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My car is very gas efficient.

As a college student who commutes to school everyday, having a reliable car is necessary. The commute to school is about a total of 50 miles every day. My car is very gas efficient and filling up my gas tank is inexpensive. I only fill up about once a week so the costs on gas are not bad. I bought the car as a used car. It used to be a rental car before I bought. Even though it already had a considerable amount of miles for how old the car was when I bought it, I still experienced no problems with it at all. My car is very comfortable and spacy. I have taken several road trips with it and it made the trip feel more comfortable. I have only experienced one problem with my car, that being my car battery dying. I replaced the battery and the car worked like it was brand new. One of the more important features for me is the effectiveness of the ac unit in the car. Living in the south can get very hot in the summer. When I get in the car and turn the ac on, it cools down immediately considering how hot the car is when I get in it. In the future, I would consider buying a newer model if I am ever looking to buy a new car.

- Edwin G

Dodge dart 2015 limited features battery Bluetooth pairing problems.

Vehicle problems, I believe for the most part I do not have too many problems with this car when I keep up with it and care for it properly. However, in the past I have had problems with the Bluetooth in the car completely shutting down so I am unable to use it anymore. The batteries also tend to die out quickly. I live in phoenix, AZ so the weather can get a little intense for the car to be in heat all day. I usually have to purchase a new battery every 1-2 years or so. I do enjoy the performance of the vehicle. I think it's the perfect car to be in a city. I believe this vehicle is also beneficial because it does not burn gas too quickly so it lowers my gas expenses for the month. I also think this car is not very reliable it has a weak build. The car does not come with two many features it lacks air conditioning in the back seat of the vehicle only in the front. As well as limited padding of the seats. The features of my vehicle is the aux and stereo system.

- Kiara J

In my opinion, it is a great bang for your buck car. Good power, good fuel economy, a nice interior, and great tech for a relatively cheap price. Also, they don't make them anymore.

It is a 2015 Dodge Dart, finished in a dark gray metallic color. I really like the way the exterior and interior look, the car's handling is great, and it even sounds nice for a 4 cylinder off of a cold startup. The interior is reasonably roomy, and the seats are relatively comfortable. Fuel economy is good, but I wish it were better for a 4 cylinder. I love the tech features in it, but I wish the map updates were free and that it had Apple CarPlay. The thing I dislike most about my car is the transmission- first, I wish it were a manual (personal preference), but the transmission just seems to struggle all the time. It's tough to get up and go at passing speeds, and it stays in gears for too long sometimes, this robbing me of fuel economy. Overall, I like my car, but there are definitely areas for improvement.

- Austin D

The Dart name does not imply speed or agility if that's what you were hoping

The Dart is a decent car if you just need to get from place to place. The gas mileage is decent(can also use Ethanol fuel) and I like the styling of the exterior. Otherwise it is very lackluster. It looks like it should be a sporty version of an economy car but it's not quick at all and not a particularly smooth ride. There is a decent amount of room inside but the seats aren't very comfortable and everything is very basic. I do like the UConnect entertainment system but even that was a bit dated even in 2015 as there is no nav system or rear camera. No major mechanical issues and I have put tons of miles on it so that says something for sure. There just isn't anything to set it apart from the competitors and resell value is very low.

- Cameron W

Love the color and sporty look of the design

four doors, fold down back seats. has storage. spoiler on the back. silver. a nice ride. A/M-F/M stereo with single-disc CD/MP3 player with auxiliary and USB inputs, four-speaker audio system, heater (no air conditioning), power windows and door locks, cloth seating surfaces, dual manually-adjustable front bucket seats, split-folding rear bench seat, full instrumentation, fifteen-inch (15') black-painted steel wheels with plastic wheel covers, and black door handles and side mirrors. Came with added equipment such as air conditioning, U Connect Bluetooth with streaming audio, Satellite Radio audio system and exterior color-keyed side mirrors. Automatic transmission.


The Dodge Dart Limited is mechanically sound, it is well built and very affordable.

What I like about my car is that it has come fully loaded. It has leather seats, a sunroof, and sensors on just about everything. It has sensors for approaching vehicles on either side. It knows when your tires are underinflated. It also has a backup camera in a sensor that lets you know when you're too close to another car when backing. In addition to all of that it also looks good coming and going it has a sleek sporty look. It also sounds good when starting. I have had it for 3 years and have never had any mechanical issues. The only dislike I may have is that it is kind of a small car but for the price and all that I have in it it was a great deal.

- Robert W

Truly a good purchase, love it.

The only real problem that I have had has been the thermostat- I had to replace it with only 57k miles on the car. I have heard that dodge dart have thermostat issues and dodge is aware but will not put out a recall, which is disappointing. Other than that, I do love my car and plan to keep it for a while. It drives great, it gets great gas mileage, I love the way it looks inside and out, it does well in the snow and ice- I really do not have many negative things to say at all. When I went out looking for a new car, I knew I wanted a dart.

- Lauren Z

There are many available features you can choose to add.

I have two dodge darts, one from 2015 and the other from 2013. I got both of them used and have noticed that the 2013 one has more features and is a little better quality when it comes to smoothness when driving. The 2015 also rides well, but has a bit of shakiness when driving on the highway. The 2013 one has a backup camera and a touch screen as well as a bluetooth to pair your phone. So there are many features you can add if you so choose. the style and make is very pleasing to the eye and comfortable to be in on the road.

- Sonja L

Comfortable & reliable.. If you take care of it!

Our 2015 Dodge dart is the most comfortable and reliable vehicle I have ever driven. It does not have as many bells & whistles as some larger, more expensive vehicles, but for the price point, it is got enough. The back-up camera is invaluable, as is the built-in GPS navigation system. Truly, my only quibble is that you absolutely cannot fool around with the timing on the oil changes. If the car says it needs an oil change, do it asap, because if you put it off, that car will just stop dead in the middle of the street.

- Laura N

Great starter car, not good for a family.

Overall the car is a great commuter car or first car. I do have a child in a forward facing car seat which makes things a little tight. Without a car seat, the back is still very small. I've had my siblings, all under 200 lbs in the back very squished. The car has an awful feature where if oil changes aren't done on time, or the car is low on oil, it will shut off while driving. Usually after a sharp turn. However, if it's just for one or 2 people driving the car would be a good fit. Would not recommend for a family.

- Yams G

2015 Dodge Dart Sedan Sxt

Overall since I bought the car I have loved everything about it. The car drives smooth and I have not had any issues with mechanics or anything of that nature. The touch screen display was a big factor for me. I loved have access to everything right at my fingertips from navigation to even checking out local gas prices or the weather. This made traveling so much easier. The interior of the car can be a little tough to clean due to the grooves and way the interior was designed but overall isn't the worst to clean.

- Kelsey G

Great car for nice weather.

This car is not the most powerful but it is a good daily driver. I would recommend it more for warmer climates since it sits low to the ground and has a harder time getting over snow. It also doesn't heat up that fast so in the winter it can be a struggle. There is also no spare tire because it comes with a patch kit instead. I prefer a regular spare tire, so I had to buy one to fit the car. The seats are also comfortable for long rides and the built in touch screen is fantastic.

- Bailey N

2015 Dodge Dart - too low profile?

I love the heated seats and steering wheel. The touch screen had some glitch for a short time after I purchased, but fixed itself. I'm not a fan of the large rims, it may have nothing to do with the performance or durability of the tires, but it makes me wonder. Not a fan of how low the car sits, it makes it difficult when leaving/entering lots especially multi-level parking garages. There is also a recall that currently has no fix for, but other than that it's a great car.

- Nicole T

Great car for young adults

Overall my experience with dodge has been great. My dart is my favorite vehicle that I have ever owned. It is reliable and has great fuel economy. The front seats are very comfortable and the back had good leg room. I love the dodge Uconnect system. The Bluetooth works great and the hands free calling is great for safe driving. The only problem that I've had is that the gear shift is recalled but there is no current fix for the problem. Overall, I love my dodge dart!

