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I have 2 machine guns attached below my front bumper.

My 2000 Dodge Durango is nice for its age, it is a 2000, big v-8, loaded, it uses a lot of gas running around my little town, but does pretty good on the highway, when I do go out of town. It is my first vehicle I have owned that was in after 1999, it is got some small issues like the driver's seat has worn out and torn leather, but the rest of the interior is nice, the drivers side window is slow rolling it up it must have one of the clips missing that holds it in the track, it comes off track about half way up then I have to push on the front of the window toward the back frame to put back on track for it to roll the rest of the way up. I do not get good reception on the stock radio but the CD player works so far. The most irritating issue I have with it is the back liftgate will not open every time I try to open it, so therefore I do not put anything I want haul like groceries, and other items back there cause it might not open again when I get to its destination, and I might not be able to unload the cargo I put in, especially if the item is something large and heavy, I cannot physically work it out the 2 back doors or it could be too big to fit through the doors, and I never know when someone needs something hauled for them. It is royal blue in color and the paint is peeling off all around the vehicle, that kinda bums me out cause I like my vehicles to look good, I am disability and cannot afford a paint job so I gotta live with it. Now there is one other big issue, it is a personal issue and a safety issue to me, the owner put 20 inch chrome wheels on it and some tires that does not grip the road good and when it rains (and we had 2 months of heavy rain) and I have to slow down to a crawl driving it in the rain cause the water that is standing on the road will jerk my front end left or right and could put in a ditch or another vehicle or something, I am going to try and get new tires like some all terrain tires something with some rubber on them that grab that road. What can I say I have only owned about 5 months. I enjoy driving it though.

- Cathy P

The Durango has really stood the test of time and just keeps going.

The Durango is getting older so it has been having a few small issues. Nothing that was too expensive. It has 8 seats and the back two rows will lay down when needed. It gives everyone plenty of room or me plenty of space to carry things. It is a v8 so the gas mileage is terrible. If I was to have anything negative to say about the vehicle it would be there gas mileage and getting into the last row of seats. It is 18 years old and it has just now started needing to be worked on and none of it has been major. It is very comfortable, with vents in the back for those passengers. The driver seat has more range of motion to find a comfortable sitting position, no matter how long the drive, than I had ever seen in a vehicle before.

- June V

My 2000 Dodge Durango is a champion. The motor has no problems taking off.

For an older vehicle with 190,000 miles this SUV is a champion. It's a beast! I purchased my Durango used a year and a half ago and have only had to replace the power steering pump and 2 tires. Additionally I did do a little maintenance and replaced the spark plugs and shocks and struts for general maintenance. It has no trouble pulling a trailer and the 4'4 rocks with no issues. As an older SUV it gets kind of dusty inside and there's no cabin filter. A luxury vehicle, it is not. It is great for a country buff that doesn't mind a little dirt and noise when the windows are down. I am definitely glad I bought this vehicle.

- Dee L

The longevity of the vehicle.

I enjoy the car very much works great because we have always had it for awhile. There is enough room for the kids and other materials when we need to travel or just go to work. All in all I would mostly definitely recommend this to family and friends. I feel that after I used this I would not switch to another make or model I feel that I made the right decision in buying this vehicle and am so happy it has lasted as long as it has. Such a quality is difficult to find in newer vehicles and therefore, makes me proud to own such a well designed and enduring vehicle.

- Jamie P

Though the Dodge Durango ranks in the middle of the midsize SUV class.

The Durango is a good midsize SUV. Thanks to muscular engine choices, enjoyable ride quality, and decent fuel economy, this Dodge has good overall performance for an SUV. Few competitors can match the Durango's towing capability, but you'll have to pay a lot more money to get the most engine power and maximum towing capacity. Inside, the Durango's cabin feels upscale, and its seats are comfortable. The Durango features one of the most intuitive infotainment systems on the market. One notable downside is that this Dodge earns lower safety scores than most rivals.

- Logan H

Dodge Durango Review 2000

I love Dodge and I love my Dodge Durango. Of course, it has had its issues like any car, but nothing quite major. However, some issues include having to replace my front and back brakes multiple times. The fuel pump has given me problems quite a few times. I use my car on an extreme daily basis and rely on it as for means of transportation. But, it does have poor gas mileage, and gas is not cheap. The gas always seems to always disappear. When the issues are more serious, the car parts are really expensive and the quality isn't even top.

