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Dodge dart defects: why I will not by from Dodge/Chrysler again.

In the first 6 months of owning the vehicle, my rearview camera went out, I was very unpleasant since I just bought it and I still owed about 13000 on it. Another 6 months went by and I had no problems. Until I started to hear a loud buzzing noise coming from the right side of my vehicle. It would start of very faint then increase in volume when I would approach 50 mph. I took my dart to a mechanic and he informed me that I had cracked wheel bearing and it would cost me about 500 to replace it. Then I proceeded to have my clutch break when I was in a fast food drive through line. I had to push my car to the parking lot so the people behind me could get their food, fortunately it happened there and not on the highway. Again, I was very unpleased. I was the first vehicle I bought and within the first year I already had expensive problems occurring. I did some research and there were many complaints on the Dodge dart 2013-2015. I don't think I will be purchasing another vehicle from Dodge/Chrysler again.

- Sebastian R

This review gives two things that could be improved in the Dodge dart!

I have grown to love this car. The body of the car looks very clean. I currently have the black model of this car and think it looks incredible. The interior is also very good. The only thing I would say to fix is to put air conditioning vents in the back of the car. Living in Florida, it gets very hot. Since there are no vents in the back of the car it takes a while for the air to get towards the back of the car, so those sitting back there feel hot for a majority of the ride. Another problem I would say is that while accelerating, there is not enough acceleration. If you quickly need to speed up, well that won't happen. Other than these two problems I really feel like this is a good make of a car. There has been some minor fixes needed, but that comes with all cars you buy!

- Tiffany E

Good vehicle but must watch oil level.

No major mechanical issues. The main point of dissatisfaction is the engine oil consumption between oil changes. The vehicle will not give any indication of low oil level which can cause a dangerous condition; if the oil level is low and the driver makes a turn or accelerates/decelerates in a manor that cause the oil in the oil pan to shift the engine will shut off without warning (this engine shut off is designed to protect the engine). This issue could potentially cause an accident. I have had other vehicles that will give an indication on the instrument cluster if the oil level is low. The Dart does not. I consider this a minor oversight.

- John E

Car shutting off when oil is low is a dangerous safety mechanism

I love the design and look of my car. However within the first few days of driving my brand new car and with only 8 miles on it the transmission went out. This was probably a cult that occurred on the assembly line for the transmission. The car also has a safety feature that when oil is low it just shuts off which isn't very safe at all. This happens frequently because the oil is too thin for the transmission that it burns oil at a much faster rate. The car is very sleek and cute and I love the backup camera feature. Also the car does not drive well in the snow which is a bummer when living in the Midwest.

- Amanda S

Five link rear design that combines coil springs, shock stabilizer suspension.

I was looking for a car after getting in a car accident. I found this really luckily. It was a great priced used car, with a lot less miles than you would expect for a 2013 Dodge dart. It is a great car and I am really happy with my choice. I love the four doors. The backup camera is awesome. I love the Bluetooth and touchscreen in the interior. The seats are comfy and the gas mileage is great. Overall this car is awesome. Looks good and drives well! There were a few mechanical issues so far but nothing too bad. Just hope there no more while I have this car.

- Joya P

Dodge dart cheap pay expensive insurance

The Dodge dart is a really great car for the price. I got one with under 12k miles for under 9000$. The GT is the model I have and the features in there are up to date and very convenient. The raio is a 8 inch display that has movie theater times, GPS, Gas prices around the city. My only issue with the car is insurance companies consider it a sports car and being that I'm only 22 my insurance is very expensive without any traffic violations. The car isn't that fast and paying 400+ a month on insurance is not worth it one bit.

- Cory C

The touch screen radio is big and futuristic looking if you're into tech.

My Dart is the 3rd car I've owned and by far the most reliable. There have been a couple recalls on parts but I've never had an issue getting the car back in the road the day after if not the same day. I like to learn my way around my own vehicle and really like how accessible the car is when it comes to DIY light maintenance like change the oil. The gas mileage is great for someone like me that drives at least 100 miles a day. I also love the look of the car. It's got a surprising amount of pep as well.

- Noah B

Dodge Dart - an honest review from 4 years of ownership

The car is very reliable. I have driven it to and from Florida from NC multiple times with no issues. My one concern with the car is that the plastic plates on the bottom that protect the undercarriage falls loose very often. If I go over a speed bump the wrong way it will loosen and hang down. I have had to have it bolted back up at least 8-9 times. Mileage is great. I have the model with the touch screen inside and I have no complaints about that, it works well and is reliable.

- Emily Z

Dart has a turbo engine. It really picks up quickly & does not burn through gas.

I like that the Dodge dart is a small vehicle. The car is very comfortable and heats up nicely in cold weather or cools quickly in hot temperatures. The back up camera really helps with backing up and parallel parking. The turbo engine is nice for getting on to freeways or passing people. One problem that I have experienced is since they have discontinued making the dart it's extremely hard to find replacement parts or it is very expensive for parts.

- Brenda R

Might look compact from the outside, wait until you see the inside.

