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Use pickup truck for work purposes; not a luxury ride.

2002 Dodge Dakota

Bought this used truck in 2017 with 59,000 miles. Rear bumper was missing so I had dealer affix a brand new black chrome bumper. Vehicle has some rust spots (by gas tank & under tailgate. Replaced brakes that were covered by extended warranty. Like that I can transport small mowing equipment for my son's business. Dislike the setup for attaching bed cover (crawl into bed to attach clamps).

- Glenn K

A really good truck, I sure lucked out.

2002 Dodge Dakota

It has been a great truck. Drives good and very good on gas. I have helped a lot of friends move out of one place and into another with this truck and it has never let me down. I have had this truck for going on 8 years and have only had minor problems with it. As long as I keep up with the oil changes and tune ups I'll have this truck for several more years. Definitely a good find.

- Cindy R

Careful buying used vehicles.

2002 Dodge Dakota

Bought my 2002 Dodge Dakota used and put plenty of money into replacing parts shortly after the purchase. I do enjoy driving it, however it has no extras like tilt steering or cruise control. Currently passed 200k miles and the transmission is starting to stick some. It's still fun to drive but needs a little tlc. I would love to replace it if I could afford to.

- Troy A

It is comfy and easy to drive. Not too big, not too small, just right.

2002 Dodge Dakota SLT

This little truck is the perfect compromise between a car and a real truck. It really does drive and ride like a car and will haul like ant but the largest of pickup trucks. Have had this truck since brand new and it is still running and driving like a brand new one. Very highly recommended if you do not want a giant truck that can be hard to drive.

- Brian E

Great balance between power and a heavy duty for a small truck.

2002 Dodge Dakota Base

I have a 2002 Dodge Dakota SXT which is a four-wheel drive. The truck is great! It has a V6 engine which seems small, but the truck has a lot of power, it is very reliable, and will run forever given the right amount of care and service. One thing that individuals may not like, is the mileage. I am currently getting about 13-15 miles per gallon.

- Justin B

It is the perfect size and great in winter months.

2002 Dodge Dakota

I love the performance and reliability of this vehicle. It being 4x4 is incredible for the winter so I never get stuck. It has also been used to pull people out of ditches and mud holes. Overall it is a great vehicle perfect size not too big or too small. However the biggest downside would definitely be the gas mileage it gets very low mpg.

- Christian H

Overall a dependable truck for its year.

2002 Dodge Dakota Sport

Dependable basic features, durable interior, average body rusts easily. Hard working motor very dependable but has very poor gas mileage. 5 speed manual transmission shirts clean, easy to use clutch. Speakers were poor sound quality. 4-wheel drive is very acceptable. It a very dependable truck but the emission system could be a lot better.

- Amber B

Pros and cons dodge Dakota.

2002 Dodge Dakota SLT

Bottom of the doors rusted ( live in michigan, we salt our roads etc..). Do not like the center console that folds down, irritating when putting on my seat belt. Glove box light is always on.. Had to duct tape it to keep it off... Still gets up and goes well for as old as it is. Good gas mileage for a truck, 4 wheel drive is amazing.

- Kirsten L

My vehicle is a silver dodge truck with a cap. It has a manual transmission.

2002 Dodge Dakota Base

It is a very good truck. So far it has been reliable. It's not too big so easier for some people to drive. It has two bucket seats and a center console. My fiance uses it for work, he works in construction and uses it to haul tools and supplies. The bed is kind of short but so it's not suitable for hauling bigger items.

- Jessica L

Very dependable been in our family for 16 years.

2002 Dodge Dakota

Drives great, easy on gas, use it everyday in my business very dependable, has high mileage but uses very little. Oil my brother bought it new and gave it to me over a year ago. I would recommend a Dodge to anyone. The trade in value held very well but its my work truck and it serves es the purpose I got it for.

- Forrest R

Nice midsize truck for a family that has four doors and a roomy backseat.

2002 Dodge Dakota SLT

My vehicle has over 200,000 miles and is still currently running it does need ball joints and a hub but for the age is in excellent condition and is a daily driver it has had the routine maintenance done every 3000 - 5000 miles the only other things I have replaced have been bulbs and I have oil and oil filters.

- Julie T

Problems with my truck: it is to depend on it.