- Sarah N

It has black leather seats, a fake wood radio/control center, and seats 7.

I love my car, now that it runs well! It had several issues last year, as can be expected of a 19 year old car, but we were able to get it fixed, and now it runs great! I love how much horsepower and torque it has. I can pass someone easily, without having to push the gas pedal nearly all the way down. It has leather seats, which I absolutely love, and a fake wood radio/control center. I love how big it is. I can fit so much stuff in it! I also love that it seats 7, so I can take all my friends places. Definitely recommend.

- Jessica M

Great all purpose vehicle. It has four wheel drive.

The Durango has had minimal problems. The main problem was the fan went out for cooling and heating. The fan was very expensive to replace due to its position. Doing the oil changes and general maintenance keeps it running smoothly. It is comfortable and roomy for traveling with children. It is a great car for shopping and is roomy enough to carry things needed for home repairs from home depot. It sets high enough I can even do some minor off-road when necessary to get where I am going.

- Kathleen H

2000 Durango the good and bad.

2000 dodge Durango slt has a 5.9l v8 4wd all time leather interior with 3rd row seating. It handles very well, steering feels like a car. The ride is comfortable and very spacious inside. The seats are easy to put up and down for loading the trunk. Gas mileage is poor I average 13 mpg 65% highway. Sensors are what break the most cheap to buy but are not easily reached for repair. Overall I really do enjoy the truck and would buy the model again.

- David L

It is a smooth comfortable ride, spacious.

The problems I have with my vehicle all seen to be electrical. Outlets are out all. Expect one of them. My heat only works when it wants to and I have to flip switches. My cruise control is out. . . The nice thing about my vehicle is that it is got a lot of space. Which is nice when you have a family, fits car seats nicely. It is a smooth comfortable ride.

- Ashley J

Black on blacked out mopar power!

Now that everything has broken down on this Durango. Everything has a brand new parts it runs awesome. No matter what year Durango you get there all safe, all wheel drive, mopar vehicles that look amazing. I think you'll get the black on black, it is the ish'. The 5.9l v8 motor has more than enough power to tow or do anything you could ever want to do.

- Ryan J

Car is long enough to put skis inside instead of having to put them on top.

Car has lots of room, separate heater and air conditioner in rear, plenty of cup holders and outlets to plug in electronics. It can hold 7 passengers or back seat can fold down for extra luggage. . It has a powerful engine that can go just about anywhere and has a tow package. The biggest drawback is it only gets an average of 9 miles to the gallon.

- Susan V

My crappy dodge Durango on

The car alarm and automatic door locks malfunction constantly. I don't know about you but it's embarrassing and frustrating having to take off your door panel disconnect your battery and all of that stuff just to drive your car without the alarm blaring. Also this SUV has the worst gas mileage my 30 year old truck got better gas mileage than this SUV.

- Jessica C

Loving my Dodge so comfy and big.

Tough on gas takes a lot to fill it up. Having some issues with it on take off with hesitation not sure if it is a transmission issue or spark plugs. Do love my vehicle it is very roomy and is also comfortable and seats up to 7. Would recommend this vehicle to someone with lager family that stays in the city due to gas mileage being poor.

- Angie K

The 3rd row seat collapses.

It is an extremely reliable vehicle, with power seats and full towing package. It goes through quite a bit of gas at 14 mpg. But overall is a great vehicle, the 4x4 is amazing in off-road terrain and the 3rd row seating is able to be put up or down as in the 2nd row. The rear air vents help when you have kids or guests in the backseat.

- Felicia M

Great vehicle but also a gas hog.

It is a great vehicle to have. Great for new drivers and very easy to drive. Only problem is the gas mileage. As long as you maintain the vehicle it will last you for a long time. To save gas try to keep the rpms low while driving. It has third row seating so is also great for road trips. All seats fold down for extra cargo room.

- Kate W

Spacious family vehicle. Perfect for transporting kids to sporting events.

I have had my car for 18 years and have had little problems. I just recently had to start replacing a few parts. It has been a very reliable car and I hope to continue with this car as long as I can. It is very spacious and has third row seating which you can also put the seats down for additional room for hauling items.

- Kristina N

Great for new family, car.

The Durango is so reliable for me and can tow extremely well. It has great storage and can get pretty decent gas mileage. Definitely recommended for anyone who wants to modify their own vehicle. I can take it where I need to go and for what I need it to do. Stores my family well and keeps us safe for a family of 3.

