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White color matching mirrors and grill. Black rims. Even a heated steering wheel.

I recently bought a 2017 Dodge Durango r/t. It is so far the best car I have ever owed. Rating it as 5 out of 5 is an understanding. I have 2 kids and plan to have more is my reasoning in purchasing my Durango. After test driving for months the Durango has the most room, best features and overall an exceptional ride. I chose the r/t package because I love the black rims on the white car that I purchased. Also it has really cool red stitching in the black leather seats! Backup camera, navigation, electronic everything. Even the third row of seats headrest folds down! The r/t also features a hemi v8 engine. Which is very fast and capable of passing anything on the freeway. If I had one complaint it would be gas mileage. I have to say thought for a engine that big it is pretty good. Overall like I said before best car I have owned.

- Jessica E

Best crossover SUV for the money. Spacious, clean, and classy.

This SUV is great. With 4 kids ages 7-12 we have a very busy life. Plenty of room for all of them, their friends, and all their stuff. It drives smooth and is very comfortable for long drives. The sound system, heated seats, and remote start are all great. My only complaint is the auto shut off for the engine when you are at a stop light, I don't like the way it feels when I push the gas to go. Although it has a button to turn it off, you have to push it every time you get in the SUV. I wish you could permanently turn it off.

- Elisha C

The new and improved Dodge Durango.

I am the proud owner of a 2017 Dodge Durango gt. I am a mother of 3 so having a vehicle with seating for all of us is great. The safety features are the best which was a necessity since I am the taxi driver for 3 little ones. Another feature I really like is the gas mileage. It is a very fuel efficient vehicle that does not cost me an arm and leg at the pump. When winter comes, the heated seats and steering wheel are fantastic! If you are in need of a family vehicle, I highly recommend a Dodge Durango!

- Brittany U

The durango is great on gas and is a great family car.

The durango is very comfortable. It is great on gas. It has a 3rd row seat so I can fit 7 passengers comfortably. I haven't had any problems with the vehicle. I am not sure if I like the fact that it shuts off when you come to a stop. It can be turned off but you have to do it every time you start the car. I really like the heated front seats and heated steering wheel. It is also a very smooth ride. I really like the car and I may lease another one when this lease is done.

- Chris D

Incredible Dodge Durango!

I have never had a single problem with my Dodge Durango. I can put up to 7 passengers in it comfortably. I get about 18 mpg city and 23 mpg hwy. The ride is very comfortable and the engine performs well. There are two things I would change about it. I would like to be able to leave my car in park and idling without any lights on, which I cannot turn them off. Also, I would like to be able to permanently turn off or disable the mechanism that shuts the car off at every stop.

- Jackie B

Even though it is a full sized SUV, the gas mileage is great.

I have the base model of the 2017 Dodge Durango. I love the vehicle. It is roomy, has three rows of seating. It is a 6 cylinder so it is very good on gas. Very comfortable to drive - even though it is the base model it does not look that way inside, looks like a higher model. It has been very reliable, although I am still under warranty. This is the third Durango that I have purchased and I love the brand and the product.

- Melissa D

Less gas used-less greenhouse gas created-reduces negative impact on environment.

I love my Dodge Durango because we have a large family and it offers third row seating. It is roomy and comfortable and easy to get in and out of which is a blessing when it comes to buckling and unbuckling kids from their car seats along with helping our mentally handicapped brother in law. The vehicle has so many extras it would take me all day to list them but I highly recommend the Dodge Durango.

- SHonda J

It is a very safe car to drive.

I love my Durango, is big enough to fit my entire family. Very comfortable and easy to drive, also great for the long trips we make as a family. Fuel efficient for me since I don't commute far. It has all the necessary gadgets needs for travel like touch screen, Bluetooth connectivity great sound system and a 3 row making it big enough to fit up to 7 people. Overall a great car for us.

- Esmeralda R

Comfortable, roomy, feel safe because it is sturdy, lots of legroom.

The Dodge is a very comfortable vehicle to drive in especially on long trips. The vehicle is roomy and the seats are comfortable whether you are driving or you are in the passenger seat. It feels sturdy and you feel safe driving the vehicle. The only con to this vehicle for me is that I feel like it is too big almost like driving a boat, but other than that it is a good vehicle.

- Jennifer P

Amazing vehicle I would definitely recommend anyone to purchase it.