- billy G

It does not come with a spare tire.

I love the comfort of the car, enough room for the size, in over 3 years I have not had any issues. It is good on gas, I like the way the car looks, cup holders are in the right spot, holders in the doors, although there are not any regular cup holders for the back seat, only in the door. I does not come with a spare tire which I don't like a all. Instead it comes with an air compressor and not a regular one. The trunk is a good size. I really love driving this car.

- Carrie B

The greatest Dodge in history.

Well first off when I got the car I was not sure about it then when I got behind the wheel my whole perception changed about the car it drives real smooth and has nice acceleration and cruse, does very good with sharp turns and runs perfectly when driving at high speeds, it also is very good on gas and I know this well cause I drive this car everyday and barley burn gas, overall I would highly recommend a Dodge dart to anyone who wants to join the Dodge family.

- Robert N

Some flaws but otherwise solid car.

My model doesn't have a lot of power. It doesn't have heated mirrors or auto dim rear view mirror. The car is sporty and looks real good. The exhaust sound growls and sounds tough which is awesome. I love the touch screen and the neon lights that run through the dashboard. The interior is nice. We did have a hard time getting the alignment done and some places did not put the right oil filter on which caused problems but otherwise satisfied with the car.

- Amber B

2015 Dodge dart get review.

The car is a great value for the money. It is very comfortable to sit in and has great handling. Performance is always solid all around and it also has five stars safety grading for that extra peace of mind. Small sedan with just enough space in the back seats for car seats. Back row also folded down for more trunk space which is nice for the occasional moving. The only issues I have ever had is with the radio, which was a recall issue that was fixed.

- Chris L

Minor issues with dodge dart.

The car has always drove pretty good from the start except for a few minor things. 1st gear doesn't like to shift properly sometimes, but I use the manual shift when it seems to be acting up. I am only 5'3, and my 1st time in the car I sat in back and hit my head getting in. Sometimes my cruise control has a mind of its own and my window locks don't work and never have. Watch for raccoons, they'll tear right through a bumper of a dodge dart.

- Nicole H

Why You should not be fooled by the low sticker price of Dodge Darts

Too small, not enough trunk space, sits way too low to the ground, skid plate is easily damaged. The tire life is very short (new tires bought at least twice a year) Has one of the worst depreciation I've ever seen on a vehicle. Avoid Darts at all cost unless getting a great deal on used one. They are not worth the hassle and don't let the low sticker price fool you, within four years it'll be worth $5,000 less than what you owe

- Tim D

For your money you get more than you think.

The performance for my vehicle is great. I have never had any issues with it being reliable, I have driven it from Kansas to California with no problems. Gets good gas mileage. The stock sound system that comes in it is better than most cars that I have listened too. And for being a smaller car it has a good amount of space, more than enough for 5 adults to fit. The trunk is deeper than I thought it could be as well.

- Gilbert M

The dart does it all. Of course if it's really snowing it only does a little.

I really love my Dodge dart. It is great on gas mileage, and honestly performs on rough roads much better then I would expect a small vehicle to do. I take it to Colorado and it does a pretty decent job on hills too. It's comfortable for 4 people, but definitely not five if the trip is very long. The trunk is also good size, I have hauled a lot of stuff in my little vehicle. I will drive it tell it tuckers out.

- Hali S

Great car and fun to drive

the car is very comfortable to drive. I enjoy the interior and trim package is very seek and appealing. The car itself was made for highway driving, its handles so well, like its has glue on its tires. The only downsides are that it's really only gets 30 mpg on the highway when other reviews said it's would get closer to 37 mpg. Also the design of the car's cabin means I have to duck down and crunch to get it.

- John T

great car with up to date technology. Has satellite radio must be purchased.

Only problem is the tires flat easily, got to look out for put holes and nails.. But drives smooth, could barely feel the speed bumps. Nice inside display, rear camera view. Maps GPS screen. If you get a flat. It shows you immediately on the dashboard blinking, notifying you exactly which tires are flat. Decent speakers to listen to radio and also has Bluetooth capabilities. I highly recommend this vehicle.

- Raymond A

Performance and handling to the max and gas mileage

I have a Dodge Dart 2015 sxt 2.4. Very fast and great on gas. Very smooth and handles great. I have not had any issues with this car whatsoever. I love the grey metallic color with matching alloy rims. I just had to replace my battery after 3 years of driving in the heat and in the cold. I would recommend this car to anyone that is looking for an inexpensive vehicle that's great on gas and very fun to drive

- Joe C

Dodge Dart: a beauty-it you travel a lot for work this vehicle is ideal.

The Dodge Dart is an amazing vehicle. It's gets very good mileage and does not take a lot to fill up. It's not very spacious but is a very comfortable vehicle. It picks up speed very quickly and has a smooth ride. The trunk space is very nice. I love the touch screen radio and the navigation system. The radio has a 8.7 inch screen and the interior has a red illuminating light that shows beautiful and night.

- Thaddeus F

The vehicle is a sports SXT, slate gray, black rims, with all the hookups.

The SXT sport model tires and rims are not durable. Any pot hole or bump in the road will break or pop them. First year of having the car had to replace each tire and rim twice. When driving the car feels everything on the road so the driver feels every motion, bump, crack, and so on. The gas mileage is not very good either. I do enjoy the comfort of the vehicle, the radio, sunroof, and the get up and go.

- McKinsey J

Pros and cons of the 2015 dodge dart sxt.

I like the car because it gets me from point a to point b but this car is cheaply made, it runs like a sports car without the power. It has a lot of Cabin Run for a compact sedan. Problems: when your oil level is low, the indicator will not alert you; the car cut off while driving and after the 2nd to me of that happening, I figured out it was the oil level. I would not recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Stacey C

The Bluetooth connection to your phone is very helpful.

I bought this vehicle used but it was in pristine condition. The interior is very comfortable while keeping a sleep look, the front window is very large and since it is a smaller car the roof seems to rest quite low. If you like smaller cars, this is perfect for you. Gas mileage is great, ranging up to the 40 zone. The ride is very smooth, though it seems that the tire pressure sensors tend to die out.

- Alexa C

Dodge Dart, Rally edition, the race car without the track!

I continue to enjoy the Rally edition, of the Dodge Dart. It sounds like a race car when started and drives smooth. I've enjoyed the Bluetooth feature that syncs my music and the Bose system sounds amazing! The only problem is that the car did not come with a spare, only a fix a flat air pump. I didn't appreciate that lack of feature. Not sure why dealerships are doing away with that added amenity.

- Bridget V

Decent for what I paid. Not very reliable in my opinion. Would not buy again.

I've had issues with the alternator, which left me stranded about an hour from home. If also had to put 2 new batteries in the car in a two year period' not ok. The road noise is pretty bad. There is an issue with the throttle body or sensor' they can't tell me which. It is slow to speed up and shift' supposedly due to the throttle issue. If I had the option, I would not have bought this car.

- Kate J

Nice daily use vehicle, good gas mileage.

The car is fun to drive, fairly smooth ride, slight adjustment getting used to the suspension. You tend to feel a lot of bumps, but after about a month I didn't notice much. The seats are pretty comfortable for daily use but not for traveling long time frames. One thing I would complain about is the radio system. The Bluetooth connectivity always gives issues even after having it repaired.

- Theresa T

Dart love: history reinvented.

My dodge dart is amazing! The car has an amazing fuel efficiency, and I average about 40 mpg. I travel a lot and have about 150k miles on my car and with basic maintenance have never had a problem. The seat are very comfy, the control system is very user friendly, and there is a lot of space. An adult will fit comfortably in the back seat. And the trunk is quite large. I love my dart.

- Kelsey H

2015 dodge dart compact sedan.