I've had my vehicle for over a year now, and everything I could want in this car it has. Excellent gas mileage. it's a compact car but you wouldn't know that once you were in, I've got a growing 10 year old so I always need to be within arms reach of him, this vehicle does that, my Lincoln Navigator did not. Now for the truck, I can fit all our weekend travel bags and still have plenty of room..I absolutely LOVE this car...

- Tina B

Black on black makes the car stand out.

Performance wise it runs well. The downfall of this car which I was unaware of is that it will die on you at any given time. The oil either evaporates or leaks out through somewhere and this is the reason for the stalling. There was a recall on this type of car but I was not informed when I purchased it. The car looks and runs awesome other than that. It has all the features, fully loaded. Overall I am happy with it.

- Guadalupe R

The absolute best car money can buy.

Great vehicle, not bad on gas, oil change a little pricey due to having to get synthetic oil, I have traveled over 15, 000 miles in this car and it did great every trip, got for a great price, and not to mention this car is a beauty. Will soon upgrade cause I like to have the most new cars technology has to offer, but this car has not given me any problems so I have been holding off. Best car money can buy.

- Toni T

Dodge Dart good little car

I love the way this little car drives. It do not like the blind spots, there are more than I like. It's a nice car to run back and forth to work. Gets good gas mileage. There has been a few recalls on over the 5 years we have owned it, but have been minor, where fixed at dealership in a reasonable amount of time, would have liked to get a loaner car for the day to get back and forth to work.

- Jacki T

Do not touch my dart! I love my car!

I love this car, it handles so well I feel it can turn on a dime! I do a lot of city driving, I need to maneuver quickly and accurately and this is the car for that! It is also extremely comfortable for long trips, I do not travel often but the times I have gone long distances the ride was very enjoyable and wonderfully comfortable, especially for my bad back. Best car I have owned without a doubt.

- Pamela H

2014 Dodge Dart; Love it!!

I love my car. The sharp interior is incredible and I've been complimented on it by multiple different people. It's got a great pick up to it as well. The trunk is very spacious, it's far bigger than any of the trunks I've seen on cars similar in size to the dart. The sound system is also fantastic. The ac has had a few issues, which is a bit concerning considering it's a 2014, and is fairly new.

- Grace E

Dodge dart 2014 decent car.

My dodge dart is fun to drive. It is pretty good on gas, I'll fill it up ($35 full tank) and use it for about a. It does have blind spots and I have been having d. Trouble with the electrical parts like it will lock on it is own after I have unlocked it. Not sure if it is just mine but I have been having trouble with the automatic window rolling up. My button will get stuck every so often.

- Hannah G

Dodge dart: comfortable and stylish.

This vehicle has been very dependable and drives really well. The only issue I have had is with the touchscreen, but that was fixed quickly and easily. It is very comfortable and has a lot of cargo room in the trunk as well as numerous drink holders. The CD player is located within the center console which is very convenient. The gas mileage is actually pretty great for being a gt.

- Jami L

Very limited horsepower, compared to the sporty look of the vehicle.

Vehicle is decent, was not the one I wanted, but it is a good car. Was a good deal, had been a lease vehicle that just been turned in a few weeks prior, so low mileage. Sporty looking, but doesn't seem to have the horsepower to back up the look. Difficult to get up steep hills, or passing another car, has to have gas pedal basically pushed to the floor. Like the interior look.

- Danelle M

Good car would buy again. I love Dodge.

Good gas mileage. Body dents easy paint scratches easy. Very low to ground so front needs alignment often. It is very roomy for such a small car. I don't like the seat covers when you wear shorts it leaves marks on your skin. I like the Bluetooth feature use it every day. Good stereo system. Adjustable seats on height as well I like that. Telescope steering wheel is very nice too.

- Renee M

A great car not to be overlooked.

I have the special edition with all the upgrades it is so comfortable and reliable. Honestly I gave it only a four because I have had electrical problems with it but that is it! I recommend this car and would but it again without hesitation. They even thought of things like channeling the rain down when you open the trunk. Seriously they put a lot of work into it and it shows.

- Justin R

Best cruiser around in town

Bought it used, with only 30+ thousand miles. No issues. Very smooth and fast. Bluetooth capable with buttons on the back of steering wheel to change from FM, AM, and AUX. Adjust the studio input. A lot of truck space and back seat space. Excellent speakers. Power windows and adjustable mirrors. Back seat cup holders. Great adjustable seating for driver side, electric powered.

- Vincent B

2014 Dodge dart. Great performance, styling, and mileage at an affordable price.

Adequate performance and very good gas mileage. Exterior styling is decent but it was the interior styling and options that drove my purchase decision. Comfortable to drive. My main problems arise from the electronic and electrical components, namely the center console touch screen display and its operation. However, they are not too serious and somewhat infrequent.

- Gregory A

Drives great all around a great car for anyone.

Drives great the seats are a little hard but all in all it drives very well I think that the shocks are a little touchy at times that makes for a little bit of a bumpy ride especially when going through small towns with potholes I love the electronics featured in the car especially the sound and quality of the stereo having XM radio is also a fantastic feature.

