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It has terrific cargo space without the 3 row seats, while still being fairly comfortable for our family of 5

It has been well cared for and only has just over 100k miles on it. The A/C is not functioning and the driver's side sun visor is broken. Otherwise, it's probably my favorite car of all the ones I've owned. It's reliable, smooth, consistent. It has extra cargo space in lieu of 3rd row seating, which I sometimes wish it were the opposite. We are a family of 5 with 2 teenagers and a 7 yr old in a booster seat. The back seat is a little snug for all three of them, but not too bad.

- Aimee M

A Durango is an all around good vehicle it has the room people are looking for but it's not too big and not too pricey.

My Dodge Durango has been a great truck, it has a lot of room for everyone to sit comfortably and plenty of legroom for the front and back passengers. The back cargo space is big and offers plenty be of room to load stuff and the seats lay down in the back to give you extra room for large cargo. The look of the truck is appealing and the interior also looks good. The only down side of the Durango is that it gets bad gas mileage, but my truck has a V8 so that is probably why.

- Natalie M

Comfortable, lots of features, bad gas mileage.

Reliable, comfortable family car. It has great features, such as leather heated seats, presets for drivers seat, optional third row. The V8 hemi engine packs a lot of power. This car gets terrible gas mileage is though and it has an awful blind spot a the each side of the windshield. I have never experienced such a big blind spot and I need to be very careful when making left turns from a stop sign. I had some close calls as I was getting used to the car.

- Erika S

Good, bad, and the ugly about my 2005 Dodge Durango.

Dependable vehicle but not so good on gas when in the inner city limits. Has a lot of room, great family vehicle for trips. Recently started quitting which seems to be common with Dodge. It goes great in the snow and mud. My Dodge Durango has been in 3 wrecks (not by me) and it is still going strong! So, they are a rough, tough, vehicle, great for family vacations and outings but be prepared to spend a lot on gas if you are in the inner city.

- Christina R

Durango great family vehicle, very spacious.

First of all space is very important to me. I do have a big family. My Durango is very spacious you do not feel tight inside your vehicle. Runs great and I have had it for 5 years now without a problem. I drive it daily to work, school well I am over town all day. Maintenance is fundamental on a vehicle and with that in check my Durango is one of the best vehicles I've owned.

- Alejandra G

Dodge Durango. My very own darth.

My vehicle is an 8 seater SUV. I love the size & color of my vehicle. It sits high & I can see everything. It has leather seats, which are extremely comfortable & attractive. It drives very well. The sound system is good along w/the 6 CD changer. It is helpful that the stereo has satellite capabilities if I decided to subscribe to that featured.

- Karen P

I'm ready to replace it in the next year

I like the color and size. We have had problems with the air conditioning unit and have had to replace the whole thing and the air is still not cold. We also blew a head gasket during a road trip and had to replace the engine. since then it has never run the same so I don't think we would ever get another dodge again. Too many problems

- Corey M

Reliability. Through the years has been very comforting /appreciated.

It has been the best vehicle I have ever owned. It is performance was very surprising even though I knew it was a quality model. The only problem I have ever had was due to poor quality workmanship by mechanics performing repairs and or replacing worn parts. The features and the quality of the engine are amazing and very reliable.

- John R

Reliable vehicle for family of 5.

Bought this after finding out we were expecting another lo, which then we needed a vehicle with more seating. I love the way it drives and the seating capacity. It's been very reliable and good to our family of 5. Gas mileage isn't the best, but it is a v8. Only had a few minor things need repaired due to normal wear and tear.

- Erica B

2005 Dodge Durango v8 hemi engine.

I bought my car used in 2013 with 80, 000 miles on it. Besides basic maintenance and replacing the airbags due to recall, the only issue I have has was my transfer case to my 4 wheel drive went out and my tires would lock up intermittently. The cost was about 900 to fix but I haven't had any problems with my wonderful car.

- Amanda B

Reliable family accommodating car for a big/small family great for towing boats.

The Dodge Durango is great! I love that it has 3 rows of seating, A few things I do not like is the when filling it with gas before the hose clicks off the gas tank burps and gas overflows this has caused erosion on the car. Which I hate! Because if the 3 rows the very back is not big to store other things in the back.

- Katie W

Everything works for being a used vehicle.

Runs good easy to drive. Gets good gas mileage I bought it because it fits my needs room for the grandkids all of their sports items. Very good on long trips lots of legroom for tall and short. Just change oil when need and runs like a charm. Will try out the 4 wheel drive this winter here it is very good on snow.

- Sharon H

Stylish, very roomy great fuel mileage.

