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My charger SRT is an awesome American muscle car, but is still not perfect.

My 2016 Dodge Charger SRT is an amazing car. It gets a lot of looks and compliments. It has a beautiful muscle car sound along with the looks and speed of one while also having many creature comforts and technology as a luxury vehicle. It does have some small things though that are slightly irritating. The latch for the hood of my charger has corroded around it which creates the possibility of breaking off. From forums other sources this seems to be a common defect with 2016-2018 chargers. The U-connect is also a pain because it can freeze if you try to use certain apps like navigation and phone. Also one of my speaker boxes in the front has come loose which rattles when hitting small bumps in road and from the music. Although it is an amazing car the build quality could be better.

Stewart J

Dodge 2016 charger. White. Remote start. Reliable car.

Had this car for about a year. No serious problems other than the air pressure reader for the tires are inaccurate. Performance is good. Its reliable although we haven't been through any serious weather conditions such as snow or rain. It comfortably seats 5 people. The back seat has a lot of room. We use the car and give a lot of people rides and they are comfortable so that is good. My favorite feature is the remote start its good year round. Mostly in the summer because it starts the air conditioning. I haven't figured out how to auto start the seat warmers for the winter yet though.

Lisa A


The performance and comfort as amazing. It's a 392 hemi so it goes quick and the seats are comfortable as anything. Has all of the creature comforts you'd need, heated cooled seats, heated steering wheel, big display, back up camera, front collision warning, blind spot etc. It's an amazing car and makes me love dodge even more. Only negative is the gas mileage. But anyone who chooses to buy a car like this and complain about their gas mileage should promptly trade their car in for a prius and allow someone else to drive it who will truly appreciate it..

Courtney G

My car is excellent on gas and gives me comfort when driving long distances.

My car gives me enough space to travel with my kid without having to worry about him being crowded. It is excellent on gas and runs very smoothly. I would definitely buy the same car again, it also has never given me and mechanical problems since I have bought it. The seats are cloth and very comfortable, my ac is always cold when I need it to be and my heater is warm when it is cold. The Bluetooth is one of my favorite features along with the reversing sensor. Overall I would highly recommend my car to anyone looking for a sporty look with plenty of space.

Alicia S

The interior is sleek, has seat warmers and a big touch screen display.

Our 2016 Dodge charger is absolutely family friendly and still qualifies as the speedy car you want!! No need to change over to the family mobile when the 4 door Dodge charger sxt sedan is available. There are so far no problems that comes to mind when I think about our car. It also has a manual/ automatic transmission for that gas saving on the highways. It's great on gas and tire pressure as well. So if you are thinking about getting a new car this winter, choose the Dodge charger sxt!! You will not regret it.

Kati K

All together I do say that the Dodge Charger r/t to all.

Car is fast, handles great, looks real good. Comfortable ride. Has all the up to date modern features. Car has been very reliable. Car has an excellent gas usage for a big motor. I added a better exhaust system to my Charger for a more aggressive sound that the Charger did not come with. I also think that the tires they put on the Charger could be wider and better. Also the braking system should be upgraded for the Charger r/t that I own.

Stephen P

My vehicle is grey with black racing stripes and it's loud.

So far I have no complaints about the Dodge charger. It is fast and looks as well as sounds mean. It is an rt with a hemi in it. The sound system is all beats by dre with a beats sub in the trunk. This car makes me want to speed everywhere and I always want to rev the engine while stopped at a light next to another fast looking car. The vehicle just makes you feel powerful and really good about yourself.

Michael R

Great car but not perfect

Love driving the Charger R/T. The interior is great, it is fast and for a big car it handles well. No surprise for a V8, but the gas mileage is bad—it is a challenge to keep it around 18 in combined driving. But it takes regular. I have had no problems other than the sunroof not working when I bought it. It was fixed under warranty and has been flawless ever since.

Angel S

Great looking car that you can still fit your whole family in comfortably.

