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Love my car; main issues are with Uconnect.

I have wanted a Dodge charger since I was 13. The models of the past few years have been sleek and sporty while also having the ability to be a family car. The interior electronic features are top notch, sporting many different apps on the large display screen (Including local gas prices, movie times, & other convenient features) as well as separate climate control for driver and passenger. One of my favorite parts has been the navigation system, which offers dashboard directions and makes traveling much easier. One of the only problems I have had so far is a glitch in the tire pressure sensor. I was driving one day & got a "low tire pressure" notification, saying the front left tire had dropped to 9 psi. Knowing this couldn't be right, I pulled over and checked to see that it definitely had not dropped that low. After kicking the tire a bit, the sensor went back to normal. In addition to this, after first buying the car the Uconnect system would occasionally glitch: not recognizing Bluetooth, not playing any audio (radio included) but after a few regular Uconnect updates and using steering wheel buttons to reset it has not done this in a while. Finally, I want to say that the Uconnect app is very convenient when it works. The app lets you track, lock, unlock, and set off alarm to your vehicle from your phone. A lot of times i'll forget to lock my car and have to do it from inside work. Sometimes this will take the app 3-4 tries before it works. Overall, this is the best car I have owned.

- Hannah W

Check out a dodge charger and it will change your life.

I like the design of the car. The performance is good and runs very well. It is a sporty looking car. It has 4 doors and makes leg room very good. The led lights are very bright. I like using the XM radio and very good quality. The speakers are very good and have a lot of bass to them. You can always test drive and it has great power without having to spend in the 60 thousands. I like when you turn on the car when its 40 or under, it automatically turns on the heated seats and the heated steering wheel. It also has the locks on the door that you can click the button and lock the car. To unlock you can put your hand under the door handle and it will unlock the car. You will want to tint the windows since the 18% all around works and looks good and easier on the eyes.

- Jon H

there is an app where you can start your car.

My Dodge charger is amazing. It gives me enough power because is the SXT plus without having the poor gas mileage of the RT. It's big and spacious so it fits my twin daughters perfectly and it's a midnight blue color. It's exactly what I was looking for. It was my first car with remote start and push to start. Plus the interior is dark so I don't have to worry about if my children making a mess, cleaning it up or staining to badly. It was my first car with remote start and push to start. Plus the interior is dark so I don't have to worry about if my children make a mess, cleaning it up or staining to badly I would recommend this car to anyone that's wanting a sports performance vehicle

- Russell R

Features that came with the car.

Great car, but I feel the cost of the Dodge Charger is too high for what the car has to offer. It does not get really good highway mileage, it does not have much pick up and go. The features that come with the vehicle are much like any other features you would receive with just about any other vehicle when purchased new. I do like the fact that it is made right here in America! I am glad that I did not purchase the r/t model, as I am sure I would be using the heck out of gas. Overall, a pretty good vehicle! I have had much better ones, but this is my very first Dodge vehicle!

- Lee Ann R

The best of the best when it comes to performance, comfort and style!

The Dodge charger is sporty yet sleek and stylish. It has excellent performance. No hesitation and powerful. The inside design is classic and performance options are more than I can wrap my head around. It is the best decision I have ever made when it comes to a vehicle. From comfortable/adjustable back and front seats to the climate control, there's not one thing I feel negative about. A bonus is when I make/receive calls from my car, you cannot tell that I am even in a moving vehicle! I feel safe and comfortable in all weather conditions.

- Lynn B

My 2018 Dodge Charger. And what it means to me.

I love my vehicle. It has been very reliable. We take it on vacations every year. And it is our family car. And I also use it to go to work in also. I love my car. I would not have any other. It was the first one I noticed at the dealership and it was the only one I wanted. We did a test drive on it. And I fell in love with it. I told my husband I didn't want any other. I had to have my Dodge Charger. And I am so thankful that I chose this car. No problems at all with great performance. And very comfortable.

- Lisa S

2018 dodge charger gt review.

Absolutely a fun car to drive. The gt model with v6 engine delivering 300 hp is fun. As always, the charger body shape is eye catching. The interior electronics are well designed. My only complaint is that the interior is very cheaply designed. The seats, arm rests and carpeting are not of the quality one would expect for the price. An aftermarket product like cat skinz is recommended as a leather seat cover. Dodge should offer the gt model with better interior options.

