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Great off roading vehicle for the whole family.

In general I love our Dodge Durango. When we lived in the Sierra mountains we would take it on off road trails in the mountains and it proved to be an amazing off road vehicle that we could rely on. Ours is 4 wheel drive but also has 4 lock and 4 low which was greatly needed for our steep grade drives and getting over and through rocky and muddy terrain. We used our Durango to tow trailers, cars, and horse trailers, all of which went very easily. The Durango never had issue. It's very comfortable. I have hip problems and the seats hold me very comfortably event for our multiple day road trips. We love to drive. We have three children ranging from a three year old in a car seat to a twelve year. Even though all three fit very comfortably in the middle row, there is a third row that can lay down. And it helps give the kids lots of personal space and still have space for groceries in the back. The spare tire can be difficult to access. If you have a full back or the third row up, it has to be emptied to lift the floor panel and wrench the tire down from under the vehicle. We blew a tire on the highway (Durango handled beautifully!!) and we have to remove many boxes out of the back in order to access the panel to drop the spare. The gas as you might imagine is terrible!!!!!! Not going to lie. It's a beast. But it's a fantastic, durable, reliable, and comfortable vehicle.

- Tifane W

...I LOVE MY DURANGO, Not Too Big and Not To Small.

The main issues I've had with my SUV is the fuel gauge/EVIC Miles To Empty. The gauge or floater in the gas tank does not work properly so when the gauge shows an 1/8 of a tank it really means empty. If I go by the EVIC Miles to empty that can vary I've ran out when it said 84 miles to empty and ran out when it has said 44 miles to empty. I also have found that when my tires are low or need replacing, it tends to make my truck run really rough. I know it sounds crazy, but it's true. It took me a few years to figure that one out, but as soon as I'd replace my tires or have them filled with the correct psi, my truck will run smoothly again. The last issue has just started within the last 6 months. Once in a great while it will just shut off while driving, that I think may be because I might need to replace the EVAP canister. Other than those things, I love my Durango. It has been a great vehicle. If I could afford a brand new one I'd jump at the chance to buy. The suspension on my Durango is great! The ride is always smooth even going over dirt roads. When in 4WD it rides great, climbs hills and goes thru mud effortlessly. I highly recommend buying one or at least test driving one...they're roomy, comfortable and a well made vehicle!

- Jennifer E

Sensor issues, otherwise ideal and completely love!

This vehicle is a large SUV with 3rd row seating, that folds down into a large trunk space. It is very roomy with plenty of space for our family of 5. It sits up higher like a truck would, and has adjustable heating for backseat to differ from the front. There is a sensor under the hood toward the front window that needs replaced often during rainy season due to it getting wet and water on it, so often that the sensor remains under warranty so we don't have to keep paying for the replacement, we just take in the old one to replace with a new one. I believe it is the throttle position sensor. It's big enough to feel safe driving my children in, and big enough to take camping. The tires are not overly expensive for their size, and it gets amazing gas mileage. Also has 4 wheel drive, which is not really needed as the vehicle is seems to drive perfect in winter and through mud. The only thing that I would change is the sensor issue, this is by far my favorite vehicle that we've ever owned.

- Erin S

Amazing for long trips camping and travel would recommend.

I have a Durango and I love the space I have I am a very tall person and I have plenty of legroom and cargo room in back for the kids things I love the display on the console I can control a lot with it I hooked up a sub in the back and can tune it using the display it gets pretty decent gas mileage as well and I take it off-road sometimes and have yet to be stuck there is an electrical problem and a body problem that is synonymous with this vehicle model the corners on the back end rust pretty quick it is around where the bumper attaches to the car and the electrical problem is probably in the computer it does not affect the car except to sputter a bit when stopping but overall very nice vehicle would buy a second one.

- Eric M

Love my Durango! I'd buy another one.

My Durango is super comfortable to drive. It rides extremely well and I find all operational equipment to be conveniently placed and accessible. The third seat allows us to cart additional passengers comfortably and plenty of room for all the grands. When 3rd row seat is lowered there is plenty of room to transport everything from a boat load of groceries to a full load from the local home fix it store. The only drawbacks to this vehicle are 1) low gas mileage, 12 to 17 mpg and 2) leg room between the 1st and 2nd rows. If you have an average 6' male driver the leg room behind him is very tight.