2002 Dodge Dakota

Since I have bought the Dodge truck from a previous owner I have had multiple problems. I have had to replace the motor of the vehicle. Also, the starter has gone bad. It is a light truck so it is easy to get stuck if you are on any off-roads. Sometimes when you are stopped at a light it will stall out.

- Paten B

Perfect small truck if you can afford the repairs

2002 Dodge Dakota

It's a nice running pick up truck, but since it's so old it does have a considerable amount of issues. No lumbar support on the seats, cassette player and CD player on the radio. Easy to get suspension issues and also the weather stripping on the doors are bad so the floors get soaked whenever it rains.

- Vic N

It has a very good safety rating.

2002 Dodge Dakota

I like that the vehicle has been very dependable over the years and I have not needed to spend very much for maintenance and repairs. I feel safe in it, and the bed is a good size for moving everything from furniture to recycling materials. My only complaint is that I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Randi C

It has been very well cared for.

2002 Dodge Dakota

My truck has been very reliable and served me well with regular maintenance. I make repairs in a timely manner and it gets me where I need to go and help with errands. My only criticism is that the V8 engine is not very fuel efficient, but does male for a smooth ride and provides power when I need it.

- Mark E

Dodge Dakota great truck

2002 Dodge Dakota Sport

I haven't had really any problems with my truck. It gets good gas mileage air works great heat works great. Can haul just about anything I have went on a lot of road trips and didn't have any problems parts for this is easy to find not to expenses. The motor is strong transmission pulls great

- Lawrence K

2002 Dodge Dakota the reliable comfortable truck.

2002 Dodge Dakota

The most reliable comfortable truck I have ever owned. The truck has great pick up and a smooth ride. I haven't bought a new truck because I haven't found a truck I like better. I highly recommend this truck for a long term purchase. My truck has over 200, 000 miles and still going strong.

- Lynn R

It is a truck but it has a backseat.

2002 Dodge Dakota

Backseat is a little tight on space., but it is reliable and the engine is really good. It needs more storage space. Runs well. Good for a tall person. With proper oil changes etc.. It will last for many miles. Good for smaller families. Our kids, husband and I have enjoyed having it.

- Tanya G

Dodge Dakota truck review.

2002 Dodge Dakota

This vehicle is very reliable. There is one problem that you need to watch out for. That is the ball joints snap in the front. This is not a recall, but I have seen several of them and it happened to my husband and dropped the truck. Other than that this has been an excellent truck.

- Naomi F

2002 Dodge Dakota, comfortable, reliable, long lasting.

2002 Dodge Dakota

It is old but runs great and lasts long. It has not given me any problems so far. It is comfortable and perfect if you need a simple truck to get the job done. It's got a backseat too, it can fit about 5 to 6 people comfortably. It is spacious, it is comfortable and it is reliable.

- Jim J

Minor issues, love my Dakota

2002 Dodge Dakota SLT

It is high mileage and with that comes needed repairs. It currently has problems locking into four wheel drive. It has a relatively smooth ride still. The starter is dragging a bit and is also on the list to be replaced. The motor and transmission is strong, with no concerns.

- Tricia O

The best truck I ever had.

2002 Dodge Dakota

My truck for being so old is very dependable and does not cost a lot just normal maintenance. I call it my -baby ram. It is extremely comfortable and used for hauling things. I have never has a vehicle that I left sit for over 5 months and it started right up with no problems.

- Mary S

this is my girl truck it's not for boys

2002 Dodge Dakota Sport

I haven't had any major problems with this car I recently just got an oil change. It is a very good running car thus far. I love that its a truck, but it's a small truck and it's cute I call it my girl truck. I love how it's very small in the back barely enough room for others


Great truck rides amazing very roomy.

2002 Dodge Dakota Base

I really love my dodge. It's absolutely great on gas mileage. Its rides extremely smooth for the year and the fact that it's a truck. As for pulling a wet hill or gravel road not so great very light in the rear end. Overall highly recommended to any driver just a great truck.

- Tara W

2002 Dodge Dakota Review.

2002 Dodge Dakota Base

My Dakota is the most trustworthy and reliable car I have ever had. I have never had any issues other than wear and tear. Not to mention it's small frame is perfect for my height. The bed is just the right size to haul stuff to the dump or help a friend move some furniture.

