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mixed review of Dodge Dakota

The gas mileage is not the best, it rides rough and Dodge pickups have issues with rusting over the rear wheels. I feel Dodge should cover the repair of fixing the rusted area's due it is been an issue for years. You can ask anyone who has owned a Dodge pickup. The 4. 7 engine does not have enough power, but when the 2008 model came out they made the changes to the engine and I have heard the power and mileage was improved. The pick can tow a trailer with no problems. I wish Dodge would come out with the Dakota again to give ford, Chevy, Toyota and Nissan some completion.

- Stan K

The lightweight Dodge Dakota.

I have had and driven multiple different trucks, specifically gas trucks--to make this compatible. The Dodge Dakota is just so light in weight that I struggle going up hills, especially on dirt roads. I have a hard time controlling the rear end during the icy road season. I have two children and love the size of the Dakota, but I worry that the light weight makes it dangerous in the mountains and in winter.

- Olivia C

My beautiful black 4x4 Dakota.

My Dakota is a plain, no power locks, etc. It is 4x4 and has been 4wheeling many times. It performs perfectly and has been used to haul a lot of stuff. It has had minimal problems. It had front end work done recently and is now like new once again. I have had it 11 yrs and still uses no oil and passes emissions testing every time. It is a quad cab and comfortably seats 5 people. I love my Dakota!

- Helen R

I think everyone should know that my vehicle is strong, can get the job, done, and is dependable.

My vehicle is very spacious and can fit 5 to 6 people. I love the bed of my truck, it is not too long to park but big enough to load a lot. I like that my truck is rugged and can handle all types of terrain. I do wish it got better gas mileage. There are some components inside the cab that are not very durable and break too easy. Overall I really love my truck and it helps me get so much done.

- Kinsey R

Has brand new mud grip tires and front axle.

My 2007 Dodge Dakota is a very reliable source of transportation, it is a 4. 7l v8 with electronic seats and a spot for an amplifier. The a/c cuts in and out but that is a simple fix it just needs a new fan. The radio is brand new has different light settings, a DVD player, and even has Bluetooth. It is a 4x4 short wheel base crew cab with flowmaster 40’s dumped at the rear axle.

- James R

Owning a mid-size pickup is extremely handy. Especially, because you are always needing to carry large items.

I love my Dodge Dakota truck because it's the perfect size. It's small enough to fit in parking spaces but large enough to carry anything I need. It's very comfortable, stylish, and reliable. It makes me feel safe when driving. I dislike the stereo system because it's gone out and is very difficult to replace. I also don't like that it burns too much gas.

- Cindy K

My Dodge vehicle. It is a reliable car, that is great for going out of town.

Well it has standard issue stuff like a CD player/radio, air conditioning, and can fit at least five people. Gas mileage is also pretty decent. It is a relatively reliable vehicle. But if you are looking for more modern stuff like, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS, it will not have it. However, it still is great for going around, or out of town.

- Sean D

Awesome truck that dodge does not make anymore.

This truck is a great midsize truck with good size room in the cab. Great power with the v6 engine for get up and go. Unfortunately dodge does not make the model anymore which is sad. Maybe if people want a great midsize truck from dodge they should write or call dodge. I would buy a new midsize truck from dodge or ram if they made one.

- Gregory S

Hit a deer and the airbag didn't deploy nor did any major damage, pretty tough.

I have really been pleased with my vehicle, it has over 250000 miles and really not has any major problems with it. I keep it service through. I had to replace a couple of minor parts, but other than charging fluids and tires I cannot. Complain. Although the condition stopped working but at 250000 miles who can complain.

- Edgar B

I love my truck it does great in the snow and all in climate weather.

Amazing on gas and does great in the snow the 2 wad and the 4 wad is amazing for all in climate weather it also sound like it has a turbo but its just factory I also drive a CR-V that get ok gas mileage but it's about the same as the truck surprisingly I would Definitely buy another in the future.

- Rachel B

It is a great small Dodge truck.

Bought it used. Has a decent amount of miles on it but still runs great. Gets around 11-13 miles per gallon. It's a great small truck. Did have some issues this past year (2018) with the breaks. Most of the under-the-hood items were original parts so a lot should be replaced due to wear and tear.

- Samantha L

A great work horse that's always reliable.

Overall it's been a great truck for me. It always starts right up and has been very dependable on the many road trips I've taken. The 4 wheel drive has been a lifesaver on snowy and rutted dirt roads. My only complaint is that it seems a little underpowered when accelerating onto the highway.

- Meg G

2007 Dodge Dakota extended cab

Rusty body and poor steering problems. Leaking oil pan. Makes a very odd noise when it hits a bump. Sounds like a vacuum that is broken. Comfortable seat. No power windows in the vehicle. Got screwed over by the dealership I bought it from. Four wheel drive doesn't work properly either.

- Joshua G

Not a very reliable truck.

It is a very nice truck, it being the year it is it is very common for the manifold leak/ exhaust leak I wouldn't buy another one because of the other small issues I have dealt with, also I have issues with it overheating. On the other hand I would buy a Ram but not another Dakota.

