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My family's Durango purchase.

Problems: I wish my car payments were lower than what it is at right now. Problems with car: not enough leg room for growing boys. Performance: the car is smooth ride and I do not have any problems. It has a v6 engine and the SUV does what it is job is the best. Reliability: I love how the car let's me know when the tires are low on air. Also when something is not functioning correctly the car will alert me for attention. Comfort: I am a small build lady and I love the room. My son's on the other hand, they're growing and growing so fast. We make it work though. Features: everything is computer sensitive and it is a great thing but needs careful ownership.

- Rae L

Dodge Durango 2014 review.

The vehicle itself is a luxury, with an elegant gloss finish on the interior and 2 USB passenger ports, as well as 1 in the front. The comfortable leather seats are both heated in the passenger and driver. Along with a heated wheel. When backing out, you have a rear camera that will assist you, but I would suggest looking behind you, and using the camera as a guide. There are speakers with the second row of passengers as well as the rear row of passengers. The only problem is the space in the trunk. It is a little small, and if you have a big family of seven, it will get really crowded if you've done a heavy shopping day.

- Angela L

It's a great family vehicle, as far as space and storage.

This 2014 Dodge Durango limited crew has the 3 rows of seats and sunroof. Has power controls and heated front and back seats. The Uconnect feature this vehicle has is helpful and used frequently. We are getting between 20-24 mpg which is great for the size of the SUV. Remote start is nice for winter months. Very roomy and still has cargo space in the back. Only problem has been the sunroof motor needed reset and side valance adhesives have needed fixed. A few recalls have been placed over the years, such as a Brea booster and cruise control. Other than that this has been a great vehicle.

- Brittany B

It is a large SUV that has a 3rd row. The 3rd row easily folds down for additional storage and it does store quite a bit. The safety rating of the vehicle is also well-rated compared to other SUVs. Also, the new Durango has an updated look and is appealing.

I have a red 2014 Dodge Durango Limited Edition. My favorite features are the leather seats, heated seats/steering wheel, and sunroof which are standard features for the version. I also like the added feature of a DVD system with screens located on the back of each front seat. The Durango is the perfect size for my active family of 4. Cons were that a hitch system with electrical was not standard. Also it could be a little smoother of a ride and a little loud on highways. The sound system is amazing though and covers up most driving noise.

- Katie B

Safe, smooth, comfortable, spacious, powerful, strong, and beautiful!

People do not believe me when I tell them it is a 2014! It is fully loaded and I love it! Heated seats in front and 2nd row! It even has a heated steering wheel!! It has a standard house plug outlet in the back behind the front seats as well as a bunch of USB ports for multiple devices to be charging at the same time. Sun roof. Third row seating. So much space. I have two kids in car seats and this vehicle was the winner as far as feet space for the driver and passenger. I am in love with my Durango!

- Amber J

Pros and cons of a dodge Durango.

Overall I enjoy my vehicle but there are a couple of problems that are annoying. The first problem is one of my tires continuing needing to be pumped every time the weather changes from cold to warm or vice versa. The second problem is the touch screen freezing often. The perks about the vehicle is the size to fit all my needs and the option to add upgrades at anytime. I know I mentioned some problems but this type of make and model of an SUV I prefer over any other SUVs.

- Carolyn M

Reliable, stylish SUV. It is spacious too.

My Durango fidgets sometimes, for example, while I am driving, my car will notify me the “key fob has left the vehicle. ” well clearly it had not because I am driving! Also, whenever I trying to charge my phone and listen to a podcast at the same time, it simply will not play the podcast if my phone is plugged in. It has great pickup, durable and spacious for a family with children. I feel extremely safe in my car.

- Alison P

Beautiful car- interior is spectacular.

We just purchased our car used and it is definitely the best car we have ever owned. We have owned Hondas, BMWs, Chevrolets. . . The ltd Durango has a beautiful leather interior with seat memorization and seat heaters. The a/c is amazing which is a must for Florida, and there are air vents in the backseat. The three rows make it so easy to load up anything or take a road trip. It runs great.