We love r charger my husband also drives one at work for his police car. We have two teenagers still at home and the charger allows us plenty of room for our whole family. The trunk is also perfect size we can all shop as a family and not be cramped on the drive home. We have also driven the charger out of state for vacations three times without any issues.

Shanna L

Dodge charger, 2016 srt sedan.

A very good vehicle, gets good mileage, comfortable and roomy inside, touch screen, Bluetooth connects phone can talk handsfree on the speaker phone, has a big trunk with enough room to put multiple stuff in, when you drive it does not seem like you are really driving as fast as you are, I do not like that it's hard to see out of the mirrors while driving.

Miranda N

If you are looking for a new car, get the Dodge charger!

This was my first car I have purchased on my own. It is a great car! I have had no problems with it at all. I do all it is regular maintenance myself. Very comfortable and roomy. There's a lot of trunk space. The back seats are also very comfortable you could sleep no problem. The best features would be the heated seats and the adjustable seats.

Elizabeth M

Safety features are a must for a mother with children.

I love my car’s safety features. It alerts me when someone or something is close to the back of my car. It comes in handy when backing up and a car decides to fly past me, I can slam on the brakes before an accident happens. It also alerts me when something is wrong with my car such as oil needing to be changed or is low, and tire pressure.

Stephanie S

My car gets great gas mileage and is easy to operate and cheap to fix.

My Dodge charger is great on gas and rides very smooth. It is very spacious and easily fits my daughter’s car seat and allows plenty more room in the back for two more people. It is great in any weather and has great traction. The only problem I have found with it is that it has no CD player. It just has a radio to listen to music.

Abby P

Dodge Charger, sporty but family car.

The Charger is like a mom sports car- 4 doors, still sporty and roomy. Seats are comfortable. Large trunk space. Very smooth and easy ride. Love the look of the dash and has buttons on the steering wheel for an easy and safe way to change settings. Great car for small family- we have 2 little ones and it works perfect for us.

Megan K

My car is reliable and easy to operate but the speed does creep up on you sometimes if you're not paying attention because it drives so quiet and smooth.

My vehicle performs pretty well. I enjoy driving it because I believe it's a beautiful car that drives very smoothly. I haven't really had too many problems with it, so didn't need any work other than normal maintenance. It's very reliable but the speed can creep up on you. It drives so smooth that you hardly notice.

chrissy S

Sporty, reliable family car.

I love my car because it looks sporty but has 4 doors. I never had to worry about repairs. The only thing I have to worry about is maintenance. I feel safe and I love the extras. One of the extras I have is the rear view camera. I live in a subdivision with children and I feel comfortable backing out of the driveway.

Deborah B

The hellcat goes 0-60 mph in around 4 seconds and it's such an incredible feeling.

My Dodge charger hellcat and it is one of the greatest cars I have ever driven. I am so excited every time I am inside and get to drive it around. It is comfy inside and actually a great size for a family, so big and accommodating! I would highly suggest you get it if you are looking for something sporty yet cozy!

Alex P

Sporty, roomy, fun and beautiful.

My charger is absolutely amazing! It's fun and sporty, yet has room for people in the back seat. Plenty of power, comfort and beauty. The charger handles like a dream on any road. And the interior details are impressive. We loved it so much we bought one of our children one. Mopar or no car is our family motto.

Kathryn P

A beautiful car for a beautiful price!

The 2016 Dodge charger is quite comfortable and spacious. It has a classy yet sporty look to it and is sure to turn heads. Main problems are usually electrical and can be quite expensive, also common maintenance can be a bit expensive. Overall the car performs like you would hope for it to and is well worth it.

Dre P

The underrated muscle car.

My vehicle is great. If you want to go fast this is the car for you. But this car do not sit a lot of people but the seats are comfortable. The car hold a good amount of gas. It is good for long road trips. If you have a large family this is not the car for you. The handling is great and I love the tires.

John W

My Dodge Charger that is perfect for me.

I love my car. It has plenty of room for my kids. They love having usb ports in the back with them. There is a cup holder that is in between them and in their doors. It has USB bluetooth and other means to play music. I love the hands free for my phone. I can push a button say call mom and it calls her.