- Rex J

Comfortable family sports sedan

First and foremost I love the cherry red color of my dodge charger. I enjoy that it is a V6 Sedan, so it feels like it has more power than most V6's. It had comfortable and spacious seats in the front and back. I like the auto- start feature, that allows your car to heat up or cool down, depending on the weather. You can be inside and start the vehicle. Overall it is a great vehicle, with a good sized interactive screen in the dash.

- Michael W

Muscle car fun: style, eye catching, fun to drive.

Great car I like the handling, braking dashboard placement. But could be better on fuel. The car has a great shape and look we always get a thumbs up from folks, it's a very cool look, easy to connect your Bluetooth, I like the radio stations displayed. Could use just a bit more leg room. The car is cool, and parts and repair are priced at a rate that is affordable. Some things you can do yourself with a visit to autozone, and a youtube video.

- Jesse W

Back up camera assists with parking as smoothly as possible.

The Dodge Charger is a really reliable vehicle. Having a four-door vehicle makes this car family friendly. The back seat is extremely spacious, along with the trunk. This car can pick up speed really nicely, but is also extremely safe. The steering wheel has several features that allows me to stay hands-free when it comes to electronics. You are able to remote start this car, which makes it extremely helpful in the hot and cold months.

- Ariana E

Comfortable and stylish with many conveniences.

Third Dodge I have owned and have been impressed with the longevity of the models. The charger is well designed, can seat 6, convenient placement of buttons/switches/etc.. It has an awesome dual setting ac for driver and front passenger plus vents in back. The stereo and air system is touch screen with a large and clear display. Can control radio from steering wheel to avoid having to find a button.

- Sarah H

Best night ride burgundy Charger.

This car has been the most reliable. Its perfect simple and ready to go. The seats warm up and there's a sunroof for when it's really nice out. I love driving it and everyone gives me compliments regarding my car. The only problem I ever had with this car was a flat tire on the first night of driving it. Overall, it's a great car four door with a nice color and comfortable on the inside.

- Ana S

The steering wheel has an option to be heated, as well as every seat in the car.

I absolutely love my car. I love how clean the interior looks and how detailed every little thing is. The car drives so smooth all the time. I have had my car for over a year and a half & I haven't faced any problems with it. I have the dynamics package & I wouldn't have chosen anything else. The 6 piston brembo brakes are what really pulls this car together in my opinion.

- Haley B

great car very powerful an outgoing also very popular on the streets

well it's a rt hemi 5.7 liter so it's you will spend a nice amount of money on gas that's the biggest problem. The car is four door so it a great sports car to have even if you have a family it's very comfortable and spaces. Performance wise it's very powerful and fast give you a nice feeling while riding also is comes with a nice back up cam big touch screen TV all these perks.

- Dion I

Very beautiful inside and out. Always get told how nice my car is. HEAD TURNER!

I am absolutely in love with my charger! I wish I had an R/T but that is okay. It is very comfortable. I love that it is heavy, but not too heavy because it makes me feel safe. The performance is just amazing even having just a SXT the thing takes off and picks up speed quickly. I love how it tells me different things on my dash and I am in love with the Apple CarPlay.

- amber P

How I like my Dodge Charger and would I buy another one.

Air sometimes weak in very, hot weather. The auto runs very well at speed amounts over 95 mph. The seats front and back are very comfortable. The stereo system is good, not great but good if you want deep bass sound and volume to enjoy. Overall, car is great. I had 4 of them over the years. I change as the body style change. I guess you can say I am a Charger fan.

- Ron C

2018 Dodge Charger Scat Pack

2018 Dodge Charger Scat Pack with the 392 Hemi. The performance of this car is amazing! I love the sound of the exhaust and the horsepower plus the car looks sleek and powerful while having plenty of room for my kids and I. Plenty of technology and comforts including heated/cooled seats, rain adjusting windshield wipers, and adaptive cruise control. I love my car!

- Jennifer R

2018 Dodge charger with u connect navigation.

My charger has had no problems whatsoever, the Uconnect app works seamlessly with all my devices. I love the monthly vehicle report it sends me on the 12 key parts of the vehicle. The vehicle is factory 342 horsepower with many Mopar upgrades available. The Uconnect stereo with android auto works great with any android phone I have hooked up to it.