- Serena D

Sturdy and roomy with few problems.

It performs great, just as I expected. It is also reliable, comfortable and sturdy. It fits my lifestyle perfectly. It's roomy with plenty of cargo area for dogs. There are a few negatives: 1) the radio will come one every time the car is started, even if it was turned off when the car was shut off. 2) there is a slight blind spot when backing up, particularly from the side cargo windows.

- Ann T

The greatness of the Dodge citadel.

I drive a Durango citadel edition. I love the responsiveness, the 8 cylinder hemi, 8 speed transmission. She has so many safety features it makes driving a joy. I really enjoy the sensors in the side mirrors. The vehicle will tell you if anyone is within 20 feet of the side mirror. And when you use your turn signals it will also tell you audibly if there is an obstruction.

- Joanna D

Great vehicle with great technology.

Vehicle has not had any problems however several factory recalls but most were software issues and easy fixes. Overall performance is great and the technology is good, very comfortable to drive and has been very reliable. The only downfall for me is the location of the driver setting button, is on the door panel and I am constantly reprogramming my settings without knowing.

- Amy C

I feel it is safe for an entire family. It has plenty of room for 6 people and then more space for bags or belongings. Be prepared for higher gas bills but there is a trade off of having a larger vehicle.

I love having the extra room in my Durango. With 3 children having the extra row of seating makes long trips bearable for all of us. I just wish it was more fuel efficient. It has the largest V8 that Dodge made that year. I would consider getting another once this way has long rusted away. I just hope gas os either cheaper or the mpg rate is better at that time.

- Joseph L

Third row seats available.

I love the Durango because it has 3 rows which we are able to fit a lot of people when we go on trips. It is a very spacious car. I love the fact that I have leather seats, and a sunroof. I love the touch screen, the little lights that come on at night in areas you would never expect. It is also a smooth and fast driving car. I would recommend it to anyone.

- Yvonne J

I can seat up to six people in my vehicle. And still have room for storage.

It's 17 years newer than my last vehicle so I enjoy that it has air conditioning and heated seats (and heated steering wheel!). However, it's not built like my last truck, which was a tank essentially. I wish it felt more sturdy. I do like the room I have (3 rows of seats). Sometimes I feel like they try to put too much in the vehicle that you don't need

- Audrey R

Love my 2014 Dodge Durango.

I love my car! I love the comfort of the seats and the driving. There is plenty of space for rear facing car seats and leg room for forward facing car seats. I love the captain seats the space in the back when you fold the seats down. The only thing I do not like is I wish it was a little better on gas mileage. Other than that I love it.

- Michaela H

The dodge Durango is a great family car.

I really like my car but wish I would have got the leather interior and back up camera. I do love that it has the optional 3rd row seat. The car drives very smooth, when I had and issue with the transmission I took it to the dodge dealership and the powertrain warranty covered the topping up and servicing of the transmission.

- Ashley A

How amazing the backup camera is.

I wish it had more clearance (higher off the ground) like the older style of Durango's. Love the heated seats. Love the heated steering wheel. Love the rear air control and how well it works. Love the lumbar support in the driver's seat. Love how user friendly the touch screen viewing screen is. The backup camera is awesome.

- Heidi M

It can hold up to seven people and is 4 wheel drive.

I love the fact that it sits a little higher and is a 4 wheel drive, but I'm not giving up any luxury. It's a 7 passenger vehicle but it is still easy to maneuver and park. The Nav system and backup cameras are awesome. I can't really say I have any dislikes, this is my favorite out of all of the vehicles I've ever owned.

- Jane B

Keeps peace while traveling.

Car is comfortable plenty of legroom. Front seats heat & cool which is an added plus. Remote start another bonus. The vehicle came fully loaded so it's hard to explain everything. Kids are able to hook games up or watch a movie or both - great for long trips. Rides smooth easy to go beyond speed limit if not using cruise.

