.

I like the way it handles. I do not like the gas mileage it gets. I do not like the cooling seats as they do not seem to work very well. And I do not like the leather seats.

- Kimberly M

The most important thing others should know is that my car is good on gas.

Just love it overall the engine the interior the way it feels when you drive it the way sounds when you hit the accelerator the outside overall body of the car is awesome.

- ClAudia V

The safety of the car, and how it would hold up in a crash.

I love the dodge Charger. It has great get up and go for only being the V6 engine. It has decent gas mileage, and we have had no major problems, only maintenance with it.


That your going to have issues with the car and it will cost u a bunch of cash

It's a nice car however there is some known problems with the computer and the transmission when the car gets overheated. There has been some recalls to with the vehicle

- Traci S

Comfort and performance. Safe handling and tight steering.

I love everything about it. The color, the space, the sound system. I was a little disappointed with the tires it came with cause they worn out quick but it's perfect.

- Erica A

It is very powerful, which could be dangerous to an inexperienced driver.

I am very happy with my vehicle. It is very roomy, which is needed for my husband and son who are both over six feet tall. I like that it is sporty yet powerful.

- Ashley C

Dodge Charger is an amazing vehicle

My 2015 dodge is a very reliable vehicle,even though it is a four door vehicle it doesn't sacrifice any features or performance that classify it as a muscle car.

- Carlos C

It is fast for a v6 and rides smooth.

Sometimes I feel like I want a truck instead of my car. Other than that I have a lot of room in my car and it has luxury including heated seats and a big radio.

- Matthew W

That it is a fun car to drive. It performed well in rain and snow and has excellent acceleration.

I like the color, the engine, and the design. I like the all wheel drive option. The car has had, however, its share of performance issues and dealer recalls.

- Joe E

It's roomy, dependable and a just a very nice car in general.

I have a 2015 Dodge Charger that I absolutely love. It's a very dependable vehicle with all the upgrades I was looking for. I have no complaints with my car.

- Chrystal M

It fits really tall people.

I like that it is quick and a bigger sedan, I also like that it has Bluetooth. I do not like that it does not have a cd player as an option or any gps.

- Maggie G

The performance has to be good.

Most cars have good performance and the reliability it has sort of not that much conform and the features that have to be unique and have to be simple.

- Doris O

Affordable But Cool Car !

Our Charger has been great! No mechanical issues in the 4 years we've had it. Feels like a much more expensive car. People compliment it all the time.

- Karen D

This car is large so I feel that it is more safe and also very easy to drive.

Drives and rides very comfortably. Haven't had any performance or other car issues. Very spacious and easy to drive. Very good looking car to look a.

- Taylor J

All season practically with style.

It is a v6 with all wheel drive, 4 doors lots of interior space and a big trunk. Car is low maintenance, I purchased it new and comfortable to drive.

- Anthony A

Love my silver dodge charger

My dodge charger handle like a dream. Very powerful vehicle. Took it on a road trip to Pennsylvania and it drove really smooth. Would purchase again.

- Diane B

Gas mileage is fantastic and performance in the snow. Couldn't go wrong.

There have not been any problems with my vehicle. I. T. Is really good on gas for a 6 cylinder engine car and performance in the snow is incredible.

- Erica C

The safety cameras are great along with the ability to use the steering wheel for controls for the radio and other features. Ability to be hands free if needing to use the phone.

This car is great on gas mileage. Has plenty of room. It has the power it needs. This car is excellent. There is nothing to dislike about this car.

- Misty M

Dodge s a great brand and affordable.

My Dodge is safe and I love the style also like the color gray which is easy to keep clean. It is also great on gas and gets me where I want to go.

- Marie G

That it gets over 30 miles per gallon out of a 3.5 liter v6 with a little over 300 horse.

I wish it was faster. It has really good fuel economy. Very sharp looking car. Plenty of space in the car for my family. Good sized trunk as well.

- Daryl S

Comfortable to drive and looks real good.