Cynthia S

Heated/cooled seats, so do not spill anything on them and ruin them.

I like all the features such as back up camera, blind spot monitoring, heated/cooled seats. I like the v8 engine as well and the power it gets. I dislike how the trunk is wide at first, but then gets narrow, making it difficult to fit bigger things in the car. Even when you put the back seats down.

Mercedes S

Awesome reliable vehicle that looks and feels luxurious and family friendly.

This is a great and stylish family vehicle with many nice features and very few issues, has heated seats and a great ac and heat system, nice Bluetooth radio and hands free features that make driving easy and comfortable. This car also gets great gas mileage and only requires minimal maintenance.

Casper L

Basically it's everything I wanted in a car. Its loud, powerful and attractive.

My charger has had minor issues but none not covered under warranty. It is a great car! Comfortable, performance is great and all of the special add-ons work wonderfully. So far it has been the most reliable car I have owned and will most likely keep this car until I pass it down to my children.

Tyler R

This car is amazing and I would buy again.

I love my Dodge charger! It is very reliable. It has the sports capability but with the family car vibe. I have no problems with my vehicle. High performance but able to use as a get around car. Has a lot of room inside and a big trunk. The interior is very nice with a touch screen display.

Megan V

2016 Dodge Charger: what it is really like.

So far I have not experienced any problems with this car have not had it long enough to complain, something minor that isn't a complaint however is that I wish that the passenger seat was powered like the driver's seat, also if the driver's seat could have the option to save the settings.

Andrea R

Glad I bought the vehicle, love driving it.

Love the car, has been very reliable since we bought it. Gas mileage on it isn't terrible. Try not to let it get to low on gas otherwise it will cost you around $50 to fill the tank up. Seats are comfortable, easy to adjust mirrors. Headlights are nice and bright, decent amount of room.

Christina C

It is got a hemi, the engine is huge.

My wonderful car has no problems. It is reliable, has good gas mileage. It is very comfortable and the seats. Heat up in the winter the performance is. Impeccable I couldn’t be any happier. It has Sirius radio I cannot write all the good things about this car but it does have a hemi.

Kathleen E

Dodge Charger - Mopar or no car.

The car has a v8 but it is big enough for 5 people. It is good on gas. Has the power if I need it. It is super comfortable. Great sound system. I love driving this car everyday. I have had zero issues with the car. I would definitely buy again as it fits all my needs for a vehicle.

Cassie A

My sweet ride alley girl!

I love my car! She is a 2016 Dodge charger srt. She gets 25-27 mpg on the highway if I keep my foot off the floor. Ally has been my favorite vehicle. Smooth ride, looks great, and great performance!! I would definitely buy another one! Not too big or too small. She is just right!

Tina R

2016 Dodge Charger: my dream car.

It does almost everything I need for my car to do. There’s only minor problems that I would change that are not really problems . I wish that the passenger seat was power like the driver’s side and that the drivers side had a way to save the settings for the seat position.

Andrea R

It is a basic muscle car that fulfills all your luxury needs as well.

It has heated seats, Bluetooth capability for music, and a touch screen interface. I can keep an eye on my fluids and tire pressure in real time and at the touch of a button. It is a large roomy sedan with plenty of room for passengers. It is fast and surprisingly easy on gas.

Chelsea D

Dodge charger dependable affordable.

The seats are a very nice material and the dashboard is very modern with a touch screen feature. The car is very roomy and is great for going off-roading. This car is very dependable, however I have been told it can get squeaky the older it gets. I personally love the car.

Jack L

The pros of driving a Dodge Charger.

It rides very smooth, the interior has very clean lines. It is a very classy car. The acceleration is outstanding as well, though I would make sure there are not cops around because once that baby starts going you will not even realize what speed you are actually going.

Lauren I

It's the V8 Hemi model. A selling point for me was the horsepower coupled with the fact that the car takes regular gasoline, rather than premium, and also reduces the number of cylinders used so that you get really good gas mileage for a V8.

