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Did I mention it is 4 wheel drive as well?

I love my Durango. Have had it for over 10 years now and have not had any major problems. Love the 3 row seats. Has come in handy to haul kids and grandkids around. Been just about cross country twice. Luggage racks on top make it ideal to haul my canoe and kayak on our trips. All the seats lay down to give you a lot of hauling space. I have been able to haul just about anything in it that I can in a pick up but the added bonus is it do not get wet when it rains. Makes a big space to sleep in on camping trips, just load the little ones in there and keeps them off the ground at night.

- Sage H

No the best gas mileage. But has plenty of power.

Fully loaded automatic four wheel drive. Am/ fm stereo, CD player, cassette player. Front and rear heating and air. As well as driver / passenger adjustments for heat and air. Heated driver and front passenger leather seats. Comfortable, third row seat, great for hauling or camping. Tow package, though I have never towed with it. Luggage rack has come in useful. Downside, at best gets around 15 mpg and recently having cooling problems. All and all a solid vehicle, preferred as a second car instead of daily driver.

- Erica J

In its old age it needs a lot of tlc.

The car is 16 years old at this point and I am surprised it has lasted this long. At the time, we bought the car new and it was quite expensive. It has enough issues that we'll have to get a new car within the next two years but, overall it is an okay car. It is a 4 door SUV that has the ability to seat 7 people. Plenty of space and seat warmers too though, only for the driver and passenger front seats.

- Hannah I

Well cared for over the years.

2002 Dodge Durango slt 4x4: moderate body damage of back hatch door, and one light. Damage to front passenger side headlight. Dent in front left quarter panel. Needs new passenger side mirror. Interior: all leather. Fully loaded. Seats seven comfortably. Like new. Runs: very smooth. Four new tires installed recently. Needs new ball joints and a tune-up. Overall, very nice truck minus the outer-body damage.

- Stephanie N

It is very family friendly and smooth riding as well as handling.

I like the fact that it is nice and roomy, it drives and handles quite well also. . I like the many features mine has such as fold down second and third row seating, the back seat is also fully removable. . Mine is also power windows, power seats, power locks, CD player, am FM radio, tilt, and cruise control. I also like the fact that it is very family size friendly as well.

- Charlotte P

Dodge Durango family size.

The vehicle is very roomy which I love. It is a great family car. And very comfortable seating with lots of legroom. It also has extra room in the back and the seats do go down for added room if needed. I have had some problems with the radiator. And I had it fixed. The headlights could also be just a bit more brighter. But all in all I would recommend the Durango.

- Rachel B

My 2002 Dodge Durango is ok.

My 2002 Dodge Durango is red and reliable when I need to get from point A to point B and maybe c. It is a second hand purchase, so it has a few issues like a squeaking noise and the check engine light comes on for no reason. I cannot roll the window down with the window control on the passenger side. The driver can only roll down the window. It runs hot sometimes.

- Carey M

Dodge rides forever. You want go wrong buying a dodge.

I like my vehicle. It is very spacious and great on gas. I have had my vehicle for a long time and all it needs is its basic maintenance and this car will run and last a very long time. I am pleased with my car. It has a long life left. Dodge is a very trusted and well known company that you can depend on. I recommend dodge a lot when looking to buy a vehicle.

- Starr A

My opinion of the Dodge Durango and it is quality.

I am driving my 4th Durango in a row. My reasons for choosing this vehicle include their high safety rating, reliability, need for limited maintenance, and style. Over the last 12 years I have been impressed with my lack of problems with my vehicles. Each year has shown constant improvement. I will continue to own and operate this particular vehicle.

- Ricky S

A reliable and sturdy 4 wheel drive vehicle.

It has been a reliable vehicle. The suspension is stiff. It has been fairly easy to fix issues and maintain. There has been a few minor issues that I have not been able to figure out with the truck. I love the 4 wheel drive option for winter driving. It was able to pull a 6'x12' U-Haul trailer with ease from Colorado to Washington.

- Brian M

My 2002 Dodge Durango seems like a decent ride.

The style is nice, lots of room. Few problems. Only issue is it's not fuel efficient. I drive a lot for work and kids also. I am not a Dodge person so I don't care for a Durango but it seems to drive good. It does leak oil not sure if that's normal with 2002. I was not the original owner so not sure if it was maintained or not.

- Jodi M

This particular year is notorious for having several problems.

I love the size of the vehicle, it seats seven comfortably, but has been unreliable and is constantly in the shop. We've had everything to major repairs, like the transmission going out shortly after it was purchased, to window motors going out frequently. If it were regular maintenance I wouldn't complain a all!

- Cherie B

Great starter truck and strong engine. It is a beast.

Have not really had to much issues other than the check engine light does not go off. But there is nothing else wrong with it. Does great on gas. Very strong engine. Handles great on the freeway. My vehicle also has a third row seating that can go up or down depending on the amount of space I need.

- Ta E

Heated, leather seats, sunroof, all wheel drive.

