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2000 Dodge Dakota quad cab 4x4 truck.

I have a slight problem with the vehicle that it occasionally stalls, but there is no "check engine" light to be able to use a code reader or diagnostic machine to find the problem. Otherwise the vehicle is reliable 4x4 vehicle that I drive mostly in the winter but occasionally when I need to haul people around because it is a quad cab. Everything else (ac, heater, wiper/washer, etc. ) Readily function. Seats, windows, door locks are all manual. Automatic transmission. 4. 7 l engine.

- Br P

This truck is absolutely dependable. No matter what it can handle most jobs.

I absolutely love my Dodge Dakota. It is a 2 door manual truck, 4 cylinder 2.5L engine. It's great on gas, has enough get up and go for what I need, and it has never let us down. We did have some motor trouble during the winter with a blown head gasket and busted radiator but this can happen during the winter, especially when it is really cold, and can happen to any vehicle. It is a pretty basic truck. No power anything and we installed our own CD player and new speakers.

- Stephanie M

My truck has been dependable transportation for a very long time.

I bought this truck used in 2001. It only had a few miles on it. I have been driving this same truck since then. If I didn't love it so much I probably would have replaced it a long time ago. I know all the repairs that have been done and where most of the dings have come from. I like it mostly because it is the right size truck for me...not too big, not too small. It has served me well for 17 years.

- Connie C

She's my must have in order to provide for my children, she's my beast!

My Dakota is my work and. Main vehicle. She's a champ with only suspension issues being a major problem due to previous owner collision. She's the 4. 7 v8, I believe smallest v8 Dodge made but I could b wrong. I've owned this truck for at least 8 years and a connecting rod has been bent the whole time but never anything more than an annoying tick. I love my beast.

- Maria M

Amazing buy, great ride! I am in love!

I love having a Dodge Dakota. I have the sport model, and it is very comfortable. The v8 engine is extremely powerful, and almost acts like it has 4 wheel drive even though it does not. It is a great buy. It is efficient on gas, and is perfect for long trips. Out of all the vehicles I have owned, this is by far my favorite.

- Ari B

They are very reliable vehicles I would definitely recommend the Dodge Dakota.

Very reliable, runs and drives great!!Love these trucks, smaller but still has the power. . . Have owned 3 of these Dakotas and would definitely want another one if I had to replace mine. . . The only thing bad about them is the clear coat peels off. . They are all bad for that. . . Have very few problems with the Dakota.

- Beverly C

This old gal may look a little rough around the Edges but she gets the job done.

It is very poor to drive in the winter because it is rear wheel drive. We have had to replace almost everything under the hood shy of the motor and the transmission. She is reliable and gets me from a to b, no matter how much she whines doing it. Perfect for a farm runner or a couple. Not very family friendly.

- Tara M

That it is comfortable, compact, and great for mileage.

I like that it is compact and everything is easily accessible from the front seat since I have little ones who need things quite regularly. I like the back of the truck that is enclosed. The only thing that I don't care for is that it is getting old and the coating on the outside is coming off.

- Bri W

Suspension is very notorious for issues. The design for alignments is extremely poor. Rust issues. Otherwise, one of the best vehicles I have ever owned coming from the 2000 era.

I love how reliable it is as a source of transportation. Offers everything I need between passenger space, cargo room, and hauling capability. Makes a single moms life a little easier to get everything done and offers me and my daughter to be self-sufficient in any move, project or crysis.

- Rose M

Continues to survive my abuse.

This truck has taken all my abuse over the years and still runs like a champ. Few mechanical problems that I didn't create myself (driving through 6 ft high pasture grass, dropping off ditches to need a wrecker). Tire replacement, oil changes, etc. I doubt if I'll ever buy anything else.

- Ann J

Getting the most out of my truck.

It is a pick-up truck with having a house it is good to have for picking up things for odd jobs around the house. I do all the require maintenance on it like changing the oil and other things. I also use it to go to work also we use it to pull a small travel trailer on weekend trips.

- Jackie H

It is very old paint rusting off.

It is old I just really need another one. I have to get a boost start every morning and when I leave from work going home. People laughs at me when that happens. I be so embarrassed. Even though I have to go through all of that I still manage to get to work and back home safe.

- Harry J

My Dodge Dakota is an extended cab pick up, 6 cylinder, 2 wheel drive truck.

It gets about 22 miles to the gallon on the highway, its a 6 cylinder motor. @ door extended cab, so it has a back set area but it is very small. The stereo isn't very high quality, but the a/c works great. Has been a dependable vehicle so far, it's pretty comfortable.