- Todd S

Has comfort and room availability

Best purchase I have made. I enjoy the comfort & especially the room that is available. I have taken my vehicle on 2 road trips & it has been great. Only thing I would like to be different is a more updated radio system & a CD player. Vehicle is great on gas as well. Has great pick up & go when you hit that gas pedal too.

- Jamie P

Fantastic muscle car for the fast and furious

I love my car, it is my first sports car. It drives very smoothly and very luxurious. I wish Chrysler would fix the radio problem. Riding in the back seat is very spacious and very comfortable, I don't mind riding in the back. Also the trunk is nice and large. The apple play works well and is great to see a large screen for maps.

- Denise E

Hearing that motor you know it can go fast and it looks great.

This car is easy to drive, it has the latest technology available. It has a great sounding motor, the wheels and body kit make the car look very nice. The reverse camera is clear and wide range. There's controls on the steering wheel for music, and phone access that are easy to use. And it is very roomy in seat space and leg room.

- Cindy P

Fun to drive! Drives like a sports car without having the high insurance rates.

Vehicle is very comfortable, sleek, roomy, and fun to drive. Great on gas mileage. The trunk has plenty of space. Backseat has cup holders that fold down from the seat. Very convenient. No blind spots. The leather seats are awesome and easy to clean. Radio is easy to control. The heat seats and vented seats are also amazing.

- Heather W

Great combination of power, looks and practicality, Decent gas mileage, looks awesome

Love the combination of it being both a sedan with the power of a muscle car. Like the four doors and the trunk room. Great power and acceleration, looks great especially the black on black color scheme and body styling. some issues with the uconnect entertainment glitching and not be compatible with my phone gps via a usb

- ed a

There's not much to say other than it's a Mopar and an AWD badass machine.

I love the way my car handles and hugs the road. It has all the convenience features and is awd so I get car gas mileage as opposed to paying for an SUV. It's everything I wanted in a new car and every time I go to get into it I can't help but smile. It makes me happy and it's a dream to drive. Love love love my car.

- Barbara H

Large enough for the family, lots of storage space, excellent road trip vehicle.

Uconnect and the stereo occasionally shuts off and wont turn back on despite system recall being repaired. Insanely good gas mileage on long road trips, even going 85-87 mph for over 6 hours at a time. Super spacious and comfy. Lots of trunk space, fits a 12' "kicker" amp with a box with plenty of room for groceries.

- Victoria M

The Charger remembers your favorites -seat settings, stations, songs & artists.

It is AWD and fantastic in snow or wintry conditions. It is easy and comfortable to drive. The Charger is great for highway and suburban driving and has a fabulous sound system with a lot of extra features such as climate settings, Sirius radio, memory, cross traffic and part alert, moonroof, and backup camera.

- Kimberly B

Performance is outstanding. Interior is spacious. Many performance options.

I feel that the performance of the vehicle is outstanding. I love the options the car brings and the Mopar parts that can improve performance. The interior is spacious and for a guy that 6'2' you don't find that easily. This is the first Dodge I own and I'm planning on purchasing another in a few years.

- Joshua M

My vehicle is very easy to use interface wise and very reliable in snow and mud.

My car is very nice because it has all wheel drive so I can stay safe in rough terrains. It has a very powerful and extraordinary horsepower. The car is worth it for the price. I will not have to get a new one in about 8 or more years. The speakers are very nice and the sound interface is easy for use.

- Jake J

My car�s sleek & bright blue exterior is my favorite feature; it is my color.

Love the seats with the 8 way adjustments since I have a bad back. I like the features and the comfort. I like the get up and go of the engine and how it handles on a busy freeway at highway speeds. I like the color and the easy maneuvering in high traffic areas. I like the size and style of the car.

- Heidi S

Dodge Charger Review ! It�s the best !

This car is great. It is worth exactly every penny. It saves gas so I don't spend as much money as everyone else does on getting gas. It rides extremely smooth and it definitely seats five people comfortably. It is very spacious. I've had my car for almost a year and I haven't experienced any issues

- Kiara R

Heated seats,,rear camera,, push start button.

