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The Dodge Durango is a reasonably priced reliable SUV

My Dodge Durango has been a reliable car for many years. It is 4 door, has the 3rd row seat that also flips down for more cargo room. I like the fact that the Durango has a truck base and not a car. I like the fact that it has the air conditioning vents in the front, middle and back of the SUV. The one thing I do dislike is the air conditioning unit. It take a long time to cool down and I think it could be made to blow better in the back areas of the car. Overall, this has been a reliable vehicle and more than enough room to transport my grandchildren

- Diana L

Dodge Durango best truck ever.

This Durango is the most vehicle I have ever had. It has a lot of room for the people and still allows plenty of room in the back for shopping. This Durango has required very little maintenance mainly tires and oil changes; I have had this truck 7 plus years and it was well worth the money it is positively one of the best trucks I have ever owned very dependable this truck has plenty of storage compartments besides the glove box has pull down armrest for drink holders I really love this truck it has never disappointed me I really love it.

- L J

This Durango is a tank and can weather any storms.

The 2003 Dodge Durango slt has great power and pick up and go! The engine is reliable and strong, very hard to kill these engines! As far as the rest of the drivetrain it is pretty bullet proof other than normal wear and take! This Durango is great know matter where you go or what you do! Any choice from hunting and fishing, camping and hiking, riding the trails, or long trip to family vacation destinations. This is the vehicle for the job do to its versatility, along with it is roomy and comfortable interior.

- Blaine H

Love My Durango! Bought as second hand but still looks like new!!

Bought from a Dodge dealer and was a second hand car but it has lasted a good 6 years. We plan on using it quite a few more! The only problem I have with it are the shocks don't seem to work too well. We have been able to drive 500 miles with 5 adults and we had plenty of room. Our oldest granddaughter rode in 3rd seat and loved her privacy !! Maybe it's the age of the Durango, but my husband has had to add more windshield washing fluid recently. The gas tank is small, but that is expected on a small car.

- Judith S

Very easy to install car seats and fold/ convert seating for space needs.

The interior of my vehicle is a very comfy suede fabric on the seats and is comfortable during long distance trips. Love the personal seat adjustments. Enjoyable and easy car to navigate. Issues I have experienced mostly involve the rubber belts melting/cracking/snapping, transmission, air condition not working, car overheating, hoses melting/cracking, windows not working and constant cracking in coolant tank. Overall it is a reliable and accommodating car that gets me and my family were they need to be.

- Meghan L

Durable car happy to have.

Durable reliable have had for years and have been very lucky and happy with this car. It is a great car for family and very safe. The only issue is the console is kind of flimsy and does break eventually only for look though great car decent on gas for the size we have taken this car out of state a lot of times and after 15 years would still feel comfortable taking it.

- Erica V

I just love the size of it.

I love that my vehicle is big enough to carry my four children and me. It is very roomy and has enough room for two car seats in the back. I have not had to do hardly any repairs on it and it is fifteen years old. It still runs great. It has been a great car for the size of my family. I got it from my parents, and prior to that, they also had no issues with the car.

- Joanna L

Older dodge Durango, good winter truck.

Good winter vehicle. It is heavy, so it is a little more expensive on gas, but not too bad considering the size. The drivers window stopped working. I think it came off the track. It is very roomy, and comfortable. Also, the 4 wheel drive works well. The heated seats keep the bottom warm when it gets below zero. It is a good vehicle for Ohio when the snow's flying.

- A B

15 years and 120,000 miles later, this car is still reliable transportation for my needs.

Powerful, versatile and comfortable. I love the look and stance of this vehicle. I love the power and performance of the V8 engine. I appreciate the comfort (I'm tall) and the versatility because I can lay seats down and take a truck load of cargo or seat 7-8 average sized people. With the seats down, I can even lay down in the back and sleep in it if I had to.

- Denise B

Best used car I ever had by far.

It runs smooth, and I feel safe especially when it rains, when I turn a corner the car just do not sense anything, like driving a brand new car. Also I haven't changed battery even at these time, after 15 years, it starts right away. I haven't touch the cooling system, or transmission, had a little problem with the engine, just some spark plugs and that is it.

