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Our Family�s Dodge Durango Crew keeps us organized, riding in style and comfort.

This vehicle is very spacious as I have a family of five. We travel often and the third row of seats is helpful when the children need to spread out. I love that my Durango is All Wheel Drive and useful in all weather conditions, especially the snow when my husband is not available to shovel it. Considering the size of the truck, the highway miles for gas are pretty good; however city miles are within the range to be expected of an SUV. I am short, so the truck is a little higher than is comfortable most days, especially because I'm prone to wearing dresses; I would appreciate a side step. One feature about my truck that I do enjoy is the driver side seat settings. I am able to program it for my height and whether I'm wearing heels or sneakers. I enjoy most of the features such as my XM satellite radio and rear backup camera. I recently drove it across country 20 hours and it was far more comfortable than I expected it to be. The leather seats maintain the temperature within the truck and the amount of legroom in the front passenger seat made it possible to nap between bouts of driving. Both my husband and children appreciate the additional outlets and charging ports for all their electronic devices! The kids love this truck because all of their baseball and hockey equipment fit into it. They can pile it in with a cooler full of snacks for all their practices and games.

- Leah J

You can safely and easily make any seat adjustments while driving.

My 2013 Dodge Durango is a very reliable vehicle. It is very comfortable and seats 7-8 persons comfortably. It is gas efficient during non-city commutes. It drives very smoothly and I consider it a very safe vehicle. I enjoy the benefits of having a third row seat but love it when I can lay the seats down to make more room for shopping. I enjoy the personalized individual heating/cooling settings for driver and front passenger, as well as the individual settings for rear passengers. It allows me to keep my groceries cooler in the cargo and third row seat while not freezing me on the drive home. The automotive adjustable seats make driving and riding very comfortable. One problem I have experienced is that it drives so smoothly and easy you can speed and not realize it ??. But overall this is one of the best vehicles I have purchased.

- Erica M

2013 Dodge Durango - first family car

My vehicle is my first purchased vehicle on my own. I was very specific of what details I wanted in my car. And the Dodge Durango has all of it! Has nice clean leather heated seats for cold winters. Remote start so I don't have to trudge through the snow in the mornings. I wanted bucket seats in my middle row with a center counsel. It's one of my favorite parts about the car. It has the roof DVD player which makes long road trips more enjoyable for my child (and easier on me too) I've had nothing but great luck and good performance in my Dodge Durango. I am very pleased with it. Once I'm ready for an upgrade I'm more than willing to go to a newer model year.

- Alexis L

Dodge Durango perfect family car

I absolutely love my dodge Durango especially because I have 3 kids ranging from ages 10-2 and the space in my car is everything. It's a 7 person seater including driver and it's perfect for when we travel or are out and about riding with family members there's always space in my car. Performance is great I haven't had any issues with it I do like to keep up with maintenance so that it's always in good condition. Maybe the only downside to it at times is the gas because it's a 'larger' vehicle does require more gas but honestly fill up the tank each time and I swear the gas last longer.

- Tania O

It is very dependable, only needs regular car maintenance.

I have had three recalls and everyone was fixed promptly. No problems otherwise, I have driven cross country three times with no problems. It is comfortable, has all the features I want like Sirius radio, cruise control, system that tells me when I have a low tire or turn signal light out. Love the third row seating and the way the seats fold up so it is easy to get into the third row. The duel temperature feature is a god send as I am always hot and others are always cold.

- Roxanne C

Great vehicle, need better gas performance

This is a great car and SUV! The look is great and contemporary. The kids love the room in the car (it seats 7 comfortably). This is important to them since we they have a lot of friends and teammates on their sports teams. We are active parents and drive them all over the place. The only negative I have about having such a big car is that there is very high gas mileage. I feel that I am at the gas station at least twice a week and that can be draining on the wallet!

- Melissa M

2013 Dodge Durango- great space!

I really love my Durango. I have had it since 2013 as a brand new car and it has served me well. It has three rows and both leather and cloth seats. It's very roomy and can fit 7. I love my auxiliary spot so I can plug my phone for music, but it also allows you to download music as well as hands free calling and music. I do have to be careful about my gas mileage so I don't take off quick or stop suddenly!