Every comfort you can think of. Very fast, heated seats,, and steering wheel. It's an awesome ride. Reliable,, caution sensors. An amazing. Rear camera,, push start button automatically starts with just a push of a button. Its has a Scott Pack,, it's just as fast at racing. It's got a lot of power.

- Rhonda B

I love everything about it.

I don't have any problems right now. I love it, I love everything about it. How it drives, the speed, the look, everything. I have heard bad reviews about Dodge cars, but as of right now I have nothing to complain about. The gas isn't the best on the car, but you have to pay for power and strength.

- Antoine A

Great Truck with custom bed

The 2018 Dodge 3500 drives very smooth but is extremely loud unlike newer models. The gas mileage is great even when towing hefty trailers. I've put 100k on it in a year and it still drives great. I have a custom bed on the back which makes it heavier but it stands up amazing to any environment

- Savannah C

The rear view backup camera is the best thing for me! I love that feature.

It is very roomy for three people in the back seats. It has a rear view camera, which is great for backing up, makes it so much easier. It has a v6 engine and very smooth drive. Remote keyless start, comes in handy when you are busy with kids or have other things that need to be put in the car.

- Monica R

I love that it has CarPlay.

I love this car it has great power while not wasting too much gas. It is very fun to drive and has really good specs it is very reliable and safe. Brakes work awesome. It is also very easy to clean the rims. I have the blacktop edition and the black rims are nice and shiny after cleaning them.

- Anna L

great gas mileage and safety features

The vehicle performs great. Smooth handling around curves. The best thing about the vehicle are the safety features which include lane change assist and blind spot monitor. It also gets great gas mileage, especially on the highway. The seats are very comfortable and great for long trips.

- Kimberly R

I love the tail lights on my 2018 versus the previous years, like 2014 tail lights.

I absolutely love my car, the only downfall is winter driving for a rear wheel, so far I have had to over a year and love everything about it, comfort, design is great, engine power is also good and so is gas mileage. I would live navigation built in, but other than that I just love my car.

- Amber S

Nice car definitely highly recommend

No problems car runs great and good in gas It's a smooth comfortable ride. Nice features. Car is nice in the inside and out I love the trunk space and backseat is roomy enough for car seats or guests I would recommend this vehicle to many people who are thinking anything about getting one

- Venus O

Dodge Charger 2018 SXT Plus

My 2018 Dodge Charger has a 8.4 Nav Screen, Heated Seats, Remote Start, and a ton more features. It feels like I'm riding in a luxury car it's so smooth. I get a car maintenance email every month so I'm confident in safety. One feature that's definitely awesome is it provides its own Wifi!

- Anastasia L

Burgundy fire Dodge charger.

Problems with my vehicle was my tire popped on the first day. Other than that it is been good to me my favorite car. Also it wouldn’t go fast in the beginning now it is pretty smooth to ride. I love how it is dark and pretty comfy overall. I would definitely recommend this out to anyone.

- Alvin E

Comfortable, spacious, and stylish.

In the 2018 Dodge Charger RXT the seat are very comfortable. There are seat warmers which are a big plus during winter months. I'm a mother of 3 kids and there is enough room in the backseat for three car seats. The trunk is extremely roomy. I have not had any problems with the car at all.

- Kyle T

Best affordable dodge charger.

Great vehicle no problems, comfortable, nice family car, great interior, speed is amazing, head turner. Dodge charger is one hell of a car amazing speed, great control ability, engine is amazing, never broke down, great for long distance trips, lots of space in car and trunk, easy start.

- Simone B

Good outweighs bad for the grey goblin

Tire pressure issues and transmission changing delay at times. Fun to drive and go fast. Gas mileage is not good for short trips. Does a whole lot better when traveling some distance. Car is low to ground and will scrub. Lots of room and lots of truck space. All in all I love mine.

- Kay A

Dodge RT Plus - Great car, LOTS of power and comfort!

The Charger RT Plus has been a great car! I've not had any issues whatsoever with the vehicle, just take care of the routine maintenance on my own, wash and wax it regularly, and it is fun! Has plenty of amenities, LOTS of power, great gas mileage for a big car, just fun to drive.

- Robert C

Everybody should have a scat pack.

I love the r/t scat pack. It ride very good on the highway have good acceleration. The car is very roomy, me my girl and two kids ride very comfortable in the vehicle. I wish it could take off just a little quicker. I had it for almost a year, cannot wait to get the 2019 version.