Lots of options and I feel the car is inline with technology and safety. I had an 09 charger and wished certain modifications were easier. Unfortunately, that has not been done, but, overall, I think It's a great car for the price and have recommended it to others.

michelle b

Great vehicle for family and performance.

I bought this car because I wanted a muscle car but needed something practical because I have a family. Some of the pros are good power, room for a family and great tech upgrades. Cons are the interior is poorly built, heating and ac sometimes do not work properly.

Roderick J

It is big enough to fit my children in and all of their gear.

I love the way the car handles. It is very roomy for a sports car. This model has a lot of recalls on it. I have no problem with the mechanics of the car. However, the interior has had to be replaced. The fact that the cruise control gets stuck scares me a little.

Amy D

2016 Dodge Charger is life.

Runs and drives great. Very smooth. Excellent on gas. Had the vehicle almost a full year with no mechanical issues at all. Very comfortable seats. Great performance. I love the inside features for music options. By far the best vehicle I have owned in a long time.

Leah M

They should not burn as much gas but I guess all Dodges do.

It burns a lot of gas but overall I like the car very good drive I like the satellite radio heated seats and the speed not a hemi but fast has Uconnect which is like OnStar remote start keyless entry the Uconnect feature is kind of pricey so I didn't pay for it.

Tracey C

I love to sharp design of it.

It has very good suspension and the tires make it even smoother to ride he is very good gas mileage and it is also a v6 overall a very good car has power windows and locks keyless entry and a push button start I would recommend this car to anyone that is all.

Aaron P

I absolutely adore my car.

This car is great. Overall it is very reliable, I have taken many trips in this car. This car is very stylish. You'll be turning heads when you pull up to any event. I would highly recommend this car to anyone, who wants something very nice and reliable.

Toni T

Exterior color, interior color.

I absolutely love my 2016 Dodge Charger sxt. From the exterior to the interior. It's a great family car, it is very roomy inside & also has a large deep trunk! It has hands free phone, satellite radio, power seats, cruise control, power windows, assist.

Donna P

Comfort is key! Do not be stiff.

Very smooth ride. No bouncing around. Seats are very comfortable. Drove the car 8 hours away and was not fatigued or sore and stiff. Car gets great gas mileage. Plenty of room for car seat for my toddler. Would rather drive this than a minivan anyway!

Christina S

Interesting detail about the car is the hid headlamps.

I love my Dodge charger. There are no problems with my vehicle at all. It performs very well and hit has outperformed any other car I've ever owned. It's a ok ride it's a little bumpy at times going over a railroad track or a bumpy road condition.

Ray L

It is an eye catching fast car.

Smooth acceleration due to 8 speed transmission. Very comfortable ride. I love all the features from the back up camera to the automatic start. 372 horsepower hemi v8 it is one of the fastest cars on the road. Everywhere I go this car turns heads.

Michael S

Dodge charger fast car review.

The car is very sporty, comfortable and has plenty of power and speed. It also has a huge display screen and the most room of any car I have ever owned. I have had 3 Dodge chargers so far and I have loved every one of them.

Derek W

Its really fast, and very sensitive.

Performance is great occasionally the electronics inside malfunction but not too bad. The volume on the radio may turn down, songs on Bluetooth will skip, or the lights will dim. But other than that drives great.

Rae R

Fast, Fun and a beautiful looking automobile.

I love everything about my vehicle. The 30 MPG on highway is way off though, I get around 23 and drive around 75 mph. I love the interior and it looks great and the 300 horses makes it a lot of fun to drive.

Matt R

The Dodge Charger is a nice family sedan.

I have always been a Dodge guy, but I was skeptical to the Charger. After a test drive, I knew I really enjoyed the car. It is the smoothest ride I've ever had, and the appeal of the car is so nice.

Beau E

Smooth ride, easy to maneuver

It's such a smooth ride. Get many compliments on it and the blue color is beautiful. Only dislike is A/C suddenly stopped working. Have to bring it to the dealership. Hopefully it's a quick fix

Caroline S

Fast, fun and good to drive.