- Courtney F

Most Comfortable Ride Ever!!

I love my Dodge Durango Citadel!! It is very spacious for my family of 4, which makes for a very comfortable ride on road trips. I love all of the features it comes with such as the back-up camera, automatic headlights, and electronic seats and seat warmers!! Before this vehicle we owned a Kia Sorento and we can tell a huge difference in the two, I wouldn't have anything but my Citadel at this point!!

- Denise W

Dodge Durango, smooth ride and many features.

Very comfortable ride, drives smooth. We have not had any problems with it and it is 5 years old. Love the controls on the steering wheel and the heated seats. The seats in the back also are heated. There is a 3rd row which is great for having extra room on vacations or just having kids to drag around. We have a maroon color and it is easy to keep clean. The inside is leather seats.

- Amy M

We love the unique style our Durango offers. Very spacious but not too bulky.

The one issue we have ever had is the air conditioner. Sometimes it gets stuck with the fan on high. Sometimes the fan get stuck on low. Everything else works great. We did have to replace the radio once but that was not an issue. The seats are very comfortable and our kids have plenty of space. The back seats are easy to put down so passengers can get in and out easily.

- Katy D

The one feature that our car has that I love is the seat warmers.

Our car has had a lot of problems from the beginning. The alternator went out the ac stop working had to get fixed. But I do love our car even with all of it is issues. For the most part it performs well and gets us to where it needs to be. This is the first car we ever bought that had seat warmers and I do not think I could ever go back to a car that does not have it.

- Ashley B

Roomy but good gas mileage for midsize SUV.

My Durango is great! it is roomy. It fits 6 people very comfortably when we have guest. I have had no problems mechanically or with anything else. My air/heat work great! Love the leather. Love the heated seats and the keyless entry. My only complaint would have to be that the fan blower is quite loud. We I have new people in the Durango, they always comment on it.

- Jessica E

Great family/ travel vehicle.

This vehicle is perfect for our family trips. It is good on gas and has just enough space for our family of 5. We have a 12, 11, 4, and 6 month old. The third row allows us to fit everyone and everything perfectly. There is also an additional compartment in the trunk area that allows us to store items without having to move it each time we use the trunk.

- Jeanne W

Powerful, reliable and comfortable. Decent on gas, could have a better GPS and better reverse camera.

Problems: Hemi engine always sounds like it has an engine tap. Also, the reverse camera takes about 9 seconds to activate. Not happy with the GPS as it does not provide live traffic conditions as other vehicle GPS systems do. Would prefer it to be immediate. Car is very powerful and handles well. Car is extremely reliable and very comfortable.

- Paul B

Overall review of Dodge Durango.

My car has been very reliable. The seats are somewhat uncomfortable for long rides. Overall it is very comfortable. I really enjoy driving this car. It handles well. It seems to perform well. I did get bigger tires for mine to accommodate 10 ply tires. Bigger tires do make it somewhat more of a rougher ride. Little road noise when driving.

- Jamie H

Great SUV! Highly recommended for a family car.

Reliable to wherever you need to be. It's great on gas mileage. It fits 7 people. Love the interior and easy to clean. It has a satellite and back up camera which is great for parking assistance. Mirrors are easy to adjust. Taking a trip is smooth and cruise control is simple. Also love that the seat all fold down to fit whatever needs.

- Breanna P

Dodge Durango 2013 wouldn�t recommend to families

2013 Dodge Durango I don't care for the seats I think they are Uncomfortable & hard to keep clean with kids. Vehicle doesn't get very good gas mileage. Seem to take a lot of money to keep up with the vehicle. Seat belts aren't easy to work with having two car seats. All together it's just not a good family vehicle in my opinion.

- Toni C

Overall a great vehicle. I would buy another one if I could.

