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My awesome charger. It has lots of power and sounds great, too!

2017 Dodge Charger

My charger is a very fun car to drive. It has a lot of power, and has no problem getting up to speed. It sounds great when doing it, too. It has the heated front seats. I haven't ever owned a car with heated seats before. It is just now starting to get cold out, and I have had the opportunity to use the heated seats and I have decided that they are pretty cool. I had to read the manual for my car, because it has a lot of options that I didn't know how to use. The manual has been very helpful. The Uconnect system is not as good as OnStar that Chevrolet cars have in them. I think that Dodge needs to work on the Uconnect system. To be honest, the Uconnect system is about the only thing I do not like about this car. It is a very comfortable car to sit in and drive. I am still reading up on the options in it, but overall, it is a great car.

- Brenda R

The inside of my charger is in all red leather. It shines in the sun.

2017 Dodge Charger

I love my Dodge charger so much! It is a very reliable car. The sound the car makes when I accelerate or rev my engine is awesome! But it is a gas guzzler, especially when you only use the good kind. My car is all black with my tints black. I had my interior changed to all red. It really is a lovely car. My car is very comfortable I just want to drive it all day. The seats are leather so it squeaks a little when you move too much. To maintain such a wonderful car is a lot of work. I get it washed every 2 weeks and getting my car fixed is expensive. I had added sound systems to make my car louder. I have a hellcat!

- Kayla S

2017 Destroyer Grey Dodge Charger Scat Pack

2017 Dodge Charger R/T Scat Pack

I owned a 2012 5.7L hemi R/T before trading it in for my current 2017 R/T 6.4L scat pack. The performance difference is like night and day with a noticeable increase in power and handling with the scat pack. The exhaust note is awesome and sounds better than any other exhaust I've heard. Many people ask if I upgraded the exhaust and are surprised to learn my scat pack is completely stock. It has all of the performance and stunning looks at a lower price compared to other cars with similar performance number. I consider this vehicle the best bang for your buck.

- Reggie T

The good bad and ugly of the Charger

2017 Dodge Charger

My Dodge Charger is dependable, and quick. I love the color package with the black trim. I love that we can change from auto to manual transmission. The leather interior is lush. The driver seat is more comfortable than any of the rest of the seat. If your looking for something that hugs the road you have found it! If your looking for good gas mileage then I would head somewhere else, because with the Hemi in this thing you can't go to the corner without putting at least $20 in the tank! Gorgeous and performance is great

- Shannon O

Very cute car that's great on gas.

2017 Dodge Charger SE

I've only had the car for roughly six months and I bought it from a private seller, who had the car for a few years. The car itself doesn't give me any issues and it is very good on gas, $30 can take you a long way, at most a week and a half or two. The only minor issue is that with this dodge is that sometimes it can take a while for it to turn over, but the issue is minor and nothing to do with the battery or anything like that and I assume this happens with all dodge made cars since it happened with the last dodge I had.

- Sophia C

Keeping both hands on the wheel

2017 Dodge Charger SE

So far my Dodge Charger runs great! I have had it for 2 years and I keep it up to date on services. The backseat has lots of legroom, which is great for others who ride with you. It features Bluetooth to connect your phone and have it read your text messages while you are driving. I like that you can control most of the things from the steering wheel without being completely distracted from driving. I haven't had any issues with the engine, it's a very reliable car.

- April B

2017 Dodge Charger Daytona Edition

2017 Dodge Charger Daytona 392

My 2017 Dodge Charger Daytona Edition is beautiful. Not only does it look great but it feels great to drive with lots of power. This car is comfortable and has so many accessories that make the car easier and gunner to drive. I love the automatic windshield wipers, automatic high and low beams, automatic headlights, blind spot warning, front end impact warning, backup cameras, heated seats, navigation, and so much more. I have never had a car that I love more!

- Victoria M

In love with my 17" charger.

2017 Dodge Charger

I have a beautiful Dodge charger 2017 in Apple red with black interior and black rims the vehicle is nice and spacious on the inside the features are crisp and the dash is amazing I love the honeycomb design on the dash is lovely I like the sound system originally installed in this car it sounds clear and operates great I have 292 hours power and the engine is quiet but you can hear the roar of my hemi when I take off the led lighting is a fabulous feature.

