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Great car to have all around.

This model has a multi air system that requires more oil changes to keep it in good condition. Good gas mileage though and has a nice feel to it when driving it. Can get up to a good speed fairly quick as well. The stock sound system it came with is really good. It is a comfortable drive and it is fairly reliable outside of the oil changes. Some of the best features is the power locks and windows. The radio comes with Bluetooth accessibility as well as an auxiliary cord port. It is a smaller car so not a whole lot of legroom for those that have a full car of bigger adults. However it is a great family car and can seat five total. This vehicle has a good amount of trunk space as well. Has sensors for the tire air pressure and for the oil life. Also has a temperature gauge for display. This vehicle also comes with cruise control as well which helps with those long trips. The comfort of the vehicle makes driving it for those longer trips a lot easier to handle too and not to mention the gas mileage. Before purchasing this vehicle, I took one of the same as a rental for a six hour trip and it was easy. That was one of the driving forces in my buying this car. It handles turns real well and smooth. What has been recommended to me is that this car may require it to sit and warm up before driving it more often than other vehicles might.

- Michael T

2016 dodge dart has gotten me across the whole west coast with ease!

My 2016 dodge dart has been great! It has been very reliable and I get great gas mileage in town and on long road trips. I have traveled up and down the west coast with no issues whatsoever. The back up camera is very convenient and works great. My dog and I love the sunroof feature and the stock sound system it comes with is surprisingly really nice, clear sound and good bass. It also comes with Sirius radio which is a nice feature but the Bluetooth is what I use most often. You get in and start up the engine and your phone automatically connects for easy wireless phone calls and music access. You can also set your Bluetooth preferences and turn on and off certain features. The model I own lacks the GPS feature but the touch screen is easy and convenient. I've never had a problem with the heat or ac, it warms up and cools down fairly quickly and you can adjust it to whatever temperature and speed preference. The seats are comfortable for short trips and decent on long trips but are hard to clean and the model I have does not come with the seat warmer option. There's a decent amount of back seat and trunk space. The stock tires have never failed me and it drives very smoothly.

- Kris W

Nice trims of red the you can see at night. It is on the dash.

Battery and shocks went out way too early. Decent gas mileage. Not a bad day to day car. Wouldn't recommend for longevity. Dodge brand does not have the best reputation. I was able to drive from one state to the next a few times and it gave me no issues at all. I love the 8. 4 touch screen it has. It is very convenient. It comes with Bluetooth. The Bluetooth sometimes does not connect with newer iPhone. But it is workable. It has comfortable seating except for the head rest. It is annoying. It leans forward and it is not adjustable. A little spacious for such a small car, but it is a small car. The sports features are decent. One cool feature is the red trim that glows at night that runs around the dashboard, my fav feature.

- Sarah W

Awesome turbocharged family car.

It gets great gas mileage. 33-45 mpg. It's also a good size for a family and has one of the highest safety ratings which makes me feel a lot more comfortable for my child. It's also a turbocharged 6 speed car so its fun to drive and has that little kick of speed to it as well. I love it. The trunk has so much space as well. Great for trips! I really don't have many problems to list other than the cup holders are super close to the middle console.

- Kelli W

The touch screen is amazingly easy to use.

I like that the dodge dart gets good gas mileage and absolutely love the touch screen entertainment system. I do not like how small it is which admittedly is my fault for buying such a small car. I have also had some issues with the dart. First, when I first bought it brand new the Bluetooth didn't work. And second when I am decelerating within the first 3 miles after starting up the car seems to backfire.

- Jimmy B

Amazing dependability and speed! We love our dodge dart.

We really love our dart. It gets super good gas mileage and is very reliable. We drive it to work everyday and it is never broken down or really given us issues. The headlights and tires have given out several times but that is really it. We're happy with it so far. It was bought new so it was expensive for us originally but honestly still worth it. It is been a great first car for me and my husband.

- Sarah M

All in all it is a very nice beautiful car. It is drives well and is reliable.

I have a very reliable vehicle I had never broken down on me or anything also I bought my care with only 5, 000 miles on it so it was practically new. The things about my car that I did not like was that I have a very high apr because of my age and lack of credit history and the gas is not the best I do not believe my car has an eco mode and if it does I do not know how to access it.