It is very reliable and drives well. It has bluetooth and satellite radio and several usb ports to charge devices on the go. Compact sedan with 5 passenger seating. Has automatic drive with easy viewing backup camera. Good fuel economy and has multiple airbag protection. Air conditioning, power windows, locks and outside mirrors for easy adjustment. Tilt telescoping steering column.

- Christine H

Constant Maintenance, faulty electronics

This vehicle has a lot of maintenance problems. In the year that I've owned it, I've taken it to a mechanic three times. In addition, the Bluetooth randomly shorts out. I'm to the point that it's no longer worth my time to try and connect it. I have to turn off my phone's Bluetooth before I get in the car or it will jump back and forth between the car and my phone when someone calls.

- Madison J

2015 Dodge Dart brief review.

My Dodge dart has not had any serious problems. It has about 50, 000 miles on it now and I have replaced the tires, and it needs new brakes and wheel bearings. The drive is smooth and gets good gas mileage. ( about 35-40 mpg) the material used on the seats make them easy to clean. The Bluetooth setting within the car is easy to use and connects to phone immediately after starting.

- Natasha S

It�s a start remote which is awesome for winter.

It's a really nice car if you don't have toddlers or infants. The things I don't like about the car is that it's to small on the inside especially when you have 2 car seats in the back. I don't like the pedals because they're too pushy for me. Some things I do like is that it can help if you don't know where you are at with the GPS. It has Bluetooth to hook up your phone or iPod.

- Casey S

Dodge dart 2015-up to date systems!

My Dodge dart has great gas mileage, in town and out of town driving. I have had it for almost 3 years and have had no problems with it! I love how it has Bluetooth and an AUX plug. It also has voice control for hands free driving. When something goes out, like a lightbulb, my car notifies me and I love that! Also shows me my tire pressure and a light comes on when they are low.

- Blake M

A great car for a first time buyer.

Great starter car for anyone looking for a compact car. Great gas mileage for long trips. The car I have has no backup camera, so backing up can be a little difficult. So, if able I would definitely invest in one with a camera if able to afford it. Car is perfect for 2 adults and smallest kids, does get a little cramped up if you add an extra adult to the back with the kids.

- Norma H

The neon lighting on the dashboard puts a nice touch of luxury to the car.

It is a smooth ride. Very comfortable interior and easy access to each side respectively. The performance is perfect for all types of car drivers. The best feature I like about the dart is the dashboard and how it lights up. There was a problem I had with the dart is that with the sat/really the stock parts from Mopar are expensive when you want to buy parts yourself.

- Nick L

The Dodge dart is everything you could want in a vehicle and more.

My vehicle fits all my needs. It is comfortable to drive and is very dependable. I drive 50 miles to and from work and the gas mileage is good. It is spacious and has a big trunk. It is perfect for a single person and someone that has a family or wants to start one. I haven't had any issues with it so far and I have had it since I purchased it brand new off the lot.

- Sarah S

Love the automatic wipers and auto temperature setting.

I love the stylish way that the car looks, the sleek design is amazing. The car runs great however the low profile tires do make for a bumpy ride around the neighborhood. Gas mileage is good on the highway but drops to a mere 18 mpg in the city. Not a quick pull away from a stop, but once the vehicle gets going, you do not feel you are travelling as fast as you are.

- Lisa W

The many reasons why I love my car.

My car has a lot of nice features. The doors open extra wide. You can change the radio station and turn it up or down from the steering wheel. You can make and receive calls from buttons on the steering wheel after pairing your phone to the car via bluetooth. It has plenty of cup holders and 12v charging ports. It looks sleek and sporty. It wasn't too expensive.

- George T

Ventilation systems: Over all my family and I adore our new family car.

I love my family car it's the perfect amount of space for us, I just wish there was an ventilation system for the back seat. We have had our car for about 7 months now and we love how well it is on gas, and because we have two car seats the spacing in the car is perfect enough for Dad to be comfortable while driving and for the little ones in the back as well.

- Kim H

Great vehicle!! Want to purchase a second one.

It is a very reliable vehicle. We have had no issues with it. We have had it since 2016 and have not needed anything done to it. Maintenance is easy to keep up. The touch screen is easy to navigate and the speakers are really nice. It is easy to connect new phones to this car. I would like to be able to see what song is playing while using an app on my phone.

- Vicky S

It sounds like a sports car which is really cool.

One complaint I do have is that I'm having to change my oil every 2,000 miles... there's no leaks, no damage or any explanation as to why my car does that. They said I can put it in the shop for them to look it completely over if I get tired of changing the oil so much. Otherwise, I LOVE this car. It is so reliable and just the best car I have ever had.

- Madison S

has black leather interior with a glowing red light that goes around the dash.

My car is nice it has all the extra features but it is too small. It also has massive blonde spots caused by the big Pillars. It also has a lot of issues connecting Bluetooth with my phone sometimes. It has the seat warmers and the touch screen which is nice. The maps don't work anymore though which is annoying so I use my phone now for navigation.

- Cassidy A

The sunroof and heated seats are the best.

I wish it got better gas mileage, but overall I love my Dart. It is fast and reliable. I love all the features that it has; sunroof, electronic board for radio and A/C system, and for the speedometer. It also has heated seats, which is a game-changer in the winter with leather seats. Love this car, and not planning on switching for awhile.

- Haley H

Touch my dart and you get what you get.

Dodge dart is a very reliable vehicle you can depends on. However it have some pros and cons. The pros are reliable, fuel effective, performance greatly. And the cons are, its space are small and the height are very low. Electric often throwing an error. Other than that, for the economy's price it is currently selling, I can't complain.

- Dustin M

All around a great vehicle despite little things

My 2015 dodge dart has only given me a few issues. One was the battery but that was due to a recall, the other was my seatbelt indicator wouldn't stop going on even though there wasn't anyone that didn't have seatbelts. The other was it wouldn't start, also I was having problems with the Bluetooth and all that syncing up to my phone

- Milton R

2015 dodge dart review from me

I do not like my vehicle because the RPMs stick there is a constant problem the check engine light is always going on the oil has gotten Sledge. Up just a lot of different issues and it really is not worth the headache. The comfort of the vehicle is ok and the technology in it is great. But the vehicle and under the hood is junk

- Chandra S

Touch screen radio and heated seats and steering wheel.

I really love the Dodge dart has all touch screen, heated seats, and steering wheel and also remote start which is a plus in the winter. The only thing have found with this car is that you have to check the oil every 2000 miles because for some reason they burn oil and no one has figured out why. Still it is a really great car.

- Lee Ann Y

Nice car for daily drive but not good family car.

Car rides and handles nice. Does seem to burn a little oil so have to put between 1/2 to 1 quart of oil in it every week. Not a very good family car either have 2 kids in car seats so both front seats cannot really be adjusted as isnt room. Works good as a nice decent mileage car for driving to work everyday get ween 30-40 mpg.

- David T

It�s very sporty. Runs really well.

It runs really well. Barely have any problems with it. I love sound the engine makes because it makes me feel confident about driving this type of vehicle. The interior design is fantastic as well as the exterior. I went with white because it looks really good. It's got a sporty kind of feeling to eat which I like very much.

- Diego V

2015 smooth riding Dodge dart.

There are no problems with my vehicle. It runs very well just have to make sure the maintenance is up to date. Does take a lot of gas considering that I do drive an hour to work each way. My car rides very smooth. I currently drive a 2015 Dodge dart. Most Dodges drive pretty smooth just in my opinion do take a lot of gas.

- Jai-da M

Good for couples - reconsider for a family car.

Seats are hard to clean due to the mesh used on the seats. This year has some electrical problems - park light out issue is common for most darts of this year. The cab is small and ideal for a couple without dogs or children as it can be cozy. This car is good in snow and does perform well if put in stressful situations.

