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Dodge is a reliable car brand.

Power steering pump is broken. Needs a power steering flush and an oil change. Transmission was done a couple years ago. It needs new brakes, brake pads & struts. It needs a tire rotation. Heat and ac and defrost work. Windshield wipers work. Only driver door can control buttons like rolling down the windows. Leather interior is tan. Heated seats. It is an SUV so it is a gas guzzler. A couple speakers are blown out. It is a 17 almost 18 year old car. I learned how to drive in this car when I was in high school. Good family car. Spacious. I love how the back seats fold down.

- Kristina M

Dodge Durango's are the most reliable vehicles ever! It's roomy for every type of person. The vehicle we have has heated seats which is awesome! I'm sure by now, air conditioned seats are available!!

My 2001 Dodge Durango is the best car my husband and I have ever bought. It's 17 years old and still runs great! My husband does all the maintenance on a regular schedule. It has taken us on many road trips in and out of Colorado. If we were to buy another vehicle, it definitely would be a Dodge Durango! We've had minor issues throughout our 17 years, but nothing that couldn't be fixed. It's also a very comfy SUV. Lots of legroom and the third seat is great when you have kids! I'll definitely be buying another Durango when the time comes.

- denise p

Our Durango serves our family of 5 well.

My Dodge Durango is amazing. It may be old but it humid down the road with plenty of life left in her. She seats 8 very comfortably which means our kids can have friends join on outings. We put our vehicle to the test with road trips, camping, and taking afternoon drives to explore. She is showing her age with some rust in the hood and an odd bit of mechanical trouble here and there. With a little elbow grease, my husband has replaced the radiator. I see my Durango being a part of our family for a few more years to come.

- Annie H

Totally surprised I would fall in love with a.to rengo and I never thought a car could run so well for so long Surviving many accidents and still keeps going to this day and I just plain don't wanna get rid of the thing.

I love the the size of engine which is a V8 4.7 It's a very roomy I can haul large things I love the 4 wheel drive The sound system in my Durango is amazing I have had some electrical problems but they've been fixed pretty easily however when Rust starts happening on the vehicle it's very hard to maintain however you could say that with a lot of vehicles I plan on buying another Durango when I have enough funds to purchase it I really want a 2011 black Dodge Durango with leather seats 4 wheel drive!

- Christopher A

Reliable car with maintenance required.

My car breaks often. It has good performance on a variety of terrain. I have had many problems with the engine, tires, and oil leaks in different areas. I have had to change lights as well as entire light casings. Several gauges and electrical problems have occurred over the years. Overall, it is a good car and has gotten me through many miles and taken me to many different states on road trips and carried trailers on various moves, it is a tough car but requires much maintenance.

- Rachel F

My Durango - a love hate relationship.

I love my Durango because I find it very comfortable to drive it has 184,000 miles on it and still sounds and runs just fine. It will hold everything I need when I do the farmers markets. Problems with it are several. Three windows do not roll down, no one has been able to align it perfectly, the seat adjustment just quit the other day, back passenger side light constantly burns out the bulb, so no brake light there. The front end is not built well in my opinion.

- Jean L

The dodge Durango does it all.

Dodge Durango everything car it gets good gas mileage it is powerful. Has a lot of space inside for three rows of seating or all rows of seats can be folded down and are electronic with heat, tilt, arch, height and forward/ backward adjustment options. The doors have child safety locks and a great alarm system. Car also auto starts from a push button on ignition key. General maintenance on the vehicle is fairly easy and affordable.

- Cassie M

Dodge Durango a Safe and Affordable Option for Families

Extremely reliable, durable vehicle. Handles well for an SUV type. We don't use the third row of seating very often but it is handy when we need it. We lived near the Rockies for a year and never had much trouble with snowfall, the 4 wheel drive worked like magic. We have had some electrical panel issues and it has been in the shop a few times but overall we are very happy with it.