No problems with my vehicle. Very comfortable to drive, gets good gas mileage. Easy to keep clean. Has Bluetooth capacity with hands free. Talk.

- Georgette S



- Lydell B

Dodge Charger AWD 2015 Review

The Dodge Charger has a very large screen, seat warmers, is able to access phone calls and apps via bluetooth, is very fast and very reliable.

- Cassie S

Good value, great mileage.

I like the ride it's very smooth and very quiet and at the same time has a lot of power and the interior is very comfortable and stylist.

- Paul G

Gas mileage easy to drive sits 5 comfortable.

I dislike how small it is inside. I have a family and it's not enough room with the car seats. We do not have space to fit in the back.

- Lopez L

Gorgeous and fuel efficient

Love my vehicle because it's sporty yet comfortable. My vehicle gets great gas mileage. My vehicle has lots of power when taking off.

- Sharon d

My car is a perfect size. And it is very luxurious looking in my opinion.

I like the fact that is it is smooth. I hate the fact that it is not as powerful. I also hate the fact that there is no touch screen.

- Gabriel J

Black rt charger with cloth interior heated seats, with a screen!

Have not had any trouble with my vehicle. Everything is stock and I love it! Would have picked a different color but black will do!

- Rae Lynn A

It is very reliable car.. It is good on gas and it very spacious.

I do not like that it doesn't have leather seats.. It has no back up camera.. I like that it's good on gas.. It's very spacious.

- Jose A

My car gets good fuel mileage.

My car gets decent fuel mileage. It is comfortable to drive. The car is sporty and modern. My car has a lot of interior room.

- Jonathan o

Vehicle parts break easily.

The vehicle parts easily breaks. That is what I dislike most about my vehicle. My air filter easily came off out of nowhere.

- Shay M

It is powerful and luxury and smart looking with its spoiler and all.

Yeah it is ok. It is so cool. I hate it. I love it. It is definitely something I'd recommend it. I am about to get another.

- Cody B

Beautiful, sporty and family car

Love my vehicle. Fast, sporty, roomy, child friendly, beautiful interior and exterior, lasts a long time, cheap maintenance

- Tiffany U

It is all inclusive, meaning it is everything I want and need in a car.

My all wheel drive Dodge Charger is fast, efficient with gas, great in the winter and beautiful. What more could I ask for?

- Michele J

it is very dependable never has broken down,or given me any trouble

Have had the car over 3 years,15000 miles,problem free. Only routine maintenance,with 1 fix for a recall on cruise control.

- dan b

Love my charger perfect for my family

Great family car. Tons of space. Love sporty look. Big trunk. Tons of storage. I'm very tall and have no issues with fit.

- Monica P

Perfect blend of comfort and performance.

No issues. Performance is great. Perfect highway cruiser and family car but yet fun to drive. Sounds good under throttle.

- Tom B

It's very safe and roomy and cool. Important for a new parent.

It feels very safe because it's so large. It drives very smoothly! It almost feels like a batmobile for a normal person.

- Hannah N

Great handling with very impressive speed for a v6 engine

I have really enjoyed my vehicle. Great car to drive and handles well. Very sporty with great technological amenities.

- Mark W

The cars safety features.

Love the red color and its pretty fast. I feel safe in it because its a full size car. There is nothing I do not like.

- Ann N

Love it and would purchase another Dodge Charger.

No problems other than recalls. Great pickup. Comfortable. Roomy. Reliable. I would recommend purchasing this vehicle.

- Trice M

If you don't want to pay 60-80 every time to fill up the gas tank don't get a v8.

This car is comfortable, for being a v8 it has good gas mileage. The interior is nice especially the big touchscreen.

- Jesus A

I love the performance of my vehicle

Very good on gas, no problems, runs smooth, quick get up, very comfortable inside, large trunk, and has great sound

- Drew H

It is a pleasure to ride on highways. With the v6 engine it is powerful.

beautiful and comfortable car. But, it can consume gas. I love the sound of the car and it is a pleasure to drive.