- Nicholas O

Stylish, fun to drive. Easy on gas.

Had a turbo engine. Was using oil very fast. Stopped when oil change due which was in 3000 mile. Dealership worked hard and long to get manufacturer to remove turbo. I've had no problem with it since. People always ask if I like my vehicle and I tell them yes and explain my trouble and tell them to just make sure it does not have a turbo and ull be happy.

- Beth B

The cloth seats. The get up and go.

It drives alright. In town it uses quite a bit of gas. It has a smooth exterior. I like the cloth seats. The Bluetooth is amazing and the radio sound is good. The car has that get up and go. It is fast. Wanted a tan or black colored car, but at the time the dealer didn't have. Ended up getting a white car. White shows a lot of dirt.

- Greta M

Best gas mileage I have had in a vehicle in a while. I enjoy the compact car.

The oil pan sensor is going bad so it puts the engine light on but it runs great. Great on gas. It gets great mileage on the highway. It's heart for Sunday drives great for long trips. It's very comfortable for travelling rides very nice. The cruise control works. Love the mileage I get, altho CSR is compact so not a lot of room.

- Terri L

it's a small car, but very spacious. perfect for first time car buyer

when I first purchased my dodge dart I really didn't know that much about cars because this was my very first vehicle. My dart has been very reliable. The only problem that I've had with my car so far was with the electrical system, I simply took it back to the dealership and they fixed it. I've had my car for about 4 years now.

- jeannette M

Sporty, compact, fun, reliable, and gas friendly

Shifts hard. Power windows and navigation. Great on gas mileage for the economic friendly owner of said vehicle. Gives sporty feel upon driving in slap shift mode and optional traction control disable and grip defying tires that hug the road like no other. Seats are very comfy but hold you snug when you corner like a sports car.

- Rick Y

The detailed of my car outer body is what make me feel in love something unique.

The car is fast but the support is weak. Could be from wear and tear or poor lasting model. I love it but starting to look into a new car. The sound system is perfect the bass goes well and the interior could use a little more color option. Seats are really comfortable and spacious. My car only have the basic features.

- Abel P

No cruise control is one of the downsides of the car. Also it�s too low

One of the downside of the car is that there is no cruise control. Also mine is black and in the summer the car gets very hot very quickly. It's to low and sometimes it scrapes against the concrete that is too high. The seats are not very comfortable and idk what cleaning product I used but it stained the black cloth.

- Sarah R

Great comfy fast gas saving car.

I bought my dart se only to find out that it didn't have air conditioning I had to go back to the dealer and they were just as shocked considering it was a 2014. They had to install a whole a/c into it. Now with the a/c being installed I am completely satisfied. Gas saver, fast, and comfortable and has a lot of room.

- Lily E

50 years of a dodge dart.

we bought the car because my husband wanted a car. when we looked at the dodge, it dawned on me that the first car I drove was a 64 dodge dart. the dart is a great car. great gas mileage. lots of trunk room. we bought the car used. had a lot of issues when we first bought it. warranty covered almost all of it.

- Lori L

2014 Dodge dart. I would highly recommend others to purchase!

Honestly this is the best car I have had. It is very reliable, comfortable and great on gas. I haven't had any issues with this vehicle so far. The ac and heating works great, I love the back up camera and the Sirius XM. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to any looking to purchase one in the near future.

- Shelly B

It's a good family car if you have children

It's a good car never have had issues with it. The only thing is I always get letters from dodge dealership about recalls that some part of the car needs to be taken in to get checked out to make sure everything is ok and that's mostly it good car. Even when I have to take it in nothing usually wrong with it.

- Jessica V

Great gas mileage, comfortable seats!

I have a 2014 Dodge Dart. The upside to this vehicle is that it gets great gas mileage. It is very comfortable both and in the back seat. It's been very nice to have the middle pull down console in the back seat for my son. The only downside to the car is the suspension. It rides more like a truck than a car.

- Michelle S

Dodge Dart is pretty cool car!

this car is very reliable. It is a good gas saver. I constantly drive it and only have to put gas in it once a week. The seats are very comfortable. I rather like that the back window can be defrosted with a simple button. It is also very fast. I don't need to push on the gas much to get a nice push from it.

- Maria C

Dodge dart unlimited, comfy and stylish, with plenty of space as well.

I have problems with the Bluetooth and backup camera. I do love it because it gives you the feel of a race car. I also love the seats they are super comfy. I do think the air could blow a little better. It looks like a small car, but there really is a lot if room in there also the trunk is very roomy too.

- Candace W

Great car. Never had any problems and gets me where I need to go.

My Dodge dart is tremendous. I have never had a problem with mine even once. I get great gas mileage compared to my old car and my oil changes are not as expensive. It gets me where I need to go and I cannot complain about it. I love my radio screen on the inside and how easy I can control the thermostat.

- Haley W

The Dodge dart has it all and does not disappoint.

The car has a touch screen, Bluetooth, heated seats and steering wheel, rear-view camera, leather seats. It has been very reliable and includes all the features I want in a car. If I could add something I would add navigation. The only issue I have had is the front right tire has gone flat a couple times.