- Austin C

So much room in this thing and the 3rd row lays down!!

Even though the truck is older I absolutely love it. There are some things I don't like on it, like there is no aux cord plug in and when it comes to features it's pretty basic but it IS a 2000. The truck is very dependable and handles really well in all types of weather, I would definitely buy this again!

- Jessica P

It has been a reliable vehicle over the years.

Love my Durango but it is older and have had to replace the transmission. I would definitely purchase another Durango but won't all the bells and whistle‘s to go with it on the next purchase. I missed having the technology than other friends have with newer vehicles but it has been a good car for me.

- Pat H

Information about my 2000 dodge Durango.

Leather interior, 4wd, lock mechanisms are not working properly. 5.9 v8 engine uses a lot gasoline. Parts are relatively low priced. Having issues with heater coil, burns oil relatively quickly and the radiator leaks antifreeze which causes the vehicle to overheat if fluids are below the full mark.

- Jennifer Orchard J

Durango: 1999- 11 years we had it!

I have had absolutely little to no problems with this vehicle, after having it for 11 years we've had to get brakes changed once or twice. This is a super reliable vehicle especially for travel and having a roomy vehicle for your family, I believe this is an amazing starter and long term vehicle.

- Lenny D

Tell how I love my dodge Durango and wouldn't trade it for anything else

No problems. Its old has ac it's comfortable and has pioneer CD player. Everything works .it's very reliable great performance.I have had it for 4 months and would not trade it for anything in this world. I also got it at a steal of a deal. Just needed minor repairs which have already been done

- Lydia A

Dodge Durango great family vehicle, with maximum space!

This vehicle is reliable and has a lot of space for our family! There is also room in the back for groceries or beach stuff or whatever we may need to take with us. The seats fold down for more room, making it possible to move big items and or if you are moving this vehicle comes in handy!

- Ashley C

I love my Dodge Durango, it is a great family car.

It is very roomy. The seats are comfortable. I am short and I can adjust my seats so I can see great. I had 2 car seats and 4 adults we still had room. It is reliable. It looks good. An get muddy and then it cleans up real easily. The seats lay down and you can use it like a truck.

- Tanya D

Dependable, reliable and comfortable!

The Dodge Durango is a reliable vehicle. It is four wheel drive, which allows us to get around in winter conditions with ease. The fuel mileage is average. It has plenty of room for passengers and cargo. The rear seats fold down to allow more room for any larger purchases to fit in.

- Natasha W

It's powerful with a hemi engine. And spacious with third row seating.

I love my Durango. It's powerful enough to tow a boat and has 4wd. It does have a 5.9 L Hemi in it, so the gas mileage is not the greatest. But it's spacious and comfortable with 3rd row seating. And as long as you keep regular maintenance up on it, this truck is very reliable.

- Rosa D

Very reliable! Amazing power!

I have had my Dodge Durango for several years. It has always been very reliable and has amazing power. I give it oil changes approximately every 3000 miles. It has had new brakes and new tires. My older model does not do well on gas mileage but it is a wonderful vehicle.

- Lori H

This vehicle can go anywhere and not worry about getting stuck.

My 2000 Durango is great it has enough room for the whole family. It has a smooth ride and plenty of foot room. I like to ride up the hills where we live there are plenty of back roads to enjoy the scenery it sets up high enough to see and is easy to get in and out of.

- Kathleen L. H

2000 Dodge Durango, still running strong.

I really do love my Durango. The engine provides more than enough power for towing, and basic maintenance is so easy I can usually do it myself. The cabin is very roomy, and the Durango rides like a luxury vehicle. Even after 275, 000 miles, it still runs like a champ!

- Stephanie C

Traveling in total comfort in a stylish Dodge Durango

I really like my Durango. Lots of room very comfortable. It has never left me stranded. No problems at all just normal repairs like worn out tires and general maintenance. Out of all vehicles I've owned this dodge Durango is my favorite for comfort and dependability.

- Dawn L

Roomy safe and perfect love it

We have not had a problem with it. It's roomy when you have a lot of kids. We have never been stuck. Downside is factory wheels are 15s so tires are high. It has plenty of power. Gas mileage is ok for the size of the truck. Everything under the hood is easy to access

- Virginia W

Avoid Chrysler: Electrical problems.

Electrical issues. One brake light works when it wants too. Electric lock switch works intermittently. Have to hit the door panel for window motors to work. Must kick the inside of the floor panel in order for headlights to work correctly. Not all locks unlock.

