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This vehicle has the power to pull a trailer that is maxed out to capacity and still provide a nice drive that keeps up with the flow of traffic.

This vehicle looks great. It has a V8 engine, AWD, over 100K miles. It has a roomy interior with a captains chair style seating and with 2 back fold down seats. It is a short bed that has a retractable bed cover that is a hard top. Recently I have been having issues with the radiator fill cap coming off for no reason. I have also had the steering wheel lock up and has made it quite difficult to get the truck started.

- Eric Z

2011 Dodge Dakota Big Horn. Very Roomy and Comfortable

Terrible gas mileage, about 11-12 miles to the gallon, city driving. To be expected from a pick up through. Large and roomy. I have around 85 k miles on it, brakes need to be repaired every 2 years. It does fish tail a bit on rainy days with the rear wheel drive. No MAJOR issues so far, just the power steering pump and 1 ball joint replacement. The rest have been maintenance issues, ie brakes, tires and AC recharge.

- Sean T

2010 Dodge Dakota is not worth the money.

We bought the truck in 2012 from a used vehicle dealership. After driving it for only two months the transmission became stuck in second gear. We paid eighteen thousand dollars for this truck and the dealership would do nothing to help us. The driver's seat was very uncomfortable and caused my back to hurt. The stereo system is the only good thing about this truck.

- Cindy J

2010 Dodge Dakota let me tell you how I love my truck!

Roomy cab with adequate leg room. Easy to clean interior and looks good. We bought our truck a year ago from the original owner who had loved this truck-we continued to do the maintenance of the truck and have had no mechanical issues at all! I would recommend this make and model to anyone who is looking for a mid size trick.

- Shannon J

Love my truck but as the same time has many problems.

Has had more than one problem that had led to the front ball joints to have to be change. With that I have also had to buy tires more than twice as fast as I would have had to normally. Which in the long run has cost me more money. At least once a year the front end will start making a knocking noise.

- Crystal F

It gets me from place to place safely and dependably it runs well.

I like my vehicle because it is big enough 4 me 2 take everything I need to the places I need to go and it is roomy enough 4 large groups of people to ride in comfortably I dislike my vehicle because all the air conditioning vents do not work correctly and it does not have a working stereo.

- Lee R

Best truck I have owned to date.

The only problems I've had is a water pump and oil leak around seal at the cooling fan. I've heard this is common on the 4.7 liter after 100,000 miles. It has plenty of power and room for the kids. I have 157,000 miles right now and going strong. I would recommend this truck to anyone.

- Shawn H

Small truck with a lot of power.

We love the truck, the extended cab is great for shopping or when we have our grandchildren. The bed is perfect for picking up lumber, sheetrock etc. We do not like the fact that whenever we want to work on it we have such difficulty due to its design.

- Mary T

Safety comes first. It has a GPS tracking system in it - should we ever be carjacked - no problem! We and/or the vehicle can be located.

Haven't had it very long. Love the color! Love the fact that it has a 2nd set of seats that face forward. So far there are no complaints and nothing I don't like. It runs good; and not too bad on gas.

- Toni B

A lot of inside room - even in the back section where there are additional seats.

I have only owned it for 2 days and so far I love everything about it. A lot of legroom, smooth ride, good on gas, lots of compliments on the color and the looks of my truck.

- Jimmie B

I love the seating and the style

I've had a few problems with the starter and there was a gas leak , replaced tank and lines . Some parts aren't so available at times but all in all it is a good vehicle .

- Nettie P

The performance also they should know it's a great truck for the price and handles very well

Performance no issues mechanically it handles well pretty good for four wheel drive truck off road performance also helps and drives great and is good for the price

- Eric D

It is reliable. It is a smooth ride and performs well for long trips.

It is roomy inside, drives well, does not need a lot of maintenance. A bit large for my preference though from front to back, making it hard to see when backing up.

- Susan D

It's definitely not a family vehicle. It needs more room up front and bucket seats.

It needs more room in the cab. I also wish it got better gas mileage. I like the bed of the truck for hauling stuff and the camper we have on it. It handles well.

- Ashley E

it handles well in all types of weather and it makes me feel safe.

I really love the truck. I can use it for multiple things. the only thing I hate is the fact that certain things always have issues. brakes always going out.

- jamie G

Dodge Dakota Pickup Truck

I have been very pleased with my vehicle. It continues to perform well and we have not had any significant issues. Would definitely purchase again.

- Jaci W

It's safe on the road and insurance isn't an issue

It has been a good truck with no major problems. I've had to do basic maintenance and replace the air conditioning system but that's all

- Stacy Q

The best vehicle I own by Dodge

My Dodge I've had for a few years I've had much problems with it it drives good great steering awesome suspension just a good vehicle

- Joseph W

All in all a good truck, but need something larger and more comfortable

Pretty good on gas. Runs well, but seats are not comfortable and very little room for passengers especially if you need a carseat

- Janice C

It's a decent truck for the price, the gas mileage for isn't bad, but it only a 6 cylinder.

It's a 2 door, extended cab, pick up. The back seat area is very small, my grandkids can barely sit back there at the same time.

- Kelly E

Very good and reliable transportation

Vehicle is very reliable, have not experienced any issues with vehicle. Performance is good, as expected.

- Pam R

Low maintenance as far as large expensive fixes have not happened in two years

Nice reliable truck drives good in dirt off road. Struggles a little in snow. Overall I would recommend

- Eric G

It's fast and it is dependable I haven't had any problems with engine

I love it. But it does not get good gas mileage.I do like the fact that I can use flex gas.

- James J

My truck has been wonderful for the projects on my house. It rides wonderfully and is a dependable vehicle. The only downfall is the gas mileage.

It's a great, mid size truck. And has a great V8. The truck can be a great truck for all.

- Alex F

the heat shield bolt broke off and you have to replace the entire head to fix it

u like having a truck for hauling It also sit higher than a car. nilage isn't to great.

- julie W

In the winter when it's snow ,it's a all wheel drive

I like it's a truck, doesn't use a lot of gas, has a back seat and a bed.

- Billie S

I've been in the car for 2 rollovers and 3 blowouts

I like the reliability of the truck but dislike the age if the truck

- Jerry O

it takes a lot of gas but It's a great hauling vehicle

I like the truck feel behind the wheel and all the gadgets.

- Bob b

This truck has been one of the toughest trucks I have ever had. Big enough to take the family, but not too big to cause problems while driving iit.

It's totally dependable and will never let you down.

- William P

how it handles, easy to drive, nice gas mileage, smooth ride

Roomy, nice ride, easy to drive, great gas mileage

- Patrick s

That is a safe truck to own

It is safe. it is a nice truck. It runs well

- Jay W