- Lydia H

2016 Dodge dart rallye sedan.

Really enjoy the look of my vehicle and the features that came with the rally package. Only complaints I have are regarding the tire and brake life which seem to be much shorter than your average vehicle. Then at about 15k miles I had an oil consumption issue which resulted in the need to replace the entire engine which Dodge covered with no issues under my warranty.

- Allie L

There’s a setting icon, that lets you view your sleep, mileage, oil life, & more.

I love my 2016 Dodge dart, I love the color metallic blue. It is hands free therefore it has Bluetooth and you never have to take your hands off the steering wheel, everything is right at your fingertips! I also tells you your oil life digitally in the settings and runs like a dream. This is my second car and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

- Heather H

The dirtiness of Dodges darts.

Reliability is awesome. Comfort, I would not recommend to people with children. Features, are nice. From front to back it looks sharp. Performance, is alright. When it was first bought, it drove smoothly. Now with new wheels on, seems a little bit rougher. Problems, if the underneath of car comes with a casing to cover, either raise it or take it off.

- Dee D

This car is sporty, sexy, and reliable!

All around a good car. Good on gas in town and on the road. Lots of trunk space and the inside of the car is quite spacious as well. USB and Bluetooth ready and AUX capable. A few glitches I have noticed with the electrical dash but there was a recall about that. Rides smooth and a/c blows snowballs in the summer and warm as an oven in the winter.

- Brittany H

It is dependable and a great reliable car.

I like that it gets good gas mileage because my work is 45 miles from my house. I hate that the air conditioning takes a minute to start and the cab never really gets cool until about 40 minutes driving. I dislike that it is a smaller vehicle, I do not fit very well, but I bought it strictly for commuting to work so I cannot completely complain.

- Brittany T

Good looking, great-riding, dependable vehicle.

I love my car. It is dependable, it gets me where I need to go, and it does so reliably. I can take a 7 hour trip with a full tank of gas and only have to stop for a snack break. It is awesome on gas. The only problem is snow in the winter, but if you live in a state that is not heavily snowed on or has great roadwork, it is a great car.

- Monica M

Dodge dart, cute but mean looking.

I love my dart. I bought it strictly for commuting purposes. I wasn't planning to get it, but I went to the dealership and said I wanted something cheap with good gas mileage. Out of all the cheap vehicles, the dart was the only one I truly liked and I fit well in it. I am 5’10”, so I do not always fit well in vehicles.

- Brittany T

It is a very sporty looking car.

It is a little slower than I would want it to be but I still love it. I love that it is a manual. It is a fun and nice car and perfect for commuting. We put a lot of miles on it as we both use it to commute daily. Wouldn't mind a little bit more speed. It makes it a little scary to not have more speed but we make it work.

- Savanna B

amazing car for a family of 4

i have had my car for over 2 yrs and have had no issues whatsoever. i really love the stereo. the seats are super comfortable. i love the body shape of the car. i have the base model and it has everything i need. i am not big on electronics in cars so it works for me. i have my phone for gps and that sort of thing.

- Rob B

Sporty look without the guzzling of gas.

My car is excellent on gas. Drives really smoothe. The interior and exterior look amazing and sporty. I love that the car has Bluetooth and hands free calling. Though there is updated technology it is very easy to figure out. Another great thing is there is an app that gives you details about your car specifically.

- Katie B

Features that the Dodge dart offer.

No problems, absolutely love it, performance is awesome, very reliable, it's a very comfortable car, heat seats, back up camera, Bluetooth phone thru radio, leather seats, aftermarket rims. Has very good gas mileage, it handles very well, low center of gravity hugs turns like it should for this type of car.

- Christopher W

An easy handling Dodge dart.

Well it drives very well, it handles easy, it stops easy, haven't had a problem with it but haven't had it but less than 6 months, but it has been really good on traveling like I have to take my husband to work, we need this good vehicle like this to where we do not break down, but this is a good vehicle.

- Elizabeth P

Black car black rims with a touch of red on the dashboard back interior.

Black is my color. So when I seen my car I fell in love because it was all black with black rims and then the interior was on point also cloth black seats with a touch of red on the dash. It is very reliable and comfortable also good on gas. So far it has not giving me no problems. I just love my dart!!

- Tristan D

Huge trunk and good pickup but cheap interior.

The pickup is great, interior is cheap and a rattle development in the dashboard has been annoying, and a sensor for the tire pressure is shot. Brand new car and within a year the rattle in the dash! The car is really good in the snow but the antifreeze system started malfunctioning after only a year!