- Javier R

My dodge Durango sits on 18 inch rims with magnaflow for the muffler.

My dodge Durango is a speed demon and then some. I love it and it is my daily driver. I would definitely never want to get rid of it. I have beautiful leather interior like no other. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone who is searching for a vehicle.

- Craig R

Looking for a great car for traveling and family .

Great drives well, great fuel saver as well I love driving it with my family it helps us get from a-z smoothly and safely. I'll recommend this car to anybody that wants to travel with a big family . It'll get you to your destination fast and it has lots of space .

- Makayla D

The amazing Casper the Durango

Dodge Durangos are great family vehicles. Great for long drives the outdoors. It's very roomy. Easy to put seats up and down. Strong motors and very reliable. Durangos are great with towing heavy loads and is always dependable. 4_wd always locks in smoothly.

- Ses S

Dodge Durango summary 2019.

The alternator went out several times radiator leaks needs oil change battery was changed tires needs changed windows do not work as far as driving and reliability when it's fixed it runs well the seats are automatic on the drivers side and seats 8 persons.

- Denise H

Can't go wrong with the Dodge Durango

Very reliable. Have taken on a few long trips recently. Very comfortable for driver and passengers. Separate climate control for front & back seats. Power brakes & windows, automatic, cruise control, power driver's seat is among a few of the many features.

- judy m

Dodge Durango is a fantastic vehicle.

Wonderful vehicle. Ride is great. Powerful. 4 wheel drive works great. Air conditioner is very cold. Comforting leather interior. Very reliable. Has a separate rear air conditioning for back seat passengers. Third row seating. Holds 8 people comfortably.

- James L

Dodge Durango is an amazing vehicle. I have had it for over 3 years now

I Need new tires, back brakes need to get done. I do love that I can take it anywhere outside of town and I have no problems. My family loves the extra space and especially the 3rd row seat. The trunk is also spacious for tools and other stuff needed.

- Monica L

Good vehicle for driving in wintry weather.

Vehicle is not economically efficient when fueling. With gas prices so high your wallet takes a large hit from the pumps. The window motor stopped working on the passenger side which is bothersome. Good vehicle for winter travels through the snow.

- Sharon S

It's really old but it gets the job done! The third row of seating is something that we really need.

We have a very old vehicle. It is starting to break down and costing more to maintain and keep running. But it does the job and I love not having a car payment every month. Nonetheless I am looking forward to getting a newer vehicle soon.

- Sandy H

the car is white. it has comfortable fabric seats, a new radio and a broken back door. the door is intact, but does not stay open without being held up. the car has been well maintained and we will continue to do so.

it has comfortable seats and runs well. we have not had too many issues it it besides needing a new battery when we bought it. it has held up well and it seems to really take premium best. the gas mileage is dreadful though.

- elisia s

Durable, reliable, and comfortable.

Very reliable, more than 300, 000 miles with no major issues. A very comfortable ride. The magnum v8 provides lots of take off power. The Durango tows a small camper with little effort. The gasoline mileage could be better.

- Eric F

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it makes the perfect family vehicle for trips into town as well as for family vacations.

I like the amount of space that the Durango has. The third row seating is my favorite feature. I however, do not like that the 3rd row bench seat is so narrow. It makes it very difficult to strap a carseat on to it.

- Arran A

It has enough power in the motor to be compared to a large truck.

I love that it is a larger SUV with a large motor. Enough seating for everyone that wants to ride together. I dislike the repairs that i have to make to an older vehicle and don't really like the new styles.

- Valery E

Its safe for your children.

No major problems, runs great windshield is cracked that's about it. Good on gas. It is the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned, alarm system automatic. Performance is great, runs well in bad weather.

- Samantha L

I have 275,000 miles on my truck and trust that it will get me where I need to go,no matter how far away.

I love the roominess of the vehicle, considering I'm a big guy. I love the horsepower of the vehicle. I also love the cargo room that it has because I have two very active children that play sports.

- Gregory J

This car has always been dependable

I like the power this vehicle has. I also liked the size when my children were growing up. The vehicle gave us plenty of room and hauling space. i have also always felt very safe in this vehicle.

- Marleen M

That it is an amazing vehicle that gets me to where I need and want to go.

I like that it is a 4 wheel drive, so I can get to the places I want to explore. I do not like that it uses so much fuel and makes it difficult to be able to afFord getting where I like to go.