Performance is great never experienced any mechanical issues. Accelerates quickly and is very quiet when driving. My 2015 model has the econ option which allows for great gas mileage. Only issue is the durangos have a bad blind spot. At this time I will only buy Dodge and absolutely love the durangos.

- Scott A

Back seats folds down for extra room..Multiple charging ports and cup holders.

Great vehicle!Good in gas..Filled it up here in Paris Illinois drove to St.Louis. On one tank. Then fill up on way home. Oil maintenance is very awesome... It keeps oil great... This being Durango #2 they are bad having oil light staying on and anti- brake also... Beyond that nothing negative.

- Travis M

My big loving dodge Durango.

My vehicle is roomy it is still running after 14 years with little maintenance issues. I can haul and pack a lot of items in it and travelling with a large family like mines is a breeze. My vehicle is large enough to not be intimidated by big trucks on the road and safety is always first.

- Suzette F

I do not want to do another survey about my car I do not want to.

It is a great SUV. It has not given me any issues that a car of it is age wouldn't give. Had an accident a few months after I bought it (someone hit me) and there was only minor damage. Great in the snow and ice. Perfect for New England weather. I will buy another when the time is right.

- Sarah L

The Dodge Durango is a comfortable and reliable vehicle.

It performs very well in all weather conditions. It is roomy, seating for 7. It rides high and visually I can see everything and can be seen by others. We use it often for ski trips as it has room for our baggage and gear. It is a nice ride with comfort and has been very reliable to us.

- Pamela H

The HHR are low maintenance vehicles.

I drive a 2008 HHR and found the car to be reliable and the performance is great. I also love the box body of the HHR . In 10 years, I have only had one major car repair. I never think about this car having car problems, that is how comfortable and confident I am with cars performance.

- Dianne D

All about my favorite vehicle I have ever had.

The Durango is a great car gas mileage is heavy. It is a reliable vehicle make sure to keep up maintenance. Sound system is great. Go for a newer model. I love the heated seats. The driver seats is awesome fully adjustable up down forward and back steering wheel is comfortable.

- Angela V

Great SUV. Nothing stands out that is either good or bad.

It is just a great SUV. It does not do that great in snow but with climate change we do not get very much. It rides really well and easy to handle. The gas mileage is just okay for the size. I would definitely buy another Dodge either another Durango or maybe smaller next time.

- Collie T

None the less you are not good enough for you.

Like I said yes I can do you want to was my time of the year and the price is good for me and I do not want too bad I do not have any money I do not have any more than I can go pick Blake this one can I test drive to my house and drive it to work I want to was like the last.

- Cesar M

My vehicle is my money maker. Its reliable and does its job.

No problems, runs good as I keep up it maintenance. 4 wheel drive and getting ready for snow playing. Very reliable and a smooth ride and fast pick up. It will reach 60 miles an hour in 5. 2 seconds. If u close the windows it a smooth ride you can't even hear the engine.

- Charles Dp I

Even though my Durango only gets 13 miles per gallon, she can haul anything and runs great.

I love my Durango. My parents were the original owners, then my sister bought it and lastly, I bought off of her. Once I got it, I did have to replace the water pump, the thermostat, the alternator and a computer part. Other than that she is great and can haul anything.

- Christina O

The a/c units do degrade within a few years, and should be seen to frequently.

The Durango has a good loading capacity and allows for family and friends to ride in one vehicle. One thing I do not like about the SUV is that it does not have good gas mileage. However it is a good car to drive and useful for road trips to neighboring states.

- Anthony J

Best SUV for big families.

Never had a problem, best car I have ever had, never let me down and is big to fit everything that I need, fast also has cold ac and warm heater, has a great sound, comes with AUX and DVD player for the people in the back, has 3 row seats also so everyone fits.

- Federico G

Loved but ready to move on.

My Durango uses a lot of gas. It gets approximately 16 mpg. It also is a base model so no bells and whistles. It does seat 7 so lots of room. Smooth riding. Ac is broken because of a leak. Starting to rust as well. Newer tires that handle awesome in the snow.

- Sheila S

2005 Dodge Durango has it all.

The Dodge Durango has been super reliable, it rides like a car and has plenty of cargo space. Great pickup and power. Great on long trips as it has built in DVD player. Gas mileage is not great but that is expected from a car this size with this size engine.

- Dan S

Great reliable SUV vehicle.

Mechanically great, basic tune ups and oil changes, some major work on engine but not out ordinary. Not always breaking down. Great vehicle. Reliable, SUV, roomy, comfortable, smooth ride, kids feel safe, great room in back for packages or larger items.