It is nice and fast. Breaks are very touchy and there is a delay with the gas but over all fun. It is very comfortable in the front but back seats can give you motion sickness. Stereo is good.

Bob K

The model year has a lot of recalls.

I like the comfort of the car. It feels as though you are driving a sports car but you have the comfort of a full size car. The fuel economy is great on the highway. Sport mode is great.

Amy D

This car is super reliable in that it always gets me from point A to point B with style.

One of my favorite things about this car is the automatic remote start! It's roomy for hauling kids back and forth to sports. It's sexy and I get tons of compliments all the time on it.

Cynthia L

It is a fast car. So drive carefully.

It's a well sized car. Very comfortable able to drive for long periods of time. The only thing I dislike about this charger is that it does not come with some features other cars have.

Ashley L

Gets good gas mileage even though its AWD and has good HP

It has great acceleration, the color (red) looks great, and rides very smoothly. Love that its AWD so it does well in the winter. The electronic controls are fairly easy to navigate.

David K

Car that runs like a champion.

Well mine is fully loaded, red with black top features. I love the stereo sound quality. Tires have black 20 inch rims also. Great on gas and mileage. Getting on the road is great.

Nigel L

It's a car I would recommend to all muscle car lovers. And the light designs ate definitely attractive.

It has no problems. The engine is awesome and very powerful. It is very good on getting you wherever you want to go. Leather seats with superior sound install and many features.

Jacquria N

There's a reason police love these vehicles, they are fast!

I love my Dodge Charger. It is fast off the start, making it great for on ramps. Engine sounds good but isn't loud. Car is more spacious on the inside than one would expect.

Corrie V

It has a lot of power and without the right tire on the car and it will lose traction fast so definitely get used to all the traction control features.

Well I like the power of the supercharger 6.2l. Dislike how heavy the car is. Like the sleek body lines of both the charger and challenger. Dislike the active exhaust.

Daniel Z

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it has Wi-Fi.

What I love about my Dodge charger is the feeling of been able to drive a modern muscle car. I have no complaints about my vehicle. Do not regret buying the charger.

Erik V

They car is a bit pricey but it is worth every penny.

There is no problems with my car. It drives smoothly and for a sports car, it is so convenient and comfortable! It is easy to move around and gas mileage is great!

Jennifer O

poor gas mileage but that the price you pay for style

I love the ride I get, car very solid and has a lot of pickup. Bring me back to my young years. The only complaint is low gas mileage even when you are careful .

rand b

It's a classically styled, comfortable, powerful beast.

This car is fun to drive. It has phenomenal handling and power. The seats are super comfortable - even on long road trips. And the trunk space is very large.

suzi m

It is a very reliable vehicle...

It's purple and sporty looking I love that it came with XM Radio and a Navigation system Looking back now, I wish I had gone for it and gotten the Hemi version

Christina O

It is imperative to keep up with the upkeep of vehicle.

I have not dealt with any issues with my car since I purchased it. As long as you keep up with oil changes, tune-ups etc. Chargers operate the way the should.

Angela F

Eats gas more than you would expect from a normal car. Keep this in mind when looking for a car.

i like the style and performance of the vehicle. The cost was slightly more than what i wanted to spend but well worth it. spend more on gas then other cars.

Tim S

It has a very smooth ride to it.

It gets very good gas mileage is one of the many things I love about it the v6 in it helps a lot and it has a lot of room in it and a good size trunk also.

Aaron P

It runs and handles very well .

I like the style and the way it looks . I like the powerful and the feeling of driving it . I like the way it handles . I wish it got better gas mileage .

riley B

Great car that gets surprisingly good gas mileage.

its quick, handles great, and looks awesome. I've even won a few drag races at a local dragway with it, and have the trophies to prove. i love my charger.

Brandon C

That it is an awesome car.

I like the way the car drives. I like the way the car handles. I love the way the car looks and sounds. There is not anything I dislike about my vehicle.