- Kelsey S

the seats are not leather there a grey

till now I haven't had no issue with my vehicle. works real smooth, ac works great. Small car but can fit up to 5 people in it, and great for traveling too. Transmission works amazing and still is working amazing. The only thing I don't like is the color but that can be fixed everything else works good and don't have any complaints about it.

- Austin B

Overall excellent decision, best car for storage and winter driving.

So far I haven't had any problems with my dodge, but the one thing I don't like is that it isn't very fuel efficient. I know it is an SUV and an older model but still, the gas doesn't last very long. And besides the oil running low every couple months, there isn't any complaints that I have had. The 7 seats helps with road trips and storage.

- Arianna A

It has a factory DVD player in the back seat and it still works

I've had a good bit of problems with this car I guess the main thing wrong with my car is that it has a problem with the computer also its has a slipping in the transmission also the electric motors for the roll down windows I recently spent $1300 on getting a starter, linkage cable and a new battery and the transmission is still slipping

- Grant E

Bargain vehicle and cheap to repair

Good vehicle for the price. Surprising amount of features for such an older vehicle. Easy to drive and handle. Lots of space for a family, learn how all wheel drive works. Helpful feature for living in the mountains when it snows. Repairs are cheap, which is important. Only downside is fuel mileage is very low, around 12 mpg.

- Andres N

Comfortable, and all out very reliable family truck.

Roomy, comfortable, very reliable, it is starts every time. Sporty, my favorite color, the whole family loves it, fun to take on vacations big enough to live in, nice strong motor. The whole family loves it, nobody complains lots of features got it at a good price, decent mileage, good body with very little rust.

- Angela B

The greatness of having a Dodge Durango.

I have a 2001 Dodge Durango and the problems with it is that getting a tire alignment costs a lot of money. The vehicle does drive great and is reliable to get us from point A to point B. I love sitting in it because it's got plenty of room and comfortable seats. I love that it has automatic locks and window.

- Gregory G

Very reliable and comfortable

The brakes are very touchy but it runs well and it reliable. It is very roomy and is able to be taken on trips and fit a lot of things in it. Lots of seats and very comfortable. The vehicle also looks nice in many colors and can be very customizable. One of the best vehicles I've owned. I would recommend it.

- Jack R

Safety for my children during all seasons.

As long as I keep my Dodge Durango serviced I really don't have problems. It is very spacious. The seats fold down and give me room to haul things. The 4 wheel drive comes in handy when its winter. The doors securely lock when I am driving and I feel safe putting my children in this vehicle.

- Serena R

It is a very dependable car.

I call my Durango the Beast. I have taken him on roads that normal cars would not travel. I love the 4 wheel drive feature and use quite a bit. I is not not just for the winter but is perfect for those summer evening driving through the wonderful mountains of West Virginia.

- Lois B

My 2001 Dodge is a extremely reliable means of transportation.

My 2001 Dodge Durango is extremely reliable for my needs of commuting to and from work. I keep up with it's maintenance to ensure that it continues to run smoothly. I check its oil every 3000 miles, rotate tires when needed and never let the gas gauge fall below half a tank.

- Curtis P

Excellent vehicle for everyone

Very spacious vehicle. Reliable and safe. A smooth ride with control of the road. If you keep up the maintenance it will last you a lifetime! I recommend this truck to anyone especially a large family. I myself have owned 2 Dodge Durangos. My next vehicle will be a Durango.

- Jasmine M

Great for hauling stuff and going through the wear and tear.

The Dodge is awesome on gas I think especially when you get the Durango series. If you need a truck that's reliable and goes through a bunch of wear and tear then this is the truck you are looking for because it's great for hauling anything you need throughout the years.

- Randy W

The Power! I love the Hemi power in tough Wisconsin winters.

I love the sunroof, the leather seats and all the room! I have 2 big dogs that like to travel and it gives them the space they need. It handles extremely well. Only problem I have has is with the 4WD kicking in and locking all by itself, Electric sensor failure.

- Cyndi K

The Dodge Durango is a very roomy SUV with plenty of storage areas.

