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2004 Dodge Durango smooth ride, powerful engine.

This vehicle is a 4 wheel drive which helps in the winter months when there is snow to get through. With it being an older model I did have to get a few things repaired which included the heat and cooling system. Now that it is fixed it is great because there are systems in the front and rear of the vehicle. This gives optimum heat in the winter and air in the summer for the entire vehicle. The ride in this vehicle is pretty smooth for an SUV but at times you will feel the bumps in the road. I love the power of the Dodge Durango and I would recommend it to anyone who wants an easy drive but powerful ride. This model had leather seats that are ideal for cleanliness. I would definitely purchase a more current model in the future.

Katrina L

Amazing bond with a car and its owner.

I have the limited 5. 7 hemi edition. Had the rear main seal done, I just found out I am leaking gear oil, a belt had broke on the interstate while traveling, and has a tendency to act weird when it rains has stalled out on me a few times. Besides all the fixable problems I listed, this lovely vehicle has been my dream come true. When you have a bond with your car, you all just chick. And miss doubled and I have. We stay in the woods and she's yet to ever fail me. I wouldn't trade her in for the world. I believe any car can be amazing as long as the driver and car understand each other.

Amber G

Family vehicle- Dodge Durango 2004.

I had to replace the engine twice. Apparently the Dodge. 7 hemi engines had known issues. Otherwise the car has been great. I love that the pedals move which is a great feature for a driver who is short status. I have a third seat and it works wonderfully for my family of five. When the kids were younger, there was plenty of room for two car seats and a double stroller. Now that they are older, the car is very comfortable and fits plenty of their friends and sports equipment. After having the car for 14 years we love it so much we are looking to replace it with a newer version.

Donna E

Very dependable and great for families.

It is an excellent car to own. We have never had any major issues with it in 10 years. Always feel safe in it and never have to worry since its very reliable. It runs smooth, is comfortable and very spacious with third row seating. Great if you have children and traveling since it has a lot of room and also has a DVD player to keep them busy during road trips. Great in the snow and has four wheel drive. I highly recommend this vehicle! Only not so great thing is it's not the best on gas.

Mary H

It is all computerized and sensors and fuses.

Well it has a lot of problems. First the catalytic converter was stopped up bad. than it would turn over but not crank. than it would go in limp mode. than it would crank but die as soon as you put it in gear. than the battery kept dying. Now I don't know what's wrong with it because I cannot find anyone to work on it the doors leak when it rains to. But one awesome thing is the sound system but I can only sit in the yard to listen to it because my truck don't run.

Crystal M

Good vehicle getting you where you need to go!

Well the car overall has gotten me from a to b many times. The problem right now with the vehicle is one of the 02 sensors are bad. So it runs a little rough. Also there is no heat or air in the vehicle that works great. It takes a while for the heat to kick in. It is not a bad vehicle to get you where you have to go I just wouldn't purchase another one when I get another vehicle. I rather just get a vehicle with less problems.

Tamara K

Minor problems, but overall a dependable vehicle.

I bought this vehicle used and aside from the air conditioner not working, it's a dependable and reliable vehicle. At one point it was over heating but when I took it to the mechanic, it wouldn't over heat anymore, so he couldn't find a problem. When it rains, somehow rain water collects in one of the back seat doors, but this does not hinder the performance of the vehicle.

Victoria W

Small SUV breaks down when you drive it.

My car will die when I am driving it on the highway or street even at stop signs. When it rains the water literally leaks into my car and my car is always having a sour smell because of it. I feel so uncomfortable when I am driving just because it dies randomly I can afford a new car right now but hopefully soon I can get rid of it and be in something more comfortable.

Chloe S

Great family vehicle. Handles wonderfully.

I love my Durango. It is very spacious for my family of 6. I love the sunroof. I love my seat warmers. It is easy for my boys to get in and out of. It is easy to remove seats if needed. I have never had any issues in snow. The 4WD handles wonderfully and makes me feel very safe. I have had minor issues that have needed to be fixed. A sensor that was easily replaced.

Jennifer G

It is a good car for long trips.

It is very roomy (3rd row seating), I love that it has climate controls all the way to the back. I love the sunroof and the leather interior. I also love the tv with dvd player in it and all the cup holders. I do wish it was more fuel efficient or maybe even a hybrid. I also wish it had more stability as it can kind of bounce you around when it goes over bumps.

Melinda M

Minor fixes, major inconveniences.