Love my Durango. Great gas mileage, plenty of room, I have leather seats and they clean up great. I have the back up camera and that is great too. Has a DVD player, that my kids enjoy, has power seats which are nice, Bluetooth. The only thing I don't like about it is the color black. We live on gravel, so hard to keep clean.

- Barb M

It is very spacious and the color is red.

We have a family of 5 and the Dodge Durango is by far the best vehicle we have ever owned. It's very spacious and still stylish. I would rather have the RT because of the V8 but the gas is good with the SXT. I am a soccer mom so it has all the room I need. I have had the Dodge for 3 years and have had no issues mechanically.

- Carrie M

Love my Durango. Every vehicle has flaws.

I have really enjoyed my Durango. But have only had it for a couple of months. However there are a couple of things I have noticed with it. In the mornings my transmission kicks kind of hard even when it has been started to warm up. The other thing is my breaks one moment they are very touchy and other times they are not.

- Nash B

Dependable good looking vehicle with great features and gas mileage

No major issues with this vehicle other than a lot of recalls when first purchased. Great fuel economy, spacious and good towing capacity. Drives smooth and very dependable. Interior has held up very well and the lifetime warranty that was purchased has been great to take care of a few minor things that have occurred

- Keith D

Love this truck! Great on gas

Love everything about it and it doesn't drive like a truck which I like. It has a lot of room especially in the 3rd row. I never had an issue in the snow or ice. It is also very good on gas mileage. I am over 100,000 miles and never had a problem. Only maintenance we have done are tires replacement and oil changes

- Jennifer F

Fun and comfortable to drive.

I love my Dodge Durango. It is very reliable and fun to drive. The seats are comfortable even the middle seats. I love how easy it is to put the seats down to make more room to haul things. It has seat warmers which I like in the winter. It just feels comfortable to drive even though it is a bigger vehicle.

- Lisa S

It's been a reliable car. Six years old and no history of a breakdown.

It has been a good reliable car for 6 years. It has never broken down on me. I have enjoyed this car very much with exception of the many recalls for parts on this vehicle and internal computer issues indicating alarms or Bluetooth. We kept up with basic maintenance and have had no real issues to contend with.

- Danielle O

I really like my Durango, smooth and comfortable car that is fast, roomy,.

I like the Durango. It is got a smooth ride, comfortable, can fit 6 people. Itts fast. Since I drive a lot on the highways it has good pick up speed on ramps. It does not get the greatest gas mileage especially since I drive a lot but I like that it is all wheel drive. All in all it is a really good vehicle.

- Linda H

The amazing Dodge Durango.

I love this big SUV, it is able to fit all my kids and even friends or family if needed. I am able to haul things with the tow hitch. It is a very reliable car when you have a bigger family. It also does such and amazing job in going up hills in the mud and snow and gravel. It has amazing power as well.

- Courtney W

All wheel drive three row suv is awesome

AWD, all disc brakes, seats 6 passengers w/ bucket seats, decent trunk space with foldable back seats for more room, v6 engine gets around 27 mpg on the highway, but will get up and go if I need it to, has premium stereo, dual climate control, tow hitch comes in handy, premium wheels, tinted windows.

- Heather D

The most important would be that there is enough leg room in the second and third seat. Also this truck has a great ac system one in the back that can be controlled or placed on a different temperature level than the front one. It has a connection unit in the middle to connect multiple devices, iphone, ipad etc..

The truck is spacious and a 7 seater, i like the 4 doors and the fact that the seats can be put down if extra space is needed. I have had the truck for five years now and has not had major repairs needed in these years. I like the rails on the top because we use this vehicle on camping trips.

- Maria C

2013 dodge Durango crew leather trim.

I love my 2013 dodge Durango crew. An excellent vehicle. Leather upholstery. Latest technology. Backup camera is a lifesaver. It is durable, reliable, and sturdy. Comfortable seating for 7. Spacious. Smooth ride. No problems. I just take it for it is routine maintenance every 3 months or so.

- Tammy P

Plenty of room and power for all.