- Denise S

About the gearing system. The way it downshifts too much and hesitates when accelerating.

I love all the bells and whistles that my car has. The only thing that I don't like is the gearing system of the Dodge. It's an automatic gearing system that shifts up or down on it's own. It downshifts too much at times causing me to have to use the manual paddle shifters. And it also hesitates when you gas on it.

- Stefanie W

It is a piece of junk honestly and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Every couple of months something in my engine starts making a chugging sound and everything smells like burnt rubber, I keep getting it serviced and it always ends up happening again. So I keep wasting money to try and fix it but no one ever seems to actually fix it even after they say they have fixed it for good.

- Rebecca G

Dodge Durango, the SUV for all your needs.

My Durango has a really comfortable ride. It has all the latest safety technology like adaptive cruise control with the stop feature, and blind spot monitoring. It has collision avoidance. And it looks really cool and sporty. It has a hemI for the engine performance when you need it, and it gets good gas mileage.

- Valerie O

Good investment if your looking for a sub that is not too big or too small.

They are smaller than the 2004 to 2008 models. It is nice inside and out. Love the heated wheel and front and back windows. My DVD system is pretty cool. The front passenger will not be able to watch the movies playing only the back seat passengers. That is a little disappointing but for safety reasons I get it.

- Lokelani M

It is a wonderful family vehicle for big or small families.

It goes great on gas. Comfortable riding, smooth riding, there is a lot of room in the seats and the back seat. There is never any mechanical problems. It goes good in the snow and rain. The leather has help up good with two children and a dog. It is fast and has good pickup speed. Drives great on mountains.

- Shelley N

My not so comfy Dodge Durango.

I loved my car in the beginning, except for the gear shift (turn knob style), the lack of legroom, and also trunk space has become an issue. The closer I get to 100k miles the more problems I have as well. The seats in my model are uncomfortable for extended trips, but I like that the back seats can recline.

- Stephanie G

2014 Dodge Durango rt v8 hemi.

I loves this vehicle! It is very comfortable and has all of the features I like. It is perfect for families and does good on gas with the hemi engine. The only thing that I have had problems with is my windshield wiper motor which is an easy fix and 2 of my 12v outlets went out but it is also an easy fix.

- Carol H

The vehicle is the most user friendly vehicle I have ever driven.

I have driven 110, 000 miles and have done nothing more than routine maintenance. I love the I-connect that helps with navigation & speed dialogues. This feature has saved me a ton of tickets. The heated and cooled seats make extreme cold or extreme hot driving conditions much more barrable.

- Wade H

It work well for storage if you can lower the 3rd row seating.

It handles very well, but has been very hard on tires. It has all the features we need and we love having the ability to have Wifi for the kids on long trips. I just wish we had the seatbelt option for the 7th passenger. I also wish it had more storage space behind the third row seat.

- Thomas Y

You cannot be the value and space!

I love how spacious all rows are compared to other brands. The air vents in the ceiling keep the climate controlled well, even for rear facing children in car seats. We are reaching 100, 000 miles and have had very few issues with the vehicle. Most things were covered under warranty.

- Serena H

Safe and reliable travel alone or with extended family. Room for all.

My Durango is reliable. Has all wheel drive. Heated seats, out side mirrors, steering wheel. Good turning radius. The best is the backup camera. The gas cover freezes in winter, and the tire pressure can get low in cold weather. A real pain. Still would buy another in a heartbeat.

- Barb R

Durango: the car for you whole family your whole life.

Durango it is awesome. Pretty good car, fits up to 7 people, comfortable, good room inside. Car recommended for the whole family, especially with kids because it is a really safe car. Good car for winter as well, in snow areas. The tires are strong and the heater warms up fast.

- Isabelle A

Great family car with lots of room.

It is a great family car, I feel very safe and that it is reliable to take my family in and very. Comfortable. I love the sound system and the v8 engine. I would not put my kids in another car. This car also has plenty of room to put all the kids toys and gear with extra room.

- Brittany D

Great quality have had no problems would highly recommend.