Had lots of issues with belts, wheels, etc. I do not enjoy all of the comforts associated with car ownership because small conveniences break down. The CD player needs replaced, my air/heat does not always work, and I have had belts fly off while driving the children because the pulley had melted and started taking chunks out of the belt with every turn.

Ashley R

It is comfortable and fairly versatile.

I love all the safety features and side airbags. I love that the seats fold down and leave lots of storage space. I love the leather and easy to clean seats. I love dual air controls and the DVD player with headphones. The last town is tight and does not fit adults well. The cargo space in back is tiny and barely fits groceries, let alone a stroller.

Rain P

My Durango is good quality for the money that I paid except for small details.

I love my Durango it drives could have a hundred and sixty thousand miles on it with no major problems a little disappointed in some of the smaller problems little things like trims I have a leak from the roof from the luggage rack bolts nothing major just little minor things I think they should have paid a little more detail attention to detail.

Vicky L

My Dodge Durango is a great vehicle suitable for 7 people with still enough room.

Very nice vehicle suitable for at least 7 people with space. Blows cold air and hot a/c. Drives very smooth and comfortable. Working radio with plenty of stations and kinda a gas guzzler but not to much. Has working lights and windshield wipers. Also has side mirrors that you can adjust and a sort of GPS thing that you can set at your home.

Tiffany M

Poor manufacturing causes water issues.

The 2004 Dodge Durango has a few issues, biggest issues have been with the body of the vehicle and the seals not keeping water out of parts of the vehicle like the doors. With strong storms the back doors will fill with water and drip for days afterward. The rear fender started to show signs of rust not long after purchasing the vehicle.

Andrew K

The Dodge Durango is perfect for the family that needs space.

Very comfortable on long rides. There is plenty of room for the family or friends with the third row seating. It has lots of legroom for the taller folks that ride along. And the fold down third row allows for even more space for groceries or even camping supplies. And for a large SUV. It is not bad on gas mileage.

Darlene E

Rough riding, hemi kicks it, decent gas mileage, plenty of room to haul big items or the kids and their friends.

Yes., Bessie, my Dodge Durango, is older but I love her. She has a 5.7 with a hemi. She will get up and go when needed bit actually gets decent gas mileage. In the past it was the only suv with 3rd row seating. I've actually owned two but the other wasn't a hemi. They are a little rough but it's basically a truck.

Phyllis M

My Dodge Durango is terrible on gas!

The only issue I have with this vehicle is the terrible gas mileage. I get around 10 miles to the gallon in town. I really love the 3rd row seats because we have a growing family of 4 and will be adding another baby in February. I love how I can set the 3rd row down for extra trunk space.

Brittany B

Dodge Durango is the best vehicle I have ever owned.

I love my Durango. I have 3 kids and it has so much space for everyone to move around. Only issue I have had is the front wheels have started to squeak a little. Other than that the vehicle is wonderful. I'd definitely recommend to family and friends who were looking for a vehicle.

Kim M

An enjoyable family vehicle.

The Dodge Durango is a perfect family vehicle. It has 3 rows of seats, rear air conditioning control in the second row, and Charger outlets on both back rows. The Dodge Durango provides a smooth and enjoyable ride. No matter how far you go, you can always expect to be comfortable.

Jones D

Do not purchase a 2004 Dodge Durango.

It gets terrible gas mileage, when the key sensor went out it cost an arm and leg to get a new key so my vehicle would start. I like the DVD player it's probably honestly the only thing I like in the entire vehicle I have had nothing but problems with this vehicle since I got it.

Rebecca C

You feel good driving the vehicle.

A nice vehicle comfortable ride nice it is a family vehicle it is good on gas it is reliable the only thing I do not care for is what the electrical system is not very good and causes a lot of problems the radio cuts out the seat belt those off even though it is buckle correctly.

Tamara D

Great for On The GO People.

The vehicle is very roomy, plenty of legroom, even in the 3 row. Seats fold down to provide plenty of cargo space. I like the dual climate control that can be done from the front or the second row seats. Back windows come tinted standard. Vehicle has great ground clearance.

Wendy D

2004 patriot blue Dodge Durango limited.

When I bought my Durango, it was my favorite color. It had all the upgrade features I liked. I owned a 1999 Durango before, and loved it too. I love the way it drives, and I needed something this big for my family and work. I would highly recommend one to anyone who wants one.

Bernadette G

The comfort and securities of my Durango, do not wait get you one today.