- James C

Auto start that lets truck warm up in the winter.

So for like extremely well. Good gas mileage good performance. Easy to handle. Comfortable to drive. I would love to buy this vehicle. As of now have on problems with vehicle. Has remote start 4 wheel drive. Four doors tow package. Works well in snow. Good gas mileage.

- Robert S

It has a cover for the bed it's a 4x4 and has four doors.

We recently had to put in a new water pump and I believe the ball joints are rubbing the tire bald..The sway bar is a little loose but other than that it's an awesome truck. It's very clean and comfortable. But there is a lot of rust on the truck that needs repaired.

- Kelsey J

Useful and powerful when you hit the tow/haul button.

Since being a 2007 the only issues that I have experienced it since I have had it for two years now have been a transmission failure issues with the starter and terrible gas mileage. It is a fun bouncy truck and very light weight. Comfortable and very helpful.

- David F

Dependable dodge Dakota truck.

The only problems I have had is the motor in the passenger side of the truck broke down and had to be replaced, also the front windshield has been broken twice and had to be replaced. It has over 100,000 miles and no major breakdowns or repairs to the engine.

- Darlene W

There doesn't seem like much you can do about the squeaking.

We've had problems with the power steering and squeaking. Plus we had to get one of the braking systems replaced. We also had some problems with the acceleration when it gets really hot. Love the seat warmers though and that its a truck!

- Jacqueline B

Roomy, fun truck. Spend a lot of time driving in it.

There have been a few issues with the seat sliding back, and not staying in place at times on the driver side. It is a sort of older car, so that is understandable, some motor work has been done, and issues with the interior lights.

- Courtney C

It is a small pickup with 4 door and all wheel drive.

I just bought the vehicle so far I am happy with it so far. I am waiting for dealer to fix engine light part is ordered. This vehicle is what I was looking for small pickup with 4 doors and 4 wheel drive.

- Bob S

It is a true midsize truck that is perfect for those that do not need a full size vehicle. It is just too bad that Dodge stopped making it.

this has been a very reliable vehicle that I have no major problems with. The gas mileage is not the best for a V6. But I have ben ale to haul and tow anything that I haave needed to with it.

- Mark B

Great service comfortable, Dependable

I have had good service from my car. Other than regular maintenance,there has been no other expense. At 93000 miles I got my first brake job . At 95000 miles I had to replace the air compressor.

- Bob H

Do not buy it or any other dodge product.

I hate that this truck was so cheaply made. My biggest complaint is that the front end is so repair-prone. Constantly replacing the tire rod, getting alignments, tires wearing out.

- Carol M

Dodge Dakota 4 door v8 truck

Great truck for getting around. Comfortable and allows for towing capability. V8 allows for power with the truck still being lightweight. Roomy enough to fit 5 adults comfortably.

- Jermaine L

it is a money pit. i would not recommend buying this unless it is under warranty.

i bought this vehicle used and am not happy at all with it. the parts aren't cheap or easy to come by. everytime i fix something, something else needs fixing.

- Dakota G

Drives and handles very nice, would recommend to other people to buy.

Just bought this vehicle. It is what I was looking for small pickup all wheel drive and can carry 4 people. Waiting for dealer to repair check engine light.

- Bob K

It was what I was looking for a small pickup with four doors an a wheel drive.

I just bought this vehicle. waiting for dealership to fix engine light part ordered. So far like the pickup seams to run and drive fine.

- Bob S

This car does use a lot of gas and is not good for long distance travel.

My vehicle runs really well, it has 150,000 miles and still runs very well. I've had no issues with the car since getting it

- Molly P

Other should know about my car was it red n good for a big family.

My vehicle was pretty good and useful on me. I choose van because I have couple kids so van will be fit all my family.

- Mai C

Very good looking. Looked at other trucks. Still like mine best.

No problems. Very reliable. Very comfortable. Very good looking. Lots of compliments. Wouldn't want anything else.

- Ken R

Dodge Dakota is an amazing vehicle

Great on gas for a truck. Small truck bed makes it manageable. Cab size is excellent and has a sizeable back seat

- Josh L

Very reliable and dependable vehicle

It has been a very reliable vehicle for me and my friends and family. Have had no major issues with it.

- Thomas M

Good little truck straight body

It is a good truck runs great good gas mileage doesn't have heat or air just need the blower replaced

- Haley H

It's saves gas,you can drive it in to the beaches .,very safe

It brings me to work on time,it's very useful car and reaponsible.it save me gas

- Mary angelyn M

It is paid for and I will drive until it dies

I like my truck. I have no complaints about it. Not much else to say.

- Rusty s

Durability. And. Good. Value. And. Drives. ReL. Good

It. Is. Durable to drive. And. Funand. It. Is. Good. On. Gas

- Cherry A

It is a truck and it is really nice.

The vehicle runs well and it is very fitting to my taste.

- Lil B

It runs good and treats me well.

Great mechanically. Great riding. Expensive to fix.

- Lauren H

Needs shocks rides rough. Nice body style with extra chrome.

Has a higher horsepower motor, so it uses more gas

- Vicki P