- Char R

The 2017 dodge charger is fast, comfortable and reliable.

2017 Dodge Charger SE

I have loved my charger! It has great power and handling, it is very comfortable to drive and as a passenger, and I have had no major problems. The only weird thing that has happened is when the car is not running there will sometimes be a beeping noise coming from the engine compartment and we have yet to figure out what it is. Also, the tires wore out so fast with normal driving behaviors and rotating the tires as prescribed.

- Debbie H

Amazing Car to purchase today!

2017 Dodge Charger

I absolutely LOVE my charger! The sleek design is incredible. I love the performance of when I need to speed up suddenly it takes no time to do so. When I need to stop on point I feel safe, and that my car will stop when need be. The touch screen for the radio is so cute and I love how I can control everything from the steering wheel. I would not trade my car for any other!! This car was made for me!

- april p

Never boring! Love the speed!

2017 Dodge Charger

I love the speed and toughness of my Dodge charger. It has a sporty exterior look with the nice rims and Brembo brakes. I also love the detailing and roominess of the interior. It is a fun car to drive and I really look forward to road trips. The only disadvantage is that it is a Dodge and our local Dodge dealership service dept. Is disappointing at best.

- Don S

My car is very comfortable to sit in and easy to drive.

2017 Dodge Charger

I love that it's fast, and looks sporty. I love that it has 4 doors and I can get car seats and other passengers in and out easily while still sporty. I love the technology for example, car play, remote start, great audio. I wish I would have gotten a backup camera and the memory seat position function so that my husband and I could each have a setting.

- Mary M

It has a hemi motor and it can get up and go when needed. . The windows are dark.

2017 Dodge Charger

I am too tall and I always have to seat all the way down to the floor. . It sits to low to the ground. Have to be very careful around humps and bumps. . I have a disabled mother and it has no place to attach the place card. I have to bend the top of the place card to fit just right. . Too many buttons on the wheel. Keep on pressing them on accident.

- Stephan M

It�s a head turner, people always try to race me.

2017 Dodge Charger SXT

I really love my car. It's a dream car of mine. It's super sleek and comfortable. We use it when we have a few people riding with us. The interior is great, the AC is amazing, and it's just all around smooth. I haven't had too many problems with it. The only thing I can say is the tire leaks, but that just may be a tire issue.

- Jessica P

My review of a 2017 Charger.

2017 Dodge Charger

I have no problems with it. It is a hemi and can out run most cars. Love to race it. It is very comfortable on long trips. I love the remote start. It is great for a couple or single person. The stereo in it is remarkable. They have really did a great job with this car. I would recommend it to anyone who has a need for speed.

- Kimberly H

Dodge charger customer review.

2017 Dodge Charger

No problems, great vehicle! Good on gas, good breaks and high speed. Nice ac and heat. Nice speaker and stereo. Many channels to choose from. Good headlights nice horn. Good turn signals, sharp car nice details nice price. Spacious vehicle. Adjustable ac for passenger and driver sides. Good during winter as well as summer.

- Hannah M

V6 engine, black cloth seats, small touch screen console bright red color.

2017 Dodge Charger SE

I love my car. It is very roomy. There is plenty of space in the trunk as well. The interior is nicely modern and yet classy. Smooth drive. The only downside is I don't have sensors so when it comes to blind spots there is quite a bit. The LED lights give it that nice luxury look. The engine as well has a nice kick to it.

- Brenda B

Perfect car for cruising in the middle of nowhere.

2017 Dodge Charger

The only problems I have had to deal with area few computer recalls, otherwise it handles like a dream, heated seats, built in navigation, XM radio, my absolute favorite thing is the head lights. I live in a dark and rural area and I hardly have to use the bright to see, because the standard lights do such an amazing job.

- Nita N

No spoilers on the back, big trunk, nice drive

2017 Dodge Charger R/T

The dodge charger is a reliable fast car good for anyone to drive has awesome speakers, back up camera is amazing fabric interior black has USB ports I like that the exterior is black no spoiler and awesome rims for wheels. The gas miles per Gallon is good on premium gas. It is big on parking and driving like an SUV

- Mackenzie O

Comfortable, spacious, reliable.

