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It is just a overall review on the make model and year.

The truck has it is up's and downs like every other vehicle does. It gets roughly 18 to 21 miles a gallon around town and roughly 24 to 28 miles a gallon on open road. With the truck being as old as it is, it is a good reliable truck for it is age it has over 500k on the ole thang. The breakdowns on it is starting to cost a little bit more as the years go by but that is what happens as they age thru time. I would give it a 5 star if I had to rate the trucks make and model to buy during it is time on the road.

- James L

The perfect sized city truck!

Perfect truck to own if you want the convenience and utility of a full size truck bed without parking at the edge of the lot where you do not have to fit it in. 4wd gets it done even without weighing down the bed over the tires even in deep snow. The crew cab is only deep enough to fit your kids, so they must be your crew. . Engine strong through 200k miles but the suspension and steering systems needed complete overhauls at 12 years old. Very little rust and only where there was paint damage.

- Doug L

Strong running, tough little truck.

My first Dakota had 220,000 when I sold it and was still running strong. The Dakota that I have now has 152,000 and no major problems. They are not as comfortable for long trips as some other vehicles but that is easy for me to overlook with as good as they are. The v8 give plenty of power, pickup and a smooth ride. The only problem with both of them besides normal issues has been the headliner in both vehicles coming down.

- Ann W

best truck I've ever owned but it's time to put it to pasture

I have had my truck for nearly 8 years now. it's been very reliable. Lately though I've been having issues with the brakes and brake lines and tires. The cost of repair is more than the truck is worth and I'll most likely be looking into getting another vehicle. Other than that throughout the years I've owned it I had no issues and it was a very nice truck. I wouldn't mind having another one same model but just newer.

- Ann G

Reliability and performance of 2004 Dodge Dakota.

I am the second owner to my 2004 Dodge Dakota. I bought the truck in 2008 and in the ten years since I have had the truck I have not experienced any mechanical problems with the truck. The most I have had to do was change two spark plugs. I have 3” lift kit on my truck and it drives perfectly for me. For the price of my truck I have yet to experience another vehicle that has been the best bang for my buck.

- Sergio B

Takes a lot to kill a Dakota

My vehicle currently is in need of a transmission solenoid and a radiator and thermostat. The truck has close to 200k miles and this is the first mechanical issues I've had. The truck overall is a great truck lots of power and towing capacity for a small truck. Even in the current condition she has never left me stranded. I recommend this truck to anyone who wants a reliable tough truck

- Jamie L

An interesting detail my car is squeaky clean and just got detailed.

I love my vehicle and it runs great. It has amazing gas mileage and gets me to my work really fast. I use it to do deliveries for food with doordash. I recently got a new speaker system installed inside and it is very loud. I like to drive around the town and bump my music in front of people. The performance of the car is overall amazing and I enjoy driving my friends in the car.

- Dalton L

It is a 4. 7 liter v-8 and fun to drive.

I had many problems with the engine needing to be replaced. Also replaced the thermostat twice, radiator one time and many other minor parts. I do like the quickness of the v-8 and it gets acceptable gas mileage. It is a comfortable truck to drive and plenty of room for passengers. The truck had nice features for a vehicle from 2004 but is now outdated in some of the features.

- Daniel H

My best vehicle I have ever bought. I wouldn't want anything different.

I absolutely love this truck. It is great in different types of scenarios. Mud. Concrete. Dirt. It has been my most reliable vehicle I have ever had. I love the interior and how everything is set up. The bench seat is perfect in the back for kids when we go kayaking. I fit all 3 of my kayaks in the bed of the truck perfectly. Really wouldn't want any other vehicle.

- Caitlin G

My red truck is not for sale.

I added a cold air intake which gave me more horsepower and better gas mileage. It only has 60k miles and is in good shape. I have not put a lot into it so after buying it used 13 years ago it has been a good truck. I do not think that I could replace it so instead of spending a lot for a new one. I will fix anything that breaks and keep driving it.

- Clive M

This is a great vehicle and everyone should get one just like it.

My vehicle is great and also runs fast might be because it's new. It's really fast. My family loves the car so do I.I'm planning to get another vehicle same model . This vehicle could make a great gift for someone. The only thing I'll change from this vehicle is the seats. I would love to have more family members fit in this vehicle .