Nothing is wrong with my Durango, it has some rust, but it is reliable. Not the best gas mileage but great family car. Heated seats are great for the cold winters. Middle row and third row fold down for hauling. All wheel drive is great for living on old dirt roads for all weather.

- Ashley D

Dodge Durango: a great family vehicle.

Great 3 row seating! Back 2 rows lay down flat for transport of items and having multiple people. Has 4 wheel drive. A little hard to change the headlights but otherwise a great vehicle! Great for winter and off roading as well. If you have a bigger family this vehicle is perfect.

- Tori G

Small problems, but overall a trusty companion.

My check engine light comes on every other month. It is some kind of sensor that the mechanics can not figure out. Twice, my drivers side window has fallen off track and down into the door. I spend a lot on gas. however, I love the space of the interior and the style of the car.

- Lyndsey H

Dependable, sensible SUV great for families.

We have had minimal issues with my Durango in the 6 years we have owned it. Basic repairs due to the age, such as wheel bearings and basic tune ups. It has been safe for my children I can comfortably fit 3 car seats on back seats. But car seats do not fit well on the 3rd row.

- Amanda G

2002 Dodge Durango with low mileage, good motor, transmission, all power.

Reliable, heated leather seats, air condition, all power, three rows of seats, ride smooth, low full coverage auto insurance, regular unleaded gas, easy to top off fluids, good heat, nice sounds, good tires, good motor, good transmission, big trunk, but take a lot of gas.

- Camille F

Big motor, lots of room, great driver.

The performance of my 02 Durango is good. Never get stuck with the 4 wheel drive. Nice big v8 engine with 4.7 lt. Mine has 3 row seating all the seats fold for me to put stuff in the back. I can seat 7 people all together in my Durango. I wouldn't change it for anything.

- Nicholas M

Fantastic, comfortable vehicle.

The Durango is great on gas for a vehicle it is size. I have had no problems with it and it is been extremely reliable. Very comfortable and family friendly. Spacious and practical. It is great for people with back issues as it is easy to get in and out of comfortably.

- Mary M

Roomy comfortable and easy to drive.

I love my Durango! Seating is so comfortable. I drive it to work every day. Parts are expensive but well worth it. I have own it for 10 years and it has never had any major problems and still is running great! My husband has been able to do most of the upkeep!

- Charles N

The Dodge Durango is a tough vehicle.

I have had to replace the whole front end. Other than that the car drives like a tank it has over 240k miles. It has heated seats, 3 row seating and a rear window wiper. I will say the car is very bad about leaking fluid like oil, power steering etc. . .

- Ryan C

It will get rusty. The doors and back panels are the most susceptible.

Very comfortable seating. The heated seats are a nice bonus. No problems with transmission even being as old as it is. 4 wheel drive is a must for living in the midwest during winter. The only problem is the rust factor.

- Shelly S

Built to last and everyone with a family would be very happy to own one.

My Durango is the best rig I could have gotten at this point of my life... I have MS and my Durango is so easy to drive. Lots of room for my scooter too. My wife is so happy I got it and got out of driving cars...

- Earl C

I feel that it is a very safe car for a family to drive.

It is a very dependable car. It can travel through rough spots without any trouble and is fun to drive. Only issue is with the windows. I keep having to replace the mechanism for lowering the windows.

- Bob J

The made and the color of the car

It's grey with four doors and it's has three seats in it the windows are electric and the work then they want to the front window has a crack in it it takes a lot of gas and it's has a V8 engine in it

- Margaret S

Quality is key and my Durango is more than just quality.

my truck is a beast first and foremost. She gets me where i need to be and handles all types of weather and driving conditions. I have been worried to drive on occasion but with my truck i feel safer

- samantha s

It is been a good and reliable car.

It is been good and reliable normal wear and tear on the car change the oil change the brakes change shocks change the starter and the radiator but other than that it is been a good car.

- Thomas A

It is old, it needs a lot of repairs.

It is pretty broken, it squeaks when you drive. The drivers window is broken, the window falls down. It is super loud. The seats are tore, paint is dull and ugly. It takes a lot of gas.

- Michelle L

Very comfortable and drives great in the snowy conditions.

I like that my vehicle is large and comfortable. I like that it is 4 wheel drive and very good in the snow. I like that i can tow large things. I dislike the gas mileage on my car.

- Nick B

Gas mileage is about what one would expect from this size of vehicle.

It has been an okay vehicle until recently until the computer went down. The vehicle has only 123, 000 miles one it and the computer was very expensive and hard to diagnose.

- Gary M

It still runs well even though it is old. Still looks good too

I like that it is a suv. There is room for the whole family. It is old, but still runs well. Paint still looks good, hasn't started chipping off as some old cars do.

- amy f

It's sturdy and reliable. With good tires it does very well in nasty weather. You can haul lots of stuff with it.

It runs well and has held up very well considering its age. Gas mileage isn't great but it isn't terrible either. Wish the mirrors folded in. Factory stereo is great.