2017 Dodge Charger SXT

It's comfortable, spacious, accommodating for 5 passengers, rides smooth so it's good for road trips, the entertainment features in the car are excellent as well so I really don't have any complaints about my car besides the fact that it could be a little big sometimes when looking for a parking spot in the city.

- Chris C

Great all around for people who want a fast, reliable, and family friendly car.

2017 Dodge Charger R/T

I love my 2017 Dodge Charger R/T it has plenty of power and plenty of space for my family. I haven't run into any problems with the car the two years I've owned it. It's gets great gas mileage on the freeway because of its cylinder drop, it drops from using 8-cylinders to 4-cylinders when you are cruising.

- Chad M

Custom dodge charger black widow red and black.

2017 Dodge Charger SXT

Heated seat, leather, sporty wheels full package fun to drive paddle shifters on the steering wheel. Alloy rims low profile tires seats are heated and comfortable interior has custom leather seats black and red design. Seats have custom embroidered decal dodge inside touch screens and satellite radio.

- Mi J

Dodge supercar a fantastic driving experience.

2017 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

This is very high performance supercar. This dodge is super fast and has a lot of horsepower. This is a fantastic car to drive with all the speed you could ever want. Dodge has really outdone it when they built this car it is unreal to drive it. If you have ever wanted a super car then this is it.

- kent J

My smooth car! Driving in style and class

2017 Dodge Charger R/T Scat Pack

I love the look of my car, it drives smoothly, and gas id affordable depending on how much you love to drive, also it has a nice screen to view the back of the car while backing up, not only that it has GPS installed, but my favorite thing about my car is the clarity of the music from the speakers

- Lynn J

Old school looks meets today's tech.

2017 Dodge Charger

It has a fast and loud v8 hemi. It looks tough like a muscle car, but is very refined and drives and rides very comfortably. It also has all the latest technology built in. Old school looks meets today's tech. Anyone looking for excitement and refinement rolled into one should look no further.

- Rick B

Most enjoyable car I have had.

2017 Dodge Charger

I have the charger Daytona version. I love the performance of this car. The interior is extremely comfortable and the technology makes the car very easy to drive. Since I have only had the car for one year the maintenance is still covered and I have only had to bring it in for oil changes.

- Tara R

I love the car the radio the color everything about my car

2017 Dodge Charger SXT

There are really no problems that I have with my cars performance or reliability .What I will say is that the handling is much with the power of the car so you just have to be easy on the gas when you trying to take off. I don't have a hemi in my car but it's like I do as it just as fast


There is a lot of space for a family to travel in.

2017 Dodge Charger

What I like about my van is that it fits a family of 4 very nicely. We travel from state to state often and I can easily fit the family and bags. When I had my two dogs they fit nicely too. I don't like that the alarm will go off at times and also one of the doors does not always shut.

- Tracy H

Sporty fast and comfortable. Very spacious.

2017 Dodge Charger

No problems at all right now. Very sporty and comfortable and spacious I love the car. It came with black rims too 20in wheels. 8 inch wide radio and windows were already tinted. Power windows heated seats. All around nice vehicle if your looking for sporty and reliable this is the car.

- Eugene D

Reliable and dependable vehicle.

2017 Dodge Charger

My 2017 Dodge charger is very reliable. I love it. I am so glad that I purchased this vehicle. It is very dependable and handles any type of weather. My next vehicle purchase will definitely be the same I would not want to switch to anything else. I am so glad I purchased this vehicle.

- Sha M

The love of my life - 2017 Dodge Charger

2017 Dodge Charger SXT

I absolutely love my Charger, smooth and comfortable ride. Dodge pays attention to detail and fabricates their vehicles with attention to detail, reliability, style. I do wish I purchased a V8 now though, I will most likely trade in the vehicle in the next year or so for a V8 Charger.

- Alicia M

Dodge Charger excellent high performance vehicle.

2017 Dodge Charger

Performance, style, how comfortable it is. Rides smoothly, fast, and stylish. Always receiving compliments about the car. Everyone says is it's too fast and I reply fast enough. I really enjoy it to the fullest. I really did my research on the Charger and very proud of the outcome.

- Ophelia N

Cool sport car with the small windows.

2017 Dodge Charger

I really like this car, it is very fast and has a cool look. I don't really like the placement of the windows though. They are a little too high for me, so sometimes I have a feeling like I am seating inside of the panzer or something like this. And I cannot really enjoy the views.

