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Surprise Gas saver for Us!!

I like the digital features of it but it doesn't have the backup camera, power seats, and the big touch screen that I like but overall I love the way it drives and the room and space it provides. It was the perfect vehicle when my family and I travelled across the country. I would recommend to everyone and anyone, and also the mileage Hwy that it gets is wonderful. I always tried to stay away from big trucks because I was always told they guzzle gas but haven't experienced that with the Durango, and depending on how much gas is also but we usually fill up once every two weeks twice depending on how much we travel and that is a money saver to our family.

- Morgan A

The Dodge Durango is an excellent choice for moms with attitude.

My only complaint about the vehicle is that I can't do speech to text when replying to text messages. There are predefined text messages I can reply with. Also, I guess, another complaint I have is that I can't turn off the auto start and stop like, for always. You can disable it, but you must do so each time you get into the car. I really enjoy everything else about the vehicle! It's spacious enough for my family, and it hauls like a dream. We use it to pull our pontoon with no issues. It also is pretty quick. I was nervous about going from a small fast car, to a bigger vehicle because I like to take off a little quicker, and it does it just fine.

- Jeanette C

Great family car that packs a punch.

I think that my Durango is one of the best cars I have purchased so far. I got the rt with the hemi v8 and I absolutely love the power and performance of this vehicle. It's a mom car that still packs a punch and is fun to drive everyday. I love that my car has great safety features like blind spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control. These come in handy when driving in traffic. I bought my Durango brand new and haven't had any issues with it mechanically. Its pretty inexpensive to maintenance which is something else I enjoy about this car. I am looking forward to doing business with Chrysler Dodge Jeep in the near future for another vehicle.

- Audrey W

Amazing, spacious vehicle.

The Dodge Durango, it is a very big-spacious and reliable vehicle. I love it and my family loves it. I have a family of 6 so with it being so big it is great for taking the kids to school and everyone being able to ride at once. Never had any problems with it at all and I do not plan on getting a different car any time soon unless it decides it wants to break down and give up on me but that seems highly unlikely and with that being said, I say thank you Dodge for being reliable.

- Jake S

My truck is my 4th child. Please be respectful.

My vehicle is black. Every 3 months I get an oil change. Haven't had any major problems with my vehicle because my mechanic is great. New tires. I recently cleaned the carpet. I detail the truck myself. Recently had new brakes, rotors, and spark plugs put on my car. All my music is on my phone so I recently had a new radio installed without a CD player. I have slight tent on my 2 back windows so my kids will not get to much sun. My car gets washed every 1. 5 to 2 weeks.

- Ramsey M

The entire car is a highlight!

The safety in the car is by far my favorite part of the vehicle. The key is required to be in hand in order to even turn the car on. Secondly, within a minute of you driving, the car automatically locks itself. It is a very durable car. It shows you the tire pressure in the car as well which is very helpful. It also shows you the miles of gas you have left in the car. . . Gas is another thing I love about the car. About 20 dollars gets you half a gallon.

- Gabrielle C

Perfect car if you have a family.

So far we haven't had any problems with our car. It is great in any weather especially in the snow. Comfortable for long and short drives. We just had a baby and it is perfect to fit our stroller. I would say for myself, it is difficult for me to park the car. The car is big, so it takes some time to park the car straight. It is the perfect car for families. Not too bad on gas either.

- Mo N

Mother of four recommendations on her dodge journey.

Nice and roomy. I have four kids and there is plenty of space. We camp and go on family outings a lot and everyone has plenty of personal space. It is been very dependable. Only one issue I have is the part that is plastic I cannot remember the name but if the car overheats it will crack. I am not sure why they would put a plastic part there knowing it gets damaged every time.

- Robin L

Dodge Durango a great family car.

Problems have been confined to recalls to get things fix. Added a sunroof, and larger screen display. Have taken numerous driving trips and found car very comfortable and easy to drive. Would like to have a bit more acceleration. We tow a boat and have no problems. Enjoy size of cargo area and the fact that that it can seat 7 people if needed. Would buy another.

- Michael B

2016 Dodge Durango, very comfortable!

The Dodge Durango is great on gas, although the gas pedal is very touchy. It is quite large, so it is difficult to park in some places, and it is also hard to drive in the rain. The seats are very comfortable, you can charge your phone from anywhere in the car, and there’s 4 heated seats which is great for winter. Overall, it is a very comfortable car.

- Sarah M

If drives smooth love the fact that I can enjoy it with my family.