- Lorena B

The navigation system and DVD entertainment system is very nice.

They rust easily. Water gets in the cool screen when it rains. Rack and pinion lines rust easily. I have the 4. 7. It runs very good. But cannot be inspected because of the water getting in the electrical system and causing check engine light to be on.

- Michael P

The most important thing to know is that it is reliable and never has problems

I love that it holds all the kids I have and take care of since it has a 3rd row. I love the stereo system, better than my husband's add on stereo in his car. I love sitting high and see everything. I love that it is strong enough to pull the boat.

- Stacie B

Even though it does not look pretty, it runs amazing.

I like my car because it drives very smooth. It has multiple places I can charge different electronics while the car is off or on. It also allows me to play music from my phone even without an aux. I have trouble loving it because it is not pretty.

- Alexis H

You almost have to never change the oil in it i've only changed the oil in it 1 time.

My vehicle has a lot of room in it. It also has seat warmers in it. It is also a v8 only bad thing bad about it is the gas mileage sucks very hard to offered to drive around in it. The speakers in my vehicle sounds really good and are very durable.

- Trevor I

It's like the ultimate getaway car. It has been such a good car through thousands and thousands of miles.

I love the color of my vehicle since it's my favorite. Also, it has a V8 engine so it can get up and go! It drive comfortably. It's a bit older so it has its hiccups and needs more frequent maintenance than it used to, but that's to be expected.

- Marie C

It is third row seating and can fit a family easily.

I like that it fits myself and my family of 7. I dislike the gas mileage and rusting. Over all the performance is good, we live in Sinton TX and take a drive to corpus every day and it withstands the drive with no problems.

- Ashley M

Lots of room, bad gas mileage. The v8 hemi engine packs a lot of power

I do love all the features such as heated seats, two presets for the driver's seat, and optional third row. However, the gas mileage is awful and there is a huge blind spot in either side Of the windshield.

- Erika S

I love having a third row seated vehicle as I am used to having smaller sedans.

I love my Durango. It has so much room as it has third row seats in it. I also have four wheel drive and so far I haven't gotten stuck anywhere. It has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.

- Peggy K

It is great for a family lifestyle on any occasion.

I love how spacious the Durango is. It has an extra row that can be laid down which is nice. I love that it has latches to attach a car seat. The radio is great. I don't really have any complaints.

- Larissa S

Reliable and powerful - best value on the market

performance is great- very comfortable on long trip especially. great features- great sound system. Only problems I have had are when mechanic don't do a good job. has a very powerful hemi engine.


It's really good on gas to be a 6k lbs. SUV.

Its reliable, very comfortable and has plenty of room in it for everyone to ride. Plus haul groceries in it. Also I can load tools in it and on top of it to work out of it and pull my trailers.

- Dustin H

It has a lot of miles on it but still runs great!

My husband and I love the truck because it is spacious and can hold a great deal in the bed. I dislike the truck mostly because it is an older model and it is very loud when running.

- Amanda M

The Vehicle that has everything

high performance,holds the road well in windy weather,high off the road in high water conditions,very roomy for passengers or luggage space, great gas mileage,few maintenance issues.

- Marion A

It runs great has the power to pull whatever you need to

I love the power and 4 wheel drive for winter i can go anywhere in it i wish it was more up to date with today's cars like having bluetooth but that's the only thing i hate about it

- Joe w

4 wheel drive. Built in navigation system. DVD player.

It has heated seats and mirrors. Brake and gas pedals are adjustable. Rear view mirror and side mirrors are auto dimming. you can save 2 peoples sittings for the seats and pedals.

- Joanna G

I enjoy sitting up high with age it help be able to get in and out of.

I enjoy owning the Dodge Durango Its a 2005 and has not given me any major problem I enjoy it because it built solid and it performance is great the gas mileage is not that well.

- Regina S

It is the perfect vehicle for growing families if already a big family or later becoming a big family.

I currently own a 2005 dodge durango slt it is the perfect vehicle for my growing family. 2 backseat rows and the perfect space for stretch outs when going on family vacations.

- Ebony G

It is a good family vehicle.

I like that it is big enough to hold my family. I like the 4 wheel drive in case I need it. I don't like the price tag attached to the gas. I don't like how much the tires are.

- Jessica H

My Durango, my favorite vehicle.

My Durango has been very reliable. It is a comfortable drive. I like that you canal haul things in it like truck. It seats seven passengers. It makes me feel safe.

- Danny E

The performance and the great gas mileage.

Has everything I need to drive comfortably, roomy and easy to drop seats, darkened windows and moonroof... Complaints. Moon roof allows direct sun in my eyes..