- malcolm J

My third Dodge Charger, not as happy

This is my third Charger. I have never had any trouble with any of them. This new charger I am not as happy with it as the other two. The gas tank is smaller so I gas up more often. For some reason I do not feel it's as big of a car. I just feel like dodge is making them cheaper.

- Bette F

Best car I have ever had. Love this car.

No problems with this car. I love it and I plan to drive it for at least 10 years or as long as I can possibly keep it. The gt trim is nice and I love the color of the car, which is white. I get good enough gas mileage in the city as well as the highway. It is a blast to drive.

- Tyler S

Great car, beautiful, runs well, only problem for me is the gas mileage.

I love my vehicle. I love the functions it has. It is a beautiful car. It runs smoothly. I have had very little issues with it so far. The gas mileage is not that great tho. That is the only thing I would change about my car. I have gotten a lot of compliments on my care.

- anna W

Excellent model 2018 Charger

Awesome car! Couldn't ask for better. Drives really fast and is good on gas. I was worried at first that it would take a lot of gas but it is excellent. Body style is amazing and the new technology inside makes it even better. Would definitely recommend this car to anyone

- Morgan K

Love it. Loving my Charger awesome experience on the road.

Car is awesome great ride, awesome gas mileage, roomy, back up camera is clear. Speakers are clear. Carplay works good. Only problem is screen resets when the car is moving. Performance has been great no problems. Steering wheel is a good size not too big good hand grip.

- Mel G

Its a awesome car. The ride is smooth and it's good on gas.

I really enjoy my car I keep up with its maintenance and. Performance. I don't currently have any issues as of now every few months I give it a tune up. I enjoy spoiling my car with car washes. I also like riding in my car. I enjoy the feeling when I drive very smooth.

- Bill S

More high tech than other cars we have used.

It drives smooth. It has a keyless remote entry that we love, because it is so convenient with kids. It has a backup camera as well, to help go in reverse. It is roomy for a small sedan. We easily fit our three kids in the back seat. No problems with it as of yet.

- Monica R

Bluetooth capability and heated seats.

The seats really hug your body. The seats are cloth with the heated feature. There's a light dimmer feature and a huge touch screen. The car rides smooth. Very roomy. Nice trunk space. Spacious leg room for back passengers. Very reliable. Bluetooth capability.

- First Name L

It's very safe..Made of steel and fiberglass, you might get hurt but because it is steel it won't be that bad

my vehicle is a midlife crisis that was the best decision of my life. It boasts a big 3.7 ltr engine that means when you want to go this baby moves, she's comfortable and durable, not for off roading but has 4 doors for all your errands and kids taxi service

- pam G

Great performance car and great handling.

No problems besides my back door sometimes freezes. The performance is great in the car and I love the AWD it came with and was one of the main reasons I purchased the car. The displays are great with the car and the backup feature is awesome and very clear.

- Ryan N

The vehicle tells me when there is a problem such as low tire and what tire

Love my vehicle the only issue I've had is the splash guard at the bottom of my vehicle broke and needed to be replaced only 2 months of have the vehicle. I bought the vehicle brand new. Other than that it rides smooth. Very comfortable and looks beautiful.

- Jose J

Love this car! It has a smooth ride and is very fast!

It is quick and smooth I love it. It is decent on gas but when the light goes on for low fuel, it means it is gone so get gas asap! I wish it had how many miles were left like most other cars I have had. The interior is suede and hard to keep clean though.

- Jacqueline W

2018 Dodge Charger, well designed, but maybe not for larger individuals

Vehicle is pretty well designed. My only issue is being a larger male, 6'3 235 lbs, the front feels a little cramped. Trunk is better on these as opposed to earlier models where the spare took up the entire trunk

- Eric K

Love the color. It is the first year they used the Blue color. The style is my favorite of all the other. Fits me perfectly.

I have always liked the look of the Charger. It is a V6 but it definitely has some pickup and go. To me it is very comfortable. It has not given me any trouble especially with all the rain we have had recently.

- Tammy B

My car is a comfortable grown-up car but fast and sleek.

I had some problems with my phone disconnecting but a fix was finally found. Some weird electrical things have happened with my radio and screen. However, I love my charger it is fast, comfortable and sleek!