- Cor R

The dart is stylish, great on gas in the city and on the road.

Nice smooth ride, great on gas and durable. I did notice some electrical problems with the dash and the gas hand moves on Its own sometimes without warning. This car has plenty of space and an impressive amount of trunk space. A. C blows snowballs when It's hot and heats up Accordingly when Its cold.

- Brittany H

This is a right now car, not a forever dream.

The dart has been a decent car, but it seems to be a throw away car if you will. I've only had it for 6 months and my family and I just had to replace the battery with only 60000 miles on the car, which is super disappointing. Definitely an affordable, right now car, instead of a dream, forever car.

- Courtney R

Good, reliable car - overpriced.

I have not faced any major problems with the car. The low profile tires have bubbled a few times, but I have protection on them. The seats are comfortable. The gears shift nicely. It is terrible in snow and even on wet roads. The Bluetooth occasionally glitches out. Overall, I am satisfied with it.

- Jessica K

Love my Dodge dart quality.

My vehicle is a great quality for what I paid. Has a nice sport look and feel for a smaller car. Has all the features I wanted. Overall very happy with car purchase. The interior of the vehicle could be more spacious in the back seat. Vehicle did not come with a spare tire, just a tire repair kit.

- Megan D

My vehicle has a 10 inch TV screen with a navigation system.

My vehicle really drives well. I wake up every morning ready to drive my car. It makes me feel so special. My car makes driving to school, homework, store, etc, it makes it fun to drive. I love my car and I am so glad I made the purchase! I encourage anyone to do so because you want regret it.

- Marlon S

Good things about the Dodge dart.

It is very comforting and I love the gas mileage in it, and the features are simple but nice and it is really reliable. It is small but spacious and I can travel long without any problems and it does not have many problems. The radio is nice, and its seats are well and it's perfect for me.

- Russell R

Why I feel like a proud owner.

First of all, it seats 5 comfortably without feeling tight on space. I have had it for 2 years and have not had any problems with it performance wise. It drives good, handles very well, and the first of my 6 ever vehicles to make me feel that I made a wise choice in choosing for long term.

- Tiffany W

This is an amazing car. It drives well, is easy to work on, and is very safe.

The Bluetooth frequently will not work. We have to turn the car off and open the door, then back on, to reset it at least a couple times a week. I really do not have much else to say and I am a little annoyed by the 250 character requirement because I adore this car. 10/10 would buy again.

- Kaitlyn J

The dart is really neat and gets a ton of mileage.

My Dodge dart is great in cities, towns and on the highway. The dart is easy to drive and comfortable. The car heats and cools well. My only complaint is that there is no back windshield wiper and it is not 4WD. The car has performed well and I trust this car to keep me safe while driving.

- Breanna C

Heated seats and steering wheel.

Very comfortable, with heated seats and steering wheel. The car is durable for long distance drives and has two f=versions. . . Standard and automatic. Very slick looking and is preferred by a lot of Dodge drivers in my opinion I absolutely love my car and do not want anything more.

- Renee R

This is a great car with great mileage.

It has good gas mileage (up to 30 mpg on the highway). It is easy to drive. It has Bluetooth. The interior is comfortable. The trunk is large and holds a lot of luggage when traveling. The jack can be difficult to use. It comes with radio and phone buttons on the steering wheel.

- Ray M

I wanted this car to be different and other people are getting the same kind.

I love my car. My car is a metal color it is just the right size. It's a 4 door car. I wouldn't sell it so do not ask me to. I've had my car almost a year. I wanted a upgraded car because I work my butt off and deserve it. It shines when it is been cleaned up. It's a good car.

- Jennifer F

I love my Dodge dart forever!!

I love everything about my car. The gas mileage is great! It is practical and cute too. I love the color. I have had no service issues. The sound system is awesome. I love that it is a sedan. I love the buttons on the steering wheel. I love the get-up-and-go of the vehicle.

- Jay D

Great car for good gas mileage with some power under the hood. Makes you feel like you can race other 4 cylinder cars all the way to the grocery store or to pick up the kids.

I really like the space inside the vehicle. Mine is a GT edition, so it has extra bells & Whistles. Has plenty of power for small car but good on fuel mileage. Love the sporty look but still being 4 door. overall, good car & really sucks that dodge stopped making them.