Good performance and comfortable. Has a small water leak so the passenger floor gets wet, can't find the leak. Otherwise it is a good car, plenty of room and power. Gas mileage is ok for the size of the car. We haven't towed anything with it, but I imagine that there is plenty power to tow.

- Jennifer G

I love the backup camera, it has been very helpful.

The only issue I have had with my vehicle is all of the recalls. The dealership does a great job fixing them, but the amount of them is a little much. It is a very comfortable riding SUV. I like all of the features, the backup camera, power windows and locks, and the Audio system is nice.

- Kristen P

Room for kids, a growing family and dogs.

I love the 3rd row. I love my leather seats. The touch screen is really nice. I love heated seats for the second row for the kids. The automatic gate is amazing and has been super helpful when having a handful. There is enough room in the second row for 3 car seats which is really nice.

- Rose M

Reliable Durango - Low Maintenance

It is very reliable so far. There were a few recalls but the dealer was prepared to handle them. Repairs are have been prohibitive (or hard to repair). The emergency brake and some of the paneling are cost prohibitive to repair. Otherwise, it drives smoothly and ages fairly well.

- Joe H

Durango's are great on gas mileage and it drives nice and smooth.

My Durango is wonderful. I love how the engine is powerful and it drives very smooth. Although the engine is turbo, it isn't very loud. My truck is seriously fast and really moves when I press down on the accelerator. I get great gas mileage on my truck. I have no dislikes about it.

- Cathy S

Spacious, Reliable, very worth every penny

Love the space, very roomy for my family size of 6. Seats are very comfortable and fold easily. Makes for a lot of trunk space being able to fold all the seats down and place large objects or lots of groceries in the back. the ac has vents throughout the trunk and back controls.

- Monica V

Great family vehicle but be aware of transmission issues.

Very comfortable and spacious for short commutes and long family trips. However, I have run into many transmission issues requiring it to be rebuilt completely. Many of the other features including the third row seating makes it great for large families or kids and their friends.

- Josh R

Perfect small family ride

I have had this vehicle over a year. Have had know problems and runs like a champ. It is good with gas and runs smooth on the highway. It's the second Durango I have had that ran great and had no major issues. I would recommend this car to anyone. Also oil changes are far apart.

- Clint C

My Thoughts On My Car... it is great almost no problems and it has my full trust

it's pretty nice and there are almost no problems with my car I enjoy it very much and a new car would be nice but it does the job just fine. The car is in reasonable condition and goes pretty fast. It reliability is outstanding I have had close to no problems with the vehicle.

- alex C

Great family car. Very spacious. Love the 3rd row

The only I have had with my Durango is an accidental deployment of the headrest airbag on the drivers side when I closed the back hatch. It has never been in an accident so I don't know what happened with that. Although looking online it has happened to several other people

- Veronica H

The Dodge Durango, like no other.

So far no problems, I love all the features. My Durango comes with sunroof, GPS, backup cam, automatic start, press to start, heated seats, DVD system for kids. Good on gas for a 3rd row SUV, plenty of storage space in the back. Updated lights for easy visibility at night

- Christie F

Want a sizable, comfortable SUV? Buy a Dodge Durango.

This SUV is perfect in size and looks. It carries up to 7 people comfortably and still have enough room for storage. Moonroof option is fantastic and great. The Durango is top of the line in my eyes. It is comfortable ride and comfortable interior warrants great praise.

- Chris M

Love it and great family car

Love it. Drive it daily for work and weekend getaways. Owned it for 2 years and it get used from work to vacation to hauling items. Great vehicle to have. My family and I love it and upgraded from a Dodge Avenger to and Durango. Great family SUV that fits 7 comfortably

- Marty J

It's great for family, with the.

It's a good vehicle, seats 6, third row seating with a DVD player, gets good gas mileage but Dodges tend to have a lot of minor problems after one hundred thousand miles or so, and the parts are to expensive sometimes, I had to pay 50$ for a air filter to be replaced.

- Joseph H

Outside mirrors tilt down

I have had no problem, it performs really well, very reliable. I have heated seats which makes it very comfortable in the winter time! It also has a back up camera and when I back up my outside mirrors tilt down so I can see the back of my vehicle. I love my Durango!