- Molly H

Dodge dart, sporty looking, fun to drive, and great performance.

I love the size of my car. The pickup is great. The seats are very comfortable. My car is very sporty looking. I have a backup camera, which I have never had before and it is amazing. I have all the Mopar options. Great car. I would definitely buy a Dodge again. I was very amazed at how much I love it!!

- Laurie H

The red lights throughout the inside are nice when driving at night.

I love the red lights throughout the inside but the headlights are not that good. And the tire light is always on no matter what even when I put air in the tires the lights still on. It is very low so you really gotta go slow on bumps. Even the smallest bumps you still need to go slow or you will scrap.

- Samantha U

My car is standard, not an automatic vehicle.

I like the interface, how sleek it is and the colors. One thing I don't like about it though is that sometimes the Bluetooth messes up and doesn't want to connect properly, also the system resets for some reason. I like the special features I have which are Heated Seats, Built In Sirius XM and Sunroof.

- Jorge M

Dodge dart stands for dependence.

Love the vehicle, its offered me everything I wanted and more! It drives very smoothly, brakes with ease. Its sleek, modern and seemingly advanced. Everything in the center dash is touch screen operated which is super sleek. The dashboard is digital and allows you to customize what you have displayed.

- Bridget C

Great on gas, and has a lot of seating room.

4 door, 6 speed manual transmission. Good on gas. Has navigation system and Sirius radio. I do a lot of traveling, the seats are comfortable and adjustable. The air conditioning is excellent and the heat works great too! There are no performance issues, he only thing I have had to replace are tires!

- Amie M

The seat warmers and automatic start are my favorite!

Great car overall. I like the hands free Bluetooth through the cars radio. My only complaint is the beeping when you take the key fob away from the car and the radio goes in and out with static and the windows seem to fog up at night and when it rains. It has the hooks for 5 point harness car seats.

- Kayla B

Great car to drive even in Wyoming winter.

I live in Wyoming, surprisingly my car has yet seize to amaze me in the snow. It glides right through even almost 2 feet of snow. In order to pump gas into the car you have to press a button to release the door. Unfortunately in the snow the door frozen shut. I was unable to access the gas tank.

- Amy B

Nice and easy to drive. Parts are pretty expensive

Transmission issues and front end issues, seats are nice size and comfortable. It gets good gas mileage. I appreciate the Bluetooth connectivity. Trunk is very spacious. Back seats fold down for more room for shopping for travelers. I wish it had a better stereo system, but I can move past that.

- J@c T

It's very small. You can't fit a family in, it's tough to really fit or move anything large in at all as the trunk is just a very odd shape.

It's a nice small car, would be a great starter car for a teen which was why we originally planned to purchase it. It's ok on gas, goes through tires quickly and has been pretty reliable. I personally would never buy a car that size again because the trunk space and back seat are just so small.

- Rachel S

Its a 2. 4L multiair intake so it runs smoother than any other vehicle I've had!

Being a standard/manual vehicle really interests me because this specific one, the Dodge dart, is small, but not too compact. Its handling is extremely excellent which makes road trips and longer drives feel like you are floating rather than driving. Also it's nice on the inside and outside.

- Sarah V

Gets me where I want to go for the past year and a half with no major problems.

It is ok in general. It gets from point A to point B, isn't that the point of a car? Would I recommend it? Yes! I have had it for a year and a half with no major problems thus far. It is making a much louder noise while driving then it usually does in the past which that needs to be checked.

- Shannon N

A compact sports car with sleek design, made for comfort and family.

I really love my Dodge dart! It is a all around great car with great features for the price. Handles great and is honestly the most comfortable vehicle I have every drove or ridden in. It also had a nice sleek design with style. I would recommend the Dodge dart to anyone who ask about it.

- William H

Awesome car. I wouldn't trade it for anything

No problems. I love this car. Great gas mileage and great trunk space. My husband and I moves cross country in this car and only spent $200 gas from New York to Arizona. It was wonderful. It's such a great, zippy car. I wouldn't want any other car. It's the first new car I've ever bought

- Anastasia W

Affordable and a gas saver!

My car is a good gas saver. I use it as my commuter to work. I like that it is a four door vehicle but it might be a little small inside. Pretty reliable so far, have not ran into any issue with my car. Everything inside is automatic which is a plus. My car payment is affordable as well.

- Rhe V

Like the compactness It's easy to maneuver and park being that it's a compact car

The key gets stuck in ignition, even after taking it to get fixes. The container that holds the wiper fluid broke for no reason. It put puts. I always have to change a tire for some reason. There's always some recall on it. Most recent one they don't even know how to fix it. I hate it

- Mariah R

Great family car for young parents who like road trips.

No problems in the four years I have owned it. It is an extremely good fit for me and my two small children. They both have enough space in the back seat for their car seats and belongings. It is good on gas and very low maintenance. The back up cam comes in handy every time I drive.

- Amy S

My vehicle is a great one. It has never had any problems and runs well.