Justin L

don't go to fast. Police are prone to stop you.

This car really gets up and goes! I love the seats, and the additional features. It is reliable and allows me to get to all the places that I need to go.

Julian W

You feel safe while driving and as if you own the road.

Great traction on the road. Smooth ride. Comfortable controls. Like that the music is connected to the buttons on the steering wheel for ease of access.

Samantha T

This car is pretty good on gas.

It is small, it has minor front end problems that need to be fixed. Its fast, nice stereo. Sporty, back seat is a little compact. Truck space is nice.

Krystal D

It is fast and smooth and looks pretty

It's very reliable. I have had no issues and have owned it for over 2 years. It rides great. It's comfortable and has a lot of space and looks cool

Emily M

It's a good car for the money.

I like my car. it is what I wanted to buy and it is good on gas. It is also comfortable to ride in. There is nothing that I dislike about the car.


The most important thing about my car that others should know is that is can accelerate really fast.

I am very satisfied with the car. I appreciate how quickly it can speed up. However, the trunk is a little small compared to other cars I've had.

Nicholas J

My car gets good miles per gallon and if you are into decent fast cars.

My vehicle is lightweight. It is my dream car. It gets good miles per gallon in the highway and I travel 2 hours to another city quite some time.

Richard L

It is really expensive, but it is going to last me a while.

The only bad thing is the cost per month, and the gas mileage. I like the features, the look, the heated seating, the xm radio and connectivity.

Melissa E

Most fun grocery getter!!

The Charger scat pack is the best bang for your buck. It is on the top of the chain regarding the performance, safety and luxury in it is class.

Chad C

I am not a cop, you do not have to show down around me.

Love the features, how solid it is, and how it feels in the road. Not a huge fan of how large it is, but live the comfort that comes with that.

Kira C

It's very fast you have to keep the up with all the services on it.

I love everything about my car it's very dependable good on gas I keep it clean and I just love it you should get you one you will love it too.

Barbara S

It is an absolutely perfect car for me and my lifestyle.

Has a roomy back seat and 4 doors. Drives very smoothly. Perfect size for me. Only complaint is that the back seats don't completely lay back.

Molly M

Sporty yet appropriate for my age.

I like the AWD feature yet sporty enough for a fun drive. No issues yet. It is a quick V6 motor, roomy interior and just enough features.

Bobbie G

Very fun vehicle that looks sporty and drives very smooth.

My car is a sleek looking sporty vehicle. Drives very smoothly. Has a surprising amount of space throughout the vehicle for legs and head.

Blaine W

It is the rally edition. It has beats speaker system.

People tell me how nice my car is how pretty it is. The rims are 20 inches and I have the windows blacked out and the car is black itself.

Mildred C

Very comfortable car with more room than most cars

Love it. I love that it tells you if tire pressure is low, or if there are issues. I dislike the fact it only Bluetooth syncs to iPhones.

Hattie E

Dodge charger review for survey.

The Dodge charger is reliable, durable, and has demonstrated no mechanical problems. This is the second Dodge charger that I have owned.

Jeanne E

Dodge charger 2016 review features.

Comfort! Not really economic with gas. . . Good engine, nice for highways! Really nice car, perfect for city/trips! Worth the price!

Diego P

The Dodge Charger is a strong American built car with history.

I love the Dodge Charger; I love its shape. My father's first car back in the 60s was a Charger and I am carrying on the tradition.

Kirby B

I have had no issues with my car and I have owned it for three years.

I love that it has a lot of room. It has power so I can move whenever necessary. I love Dodge brand cars because of their quality.

Kim L

My awesome 2016 Dodge Charger

I absolutely love my car. Very reliable, with no problems whatsoever. It's very comfortable, and it's a very family friendly car

Jordan G

The most important is that it is mean.

Everything runs smooth. haven't had any problems since I have had it. Only thing that I hate about it is the way it eats up gas.

Isaiah J

The look gets a lot of attention.

Very nice it is fun to drive and I get a lot of looks around town my mom likes t as well she is thinking of buying one herself.