- Teresa R

I love that its a 3 row seater.

My 2013 Dodge Durango by far has been the best vehicle I have ever had. I love the vehicle, it runs very smoothly, it is very spacious. I love the fact that it's a three row seater. My 2014 Dodge Durango is very reasonable when it comes to the gas mileage. I love it.

- Iris H

Dodge Durango is a fun SUV to drive.

I like driving the Durango. It handles well. It had all of the latest technology including navigation and hands free talk or texting. It is sporty, fits up to seven comfortably, and I can haul pretty much anything. It is also pretty good on gas considering its size.

- Cheryl V

Love this car. Would get another one.

I have enjoyed my car. Several recalls, but always fixed quickly. Premium gas works best for the hemi, but pricey. 90, 000 miles and still drives like new. Just now getting to need to replace certain things. My dealer offered a lifetime warranty so that wa awesome.

- Mary D

Dodge Durango is the best car for you.

Fold up and down back seats make the Durango perfect for storage and seating. Such a great car and awesome at pulling trailers and boats. Long car trips are great for the Durango. The comfy seats and great heating plus cooling systems make for a great car ride.

- Alex R

It's the best car forever. I want everyone to know that this car was reliable.

I haven't had no major problems. I only had minor problem with the car. The performance of the card is really good. I want change the car for nothing., the car is in good shape. I want to keep this car forever and ever. I want to tell everyone about the car.

- Sara S

You can hook up Sirius radio the second row can recline back

Due to the fact I am the third owner so it came with some issues. I like my vehicle it's a flex fuel so gas mileage is good especially highway miles. It's a third row makes it easy for family trips. It drives and rides smooth. It's fully equipped just no GPS

- Ara B

Great vehicle for the whole family!

It is a great family vehicle, comfortable seats for long trips or short ones and a smooth ride. Plenty of space for everything and everyone, including the dogs. Love the look of it, never had issues with its dependability. I am very happy with this purchase!

- Marie W

If it won't start, make sure the fuel sensor thing that tells the car to put fuel in a startup hasn't self-welded. Literally just bang on it with a wrench to start the car.

The fuel sensor thing was recalled and fixed but again developed the same non start problem. The cruise control shakes loose and is unreliable. However the car is spacious, economic, and user friendly. A lot of practical comfort details were not overlooked.

- Kathryn T

Comfy reliable car for you and you're big or small family.

It is so comfortable drive short and long distances. Plenty on room with the 3rd row seating, plenty of room for groceries, and kids stuff. I have the DVD player, kids love it. Back up came and, blind spot sensor are great. Wish it had more clearance.

- Christina E

I love the heated seats especially during winter time.

I enjoy driving my Durango it has a very smooth ride and it looks awesome I would recommend this vehicle to friends and family I love the performance and it is features such as the sunroof, heated seats and remote starter especially in the winter time.

- Leslie B

Highly recommend all wheel drive.

Performs great. Reliable. Good in snow. Gas mileage is about 22 mph. Third row seating made for smaller or shorter leg individuals. Back two rows lay completely down for hauling. Standard radio with good sounding speakers. Great for 1st time car buyer

- Monica S

That I like it and it is a reliable vehicle.

I really like my Durango! It kind of eats up the gas but overall it is a nice SUV. It has a sunroof, I really like the way it gears up when I am the highway! It fits like eight people in it comfortably. For it being used, it is a great vehicle.

- Angela S

Dependable and its very reliable good on gas is the key for use.

We love the color and the leather seats hold well. Nice cool air and dependable. No major issues with the vehicle good on gas and study and dependable vehicle. Dislike the year I guess and looking for more features like Bluetooth and others.

- Frankie M

It is affordable, reliable and can seat 7.

I really like the higher profile and roominess that seats 7 comfortable enough. My complaints would be the third row seat is a bit tight for adults and climbing in isn't easy. There is an obstructed view/blind spot out the right side.