- Julia K

Very good car for long work commute.

2017 Dodge Charger

Very comfortable vehicle. . . I love the gas mileage and cargo space. My kids love the vehicles too. We have two of them. My husband loves it. I think it will last forever. I really haven't had any problems with it. . . Its a lease though so I have had a lot of miles on it so far.

- Anna P

I love the speed! You do not realize how fast you are actually going.

2017 Dodge Charger R/T

Very reliable but it is a gas guzzler. I use mid grade gas so it usually $55 to fill up per week. It is very comfortable and spacious. It is very fast and it is easy to maneuver in. Only con, it does not have a rear view camera, but it allows you to be aware of your surroundings.

- Nicole O

Dodge charger super track pack.

2017 Dodge Charger R/T

Dodge charger r/t super track pack package which means it's a standard 5.7 liter engine with an hellcat style body with an active exhaust system and mopar cold air intake. Interior consist of alpine sound system heated driver and passenger leather seats and steering wheel.

- Michael B

Nice car needs just a little few extras

2017 Dodge Charger SE

I love my car, it is the perfect size for me and my two children and still gives me that sporty feel that I love. I love the buttons for locking and unlocking the car. As well as the button to open the trunk as well. I will be adding my own automatic starter down the road.

- Danielle B

Great buy, sporty but modern.

2017 Dodge Charger

I love the center console. The technology is not over the top, but it is simple. The car play really adds to 2018 living. Especially with the maps integration. The passenger seat does need more room. That is the only complaint I have. The driver side is very comfortable.

- Er M

I love my car, and it is real nice and drive smooth.

2017 Dodge Charger

I haven't had any problems with my car, besides keeping up with oil change, rotating tires, keeping up on the gas, really drive smooth, I love my car, I always wanted it and I finally got it, it is a black one cause I like that color, and I will keep it as long as I can.

- Brian D

Good wheels and fun time abroad.

2017 Dodge Charger R/T Scat Pack

Love how well it runs and how it keeps me safe and is great on gas mileages and how makes me look and feel. Good also features are really great and make smooth and comfortable rides all real issues have been everybody wants to drive or borrow it and love that facts.

- Chris D

The reality of a Modern Dodge Charger

2017 Dodge Charger SXT

the performance is enough for everyday driving. Would recommend to people if they are looking for a fun car to drive and want something for their money. The only thing is that the interior might be a little cheap for my taste. But either way I think it would be cool

- Alex G

It has a very slick appearance.

2017 Dodge Charger SXT

I do not like the auto shut off it annoys me when I stop and the car cuts off. It is a really good driving and riding car. It gets decent gas mileage. No problems with at in the last two years. The interior is the best looking basic interior by any car manufacturer.

- Levi C

The interior colors and design is very susceptible to spills.

2017 Dodge Charger

The car is super reliable and comfortable, high performance all you could want in a car, just not the price for a base model. There needs to be a consecutive basis on the features it includes and. It’s 2018 all cars should have backup cameras and larger screens.

- Jamie P

Overall my Charger is great car with a few issues.

2017 Dodge Charger SXT

Some problems I have experienced with my vehicle is the tires have had to be replaced two times since we purchased. And the backup camera stopped working twice and had to be repaired. We have also had to have the windshield replaced 2 times within 6 month recently.

- La Shang B

A great car the 2017 Dodge charger.

2017 Dodge Charger

I love my car it is so easy to drive. If I was to buy another car I would get another one. The inter is leather which is a plus. All in all no problems with it. it is very reliability and a very nice riding car. The car has a lot of room in the trunk and back seat.

- Cindy C

Dodge charger scat pack 2017.

2017 Dodge Charger Daytona 392

Really bad on gas and seats are small for larger people. Rims will crack very easily if you hit a bad pothole. But it is a super fast car and I love it. Never had any problems with it except for hitting potholes and breaking my rims and does not do bad in the snow.

- Mike S

Great car for moms--sporty yet roomy. . . No minivan needed.

2017 Dodge Charger

This has been a great performance vehicle. It is sporty, very safe, and spacious. My family of 4 can travel in it with no problems and still have plenty of room. For a car, I feel like it is big enough for a family, yet still a car and have a sporty look to it.