- Kelly E

Used truck, well used, well loved.

My truck is a 2000 Dodge Dakota, white, used. The interior is hard to clean, or worn. I have replaced the CD player, door panel, power steering pump, tail lights, spark plugs and wires, tires. It drives well but takes a few pushes on the gas pedal to start sometimes.

- Robert L

Overall, the Dodge Dakota that we drive daily is a very reliable.

All the vehicles I own are pretty old and anything that is wrong with them has nothing to do with the brand just that they're old. Overall they still perform very well though and there are few problems with them even though they are very old. They are very reliable.

- Robbie P

145, 000 miles I don't know why I'm doing this I do not want to sell it at all.

It is dependable has new tires needs a/c fixed. V-8 engine power windows, four wheel drive and has cover over bed of truck. It is baby blue with excellent paint and body condition, well taken care of recently got new shocks and tires.

- Julie F

The fuel mileage isn't great for a V6 but the vehicle has been very reliable.

I bought my Dakota used. It was cheap and had a few issues in the engine but nothing that I didn't think I could fix myself. I did the repairs and the little truck has run amazingly since then. Well worth the money I spent.

- Sean D

Very dependable and is perfect for the work that I do.

The problem is that the truck is old and is rotting away it has been very dependable since I have owned for 7 years the basic problems for up keep tire oil changes tune up brakes it is just what I need for myself and work.

- Thomas H

It's a good truck just be careful going off-road and over lard bumps.

I got this car second hand and the previous owners didn't treat it that well and used it as an off-road truck, but it still works well enough on paved road. It rattles on the road if you go over 70 but it still works.

- Kristen R

For transportation only - not a good work truck.

It is dependable transportation, but that's about it. Had to downsize from a Dodge Ram 1500 when the Ram died. I'm a big guy and I still feel cramped in a mid-size truck after owning the Dakota for 4 -5 years

- Joel D

It has been extremely reliable from day 1 until now (18 years later, and over 150,000 miles). Very few repairs needed, unlike other cars my relatives have had.

It has an extended cab which can seat up to 6, which is really nice both for seating people and hauling stuff. Like the way it runs. Can't really say I dislike anything other than that is is getting old.

- Jon W

I get decent gas mileage for a pickup truck

I like my vehicle because it is a pick up truck which allows me to haul big items.. Even though it is a two door I am able to seat two people/kids in the rear of the cab. I get decent gas mileage

- Natasha T

It is dependable and trustworthy. It is convenient for anybody because it is small but yet a truck.

I love how easy is it to handle. It is a small truck so it is very maneuverable but still able to haul things. I have had lots of trouble out of the transmission but still live the truck.

- Aaron M

Its handling ability, how it drives in certain road conditions, and gas mileage.

I love the body style, its 4 wheel drive, the color red, mopar engine, has a tow kit and bull bar. Also the low miles for its age, only 2000 for a second generation Dodge.

- Cara A

It is really a 2-seater you can haul 3 people but not comfortably.

My vehicle really do not have any problems it just needs to be a king cab state of and I really like the cruise control you know it is really a nice vehicle.

- Billy D

2000 Dakota Sport really works for me

The Dakota Sport is a hard-driving workhorse that really lasts! It's V8 engine has enough power and the automatic transmission has enough torque for any job

- Michael H

It is been very reliable and is built well.

Lots of power, goes fast! Plenty of room. Has 4 doors. Needs a little work. Mpg is a bit to be desired. Short bed; hard to fit 4 x 8 sheets in.

- Todd R

Safe and durable truck. Great for moving items and good on gas

Reliable truck that has be safe and doesn't really break down. I have owned the truck for 18 years.it works well with moving stuff as well

- Thomas S

It keeps running, no issues with any powertrain items in 19 years.

It is almost 19 years old and still runs fine. Very few issues with it over the years. I have spent more on tires that any other thing.

- Keir S

Very nice regable truck perfect condition

It's a great truck very reliable, everything works perfectly but the only thing that I do not like about it is that the gas is expensive

- Brenda R

It is very handy and great for camping trips.

I constantly need to fix it and every time I do there seems to be a new issue. Now the a/c does not work and it sometimes breaks down.

- Mario L

We bo7ght it new and have used it has a daily driver, work vehicle.

It get me there. Looks good and drives well. Have never failed me, I got it used from a guy who didn't use it much, so it is like new.