- Candace E

The dodge dart sxt is hands down the best car I've ever owned

I love the way it drives, doesn't hesitate on take off, although sometimes slowing down the vehicle after driving high speeds causes the car to hesitate a little. It's comfortable and gets into tiny spaces with ease. One of my favorite features is the manual. You can feel the car and it's almost like it drives faster

- Kristin S

Phone connection and backup camera.

My car is very easy access. If I need to call someone I can just speak in the voice command and it will call who I need to call. Also I love that my phone automatically connects so I don't have to keep connecting it to the cars Wi-Fi. Also the back up camera helped me so much with backing up without hitting anything.

- Danielle L

My dodge dart is a cute little sedan.

The vehicle does not feel safe. Such as the material used feels that the vehicle would be destroyed easily if in an accident. The handle of the vehicle with increased speeds and any kind of weather element causes the vehicle to not ride steadily. Furthermore, the inside materials and look of the vehicle appear cheap.

- A B

If you are considering this vehicle

With the Dart it's one thing after another repair wise. Have had to get brake pads and oil changes well before it's due for the next. If you cannot drive a stick shift to switch gears do not get this vehicle or you will end up messing up the vehicle. She is a speedy little thing other than that it's a decent vehicle

- Mercedes S

Nothing about my vehicle is really all the interesting.

I am not sure exactly what I am expected to say in terms of my vehicles problems, performance, reliability, comfort, or its features. My vehicle honestly runs pretty smoothly and great and has never given me problems that I was not able to get out of on my own. I love my vehicle. It is very reliable and dependable.

- Heather B

Dodge dart -- small but mighty.

I like compacts and this car is a compact but still full of bells and whistles. Great gas mileage and reliability. I have owned it for two years and never had any major issues others than tires which I just recently changed. I discovered that dealers put bad tires on new cars. Something I hadn't noticed before.

- Jim D

Great Small reliable vehicle.

The Dodge Dart is a small and reliable 4 door vehicle that will sure get you where you need to go. I've had mine for over 2 years and have not experienced any major problems or performance issues. The backseat is small but that is rarely ever an issue for me. Gas mileage is decent. All around great vehicle.

- Rebecca F

Decent car but high priced maintenance for this vehicle.

I purchased vehicle used, and it is attractive, gets good gas mileage, and has had limited issues since purchase. The cons found after purchase are that the parts even for basic items like the battery used etc. are more expensive than expected for a sedan of this type. Full synthetic oil changes required.

- Crystal F

Looks and feels like top of the line but on a budget.

So far I don't have problems with my Dodge dart. I love how sleek and detailed the interior is. The control button are user friendly, sunroof is nice. The headlight also is up to date. I love all the features my car has. It's a compact car good for a couple or starting a family but the leg is so spacious.

- Anna T

Getting the inside look and information on the Dodge dart.

Comfortable, reliable, runs great also overall nice in looks would highly recommend. Drive well in all weather with the traction control feature, all convenient extras like gas mileage viewable on dashboard also with exact tire pressures and oil life percentage makes vehicle upkeep very simple and easy.

- Jessica R

Dodge Dart Aero may not be worth the money

The GPS update is very expensive, I had a tire pressure sensor go out in the first month and the gas tank sensor go out. Great gas mileage. So software problems with the touch screen radio. Overall this is a decent car but does have some reliability issues with different sensors and aspects of the car.

- Andrew P

Great gas mileage and reliability

It has great gas mileage and minimal technical problems. It also runs great and is very smooth. Although it is not the fastest car, it runs smoothly and has great brakes and acceleration. The interior is comfortable but not very advanced. I would recommend getting upgrades on top of the basic features.

- John Z

Great car, great reliability but there's a reason they stopped making them.

The vehicle itself is great and I love it so much, the only issues I would say that the comfort in the back is minimal and that the drives with it are not as smooth as other vehicles. Another issue I have had was the fact that the control panel in the vehicle has broken down on me multiple times.

- Kelsey T

Comfortable drive with one issue.

The dart handles really well and turns very nicely. The seats are comfortable and the upgrade with the sunroof makes driving fun. The only issue that I have experienced is that it uses very low profile tires. This can cause an issue with potholes as I have had to replace wheels due to this issue.

- Stacey B

The Dodge dart is affordable and stylish.

I got my car because it gets really great gas mileage and is very sporty. Driving it is really fun and smooth. Once it gets up to about 80 mph it starts shaking pretty noticeably and that can get irritating. Overall it is a very reliable and fun car the interior is attractive and it drives well.

- Faith J

Oil changes are pricey. It take 0w20 full synthetic oil.

I absolutely love the Dodge Dart, I have not had many problems with the vehicle. The only issue is that the display and internal lighting likes to dim out randomly. Other than that, the vehicle has been extremely reliable, has not broken down, does very well with gas mileage and is comfortable!

- Jordan K

Very comfortable and spacious sedan!

Very comfortable, it is very reliable. I chose my car that had a sunroof and a back up camera and I love them both. The backup camera comes up on a screen that is touch censored and I love it. Drove it from south Carolina to Florida and it drove great! I would so recommend this car to any one.

- Lori F

Cheap, sporty sedan. With good mpg.

No problems whatsoever, just normal maintenance to perform. It is however one of the best vehicles I have owned. It is an inexpensive, sporty sedan, very reliable & can still haul quite a bit with the fold down seats in the back. Plus super great on gas mileage. Would definitely recommend.

- Hilary W

Great vehicle and very reliable.

No problems. Just routine maintenance needed. It is very reliable. Has great room and a huge trunk. The tires are the most expensive item I have had to purchase. I have over 100,000 miles and it is still running great. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone. Especially a younger individual.

- Tammy A

2015 black beauty Dodge dart.

It is a great reliable car. Low maintenance, good performance, looks sharp. Mopar supplies the parts, and are of good quality. Beautiful interior, great sound system. I hope to keep it as long as I can. The key to auto longevity is taking care of your vehicle! I really like the Dodge company.

- Samantha G

Quick little car with a sporty look.

I think the dodge dart is a simple quality care. It is what it is for the price. I get regular maintenance and have not had any problems with the car. Something I would like to add. A sunroof and heated seats. Maybe offer an upgrade package? Overall good gas mileage and all around good car.

- Megan P

Speakers, tires, commuter car, city car

The speaker system is amazing. It's Alpine brand. Car drives really smooth, doesn't quite have the kick you'd like from a dodge, but it's a great commuter car if you like rocking out on the way to work with a smooth drive. Haven't had many issues besides the tires wearing down pretty quick.

- Jacob S

Dodge Dart has comfortable heated seats

My vehicle is very reliable. It is quiet and the seats are comfortable. There are not any vents in the back of the car so the air circulation is not very good. The car is also very low to the ground so it is not good in snow. The seats are heated and the Bluetooth capability is delightful.

- Elizabeth S

The dart has excellent features.

Nice ride. Comfortable seating. Doors open extra wide. Can pair up phone via Bluetooth and make and receive calls using a button on the steering wheel. Can control the radio through buttons on the steering wheel. Can see a lot of information on the digital screen, including tire pressure.

- Carry T

The u-connect option is the best. It's a medium car and is very spacious.

I love that it has the uconnect option and its hands free. It is great on gas, performs like a real winner is reliable and comfortable. It is a medium size car and fits 4 people comfortably. The back seats go down giving you access to the trunk. The trunk is quite spacey for a medium car.

- Betty A

Lots of extras but oil type and air conditioning leave something to be desired.

My Dodge Dart GT has all the features I was looking for. It has heated leather seats steering wheel, power locks and windows, rear backup camera. I love my car for features but two things I hate are the air conditioner does not cool the car down ever, and the 0w-30 oil for car is costly.

- Robin L

Review Dodge Dart se 2015

Performance is great keep up with the oil changes and tune ups, have had my car for 5 years and it still runs good, I've had to change my battery every 2 years though I don't know why or what is killing it, speakers in car are amazing, problems just a small car but it's great for travel.