Handles well in the rain, and is good on gas. It fits 7 people comfortably. I like the backup video mirror. Makes backing up a dream. There are plugs for phones all throughout the car and there are heated seats in the front and second row. I do not dislike anything about it.

- Linda S

Great car that has the get up and go power.

I have not had any problems with my vehicle. I has been a great vehicle. Gas mileage could be better. It cost about $50 to fill it up. When you step on the gas it will go. Hopefully it will run for another 20 years. I have no intentions on trading my car in on anything else.

- Susanne D

Great Dodge Durango to drive.

Comfortable seats, good backup camera, easy to drive, air conditioning and heating very good, heated seats and steering wheel great. Good signals when too close to cars, color is very nice, easy to clean, radio system and maps are easy to use, weather map, is very helpful.

- Lou M

Love my 2014 dodge Durango limited!

I purchased my vehicle used. The pre owned extended warranty is amazing. The vehicle handles great in all weather conditions. I have two young children, and it accommodates all of our needs with ease. I drive about 20k miles per year, and the car is extremely comfortable.

- Laurence E

2014 Dodge Durango rt stacks up.

I really like my Durango. It is perfect size for my family of 4. It gets awesome mileage for a SUV, we averaged 26 mpg on a recent trip going highway speeds. The handling is amazing. Though it is lacking some of the comforts of my old Denali, overall a fantastic vehicle.

- Sam H

Durango's are great for getting around in winter conditions.

I love my Durango. We have horrible winters and I would have great difficulties getting out of my driveway - have never had a problem once with my Durango. I wish it had a better design for groceries in the tailgate area. My caravan was awesome for that and I miss it.

- Heidi J

Leather seats and sunroof built in DVD players.

It is so reliable and the seats are leather and so comfortable! It is a dependable vehicle and so much room for my family of 5! My kids love it, I never wanted to be a soccer mom driving a minivan, then I found the Dodge Durango and I am a football mom! And proud of it.

- Brooke G

It can hold and haul a lot of people in the car and haul a lot of weight behind it.

I like that it has three rows, and has held up really well as we have put a lot of miles on it. I don't have any specific complaints other then it uses a lot of gas and doesn't have as many automatic features. It also can haul a surprising amount of weight for an SVU.

- Andrea P

2014 Dodge Durango rt hemi.

I have never had any problems with it besides minor issues with my windshield wiper motor and 2 of my 12v power outlets went out. Other than that, I love my Durango! Oh and when the temperature drops outside my tire pressure drops and the sensors send out the signal.

- Carol M

Color and space are great for my family. I liked driving it around.

Tire issues. Within first year of purchasing brand new vehicle, my tire got flat twice. Tire repair needs to be included in the manufacturer warranty. I also have issues with Wi-Fi connection. I cannot call or order services via Durango Mopar as I am a deaf owner.

- Amy A

Impressive updated Durango!

I absolutely love my Dodge Durango. It makes me feel safe when driving. Gas mileage is great also. A lot better than years passed. Love my touch screen too. Just wish I had a back up camera. That is the only downfall. Knock on wood-I have had no issues with it.

- Abby G

Spacious cabin, dependable, easy to maneuver and great for families

Like that it is spacious and has a third row. I also like that it has touch screen for convenience. I like that it has hands free. I don't like that it is not a dynamic car, nothing very different about it from other SUVs on the market. Kind of plain.

- bea e

It's spacious, easy to drive and fully loaded. It has lots of little perks like memory seats, heated seats & steering wheel, remote start, power liftgate & leather seats.

I love the 3 rows of seating. The middle seat is spacious enough for me to fit between my 2 kids car seats. I love the navigation and how it doesn't handle like a truck. I love all the cargo space in the back (especially with the 3rd row folded flat)

- Mrs R

I like how spacious it is but it is not a huge car to drive.

I like the radio, speedometer and graphics, heated seats and steering wheel, spacious, nice looking, 3rd row seating. Dislike-water gets into the taillight about puts it out and you have to replace the whole thing to fix it. Gas guzzler.