- Joe D

It handles very well for a full size SUV . It is very comfortable as a passenger or as a driver . It has good ground clearance and the the four wheel drive works well.

The Durango has plenty of room and with three seats available I can haul my grandkids with ease. It has power enough to haul a trailer with ease . The down side is it only gets 18 to 19 mpg.

- Wilton B

2000 Dodge Durango sport blue.

Normal wear and tear over the years, I have had to replace the brakes, the alternator, the battery twice, and an o2 sensor. Never had a major problem with it even being almost 20 years old.

- Anthony G

one thing you should know is that being a vehicle with over 200,000 miles on it ,it still drives great!

I like my Dodge Durango because due to the four wheel drive ,it gets me to place I wouldn't be able to get to in a vehicle without four wheel drive....I don't like that it is a gas hog.

- Joe D

Great roomy vehicle with great 4x4

The only problem I have is the brakes lock up when you first start driving it if it has been raining or damp outside. I really like how roomy it is and the 4x4 works great on it.

- Shelia T

It has great benefits that came with the purchase. Great gas mileage.

There is no complaints, it is has a lot more room an I love it, it is my color an my size, it is got the room I need a the power I need an I could carry stuff in it if need be.

- Debby B

Dodge has longevity and is 4 wheel drive is great.

It's getting a little old. It has over 170, 000 miles on it. I do like the 4 wheel drive for the Midwest winters. I would be willing to look into buying another Dodge.

- Eric B

That the front passenger window will not roll back up once it is rolled down.

I like how big and comfortable it is, I do not like how old it is. Two of the windows do not work and the leather seats are torn up. Other than that it is a good car.

- Reagan H

Dodge Durango the roomy suv

It has lots of room. With stereo controls on both sides of the steering wheel. It's easy to use the four wheel drive. You don't have to leave vehicle To operate.

- Wendy P

My reliable and powerful Durango.

My 2000 Dodge Durango is a very reliable vehicle.That is proven by the year make and model.It has a Magnum 360 v8 motor that is very powerful.That's why I like it.

- Stephen D

The most important thing others should know about my car is it is a safe family car in comparison to a minivan.

I like that my Durango has a 3rd row to seat me and my children. I like that my car has 4 wheel drive. I don't like that my car doesn't get very good gas mileage

- Autumn B

It's very durable and built well. It has plenty of interior room.

It's the perfect size for all types of traffic. Its built well and durable. It has enough room for my lawnmower, bicycle or a camping trip. I have no complaints

- Bill Y

It's been a very reliable car.

I like the body style and room in side. I like the power and performance of the engin.the only complaint is with the window motors had to replace all of them.

- Cody J

That it is fun to drive. It gets up and goes when you step on the gas.

I love how it sounds when it starts up and idles. I like how there is so much room in it. I like how it drives. I do not like how it goes through so much gas.

- Norman R

it is great for snow and sleet.

i like that it is a 4x4 and great for snow. i like it has a lot of room. i do not like that it is an 8 cylinder and costs a lot for gas.

- diana K

Handles great and will stop on a dime. I wish everyone could have a chance to drive one and they would not go back to any other vehicle.

I love my Durango. It is roomy and seats everyone comfortably. It is good on gas mileage and handles very well on the road. Next vehicle will be a Durango.

- Sherry A

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that it is rather fuel efficient for its size.

My vehicle runs really well. I like that has 4 wheel drive. I don't like that it does not have a radio antenna. I also don't like that it does not have ac.

- Julia B

That it's sometimes will randomly shut off while driving.

Love the fold down seats and the tow package. Love the fact it's an USA made. I do wish it had more air vents and maybe the back windows rolled down.

- Sarah B

I want money stop asking me to write.

It does not have problems it is fine I want money I am broke o want money I am broke I want money I am broke I want money I am broke I hate writing.

- Randy M

Not very good gas mileage but has third row seats so is roomy.

This is a vehicle that is over 18 years old now, and it still runs. There is rust around the front doors and front bumper. Not great gas mileage.

- Tracy S

For being a 2000 Dodge it has low mileage.

I got it from the auction and it runs good. I have no complaints. Choosing this car was the best thing. It gets us where we need and want to go.

- Sheri J

It runs, shifts smoothly, not difficult to drive for a 5-speed.