- Marissa C

The dodge Dart is good over all car. It drives well in most conditions and is fun to drive.

I like the way the driving position feels and the rear camera. I also like the way the car handles and the stereo system. I really dislike that the front passenger seat sits up higher then the driver seat. Every time I ride in it i hit my head and feel uncomfortable.

- Robert Y

Great performance, but small backseat!

The tire light comes on more often than not and had to have the sensor replaced once. The sensor is very difficult to update. Also the backseat is kind of small with little leg room. But overall the vehicle has been good in performance and I have had no other issues.

- Amanda A

It has great gas mileage and is fun to drive but is not the best family car.

I like the full size spare and trunk space. I also really like the great gas mileage it has. I dislike the amount of room in the backseat though (it is hard to fit a car seat without pushing the front seats up) and i dislike that there's no air vents in the backseat.

- Ashley B

It is built low to the ground to speed bumps need to be taken very carefully.

I like the gas mileage and all the built in safety features. I like the locking mechanism on the seat belts in the back seat that keep my daughter and dog buckled up safely. I like the ac/heater in the car as well, the windows defrost very quickly in cold weather.

- Rachel N

Great care, oil changes are managed every few months.

Love my car, the only thing I do not like about it is the oil changes seem to be every few months. The car is a bit small but for my family it works great. I definitely would recommend getting all the bells and whistles when getting this car. Over all its great.

- Jennifer W

Great gas mileage for the a daily driver and working individual

I absolutely love my 2016 Dodge Dart. I have had absolutely no issues with my Dart. It is a very reliable car and gets great gas mileage. I drive my Dart daily to and from work. A full tank of gas usually lasts me around 10 days without needing to fill up again.

- Sarah S

Great for a busy growing family.

The car is very roomy, fits myself, my husband and our three children comfortably. There is lots of trunk space. The Uconnect is a life saver for hand free calls since you can answer with a touch of a button, which is conveniently located on the steering wheel.

- Tina C

Great gas mileage and drives nice.

Smaller than I am used to..Used to bigger vehicles and it's not great in snow..I do like the gas mileage and it takes to road great and performs awesome..Great to have XM radio on it for a year for free and it's very sporty and great to hook phone up to car.

- Christina E

My vehicle is a 2016 Dodge dart in white color. It is a beautiful car.

The only problem is that it's a very low car. I had a incident when I drove into a deep puddle of water and my car died and had to replaced the motor. Also I had to replace the battery for the car once. It also has trouble with the air conditioner sometimes.

- Caroline B

It is a good vehicle. It has four doors.

I bought it without air conditioning. It did not have it from manufacturer. And it has power windows, but it does not have powered locking doors. The passenger door has an anti-theft feature, but one can not unlock it from the outside even with the key.

- Juan J

The heated seats are nice.

In my 2016 dodge dart there is nothing I would complain about, it is a nice car with good features like heated seats and Sirius radio and good wheels. The seats are all very comfy and the air and heat work very well. The color options were nice as well.

- Mandy L

It is good on gas. If you want to feel like you have a sporty vehicle without over doing it this car is for you.

I like the style and look of the car. I also like that it is good on gas. I don't like the fact the trunk is to small I have to carry a wheelchair and I struggle with putting it in and having room for other things. I also wish it had back vents for AC,

- Geneva G

It is really great on gas.

It is really good on gas and it is really spacious it also has a lot of trunk space and it can fit a family of 5 or 6 and the navigational system is really great you do not even have to use your phone and it is really great on tough weather conditions.

- Jasmine J

May or may not be the best car.

When I first received my car, the only issue that I had was recall regarding the windshield wiper. Apparently there was gear that may/or may not have "gone out". Besides that, the car is awesome! Comfortable, quiet, runs smooth. Best car I have had.

- Megan M

My vehicle is kind of the sport edition so it has nice sporty rims on it.

The vehicle that I have is great for daily work commute and fits my family of 4 pretty comfortably. The only downside is that there are not any cup holders in the back seat for the kids. They do have water bottle holders in the door but nothing else.

- Chelsea W

It is easy and somewhat inexpensive to maintain.

I like that it is small and compact. I like that the maintenance is pretty easy to keep up with. I do not have too many complaints. It does not drive the same way as it used to. Although that is with any car after a certain amount of miles.

- Courtney M

Others should know that the dart drives very well.