- Guillermo T

The Durango is my favorite vehicle I have owned.

I absolutely love my Durango. It is comfortable... Not awful on gas mileage, and we have not had any out of the ordinary problems with it. I love the third row..That really helps me transport my son and his friends to and from school. I also love how much storage room I have if I put the third row seat down... Room for several pieces of luggage.

- Sheila W

Very spacious and secure with up to date features.

I love the spacious interior. The fact that it is a truck makes me feel secure. I love the electronic windows and loud music system. The heat/ air conditioner is very powerful and the passengers can control their own temperature with your permission of course. The three rows makes it great for road trips as well or if you have a big family!

- Tara B

Good family car, great for travel space.

The vehicle is very reliable, I've only had to replace the throttle position sensor and tires during my ownership of nearly a year. It is not so great on gas but is great for family road trips and vacations. The radio is a little outdated because it does not have an auxiliary department but cool because it still takes tapes.

- Elijah W

It has 2 wheel drive, 4x4 drive also

It doesn't have any problems as of now, it's a comfortable ride. And very reliable. It takes a lot of fuel, takes about $60 to fill up because it's a v8. Very reliable been driving the car for about two years now and haven't had any issues with it. I recommend this vehicle to anyone who's looking for one of these vehicles

- Kwame M

Loaded baby blue Dodge Durango! This sweet ride has everything!

I love my Dodge Durango! It has everything! Leather interior that is a light tan color. The exterior is a beautiful metallic baby blue color. It has heated seats, which are so nice on cold days! Gets awesome gas mileage, especially for a v8. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone that wants a nice ride!!

- Lynda S

Four walls of safety: the moose.

Coming from a motorcycle, this thing feels like a solid foundation of safety and comfort. It can tow, its gas usage is actually fine, and it handles wonderfully. I named mine the moose, as it feels as safe as a moose would in a road in Canada. Thick, durable, and not prone to losing chicken with reckless drivers.

- Ralph G

Dodge vehicles are great, you just have to stay on top of the small wrongs

I currently have had zero problems with my vehicle besides in 2015 the AC going out but was an easy fix. The bill for the fix wasn't struggling much, took the auto shop 2-5 days to install the new part. A part the needed to be fix so I would have cool air as I drive. The heat was never a problem while driving

- James D

It's Great n safe for you and Your Family

I love my truck it's got room for us all n it's Fast. The drive is always Nice smooth excel n stops on a dime very reliable and Safe too the kids each have the own space n that says a lot seeing we have 6 of them. It's also Great on gas if u keep up on ur trucks needs, n it's not expensive to Own Outright

- Rochelle C

2003 Dodge Durango 4. 7l v8 has about 170, 000 miles. Bought new. Looks good.

I like the Durango. It has been a great vehicle and has been to over 30 states. It has about 170. 000 miles on it and is starting to have some issues. It is otherwise comfortable and still looks nice and clean. We got it when the kids were smaller. They have just about outgrown the back seats now.

- Tina A

2003 Dodge Durango four wheel drive.

I have a 2003 Dodge Durango. It has an oil leak from the head gasket, and the a/c compressor is out. The engine needs to be rebuilt and the headlights need to be replaced. Other then the minor stuff this vehicle drives good and has four wheel drive with power windows and power locks.

- Colbert G

2003 Dodge Durango SLT 4 door

Burns oil, $60 to full it up and it burns through all of it in no time. 3rd row is missing but there is tons of room. Too big for me being 5 ft. Has issue with a headlight constantly going out. It was changed 2 weeks ago and it's out again. Windows controls work when they want to.

- Stephanie B

Sturdy Dodge Durango is comfortable and functional.

It is an old truck, but has not had many issues for the amount of miles . Ample space and room for trips, we take it camping and on long road trips with three kids and a dog. Has roof racks and can tow if you need a trailer. Recently the air conditioning/heat has stopped working.

- Travis B

The most reliable and best vehicles I have ever had.

It is the most reliable and overall best vehicle I have ever had. I have had mine for years now and do not believe I have had a single problem once with it. It is super spacious and great for big trips to the store or wherever. Gets great gas mileage in town or on the highway.

- Garrett H

The family truck for new families and expanding families.