My SUV is very reliable. I can drive my kids plus my nephews and nieces around. I cannot fit at least 7 people. I love the heated steering wheel and driver/ passenger seats. The GPS systems helps me get around without using my phone data. I also love the cargo space I have and if I need more I can always fold my seats down to create more space.

- Isabel I

A very spacious, comfortable, and reliable vehicle

I love my Durango! plenty of room for me to load up my two large dogs. It gets great gas mileage on my 40 mile commute to work every day. I average 23 mpg. A very comfortable and reliable car. My Durango is great in the winter with my heated seats, heated steering wheel, and heated rear view mirror to help with any ice or frost on cold days.

- Felicia P

The best on the road, and just keeps getting better.

Dodge is one of the best and most durable vehicles made, the interior is very nice and comfortable does not have any wind noise like most cars do and it's very fun to drive, the motor has a lot of power and at the same time has the best mph of any other vehicle, also has a lot of legroom in the back seats which is hard to find in a SUV.

- Paul G

My Dodge Durango is my superhero!

The 2016 Dodge Durango is very stylish, sporty, roomy, and comfortable. Additionally it is very dependable. It is also Versatile, you can travel across the country in it on a fun road trip or pull a small camper, boat, or your family bikes. No matter what you decide to use the 2016 Durango for, you can count on it to be there for you.

- Michelle R

A big family who likes to vacation.

The only problem with my car is the gear shift is a turn knob close to the radio knob and I have on a few occasions that I was putting my car in park but I was actually turning the radio down. The seating in perfect enough for our big family. Long trips seem to go a little better with all the kids have enough room for themselves.

- Jessie J

My Equinox so far is great.

I have many recalls from soft washer in the rear end took the ac apart dropped the fuel tank to replace straps recall on the parking brake 60000 miles needs 2 rotors 1 caliper and repaired brakes on rear $560 my cost paint is rusting through transmission cover rusted out great paint job this is just off the top of my head.

- Jerry R

The best truck in the industry.

This truck has had no problems at all in the two years I have had it. This is a very reliable vehicle. The steering is incredible, the comfort is absolutely incredible. There is plenty of leg room and plenty of room for the kids. The trunk space is large enough to fit almost anything you have. Folding seats help out also.

- Dave C

Best car for big family and long drive.

It has drive modes like eco mode, sports mode and regular. Also climate can be controlled for each and every seats. Great car with lot of boot space and having more leg rooms for all seven seats. The back seat is totally foldable to load more things for long travel. It is best car for a big family and long drives.

- Arun M

It is reliable and comfortable.

I have had it for almost a year and have not had any problems. It rides very smooth. It has heated seats and steering wheel plus a backup camera. There are several settings for air and heat. It is very comfortable when we take our grandchildren places. It is also an all wheel drive which is great for our winters.

- Carole P

The speed of my vehicle, and the room.

I love the technology within my vehicle, the speed and I love that I can carry big things on the back. I love the color of it too! It is navy blue. It is roomy inside and easy to navigate where things are. Lastly, the payments for it and the insurance is not that bad for someone that is starting to build credit.

- Mariana A

Best part of our car is the third row seating.

I love everything about this car! When we went car shopping we were looking for a minivan which I really didn't want but it made sense at the time. We have 3 children and 2 big dogs and we all fit in our Durango. It's fast and looks so much better than a minivan. I don't feel like I have a mom car anymore!!

- Jennifer A

Cadillac of SUVs. Wouldn't trade for another make or model.

Very reliable. Luxury SUV. No service issues. It is a very reliable vehicle. Luxurious interior. The vehicle has a very smooth and comfortable ride. I will definitely buy another Durango when I decide to trade in. I will not be looking to trade any time soon as these vehicles hold up even after high mileage.

- Lisa A

Dodge Durango: what a beauty!!

No problems!! My Dodge Durango citadel is a beautiful truck with seating for 8. There is plenty of room and came loaded with additional security features to make this mom of 6 more than happy. The truck is sleek, shiny, and beautiful. Loaded on the inside and out with amazing technical options. I love it!!

- Tosh M

I love the look of my car, it looks very sporty and fun.

I love my car. It is very fun to drive, comfortable for our whole family to travel in, we have traveled in it for many multi hour trips with two kids in car seats. Love all the features it has, including heated seats, blind spot, and nav. I have had no problems with the car and would buy another one soon.

- Danielle L

Family fun and adventure.