- Felicia C

Great family car for good price

Great car! Very good on mileage, comfortable on long drives and easy to keep up with. Plus it's a very pretty car. I've had zero problems with it. Three kids, two car seats fit comfortably in the back with leg room for the front. I would definitely buy the same car, newer model again.

- Kayla S

Dodge Dart reinvented: It's not your dad's 8 cylinder

Lots of legroom in back seat. Quite a few problems fixed under warranty. A recall out now with no fix yet. Sporty and fun to drive. Front wheel drive does super in the snow. Really fast for the 2.4 engine. Lights inside dim and show the red logo, it's pretty cool. All around fun car.

- Tracey D

Compact, fast and comfortable vehicle.

My dodge dart runs very smoothly. It has great speed for such a small vehicle. Yet, because the vehicle is so small and compact, you can feel every small impact or bump in the road. It makes driving seem very fragile. Other than that worry, the dodge dart makes me a very happy driver.

- Ariana T

Best car for me at this point in life.

Very affordable, gas mileage is great, and have had it for three years and so far no issues besides your typical repairs like tires, oil. Love this car a lot. Great car. Sound system is great as well. I love my music and having a car that can push out the music is always a huge plus.

- Jordan W

dodge dart 2015 great sedan for small family

car has run good since I bought it almost 4 years ago now. It is reliable for me and my children to get where we need without worrying about breaking down. Gas is also great it conserves and saves money and time. I did not expect it to run this good this long to be honest but it has

- erica H

My vehicle is easy to drive. The back camera is very helpful when backing out

I love the car, it's easy to drive and safe. However it may be my driving distance but it seems like I'm going through a lot of gas and my recently I had to fix a lot of thing on it such as the tires, brakes, oil change, spark plugs and brake fluid but besides that it's a good car.

- Mary S

2015 dodge dart small back seat.

Wheel bearings in back went pretty fast. The backseat is pretty small. If there's no car seats it is not bad, but with two, there's basically no room for the other seat to be used. Seats also are not comfortable for a long drive in the front. Love the auto start and heated mirrors.

- Meghan H

Good overall vehicle, decent gas mileage.

Didn't experience any driving issues. The cars performance is very good as well. The car just requires upkeep such as regular oil changes, tire rotations. It is a very comfortable to drive in and has decent gas mileage. Features include that I knew about was bluetooth enabled.

- Lacey J

The brake lights on the back of the car and how they were made.

Always have to check the oil even if it does not need an oil change yet. Runs really well, I like this car except for having to keep checking the oil. If it gets too low the car shuts off, we were told it is to protect the engine. Overall it is a really great car, good on gas too.

- Melissa T

My car is comfortable, dependable, looks good and performs well.

My car has never given me any problems. It is the perfect size for my needs. It looks great and drives very well. It is very comfortable. I like the body style because it looks like a mini dodge charger. Also, it was reasonably priced. I plan on keeping this car for years to come.

- Donna B

Color silver cannot see dirt as much as you can on black.

E85 great on gas smooth riding roomy color silver looks clean lots of luggage room and legroom stereo is great sounding has great features seems to be sound against drafts cost I felt was a little pricey but I guess you get what you pay for buy a Dodge stand behind their product.

- Sally A

2015 dodge dart great car for your daily commute.

Not comfortable for rear passengers with long legs/families but great work car good gas mileage sporty easy to drive comfortable interior. I would not recommend for parents with teenagers but overall a great car easy navigation system Bluetooth easy to use this car uses uconnect.

- Walker K

I love the touch screen radio system and the red trim inside

I really love this vehicle. I love the smooth drive, and soft sound of the engine. I love how far you can go on gas with it. I dislike that it does not have air vent in the backseat area of the car and headlights when you turn the brights on it cuts off you side view of the road.

- Brandon M

Dart is where it's at! 2015 edition

my dart is really good on gas, it's so small that it darts in and out of traffic, All the windows go down, the gas pallet is quick and fast! I love my car the a/c unit blows out cold air. Some of the issues that I have is that when I'm changing gears the car jumps a little hard.

- Glynn G

Great gas mileage and a comfortable ride!

Great gas mileage and a reliable little car. Definitely on the small side. But it works well and is my daily driver. Because it has a turbo, the gas mileage is better than other models. Usually over 30 mpg city! But it is still a small engine so it lacks a bit of get up and go.

- Sarah R

Great and smooth ride, love the surround sound radio.

The performance is amazing. I love it. It's a nice car that I can zip around on. The only downside is it seems like sometimes it feels like a gas guzzler. But overall it does have great gas mileage. I enjoy driving it to school because it is a great ride and not uncomfortable.

- Jen M

It is granite/gray colored.

This car drives great, I like the features like the tire pressure level indicator and oil life percentage. The speakers could be a little better though and I do not like how low the front end is because it scrapes the ground on steep inclines. I also wish it had a spare tire.

- Candice F

Back up camera is amazing.

Couldn't be happier with my car. It has all the latest features: auto start, back up camera, heated seats, large display screen and super comfy. This is the perfect car for anyone who doesn't want to worry about anything. It is super easy to drive and hardly and blind spots.

- Val E

The highlight of my vehicle is the screen.

My 2015 Dart SXT has been great so far. The only issues I encountered at the beginning was it would intake a lot of oil causing me to go back and forth to the dealer. Also it was some time to rev up and speed up. Besides that it's been a great car although I wish it had AWD.

- Rut S

Built in subwoofer in the vehicle.

Only problem I have had is sometimes the gears go crazy when you start the car but then they go back to normal. One time the touch screen didn't turn on but all I had to do was turn the car off and back on again. Car has great gas mileage and came with a built in subwoofer.

- Amanda H

I can look up my mileage, how many miles I have left, and other things!

We haven't had any problems with this vehicle yet! We love that it is a 4 door sedan (kid friendly) and how comfortable it is to ride in. Gas mileage is awesome! We drive back and forth a lot for family reasons and it always gets us home with at least half a tank to spare!

- Taylor W

Overall Amazing build by Dodge

Overall amazing build by Dodge. Easy steering and balance of weight. A smooth ride while still looking good. Always turned over away. A/C still running amazingly. Gas mileage not too bad. Repairs can be costly but so are most cars. Amazing value for what you are getting.

- Skyler H

Roomy and incredibly efficient on gas.

The gas mileage on the car is phenomenal, I have easily gotten up to an average of around 30 mpg. It feels a lot more roomy and comfortable than it appears. The only complaint I have is that one of my door handles occasionally pops off but it is easy enough to reattach.

- Harper L

Very good commute car, save money, ride smooth .

Good ride. Travels well on highway. Good gas per mileage. Space on the inside . Comfortable . Affordable. Not real issues. Has a recall on it recently. Lights all good. Mirror with car cracked. Car didn't come with spare tire. Radio went out. Air conditioning works good

- Samantha V

Great first car or daily commuter

Ac problems. Plenty of power. Good little car. Good on gas. Easy to drive. Great first car for college person. Car has been reliable as I drive a long distance to work daily. I would recommend this car to a new driver. Interior could use upgrading as it does feel cheap

- Corey F

Dodge Dart, ok car, sports car by no means luxury.

Ok car, not great, not a smooth ride by any means. Windows are up but still very loud in car, when air is on car shakes, Dodge dealer said it was normal because it's a sports car. Haven't had any issues with it, overall a nice car but I wouldn't want another one.

- Donna P

Reliable, great looking, great for every day.

I love my car, the only thing is the gear shift continuously gets stuck in one gear. It is one of the many cars that decreases dramatically in value as soon as driven off lot. Besides that, if you are a female looking for a sporty car but with purpose this is the one.

- Kaitlyn C

The issue I have with my dodge dart.