- Lori M

All the motor without all the price. Best horsepower per dollar out there.

2017 Dodge Charger

Great reliable vehicle. Fun to drive, great throttle response. Head turner. Comfy interior. Does not have good gas mileage but you do not buy a charger for gas mileage. Adequate trunk space. Touch radio is excellent and love the heated seats and steering wheel.

- Alison N

Nice, sporty, and a luxury look

2017 Dodge Charger SXT

I love the rear wheel drive, the nice sporty look, the heated seats, and the jazz blue color. The car has a big screen radio that helps you articulate hands free while driving. I also think the spoiler and the sunroof makes the car looks fashionable and luxury.

- Angel C

Dodge Charger 2017 review, maroon colored.

2017 Dodge Charger

It has a really good navigation system and stereo system, as well as a backup camera that makes it easy to back up as well as good brakes. The only downfall of it would be that it is a long/boxy car, which is a little difficult for parking. Overall, great car.

- Brittany M

Best car I've ever owned.

2017 Dodge Charger SXT

Beautiful car inside and out. Well designed interior. Extremely comfortable ride with great sound system. You are able to do so much with this vehicle when it comes to performance. Even a six cylinder has plenty of get up and go to it. Overall, a great car.

- Noah S

It is all black with black rims. Love the headlights.

2017 Dodge Charger SE

17 dodge charger did come with camera l, had to get aftermarket camera. It has caused online app now not to work at all with XM SiriusXM functions. The Bluetooth in car has to be turn off on phone, if you want to talk on phone with passengers in the car.

- robyn T

6. 4 liter hemi powertrain.

2017 Dodge Charger

2017 Dodge Charger 392 Daytona. It has 485 horsepower and 475 lb. Torque 6. 4-liter hemi powertrain. 8 cylinder rear wheel drive. Green go paint, matte black Daytona decals, power sun/moonroof, rear camera, beats audio sound system, hid headlights.

- Angie P

Pleasantly surprised! I love my charger!

2017 Dodge Charger

I love the exterior look and the roominess of the interior. Love that it has a large hemi engine and the performance of the car. The only issue that I have had is with the infotainment center and apple play. The dealership had to replace the unit.

- Don V

That the charger is a waste of money even when you buy it brand new

2017 Dodge Charger

My charger started off as a great car but has rapidly went down hill. The computer system has a mind of its own and dodge could never find the issue. Overall I just feel like the car is falling apart after only having it a year and a half.

- Amanda B

It's not a 5.7 L engine, it's a 6.4 L. And he's (car) super fast. Love my car

2017 Dodge Charger

There are no dislikes, I love this car. It's a Dodge Charger Daytona with a 6.4 L motor. Love the sound and the color it's a orange like red color. Very nice car, with No dislikes. But would like the Hellcat Better, bigger and faster.

- Tiffany E

it is very fun to drive and even the cloth seats are comfortably, but get the leather seats

2017 Dodge Charger

there are waves in the body that they cannot explain, the inside could be a tad quieter. When going over a speedbump at slow speeds it sounds like there is a dead body flopping around in the trunk and yes the spare tire is secured


This is the perfect car if you are looking for something fresh and different

2017 Dodge Charger

This car that I have is really amazing. It seems to catch everyone's attention when i'm driving the car. i actually customized my car to sound like a race car and it completely blew my mind the first time I drove it.

- Gevon C

The most amazing purchase!

2017 Dodge Charger

I am in total awe of my vehicle. It is elite features and comfortable seating is what really draws me. Gas consumption could be an issue. And like any muscle car it does require a bit of strenuous maintenance.

- Alima B

It is a very spacious and reliable car.

2017 Dodge Charger

I like all the of touch screen functions it has and the back up view. I like that the side view mirrors show that there is a car approaching. I don't like that it has rear wheel drive.

- ann P

Dodge Charger, sporty, yet family friendly

2017 Dodge Charger

I own a 2017 Dodge Charger SXT V8 Hemi. I love the way it drives, the seats are comfortable, and it provides the 4 doors that I need for my family, while still having a sporty look.

- Maggie W

It is more efficient than most people would expect.

2017 Dodge Charger

I love the bluetooth connectivity. The handling is very responsive. The all wheel drive handles most terrains. It's fast and the seats are comfortable. I have no complaints yet.