The vehicle has been a very strong running. The only problem that I found out is that with the age of the older vehicle it did burn a little oil after 5, 000 miles into the oil change. I have never had a problem with the engine starting up in the cold or heat.

- Jacob W

A good dependable vehicle.

I have 5 children at home and it is very reliable and comfortable. Has 3rd row seating, leather seats and gas mileage is pretty decent. It has 191, 000 miles on it and the only thing I have ever had to replace in the 2 years I have owned it is a map sensor.

- Mandi D

Love heated seats Safe for kids.

Bad front end Heated seats 3 row seat Gas hog Leather seats 4 wheel drive Safe for kids Electric 4 wheel drive do not work Driving on 2 different size tires Maroon Tinted windows Tailgate don't work Full coverage Comfortable Has a sound system Great Audio.

- Diana B

Low mileage SUV with clean title very reliable maintenance free.

Very low miles clean interior air conditioner and heater new tires not wrecked good engine and transmission new brakes new paint job very reliable maintenance free new carpet clean engine one owner never had any problems with the engine new stereo system.

- Alberto K

Our dream vehicle that's safe for everyone. .

It's a great vehicle that is easy to drive. It handles very well. It is safe for my children. It's perfect for our very cold weather. I do not mind having to wait in the Durango when the kids are coming from school because it's spacious and comfortable.

- Serena R

Three of the windows are broken. The battery dies often,.

Well this vehicle isn't my choice, it is just what I ended up with. I don't know how this car drove in its prime but right now it's not so good. The interior is decent and the body style I ok.

- Ariel H

Seating to and Carrington space all at the same time.

It has been very reliable maintenance minimal one of the best things is the third row seating and the fact that the back is split allowing me to make room for groceries and still have a seat.

- Mary F

It's a big car so you do have to care for it very well.

Its big and very wide it fits a large group of people. The only thing I dislike is that it does waste a lot of gas. Ii wish it didn't even when I drive it here and there to very close places.

- Alex P

It is economical and a great value.

I love my car which is like my transportation and break room from work. It is sturdy and fits me perfectly. It is basic and classic. Nothing that I do not like. It is great in bad weather.

- Deb P

Dodge durangos are prone to serious rust issues both externally and internally. They are also not very good on gas.

It's a rust bucket and a gas hog. But it fits our whole family and gets us where we need to go. It may not be pretty but It's fairly dependable. I do wish it had more trunk space

- June G

It is reliable and takes me wherever i need to go.

I like the fact it has third row seats and is semi roomy. It does have a lot of power too. Even though it is roomy on the inside, it is not as big as a van on the outside.

- Cassandra C

Dodge Durango is a perfect choice for a family of 5.

I've had my truck for almost 5 years now. I love that it has a third row seat and a V8 motor. It's been a well ran car and I've had no problem the entire time I've had it!

- Nikki S

Very dependable and reliable and roomy for families and cargo.

I like that it is durable and dependable. I do not like the repair costs and the fact it is hard to find spare parts or upgrades for. I also wish gas mileage was better.

- Joe W

There were a few parts that were recalled, so if you start having problems look into those things first.

It is always having problems. Just when I solve one problem, another springs up. It gets terrible gas mileage and eats oil. It is not a good vehicle and never has been.

- Amanda R

Best. Truck. Ever. For now anyway...

I have not had any major problems with the car as of yet. It handles pretty smoothly and isn't too bumpy. I look forward to riding it until the wheels fall off.

- Dan W

A reliable vehicle that safe.

Dodge Durango is a reliable vehicle that has lasted for many years with minor break down. It has taken me and my family on many trips and delivered us safely.

- Cornell E

Its very spacious and a good family car.

I am having to replace parts that break and the transmission is out so having to replace it performance is good and the room in the vehicle is comfortable.

- Ryan H

It has really comfy seats.

Lots of small things break down easily. The speedometer wont work unless you smack the dashboard. It has decent mileage, and overall is reliable.