- Amy S

It is a roomy sedan that is fun to drive. It has a nice exhaust system for an rt.

The Uconnect system is not always the most reliable. The guy will freeze so when a song changes, it’ll show the previous song. Sometimes the audio will not cut off either when making a phone call.

- Megan C

I absolutely love my Dodge Charger!

I love that it automatically kicks into all wheel drive after having the windshield wipers on after a few seconds. It drives smooth in all weather. I constantly get compliments on the appearance.

- Kristin C

My 2018 dodge charger is just the best purchase I've ever made.

I love the fact that is fast. This car is very reliable it has not given me any trouble. I love the carplay feature. It has a big engine and it consumes a lot of gas but I love it.

- Ismenia G

It has all the looks without the price tag you'd think it has.

I got this car because i was eligible to trade it in. I really love how modern it is. this is because i'm impressed with what it has due to the price which was comparable.

- Alex C

it has a lot of power compared to similar models and the fuel mileage isn't always the best.

i really like everything so far about my vehicle. i have only had it for 2 months so everything is still in good shape and i have not found anything i dislike so far.

- amanda s

Very cool blue with keyless entry and navigation

The car is a 2018 charger with keyless entry, Bluetooth, navigation, v8 engine. Its drives very smooth and have great gas mileage. The color is a very cool blue.

- Sophia M

It's big enough for a family, but still sporty enough to not be lame.

It's an all black Dodge charger all wheel drive. It gets really good gas mileage and has good get up and go on the freeway. It is awesome in the snow.

- Dan H

The vehicle is completely black.

The car is great. Runs smoothly, the technology is first class. The dash has an amazing big screen. The design of the car is very mean looking.

- Kevin A

up to date technology with build in gps system FM and am radio electric windows and leather interior four doors

a very fabulous and fun car to drive it has a very smooth ride and up to date feature it handle well for highway driving and is good on gas

- verna j

Charger is so much more than a muscle car

Very reliable and comfortable. gives a fantastic ride, plenty of power. Interior is well laid out, upgrade to leather is definitely a must.

- Jay S

It drives smooth and I love the look and feel of it.

I love the way it looks. I love the way it drives. The back seat is very roomy and comfortable. I have no complaints about this vehicle.

- Kathy H

I love the design and body shape. . I love the lights. . The racer seats as well.

Takes a while to get the speed up and the defrost is bad. Gas is very expensive. . Looks nice but I would get another but a newer model.

- Mayberry M

My car is very nice looking and drives smoothly.

I love the car with exception of wanted stereo system about it. The car drives smooth and comes with a lot of attractive features.

- Melanie B

The challenger looks sporty but also handles well in winter weather.

I like the size and style of my car. It handles well while driving. I like that it is all wheel drive. I feel safe driving my car.

- Amanda R

It's pros and cons with every car but pros about bet the cons

I love everything about my car . It's nothing I will really change because it's exactly what I want . And I love how fast it is .

- Love J

It is a smooth ride and goes fast, but I won't let it go fast - yet.

I love the way it drives. Never had bought a new car, always a used one. I don't like that it does not have the front sensors.

- Karen W

It is 4 wheel drive and I can get through snow quite easily.

The performance, speed, body style, price and Dodge name. This car has so much horse power that it can be used as a race car.

- Roland F

Great on gas mileage and is easy to use.

It is a great vehicle that I very dependable and is great on gas mileage. Would recommend this car to anyone that loves cars.

- Mike G

It has a lot of blind spots.

I like the sleek look, and the color. I also like the get up and go it has. I dislike the in city mpg, and the blind spots.

- Tia D

It is a v6 engine that sounds very low. I have put aftermarket lights.

It has great features. I love how great the color is and looks. Amazing rims that came with. My car provides apple carplay.

- Princess (me) S

My Dodge Charger is the most awesome car I have ever had!! I Love it!! It's white trimmed in black, so beautiful! It is roomy and comfortable inside, so much fun to drive(it picks up speed!) and not bad on gas, highway miles especially!

Safety features and security! It has push button ignition and doors lock and unlock when the car key is on the owner.

- Lori K

Awesome stock options. Came with nice stock rims that look after market.

Spacious car. Good MPG average 25 mph between highway and city. Good fuel economy, room for family and looks stylish.