It has a lot of cargo room. It is a SUV for growing families and established families. The truck is very reliable. The car is also very spacious. A problem is the truck has low gas mileage. The truck is a gas guzzler. Also you have to check the oil because it goes through oil.

- Jerry S

My Durango is great except for the issue with fuel system

It's great except for problems with fuel system. It keeps turning off and won't start like out of gas and is not getting gas to the injectors. The fuel pump is turning on but has no pressure and gas didn't shoot out when I push fuel valve. I was told that had a recall on this.

- Lisa H

Great family reliable vehicle.

Good tires, good brakes, good reliability, good style, lots of room for passengers, love the front end design, tailgate style so room in trunk, however is prone to transmission problems. Still love it though and is a great car for road trips or to be used as a family car.

- Jenna H

The Red Beauty is a sight for sore eyes

No problems runs brand new. Gas mileage stinks a little but she's great in the winter ! Has 3 row seating great for a family trip or if you need to help someone move. Repairs are not an arm or leg either like most SUVs. I just wish it had a sunroof and I would be all set

- Stephanie C

It has seating for 8 and the seats can be put down for more cargo space.

My Durango has lots of horsepower and is great for inclines and steep roads. It is reliable and strong. However, it does guzzle quite a lot of gasoline. It has nice comfortable seats and plenty of room for my legs ( I am 6 foot 2 in tall). It is a decent vehicle overall.

- Ryder E

It is what it is a way to get back and forth.

Look I really do like my car but I treat it so poorly it is no wonder I have had some issues it is been through so much curb hops coffee spills. But it is paid for and it still runs good enough to get me back and forth to work. I do not think I will ever get rid of it.

- Thomas T

I love my 2003 Dodge Durango sport with all the standard features.

I love the size. It is got a v8. Problems right now, it might need a starter or alternator or the wheel bearings might be going out of it. Had to put in a new battery a month back, ever since then it shutters when I accelerate. It is got all of the standard features.

- Tara Z

It sits high on the road and has a lot of windows to see out of.

It's a great car and I love driving it. Have only had a few problems with it. At times have trouble with the air conditioner and heating components. The compressor seems to burn out a part that needs replaced every couple years. It is easy to replace the part.

- Emily M

Love it and very happy with the Durango.

Love it. Just wish they had better gas mileage. Good quality in this Durango. Feel very safe in it also. Love the four wheel drive also. Has been very good as far as not much repairs. Has auto start love that also starts good in winter here in Minnesota.

- Cindy K

An SUV that lasts. It's by far the most reliable vehicle I've owned.

poorly designed window regulators that fail often. A/C leaves a lot to be desired. There are a few other little things that have happened over the years of owning but in general it's a very reliable vehicle. Mine is over 200,000 miles and running strong.

- Kris A

Dodge 2003 Durango slt plus, 5.9, 2 wheel drive with a v8.

Very reliable car, I have had issues with coolant leaking. Luckily nothing major. Very strong car. Also very top heavy and easy to roll. Be careful when going around fast turns. The biggest issue I have is the miles per gallon. It is a huge gas guzzler.

- Taylor S

When properly maintained, it will run perfectly.

I like how reliable it is and how roomy the car is. I dislike the poor gas mileage and high maintenance costs. The Durango is not too old, yet very view tire shops have the original size available, making purchasing tires unnecessarily expensive.

- Michele H

It only has 76,000 miles! This is an excellent selling point.

I love that is 4 wheel drive. It has has leather seats, a 3rd row, a rear windshield wiper, and SUPER low miles! It's a dark interior which is great for the dog and kid riding in it! It's perfect for our family!

- Heather R

It is a very reliable SUV. And big enough.

It runs good, minor problem, has a large area to place groceries, and stuff, fits 4 comfortably. Very good on gas mileage. This model has a tape deck, and a CD player. Very reliable car to go on trips with.

- Elizabeth D

Keeping up with it even though it stalls.

My Durango likes to stall on my husband when we first start it up n as we are at a stop it always randomly shuts off we try to fix it and it continues to stall sometime we just want to get rid of it.

- Katrina H

That is eats a TON of gas, that it is good at storage and that it is slow...