My car is wonderful. It runs well and have never had any problems. It has a huge radio screen that is Bluetooth compatible, CD area, AUX cord, SiriusXM, back up camera, and a GPS. This vehicle is well worth the price. I love it. The only bad thing is Dodges do not hold their value. .

- Britney H

The GPS in the car is very helpful.

The dart is a sharp looking car. Its sleek and very nice looking. Even if you go with the basic option with no upgrades the car still has nice features such as touch screen, built in GPS, Sirius radio, sunroof, and a decent audio system. I went with the 6th speed option and love it.

- Matthew R

Dodge dart 2014 performance review.

The only problem I have with the Dodge dart is the brakes, when I first bought it the brakes always squawking, but each time I take it back it wasn't anything wrong. Performance good and it is very reliable a gas saver. I would differently to recommend it to my family and friends.

- Jackie Burke J

Dodge Dart Is A Amazing Car

I like the way it handles, but don't have cruise control, gets great gas mileage,it's not loaded, reliable,comfortable, no problems,it's kind of low to the ground, no great color(white),not a lot of maintenance,controls in car easy to follow,shift's really smooth, has cup holders.

- Clifford M

Do not get a dart unless you want to buy a new car in few years.

It is a nice looking car, the screen in the middle console is large but no navigation system. Which is super weird. Did not realize that prior to purchase. Also since 2017 the suspension has been creaky and very loud. It starts rough and I wish I didn't waste my money on this car.

- Ashley A

The thing that I love most about my car is the red trim glow around my dashboard.

I honestly absolutely love my car, it is an automatic transmission, it is sleek, clean, and stylish, and has dual exhaust, it is got a huge LCD screen for music it is got an option to turn from sport mode to regular mode and it is just this side of being a race car in my opinion!

- Keith T

2014 Dodge dart information.

It is a nice compact car with features such as a rear view camera and Sirius radio. It sits comfortably unless you are just super tall. The steering wheel and seats adjust. The only issues I have are that it does not pick up speed very fast and there's no vents in the backseat.

- Bree W

A great car no joke it's one of the best I've owned.

Such a great car they thought of everything. My one complaint is that I have had electrical problems. Otherwise everything else is great. It is comfortable, drives well, has a great sound system with CD player. Gets pretty good gas mileage. I would recommend this car every day.

- J R

Having the car for a little over 4 years. It's a great car. It's easy to clean.

The car burns through oil a bunch, so keep an eye on it. It's a great car from someone that wants a car under $25. 0000. Having built in navigation is wonderful. Also having a backup camera helps. The only thing I would improve would to have a larger gas tank and larger trunk.

- Patrick S

Dodge dart gt 2014 review

Affordable, nice interior, quick. Needed a nice first car that was under 25000 and this car had great features for that price point. Wanted a quick, easy to whip around car that I could park easily. Also has decent gas mileage which was a must. No maintenance issues thus far.

- Blake M

It's not really worth it folks

It has some random issues starting at times. It won't turn over but everything checks out good. I hate that I have to remove the tires of my car to change the headlight bulbs. The radio died and comes on when it wants to. The fuse box melted and it came with bad strut mounts.

- Tiffany M

2014 black dodge dart se.

This car is great on gas. Lots of room in the back seat and trunk. I bought this car while living in California, which was great! But I have since moved to Pennsylvania and it's not the greatest for winter driving, but it has held its own so far. Altogether it is a great car.

- Amanda B

I inspecting the battery to make sure it is not covered with a wool cover

I love this vehicle. It runs great and the only issue I have had is with the battery. I've had to replace it twice. It drives smooth. It gets good gas mileage and is spacious. I love the color of the car. The seats are comfortable as well. I recommend getting tinted windows

- Brittany P

Gas saver but not powerful

Vehicle problems: headlights and brake lights have been replaced. Loud engine and does not run too smooth. I would not buy that type of vehicle again. Positives are: gas saver, good for commuting. Negatives: small only fits 4 people of petite size. The AC is not very potent.

- Claudia L

The highway mileage is amazing. Car should have come with a backup camera

Performance is good it gets great highway mileage. The radio malfunctions quite often. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. This happens randomly. I researched this and all drivers seem to have the same issue with this type of vehicle. Not quite sure how to fix that

- Tammie H

2014 Dodge Dart vehicle review

The vehicle is nice, but has a few little things that are a real heartache to deal with. One of the biggest things for me is that in order to replace the headlights, you have to completely remove the headlamp. Its small things like this that make me not truly enjoy the car.

- Stanton H

the mpg is greater than any other car that I've had

there are no issues on my end because the car never breaks down on me . I get the oil changed regularly and I like to take it in to have the tires rotated . I get an awesome mile per gallon with car also so I'm always saving money by not having to fill up all of the time

- ryan T

My vehicle is very comfortable and very good looking in and out side.

The car is fast and great on the inside and outside very slick looking. The radio is touch screen the speakers can be very loud depending on what you like. For calling you hook up your phone and you can play music and call without holding your phone. Comfortable seating,

- Jordan O

It's a really great car. Great on gas low mileage.