Loud pipes, mechanical issues, busted windshield, needs a paint job. That is why I hate my truck, oh, and did I mention, it is taxi cab yellow,

- Nancy H

Enough room for everyone able to pack or help someone move

Love the fact that I'm higher up love that I'm able to pack stuff in it for. Trip and I'm able to have the whole family in the car comfortable

- Tiffany T

Four-wheel drive dependable and size third row seating

I love my dodge Durango I love the four-wheel drive it is dependable it has been a grey vehicle minor problems no more than an oil change

- Leona L

The space in this truck and that a lot of people can sit in this truck.

Head gasket problems but I love the room in this truck. This truck is roomie and it has room for a person who is tall and has long legs.

- Mona C

It's a great family vehicle.

I like that it has 3 rows of seats. It's great that the seats fold and you can take the back seat out. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Maria C

It's a good family vehicle.

It is a family vehicle. It is gat a lot of room. We enjoy having it. When we go somewhere instead of taking two vehicles we take one.

- Nickey M

They should know that these kind of vehicles are built very well

It has a lot of room and it is very reliable we have had it for several years and we have only had it in the shop a couple of times

- Korine H

i has a lot of room and is easy to use. I love the color of it.

i love the fact that i have a lot of room. It gets great gas mileage and i love it for that.. I love the color of my vehicle.

- kate G

Its very spacious. Very comfortable to ride in short and longer distances.

It doesn't handle well in the winter time. Has issues with shifting in the cold weather. The resale value is also very low.

- Joe W

It has extended cab for more passengers than other trucks

I love my truck it gets from a to b. It is red extended cab so it has plenty of room for other passengers. It is a gas hog

- Spring S

It is easy to work on. I have done. Most of the work myself.

I love my Durango. It has just enough room for what I need. It has been easy for me to work on. I would buy another one.

- Carol R

Dodge Durango that is 18 years old and still going strong.

My vehicle is a Dodge Durango, it is four wheel drive and has out lasted several other newer vehicles that I know of .

- Tarah M

There was 3 different motors that was sold and the middle motor was the best.

I love my car it is older and is needing work but I love it I have had it for 8 years now and still running strong.

- Brittany H

Four wheel drive strong motor.

My vehicle is four wheel drive with a strong motor with a little over 300, 000 miles and still running strong.

- Tara M

It is very comfortable to drive and ride in. It is built to last unlike some newer cars made of lighter quality steel.

My vehicle is expensive to maintain due to its age and it is expensive to drive due to the cost of gasoline.

- jacqueline h

Dependable secure and reliable.

I love this car always dependable and always feel safe taking to the snow and kids and their friends in car.

- Mary C

Dodge Durango on the sandbar.

Ac fan is broken and there is a small leak on passenger side floor. Speakers are also blown in the car.

- Monica E

Who on earth has a name that is 25 characters long. Not my car.

None at all really. It is great reliable and easy to work on. 10/10 would type 100 characters about it.

- Nik C

that is is a great vehicle that gets me everywhere I need

there is nothing I dislike I love it. it has been a great asset. I also love that it hasn't dies on me

- Kimberly H

Spacious, but gas guzzler

It's roomy, has had no major problems, very versatile. The downside is that it is bad on gas mileage.

- Ann N

Durango is powerful but does use quite a bit of gasoline.

Getting old so lots to fix. Some rust so needs body work. Needs parts for maintenance. Runs well

- Tracy N

Heavy duty metal vehicle!

I like that the vehicle is big and metal. The car is made well. So many cars now are made of plastic.

- K H

Third row drop back sets.

Third row setting i like 4x4 like. I don't like it's older an trany wants to go an has high miles

- D L

That I would buy a Chevy next time. If I wanted a broken car I would have bought a Ford.

unsolvable mechanical issues lately. Replaced sensors etc. Still has issues. Getting old.

- Rich C

i think they should invest in a newer car.

It's very outdated. the airconditioning breaks sometimes. It's also bad on gas now.

- Destiny c

I like that my car is a perfect size and is v8 with great a/c.

perfect size vehicle runs great great engine they don't make same model anymore

- joe e

That my truck is very dependable, fast, and well made

I like that it has a great engine in it. I hate that it burns too much gas

- Elma S

Its built to last, my car is 18 years old and is still reliable

I love the 3rd row seat ,and the fact that it has all wheel drive

- j b

My car is very comfortable and has plenty of room for the family to go on trips etc. It has been very dependable.

Like any other car you must take care and check fluids etc

- patricia r