No P

The most important thing about my car will be the mileage.

The reliability of the car is amazing I love the technology as well I drive so smoothly since it has new technology to do so.

Luis F

That it is very fast with the Hemi engine it has.

I love my vehicle. She is beautiful and fast! looks like a police car which at times is fun. I dislike nothing about my car.

Ralph S

Plenty of storage space.A huge console in between the front two seats for storage.

This is a very spacious car.The seats are wide and forms to your position.Roomy in the back seat.And it rides super smooth.

Jamie K

It's probably one of my favorite vehicle of all time

It's a very good vehicle I'm extremely satisfied to have this care, but i tend to have problems with the battery at times

Frederick M

That it is a very dependable vehicle.

I like the style. The horsepower. I like the overall performance of the car. The car gets great mileage on long trips.

Chris H

Smooth to drive and very fast.

I like it cause so quiet and smooth to drive. Dislike when it don't go to a very slow places thats needed to be slow.

Jen N

That it is a fuel efficient car.

I like the style of it, the interior and how long it has been running for me. What I dislike about it is the size.


I t save on gas it a very good car I am in love with it.

I love my car they were so nice and helpful and I were very happy with them and I will tell my friends about them.

Johns K

You have to be careful since you can easily get a speeding ticket.

I do not have any issues with the car. It is still new and under 15k miles. Very reliable, fast and chick magnet.

Richard L

Its loud and tinted. Looks like a police car.

The car is easy to handle, and gets decent gas mileage. Easy to merge onto highways with. Dislike how loud is it.

Christina C

It has a lot of room and a smooth ride.

Have not had any problems with the my Dodge Charger, love it very much, it is comfortable and has a smooth ride.

Terri D

It's Fast for a reasonable price

I like the body style of my charger also the horsepower. All the electronic features that come with the vehicle.

dave W




It looks good on the street good gas mileage and easy maintenance on it good value for the money

I like my car because it's fast and look good on the street great gas mileage easy maintenance and good value.

William S

The lifetime bumper to bumper and lifetime powertrain warranty was a huge selling point for me.

My charger is extremely comfortable and drives great. It has awesome features and a great lifetime warranty.

Aimee S

Dodge Chargers Rule all others drool

I get 35 mpg on the freeway, don't have to change my oil till every 7.5k, it puts out 305hp for a 6 cylinder

Phil C

Performance safety equipment maintaining cost parts.

Like-the drive, dependable in the snow, sporty, looks nice, AWD, comfortable ride.. Dislike-nothing so far!.

Lori P

Sports mode on, traction control off.

The vehicle handles very well. It is very comfortable to take trips in. It does have several recalls on it.

Amy D

Amazing old reliable is the best car i bought in years

Its pretty old but still reliable, but I love it takes me to places I want to go so that's all that matters

Juan N

Signal left or right, the car tells you if there is a vehicle coming up.

No complaints honestly love everything about it but the only thing bad about it is that there's no sunroof.

Sarah L


I love the horsepower . very comfortable. I wouldn't part with it either. the only problem its an automatic

george c

Nice performance forthe a big sedan

24 mpg. Good acceleration. Great handling for afew big sedan. Stereo is average. Interior comfort is good.

Chad L

Her name is Raven and she is beautiful. She is my dream car.

It looks good. It sounds good. It is fully loaded. I like everything about my car. Gas is expensive though

Shannon D

That it is fast not great with gas.

I like that its speed and power. Also love the comfort. It has great a/c and space for a car of its size.

Michael H

Not a typical family sedan.

Awesome car. Fun to drives with lots of power when needed. Gas mileage is not bad, but also not a sipper.

Marty W

It is very roomy. It has a lot of power.

I love my vehicle. It is very roomy and stylish. It has never given me any trouble. I have no complaints.

Trecia C

It's very dependable. The dash perks are wonderful. The size is perfect.

I love its speed. I also love its reliability. It's a beautiful color. The size is perfect for my family.