I actually love my car. I've had it for a year now and it's still runs like new. It's very good on gas. The oil change is kind of expensive cause they say you can only use full synthetic oil. I do recommend this vehicle for everyone. It's a really fast acceleration car.

- Shan J

Sporty looking and admirable.

Drives good not too many repairs on it..Always start no problems at all... Good on gas miles. Love the color black..Leather seats with heat and steering wheel with heat..Display telling when it's time for oil change and if it's low in air on tires or any other problems.

- L F

The driving and handling is awesome.

I love everything about the dart! The color is amazing the performance is like no other. I would not trade it for anything. Great on gas, smooth ride. I am not sure what else say other than I love the dart and there is a lot of after market items. Which is pretty good.

- Marissa N

Very comfortable, easy to maneuver.

My dart is very comfortable and easy to drive and I do not seem to have many problems that cannot be fixed easily or cheaply. It has dark tinted windows and splash guards so I do not have to worry about rain or other elements when I crack the windows for a quick smoke.

- Lauren P

Overall it�s a great car but it�s only good for a certain type of consumer

The car itself isn't bad it has a great look. The inside is a little cramped and it's not child friendly in terms of toddler car seats. It's a great car size but it's not roomy for long car trips. The headrests are at a weird angle and make it hard to get comfortable.

- Jaya H

My review of a new dodge dart.

It's very stylish and drives fast. I recommend it to anyone looking for a new one. Dodge makes great vehicles and new styles as well. There are no problems I had to deal with yet. Only good things. And its comes with a great warranty with it too. Hope you like it too.

- Michael P

This car has great gas mileage.

I love driving the car. The gas mileage was what drew me in, sometimes it seems like it does not get as good of mileage as advertised. The engine does feel like it is working extra when the heating/cooling system is on. But, really there haven't been any issues.

- Sarah P

Overall great first car for me.

Plastic engine protected keeps popping off, all four wheels are corroding, reliable, inside of car looks luxurious, sharp, cool back light, my Dodge dart limited is really spacious, the car gets really good gas mileage, I like the animation of the dash console.

- Erin R

Nothing is interesting about this vehicle.

Everything is always wrong with it always in the shop getting something fixed. After just a year of having it the transmission went out. It definitely is not worth the money. I never want another dart again. Probably not even a dodge. Please do not buy a dart.

- Ashley P

A decent car for the price. It gets to where you need to be!

Bluetooth connection issues (only works sporadically) and pumping gas in it is difficult. The a/c is much better than my previous car. It is very low to the ground so I am constantly scraping the bottom of the car on driveways and curbs. Decent sound system.

- Jennifer G

Dodge dart good dependable car.

My Dodge dart is an extremely reliable vehicle. It is not fancy, not many bells and whistles, but looks pretty good for the price. Great gas mileage if I didn't have such a lead foot. As far as comfort goes, it is as comfortable as a car can be, I guess.

- Von S

Reliable compact car under $20,000 new

Very reliable. Good gas mileage..from 25 mph in town traffic to 30 mph on highway. Comfortable in front seat. Back seat is worthless to me. Uncomfortable for passengers. Also hard for dog to stay on back seat, even with dog travel device and seat cover.

- Cheryl O

Dodge dart: my favorite color, redline and black in cloth interior and I like it.

My vehicle is a 2014 Dodge dart. It was ok bought it new, the problems start with the brakes squeaking a lot. Otherwise it was good on gas, I would buy another Dodge dart again different color, but not the se too low. Would make sure it has more luxury.

- Jackie B

I am spoiled by this car!!

I really love the Sirius XM radio and have gotten spoiled to the back up camera. Another nice feature for my passengers and myself are the seat warmers. I enjoy not having to find gloves in the winter due to the heated steering wheel, it's really nice.

- Mary B

Practical and fun to drive.

It has been very reliable since I got it second hand 3 years ago. The only major problem I have had is a hole in the brake line. I also had battery issues at one point. It is small but very comfortable. It is easy and fun to drive, has decent pickup.


One thing I absolutely love about my car is the black leather with the red trim. It looks super sporty and I love it

I love my 2014 Dodge Dart. It is super reliable, looks like a sports car but drives like a mom car. Has black leather seats with red trim. Came fully loaded with a backup camera, heated seats and steering wheel and SiriusXM radio. Gets about 26 mpg

- Baylee T

It is very reliable and spacious.

It is a very spacious car, kid friendly, big time gas saver. I have had a lot of problems with my car though since I got it. They were easy to take care of except for the shift gear that always messes up and the key gets stuck in the engine too.

- Victoria R

It's great for people with no kids or older kids that don't need car seats, but not with tall individuals.

I love it. It's small, so great fuel mileage. It was a large display for the stereo/climate control/(most importantly) backup camera. My only complaint might be that the sight lines are a bit blocked, but that's because it's so small.

- Heather s

It's a high quality car for a decent price and holds up to every expectation.

High quality car for a great price! I love the features inside including my touch screen. The sound system is great. It's on the small side, but it still has a good amount of room in the back seat and trunk. Love love love my dart!