- Kyah J

Good quality/great room/color detail

2002 Dodge Dakota SLT

Have had no problems other than replacing the heating and ac motor. Very reliable, seating getting a little uncomfortable due to age/wear and tear. Get good mileage.Haven't had to replace anything else. Good cab room/leg room. Like having quad cab due to room for tall boys.

- Linda S

The 4. 9 v-8 is quick and responsive.

2002 Dodge Dakota

I am a large man and this midsize truck is perfect for me. I have hip issues so the height of the seat from the ground is important to me. I do not drive a lot, only 80k miles, but they have been completely trouble free. Just keep the oil changed and an occasional tune up.

- Mark B

Great starter truck if you never had one or want to downgrade.

2002 Dodge Dakota

It is a great truck for every day runs to the store. It has great towing power. It is a good start for a family car. It has great storage. And lastly it is easy to repair if you are do it yourself mechanic because everything is easy to get to. You will not be disappointed.

- Cadie B

Everyday use truck for an everyday person.

2002 Dodge Dakota

This truck is great for all around use. The four wheel drive system makes it easy to navigate through snow and ice. Towing is a bit harder with the v6, but can be used for that purpose still. Mileage in the city is around 15-16, while highway I have seen as high as 20mpg.

- Steve B

02 Dodge Dakota not a bad car at all

2002 Dodge Dakota Base

Replacement parts are rather expensive. Home repairs, to cut down on cost are difficult due to parts and labor being expensive. Also having a lot of parts hard to reach. And once one thing breaks, it just keeps going like a domino effect. These are all fixable problems.

- Amelia B

Dodge Dakota- small truck with a lot of space

2002 Dodge Dakota Sport

It runs great and is reliable. The major problems that my truck and others of this model seem to have are power windows, heat and A/C, and being very prone to rusting. Features I find useful are the amount of seating space, 4 wheel drive, and overall size of the truck.

- Matt P

I love my vehicle. Everyone should have a vehicle like mine

2002 Dodge Dakota Base

I like my car. It runs very well. I don't have any complaints about my vehicle. My vehicle is a safe and secure. My vehicle drives very well in all weather conditions even the snow and ice. I have not had any major problems with my vehicle besides normal wear and tear

- Sarah Y

Dodge Dakota praise report.

2002 Dodge Dakota SLT

Very reliable. Still performs great, approaching 200,000 miles. Body and interior still immaculate. 4 wheel drive, tow package. Tan in color. Lives up to expectations. Never broke down. Only 4 wheel drive in our family. Great vehicle for Tennessee. Best I've ever had.

- Bill C

Dakota trucks are great to own.

2002 Dodge Dakota

It did have an oil leak but still runs great. The cab is a little bit on the small side for people bigger than me. The bed is strong enough to haul garbage to the dump. It is great for first time drivers of a pick up truck. There are no blind spots that I can see.

- Kimberly S

Drives great, looks great!

2002 Dodge Dakota

Drives great, great gas mileage, handles well, I have got 22 size tires it looks good going down the road, am happy to own a Dodge, it was used when I bought it and the previous owner took good care of it, I have always liked Dodge and the Dakota is a good truck.

- Theresa S

Old Dodge pickups are not just for grandpa.

2002 Dodge Dakota

It has been very reliable with a minimum of problems. The paint is wearing off. It has a four person cab and has am/fm CD player and a very good air conditioning system. It is equipped with a v6 engine and auto transmission with column shift it has a 6 foot bed.

- Lester S

4 doors with fold up rear seats

2002 Dodge Dakota SLT

I'm the 5th owner truck runs great with 195000 miles on it, fuel mileage is best on highway. The interior is clean and the exterior is about 95% one dent. It has about 5000 tow capacity and a 6.5 long bed. The truck has power everything and all in working order.

- Patrick S

Dodge Dakota quad cab review.

2002 Dodge Dakota

Paint clear coat peeling off. It does have over 140,000 miles and it is pretty dependable, paint just looks bad. It has a v8 engine so it only gets around 13 miles per gallon. The windows have all broke at one time or another, and costs $250 to fix each one.

- David L

Tough and a very dependable ride.