- Linda S

How will we ever replace it?

This is our second Durango. I have no complaints about the car itself. My husband is 6’7”, and drives it comfortably. My 17 year old daughter loves it, as do her friends, and if I ever get to use it, I am thrilled! My only complaint is gas mileage in the city. We expected it, but it is costly. Highway driving is another story, as we've gotten great mileage while traveling. Buying our next vehicle will be a problem because Dodge has made the newer models smaller. We love our Durango!

- Mandi R

Dodge Durango great family vehicle.

Our Dodge Durango has been our favorite vehicle so far. The third row seating, automated features, and built in DVD player, give our family a comfortable and enjoyable means of transportation. As well as feeling very safe as the vehicle handles well and provides a much more comfortable ride than some other SUVs. The gas mileage is the only complaint, but it is no worse than any other larger vehicle. I would recommend the Dodge Durango to anyone who was looking for a larger vehicle!

- Ashley M

It turned over every morning 6 am 40 below it is a great car!

I love my car it safe and dependable. Great for bad weather and rough terrine, and mudding fun. Adjusts perfect for people every shape and size. They all rust in the same spots, on the sides near the headlights, my cars old and rusty, but the frame is holding up fine. I had A long commute but the car got me to and from work safely. It's so roomy great for long car rides, big families. We put many miles on it in just one year we love it and feel safe.

- Ariel R

2007 dodge Durango review

The 2007 Dodge Durango is great for a big family. There is a lot of seat room. The stereo system and charger ports are great features! The vehicle is horrible on gas through. The only other complaint I really have is the overall durability of the vehicle. Seems like these vehicles are known for front end issues like tie rods, wheel bearings, and stabilizer links. I know I have had to work on these issues multiple times in just a couple years.

- Kali B

This vehicle can be used for all your needs, whether it be for work or fun.

My Dodge Durango is a really nice looking vehicle from the outside. It has three rows of seats, which holds a lot of kids, adults, and animals. And of course the tailgate opens for even more room. Here you can use it for just about everything and anything from groceries, lawn equipment, toys, and of course suitcases. A vehicle with that much room is ready for those vacations, short or long. This vehicle can be used for work or play.

- Karen R

2007 Dodge Durango highlights.

My vehicle has 3rd row seating; with having a bigger family we needed that extra seating. The back seats can fold down to allow more space for hauling. My vehicle doesn't have the DVD player in the back or the receiver hitch as well but it does have the button for tow/haul if you wanted to add a receiver hitch. I haven't had any problems with my Durango besides the normal wear and tear such as oil changes and new tires.

- Kennedy S

Seating convenience of a car but have the strength, feel, and comfort of a truck.

I love that it is a Dodge (favorite brand), it is mostly reliable, gets me from point a to point b. Being an SUV, it gives me the feel of a pickup truck that I like, while having more seating than one. What I dislike is that it is a v8 which translates into gas guzzler. It is not very fuel efficient and it is used so it has underlying issues that I am slowly working to resolve.

- Rachael M

Reliable and very comfortable vehicle

This vehicle has been awesome. It has never broken down on me or left me stranded. It is very roomy and comfortable. It has rusted quite a bit in the back and the dashboard broken and the parts could not be replaced. Other than that, it has been a really great vehicle for my family. The gas mileage is not great, which is to be expected with large SUV.

- Stephanie L

The pros and cons of the Dodge Durango

I love driving my Dodge Durango because of its durability! Ours has a DVD player, lots of space (which is great for the stroller), spacious with third row seating. Great sound system, heated seats for the winter, large windshield. My only complaint is it is a gas guzzler which is expected and the 4WD will automatically turn on and off at times for no reason.

- Karen W

Sits up high in traffic so I can see cars clearly around me.

I like the way it rides comfortable. It has a lot of room for seating and storage. The way it rides smoothly no vibration. No outside noises. Handles the road easily, pleasant to park. It is 4WD in case I get stuck. Controls are easy to operate. Air conditioning is awesome. Has third row seating fits, seats 8 adults comfortable.

- Georgette Dietz S

Hasn't let me down once in the 2 years that I've owned it!