- Alyson M

It's rather spacious on the inside. Good truck space makes it a fine single child family car.

Mine personally stands up to any road challenge I put it through. I don't like that it has significant cabin noise, but it runs steady. I wish it had a bit more power, but I didn't expect a lot of power from a commuter vehicle.

- James L

The 40 mph has mileage and the fact there is some trouble with the transmission in this model

It a small compact vehicle that I bought new in 2014. It is a decent car that get good gas mileage. I don't like the size of the car but it is almost paid for. I love the gas mileage and the the metallic color of the car.

- Sandra W

It's an overall pretty decent car. 4 out of 5 stars.

I love my vehicle. I like that it has Bluetooth and a back up camera. The seats are comfy too. My favorite car I've had so far. Only complaint is the felt along the bottom of my car jammed up and I had to rip it off.

- Miranda K

It is a couple and fast and sleek.

I like the look of the car. It is stylish. I also like the reliability of the vehicle. So far I have had no issues. I do not like the depreciation of the value of the car. I also do not like all of the blind spots.

- Trevor G

I think the most important thing is that the car is kept clean because I try to keep it as clean as possible.

It is black and has a nice grey interior. I like how the navigation isn't small but not oversized and I also like the inside just in general. I really don't have anything bad to say about the car, I just like it.

- Kaiden P

The seat are comfortable for long drives!! It has a seat adjustable pump!

I love how smooth it runs and it is comfortable. Gas mileage is great! The trunk is a very decent size. I do not like how small cars are because I like to take my dog out of town a lot. He likes trucks and SUVs.

- Amber N

It's great for having if you only want to own it for a few years.

I like the gas mileage and the sleek look of the body, the car has a few issues with the transmission and the oil, and the dealership it was purchased from practically has no idea how to fix their own car.

- Devin D

It gets great mileage and the side view mirrors tell me when a car is beside me.

Love the look. Love the gps, the backup camera, the sunroof, the side sensors, the automatic high beams the automatic wipers.. I do not like that the clutch is already having issues and it is fairly new.

- Summer P

Dependable and durable modest priced vehicle very happy.

I was very lucky in getting my vehicle after I totaled my last one. Im very happy with it over all. Its a basic car but very dependable, never gave me any problems. Sporty looking and I would recommend.

- april g

terrible terrible purchase. This car was my biggest regret in vehicle history.

Car is very shaky. Once you go over speeds of 65 MPH the entire front of the vehicle shakes like the wheels are going to fall off. Took the car to Dodge, they said its a problem on every Dart.

- John L

The car is very dependable.

It is too small, and the front is too low get scratch up every time. The only complain is the brakes keep squeaking and got it checked multiple times and there is nothing wrong with it.

- Jackie B

It is a great deal for a decent price!

I like the handling, interior luxury/comfort, touchscreen interface and heated seats/steering wheel. I dislike the blind spots with the windshield design, fuel economy could be better.

- Ryan S

That it is the perfect car for my personality and more people should buy dodge.

It is black and very sporty. It has plenty of zip and can fly pretty fast. It is lovely inside and is computerized. I has satellite radio and a cool touch screen.

- Allan L

Comfortable and spacious Dodge Dart

I love my Dodge Dart. It's got comfortable adjustable seating. I've had it for 2 years and haven't had any problems with it. Spacious for kids and going on trips.

- Ashley F

It is a roomy car with great performance.

My vehicle performs very well. I currently have had no issues with the vehicle other than the radio wanting to go in and out, needing to be replaced a few times.

- Ashlyn D

Dodge dart Rallye daily driver.

Had some issues with the clutch since it is a six speed manual. Good outweighs the bad. Big touch screen nav, good gas mileage and premium alpine speakers.

- Adam L

My car is the perfect size for myself and my partner, but I think it would be a good family car for a family of two small children.

I like my vehicle. It is easy to drive and it fits my lifestyle. I usually only drive myself and the car is the perfect size for me. I have no complaints.

- Kelly W

The upkeep with the vehicle has been very easy, as this car is very dependable.

I love my car. It has a great navigation system, an awesome stereo system, great handling and is very easy with upkeep. It also gets great gas mileage.

- William S

It gets good gas mileage and has a lot of pep when you need to move into traffic quickly.

It is a small vehicle easy to park. It gets good gas mileage. Dislike that it does not have cupholders in the back seat. It is very low to the ground.

- Becky M

Dodge Dart has great mileage. It is our go to vehicle for long trips.

Dodge Dart is a great car with great performance. Gas mileage is as advertised. The only major issue I've had is the TMS but was easily corrected

- Barry L

The gas mileage makes up for its lack of curb appeal and speed.

I like how small it is and the way it handles. The look of it is sleek but lacking on a coolness scale. And the gas mileage is astoundingly good.

- Kyle T

The Dart is a very nice brand

My vehicle is very reliable have had for some time now it is a great commuter car and has some speed for those who enjoy the occasional lead foot

- Stephen G

Great car - bad blind spot

It's truly a great car. The only problem is that there's a really bad blind spot in the back, and so investing in blind spot mirrors is a must.