Stacy G

don't romp on the vehicle because it will need a new transmission.

a 40k the transmission needs replaced, the transmission is still not fully fixed and continues to slip.

Stephanie B

Its and R/T, so it's an enjoyable ride.

My car is amazing to me. It's an R/T so yes I do have the V8. I have a few bumps and bruises on it tho.

Marcus M

My charger is my all time favorite car.

I love my Dodge charger for the reason it's a good size for me and my family and has good performance.

Andrew R

My car is very fast and cool.

I love my vehicle. I bought it not that long ago and it is very reliable. I do not regret my purchase.

Mikayla B

That my car can fit up to five people perfect for friends and going on road trips

The Car performs very well we have problem with our tires and the ac doesn't work as well but it's ok

Mason M

It is a sporty vehicle that can fit three car seats in it!

I love that it fits 3 car seats in it. I love that I can still have a sporty car. I love the car.

brett w

The car has all wheel drive.

It is a comfortable vehicle to drive. It looks good, has plenty of power and is easy to drive.

Robert m

Once you own. 68 charger. You have to end your last car a charger.

I had a 1968 dodge charger, what. I hate about it. It's a 4 door chargers never had 4 doors.

Fropest Z

It's a transformer and can transform into anything

I like that it's fast. I hate that it eats up gas . I like the way it rides. I hate my rims


Uses a lot of gas. A good highway car but not city. A Lot of power

I like the power of a 4 door sedan. It looks awesome and has plenty of room. No complaints

Amber S

How fuel efficient it is. I also love the interior and the way the vehicle functions

I like the fact that it lasted me for a good two years. There is nothing that I dislike

Andral B

This vehicle is very dependable and the performance unmatched. It is a very comfortable vehicle with lots of power. I am very pleased with the way it handles.

It is dependable and works well on the road. It has quick turning and is easy to drive.

Kyle M

Cost of ownership, fuel efficiency and other stuff

I love the style and how it drives. I wish it was manual transmission. And better mpg

Zachary A

Drives as good as it looks, best car ever. I've had two of them

Drives great, looks great. Comfortable and great road car. Love everything about it.

Cindy C

Holds its resale value. It's a safe rated vehicle.

Love the look and feel. The drive is very smooth. I feel safe driving in this car.

Angela K

Dependable vehicle!! I've drove many other brands and none compare to a dodge

I love my Dodge Charger it's reliable, great gas mileage, sporty, elegant

Stacey A

It has a smooth ride and is reliable.It makes a drive appear to only take minutes.

love the way it handles on the road. Comfortable seating. Lots of room

jennifer s

Easy to drive. Affordable. Fun to drive. 2nd charge I've owned

Has good pick up. Has good fuel mileage. Fun to drive. Easy to drive.

Tami F

I really love the car. I wish it had a backup camera.

Love everything about it. It handles really well. I love the color.

Teresa W

It's one of the best muscle car in the world. Maybe in history.

I love the design and build. The engine is the best part about it.

Joe Y

It gets 31 miles per gallon of gas, it is a pretty blue color, and it is fast.

It drives very smooth. It is quick. It is very comfortable.

Gregory M

It goes very fast and should be respected and all should be very careful with it.

I love my car. It's bad ass meets luxury! No Complaints!

Michele C

That it looks sharp and handles the road very well

I love my charger it's my favorite vehicle and it's sporty

Jamie J

Body design and mileage are the main features of the trusted brand

Great body design with very decent mileage per gallon

Sagar I

The Dodge Charger is overall a very comfortable car to drive in, with luxury leather seats. I have never run into any issues with it so far. The sound system is quite nice as well.

It is a fast car with great sound and luxury seating.

Trenton C

I love everything about my car! AWD! The color! The gas mileage! Everything!!!

It's dependable and very stylish and great on gas!!!

Keydah A

Love the front grill and light area, love how it drives, no complaints

I can talk on my phone hands free through my radio

Lisa C

It's fast and incredible quite usable.

Very nice. Incredible paint job. Very nice.

Baron B