2002 Dodge Dakota

It is a compact Dodge Dakota truck it has great performance it is very gas efficient I love how it handles the road and has simple but effective accessories if I purchased another truck I would definitely consider a Dodge a great brand at a great price.

- Carol H

The Dakota Lives On and Exceeds expectations.

2002 Dodge Dakota SLT

The Dodge Durango has held up over time that's for sure. It has been put through all weather conditions and rough terrain yet the Dakota still keeps trucking along. I would definitely recommend the Dodge Dakota to anyone looking to buy a midsize truck!

- Thomas B

That it can haul, tow, and perform as much as a full size truck while providing a more smooth and confident ride. It is very close in the cargo area size as well. Easy to load into bed since it is lower as well.

2002 Dodge Dakota

It is as capable as a full size truck while getting better fuel mileage. It gives me very little trouble and has been very reliable. It is easy to maneuver. It is also comfortable, rides as smooth as a car and is easy to get in and out of.

- Jason T

Dodge Dakota lasts through the years and miles

2002 Dodge Dakota

Considering the pickup is older and has quite a few miles (265,000), it is pretty reliable. I have not had any major issues with it, just typical maintenance. The paint is peeling off pretty badly, which is common with this vehicle

- Andrew V

The most important thing people should know about my car is that I own it.

2002 Dodge Dakota

I like that it has low miles and it looks nice. But I don't like that it's only regular cab. I also don't like that it's a six cylinder. I'd rather have a four cylinder for fuel economy or an eight cylinder for power.

- Michael C

Its paid for and I own it outright.

2002 Dodge Dakota

I love my truck as it gets me home no matter what has happened. It has blown the converter out on the highway but still made it back home. It had a bad water pump but still made it home before it let go completely.

- Lea S

It is reliable and it holds its value pretty well.

2002 Dodge Dakota

I love that is is a quad cab with plenty of room for that size vehicle. I like that it is fairly easy to work on. I like that it is reliable and has had very few issues. I like the loops of the car and it's size.

- Steve B

It runs great. There's no blind spots. Good truck for someone starting to drive.

2002 Dodge Dakota

The cab is a little cramped. The console broke. I wish it had auto windows. I have to slam the tailgate to make sure it is closed. I love it cause I can drive it easily because it is an automatic.

- Kimberly S

It's very loud and its fast. So if I were to let someone borrow our truck they would need to know that it will go fast with the lightest touch of the foot

2002 Dodge Dakota

When I turn the key on the truck is loud and sounds fast. It is my boyfriends truck but I drive it more than he does. My son loves the sound of the truck. I love how comfy it is too

- Krystal A

My favorite thing is that it's been the most reliable vehicle we've ever had

2002 Dodge Dakota

We haven't really had a lot of problems except the radiator. We've had to replace the ball joints but other than that the vehicle is amazing and is super reliable!!

- Margret W

It take a second to switch gears so I cannot speed up as fast as it should.

2002 Dodge Dakota

My vehicle is very old and it is only a little bit reliable. It also does not have four wheel drive which is not good when I have to drive in the snow all the time.

- Carrera H

Still running with 197,100 miles on it.

2002 Dodge Dakota

Hard working & dependable. Great little truck to haul items. Decent gas mileage. 4 door Crew cab with lots of leg space in the back seat. Has 197100 miles

- Paula T

Great horsepower and plenty of room

2002 Dodge Dakota

My dodge dakota sport is a great vehicle has enough power to pull anything I need pulled along with plenty of room for passengers and stuff being hulled

- Mayo S

It a big truck with many miles. Need a new one.

2002 Dodge Dakota

Pro: its a truck. Hauls stuffs, looks ok, has big gas tank, has seating for 5... Con: it gets bad gas mileage, needs work, can't get title. It uses oil.

- Dawn L

It is secretly a time travel machine.

2002 Dodge Dakota

It is old and rusty, but is paid for and trusty. It needs some repairs but don't seem to care. It runs but it's loud and it makes lots of sound.

- Drew R

The vehicle wont pass smog inspection due to engine light being on for 6 years. Auto shop can't find the cause.

2002 Dodge Dakota

The truck has served as needed. Maintenance is pricey. Check engine light has been on for 6 years and no auto repair shops can figure it out.

- Jennifer R

Very comfy and informative.

