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Dodge Dakota Lamar, the perfect blend.

We love our truck for our current situation of renovating. It is a mid size truck so we are able haul whatever we might personally need in regards to complete our home improvements however not to large. Many friends, family, associates or neighbors all who know us well enough don't often come to us in immediate need of assistance in hauling items for them. Some of these trucks now a days are almost too much. Where appearance and keeping up with "the jones'" is a job within itself. Trucks were built to utilize maximum horsepower with limited rpg to aid in the "work" environment. I firmly believe that there is such a thing as excessive over compensation. This vehicle is just right, perfect where it counts. Even while smaller framed it can do most all big or giant trucks can do, just not in the grand scale. While still being strong enough to haul a small camper, or trailer, and all areas for any tailgating prior to games we go and see. It also blends well in traffic with its smaller framed build, either in city or on highway. The biggest downside to this particular vehicle, is perhaps its fuel efficiency. It really only sustains roughly 15-17 mpg in town, and about 20 mpg on highway. Its tank could be slightly larger also to help offset our constant fuel purchases in a given week. We also live in a seasonal climate with harsh winter, and its 4x4 over and under gear prove most beneficial on the days when you need to get out of the house. Its reliable.

- Ananda W

2008. No rust. Interior comfy cloth. Radio sounds like a system is installed

Small oil leak. Transmission issues. Changed twice. Rides rough. Feel every bump in the road. Shift hard. Leaks transmission fluid. Blows through gas extended cab not big enough for a little person. Good for a laboring work job. Has higher mileage and have changed every part imaginable on it. It's and old vehicle so these things are to be expected. Once parts were replaced now like a new truck but still rides rough. Not comfort for long distances

- Marie M

My dependable Dakota, I love it!!

Roomy for a midsize truck, gets over 20 mpg, adequate power, 4 door, nice uncluttered interior and dashboard. Minimum repairs in first 100, 000 miles (power steering pump, differential gasket) very dependable and economical vehicle. I would recommend to anyone seeking a used truck. I expect to get 200, 000 miles from this Dakota.

- William M

Easy drive Easy to get around in.

The only problems I have had is putting a new battery in and having the oil changed. It rides real nice and easy to get around. Vary reliable. I have never had any major problems. I like the electric seat on the drivers side and being able to adjust the mirrors from inside. Would like to get a little better gas mileage.

- Blanche D

It seats six in the cab which is quite impressive especially for a truck.

This truck is very reliable it has very low miles and so far has had no problems. Occasionally it shifts a little hard when going up hill, but other than that the vehicle is flawless. The cosmetics are also in good condition. The vehicle does not chip easily maintains its shine as long as you occasionally wash it.

- Tyler G

Four wheel drive and lots of cab space.

Truck used to move wood. Hay and farm materials. 4 wheel drive makes it easy to go into the fields to feed cattle. Very good in snow and rough terrain. Eight cylinder motor provides the power and torch to go through muddy fields, extra cab space helps to have all the extras needed when working.

- Steve J

It's a small truck with a high punch.

The gas cap check engine light is on and won't go off. Truck runs fine. I love the truck. It is a blessing. Not sure what's wrong with the sensor. That's all I have to say. It gets good gas mileage and is completely comfortable. It is black and shiny had the windows tinted

- Kenneth W

Well built truck with plenty of power.

I own two Dodge Dakota's both 4x4 have not had any problems with either one. I have 152000 on an 2008. And the 2004 Dodge Dakota has 57000 miles on it no problems. I would and have recommended this truck to all that have inquired.

- Douglas W

The one most important thing about my Dodge Dakota is it's arm extremely nice truck for the price and if you like trucks like I do than you'll love this truck.

I love my Dodge Dakota because I've always loved trucks. It's a nice, roomy truck and it gets me from point A to B. My favorite is the fact it's a truck, I feel they are more useful than other vehicles.

- Laura S

Dodge makes great vehicles.

I got my Dakota brand new in 2008 and it has been the best vehicle ever. I have never had any major mechanical problems with it and it is got almost 225, 000 miles! All around it is a great truck.

- Tarin C

The heated seats are the best part of my vehicle

I love my car, it has heated seats, good gas mileage. very comfortable, and a nice vehicle. I would say that this is one of the best cars that I have ever had!

- amanda r

The safety features that comes standard with the truck

This is my third Dakota in a row. Love this brand of trucks. My son totaled my second truck and the only injury was a broken nose. The safety features worked.

- Bob S

Has been very reliable with very few needed repairs.

Has a powerful engine for towing. Smaller than a large pickup allows for easier parking. Has been very dependable for the 9 years that I have owned it.

- Gary B

The motor and battery is in the trunk.

This car is not economic with gas. Also. It is spacious and it runs with power in the highway. It has a AUX cord to connect with your phone.

- Karla T

Easy to drive, and can carry a pretty good load.

I like the looks. I like the way it feels driving on the road. Room is just right in the cab. Wish it got better gas mileage.

- Blanche A

Truck and small for families.

The truck is great radio has AUX all wheel and 4 wheel drive great for hauling small loads and trailers decent on gas.

- Blake K

It is a great truck if you do not want a full size truck!

I like how comfortable it is in the driver seat. It has been fairly reliable. Dislike it is not the smoothest ride.

- Cullen L

Wastes a lot of gas. Very reliable though. I think dodge makes quality vehicles

It wastes a lot of gas. Have problems with the radio running when turning off. Other than that it's pretty great.

- Oscar V

Vehicle is reliable and plenty of room for family.

Good vehicle as long as vehicle maintenance is done comfortable plenty of room in side and storage under seats.

- Bella L

is great or a little family

problems with the oil change and the back sit door have troubles to close it and troubles with the break

- mike S

Great truck that handles great. Comfy ride for everyone.

I like the style and look of it. I like how it handles. I like the how much cab room I have inside it.

- Jolene L

It has four wheel drive and it is easy to put it in four wheel.

I can carry a lot of things. Has four wheel drive. Easy to read everything on the dash and understand

- Blanche M

Its dependable and takes me to all the places that i need to go.

I like that it takes me where i need to go. Reliability. It's a pretty truck. No complaints.

- Barbie S

that It's great on gas mileage

I like the way it rides, It has list then 100,000 miles on it ,Only had to keep oil change

- kenneth G

It is a great color and fun to drive

I like the ride. I like the color. Only complaint is the back bumper is rusting.

- Diane S

Watch out for the transmission problems! Don't be fooled into thinking it'll run fine!

Transmission issues like crazy. I wish I knew that when we bought it last year.

- Shirley B

The handling of the vehicle is great for a truck. Meaning the suspension.

I enjoy the room. I enjoy the safety features. I do not like the gas mileage.

- Barry B

I bought it used from a neighbor and it worked out great. I love being able to move things around easily. I haven't had much trouble with maintenance, or failing parts. Overall it's a great car.

The most important thing is that it is great for moving large items.

- John R

good gas mileage Small holds a lot

Great 4wd w/shell Wish the shell was taller might need new tires

- Gregory T

Dodge equals quality. It is a product that you can trust.

The crew van is roomy but I wish the need was longer

- Benjamin C

I do not like the way the truck handles. It is very light and all over the road. No good in the winter.

Very light and moves very easily just hitting a bump

- Tara N

Rides like a car. Very roomy inside.

It is a truck. It has 4 doors. It has 4 wheel drive

- Andrew P

It has been reliable without major repairs

Is a truck I use for hauling a variety of supplies

- Jay M