- Mel R

Great, roomy family vehicle.

I love my Dodge Durango. It has comfortable third row seating that folds down to give me tons of room for my kids and their stuff. It's got the get up and go I need on the highway and gets reasonably good gas mileage in town.

- Autumn M

It has great gas mileage.

Love the 3 rows of seating with captains chairs in the middle. Love that it is higher off the ground than a car but not so high that I have trouble getting in. Wish I could fit 3 car seats in the third row.

- Jami D

Durango offers great comfort and convenience.

My family really enjoys the comfort of the seating. We have ample leg room and the seats fold down when we need extra storage space. The one thing I would change about the vehicle are the blind spots.

- Shannon S

It drives and handles nicely and it is comfort on long trips and can handle a trailer.

I like the comfort of the SUV I like the power it has I also like the roominess of the SUV. I dislike the gas mileage of it but I knew that when I bought it so I sacrifice mileage for comfort.

- Gary c

Great vehicle. Very dependable

Love it. Has a hemi and not sure I would buy one without it. Very reliable. It is great in the snow. Automatic 4wd is the best. I don't have to think about it but if I need 4wd low

- Jeannine F

It seats s lot of people and still has a good amount of storage space in the back.

I love that my car has the ability to seat 7 people. I also love the way that it drives so smoothly. I dislike that I cannot access the third row when I have car seats in the middle row.

- Stephanie O

It is big but fuel efficient.

The Dodge Durango is great for people with two children or more. Has a third row and can sit 7 people. It sits up high and goes great through snow. Fuel efficiency and looks very sporty.

- Emily C

My 2013 Durango great on safety.

I love that my car has the side mirror sensors and backup cameras for safety. I dislike the fact that my front end makes a squeaking sound that has yet to be identified by a mechanic.

- Cody H

It's safe. We got rear ended in the highway and my children were not hurt. The car that hit us was totaled but my family and car were safe.

I love that it's safe, we were rear ended in the highway and my family was protected. It's spacious and has 3 rows that are easy to get in and out of. I love the electronic upgrades.

- Danielle K

It is a very reliable and good quality vehicle for any family.

It's been a great vehicle to drive as it has everything I need. It has 3 rows, build in nav, heated seats, leather seats, DVD player and sunroof. It also gets pretty good mileage.

- Bronwyn k

Its has a lot of tech included.

It has a lot of blind spots and sucks gas up like crazy but, it runs nice and has a lot of power. It tows what I need it to. There is plenty of space for children and carpooling.

- Bailey H

It is very safe on the road due to the features of the back up camera and blinker signals.

I love the look of it and I feel it is the perfect size for my family. I love that it is all wheel drive and very safe for the family. I wish the gas mileage was a little better.

- Liz B

All the seats lay down flush which makes it easier to haul things.

This is my second Durango and I would say they are very reliable. Lots of space and a good price. It is very expensive on gas though. About 14 miles to the gallon.

- Shannon K

I like my Dodge Durango and would recommend it to others!

I like that it looks nice but still can seat my entire family. I don't like vans so this was a good option for me. It is dependable and gets good gas mileage.

- Tiffany U

The suv is a good reliable suv which lasts a long time

I like the style and design of the suv. I like that the suv is reliable and is good quality. I dislike that dodge has changed the style of the durangos.

- julie m

It is a dependable vehicle. There is room for seven people to ride comfortably.

My dodge Durango is very comfortable for an suv. The v6 engine makes sure I get good gas mileage. It has been a dependable vehicle. I enjoy driving it.

- Bobbi C

It has a v8 hemi engine and goes very fast even though it is a mom car.

It is a great vehicle and I have no complaints. I think that it was made well, and even though I bought it used, it has a very good life to live still.

- Ethan W

I love the cargo floor storage I have instead of a third row.

I have not had the car long to know if I have had trouble. One thing I have not liked is the lower gas mileage the what the dealer said I would have.

- Jennifer J

One thing others should know about is seating.

I like my car because it's stylish. I like its little features. What I do not like is how much gas it takes. I do not like how speakers are placed.