This is a year round vehicle it is perfect for family. And is even fuel efficient. And easy to drive. Family has room to spread out and enjoy the comforts of the Durango. It is truly a family vehicle it has wd and is good in the snow. The profile of the Durango is sharp and clean so it does get noticed.

- Tom B

Drives like a dream and is always very comfortable!

I love my car, it's by far my favorite car I've ever owned, and I have had over 7 with one being a Land Rover but it has come with its problems. The front and passenger windows don't clear when rolled down. We've taken it to the dealership and it hasn't been fixed. I also don't love the dark interior.

- Cat M

Auto brights and auto windshield wipers. Very convenient.

I love my Durango. It is comfortable and a smooth ride. It has a great navigation system and info center built into the SUV to let u know of problems that may arise. I love how I can custom my vehicle to fit my needs. I also love the blinkers on my side mirrors, the auto wipers and auto brights.

- Nikki G

The ideal spacious vehicle.

My vehicle has pretty much all of the features I wanted in a car- it can connect to your phone via Bluetooth, has a pretty good GPS, has hands-free calling, so you do not have to pick up your phone to make a call or answer. Decline one. The fuel efficiency is also good, and it is very spacious,

- Sonali D

Outstanding reliable vehicle.

No problems with the Durango at all. It is a very reliable vehicle, drives smoothly, and very comfortable. My kids do not complain at all on long vacations. I would most definitely buy another Durango for these reasons. The Durango has great gas mileage. I can go over a week without filling up.

- Nicki M

Needs new tires. Runs well in winter and handles snow well, good navigation

Rides rough but is dependable and has a lot of room. I really like how it handles in cold weather, however it's getting time to think about trading it in for a new model because it is starting to have some problems. I may purchase a new one as I have not encountered many problems except tires.

- Kathy C

This is the safest car I've ever driven My next car will be the same vehicle.

I love this vehicle it's well made and protected me when I was hit at 55 mph while stopped on the interstate. Although my car was damaged quite a bit all damage was underneath my vehicle and I was not injured as injured as could have been. The other vehicle was totaled and stuck under my car.

- Ally P

My Second Dodge Grand Caravan

My car has been reliable, only ever needing routine maintenance. It gets ok gas mileage. It is comfortable for my family of 4, with room for Grandparents, cousins, or friends of the kids, and the cargo that comes with them. The stow and go seats are one of my favorite parts of the car

- Colleen J

Great full size SUV for large families

I don't have any problems, it's a great car. Very reliable, comfortable and fits the whole family. It does great in the snow which makes me happy. We have taken it on long family drive and everyone has their own space and is comfortable. It is a much better value than other full size SUVs

- Jeannette B

This should be your next vehicle.

We have had no issues with our Durango. It has been very reliable. I was very surprised with the acceleration and handling performance, Dodge did not let us down. The interior is the nicest I have had in any vehicle the leather has a quality feel and the Uconnect system is user friendly.

- Steve S

It was one of a kind the seat, the machine were all wonderful.

I totally love the vehicle, it was new, the comport was good it was good in the eyes especially it was red and the sites are comfortable, it can be adjust easily, it can load a lot of things and the transmission and the machine work wonderful. I would totally recommend it with to anyone.

- Dominic M

It is a good family vehicle for traveling and everyday use.

The car that is within the household is a family member who I live with. Although I do not own the vehicle it is used as a family car and for daily use. There is nothing wrong with the car, it is very spacious for traveling and especially when there are children under the age of 12.

- Asia A

It's a good car to have and good for work and trips with the children

I really don't have problems with my car. I take it to a car service. Maybe the only problem would be I have to put more gas in it. And sometimes the engine have a little problem. Other than that my car is good and I love driving it. It's great on the road and trips. I love my car

- Erica C

Dodge Durango best valued SUV.

This vehicle has many features of comfort and aesthetics for the price of the vehicle. I have had no issues with performance. Some recalls but services taken care of at dealership. I would recommend the Dodge Durango to anyone looking for a midsize SUV for value and dependability.

- Susan K

The gear shift is down by the console and I actually love this feature!

It is the perfect size for me and my family! I love having a third row, but with two kids we leave the chairs down a lot and there's so much space for groceries or suitcases when traveling. It drives very smooth and gets great gas mileage. I love how slender it is and not bulky.

- Stephanie W

Dodge Durango of the year!

My 2016 Durango is awesome! It is good on gas and very reliable when traveling. I have traveled to 5 different states with no issues at all. I would highly recommend anyone to drive this car. It is also good for kids as well. Plenty of storage space for groceries and packages.