- John W

It has 4 wheel drive and it can go most anywhere.

It may old being 1996 truck but it has saved me lots of time when I needed 4 wheel drive in the snow and when I needed to haul stuff.

- William M

It is mine it gets me from point A to point B it.

It is got great horsepower I can carry a tear load it is not that great on gas for the year that it is it is a sharp-looking truck.

- Tony M

Pretty classic Dodge Dakota.

Dodge Dakota. Drives great. Reliable, clean. Passenger door manual locks only. Easy to get in and out of. Pretty turquoise color.

- J S

Power. Strength. Reliability.

Love the v8 power. Love the interior. Love the beefy stance. Love the room. Love the bed. Love the windows. Love the four doors.

- Kyle P

2000 Dodge Dakota would 10/10 recommend made to last.

No major issues just had to change brakes. It performs great just super awful in has. Features a/c and heat worth the money.

- Heather H

Is great in bad weather to drive because it is four wheel drive. Can haul things.

I like that it is four wheel drive. Have a blind spot when driving Like that i can haul things Dislike how much gas it uses

- Cheryl K

My vehicle is a small pickup that is too heavy in the front and too light in the back. It's gas mileage is horrendous and should only be used to tow small loads to nearby locations

Vehicle is rear wheel drive and really front heavy. Has caused quickening wear on the front control arms and brake system

- Samantha B

It's a good heavy duty all around vehicle that is easy to drive.

lots of room for hauling things travels well in all kinds of weather easy to drive don't like that it uses a lot of gas

- Joyce M

it's a very very reliable truck that never breaks down on me.

it has a solid engine but it's a major rust bucket. Decent on gas and I really like the quad cab. Bed size is perfect.

- Danielle H

I cannot come up with any highlights

given, not purchased do not need a truck prefer automobile other vehicle owned is a convertible, which is preferred

- bruce b

Overview-my 2000 Dodge Dakota Extended Cab Truck runs great but the paint is fading.

My 2000 Dodge Dakota Extended Cab is a great ride and dependable truck. I have 120,000 Miles currently on my truck.

- Ron R

Its comfy for big or small people.

Liked the small size. Not enough power to get into traffic when it is so busy on a busy day like Friday or Monday.

- Steven S

It is a Dodge Dakota 2000 ugh and a really good truck too haven't had any problem.

Umm in all honesty I do not have any problem with my truck it works it gets me where I need to go so no complaint.

- Jose G

Very good truck to drive in the mud

Love my truck it's has 4x4 with a big boy engine which it's a 5.9 L and it a small truck but it has good power

- Bryan O

It's a classic vehicle that is a gem.

Its good looking. Its old and breaks down sometimes. It attracts a lot of attention. It guzzles lots of gas.

- Thomas C

It has metal bumpers! No plastic to break, scratch, fall off...

This is a very convenient car because it is a pickup with 4 doors. It is NOT made as well as I would like.

- mik h

It's great for towing a boat.

Bought it used and its junk. . Nothing but problems dealership sold a truck that should have been scraped.

- Sara L

It gets good gas mileage & its dependable.

Paint job fades color of outside I like the mileage the interior the body style the maintenance is cheap.

- Thomas M

If you have a family the backseat isn't good for kids.

We really like the power our truck has. And the room in the bed. And the backseats don't have much room.

- Theressa W

It has a good safety rating.

I like how it is got the gear thing at the steering wheel. It handles well. It does very well on gas.

- Laura Y

It's a quad cab it was perfect when kids were young

It's dependable ii have for 17 years she is doing fine got close 250000 miles that i have drove her

- Larry N

Easy to drive and good on gas. Easy to park. Very useful.

Love my little truck. It drives good. It good on gas. Just getting old.

- Connie D

I have had the alternator, the starter, the battier and a few other parts replaced



Its an awesome dodge that can tow or even haul a large load

I have no complaints! I love my truck it runs great and is awesome

- Stormy K

It is big so I can see everything. It holds four adults comfortably. I don't like that it rides rough.

It rides up high off the ground and that is great in rural areas.

- Abby S

It's paid for! It serves my needs. It runs good.

It serves my needs. It's good on gas. It's a little small.

- Lon S

How good it runs how reliable it is it's good on gas

It's a good vehicle it runs good it reliable it's safe

- Chris S

Fun small truck. Everything you could want in a smaller package

Easy maintenance. Small cosmetic damage.

- Nathan R

Dodge Dakota is a very reliable vehicle.

- Richard E