- Eva G

It has a lot of room for hauling things.

Lots of room and power. Uses way too much gas. Useful for loading up for out hobby. The crankshaft position sensor had gone out twice since I've owned it.

- Salvatore R

It is safe and reliable. I have not had any significant issues.

The durango is a very reliable vehicle. The only problems I have are that it seems to have a disproportionate amount of rust and the gas mileage isn't great.

- Andi S

Comfortable ride with lots of room even with multiple people

Like size, easy to drive, rides well, pulls well, comfortable to ride in, roomy. Would like better gas mileage and no handle on driver's side to help get in

- Paula R

Lots of internal features.

I had high mileage and it has been in one accident. The side mirror is shattered. The AC doesn't get cold fast. There's lots of space. It has a DVD player.

- Megan D

Reliability...this vehicle has never let me down. All it has ever needed was routine maintenance.

This has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. It goes thru snow and isn't a gas hog! I hate to think that I will have to replace it someday.

- Dede T

I really love the tinted windows I get bad migraines and the tinted windows helps with the lights from other vehicles.

I love my Durango. It has 3 row seating, heated front seats, a tv with DVD player. All my windows are tinted which is a plus. And it has a gps in the radio

- Julie P

It is a tank. It starts up every day and the hemi engine has been great.

My vehicle has been a great way to transport myself and my family for thirteen years. It has been reliable and taken my kids from grade school to college.

- Patrick C

the car has lasted for 14 years an is a very reliable product for a ??

the vehicle has been with me all my life, my mother owned it and she passed it on to me. it is reliable for the most part but sometimes the car won't start

- john A

Enough room for everyone!

I love my durango it has a lot of room for the whole family. I love the power it has and It's towing capacity. It is the last suv i'll ever need or want.

- kristin s

Super trustworthy comfortable and spacious.

Great vehicle big and spacious has 3rd row seating has been a very reliable vehicle will pull things easily but does not like to back thing up very well.

- Lauren H

The vehicle is built for a large family and fits a lot of people.

I love that it gets me every. The gas is pretty high. I love the interior. I love the color it is royal blue. I do not have mechanical problems with it.

- Sheldon H

It is made of steel and can take a hit and not be totaled.

It has 4 wheel drive for the snow in the mountains. I love the V8 engine in it so I can speed up when I need it to. It is made of metal not fiberglass.

- Tammy H

It runs great, although I've heard Dodge gets a bad rap, I've never had a bad experience thus far.

I love the power of the Hemi, the 6 CD changer,and how high it sit off of the ground. My only dislike is that it is getting older and the AC is going

- Tillie D

It will move you out of the way so don't cut me off in traffic.

i love the size of the truck. Its room inside and has a lot of room for storage and passengers. I do hate however how much gas i pump into the truck.

- Kahli B

Easy car to use and to take care of.

It is a good vehicle that is easy to work in when things need to be fixed on it. It gets pretty good gas mileage and is easy to tow things with it.

- Tasia W

I have put it through hell and it Still Runs

it is a great vehicle I have put it through a lot it has broken down a lot but everytime I fix it it works to the best of It's capabilities

- Paul G

The most important thing about my Dodge Durango is it is a fuv vehicle to drive!

My Dodge Durango is a fun SUV to drive! It has a hemi engine in it so it has a lot of get up and go! One downside is it uses a lot of gas!

- Lisa S

It is big, roomy, and has a television for the kids.

I love it because it is roomy, fits all of my children and my groceries. I can fit all of my friends, it has a tv and everyone loves it.

- Leah R

It does use more gas then other cars. I have the Hemi in my car so it has more power but it uses gas

I love my Durango. It has plenty of room for my two kids and their sports equipment. If they want friends to come home I have the room!

- Amber E

The size is perfect for our family!

its very reliable has 240k miles and nothing really wrong but a little rust! LOVE my durango. It's not very good on gas, but its huge !

- Kelly W

that it has been great for my family for many years

I like that it has been a reliable car for over 13 years but I don't like that there has been a recall after recall on parts of the car

- january b




Roomy but no. acceleration. Not great on gas but she will get you there.

I love the size. Hate the gas mileage. Has the same rust spot asall of the others due to a recall that they won't do anything about.

- Danielle C

That the gas prices can be high but it can be a very nice vehicle for a family.

I like the room it gives me for being a tall person. The extra room in the back is great for shopping. Only thing wrong is gas prices.

- Sebastian G

It's a decent truck. I have never had any major issues.

It's a reliable car, but it uses a lot of fuel. It is very spacious for my everyday activities. I wish it was better on gas mileage.