- Dimitri Y

Comfortable, spacious, and reliable

Comfortable, reliable, and spacious vehicle. Had a problem with the transmission twice this year, which has been repaired. The sensors have been a problem but nothing that cannot be fixed. Have had long trips and did not fail at all. This is my second Durango I have owned.

- Maria K

The 2016 Dodge Durango is a great family car because its sturdy, roomy, and an all around great safety vehicle.

The Dodge Durango is probably one of the best cars I've ever owned. When you are driving it, it literally feels like you are floating. The interior is roomy and it has lots of space so the kids aren't fighting because they are on top of each other. It's a great sturdy car.

- Colleen C

I like that the vehicle is all black. That includes the paint and the rims

The Dodge Durango 2019 Limited edition is a great car! Firstly, the pick up of the car is phenomenal, and that is before I even talk about the radio and sound system that is powered by beats audio. There is also a sports mode system that is really awesome to drive with.

- Ariel S

Great vehicle, fun to ride.

The car drives well. It is a very comfortable ride. Gets great gas mileage. Is a seven passenger vehicle. But it has a very small rear cargo area/trunk. Our double stroller barely fits in the back. The middle row of seats would be better with an aisle/captains chairs.

- Melissa W

Great drive: drives great and smooth.

Love the car! The only issue I have is with the 3rd row up, there is not trunk space. Other than that, the gas is pretty good. I get gas about once a week but I travel a little sometimes for my job. Seats are comfy and the heated seats are awesome in the winter!

- Jeanette H

In this sphere, the Durango stands out as one of the better options,

Very spacious good for families with children, pretty great on gas on the highway, lots of great features including the sound system for music lovers. Great for traveling or if you need to pullover someone out of a ditch, it's nice sized but not too big.

- Brittany F

Sporty mom car (2016 Dodge Durango)

This is my all time favorite car. It's sporty enough to not feel like a "mom car" yet big enough to haul an entire soccer team. The driving capability of this car is magnificent. The heated seats & steering wheel make it perfect for the cool mornings.

- Ashley G

Safe and comfortable drive.

The Durango is a safe and comfortable drive. It's spacious and also very luxury. It looks very high end and the leather interior feels great. Plenty of space for the kids. Great gas mileage. No complaints except for quite a few recalls on the truck.

- Elizabeth S

It handles like a dream in all types of road conditions.

I really like how it has plenty of features that I like, such as GPS and a touch screen interface. It also handles very well and is very spacious. I can fit in many groceries and store items. I dislike it's MPG though.

- Martin S

Very comfortable on long trips.

I love my vehicle. It is dependable. It is a very comfortable ride on long trips. It gets good gas mileage. I love the way it looks. I get a lot of compliments on it. It has lots of space for groceries and luggage.

- Mandy K

It is super reliable and family-friendly - we are pleased with our purchase.

We got our car because we had another kid and needed a third row. Other cars didn't have captain's chairs in the second row. This car did and so it went to the top of our list. I love our car!

- Leah H

Best comfortable SUV for growing family.

Very comfortable ride with excellent gas mileage. We have taken on 3 long distance vacations and it proved very reliable and comfortable. Family is all tall and Durango is very spacious.

- Stephanie S

Spacious is prime in my book

I live my Durango the mid size suv is perfect to haul my family and lay the seats down for cargo space hauling!i be had very little problems with it and will keep it for a long time!

- Lisa A

It has a high safety record!! It has a great engine!!

I love the heated seats and the heated steering wheel. Sound system is amazing. I love how fast it is. The breaks are awesome!! Tones of room and lots of features!!! It's pretty!!!

- Melissa P

The most important thing about the car would be its luxurious and is comfortable and safe.

I love that it is the limited edition which includes dvd screens in the back to keep my child occupied while traveling. Inside of the vehicle is all leather and very comfortable.

- Jessica W

Pro: nice to drive and ride on long trips.

Pro: I like the power of the engine, the number of people that can travel is very comfortable, and style of the vehicle is very stylish. Cons: the gas mileage could be better.

- Claudia P

There is plenty of room for all passengers to be comfortable and it drives well.

I love how roomy it is, love the features that are in it such as leather, DVD, heated and cooled seats. My only complaint is lack of storage area in the front of the car.

- Tonya T

That it us an awesome family vehicle. If you have a family of 4 or 6 it works great with the third row. The middle row is very comfy and you can fit 2 full size car seats comfortably with someone in the middle if need be.