- Colton L

everyone should know this is a spacious car. the interior is very nice

this is a totally luxury car. it is spacious. the smooth ride is fascinating. the manufacture always does a good job.

- katina l

It is great in gas. No car compares.

I love the mpg it consumes and the appearance is remarkable. The only feature that I would dislike is the tire size.

- David V

It's very very fast. It will accelerate faster than think it would and you can easily lose control if not aware.

My vehicle is very reliable. It's fast. Very comfortable. Has heated and cool seats. Special Daytona design on car!

- Lance H

It's a very good car and I recommend getting it for having a smooth drive.

It's very fast and helps me get to the places I need to go, there are no problems and its good looking and decent.

- Jean D

It has great gas mileage and it is fun to drive.

I like my car because it is new and it is red and it is all mine I dislike the payments it do not go fast enough.

- Melissa D

It's fast! And it's reliable! I absolutely love it!!!

It is fast and stylish! I love it! I have no complaints. I get compliments all the time. It is very reliable!!!

- Princess B

It's very fast and nice on the inside. I just bought it and it's a 2018 version so it's definitely new to the game

I like how I can kick it into sport mode, I like how I barely press my gas and it takes off almost instantly.

- Lakesha U

The sleek design of the car is amazing.

The car's turning capability is amazing. It picks up speed very well. I love the features that it comes with.

- Shelbie Z

It is really good. My favorite car so far.

Love the car, no real issues for me, would recommend it to other buyers. Probably the best car I have owned.

- Jeff J

My car is great on gas mileage and an affordable price for a first car.

No complaints. Love the way it handles and the power it has. Love the sporty look and that it is full size.

- Robert M

The size is big, so need to use to it before you park properly.

It is big and fast. I can feet all the supplies for work. It is new and looks cool. No complaints at all.

- Yulia K

The smoothness of the ride of the vehicle won me over.

I love the features and the options that I have. The body and design are sleek. Horsepower is tremendous.

- Denise H

The best muscle car on the market

Great horsepower. Car is a beauty to look at. A true muscle car. 5 our or 5 stars. Car gets great mileage

- Jim M

The trunk lock/button is faulty, no manual way to open the trunk.

I like how it handles. I dislike that the trunk button has already disengaged and does not open at all.

- Beth B

The performance is unmatchable

My car is awesome. Love the way it handles. Design is flawless. I makes me feel alive. Power is amazing

- Joe D

Controls the road well , has the looks , powerful

Big and has plenty of space , fast but easy to control . Nice radio system by beats. Good gas mileage.

- Abaka O

That it is fast and drives very well.

I love my vehicle a lot. There is no dislike of my car. The car is fast and I love the engine noises.

- Jonathan K

It's NEW. Honestly, having a new car is hassle free. I used to drive used cars often and it sucks to deal with repairs and crooked mechanics. Repairs are time consuming, and nobody wants to deal with shady people

It's a muscle car. It's decent on gas. It's new, so I rarely have to get it fixed. No complaints.

- King A

I keep it clean and taken well care of even though it is used as the family car and travel car.

My car is very sleek and clean looking. I enjoy the speed and smoothness of the drive.

- Hailey B

I love this car. It runs & drives great and is stylish.

It's roomy, comfortable & drives great. I have not complaints about it.

- Sabrina P

very good seats and interior upholstery with excellent quality

The mechanical part is very impeccable and has a starting force

- Gary K

Most room you will find in a cool looking car. Great car no matter the family size.

It is really roomy. It looks great. It gets great gas mileage.

- william r

It is a good car and I enjoy driving it very much

It is reliable. I enjoy driving this vehicle. I feel safe.

- Ben G

that it is cool and quite sporty and shows my success in life

it is a very good looking and sporty car with many features

- Stephen K

Charger is great full size car with lots of fun features like wifi, cooled and heated seats and very comfortable for tall persons. Lots of legroom in front and back at same time. Sporty appearance makes it fun to drive and all wheel drive is just one more feature that makes it a great choice for Michigan weather.

Comfort, Performance and Style in One Great Vehicle

- Lynne S

I like the color I love the style It rides very smoothly

The vehicle is very reliable and drives very nice.

- Teresa R

it is is brand new. it is economical

i love the ride and the color all the extras

- Melane B