The engine has a slow drip as well as the car overheats a lot. Also the back window is very small so it is hard to look behind when backing up. I do like the comfort of my seats as well as the radio and speakers are great in the car the trunk space is a little small.

- Marie R

Reliable, safe, affordable!

My Dodge dart is reliable, great on gas, and is safe for me and my family. Its spacious for a sedan type car and I love the look of it. Great sound system and awesome Bluetooth features are a huge plus for me and my family. I am proud to be apart of the Dodge family!

- Julianna K

It's a classy lady's kind of car

18 inch tires to close to the ground. I can hear everything!! plus my tires go bad quickly. I've had to replace them 3 times already. Everything else is great! I love how it zips in and out of traffic compared to my big bulky truck. Id recommend this car to any lady.

- Patricia W

Dodge dart, goes fast, but is family car.

I have had major issues with tires on my car. Other than that it has gotten me back and forth and it's easy on gas. I love the speed and durability of my car. The Bluetooth is amazing and the radio sound is crisp and loud. The seats are comfy and it's easy to drive.

- Rhiannon T

My car is reliable and the gas mileage is great. Comfort and style all in one.

My car is great! It has all of the basic features any new car should have. It is reliable in the snow and rain. 2 cigarette plugs is great. The trunks space is nice too. My seats are extremely comfortable and my passengers never complain about the comfort of my car.

- Emily E

The fantastic Dodge dart.

The Dodge dart is a great car. In between luxury and sport. It looks great. It has a large trunk. Great features. The backseat could be a little bit bigger. Never mattered before but I have an infant now so I definitely notice how little space there is back there.

- Brittany R

Battery life sucks but I love the car.

The worst problem is battery life. I have had to replace the battery 2 times in 3 years because they die. Other than that I love the car. It does shift gears hard but it drives just fine. Good comfortable seats but the bottom pattern hurts bare skin for too long.

- Emily D

Car Design of a Dodge Dart

I really love the way it drives. It smooth and you don't feel every bump from the road. It won't go over rocky areas as well and the normal road. It is not good for off roads. I love the smooth design and flow of everything inside the car and outside of the car.

- Allison S


Do not purchase the 2.4l. From factory they are known to consume oil. Some may not do it from the start, but eventually they will consume oil and shut off on you, even while driving. Also, the clutch master cylinder in the 6-speed manual tends to go out as well.

- Seth F

Dodge Dart- Great first car

The car is great for a first car, or basic to and from vehicle. The transmission lags sometimes and I've had to get a part replaced already. If I could choose another car I would choose a cheaper one. But overall, it's a decent simple car with good gas mileage.

- Courtney B

Substance and speed. Amazing.

It got super cold once and my ac/heater stopped working:/ at first it wouldn't start but then we got that to fix and then the ac messed up. The tires always need air. It is kind of annoying. But it runs well it has little maintenance. It also drives really fast.

- Ricky A

overall a great vehicle. Roomy and comfy for everyday needs

Bluetooth sometimes does not correct properly, engine revs pretty loud sometimes. Very good on gas mileage. Model has a sunroof which is nice. Also heat in the car works really well as well as air conditioning. Very roomy in the back and has lots of trunk space

- emily S

Perfect little sports car for a young man/women. No real issues with it.

I have not had any real problems with the car in the 4 years I have had it. I bought the car used at 15k miles, and now have 38k. Recently the back right side tire pressure went out. It shows no tire is on. That is the only thing I have had go bad on the car.

- Shane K

The dart is sleek and comfortable.

My dart is super reliable. Fully updated, comfortable to drive in all seasons. Easily fits two car seats in the back and everyone is still comfortable! We picked the dart because it is sleek, without looking like a family car. So it is the best of all worlds.

- Kristin L

Great vehicle! Perfect for me and my family!

The only issue I have had with this car is the tire sensor is having to constantly be replaced. It is a wonderful car and wonderful company! It is very comfortable and stylish. Great on gas and very minimal maintenance. I love seats and touch screen features.

- Brittany B

Very nice car, runs great, never have issues.

My car runs great, haven't had any major problems with it. As long as the oil is changed on time then there are not any issues. Oil changes cost more than normal for this car but seems to be worth it. I love my car. I would have my car for more time to come.

- Chelsea J

Dodge Dart owner and driver

Love it, only problem is need to replace evap solenoid and only have 88k miles on it. It's giving a false check engine light for the gas cap. Other than that. I have no complaints about the car. Good on gas and fairly snappy. Overall I really enjoy this car.

- William T

Dodge dart is a great vehicle!

My car is very reliable. I never have any problems with it. Fits everything I need in the trunk or in the backseat! Great on gas mileage. Drives smooth and is great in snow and ice. Not a lot of maintenance to worry about. Does very well on long trips.

- Emily P

I have a Dodge Dart, all black, and tinted windows

It is very nice and trustworthy. There's a couple problems with the oil and transmission. There was a recent transmission recall, and my screen has also went black and I've had to take it into the shop. But other then those problems, I love this car a lot!

- Breanna E

It gets good gas mileage.

It is a nice car. I have had it for 2 years and haven't had any major problems. It is pretty comfortable, but it is not that spacious inside. If you have any car seats that need to be rear-facing, whoever is in the front will be squished to the dashboard.

- Samantha H

Great performance and very reliable.

I love the dodge dart. It is a little small inside but it is still very comfortable. I love the back up camera and Bluetooth hookup. The dart drives very smooth. The dart has great performance and very reliable! I would recommend the dodge dart to anyone!

- Cara G

Good sized backseat, comfortable.

The only issue I have ever had with the vehicle is the service shifter light coming on. I can fit 2 car seats in the back comfortably. Another child sits in the middle in the backseat without a car seat comfortably. Car drives well. Not many blind spots.

- Brittany G

A standard transmission dart that is easy to drive.

A/c compressor went out at 50,000. . Performance is satisfactory for the weight of the vehicle. Has started every time. The ride is quite nice, it feels at home on the highway. . Sunroof, heated seats, power everything, auto climate, manual transmission,

- Jake J

My vehicle is a black 2015 dodge dart.

I've had problems with my heat/air conditioner otherwise the car has been great for me. I haven't had many issues. It has Bluetooth which I love and drives smooth. I'm about to have my first child soon and I feel safe putting my child in this vehicle.

- Mak M

Remote start and great ride.

Just wish it had more room. Runs great. Excellent features. Drives great, smooth. Sunroof. Remote start. Great for our family and great on mileage. Hooks up to my Bluetooth automatically now. Great volume. Easy to learn all the controls and seat heat.

- Dana C

You can get hit by a dump truck in it! Seriously, the airbags work great.

The car is very safe. I once got into a very serious accident and walked away without a scratch. The seats are also very comfortable. The in-dash navigation needs to be easier to update or needs to auto-update. It's pretty useless after about a year.

- Deanna C

It's a real sharp car that seemingly glides over the road.

I love the color, the way it drives, and the great gas mileage it gets. It gets dirty really easily, and I've had issues with burning oil too quickly in the past on multiple occasions. It's a great car though and I don't have any major complaints.

- Jeffrey B

The car is fun to drive and has not had any issues since I bought it, but I would not say it is the most efficient car in its category.

My dodge dart is a great car for me. It is comfortable and has been reliable. I have only been worried about my safety in the car when there is snow on the ground. It does not have the best traction, but I could also need new tires.

- Beth B

It gets amazing gas mileage! You get about 400 miles with a full tank.

I like all the upgrades in it. It's pretty smooth. It also have good gas mileage. Within the first month the heat shield come off. Also there is a gasoline smell sometimes when I turn it on. Dealership couldn't find anything wrong.

- Kennedy H

Great value for the type of car

I love this car. It drives easily and has had low maintenance costs so far. I love that it has the ability to show me the exact tire pressure, temperature and oil life left. It is a simple car but great for the price I paid for it.