I like that the car drives well in the snow, that it is safe in a crash and that it has heated seats and tons of room... I don't like what a gas monster it is, which is one of my biggest factors.

- Cymoril B

It is loud. Muffler should be replaced.

It runs well. It is comfortable. Third row seating. Maroon. New fuel pump. New brakes and rotors. New tires. Tinted windows. Muffler needs to be replaced. It is just a little to big for me.

- Michelle J

the car seating seats up to eight people. It has overdrive as well as automatic gear-shifting.

I like the seating with 8 spots. An extra seat in the back of the vehicle. I like the overdrive with the 351 windsor motor. i don't like it sometimes cause of the breakdowns of the vehicle.

- Keith C

Used dodge Durango. Reliable and resilient

Good reliable car. Burns oil which isn't a huge problem just means I have to keep a quart or two in the car in case of emergency. Biggest problem with this vehicle is it's a gas guzzler

- Taylor F

My vehicle is a study rugged automobile that is not too good on gas.

I like that my vehicle has four wheel drive. I like the size of my vehicle, it is spacious. I like the height off of the ground of my vehicle. I like that my vehicle is rugged.

- Franklin B

It is a good car it just uses a lot of gas

I like my car a lot. It takes a little bit to start but im going to get it inspected I think there is something bad with the starter and it has a v8 so it eats a lot of gas.

- Dillon S

It works very well In the winter time and it will make you feel safe.

I love that this vehicle has 4 wheel drive. It performs very well in the winter. Something I do not like about this vehicle is that the hubcaps keep falling off.

- Marissa M

It's a reliable vehicle and I wouldn't own any other kind of vehicle.

I love my vehicle because it gets me where I need to go and also makes it possible to not get stuck in the snow. There is nothing I dislike about my vehicle.

- Melanie F

There's no air conditioning, so on a hot day, you will be hot!

I wish that my air conditioner still worked, but otherwise I have no real issues with my car. It gets me from point a to point b, which is all I really need.

- Cara K

The most important thing to know about my car is that it is safe for a family.

I love my Durango. The only thing that I would say I dislike about it, is that it is getting older. I do not want to get a new one. I have no complaints.

- Melanie T

It is dependable, durable, and looks nice.

Like - older car so easier to work on if necessary, capacity fits needs, comfortable to get in/out, and paid off. Dislike - not that great on gas mileage.

- Tony M

It may be loud, but I am not driving as fast as it sounds.

Since my vehicle is older, I am starting to notice some problems. Mainly a leak in the air conditioning unit and paint peaking. I really like my Durango.

- Nikki P

It does not have the greatest gas mileage but runs good and solid vehicle.

I haven't had any problems owning the Durango. It is pretty good performance for the V6 engine. I love the seats and power adjustable drivers seats.

- Nikki B

While it's roomy & super comfortable making it great for long trips, it's a gas hog.

I like that it seats 7 & has plenty of room for things in the back. I also like that it's 4 wheel drive. I don't like that it gets bad gas mileage.

- Tanya T

It is prone to overheating, but only if it is left unattended for a long amount of time in the heat.

I love the color and the way the Durango drives. It's very easy to drive and it has not broken down for as long as I've had it. No complaints here.

- Carleigh W

The engine has a lot of life, even with 150k miles on it.

Well, it's fifteen years old at this point. The fact that it's that old and American-made but is still running at all is really a testament to it.

- Jack D

Dodge Durango 2003 - old trustee.

It is a reliable car, it is just older. Otherwise, the engine and all of the mechanical things in the car are well maintained and all functioning.

- Allie F

Very reliable. Car has over 225, 000 miles on it and still runs as good as new.

I feel very safe driving, it is a heavy car, lots of room. Drives well and stable. Do not like the fact that there is no air in the back.

- Marilyn S

After 15 years, the paint is not really holding up very well.

It is been very reliable, I have almost got 300. 000 miles on it and the water pump is the only thing to have needed to be replaced.

- James J

The mileage is high and that it is needing repairs interior and exterior.

1)has a third row seat. 2) it is drivable. 3)the size of the vehicle. 1) has a lot of mileage. 2) it is a gas hog. 3) needs repairs.