I enjoy how comfortable the dart is to drive. It has great gas mileage and drives great in town and on long road trips. There is very little distraction on the dash which I am grateful for. I do wish that it had a back windshield wiper.

- Breanna C

A lot of electronic issues.

I love the mileage I get on my car. I hate the electrical issues, the driving issues for my car. . My windows motor replaced twice, headliner came off, instrument cluster had to be replaced, and battery has died 3 times in it.

- Christina H

It is stylish, has a lot of power and pop for a small car and handles extremely well.

Like how well it handles. Like how it has amazing pickup with a 2.4L engine for a small vehicle. Love the color of the vehicle (silver). Only dislike is that it is a bit noisy at times due to size of engine for the vehicle.

- Chris S

The gas mileage is incredible and the ride is very smooth. It's also spacious.

The gas mileage is amazing and the car itself is very comfortable. I wish it offered more features such as backup camera and Bluetooth connection for the stereo. The car is very fast and drives incredibly smooth.

- Morgan P

Great fuel mileage of 30+ mpg when driving, even for short trips.

I like the sporty design of the vehicle and components. I dislike the abilities of the voice commands with the iPhone - it does not connect very well. Other than that, good fuel mileage, decent vision.

- Jenna W

Huge trunk and good pickup but cheap interior

The pickup is great, interior is cheap and a rattle development in the dashboard has been annoying, and a sensor for the tire pressure is shot. Brand new car and within a year the rattle in the dash!

- Cori R

It is the best. Gas fills up with only $ 20.

Rides really smooth and fast has a nice engine to it and it is really comfortable. What I dislike about it is the trunk. Since I added a speaker in the back there is no space. But I really love it.

- Jessica M

Fast fun great gas mileage. No problems in 2 yrs.

Gas is great. . Drives incredible fast. Smooth. Black is sporty looking for a dart. It is kinda pricey but so far not one thing wrong in 2 yrs I am sure after warranty all hell will break out. . .

- Michael M

I love that the car payment is cheap (less than $300) and the gas mileage can't be beat.

I like the gas mileage and the price of my car. I don't enjoy the size of my car because its hard to load people in and out of it. I do enjoy the sporty look of my car even though it's only a V4.

- Taylor B

Handling and speed for great moves.

Runs and drives great, good handling and power, stereo and speakers are loud and full of bass. Tires and suspension are perfect made for better handling. Love digital display and speedometer.

- Elizabeth C

This is more me than the car, but the most important thing about my car is how much I enjoy driving it.

No complaints, but a lot to like. The car is surprisingly roomy for a small car. A big selling point for me was its manual transmission...I like shifting. The car is red. That too is a plus.

- Michael H

It is an automatic, 5 seater car with great gas mileage.

I love the color and shape of my car. I kinda wish the size was a little bigger and that there were cup holders in the back. The inside has a really nice look to it and has a great set up.

- Shanae S

The Dodge great on gas. Great car to drive and all awesome to me.

Great car runs great, always comfortable to drive. It has 120 mp, you can also drive it as a standard vehicle so it has the plus and mince, good tired and has great performance and speed.

- L M

That it takes corners like a pro, very agile car.

My Dodge dart is a wonderful reliable car. However it is fragile when it come to suspension, the rear a frames get loose. It is good on gas mileage. Great back and forth to work car.

- Breezy B

Very comfortable and reliable car

I love my car. It is very cozy and comfortable. There is plenty of space. The back seats fold down easily. My car drives like a dream. I would highly recommend it. Thank you

- Kelly S

Dodge dart drives smooth and comfy.

The check engine light came on after a month of buying the car and considering it doesn't have any problems is annoying. But it drives smooth, comfy and a good car overall.

- Bailey M

That is has great fuel economy

I like the economy of the fuel. It is easy to park in small areas. It has electronic features I like. I wish it had more get up and go to it. I wish it had more leg room

- Sara c

I just love my Dodge Dart and would recommend Dodge to my family and friends.

My Dodge Dart gets great gas mileage. It is easy to drive and maintain. This is the second Dodge I have owned and both have been very dependable. I have no complaints.

- JoAnn F

it hasn't given me any problems. nothing has broken on it and it runs great. very reliable

i like the fact it's a chrysler. its a model that has been around a long time. its sporty and just the right size. it's good on gas and hasn't given me any problems

- jacqueline w

I like that you can switch things on the main dash to see the speed better.