I like that it is a family vehicle. The second row reclines and it has third row seating. All the seats flip down including the passenger seat. Just overall very spacious.

- Katie A

It keeps my children safe.

I like that it has folding seats to make it easier to climb in the back. There are charger ports everywhere. What I dislike is its hard to fit 4 car seats in it.

- Melissa G

Review camera for safety for your children.

Very dependable, it fits my family of four love the features it comes with review camera for backing, push start, and u can close the trunk with a push button.

- Martino M

Love how it rides and is steady on the road.

Wish had a few more amenities, like electronic seats and auto lane changing. Could also have electronic wipers.. Do not want the media package.. Nothing else..

- Patty F

Black Dodge durango 4 wheel drive

This has been the perfect vehicle for our growing family and is a great driver in the winter for going to work. Can even pull my small horse trailer with it.

- Katlyn G

That it is very sturdy but need to take care of it.

I like that the car has not broken down. One of my dislikes is that the glove department broke. I like that the radio is nice but has a lot of commercials.

- Mariah M

The car fits a double stroller and 2 kids comfortably!

I like how the seats have 2 memory settings and are air conditioned. I wish the steering cooled off. I wish we would have gotten the tvs in the head rests.

- Christine O

It gets decent gas mileage.

Like that it has a 3rd row seat. Like back up camera. Do not like that it is not a v8. Do not really like that engine shuts off when idle at stop light.

- De N

It is a push button start.

Like the keyless entry and the auto start. Gas mileage is ok for trips. Seats 7 people. Do not like the gps system and the automatic shut down at stops.

- Steve B

It is very reliable and very comfortable for my family.

I love my car except the amount of gas I go through. I wish they made an eco friendly version so I could enjoy my car and not fill up the tank as much.

- Christine L

It has a backup camera, rain sensing wipers and auto dimming headlights.

Being a mom of two, my favorite feature has to be the rear climate control. It also has remote start which is a great advantage when you live in Texas!

- Kayla Y

Sleek design. Great family car. Great for long trips because it's very comfortable and roomy.

I love the sleek design. I love the comfortable seating. I love the sound system and satellite radio. I love the sunroof. I love the roominess inside.

- Earl P

Economical comfortable rides great good gas mileage.

No charger port in second row. The trunk does not open automatically with key pad. It originally did not have GPS I requested it upon purchase.

- Val C

Do not need the keys to open or start the car, just have to have them on you.

Love the push start feature. Do not like that the second row seating is just two individual seats versus a row. A sunroof would also be nice.

- Amy H

Dodge Durango Reliability

The Dodge Durango is a very reliable vehicle. With its sleek interior, it makes for a smooth and comfortable ride, no matter the distance.

- Ashley B

It has the power to actually tow something. Also it is small enough to fit into a garage

It is the best ever. It has lots of power (v8), it is sporty and has all the bells and whistles. It contains many safety features too.

- cindy s

Great family car, lots of storage space.

It's a very comfortable car with lots of space. Great for a family with multiple kids. It drives very smoothly and it easy to handle.

- Zoe M

It is a smooth ride and gets good gas mileage for the size.

I like the way it rides. I like the way it looks. I get good gas mileage for the size. I would have liked a sunroof and a DVD player.

- Jo M

Great car but not a great deal!

The vehicle itself it great. Everything works well and I have not had any issues. I do not like the payments I must pay every month!

- Jessica L

It's mine and I will never get another car after this one.

My durango is so safe and comfortable. This is my second durango as we were in a serious accident with the first one two years ago.


Comfortable car that handles great. Third row has a decent amount of legroom for this type of car. Great safety features.

This is a very versatile car that can be great for a family or someone that needs to have lots of room to transport things or people


Great performance and power.

Good vehicle, great gas mileage. Looks high end and great performance.Lots of room interior with a third row for extra passengers.

- Kenneth S

It is a comfortable ride and cost of ownership is lower.

I hate the automatic engine shut off system. There has been a ton of recalls on it. I do not like much about the vehicle actually.

- Amy M

I'm 5'2 and have no issues driving it.

Love my Durango. So easy to drive, lots of space and comfort. No issues at all, any recalls have been alerted to us immediately

- Mollie S

The way it handles. The way it drives. How comfortable it is.

I love the way it drives on the highway. I love driving long distance in it. It's smooth but powerful. It is very comfortable

- Kathleen G

Durango is a great family car

My Durango is very reliable.. great on mileage. Drives very smoothly..looks great. Dashboard is very nice and very easy to use.