- Vanessa smith V

Great mid-size truck with extended cab a huge plus!

Great mid size truck with extended cab. . . It is roomy enough inside & out! The back seat is perfect for shopping or taking the dog with us. The bed will haul 1 rick of wood. . . We would appreciate a little bigger bed but it works for us ok. Have had to replace the u-joint & brakes. . . Otherwise it is pretty "shop" free!

- Susan L

It is a good, reliable vehicle.

It runs great. I haven't had many problems out of it. The only problems I have had is with the radiator and fuel pump and have replaced both parts. Those are the only problems I have had with it since I have had it. Its a v8 4x4. It is a great, reliable truck and I have driven it every day and have the last 3 years.

- Naomi F

2004 Dakota Quad Cab 4 Wheel drive

I love the v8 power, the way it handles in snow as well as on and off road. It has a roomy cab with seating for 6. The seats are comfortable. It hauls a heavy trailer easily and looks good too. I feel safe in and secure taking my children with me. All in all it's a great vehicle and I won't hesitate to buy another.

- Adam S

Comfortable inside. I love my little red pick up! Just wish it were younger.

Well right now It's getting to be old, and as expected needs work. Right now, ball joints. Last year, new radiator and thermostat. Like the truck. Extended cab good for extra people or groceries that you don't want in the bed. Good amount of room to haul big loads. It's a farm truck and works hard around here.

- Nancy E

Dodge Dakota. I'll drive them any day before driving a car.

Lymany husband and I bought it used and it get around 20 miles to the gallon for gas it drives nice I drive it everyday it is just now starting to leak a little oil after putting on high miles. I would buy another dodge Dakota again. Has a good transmission in it is got good power can pull itself really good.

- Tammy M

I had to rebuild the heads on my truck the heads.

I love my Dakota I do all the maintenance on it oil changes tune ups brakes I enjoy doing it I feel if I do it if it is wrong it is my fault do not have a garage do the work because I do not trust them. I can do it cheaper with better products use only synthetic oil in my truck for better protection.

- John H

Owning a Dodge is looking down on by some people but they're pretty reliable

Exhaust is loud, the brakes are iffy, too much play in steering wheel, suspension is Rocky. Record new models for inexperienced car buyers or pickup drivers. Pretty reliable brand though. 8f you're looking for a truck Dodge is the way to go. Although if I had to complain the body is known to rot out.

- Tyler D

Brand new 14 year old truck

My truck is 14 years old and it looks and runs brand new with only 60,000 mile.. The only repairs I ever had to make was maintenance. I feel that the Dodge manufacturers had a very good day when they made my truck. It is a big part of me and I know when the truck is done, I will miss it like family.

- Janet K

We like the back seat. It is more like a little seat that we put tools, etc..

A very good dependable truck. We use it for all of our driving needs and hauling. Our dog rides in the back seat area of the cab. We use it for personal use. We are building onto our home and use our truck exclusively. Our truck is 15 years old and runs great. Miles on it are around 200,000 or so.

- Sue B

The Silver Dodge Dakota 2004

The Dodge Dakota is an exceptional every day driver. I have the 8 cylinder so aside from using a large amount of gas every week it is an absolute reliable form of transportation. The vehicle really has a lot of get up and go when your in need of that sort of thing. Sadly it is only two wheel drive.

- Lane P

Dakotas are run of the mill trucks.

My Dodge Dakota has a lot of mechanical problems. Drive train makes lots of roaring noises. Also had to replace the back brake lines. But interior is comfortable and roomy. Not to much trouble repairing them yourself. Parts are reasonable. But I found some were hard to get, you have to order them.

- Steve S

Dodge Dakota, very fun for the first 180k then it goes downhill.

Power is great with a exhaust system, didn't have any problems until about 180k miles and nothing major just radiator and coolant issues, nothing very expensive, and ball joints go very fast, I have done about 17 of them since the truck was new but I have aftermarket rims so that may be the cause.

- Jet E

It is a medium size truck.

2004 Dodge Dakota has a common problem with engine due to oil pumps. The truck performance is good, runs smooth. Even though this car is an 8 cylinders it waste same gasoline as a 6 cylinder. It is comfort due to the space it has in the cabins. All windows could be open. Ac is pretty could.