- sharon n

I can beat you in a race.

fast, great looking and fun. Handles like a dream. Great acceleration. Great stereo and all the hi tech amenities.

- brian C

The gas per mile. The car is automatic. I enjoy the fact I can cruise in it.

I love the color the frame how it drives. I love the miles on it. I love how it is good on gas. I enjoy causing.

- April M

White and black sports car.

Dependable. Smooth. Luxury. Fast. Reliable. Safe. Tons of features. Sport car. Comfortable - heat and air seats.

- Amber L

Never been happier with a car!

I love dodges! They are great cars. Very reliable, great gas mileage and a spacious car for the whole family!

- Gabriela M

Good family car that won't let the family down.

Car is great so far no problems with the car. I live it and runs great, its a car with style and performance.

- Sergio A

Fast smooth and clean and very good on gas.

Great has been the best time of my life and I love the way it drives me crazy when I push the gas that is it.

- Zachary C

I love the roomy interior and the leather seats. Plenty of trunk space and the ride is very comfortable.

When the car shifts from 3rd to 2nd gear it's not smooth. It doesn't affect the performance or reliability.

- Edwin M

it has many blind spots that you need to get use to.

no issues so far. just the side dashboard is lose. Car gets good gas mileage on the highway but not city.

- michelle w

Car has a lot of power. I do not recommend for new young drivers.

I love this vehicle except I hate the tires that come stock. I have little traction in the rain and snow.

- Joe W

The car drives great. There are no major issues.

Great car. Rides and handles well. I have no complaints. Gas mileage is great. Highway driving is great.

- Al N

The engine sound is amazing.

It's a really comfortable car , it rides smooth, its really cheap way have v6 n its pretty good on gas

- Anthony V

Sunroof, go fast. Gets good gas mileage dual exhaust.

Use midgrade gas, always change the oil frequently. Check all your fluids regularly. Obey the rules. .

- Joseph W

Amazing comfortable car!!

It has plenty of space for my kids and it drives smooth. Has a lot of trunk space. Has get up and go.

- Melody H

Safety features with good high ratings. Dodge products have won many awards for their vehicles.

Like the size,roomy, gas consumption is comparable to other awd cars in its size.

- Lisa F

It changes 6 different colors! (Chameleon vinyl wrap).

I love that it has great pickup. It's very roomy. Also its great on gas mileage.

- Chris M

it gets great gas mileage on the open road when I go on trips

it fits my style. no complaints. great body style and the interior is great also

- mike P

Great on gas . Great on traveling. Need more room in vehicle but that's all. Nice look to vehicle

Vehicle is great . Just need more room. Great for traveling. Great on gas also

- Cindee R

Turns on with jet and uses up a lot of gas in city but good in long road rides

I love it just don't like that battery is in the rear of car .. not safe

- Jesse P

That it's all wheel drive. It really comes in handy if you live where there is snow and a lot of bad weather

I love the sporty look, the way it handles and that it's all wheel drive

- John R

The car is fun to drive. Acceleration is great. Maintenance is OK.

The car is comfortable. Gas mileage is great. The family likes it.

- Al N

I'm not a cop in my car. People think the color means cop.

I love my car. It's an easy drive. I wish it had WiFi in it.

- Kellie C

This car has great speed very fast. It's very reliable

I totally love this car there is nothing I don't like about it

- Robin A

It's big. Roomy. Drives nice. Good car to own. Love it

I like how it looks. It drives nice. Don't like gas mileage

- Rebecca S

That it's remarkably reliable, looks cool, surprisingly good family vehicle.

comfortable, affordable, great design, large, looks cool

- shawn s

It is very Comfortable to sit and ride in on an every day.

It is comfortable. It has a lot of power. It looks good.

- Sarah T

It turns on a dime at quick get up

I love my vehicle. It has everything I need in a car

- Patty G