My car drives real smooth I haven't had any problems with it is good on gas handles all weather nicely I recommend a Dodge Durango to everyone. The softness of the seats makes it relaxing and comforting. It has airbags front side with roll cage for that extra bit of security.

Jeffrey J

Durango 2004 blue and gray.

Its older so I've had problems with it but it runs great in the snow would consider buying another one. I like that it has lots of room for my family. You can also driving it many places in many conditions. I just put a new transmission in it and easy to work on.

Angela H

Durable and dependable Dodge Durango.

This vehicle, Dodge Durango is a very durable and dependable vehicle. The gas to mileage ratio of the Durango is good especially in the city. Usually, with a lot of stop and go in the city, a vehicle does not get good gas mileage. Not the case with this vehicle.

Dee D

2004 Dodge Durango runs very well does not have third row and no auxiliary plug.

It is big but still does not have the third row which I prefer and it is an old radio so no auxiliary plug. Other than that for it being an older car it runs very well and very reliable. Highway driving gas is pretty good for an SUV. Takes about $60 to fill up.

Krystal G

Way over the typical mileage for a car this old and still going strong.

My Dodge Durango has been with me through everything. I've had it for over 10 years and I drive 30+ minutes to work and again back each day. I feel like if it were any other car it would have died by now or be close to dying but she is still good N.C. strong.

Margarette D

It is black and red with pinstripes.

I can go anywhere on any terrain without worrying about getting stuck. It also has enough room for all 6 of us. I have had very little trouble with the vehicle as well as I get pretty good mileage for a eight cellar. I love going off-roading with my Durango.

Debra S

Spacious, accessible, and powerful.

My 2004 Dodge Durango was a life saver! I have 4 children and they all fit along with their car seats. It is spacious with adjustable pull down seating for groceries or moving other things. Its smooth and powerful. It is by far my favorite SUV of the bunch.

Erica F

Family car for the rest of our lives.

I absolutely love my car. Not of a lot of bad memories in my car. I would recommend my type of car to people with families. It helps a lot my car is super reliable. I would never trade my car off for anything else. Its is and always will be the family car.

Betsy S

Great car all around. It does great on long drives up in the mountains.

It runs great and gets pretty decent mpg for being a v8 I love it. We always go on trips and sometimes have to use the 4x4 it does really great in the snow. My car seats 8 people comfortably and the seats come down for a lot of extra space if we need it.

Karen I

That is a very reliable vehicle,comfortable to ride in,and easy to drive

very reliable suv,we have driven this suv every day,taken on long road trips and have never had any major problems,easy to ride in and to drive.I have back problems and with the lumbar seats it makes my riding so much more enjoyable,we love our Durango.

peggy L

I am environment conscious and really the only downside is the 18/22 mpg

I love the the towing capacity. Highest of the SUV's if i'm not mistaken. A whopping 8900 pounds. It also has excellent stock speakers. For stereo enthusiasts it really could 9nly use a s7b if you really like your base. Otherwise stay with the stock

Ashton R

Runs strong and built to last!

It had a lot of power. It had over 280,000 miles on it yet it runs like a champ. We do have to add oil to it quite often though. Usually about a quart every week but I believe that just to be because of how many miles that's on it.

Tyna M

Great space and comfortable to drive.

Very reliable. Great family car. It does take a lot of gas but it is safe and reliable. Perfect for those mountain trips or get always. It does have some acceleration issues but I have had the car for a few years.


The most important thing others should know about the Dodge Durango is that it is built for safety. It is a very strong vehicle, that can hold up to a lot of miles.

The Dodge Durango we have used for traveling all over. We have gone to Florida with it. We have used it to go see Nascar Races. My wife and I bought it because it was easier for her to get in and out of.

Howard C

It's a very comfortable ride, spacious, and great for traveling. It's all wheel drive, and handles great in the snow. The gas mileage could be better, but when it has a 8 cylinder engine, its to be expected.

I like my dodge because it has heated seats. The Durango has a lot of great features which I really like. The down side is the gas mileage is not the greatest. Other than that it's a great vehicle.

Chet Q

It is very roomie it can fit 8 passengers.

My SUV ride wonder the four wheel drive will get you out of any suggestion your in but what I don't like is taking care of the transfer case after it is muddy but it is third town seating.

Eric E

It is not a bad car, it is just not for me.

It is too large for what I need and it gets terrible gas mileage, but I borrow it from my mom. My I used to drive a 1987 Honda that was much more practical for me but it was stolen.