- Stephanie L

Good looks and design. Easy to access engine and wheels and undercarriage.

Comfort, control, size, and Drivability. Small, powerful V8 with 4 wheel drive. Good volume of room in cabin. Last year for that design, unique look. Power windows, locks and good sounding radio and speakers. Good body and trim, durable. Truck bed is enough to carry heavy loads.

- Robert G

The brightest and lowest of the Dodge Dakota.

Overall the vehicle is well built and dependable. It has a comfortable, spacious interior and adequate bed size for cargo. The 3.7 V-6 engine is a bit underpowered for towing however. The negatives are the propensity for the body to rust and rot around the fender openings and body mounts.

- Brian G

Well it will start and get me where I need to go.

It runs and drives good. From point A to B, I don't drive it more than six hours away from my home. It needs a new wheel bearing on the driver side. The wheel is about to fall off. It is in the shop. I use it on the farm the most. It was passed down to me. So it didn't cost me anything.

- Jason B

Very pleased, would own another one.

Concerns about the transmission, runs and drives great. Have had to do just general maintenance like ball joints, bearings battery, just general maintenance. I love the way it drives and handles. I would definitely buy another one. I love the crew cab. It has plenty of room.

- Thomas N

The vehicle does well in the snow because it is light and compact.

It has over 200, 000 miles in it and is still running in good condition. The truck has had problems with the severe cold and heat but could be due to the older life of the vehicle. Overall a great truck and I would advise anyone to buy a Dodge. The interior is great as well.

- Tyler O

Nice truck to get you here there

Fun little truck to drive. We took it on several long trips, it did great. It does seem to have recurring trouble with the power windows. We had to fix it more than once, driver window is currently stuck. This seems to be a common problem with Dakotas

- Katie H

2004 Dodge Dakota review.

Good gas mileage. Older truck so it's a bit rusty. Smooth ride. Very reliable. Seats are comfortable. Could use more feet room. Good truck. Has middle seat. Had cup holders on door. Has ashtray and lighter. Can hold a lot behind seats. Pulls good. Big bed.

- Madison G

It is a reliable truck that has not given me any major problems for 13 years.

I like that my truck is equipped with four wheel drive. I like that my truck has been a reliable means of transportation for 13 years. I do not like that it is not an extended cab version of this truck.

- Daniel L

It still runs well after fourteen years.

It has lasted well, especially considering that it was bought used with over 100, 000 miles on it. The check engine light comes on occasionally with no apparent reason and it presently has an oil leak.

- Roger B

1. Priced 2. Durability. 3. Gas mileage 4. Safety features. .

Good gas mileage. Easy to handle. Four wheel drive option. Five speed manual transmission for better gas mileage. Over 190, 00 miles. Does not use oil between oil changes. Love this truck.

- David S

It gets 30 miles per gallon.

It uses too much gas. It has a lot of break down and had to be repaired. It does not have ac. It has lots of rust on the body. There are lots of damaged areas. Lights are often weak.

- Quinn M

It's reliable, good for all weather, and safe. It's great for carrying large objects and is four door which is great even for families.

I like the color,size, and that it has 4 wheel drive. It works for my family of 5 and I still have a bed to place groceries or carry large things. I don't like how much gas it uses.

- Jeanette R

I don't need a big truck with a lot of power-just enough for me to get my job done and this one fits my lifestyle

It is the right size for what I need. It has a 6 cylinder engine and has plenty of power when I need it. It is a very reliable truck and I like the styling of it too

- Jim F

Dodge Dakota small truck is very reliable

Very reliable truck, has high mileage but is still running the same as it did 8 years ago. It is comfortable but not for larger people. It is on the smaller side

- Angelica R

it is 14 years old, has 264,00 miles on it and runs great

it has 264,000 miles on it and has had very little maintenance needed. we do put a new transmission in it but other than that it has been a good truck.

- tony l

My car has power to get you where you are going and style to impress when you get there.

I love my vehicle. I picked it out brand new and added a bedliner and step rails to it. I have no complaints. It has power, good looks and comfort.