- Cari E

The most important thing others should know about my car is that there is no Bluetooth! I think that would be a deal-breaker for many people. Especially with the new updates on iPhones where there is not an auxiliary hole. Makes it difficult to play music when the phone's battery is low.

I love how fast it can get up and go. All while still having good gas mileage. However, I do not like that it does not have Bluetooth. One would think that any 2015 vehicle would be up to date. Other than that, it is my dream car.

- Sarah P

I would recommend this car for any single or two person family.

My 2015 Dodge dart is a great car. The size is just perfect for me and everything that I need. It has a lot of room inside, including the trunk. The motor runs smoothly and I have had only a few problems with it, nothing major.

- Pamela D

Great car for a daily driver.

It's a nice little car. Great on gas. It picks up and goes pretty quick and handles turns and curves very well. Not recommended for car seats, I have a hard time fitting a rear facing car seat in the back. Hoped this helped.

- Darcey B

The car is good for my commute. Gas isn't too bad and I do like how there is a cover beneath the car. I have had to take it in for maintenance already within the 1st year of owning it.

The car is nice for my type of commute. It's nice on gas but feels like it may break down quickly. You can tell that these were made quickly to sell. I'm hoping to get another 3-4 years out of it and move on to another car.

- Nick M

For a sedan, it is got a bit of a sporty look to it without being too costly.

The car handles very well on the road. It is a nice size, not too big or too small. I do not have any trouble parallel parking it when I need to. It gets great gas mileage and has all around been a great vehicle to drive.

- Olivia S

It is a reliable and safe car. It looks sleek and is a reasonable price!

I love my Dodge Dart. It is powerful and seems safe. It is reliable and I have only had one problem with it so far. It has a lot of nice features on the display. It has a nice look to it and I love the tail lights!

- Cassandra T

It is a great investment.

I really enjoy the mileage it gets, and the interior of the car is very nice. Although it could use a bit more legroom in the back, it was big enough to fit everything I wanted to move in the trunk and backseat.

- Jess S

I love the stow and go feature.

My van has a view cosmetic problems that really are not too big of a worry. The only worry that I have is how quickly the window motors are dying. Also, the factory battery didn't last very long at all.

- Jason R

It is a nice car but it has a few issues

Has some fuel sensor issues that makes the fuel gauge stop working at times and causes the check engine light to come on. The sensor is on the fuel pump so you can't replace just the sensor.

- jeffery m

The Dodge Dart is a good economy car, don't expect more than that.

The Dodge Dart is a car the appeals to men in my demographic because it is an aggressive looking econo car. It is very reliable but there is one major flaw. Its grossly underpowered.

- Herbert H

A lot of people hate on Dodge, but the Dodge Dart is an A grade vehicle!

I love everything about my car. This includes the interior and exterior. It looks sleek from the outside and sophisticated on the inside. It is great on gas and runs flawlessly.

- Rachel K

This car is reliable and it lets you know what issues you are having on the dash.

My car is a midsize, four door sedan that is very reliable. The only issue that I have with my vehicle is that it is a 4-cylinder. Besides that, I really enjoy my Dart.

- Ryan J

Very nice platinum grey, cool, sporty look!

Mid size, good for you, if you are by yourself. Comfortable. Very economic when it comes to mileage. Good a/c. Does not need a lot of maintenance. A real smooth ride.

- Yvonne Cruz C

That is is dependable. It runs nicely and gets us from point a to point b.

It is small. iIt is supposed to seat 5 people, but I think it would need to be smaller children if you needed to fit 3 in the back. Only 2 if you have car seats,

- Michelle Y

The quality of the car isn't great, but it's the price of the car that makes you buy it.

The car has needed quite a bit of repairs in the short time I've owned it. It was practically brand new and I've had to put $1000 into in the first couple years.

- Ryan V

My car the dart. It does what it does.

I like my vehicle but sometimes it hesitates to drive when I am at a stop light or turn a corner. It also burns a lot of gas because of the strong engine.

- Tha M

It gets great mileage but can be to small for larger or overweight or tall people. But perfect for me since I'm a single mom and only have 1 child. Great commuter.

Great commuter car. Cheap to fill up and cheap to replace tires. If you don't want to put miles on your favorite vehicle this a good one to put miles on.

- Victoria W

Best small gas saving car.

It's a gas saver. Comfortable sitting 5 persons. Love the reversal camera very convenient. Has navigation system great for travel. Small fits any parking.

- Susy M

it is a decent car to get around from point a to point b, but other makes with similar models may be a better choice

I like the size and overall look of my car. It gets good gas mileage and run well most of the time. There has been more maintenance than expected, however

- kel s

My dart is a sports model. It has decent gas mileage too.

The vehicle is great. Runs very well with good acceleration. It requires basic maintenance and not putting thousands into it. Runs very smooth as well.

- Christopher R

Its safe and reliable for my family and I.

I love how well it drives. I love how safe it is. I love its good on gas. Also, I love how I have it fully loaded with GPS navigation and heated seats.

- J R

It can go fast and keep up with any other vehicle.

This vehicle gets good gas mileage over 35 miles per gallon. It also fits plenty of friends and family into it. My only complaint is the compact size.

- Lauren W

The rear view camera does not show everything. Make sure you turn around and actually look also.

Honestly it is the best car i've ever owned. Gas mileage is great and it's fun to drive. One problem I have is that there is no rear windshield wiper.

- Rick D

It's a great car and is very reliable and good on gas

The only real problem I have with my vehicle are the tire pressure sensors all went bad within a month of me owning it, but other than that I love it

- John C

It is an extremely smooth and comfortable ride and it does great on gas mileage. Perfect if you have to drive a lot.

I absolutely love my car! It does great on gas mileage and is so comfy to ride in. It has power to it. Everyone who rides in it loves it as well.

- Jaycie R

Earlier this year a woman pulled out in front of me and my car saved my life.

I love my car! It is passion red. It is easy to drive, low maintenance and great gas mileage! Definitely made the right choice with this vehicle.

- Lynn W

Sub par mileage, but it is speedy.

The only issues I do not like are the mileage and the turn radius. I have never had any problems mechanically, and do not know of anyone who has.

- Jason D

The most important thing about this car is its gas mileage. It doesn't cost a arm or a leg to fill the tank up

I love this car because of the fuel economy I get from it. It is very basic and simple. No bells or whistles but that is what I was looking for

- Samuel G

Good on gas and looks really nice.

Not great in snow small and used to have Ford truck and loved it wish I had truck back went anywhere in snow and was in good shape and paid for.

- Lenny D

It is an attractive dark blue color. It has a sporty look which looks great!

I do not like the low profile tires. I have had to replace 2 tires because of potholes etc. However, I do like that the car is easy to drive.

- Jeam S

Dodge Dart my honest review

Car is quick and reliable. I enjoy the heated seats and steering wheel. Also like the entertainment options. Navigation should be improved.

- Meghan B

Dodge Dart SXT the dart mobile

I love the car. I wish it had a bigger engine for pick up and did a little better on gas for in town driving. It has been reliable and durable

- Brittany C

It is small and dependable

I like the style and the size of the car. The interior is very nice too. But the car feels low to the street and a little small while driving.

- Sophia B

Sleek looking vehicle. Race car look without the race car by price

Great car all around.Drives smooth. Braking system is great. Seats 5 people. Midsize vehicle.Amazing Stereo system and Touch screen features

- Andre R

This car is great on gas. You get about 400 miles per tank

Great on gas, drives well, compact and comfortable. 4 cyl engine, picks up speed great. Drives smoothly down the road. Am/Fm satellite radio

- Danielle E

Great car for the price I paid.

No complaints I love it was driving a very old. Car before I got my car. Its gets get gas mileage. Fast and sporty. The inside is roomy.

- Jennifer L

Need the transmission looked at.

Have had some issues with how it drives. Jerks when it is stopped. Lights go out a lot. Blinker keeps going out and then coming back.