2002 Dodge Dakota

Love everything except low gas mileage love the way it tells you what direction you are going and the temp outside. Very comfy.

- Judy P

Retiring truck. Repair can be costly

2002 Dodge Dakota

Gas mileage is poor. Getting old. Need brake work. Body rusting. Drive very nice. Still has lots of power for age and mileage.

- Patrick F

It has lasted a long time with just regular maint.

2002 Dodge Dakota

It is just the right size for me. It could get better gas mileage. The are a couple of parts the could be made better.

- Brian g

It is made by a trustworthy company.

2002 Dodge Dakota

I like the size and how easy it is to repair when it needs repairs. It is durable and made by a trustworthy company.

- Ascension H

It is very safe and beats or meets the current standards.

2002 Dodge Dakota

Kohl's / drain most cars cannot good gas mileage and powerful. Very dependable vehicle. Maintenance is very minimal.

- Roland G

Its reliable and get you where you need to go.

2002 Dodge Dakota

Its old but reliable. Gets good gas mileage and has a big tank. It's a tough vehicle that doesn't often break down.

- Alex S

It can haul large items than a car can.

2002 Dodge Dakota

Dislike rigidness and the way it hits bumps. The seat belt chokes me. Windows don't always work. Poor gas mileage.

- Sarah B

reasonably economical, very reliable

2002 Dodge Dakota

what I like, reliable,easily fixed, comfortable ride what I dislike, nothing complaints, dealerships, all of them

- Jim B

It's very reliable. It's very comfortable to drive. And it's great for a daily driver and I also work

2002 Dodge Dakota

I like that it can fit me and my friends. I like that it's good on gas mileage. And I like that it's a four-door

- Sampson G

Expensive to maintain. And has low gas mileage.

2002 Dodge Dakota

It rust to easy. Gas mileage poor. Can be expensive to repair. But does have a nice look for the year and model.

- Pat F

The truck gets great gas milage.It is inexpensive to service.

2002 Dodge Dakota

The transmission seems to lag a bit, my power steering pump is leaking from somewhere but I am unsure where.

- Jarrod F

that design is ready to work

2002 Dodge Dakota

this car is very important in my life because is a only car we need to job in my company and I fell so great

- Peter A

The truck bed rusts out way before the truck itself

2002 Dodge Dakota

Like the 4 doors and the way it handles Dislike how the truck bed rusts out-this is my second Dodge Dakota

- Robin L

It runs good even after 138,000 miles.

2002 Dodge Dakota

It gets me were I need to go... It's a extended cab so it fits all my kids... Need to fix a few things..

- Eric M

It is a low cut top and you have to jump through hoops to lay down back seats.

2002 Dodge Dakota

This truck has been a great vehicle for our little family. Very dependable. But does take a lot of gas.

- Cadie B

The truck is reliable, roomy and looks great.

2002 Dodge Dakota

Reliable and long lasting. Easy to work on. Room for family and tow ability. I love the look and color.

- Heather C

Ali wells 4 well drive no problems started every time

2002 Dodge Dakota

it's great to drive 25000 miles and going strong I have not any problems it's a great for a older truck

- doug k

That even though it's 16 years old, it's still going strong.

2002 Dodge Dakota

I love that it's somewhere between the tiny pickups and the full-size. I like that it's a crew cab.

- Jody G

All wheel drive is fantastic, not just in the winter.

2002 Dodge Dakota

Bought new in 2002. Love this truck. 4.7 liter v8 extremely reliable.

- Bryan F

Poor gas mileage but plenty of power. Handles most any terrain.

2002 Dodge Dakota

I like the power. I do not like that I have had to replace parts.

- Shane M

Fuel efficiency and very reliable vehicle it's compacted to do all a vehicle needs to do

2002 Dodge Dakota

I love the power it has and how it handles it's also cheap on gas

- Carol H

It is a pile of rust and falling apart. I do not like the dodge brand.

2002 Dodge Dakota

It is full of rust, bust still runs. The drive shaft fell off.

- Rebecca B

that it is reliable and affordable

2002 Dodge Dakota

this has been the most reliable car I have ever owned

- alise S

Still running well after sixteen years.

2002 Dodge Dakota

Not enough horsepower, no power locks or windows.

- Joe R