It runs well and is good on gas. The stereo system is really nice and it has a great backup camera. The leather seats are comfortable, especially with heated seating.

- Haley L

Smooth handling, easy to drive, perfect for small families.

I love our car!! It is the perfect size for our family and all the things we need. It has a good size trunk for grocery shopping or picking up the things we need.

- Carrie r

The gas mileage is amazing.

I like the touch screen radio and climate control system. I also love the gas mileage. I wish I would have got something bigger though. It is not very spacious.

- Tiffany p

It gets great gas mileage. It's advertised as 30 mpg but I get 35 mpg or more.

I like the fuel efficiency of this vehicle. I dislike the size of this vehicle. I hate the issue this car has with stalling when the oil is ready to be changed

- Rebecca P

They no longer make Dodge darts.

My car gets great gas mileage. I have nothing that I dislike about my vehicle. My car is very dependable. It is a great size for a college student.

- Amber D

Electronic display problems.

Multiple problems with the electronic displays. Cruise control turns off when you go over 50 mph. But still is a reliable, comfortable small sedan.

- Nancy M

Wish it had the vinyl floors. For easier cleaning.

This car rides smoothly. Has a few details I would change being a mom. But overall it is great. It does not have bumpy shifting like some cars do.

- Billie Jo A

Great car! On board is great! Powerful, able to climb inclined real fast.

Not much problems with the Dodge dart. On board electronics let me know when something is wrong. Had gear shift problem which is rare, I was told.

- Diane D

It's a manual transmission and the clutch tends to be touchy

My Dodge Dart is very reliable pretty decent gas mileage I wish it had a little more power but over all the car is great and was a good buy.

- Stephen E

I feel like people should know that the turning fluid is behind the front tire of the passenger side. It's not under the hood like a normal vehicle.

I like that it's very comfortable. I dislike, that the backseat is too small for my daughter's car seat. But I love that it's good on gas.

- Amanda F

The gas mileage for sure. The drive from Houston to Dallas takes about 20 dollars worth of gas.

The gas mileage is fantastic. The interior is very roomy and can fit a lot of stuff in the trunk. The look is better than the old neon's.

- Rolando R

Great car with no issues at all.

The aero came with a turbo. I get great gas mileage especially on the highway. It accelerates quickly and is an extremely agile vehicle.

- Kevin M

Reliable family car without looking like a family car.

No problems, performs like a champ, most reliable vehicle I have ever driven, and Bluetooth compatibility. Hands down best car to buy.

- Harley C

My car has a tracker, so i know where it is at all the time.

I dislike there is no sunroof, turbo, or a spare tire. I love the color, gas mileage, sound system. It is all around a beautiful car.

- Sarah L

It is a car that is worth it is price. You get what you pay for.

My vehicle has really good gas mileage. I just wish it had better pickup when accelerating. Otherwise, I do not have many complaints.

- Rebecca M

The gas mileage, power and interior of the 2016 Dodge Dart

My car has decent gas mileage but lacks satisfactory power. The interior satisfactory but can be loud when driving at high speeds

- Dominique F

The most important thing about the Dodge dart is it's a great starter car

Reliable from point A to point B everytime. Comfortable for long rides. Nice features compared to other cars it's in price range.

- Devin R

It is a fast, good on gas, reliable vehicle.

For it being a 2016, the car does not come with features that it should such as a screen, automatic lights, back up camera etc

- Akira T

Great commuting and starter car

It gets great fuel mileage. Easy to maintain it. Features are easy to set up and change. It is a bit slow to "get up and go"

- Sara S

My dodge dart is a sky blue.

I love my 2016 dodge dart. It runs smooth. I haven't really had any problems with it. Only one recall in the last 2 years.

- Michele C

It goes fast. And is very fuel efficient.

I like the car it has airbags. A nice radio. Heated seats. It has a big trunk it is very useful for packing up things.

- Patrick D

It's very comfortable and reliable.

Everything is good on the vehicle. The only problem is that the drive side window switch goes out which is a easy fix.

- Raymond A

Gas saver reliable. Small car for one person.

Not good enough. Dodge cars are expensive to repair. There value goes down as soon as you get out of the dealership.

- Evelyn C

It does drive fast. It is a sports car. Not very specious.

No complaints, liked how gas didn't waste fast, smooth to drive not very spacious, but did like everything about it.