- Jennifer C

Great For Hauling and Moving Things. Good For Carrying a Crew of 6 People

Been Working Strong for 15 Years Almost. Maybe only thing is more fuel efficiency and more MPGs. Great Vehicle for a City or Long Distance Hauler

- Derek G

It will go anywhere no matter the weather conditions and very reliable

My truck is awesome runs super god has for several years now it just goes through tires fast doesn't leak anything but she does burn little oil

- Steven M

It is a good fit for me and is very useful and still looks good for the age

It runs well . It is fun to drive. I get compliments on how sharp it looks. Has a problem with the o2 sensor turns on the check engine light.

- John B

It handles and rides very well.

I like my car and I will be able to make it to the meeting and I will be able to make it tonight but I will flip the switch is on the inside.

- Charles M

Reliable right sized truck

Have only performed maintenance and replaced normal wear items such as brakes, tires and shocks. Love that it is the right size for my needs.

- Andy A

It hauls large loads with ease, and can drive over basically any type of terrain

I like the powerful engine with on-demand 4 wheel drive. It has comfy seats and nice interior. I enjoy driving with the 4 speed manual shift

- dan Z

The braking system does not seem safe.

The back end bounces when you apply the brakes. The seats are not well made and don't work properly. Door handles are also not well made.

- Debbie R

It can leak oil so you have to keep an eye on it or the oil will get too low.

I like that it is big. I dislike that it uses a lot of gas. It can haul things and I like that. It does not have 4 wheel drive anymore.

- Tyler O

Good 4 wheel drive vehicle in snow and off road. Great hunting/fishing friend

Likes: Quality Has held up Runs great Dislikes: A/C fan broke Electric Windows switch broke on all windows Headliner came down

- Robert F

works good and is reliable, takes me everywhere i need to go

reliable with high mileage, gets me wear i need to go. wish it got higher miles to the gallon but works for what it needs to

- Nathanael C

It has always been reliable and a stable truck to drive.

The truck is nice to haul things around. It can carry 5 people. It's getting pretty rusty since it wasn't kept in a garage.

- Amy H

Metallic gray pick up truck

A sturdy pick up truck. Will last for years. Performance is good, nothing out of this world. Front seats are comfortable.

- Andrew L

That it was built by me it is a drag car and the you need to wear seatbelt.

I like. My vehicle because it is fast. It is good for road use. It has race parts in it. Also I built most of the truck.

- Eli S

Great pickup and can be used to haul large items. Dodge makes reliable vehicles.

Love how we can purchase big items and bring it home. Can use the 4 wheel drive function in heavy snow. Handles well.

- Angie M

4 door dodge Dakota 4x4 v8

I love it the only problem I've ever had is throttle positioning sensor wash 3 min fix runs good and pulls my boat good

- Kyle B

That it is a 4 wheel drive and can use it in bad snowy conditions.

I like that I can use the hauling capacity. Also that it handles well. I have no complaints at all about my vehicle.

- Angie M

It is dependable and four wheel drive. it has lasted a long time

It has been a very dependable truck. I like that it is 4 wheel drive. I do not like the console in between the seats

- tami m

That I am available to take them where they need to go

I love the room it has. Love all the accessories. Do not like the gas mileage . The tires are costly to replace

- Brenda F

She's purple and carries everything I need.

She runs like a champ. I can go off-road if needed. Love to drive her. Do not like how weak the heater fan is.

- Chris R

it only gets about 15 miles per gallon.

i like that it is 4 wheel drive and it is a pickup. i would prefer a larger pickup and better gas mileage.

- Howard S

It's a great truck, 5 speed v8 and reliable.

No complaints other than wishing it had better gas mileage. It's a great, reliable truck and I love it.

- Naomi L

I like the all-terrain ability of the truck, as well as the amount of space in the truck bed. I have had issues with keeping the AC running and have had to have it fixed several times, so that is the main thing I would like to change.

The Dodge Dakota is a midsize truck with good hauling capacity and off-road ability.

- Zachary B

be ready to replace the blower motor resistor repeatedly

Run's good, but I have had to replace the resistor 3 times in the past 2 years

- Jacob H

it has over 300,000 miles.

runs like a deer. no trouble in years. we take to store every week.

- albert M

It's a really dependable vehicle.

It's dependable. It's paid off. I have had it a long time. It's red.

- Mike P

It's a truck. Roomy and can haul stuff. Room for 4 adults and powerful enough to haul large loads

Nice size. Ability to haul. Comfortable and roomy.

- Kevin M