- Laura D

Dodge Durango SLT 4 Wheel Drive is a very stout sturdy vehicle

My Durango has been very reliable and dependable. It has close to 150,000 miles on it and I have not had any major problems with it. I really love this vehicle!

- Glenda H

Safety and technology for all the uses of a family car

I like the style and all functions in it it is a safe and reliable car with new features and easy ways for things in everyday life gps all new technologies

- Debbie J

The brakes are sensitive.

It is a reliable vehicle. It is able to hold all of my equipment. The gas mileage is not all that great but i guess it's something that comes with an SUV.

- Jerome S

It is very safe and I feel that is a important factor.

I like the room it offers for seating and storage. I enjoy the handling in the snow. I dislike the cost and amount of gasoline required for traveling.

- Sheri K

It is very efficient. It can be used for both a working car and family car.

My vehicle is very reliable. It is big enough to hold all of my equipment. The gas mileage is less than spectacular. The A/C isn't too strong either.

- Shad S

Best SUV I have ever owned. Comfortable, smooth, though SUV.

The Dodge Durango is a great family SUV. Holds 8 comfortably has a lot of legroom. It's a 4x4. If you want a smooth ride the Durango is perfect.

- Ashley H

It is my style. It lets me be me.

I like that it has four wheel drive.I also like that it is red. It will be awesome to drive during the winter months. I feel free in my Durango.

- Julia S

Very roomy - great, easy ride!

My car has over 250,000 miles and I love it! I should get a new car but I love the Durango. It is so spacious- I can haul 8 friends in my car!

- Deborah C

Had four wheel drive and can transport up to seven people

I like how the vehicle has 4 wheel drive. I like how the vehicle has space. I dislike how old the vehicle is and dislike the miles per gallon

- Ethan L

Nothing important. I just love my car.

No problems gets me were I need to go. No issues. don't want a car payment. I love owning my car I take care of it and get all maintenance.

- Mary G

That the vehicle is over all sturdy and reliable.

It is a sturdy running vehicle. It is it good on oil and brake fluid. But it does burn a bit of gas. And the lights go out on ruff roads.

- Jason K

Can handle driving in rural Wyoming weather with ease

Gas mileage could be a little better. Don't like the way it handles on ice. I like it is a big SUV and has plenty of space and is 4WD

- Tucker P

This car is the most reliable car we've ever owned.

Love how reliable she has been! Hate that she is getting so old. Also, love that she's american car and is my favorite color, blue.

- Amanda N

It's a good car. No major problems. Plenty of space.

It is a great car. It has plenty of space. It has 7 seats. The back row goes flat. There has not been any major problems with it.

- Catherine M

Uses quite a bit of gas when commuting via highway regularly.

It is a reliable vehicle and has been useful and fun to drive. It is size is helpful for carrying whatever I need to bring home.

- Jake Z

most important is safety durability save on gasoline

dodge durango is a very stable durable and trustable vehicle during all these years it gave me only pleasure and satisfaction

- dee M

the best car ever ,come ride with me

i love it because it's comfortable ,spacious,and safe ,there's room for everything i need ,i would recommend it to anyone

- kristin g

Tow hooks and air conditioning issues.

Air conditioning unit has gone out twice which is frustrating. Wish it had more accessible two hooks on front bumper.

- Conor H

Just the right size perfect for a family

Love this car. Big enough for my children and all there stuff but not so big that it's hard to park or get around in

- Rachelle F

It does tow well. Both campers and trailers of good weight.

the shocks and wheel bearing seems to wear out fast. Even with alignment. is a bit hard to get the kids in and out.

- Jesse P

It gets good gas mileage and it runs great

My vehicle is a good one it gets me from once place to another and de have not had any major problems with it

- Nikki M

To summarize this vehicle it is trustable brand.

Dodge Durango is a very durable safe and stable vehicle it performs good save gas and it is a reliable SUV.

- Dave M

Durangos are very common for needing new shocks so it can be bumpy

I love my durango, it drives nice and smooth. It has a lot of room for the family or hauling things

- Jamie W

At almost 17 years old, it starts every time and keeps on gong.

Reliable, very few maintenance issues. Has everything I need for long trips. No complaints.

- Tony M

It is the most reliable car I've had

My 2002 Dodge Durango is reliable, regular maintenance and the car runs like a charm

- Maria T

I would recommend it.. it's reliable and even though it's old.. it doesn't require many repairs yet.

I bought it new. I love it. And I wish it had a little more room.

- Alli B

It's very spacious and roomy. I love the look overall. However, I am not a fan of the gas mileage. The tank is pretty big, as it should be when it eats so much gas. I know bigger vehicles tend to use more fuel, but I don't like spending $120 a week just for gas!

Fits a family of 6 with all our necessities for family outings!

- Rachel F

the shocks go out easily in the car

It is a comfy easy to drive suv fits a family of 5

- jayme S

It has 215000 miles on it and is dependable. And still drives very well

It's a very dependable vehicle.. and its paid for!

- Tony J