- Ryan H

The car handles great in summer or winter weather.

Handles nice and good gas mileage good pick up and go easy to care for looks good has all the features you would want I recommend it.

- Bill H

It gets great gas mileage.

I like that it gets good gas mileage. I like that it is small but not too small. I dislike that the seats are not very comfortable.

- Savannah W

It gets great gas mileage and very reliable.

It is a smaller car would prefer something bigger. No complaints great car otherwise. Would recommend as it gets great gas mileage.

- Tanya H

This vehicle is very reliable and is great on gas!

I absolutely love my car! It rides very smooth, and has the perfect amount of horsepower for my preference. Accelerates perfectly!

- Kay B

Excellent vehicle for road trips!

I love my vehicle. I get great gas mileage and can take long trips. The gas is the main reason I decided to purchase this vehicle.

- Kristen S

My favorite thing in my car is the red interior lighting.

I love my Dodge dart. Its roomy on the inside and has a backup camera! I also enjoy the 4 doors for easier access for my toddler.

- Lindsey M

Great gas mileage, but not a family car.

Love the blind spot mirrors backup cameras satellite radio heated steering wheel heated seats dislike the amount of cargo space.

- Paul W

Drives great easy to maneuver

I love my car it is the first new one i ever bought. I worked hard and got a good payment. I do have that insurance is so high.

- Melissa S

Amazing 2015 black dodge dart

The car has not had any problems so far, I've had it for about a year. It gets great gas mileage. Its comfortable and reliable.

- Alysha B

My car is reliable and looks sporty but also classy.

I like that my vehicle looks sporty and classy. I like the backup camera, Sirius XM and I just like the overall look and feel.

- Jessica W

the most important thing is the wonderful gas mileage the car gets. we have a 35 minute commute to work 5 days a week and I only fill the tank up once a week

my car is cute and spunky and it is big enough for a family but not large like a full size sedan. the gas mileage is amazing

- anna d

Great gas mileage, good strong vehicle very reliable.

The only problem I have is park light says it is out and I talked with dealer and they weren't helpful on what it needed.

- Jennifer S

The Dodge Dart gets great combined highway and city mpg.

I love the interior of the vehicle. It has a very modern look and feel to it. Also the acceleration of the car is great

- Nicole U

It has excellent gas mileage. That is my favorite thing about it.

I really like my car because it gets excellent gas mileage. It also is a compact car so I feel comfortable on the road.

- Michelle L

The Dart is a good car. It has pretty good acceleration and handling. It is fairly spacious for its size. I has a lot of nice features too. And the exterior and interior design is stylish.

The sound system is very nice, and can be very loud, so people who like to listen at all volume levels should be happy.

- Sean K

The cruise control sometimes locks up.

I like the year. I like the air conditioning. I do not like that the air is not very cold. I do not like the color.

- Francesca R

I worked hard to get a car of my dreams and this one fits me perfectly

Love everything about my car, It drives nicely, uses gas efficiently, and bonus I was able to get a color I wanted

- meg c

It is actually pretty fast and gas friendly. The breaks are super good.

I love how comfortable it is. Great with gas. I do not like how not fast it can be. Definitely will tune up my car.

- Josue S

Dodge darts are a good choice

I have enjoyed this car. Good on gas and fun to drive. Handles well. Could use more power but good for what it is.

- Chris B

It's really cool. And Quick. Great little car, for a good price.

I love the way it looks. The rims are also pretty, but the tires suck. I feel like Dodge makes a superior product.

- Jeff B

It stalls if you do not get the oil changed right on time.

The oil needs to be changed prior to the mile marker because of how the engine was built it will completely die.

- Elizabeth C

You can really feel the engine, so it's easy to get a feel for the best way to handle the car or to tell when you need maintenance (like an oil change).

Comfortable seats, easy to use dash and wheel controls. Easy handling, quick response driving. Good gas mileage.

- Andria F

It gets great gas mileage.

It's a manual transmission which is hard to find nowadays. I love the look of the car. I wish it had a sunroof.

- Marie G

Nice reliable car that is good on gas.

Its reliable. Haven't had to make an major repairs, just your typical oil changes and tune ups. Good on gas.

- John C

Reliable and inexpensive. Great quality, great looks. Fun to drive.

Reliable. Inexpensive. Good gas mileage. Solidly built. Fun to drive. Great looking. Near perfect small car.

- Bob H

Cost effective and great on gas.

Compact. Great on gas. Easy to park. There is nothing I dislike except that it sits very low to the ground.

- Debbie K

The car is very reliable. However they are stopping making them.

Love my Dart. Comfortable, decent gas mileage, sporty look and feel, reliable. No issues with performance.

- Jay T

It is a very dependable vehicle of it is style.

Likes?-good gas mileage, holds up well, like back up camera; dislike small backseat and small trunk/shape.

- Sam S

It drives well and i have not had any issues with it.

I like my vehicle because it does its job. Nothing about the vehicle is bad. I have no current complaints.

- Dean F

It's not very family friendly when it comes to space.

It's very compact, not much room for more than two people at a time. You can feel every bump in the road

- Stephanie D

Car has smokey rims and tinted windows. Also comes with auto start.

Dodge dart black interior blue exterior. Power windows, bluetooth sound system. Steering wheel controls

- Sarah M

This vehicle is safe and drives smoothly.

I like how well the car drives, how spacious, how sleek the design is. Perfect family of four vehicle.

- Eric W

I do love the car is great on fuel, and is low maintenance.

At the first the touch screen radio was having issues, we took it in 2 times to finally get it right.

- Richard N

I like that it is a slapstick and can be switched over when it starts to shift slowly in automatic.

I love that it is a compact car with a sporty feel. However, I have experienced some shifting issues.

- Lyndsey F

The back camera is great.

No problems with it. Love the backup camera and steering wheel controls. Trunk has excellent space.

- Logan W

Really like the size and simplicity of my car. It handles nicely and is easy on gas. I like the small size for parking. It's my favorite color blue too!

It's a great size and has wonderful gas mileage. Perfect for trips or driving everyday to work.

- Becky B

The most important thing about a dodge dart is, It's good on gas

I like that it is a small car. I also like the way it drives. I like that It's real good on gas

- Brian G

Very nice and comfortable to drive. It would be a good car for a road trip where you could drive fast and comfortable

It has a nice smooth ride. Most noises from the exterior are not heard or very muted.

- bj m

It's a good mid sized car. Five seatbelts. Good size trunk.

It is fine. It has a great sounds system. It is not very comfortable for long drives.

- Linda H

It's a really comfortable car to sit in and drive anywhere you want to go.

Love the remote start and heated seats. Gas mileage isn't the greatest. Great color.

- Robert L

It's a nice looking car, comfortable to drive and good on gas.

I love my car. I don't think that I have any major dislikes or complaints about it.

- Erica A

My car gets great gas mileage especially on the highway or interstate.

I like my vehicle. I don't like that there's no air vents in the back seat though.

- Amanda F

It is really good on gas mileage but a lot of engine problems

I like the car because it is good on gas. I dislike the car because it is small

- Matt S

That the brake on my car are sports so it brakes really fast

I like that it is a sports car. I dislike that the a/c ins not working properly

- Douglas S

Power, performance, decoration, purchased year, mileage.

This type of the car is fuel efficient but powerful also suitable for men.

- James R

Lot of power with good gas mileage for a 4 cylinder

Good power. Easy to drive Front seat comfortable . Good gas mileage

- Jack S

I've had the car about 3 years now and the only problem so far was some poorly placed wires that wore out and caused the check engine light to come on. It functions well but is too small for my family's needs. The backseat is very cramped especially with 2 car seats.

It's just a car like any other car, just looks fancy.

- Tess W

Good leg room in the front seat

I like that it's compact. Don't like the gas mileage

- Tj T