My Durango is the best vehicle that I have ever owned. It gets decent gas mileage and it drives well in the snow and the wind. It has not left me stranded at all since I bought it 2 years ago. The brakes and rotors were going out so I replaced them with new ones and now it's perfect. It fits my husband and I perfect.

- Angela H

It truck had great style and grace.

The Durango was a great buy had a lot of power it took about 70 bucks to fill my tank up which last about a week. The radiator needed to be replaced but other than that the truck served me well. The truck was used to pull my trailer. I like how it drove in the snow was very easy to handle by me having forward drive.

- Regina C

I favor having a reliable vehicle over other "fancy" features.

What I love about my Dodge Durango is its ability to plow through the snow during the winter. I also like it's large carrying capacity. What I don't like about it is that this model appears prone to rust on an area above the rear tires. I see other similar brand Dodge Durangos with rust in the identical location.

- Danny C

Things that are wrong with my vehicle & a 1 good tip for good car maintenance.

My vehicle runs pretty good now. This year I had to get a tune up, radiator, & currently need to replace the brakes. It also need a fuel injector replacement. Once I get these last two things fixed I think it will be okay & back running well. I also make sure I keep up with my oil changes regularly.

- Aretha E

it is a good car but need some changes like the size of the car over all

I like my car I like three seats in it, I like the room it has in it, I like the heated windows, wish it had better window wiper, I do not like there the handle holder is located that. I wish it had a step on it to get in it and I wish it were tell you how many miles you have before you run out of gas.

- nancy E

It has been a practical car.

My car does not have anything wrong with it mechanically. It began rusting after I owned it for just one year and it so looks awful that I am embarrassed to be seen driving it. The rear 1/4 panels on both sides have paint that is damaged and lifted that are 2 feet long and 4 inches high.

- Mary M

The Dodge Durango is a great SUV to own.

It is a great SUV good on gas and very comfortable to ride in has plenty legroom.. Handle well on highway. However my only flaw is that it that it sometime rattles in motor upon cranking for a few mins but other than that it is a well around SUV. I would recommend anyone has this truck.

- Antonio J

DVD player great with kids and 2 year old.

Run good, need air does not work, recall on airbags going he air bag replace fix, not that easy on gas ride nice, hold great to road, love 3rd seating, easy in and out, fold down seats a plus if need haul something, CD radio system, DVD player. Set high off ground, dependable vehicle.

- Nancy B

It's wonderful for families!

I LOVE my Durango. I like how I can fold the seats down to haul stuff, but it's also a family SUV that caters to my kids. It also has a regular electric plug that allows me to charge my phone or the kids tablets. The only thing that I would change is I would like an auxiliary plug.

- Jen G

Great winter vehicle, snowbound

Uses too much gas, but is reliable, good for big families, lots of cargo space, good stance, large range of colors to choose from, has a great sound system from factory, four wheel drive is great in the winter during heavy snow, low cost maintenance, overall performance if great

- Olivia H

Dodge durango, one of the best features i love is all the space and legroom everyone has.

I love the dodge for the height it has off the ground, i love the 4×4 feature only because if the slippery roads we live on. I love the control it has, the views are wonderful very few blind spots. We have been fortunate to not have much go wrong with it even if was used.

- Bridget P

Dodge Durango information.

I have a 2007 dodge Durango greenish grey very runs very good has no problems very cheap on gas minimum work needs to be done on it like driver side window and ac but has clean title and is in very good condition you can fit up to 5 maybe 6 people and is good for moving.

- Dana L

Great for trips and hauling.

Some of the interior not holding up well. Would like the inside to he a little better quality. It is comfortable and reliable. Have not had any issues mechanical issues. Lots of room. Good hauling capabilities with factory hitch, just needed to add a brake control box.

- Jessica S

great to drive and high up off the ground

It is so comfortable and reliable. Sits very high up off the ground which is why I love it so much. It has not gave me any problems since I have it and it's just a great source of transportation. I wouldn't trade it for any other the car because I love it so much.

- Tyler U

Gas mileage is great, a lot of space and drives awesome.

I love the AWD, gas mileage and the space in my vehicle. I love the foldable third row in case I need the extra space. I also love that it is equipped with satellite radio and that it comes with actual plugs in it as well for a DVD player I use for my daughter.

- Katelyn T

Before you buy, before you sell, before you ride.