- Kayla B

This car is very roomy and is large enough for any size family.

I really love my car. It has a lot of safety features that are important to me, and it is big enough for my family and my needs. I don't like that some safety features that I would have preferred to have were not included in this model

- Crystal C

It is a safe and family friendly ride that I highly recommend.

I love that our Durango fits our entire family comfortably. It has third row and if we aren't using it lays flat for extra storage space. It still gets good gas mileage. The look of the SUV and the way it rides are also on point.

- Katherine R

Has amazing luxury comforts.

Love the 3rd row seating, and the touch screen menu. Super easy to drive, I wish the transmission was a little smoother, but overall it's a great car. Really nice when hauling kids and dogs. Great road trip car with tons of room.

- Allison G

It is easy to handle in all road conditions.

My vehicle has plenty of room for my family and all the cargo that we need to carry with us. It has a smooth drive and is easy to handle. The only think that I might say that I dislike about my vehicle is the gas mileage.

- Madeline B

It's a great car with a lot of room inside, it has a lot of power and it's very reliable.

I love pretty much everything about my car. My major disappointment would be that it doesn't have a mirror separate from the rearview mirror so I can see the kids in the backseat. Also I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Brooke P

It gets good gas mileage for its size.

I love the amount of space it has and that all of the seats fold down. I like the gas mileage it gets compared to other cars its size. I dislike the center console, because there is no convenient place to put my purse.

- Taylor H

Do regular maintenance on it or you will have lots of avoidable issues.

We keep getting a check engine code and it is just a general misfire code so no real way of knowing the issue. Otherwise I love the space, the look, and the style of the vehicle and fits all the car seats I need.

- Robert E

The safety features on this car are amazing if you have younger children.

Has a lot of good space. Perfect for my family. Good stereo system and sound. Seat belt safety. Love the child safety locks on doors. Love child safety locks on windows. Great tint on windows its not to dark.

- Nicole P

8 speed transmission has extreme poor acceleration.

Dislike cheat floor carpet, door does not want to stay open when trying to open, and poor acceleration with 8 speed transmission. Like overall vehicle appearance, good stereo system, and handles well on road.

- Pamela P

Lots of space for large families

The car seats 7 adults comfortably and has plenty of storage. The technology is also up to date and makes use of my car more enjoyable. I only wish there was a little more trunk space when the third row is up

- Cara S

The most important thing to know is that you should regularly check the alignment.

It's nice and roomy and comfortable to drive especially on long drives. Gets good gas mileage. My only complaint is that it has a slight pull to the right which I can't seem to correct through re-alignment.

- Bill D

It is a comfortable family car. It has a creat sound system. It has a very powerful engine.

I love my Dodge Durango because it is very comfortable. I like it's style the way it feels when i drive it. I do not like the fact that it needs more space in the back so i can store things when traveling.

- Elizabeth C

I love my Durango and everything about it!

I have had no problems with my Durango. It is great on gas for a big SUV. It has great space. The seats are easy to put down and put up. Navigation is wonderful. Can't live without the backup camera!

- Brenda M

Smooth ride and responds well.

My main issue with the car is that the business and bulkiness of the truck makes it prone to blind spots. I do however love how smoothly it drives and the response of the accelerator and the brakes.

- Trinity B

It works for my family and that is what is important.

It carries my family of 5 with room to spare. Gas mileage isn't the worst but it could be better. My only issue is that it lacks some of the features I wanted but I had to buy what I could afford.

- Sue G

It has lots of room. It drives really smooth and it looks sharp

I love my car. It drives smooth. I love the lights. It is very roomy. It fix all my kids and lots of room for storage. I love the color grey and I love the look of it. Led light went out

- Diane R

Great handling and ride overall.

I like the size for our family. When we travel with our family 2 adults, 2 jugs and a dog it is perfect we have plenty of space but it is small enough the handling is great on the road.

- Alesha C

It is safe, secure, and sleek. It is comfortable, and dependable.