- Abby J

I feel it is o e of the safest cars we have ever owned.

I love the fact that it is a manual transmission. I like the way it handles. It is an all-around fun car to drive. It also does well on gas.

- Ali H

The gas mileage is great.

The Dodge dart is very comfortable. The car gets great gas mileage. Reliable vehicle I trust my daughter to drive when she becomes of age.

- Brenda R

Great vehicle for the price.

This has been a good car. I have over 120, 000 miles on it with only minor issues. This is my daily driver and has not let me down.

- Everett L

There's plenty of passenger space but the gas mileage is deceiving.

I have my car for four years now it still runs like band new. I haven't had any issues with it yet. I still have to pay it off.

- Tristan O

Dodge dart is a overall good car.

I love the smallness of the car. But it is not a gas saver for sure. I am currently having a problem with the abs system.

- Skye H

Very Good Quality! My car is very pretty, comfortable, and reliable.

I love my beautiful car. It's good on gas. The ride is very comfortable and smooth. It's never had any major problems.

- Sabrina W

It runs. It has a warranty on it.

Like most features. Oil changes very expensive. Takes 5.5 quarts and needs full synthetic. Would trade for a Toyota

- Chad p

Excellent mpg. Great torque.

No complaints. It is a little small for backseat passengers. The truck space is enormous. The moon roof gets stuck.

- Sarah M

It has great gas mileage and it's a smooth ride.

I like the size of the car. I like the gas mileage. I don't like that I'm not above the other vehicles like an suv

- Brenda A

Gets you from point A to point B, with a good dash feature set up.

Gets me from point A to point B, good dash feature set up. No real issues, except speakers are on their way out.

- Nick B

It is a great starter car to learn what you do and do not like in a car

I like the gas mileage on the Dodge Dart, and the features such as Bluetooth. I also like the way it handles.

- Courtnee R

It's very good on gas. Able to fill tank for 50 and drive for 6+ hours on half a tank.

Bad transmission computer, recall fixed it. Pretty reliable otherwise. Took on honeymoon cross country trip

- Caleb S

It is very reliable and very fuel efficient and I think a lot of people should own it.

So it hasn't had any problems runs very good. It's performance is fairly good and the car is very reliable.

- Dillon M

Do not buy this car you will always have issues to fix.

This Car has horrible rims that require tires that always get flats. It also has some electrical problems.

- Cynthia V

Dodge darts are cheap to buy but expensive to take care of

The air conditioning sucks, the oil is expensive, it drives fine, map updates are expensive, its reliable

- Katy B

The dart is part of the Mopar family, which I prefer. It is sleek and reliable.

Looks and drives like the more expensive cars, but costs a lot less. I love the way it handles the road.

- Christine P

It is great in the snow but does not have automatic windows or locks.

It is a 6 speed and fun to drive. It gets decent gas mileage. It is not a good car for winter weather.

- Julie J

Keep up the 3 month maintenance, the car needs oil often.

Nice size for a smaller family. Has good get up and go speed. However it goes through oil too quickly

- Jennifer Z

Buy it! It's fast and perfect

It's perfect for my family! It goes fast and the gas is so economical that it saves my family money!

- Amanda G

The Bluetooth on my car is pretty bad. If you were to change whos phone is connected it would speed up the sound and sound terrible.

Very fast silver car. Good speakers and great control center. However, the Bluetooth is terrible.

- Elijah R

It's small, doesn't take too much gas, and it's perfect for me.

I love the small design. The lights on the back look like a spaceship and I think that's cool.

- Sadee F

that I love to drive it.it gives me happiness and joy to get behind the wheel . it gives me freedom.

I like the styling , I like the fuel usage,, I don't like that they do not make them anymore.

- christina V

I would recommend It to my friends. Also I would invest in a newer one

It is very comfeterable and sleek. However I would appreiciate if it was a newer moedel

- Jimmy R

There's a navigation system in it.

I like the push to start I like the navigation system I like the gas mileage

- Brittney R

The GT is the model to buy. It is a fun car to drive.

I like driving it. I am happy with all the options. I wish they still made it.

- James M

My car is fun to drive and is reliable. It's good on gas mileage.

I like that it is small and good on gas mileage It's also cute and sporty.

- Cindy K

It's a fun almost family car.

It is small enough to be sporty, and big enough to bring groceries home.

- Daniel K

Good features for the cost. The ride and drive are good too.

Good car. Decent mileage. Reasonably priced. Wish it was a V8 Charger.

- Jason B

It gets me from point a to point b, and that's really all that matters

Good car, needs more features. Decent gas mileage, great audio system.

- Nunya B

It was been very reliable

the car rides well. It has been reliable, Has decent gas mileage.

- Mike C

The most important thing others should know about my car is that I got a dependable and a great car.

It's a dependable car and not a lot issues that I've experienced.

- Noami J

I like that it has a built-in navigation. What I don't like is that you have to pay for an upgrade the navigation.

It's fast. It has a built-in navigation. It's sporty looking.

- Rosette M