Good space - only had it for a year but notice a lot of problems lately- our roads are very bumpy and it seems to be wearing on my car a lot. I love having 3 rows I can always get everything in the car that I need! Good sound and comfort is okay could be better.

- Ashley N

Best vehicle on the market.

I have not had any problems with my vehicle. It runs good and drives good. It is dependable and roomy. It is the best vehicle I have ever owned. It has a power jack and the third row seat. I feel safe while driving it. It has cruise control, 6 disc CD player.

- Vera C

Love my Durango so much!!

I haven't had any problems with my vehicle, other than one tire seems to make a lot of noise on bumps can't figure out what it is. Otherwise my Durango gets great gas mileage about 16 miles to gallon in town more so on highway and performance is wonderful.

- Laura W

2007 white Dodge Durango in mid condition few mechanical issues.

I have had my Dodge Durango for about 7 years now and has been very reliable. 3rd row seating, 4 doors very spacious. Interior and exterior still in tact. Mechanical issues due to wear on vehicle include brakes, needing antifreeze needing new tires, etc.

- Breanna T

Good truck but does not age well.

Overall been a very good vehicle just getting old with high mileage. Had some issues with the power system and engine. Have not had any trouble with the suspension or tires. The interior is starting to show its age. The entertainment system still works.

- Scott S

A good SUV choice for a beginner or intermediate driver, as long as they don't like the driver's seat up too high in order to accommodate their long legs.

It's a nice ride as long as the car is still in good condition, but it is not exactly a "tall people" car, at least under my specifications. I just don't like how small the vertical viewing angle is when I adjust my seat higher because of my long legs.

- Nikko D

I have enough seating to fit my family of six comfortably and still have room for my dog to ride along.

I love the seating, I can fit my whole family. I love the power of the engine, I have always been impressed with Dodge. I do not like however, that it is a gas guzzler. Especially with today's gas prices, I have to be choosy about how much I drive.

- Rachael M

My hard working Dodge Vehicle.

I have a full size Dodge Durango that is 11 years old. I've had no problems with it until this year. Over the past 2 months I have had to put about $1800 into it. It is very reliable and comfortable. It has AC, defrost am/fm radio & cd player.

- Jolene T

My Durango is equivalent to a 1 ton truck that holds 7 people.

It's a good car that has served me well for its age. The only thing I don't like about it is that is old and has a lot of miles on it. Because of that we have had to replace the engine and several minor parts to keep it running well.

- Korinna M

It just keeps going!It has 175000 miles on it, and we're preparing to put a new set of tires on it to carry to the next set.

It's our second Durango. It's the older, bigger body style, and we love it! We love the size (my husband is very tall), and I love the comfort of driving it. My only complaint is that it uses a lot of gas. For now, it's worth it!

- Mandi A

4x4 with a flick of a switch. Flex fuel. Electric outlets. Adjustable seats.

Safe and reliable, dependable, have driven it many miles we love it. A great family car, I love there are plugs in it perfect I can charge my phone and the kids can plug in the their DVD player.

- Ariel B

The size is great and it is nice for moving things from place to place.

I love the size of the vehicle. I love that I can take a bunch of stuff with me and take a bunch of people with me. I do not like the gas mileage. I also do not like the age of it.

- Robert S

the heater works great, it's good on the road and rides pretty easily in the winters of kansas

I like that my car is large, I think it makes me more aware of the road. I also love the speakers and heater in my car. Parts are easy to find if I ever need anything replaced.

- tamra w

Gets good gas mileage and handles well on the interstate.

I do not like that it 'squeaks. I like that it has a hemi however it is loud. I like that it is durable. I have been able to have it all these years and it is running well.

- Patrice W

It is very reliable and has extra features that put it in a class above others

It is a good vehicle and has done well for my family. My kids like the DVD player and my wife likes that we have four wheel drive due to the bad Winters here in Michigan

- Frank B

It's a great family car, with plenty of room and rides comfortably.

I really like my vehicle overall. It's spacious, seats 7, has plenty of room for cargo. It is getting older, so there are some issues, and it's starting to rust.

- Meg F

My complaints about my Durango are gas mileage and trunk space. I know the space problem comes from having 8 seats which is why I picked it, so I understand why.