This car was made for my family! It has captain seats for my children, a 3rd row for their friends, and satellite radio. Never anything wrong, and is comfortable stylish and I love it.

- Lauren M

The most important thing is that is has both power and economy. The electronics package is impressive as well.

It gets good gas mileage. Although economical to drive, it has the power to tow a travel trailer. The design is sporty but the vehicle still has 7 passenger seating capacity.

- Dan R

Easily fits two car seats.

We have had no problems with it. We have had it for a year. It is super comfy. We have taken it on many road trips. It easily fits two car seat! Drives great on snowy roads.

- Dallas S

That the car has a third row seat for larger families but is still budget friendly

I love the fact that's in an suv but not so big that I feel like a bus. I wish it had an extra seat but the captain chairs and third row make it perfect for our family of 5.

- Elisha S

Durango, affordable very roomy, with many technology features.

Performance is good, it is reliable, comfort is very nice, from the heated steering wheel, heated seats and vents all around the inside. The room in the back is fantastic.

- Angela M

It has been dependable for the first 100k miles. I will definitely purchase another. Gas miles are great

I love my car. I like it feels like a car but is a SUV.. it's recently had transmission problems. Frustration dealership can't fix or diagnosis till it gives engine error

- Caren G

Despite its size, it gets decent gas mileage.

My Durango is comfortable to ride in and has plenty of room for everyone. It drives smooth and handles really well. The technology features are great and easy to use.

- Kristen T

Great for families, lots of comfortable, roomy seats.

Comfortable traveling vehicle. Great trunk space with extra storage space. Only thing I dislike is having to take it to a "dealer" to get the computer updates.

- Christina A

It has a third row that is pretty comfortable and the trunk room is great.

I love the size and the way the car drives. I do not like that recently there have been a lot of electrical problems. It is the perfect size SUV for my family.

- Bressy R

With the amount of miles I have put on this car, it is still very reliable.

This car is very reliable and has great performance. I drive everyday through the mountains to city streets. It is great in the snow and is a great family car.

- Tatiana M

Its comfortable and roomy. Also great on gas for being a v6.

The only complaints that I have about it, are the air compressor is louder than I think it should be. Also the placement of the driver seat setting button.

- Beni B

It has a LOT of room! And it is nice all around! You should buy one! You will love it!

I love it! Being a momma of 2 it has all the room i need! My son plays fall ball and travel ball and it has all the room for his stiff and my girl cheers

- Amanda L

It is a car that gets me to school and work.

I love this vehicle. I got in an accident in it and it kept me safe. Whenever there is something wrong with it, Dodge takes care of it quickly and cheap.

- Brenton G

Dodge Durango USB Ports Heated Passenger Seats Heated Front Seats

Having this model is a luxury to have. With leather seats, heated steering wheel, as well the passenger seats. There are USB ports along with passenger.

- Amanda R

That it is safe and good for road travel. That it's very reliable.

I love my car. It fully loaded. Travels real good. My family all fit in the car.haven't had any major work done on it in the 3 years that I've had it.

- Mable R

Great deal for the price tag. Lots of amenities to make it everything you need.

I love the spacious interior. The roof vents for the ac are so useful for people sitting in the backseat. The drive is very smooth and comfortable.

- Serena H

It requires little maintenance, I have not had any major mechanical problems with it.

My Durango has lots of room. It is very stylish looking. Most of all it drives well. This is my second Durango I have had and I still love it!

- Rebecca H

Is a very secure car i love it. My kids love it. The family is comfortable

Have a lot of features like GPS. Seat in front and back have warmer. 1st and 2nd road seats are buckets seats. I feel secure and comfortable

- Liza M

The Durango will hold its value if you take care of it.

The Dodge Durango is a very spacious vehicle. The Durango does very well on fuel mileage. The Dodge Durango has no tv and is not leather.

- Kyle Hill H

At 55, 000 I still have had no issue.