- Valerie K



- patricia s

It is a safe vehicle for kids.

I do not like the gas mileage. I like how big and safe it is. I like that it can fit 8 people in it. I do not like how loud it gets.

- Julie L

It is a very comfortable ride.

It is a great car that is very reliable. I have never had any issues with it but I have it taken to the mechanic once a year.

- A S

Great vehicle! Super reliable

Absolutely love my car. Super reliable amazing performance. Great 4x4 of reading capabilities. Wouldn't trade it for nothing

- Kristy D

It's very dependable and functional.

I like the body style, I like the roominess, I like the comfort. It has been very dependable. I don't like the gas mileage.

- oliver S

Very easy to work on. Can do most myself.

Wish I could fit 8 people in it. I love the 3rd row. I don't have enough truck space. Wish I could get better gas mileage.

- Amanda H

It will last through all the different stages of life if you take care of the engine with regular maintenance.

I like the durability and ruggedness of the design. Wish it had a little better mileage, but overall is really great.

- Robin L

If is an older model but very reliable.

The Dodge Durango has very practical seating. Very comfy. It also runs very well, and is helpful to carry groceries.

- Lindsey K

Good large suv, not the best gas mileage side to size.

Good midsize to large suv, great for loading larger items. Had fold down 3rd row seating. Not He best gas mileage.

- Mark S

The one important thing to know about my car is that it is very trustworthy.

My vehicle is the perfect size for me. It is reliable and I can fully trust it. I really do not have any dislikes.

- Michelle F

4 wheel drive is very important for the winter season.

Very durable and trustworthy in bad weather. A bit of a gas guzzler but a lot of power and good for transporting.

- Peter C

Reliable, 4 wheel drive, fits my needs with the 4 doors and hatchback.

I need to fix my suspension. Other than that, I am happy with my truck. Although I wouldn't mind a new Dodge ram.

- Christina L

Dependable transportation that gets you where you need to go in comfort.

Roomy and comfortable. Dependable and reasonable maintenance costs. My only dislike is the poor gas mileage.

- John c

It is a very safe vehicle and seats 8 people. A very sturdy car.

I love that this vehicle is family friendly. It seats 8 people. I don't like that it eats up gas very quickly.

- Evgenia L

It is great and it even has 4 wheel drive.

My vehicle is great for traveling. It has 3 rows of seats. It can hold things on top in case your traveling.

- Roberto D

It gets good gas mileage.

It is getting hard to get into now. It has a leak that no one can find that causes the Durango to overheat.

- Leslie M

It's a really reliable car to drive short and far distances!

I love the car very fun to drive! I wish it was a little better on fuel but its very comfortable to drive

- Joseph W

Its old and loud but still gets the job done. A newer model would definitely be more efficient.

I dislike the amount of gas it uses and how loud it is. I like how much room it has for the hole family.

- Shannon G

It is great, roomy, economic, and most importantly reliable. Great for the family and individual use.

My vehicle is a great family truck. It has plenty of room for everyone. It also had great mileage.

- Cristian B

Powerful and spacious. Can't ask for more

It can transport anything I need to. Window motors wear down and could get better gas mileage

- Tucker P

It's a great family vehicle that I have had very few problems with.

It is comfortable, easy to drive. Fits my family. I do not dislike anything about my vehicle.

- Dawn D

It's safe and handles well in the weather rain or snow 4 wheel drive doesn't slide

It's dependable, It's safe, it drives well. and It's been a very reliable vehicle

- ollie w

It's powerful. It has a lot of room.

I used to like it but there are too many things wrong with it.

- June P

I like how my vehicle handles in the winter. My vehicle is good for traveling. It is spacious.

My vehicle is very safe. It is easy to drive. Spacious & 4wd

- Angie G

needs some work on the brakes could use new plugs

runs great looks good needs some work. Good truck over all

- Derward R

durable, long lasting, nothing major as a problem, good fuel mileage

great vehicle. can go anywhere. love the four wheel drive

- tom w

The suspension is bad and I need repairs on the steering

I like it very much but it's old. It needs repairs also

- James A

it has to be the maintenance

it can consume a full tank of gas in less than a week