Hannah L

It is all around a great family car.

Well the inside looks nice and it handles the weather conditions pretty good but the only problem I have is oil changes are expensive at places and also the tune ups are high cost.

William A

It runs good. And will tow a large fully loaded trailer with ease.

I love my Durango. I am high enough to have good vision of what is around me when driving. Due to my physical problems it is hard for me to get in and out of my car.

Judy B

The car is a very good deal.

I like that it is a Durango but it has problems with the car. I like that it do not have a lot of miles. But it take a lot of gas to drive it so I do not like that.

Kim W

It has plenty of room, very dependable, is all wheel & 4 wheel drive.

Love the room, that it is all wheel and 4 wheel drive. Plenty of room for all my family and our 2 dogs. It pulls our trailer with ease. I hate that it is rusting.

Donna H

The kind of car that lasts forever.

It is a gas guzzler but is roomy. It is not up to date with technology, but is very comfortable. I am happy with the performance throughout the years.

Tony F

It gets terrible miles per gallon on the freeway as well as in town, also.

I love the size & power of it! I hate the terrible gas mileage it gets. Other than the horrible gas consumption it uses, I have no other complaints.

Lonny H

My car is safe to drive because of how good it is in the snow and how big it is.

I like that it is big and built to last a long time. I don't like that it doesn't have an aux system and the fact that it has terrible gas mileage.

McKayla Y

All leather 3rd row seater

I love the heated seats, self darkening mirrors, and the fold down seats. 3rd row seating is wonderful and it's very comfortable on long trips.

Barbra D

Handles great in the winter.

I love how great it handles in the winter time. I have no problems at all. It is great for long trips. It's very comfortable and big inside.

Joe L

That's it got a lot of space to plus you can even camp in it if you needed to

I like that it's got a lot of space to fit all my son stuff and I really don't dislike anything about it besides it ain't running right now

Jessica c

It's the perfect car for me and also a very good Family car.

I love the hemi v8 engine. I love the fast rate that it picks up speed. There's Lots of room in the trunk. Gets decent miles per gallon.

Mariya B

That it has terrible gas mileage.

The vehicle is a gas hog and has numerous mechanical problems. Also, the vehicle is too big, we as a family do not need a large vehicle.

Sharon M

It looks nice and is fun to drive.

I love my Durango. It is fun to drive, gets decent gas mileage for a v8, and handles really well. It also seats 7 adults comfortably.

Pamela J

It is fun to drive and the steering handles great. I highly recommend it.

I like how the Durango is spacious. It's a perfect vehicle for a large family. What I do not like about it is how much gas it takes.

Wendy D

People should know my car is fast.

I like it because its big. I hate it because it's a gas hog. I hate it because its to bumpy. I hate it because everything brakes.

Cheryl O

It's Powerful and handles the road

It's big and powerful which I like. Plenty of room for passengers and space for "stuff" Just wish it was better in gas mileage

dan P

Not good on gas. It is a v8. . Maybe if the engine wasn't so big.

Love how it drives. Do not like gas mileage. Its comfortable. It is big and I like it. The new ones look like station wagons.

Michelle C

The gas mileage surprisingly is very good for the 2004 Durango

Listen for Dodge Durango is the best vehicle I've ever owned it has 3rd row seating 4 wheel drive and very comfortable seats

Pam M

Nice size not to big or go small, nice interior and space.

The only problem I have with it is it shuts off while driving, I love that it has room for my big family and it is reliable!

Jackie A

It's a good reliable car an good on gas.

I hate that there is not enough room for all the kids needs more room. I love that it is good on gas and that it runs great.

Tiffany T

I bought my vehicle by myself. It is reliable in the winter time with having 4x4 option.

I like that my truck is a 4x4. I like the blue color of my truck. I don't like the small leg space for the center seating.

Cara B

It has a solid body frame.

I like how my car handle the road. I like the extra third row. I like sitting up above other car. It has good gas mileage.

Loren W

The Dodge Durango is a very reliable and family friendly suv.

It runs great. The chassis squeaks though. Has over 200k miles and still rides smoothly. Few leaks but does not burn oil.

Mia M

It rides like a dream and is a great everyday driver.

I am very grateful for my vehicle, although it has some rust spots and a few minor issues it gets me where I need to go.

Sarah R

It seats seven people!! How amazing is that! I love it!

I love that I can fit my whole family and my kids friends in my car all at once! No need for extra cars and wasting gas!