- David Q

It sits pretty low to the ground and you have to be careful if you have a driveway that sits on an incline

It gets great gas mileage. It's fun to drive. It has great features, and alot more trunk space than you would think.

- Jamie K

Very comfortable and reliable for the price.

Reliability, its comfortably and has good gas mileage, good for road trips and picking up the kids for the weekend.

- Dakota D

It's a great car to drive.

I like my vehicle because its very modern and is very sports like. It was attained at a cheap price and affordable.

- Marina G

The great gas mileage on the dart makes it easy to travel without worrying about breaking your budget.

Driving a Dodge Dart is great and smooth drive that both feel luxurious and is easy on the budget for most people.

- Jack H

Definitely make sure you keep up. On your oil changes. We learned the hard way.

Great on gas. But not much room in back seat which is not good for the car seats. Car system is great for stock.

- Sarah M

Great car and would definitely buy again

I love my car. It gets great gas mileage and I haven't had a major problem yet. I would definitely buy again.

- Michelle R

I like it so much, is the best

i like it so much, like so much, this is the best car in the history, is the best forever ever I like so much

- brian J

It runs smooth good on gas.

I like everything awesome car gets me to where I need to be with no problems I use it for work and pleasure.

- Robin W

It is well made, fun to drive and easy to upkeep.

I like the style of my dart, the features (backup camera, large screen for radio). Not anything I dislike.

- Molly B

It is the best car I ever had.

I love my car. I love the way it runs. I love the color of it. I also love how fast it goes on the highway.

- Allison D

Its millage output, and reliability.

I like that it is a nice and reliable vehicle. I do not like how small it is. Also the air is way too loud.

- Amil T

It's the perfect size for a small family and gets great gas mileage!

I live my car because it is the perfect size for me. It fits my family very well. It is also great on gas!

- Marissa R

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it is sporty looking, but very functional.

I like that I bought my vehicle new, I like the color, and I like that it makes me feel proud to drive it.

- Ruby R

Electrical problems dash light would flash and screen will go black.

Love the car the only thing I have had problems with is electrical but dealer fixed it. Very good on gas.

- Elizabeth M

Very comfortable car to ride in.

This car has lots of space very comfortable inside, lots of options and ride very smoothly great choice.

- Jacob S

The Dodge dart has computer issues.

I love my car however the computer seems to be off its always saying my tires are low and they're not.

- Sky W

It has a pretty big trunk.

I love the big display screen. I also like how it shows the tire pressure. Plus the oil life as well.

- Ashley L

It gets really good gas mileage.

I like that it has digital speedometer. I like that you can change the radio on the steering wheel.

- Sheena M

good MPG and sound system, also good handling at high speeds

driver seat is uncomfortable and the car has low power. i like the MPG tho also descent handling.

- Ryan M

It's a good reliable car that also looks nice and mean.

Only complaint is that I wish it was faster. Other than that I love my car. It's my baby

- Julie O

the gas mileage the car gets. The mileage is better than most cars

the looks, driving and gas mileage, the cost and the insurance and the way it drives

- Russ M

Its sharp looking & it's a nice smooth car for anyone to ride in

I like the bluetooth & the backup camera it has. I love that it's cheap on gas.

- Cindy V

You get what you pay for. The car is definitely worth the money.

It has very good gas mileage. I wish the pick up when accelerating was better.

- Bryce M

The Gas mileage for this car is much better than advertised.

I have no complaints about my car. I love it. It is a good dependable car.

- Teresa R

I love my car, seats are adjustable & electronic. Great entertainment radio system,has Bluetooth, also can charge your iPhone when needed.

Dodge Dart is compact but very safe, has many enmities at no extra cost.

- Patricia R

Great gas while traveling to work or on vacation. Save money

Great gas. Fits my family. Nice and small. Too low to the ground.

- Mel M

I don't know what to say. gas mileage does not seem to be fantastic

I like the bluetooth feature. It is fast. Gas mileage is ok

- brandy m

It is very good on gas mileage

The only thing I do not like is how small it is for a family.

- Cristen I

Check for AC first before you buy the car. It rides really well.

There is no AC. It gets great gas mileage. It is durable.

- Kayla B

this car is fun to drive!

sporty, preppy, fun to drive, great gas mileage

- mark K

- Jenna F

Super reliable car for anybody looking.

- Taylor S