- Alexandra M

It has seats for seven and drives in snow and ice well.

I like all the features my Durango has. I like the fold down third row. I like the way it drives and handles the snow and ice.

- Kaitlyn D

Smooth ride, decent gas mileage, comfy

Needs better tires, and rear park assist. Better access to devices, ventilation for rear seating. Better access to rear seat 9

- Becky F

my car is very roomy and looks small and has a lot of power

i love that i can have 8 passengers and the choice to shift or automatic and the navigation system. Dislike that fuel mileage

- kelly c

The vehicle is trustworthy and gets strong reviews.

My vehicle is trustworthy and I can get to where I need to. I have the amenities that I wanted. Love all the outlet areas.

- Pat F

Powerful, a lot of acceleration and torque.

Very reliable, very slick and angry looking. Safe, will not collapse in a small accident. Slick and comfortable interior.

- Ashley D

It is dependable and reliable.

Great family car and plenty of space always dependable and my family has enjoyed Chrysler products they are dependable.

- Tom B

It's very spacious and pretty good on gas. I has all of the convenient features that make my life easier while driving.

I love my Dodge Durango. I have 5 kids and we all fit comfortably. Additionally, it is great for trips and vacations.

- April S

Not a happy camper, do not recommend

The system makes no sense and is subpar to Ford and Chevy. The alarm randomly goes off, and the Bluetooth is sketchy.

- Jason B

It is loaded with safety features perfect for families.

Sexy, sleek, shiny with all the bells and whistles. Technologically advanced, family friendly, safe and secure.

- Rachel M

Amazing room and mpg. Must have for large families.

Love the room that it gives us. Plenty of room for all the kids. Lots of storage.! Convenient folding seats.

- Trent S

It's a great vehicle for a growing family that needs versatility

I love it. It's extremely safe and comfortable. There are lots of new upgrades to it that help me when driving

- Renee M

Fun Dodge Durango for the price

I really love my Dodge Durango. It's spacious, looks good, the ride is awesome, and it's super comfortable!

- Sydel O

It is durable and it was safe.

I like the room and body style.. I like how it handles.. I do not like having to buy gas win gas prices..

- Anthony J

Not good on gas very expensive.

Wonderful especially in upstate New York winters. Not good on gas though. Big enough fit large family.

- Chris T

no problems at all on anything with the car, great price and resale value

great car, good mileage and gets out of its own way..its was a great buy with a very good resale value

- steve R

The third row is difficult to get into with car seats in the second row.

The gas cap is fussy and sometimes you cannot fill it up unless the gas nozzle is turned upside down.

- Jessica B

That it is paid for. Totally insured. And will last a lifetime.

I love the durability of my vehicle. It has all the new features. And of course my favorite color.

- David H

It handles real good and seats a good amount of people

I like the roominess I like the body style I don't like having to buy gas with the gas prices.

- Aj J

I love it. Lots of seating. Built in nav and sunroof. Only thing I don't like is I couldn't find any available with entertainment package with TV in back for kids. I Also have bench seating middle row but works prefer captain seats.

Great car for a family lots of space. Drives smoothly making trips comfortable.

- Samantha A

I can't see the end of the hood no matter how much I adjust the seat.

Large blind spots in the rear. Miles to empty says "low" when it gets under 45.

- Michelle G

The space and third row seating option in the car.

It's very nice. The features are great. There is a lot of space in the vehicle.

- Ashley M

Wished it was four wheel drive for going on the beach or off reading. Disliked the several recalls on it

It a excellent family car fits a lot roomie comfy and nice and easy to drive

- kristin M

There are a lot of good features in the car, for instance, backup camera, heated leather seats,

It has a lot of room. The third row is a great option. Lots of good feature.

- Ashley M

It has all the bells and whistles and is heavy you won't be blown off the road

It has a HEMI Engine Looks Awesome Very Dependable Tons of technology

- Georgia E

comfortable to ride drive love the heated seats very good size

i love the size. very comfortable to drive ride for long distance

- tammy m

I love the look of it. It's easy to drive and has many upgrades. I'd like a little more storage space.

It's dependable and gets good gas mileage. I'd buy it again.

- Kimberly B

Love it! The thing that bothers me is that the touch screen sometimes gets stuck/frozen. Otherwise it's great!

It is very comfortable and drives nice and smoothly.

- Lauren H

It has lots of space and room for a comfortable ride.

I love the smooth ride just wish I had a hitch.

- Shana E