Rikki G

It is reliability and comfort.

My car is extremely reliable and powerful. It is old but has not given me a lot of issues with maintenance requirements.

Cynthia G

It is very dependable and runs good.

Has lots of room and is 4 wheel drive;. The running boards are starting to discolor. Also need to replace the computer.

Steve P

It's a safe vehicle for families

It's sturdy and very reliable. Performance could be improved however it is an older vehicle so you can't ask for much.

Toni B

It has a lot of room with 3rd row seats.

I love that its roomy. It has a lot of great features. I love that is has 3rd row seats. I hate that it's bad on gas.

Brittany B

Secure for the family and the interiors are very soft.

I love my Durango.. Comfortable and secure for my daughter.. Economic in gasoline.. For travel road trip it's great.

Evelyn O

My car is really roomy, it can hold a lot of people, and cargo.

I love that it has all wheel drive and leather seats. The sound system is pretty good. The downfall is, it is old.

Mikey M

She’s old and rusty but dependable.

She gets me from point A to B she’s not pretty but she runs and has never failed me I can always depend on her.

Barb Z

Awesome torque for towing or off-roading and a nice ride on the highways!

I love an American car with a big block motor. A Mopar with a Hemi is hard to beat! I dislike the 10mpg average.

Wayne A

It's a great family car. Fits 7

I wish it had radio controls on the steering wheel. I love that it can fit my whole family. Wish it was newer.

Kim S

It uses a lot of gas, it drives down the road good

I like the way it handles, it has plenty of power, it does use a lot of gas but it is in excellent condition.

Alan F

Windows don't work and ac don't work.

My windows don't roll down any more and the ac is constantly going out plus Its a V8 I spend so much on gas.

Stephanie M

Dodge 4X4 Durango. It is fun to drive when it works

My vehicle currently has engine and transmission issues. It is not very reliable right now as a family SUV.

Alicia F

I love how safe I feel when I drive it.

I really enjoy my truck. I wish it got better gas mileage, but I am overall very satisfied with my truck.

Kathy O

It get a horrible gas mileage.

I love the size of my vehicle, but I wish it were newer and that the third row was more easily accessible

Heather L

It's safety features are great

It's big enough for my family of 5. It's dependable, reliable and roomy. I would definitely recommend it

Meriah C

It might be old but still runs like it is brand new.

My current Dodge Durango runs great. Air conditioning is great. Speakers work great. Never had a crash.

David J

It is spacious. But gets bad gas mileage. Fits the whole family though.

Does not tow as expected. Would like to be able to tow a bit more. And does have indoor obstacles.

Justin P

The passenger side has been knocked in and doors don't open

It was robbed so passenger side doors don't open. It users more gas than I'd lik. It has been good

Melissa B

Horrible gas mileage. Offers a lot of room for just about anything u need

Very roomy and dependable. I don't like the gas mileage it gets. Would definitely buy another.

Rachel M

It has 3 rows and uses up a lot of gas too.

I like how roomy it is and the amount of space in the trunk but I hate how much gas it uses up.

Tiffany J

The Dodge Durango 2004 has some problems, but all around a nice SUV.

The vehicle has the third row. The vehicle is spacious. It does have a problem when it rains.

Crystal T

It's a gas guzzler since it's a v8 and has very minimum storage space

Has a lot of space, wish had more storage room and it's horrible on gas, good in the snow

Ciara W

It was bought in 2004 and has been wonderful. Had engine replaced and has been just as good, if not better, than before. Nothing I don't like or have any complaints.

She's rock solid and has some get up and go. Has been great ever since I purchased her.

Vickie L

Nothing important about it, get me where i need to go.

Like the vehicle no complaints. Plenty of cargo space. Plenty of room in backseat.

Justine C

My car is a great recreational vehicle.The hemi gives it a smooth ride.

I love the size and power of my truck. It is very powerful. It has quick pick up.

Tiffany T

It is a great vehicle to drive.

It is comfortable to drive. It has room to haul passengers and equipment.

tom R

lots of interior room when traveling or shoping easy to park

comfortable to drive good fuel mileage rooney can hold grandchildren

henry t

It is a good suv. Holds plenty of people. Squeaky belt we can't fix. The air sometimes goes out.

It is dependable. It gets you where you are going.

Beth R

Good for big family and travel

It is big and good for family, a lot of gas

Ansye B

runs well and last mile after mile.

runs excellent. no issues or complaints.