- Alfonso G

Low gas mileage and back up camera.

Do not like low gas mileage and cost to insure. Love how it rides. Love the third row seat and heated seats in the second row and back up camera.

- Jan G

A 6' man can sit comfortably in 3rd row. There is plenty of room for 7.

I love the color and size of my vehicle. We can travel with all the gear we need for vacations and sports. I just wish it got better gas mileage.

- Jessica H

A very stylish, reliable comfortable SUV.

I really love my Durango. It is very spacious and comfortable for road trips, it seats 7 passengers comfortably. It is a very dependable SUV.

- L W

Not a bad vehicle very reliable.

Not a bad vehicle. Reliability is very good and I like the comfort of the seats. Performance is lacking and I desire to have more horsepower.

- Robert B

Durango look great and last forever if you do not have one then what are you waiting for?

I love my Durango, it runs great. I also think it looks great. Its the 3rd one I have had and they all last forever with only a few issues.

- Sidney S

How wonderful a Dodge Durango is!

Buying the Dodge Durango has been the best decision I have made when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. I absolutely love my Dodge Durango.

- Amy O

It is great in the snow and I feel very safe with my family riding in the vehicle

I like the amount of space that the vehicle has. I like that the seats fold down if I need added storage. It is also great in the snow

- David S

It's comfortable, powerful and Gaza lot of storage space.

I love my Dodge Durango. It has all those extra options that make life convenient. Although not great on gas, it's great for my family.

- Kori C

Good on gas. Good looking SUV.

Love my Durango. Great on gas, comfortable, love the body style & towing ability. Great sound system, message center. AWD is excellent.

- Diane T

It is great on gas too and drives smooth.

This vehicle is great I love that it holds up to seven passengers and it is a smooth ride, I have travel with and it very comfortable.

- Leslie B

Gas mileage isn't great but it is better than my last vehicle

I like that it is reliable. It is the first vehicle I have had with navigation in it and I love it. I wish it had better gas mileage.

- Emily W

It looks so sporty and that's what I love the most.

I love my Durango, it rides smooth. It fits my seat in needs with 2 kids and sometimes more. It has great storage space and leg room.

- Andrea C

It is safe lots of airbags and safety features.

I love my Dodge. This is the second one that I have own. Fix the recalls on time and quickly. Would get a new one if could afford it.

- Norma M

It is a midsize SUV that can accommodate 4 car seats and 2 adult passengers.

I like that it has plenty of room for passengers, and gets great gas mileage. I wish they offered a 4x4 version instead of only awd.

- Cody C

3rd row seating DVD player. Heated seats front/back. Nav. Sirius radio. Bluetooth.

It is very comfortable. Heated seats front/back. DVD player for the kids. 3 rd. row seating. Navigation and computer. Bluetooth.

- Tina M

Just that this vehicle is very roomy.

This vehicle is roomy enough for me and my kids. It very good on gas mileage. There's even enough room for when we go shopping.

- Olivia M

This is a great car for handling, options, and generally getting around.

The 2013 Dodge Durango has been owned by me for 2 years. I bought it used. I really love the handling and options it has.

- Robin H

It last for a good time and great family car. Has enough room for everyone and great to take on vacation.

It last for awhile which is nice. It family size which is great. It need to be upgraded thought that only thing I dislike.

- Lizzy E

Good family vehicle. Great for long trips. Roomy

Love the 7 passenger seating and DVD system. Wish the door wasn't so high so it could be used as a comfortable arm rest

- joetta e

It also has very little passenger room.

I love my SUV. It is spacious and good on gas mileage. I have not had to perform any major repairs since I have had it.

- Jan E

It's very reliable, dependable, haven't had any issues. Super safe car

i love my durango. Fits our family perfectly. wish there was more space in the back once the third row seating is up.

- Nicole A

It is very dependable yet it handles the road well and is fast off the line.

It has a lot of pick up with the hemi.It looks really nice and is very versatile. Can get a dorm room of cargo in it.