- Peter R

It is a really great car for everyday driving as well as traveling.

2017 Dodge Charger

I love the speed and muscle the car has. Also love it is sporty look. The only minor complaint is I got black and it shows dirt and every little scratch more than other colors.

- Donnetta V

Reliable and comfortable to drive.

2017 Dodge Charger

I love it. Looks really nice. Got a lot of compliments from people/stranger seen my car. Never had a problem. Seats are comfortable. With heated seats helps during winter time.

- Rosalie K

Very nice easy and comfortable ride.

2017 Dodge Charger

Very comfortable, drives easy and comfortably. No blind spots. The radio and screen are nice touch screen. Have had no problems with the engine or anything else.

- Jenny D

In the cold weather when you first start the transmission will run a little sluggish until it warms up.

2017 Dodge Charger

The standard V6 gets great gas mileage on the highway, sometimes I can get almost 40 miles to the gallon. It is a very reliable car with power to top it off.

- Aaron H

It is a comfortable roomy car even though it is more on the sporty side.

2017 Dodge Charger

Vehicle performs great. Has good pick up and is a comfortable ride. Even though it is a six cylinder is does well with gas. Especially well in highway miles.

- Monica V

The Charger is such a quality car that this is the second one we've bought.

2017 Dodge Charger

My Charger is the best looking car on the road. I love the design inside and out. It's durable and almost maintenance free. Even the gas mileage is good.

- Loretta B

How it's fully decked out, from having leather seats, to a sun roof and it even has a touch screen radio.

2017 Dodge Charger

I like the fact that it's a great family car. Has plenty of trunk space. It also has decent mileage, which in my opinion could be a little bit better.

- Joel S

It is an amazing car if you are looking for a sports car.

2017 Dodge Charger

I love how dependable it is and how comfortable the ride is I would recommend it highly. The only thing I dislike is the Bluetooth never works right.

- Savannah D

The best car in the world

2017 Dodge Charger

I just recently purchased this car back in January of this year. I got it at a good deal. The car drives smooth and so far haven't had any problems.

- Cleshona W

The acceleration is great and the body of the car is solid. The V6 engine gives it the power for speed and agility.

2017 Dodge Charger

My car is a dark grey dodge charger. I like the car, however, the backup camera will freeze from time to time and the gears take longer to shift.

- Catherine S

maintenance has to be schedule everytime, and i need to set it in my remembering agenda.

2017 Dodge Charger

it is a reliable car i like it. i use it every time i want to travel several miles. i like how it looks inside as well as how it looks outside

- jim L

Its fast and a gas guzzler.

2017 Dodge Charger

Its my dream car. I had it built just for me. I always wanted a sports car. But I needed a sedan for kids. This car meets both needs.

- Karen W

It can take a ton of physical impact and still stand.

2017 Dodge Charger

I love my car its cool and stylish all my friends and family like it and its gets good gas mileage and its fast and a good size car.

- Kim Y

Dodge Charger fast and smoothe

2017 Dodge Charger

It's smooth and fast. Does use somewhat a lot of gas but mine is a 6 cylinder. It has been very reliable and is very comfortable.

- Jackie V

It is easy to go faster than the posted speed limit, so pay attention.

2017 Dodge Charger

I love the comfort when driving or when a passenger. The color is great. I also enjoy the drive and ease of driving the Charger.

- Tanya P

Has a lot of space and it drives really good.

2017 Dodge Charger

It is really comfortable I do not have any problems with it just keep your car checked like I get mines checked every 2 months.

- Janice W

Great handling, with great suspension and performance.

2017 Dodge Charger

I love the way it handles. Great performance. Good gas mileage. Very reliable with no service issues. Very reasonable pricing.

- Mark R

There is nothing to say bad about the car.

2017 Dodge Charger

None so far it has been very reliable and I have not had any problems with it. Wish it got better gas mileage around town.

- Chris N

With the hemi engine, it takes off fast and runs smoothly.

2017 Dodge Charger

I love that it has a HEMI engine and is quick to take off. I do not like the gas mileage but not enough to sell the car.

- Janna M

They don't have GPS or CD Players installed. Only the front drivers seat lumbar adjusts.