My Durango is fully loaded, touch screen, Bluetooth, navigation, remote start, automatic tailgate, sunroof, leather seats, alloy wheels.

- Crystal E

Great value for our family

I really enjoy my Dodge Durango! It is very reliable. I have not had any issues with it. It is very roomy. It has lots of cargo space.

- Linda M

Reliable, comfortable, good gas mileage, hands free calling

Like the backup camera. And the hands free calls we can make. Separate Temperature control for driver and passenger side. Heated seats

- Barbara S

Very dependable, good car

it is classy, dependable, comfortable. It gets good mileage, looks good, runs great! It has room where I can haul things in the back.

- Linda C

Reliable and fun to drive.

Love room, sound system, reliability. Do not like gas cover is hard to open in winter weather. Can fit grandchildren in comfortably.

- Barbara R

It gets me from point a to point b.

I like that I have air conditioner and heated seats. I like the amount of seats in my vehicle. I do not like how low the bumper is.

- Audrey C

It is very reliable in all weather conditions. It is safe and comfortable.

I like that it is capable of towing our boat. I like the three row seats. I have never had a mechanical issue with it. Reliable.

- Tricia S

It is a great option for a family vehicle.

It has a 3rd row and fits my family comfortably. It has a great look and same engine as the challenger. When I need to go, it goes.

- Cara C

The increased space is excellent, seats 7 very comfortably.

I love my durango. The 3rd row seating is the best. I love how roomy and how much space there is in the front. So much elbow room.

- Jo M

It's a great family vehicle. It is safe and easy to operate.

It drives very smoothly. The seats are light and easy to maneuver up and done. It has plenty of space for passengers and/or cargo.

- Marissa Y

The Dodge Durango is a sick car

The car I have is great and I enjoy it, the only problem is probably the gas Milagros. It also is very spacious and comfortable

- Drew R

That it has amazing features.

I love the camera so i can see what’s behind me and all the features it offers. I dislike that it does not have a cd player.

- Shannon R

That I really enjoy driving it.

It has a roomy interior. The pick up is smooth. I like the style. The color is cool. It has been. Very reliable truck so far.

- William L

My Durango is a safe vehicle.

I have three rows of seats. My car gets decent gas mileage. My Durango is very comfortable on long drives and is very safe.

- Janet B

That it has 3rd row seating.

I like the space. I like that it is a truck instead of a car. I do not like the inside features could be more up to date.

- J B

The gas mileage is good and all the tech components.

Love the color and style and the gas mileage. The cost was reasonable. I dislike the engine noisy and lack of roominess.

- Alan M

My awesome car makes me happy.

It's roomy. Fits my family nicely. Isn't a van. Has all wheel drive. My husband likes the color matched rims and grill.

- Kristen M

They should know it seats 8 people.

I like that it gets good gas mileage. I do not like that the speakers are quiet. I like that it seats a lot of people.

- Corinne C

Buy an SUV that gets better mileage.

Great SUV FOR HAULING KIDS AROUND. It runs good gets down the highway great. sold as a rock.But the gas mileage sucks.

- Jerry D

Family friendly comfortable drive

Drives well, has a lot of addons that make the car more family friendly. Very reliable. Not many maintenance problems

- Gina E

Great family, large size and rugged

very comfortable and rugged. seats about 6-7 people. has built in dvd screens, leather seats, could use more storage.

- Yenisel L

It gets good gas mileage for an SUV. About 24 mpg.

I love this car! It has amazing pep, great brakes and tight steering! It looks good too, it is the perfect mom car!

- Jessica H

Ease to drive and get in and out.

Like the seats, back. K up camera, very comfortable, tires, service is excellent, safety features are very helpful.

- Cindy S

How to start and put into gear. How to adjust the climate.

I like it because it has plant of room. It is comfortable for the family. I don't like the gas mileage it gets.

- Janet B

Best suv hands down you won't regret your decision

Drives smooth looks and drives like a luxury ride. Good on gas. Lots of cool features they call it the man van

- Ramona A

Best choice I ever made in purchasing a Dodge Durango.