- cathryn c

it's a really good car it gets me where I need to go

it's a little old so it did require some repair. but it was easy enough to fix and it did not cost that much to do it

- katie f

It is a great vehicle for snow and other harsh weather.

I like the ride, look and feel. I love the engine. I do not like the gear shift. Other than that it is a great SUV.

- Marie G

It is reliable but loud fan when it is hot.

I like that it is great in bad weather and has third row. Dislike it has had a few issues in the fan and front end.

- Kathy L

Drive good and so much room has seven people

Very roomy comfortable to ride and drive good on gas heated sets front and back do to kids love when it's cold out

- Dianna B

I like it the way it looks and rides.

I like the room and the seating the comfort of it the fuel that it takes the good mileage I get the way it looks.

- Sandra F

Dependable. Reliable Transportation, Just love driving it!

I have no complaints about this truck, I love it, it runs well, the air conditions is the best, a must in Texas.

- Linda B

Great vehicle for bigger families. With lots of room and space to store things

Love the comfort very nice to travel. have had no problems so far. Bought used. Lots of room storage is great

- Laurie K

My car is very comfortable and drives good.

I like the room it has. I like the gas mileage it gets. I like the way it drives. I do not have any dislikes.

- Er N

Can be customized to look like your favorite sports car but is a SUV.

Comfortable ride for my family of 5. Enough space for 2 car seats. Has a stylish look on the inside and out.

- Lee G

All wheel drive good fuel mileage sound driving.

No problems enjoy driving it handles nice, comfortable, all wheel drive, good fuel mileage mid size vehicle.

- Joseph G

I love my Dodge Durango citadel.

This vehicle is the best on ice/snowy roads that I have ever owned. Enough room for groceries and grandkids.

- Brenda F

It's safe and dependable, never had any mechanical problems.

I like that it gets great gas mileage. Its comfortable for long road trips. Absolutely no mechanical issues.

- Jennifer M

Its a non smoking car & no eating inside.

I like the gas mileage, navigation & the ride, I have no complaints, I love the insurance rate for it.

- Jeremiah J

Spacious vehicle with third row seating.

Third row seat is very nice for our family. Spacious. Good gas mileage. Easy to drive on road trips.

- Trevor P

that it is a well designed vehicle with many safety features

1. the design 2. the comfort 3. the handling in all weather 3. Uconnect 4. built-in-navigation

- Lilianne S

It drives easily and has a lot of extra space

it is AWD. it has third row seating which makes it super comfy and extra space. drives easily.

- Bryttani w

it does waste gas faster than a small vehicle. but it is great for families

I love the space for the kids. I love that it has three rows. i love the air vents in the back

- natalie m

This car is amazing, spacious and has great safety features.

It rides very smooth and is safe. I love the camera for backing up. There is lots of room.

- Erica R

Great mileage. Very roomy. Special.

I love that It's roomy. It gives great gas mileage. Plenty of room for my grandkids.

- lora B

It's safe. It has nice safety features.

It lets me get around. I have plenty of storage room. It's a nice truck.

- dion S

Full-size suv with a larger engine that has a lot of power. It is an all wheel drive vehicle which I like for the winter. It also rides very nice.

My Dodge Durango is a very nice riding vehicle with a lot of power.

- Kirk S

It has enough room for my family. I can haul groceries and lumber if I need to. Also it is great for tailgating

It is a dependable vehicle. It is the perfect size for my family

- Brenda S

Love the leather seats, sunroof and built in navigation.

There is third row seating and I can fit 7 people in the car.

- Casey E

I love the space it has also it is very smooth riding for our long family trips.

The overall space that it has the ride is nice on long trips

- Melodie B

It is very reliable and fun car to drive

I like the look and handling of my car but dislike the gps.

- Brian L

I love the hemi and alpine

Could have heated seats but other than that I love it

- Kim E

it is worth the extra money if your looking for something like it.

I love the size and room. only dislike is the color

- lynn m

that for the size of the vehicle it gets good mileage

easy to drive. good on gas. comfortable to ride in.

- linda r