It is a beast in the snow so you can plow through anything. It is comfortable to ride despite being kind of bumpy. Sounds weird, huh? I love my Durango.

- Michael A

It is super reliable. We have had this vehicle for two years with big repairs.

I love the fact I can fit my whole family in it. It fits my style and the color is my favorite. I kind of do not like it takes to much gas sometimes.

- Lisa Z

I love that I can take 6 other people with me and have a little room for storage in the back.

Love: Fits 7 people, SUV, Drives great! Goes anywhere I want to go. Hate: Guzzles Gas, has a couple dents (I know that isn't the car's fault though).

- Katie B

How roomy it feels inside.

No complaints car even smells good mileage great condition good radio and for long trips but don't drive more than 500 miles per year AC works well.

- John K

Do not buy one, they are big gas hogs.

It is worn out, time to trade it in. It is rusted where Durango's rust typically, and has transmission issues typical of the mid 2000s Durango's.

- Jodi F

Sitting high Durango with 4 wheel drive.

Seats could be bigger. Needs a little more space. Very reliable. I feel like the queen of the road! It could also use a little more trunk space.

- Octavia T

It fits my entire family.

My vehicle accommodates my family however the gas usage is a little costly. I would prefer to have an extra vehicle to travel to and from work.

- Sara N

Dodge is a good vehicle to have.

I like that it fits my family, it is a smooth ride, and it has heated seats. Only thing I do not like is my CD player stopped working.

- Lisa N

It totally stinks I don't like it

It shakes going over bumps black seal coming off seats staring windows rattle wrong color wipers are bad. Key dont work right

- Candy D

It's safe and capacity is great. It is also very spacious.

The dodge Durango is a great success to own. It is very powerful and has a lot of room. It's a great choice for a big family.

- Mario D

Awesome family SUV that's great on mileage and spacious for road trips

Easy to get in and out, tv monitor for convenience, spacious third row seating, not enough trunk space but easy maintenance.

- danielle g

That it has the power to go from 0 to 50 in about 20 seconds

I don't like how it's bad on gas and too expensive. I do like the sun roof and the power of the car. I don't like the color

- Bryan P

The car is large enough for several car seats for grandchildren.

I like the fact that my vehicle is large enough to haul a lot of things, but I wish that the second row had a bench seat.

- Barbara S

It has a hemi and it will move fast.

Only thing I dislike, the Durango has blind spots when looking in the mirrors. Love everything else about this vehicle.

- Jackie C

It has 4wd and seats 7 people comfortably

Strong vehicle has some rust on the body that needs to be taken care of gave it only 3 stars because of gas mileage

- John D

It is very reliable for me.

Dependability, I have never had to have major work done.. Size is perfect.. Power, it has a lot of get up and go..

- Jennifer A

Lots of room. Perfect for families or taking your creations to a craft show.

I love it. No major problems. Two recalls for the passenger side air bag. This is the second Durango I've owned.

- Kandy R

It runs really well when first bought.

It just does not drive like it used to. I would love to get a new one soon. I will get a Hyundai Tiburon.

- Randy R

It is a great family car - roomy, nice safety features, rides nice.

I dislike that my transmission is bad. I love it cause it is kind of cute and it carries a lot of things.

- Ashton S

That it gets you where you need to go, it seats 8 people comfortable

It's a great vehicle but I have had some stalling issues but got it fixed so far it's been a good vehicle

- William D

It's roomy we can haul lots of stuff, kids, and a big dog!

I think since we got this car (used) we have had problems just never seemed like it runs well.

- Kate S

It's easy handling for an SUV.

I like the size of it. I love the storage area. My daughter loves the DVD player in the back.

- Chris S

I like the size of my vehicle. I do not like the visibility out of it. I have a big tank but it cost alot for gas

That the visibility out of the front is poor. It is difficult to see around the pillars

- Dawn G

it's not an off road car but its safe on the highway

Is have a lot of room for the whole family, has a safe rating. it's not great on gas

- Stephen B

It's very roomy, fits 4 kids comfortably! Lots of grocery space

I like the features, the space, easy accessibility. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Alexiz T

I Love My Car and I would recommend a Durango to anyone looking for a car

I don't have any complaints about my vehicle, it's a great car

- Marie P