It's all wheel drive, has very comfortable seats, plenty of room, great towing capacity. Great fuel mileage.

- Ron n

Vehicle has third row seating.

Third row seating, sunroof, heated seats, heated steering wheel, auto start, automatic unlock, trunk space.

- Jeanne B

Handles smoothly for an SUV.

My car rides nicely. It gets decent gas mileage. It seems dependable thus far. I like the radio and screen.

- Donald D

It only has six seats because there are only two in the back row.

I love the strong engine, adaptive cruise, and sunroof. I hate the poor gas mileage and limited storage.

- Tyrome C

Highlights of the durango

Performs very well. Very smooth ride. No issues so far. Good on gas mileage and seats seven passengers.

- Angela S

Has a lot of power behind it.

This is a great family car, has a lot of reliability and I always feel safe having my kids in the car.

- Brittany D

It gets us where we need to go.

Great towing capacity. Strong engine. Bluetooth. Sunroof. Leather. I do not like the poor gas mileage.

- Tyrone C

best SUV ever drives great

I have no problems, have great coverage, and drives like a dream, very comfortable and great room...

- Leslie L

I will always take good care of it and expect others to treat it the same way

I love the style and look of it. It sits up high and rides very well. I wish it was roomier inside.

- Hannah P

This vehicle is a family hauler that gets decent fuel economy.

I like the room and the 6 - 7 passengers. I dislike having to have replaced two windshields.

- Tim H

It's a fun practical car that has room for the whole family.

I have had a few problems with it but I bought an extended warranty and it was taken care of.

- Toni W

It drives as good as it looks.

Big enough for the whole family. Comfortable during long drives. Good in gas for an suv.

- Jared A

I love my Durango! The design is gorgeous and the space inside is a must have! I also love that the car will not let you lock your keys inside of it!

It has third row seating and even the third row is comfortable enough for a adult.

- Julie H

It's an affordable family car that has tons of options.

I love the look inside and out. It's great on gas. I love the third row seating.

- Kristen H

it runs great gets fairly good mileage for full time 4 wheel drive

have no complaints. ability to tow boat a plus. built in NAV system a plus

- Bobby W

It drives great and is super comfortable.

I love the style of this car. The third row seating is a must have for me.

- Julie S

Dependable. Reliable. But small

It fits all of my kids. It's reliable. Does Not have much trunk space.

- Laurie G

It is powerful and it has a good amount of storage space.

I like how big it is. It makes me feel safe. I also like the styling.

- Lauren V

I like the cargo room. There's plenty of space for my kids. I wish it had a middle bench seat though.

It's very safe. I would recommend for families. It rides very well.

- Dana J

Its extremely easy to drive even though it is a bigger vehicle

It's very roomy. I love the third row seating. Very smooth ride.

- jaime m

It's big enough for my whole family plus my kids friends. It's comfortable for me on long trips and I have back problems. It drives well in all weather conditions. It has options on it that we handpicked including TVs in the head rests. I've had a few mechanical problems which were disappointing, but I bought the lifetime warranty which lessened my bad feelings about the problems.

Comfortable for a large family and a driver with a back problem

- Becky H

This is a vehicle that handles well and is comfortable and roomy.

Drives great, handles well, comfortable, roomy but not too big!

- Kay D

It's reliable and it has good gas mileage.

I love everything about. Literally nothing I hate about it.

- Jeri C

I like backup camera with beeper I like side mirror with beeper I like automatic wipers, light and high beams

It is easy to backup and it is big car but easy to drive.

- may s

It rides extremely well and I feel safe.

I like it rides. I love the style. I Love the radio

- Rachel H

It's really nice I don't see any problem with it except that every so often I need to take it to the shop and get it fixed

The mileage and who it's mad by and the price of it

- Hunter D

I fit in it well, good leg room

A lot of room, very comfortable, good power

- Mark P

Dodge Durango, the way to go!

- Tanya A

Good running vehicle & reliable.

- Chris K