- Lisa P

Dodge Durango Vehicle Review

5 seater. spacious trunk. plenty of legroom. Heated seats. CD and cassette hookup. Takes premium gas. So far no major problems

- Anna D

I use my truck for everything I can and it is reliable

I like my car because it is high off the ground. I like it because the space to move things I like the comfort on long trips

- Alice A

My vehicle is still very reliable for it's age xxxx

It is in pretty good condition with VERY low mileage. It has a few problems but it is 13 years old so it is to be expected.

- Vanessa S

I have been reared in by another vehicle with no injuries and very little damage.

My Durango has been very dependable. It provides a comfort ride and I feel safe in it. It is large enough to haul things.

- Danny W

It runs great for being 13 years old. Hardly no mechanical issues or anything.

Love it! No issues! Great on highway gas mileage! Fits my whole family! Has plenty of legroom! Recommended for families!

- Stephen 0 J

Too many recalls on this vehicle.

Good on gas but top heavy. Too many recalls. Does fit my whole family inside. Have had too many transmission issues.

- Keith M

Drives well and looks nice.

I love the space and the look but I hate that I have had several mechanical problems, its broken down several times.

- Angela T

It is reliable and has lots of room.

I like the room. It fits my whole family. It can tow things as well. The only thing I don't like is gas mileage.

- Kristina C

Its built with strength, so you have great towing capabilities with the V8 engine.

I do like the look of my 2005 dodge Durango, but it has had many problems with electronics, key fob, fuel injector.

- Clint F

I have owned a few SUVs and my Dodge Durango Is by far the best midsize SUV.

Great, reliable SUV. It has plenty of room and gets great gas mileage. It is reliable, affordable, and gorgeous.

- Victoria G

It has a lot of space and seats

I love how much room it has for me and my family. I really love the power it has. I do not like the gas mileage.

- Kristin P

Always reliable and runs like a champ. Great towing and good mileage per gallons

I have 225,000 miles on my Durango and not a problem have I had. Great vehicle and always starts and runs great

- Curtis M

Nothing is exceptional about the car.

It is old and starting to rust bad. It is also a gas hog. I like that it is nice to haul items, as it is large.

- Deb S

The Durango is a well built car that has lasted forever!

I bought it new. It has been really dependable. I would buy another one if they hadn't changed the body style.

- Catherine W

It is big and blue and nice.

It is a big blue Dodge Durango 4x4. It seats 7 comfortably. It is a great car but I wish the trunk was bigger.

- kt t

Dependable. And easy to get on out of.

Always dependable. Easy for me to get in and out of as I have back problems...I do not have any complaints.

- Debra R

Its dependable. Easy to find parts for.

Hate gas mileage. Has cargo space. Dependable. Parts are easy to find. Good in snow and rain. Easy upkeep.

- Michael C

Safely can transport 6 people with ample room for comfort and safety.

It's very roomy nd seats our family of 6 comfortably even on long trips but the mileage isn't very good

- kathy L

Reliable and good condition.

Good car. We'll made. Have had very little problems with it and it is still in pretty good condition.

- Kurt C

It is a terrific family car that also has enough power to tow (boat, and even the horse trailer) if you need that.

I love the room and power. I love the comfort. My only complaint would be the gas mileage.

- Jeff N

It doesn't have a aux cord hook up. It's hard for the ac to circulate cause it only has vents in the front.

I wish it had air vents around the vehicle. I hate that it doesn't have a aux cord hook up.

- Megan M

It's convenient for shorter people as the seat moves up and the pedals come forward

I love the third row seating. It has a built in DVD player in the back perfect for travel.

- Alissa C

It has a HEMI engine so it has lots of power. And the inside is spacious.

I like the vehicle. Horrible color though but other than that it's great.

- Erin M

My vehicle drives well and has never let me down. If u take care of it it will take care of you.

I love my vehicle. No complaints. Runs good and has never let me down.

- Michael R




It's a safe car and reliable. IT's fun to drive. Uses a lot of gas

I love my car. Not much on to dislike. I don't really like the color

- Colsy T

It's been a very dependable family vehicle with low maintenance.

My Durango is easy to drive and you can haul huge household items.

- Danny A

Great towing. Great style and room. 3rd row seat is great

Love the style. Never an issue. Runs like a champ every time

- Curtis S

Is big and it has power to drive through winter storms

I like the 4x4 and the large space. I need running boards

- Leann R

safe, powerful, family fitting. great wheels and roomy

It's great. fits my whole family. awesome stereo system.

- christine n

Rusts fast and had manufacturer issues but handles very well

It has great features. Drives great. Uses a lot of gas.

- Michele B