2017 Dodge Charger

I love the sporty style. I'm a little disappointed that it doesn't have GPS or a CD Player. Other than that I love it.

- Mary C

fast car will turn heads.

2017 Dodge Charger

The vehicle that I have is very reliable and will turn heads upon seeing and its very fast as well making it outstanding

- damarion J

It is a gas saver, even though it is a 8 cylinder car.

2017 Dodge Charger

I like that my car is a 4 door car. I can fit both of my kids in the back. It is both a family car and a sports car.

- Edgar M

It Gets great gas mileage. We can travel 428 miles on a fill up. With gas so expensive, that is my most loved.

2017 Dodge Charger

I love the sleek design. I wish we had the V8 motor. Sometimes the display on the dash is glitchy. Love the wheels.

- Sammy B

It is a sports car, so it is capable of driving fast.

2017 Dodge Charger

I like that it is a sports car. I like the speakers in it and how smooth it drives. I do not like how long it is.

- Brittany M

It's a smooth, powerful ride. It handles like a dream. The seats are comfortable.

2017 Dodge Charger

Love the power. I love that it is a tough car. Heavy duty. Smooth ride. Nothing I dislike. I love my Charger.

- Lesa B

Get one of the V8 engines. I had the V6 previously and was unhappy with it.

2017 Dodge Charger

Fast Hemi V8 engine. Great acceleration. Very comfortable ride. Luxury meets performance. 4 Door Muscle Car.

- Richard B

It's all around perfect great turning capability. Great acceleration for entering parkway.

2017 Dodge Charger

Love How it handles, good on fuel, hefty weight, safety features, and it's great looking. Love my muscle car,

- Theresa S

Be careful how you drive it it's easy to drive over the speed limit.

2017 Dodge Charger

I like the color, its burgundy.. I like the make its a very safe car.. I love the model its got a hemi in it.

- Kathleen E

The tires are awesome brakes awesome.

2017 Dodge Charger

It is amazing is so many bells and whistles the way it looks so cool and the tires and brakes are amaz8ng.

- Jon J

It is very stylish and handles the road well in most any weather condition.

2017 Dodge Charger

It is not economical from a gas usage perspective, is a bit over-sized and has a small u-connect screen.

- Dan K

Journeys are very spacious.It has a 3rd row seat and plenty of legroom.

2017 Dodge Charger

I is an SUV that has so much room and is a comfortable ride. Easy to drive and a nice looking vehicle.

- C T

It is fast and powerful and drives nice and smooth

2017 Dodge Charger

I love my car, it is powerful and fast... it is fuel efficient for being a sports car. It looks nice

- Sadia B

It's a great car for the price

2017 Dodge Charger

I like the car overall. It's a base model. I don't like that I owe a lot more than it's worth.

- Debra G

the 392 hemi engine delivers performance and power

2017 Dodge Charger

yellow and black so it stands out 392 hemi power stylish interior cooling/heated seats

- sherry o

It's a good family car I would definitely recommend it to others.

2017 Dodge Charger

I love the look. I hate how bad it is on gas. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Else

- Ashley G

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is a great car and I would recommend it to anybody.

2017 Dodge Charger

My vehicle is amazing. It has great brakes. Everything on it works perfectly fine.

- Raven D

I like this vehicle because my husband loves it. It represents a retirement toy for him. It has the sporty look, the monster speed and a great interior. But most of all, he enjoys seeing me in it.

2017 Dodge Charger

It delivers on everything. Its sporty, sexy, fast and has the latest technology.

- Sherry S

The car is a fun car and gets decent gas mileage. Four doors makes it a good travel car

2017 Dodge Charger

Love the ride and power of this car Fun to drive and ride in No complaints

- Amber S

It looks awesome and drives great. Low maintenance

2017 Dodge Charger

Sport and fun to drive. Decent gas mileage. Tons of great features


It is economical and spacious. It has a smooth drive.

2017 Dodge Charger

It is very spacious for my son and myself. It is also economical.

- Becky M

Very much a family car despite it being thought of as a sporty vehicle

2017 Dodge Charger

Sleek design, roomy interior and goes super fast when needed

- Artelli W

I love how clean the car was when I bought it . I like the way it drives , and i love how I can use to it to go places

2017 Dodge Charger

It's a very nice car to use and it's a good price .

- Brikyla C