- Tiffany P

The car has a 4 by 4 suspension system good for snow.

Suspension is a little weird. Car is all rusty underneath. It's like a ticking time bomb, fix one thing and then another thing gets busted.

- Christopher M

Easy to drive and maintain. Like this Make and Model better than the Chevy Blazer I used to own.

Great Vehicle, wish the seats were a little higher, would like a little better gas mileage. Over all would buy another Dodge Durango again

- Mel W

Elderly Tank of Fear. It's well built

It's an older car so it's harder to take care of but it's worth it for the safety factor. It's a better built car than most now a days

- Angel B

Dodge Durango workhorse. Gets me everywhere.

I have had my car for 15 years and I love it. The only problem I have is the door regulators always break. Have replaced them 8 times.

- Kim O

Dependable, reliable handles well, turning radius is great!

No complaints. Bought my Durango 17 years ago and have never had any problems with it. It's a great ride. Roomy and comfortable.

- Marge S

The gas mileage is really good.

It has enough seats and enough room. I also like that it has power, too. I like it is v8 engine and it gets decent gas mileage.

- Carol P

If maintained properly it is a diehard vehicle. Have towed horses and campers and gets reasonable gas mileage while towing.

Great vehicle though I do have recurring problems with power steering. Pump seems to keep going out despite full replacement.

- Francene R

It has third row seating so it is very spacious and plenty of room for friends and family.

I like how spacious it is. I like the leather, power seats. It has been fairly reliable. I like that it has a lot of outlets.

- Damaris C

My truck is equipped with cameras and an alarm system.

I'm happy that I have a vehicle. It often gives me problems. I dislike that it is a lot of work that needs to be done to it.

- Cristy B

2001 dodge Durango. Worn out.

Starts slow. Heater only blows on high. Windows only work using switch on driver door. Back passenger door window broken

- Jennifer F

Its dependable. Great seating. a lot of room for family and friends.

Bad gas mileage. To old. Need a new model. Hate color. I like the size of it. But all in all its been a good truck.

- Teresa S

We need it for hauling, towing, pets, and it needs to be overall comfy and good on gas

Plenty of room. Great for hauling the camper. Awesome for hauling small loads of things for the gas mileage. Comfy

- Amber W

It's old but it runs great.

I like that I can fit a lot of stuff in the back if needed. I hate the gas mileage. I wish it were newer...

- Brenden m

Very strong fast and durable

Completely comfortable and safe! I'm a nanny and I have absolutely no doubts about how safe my vehicle is!

- Kimberly H

It has 3 rows for the seats. And it has a V8.

Faulty transmission this year model has a recall on the transmission. Also it has a V8 instead of the V6.

- Rachel P

It's old and not in the best shape

I love the space. The third row seating is nice. Heated seats are a plus. Had mileage is a bummer though

- Steve c

It's really old and has over 200, 000 miles on it.

It has over 200 thousand miles on it. It's really old, the starter needs fixing. Also the a/c is broken.

- Anthony T

It was a good ride when it was running.

I loved when it was running. Recently the engine seized up. I dislike that is too much money to fix it.

- Marsha A

That the air conditioner is busted basically.

It drives great. My only complaints are that the gas mileage isn't the best, and the AC is leaking.

- Aleks S

It has a lot of space for my dogs and gear for activities.

I love everything about it. I hate that it has a lot of miles and won't last much longer.

- Lexi C

If it's running correct we don't need do nothing to it

We have no complete about truck, runs and drives good. Need new tires

- Dave S

It's a great suv. It's comfortable. It's reliable.

It's roomy and comfortable. I wish it was newer. Know complaints.

- Joseph G

that it is comfortable and good for long drives

it is blue. it is good for hauling kids. It is easy to keep clean

- karen r

it last so long with regular maintenance

well it has awesome mileage of 25 in city and 28 in highway

- hem w

It's comfortable and roomy. It costs a lot on gasoline.

My car is roomy and comfortable. It's ok on gas.

- Chatina G