Really spacey and comfortable it does not give me any problems it is really convenient when I need to load all of my kids up it also comes in handy cause both rows of seats lay down so it handy if I need to put a table or a bunch of groceries in the back the downside is the trunk is not that big but once I lay the back row seats down it gives it way more space for storage.

- Jasmine L

My favorite SUV, it is not a soccer mom SUV it is a rocker mom SUV!

I love my Dodge Durango. It has plenty of room for my family, we have leather heated seats, captains chairs so passengers in the middle row do not have to get up to go to the third row. We have the DVD package which entertains my kids on both long and short drives. It handles amazingly and it can keep up and pass traffic with no problems. Awesome in the snow also.

- Susan M

I love my Durango. It gives a nice ride. I love the sporty look.

I love my Dodge Durango it is roomy spacious rides nice sometimes I feel it is a little lagging when you press the gas but I'll get over you gotta drive slow anyway. I love the 3rd row seating very convenient with a large family and friends even with the 3rd row opt you still have a pretty decent trunk size I would recommend this truck to anyone.

- Michelle M

Durango - my second time around.

This is my second Durango. Loved my first one. This one. Not so much. I dislike the automatic turn on/off feature. I have had some computer issues with it as well. Love the roominess in back seats. Large trunk space. I have captain chairs and love them with little kids. Third row is roomy too. Still can fit a stroller in truck with third row up.

- Jamie T

Great space for a third row vehicle.

I love all the features my Durango has to offer. It has all the features I would expect a new car that are easy to function. I luxury vehicle without a luxury price. What is room which is hard to find and most third row vehicle my husband who is 6’4 can fit in the backseat. And we still have room to store our strollers and can load groceries.

- Melissa L

Noah’s car review: Dodge Durango.

The Dodge Durango is a wonderful car with plenty of space, while remaining a sleek interior. It is a very smooth ride that makes long drives not so bad. New generation features make the car hip and enjoyable to drive. I would say that it is a great purchase that car buyers should heavily consider if they want a large dependable vehicle.

- Noah S

Our car has a very smooth drive when going anywhere. It is very comfortable.

It's really comfortable and drives very smoothly! We have three kids and there is plenty of room for them to sit comfortably and stretch their legs. There is a big trunk and plenty of storage space for traveling. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone who have children. And even without kids it's still amazing! We love it:).

- Ricky C

That if you do not get the expensive one which comes with more equipment, make sure your car can get updates. (Meaning if you want to add a back camera later on, the car has the cable and space needed for that)

I love that is is big,it has an elegant, strong and sporty look.i love that it is big inside.I do not like that it doesn't come complete,there are the $30000,$40000 and $60000. Obviously each comes with more within yet i got the $30000 but they should had included a big screen with camera or sensors. I feel they were selfish.

- Ena A

All the bells and whistles of the Durango.

I love my Durango because of the comfort, style and safety. The back up camera is great. I wish I had navigation and a sunroof but we got the base model but it seriously does not feel that way. It has tons of bells and whistles! I love the keyless start. It did take some getting use to not having to use a key though.

- Erin O

Durango - gives you an extra seat with the 3rd. Wagon style vehicle.

I like the 3rd row but barely any trunk space when you use it. Not a super comfortable ride, you feel a lot of bumps. But otherwise no issues with performance. Bucket seat in middle row make it easy to get to 3rd row. Lots of cup holders. I consider it more of a car than a SUV. Low to ground. Drives well in snow.

- Heidi S

The color is differently the tow package.

It is very reliable and safe. It is also great on gas. It drives great the suspension is very good it has a great sound system and navigation system. The overall construction of the vehicle is very good the color and the power off the engine is incredible. The horsepower to pull a boat or trailer is outstanding.

- Joe S

It can only fit 5 passengers. Normal SUV cars with a 3rd row can fit 6 altogether.

It's a nice SUV type vehicle that looks sporty. I do not like how it has a 3rd row that can only seat 2 people instead of the normal 3 I'm used to. I also don't like that when I pump gas at certain gas stations, the gas won't flow right in, and it shuts off therefor taking me forever to pump a tankful of gas.

- michelle F

Dodge Durango - a reliable and safe SUV.

Love Dodge Durango. First time leasing a Durango. I have one and my husband has one. Lease ends in June. Will be leasing again. We have no complaints at all with regard to this SUV. I love how it drives. Love the shape and size. Overall ride is smooth and enjoyable. Would highly recommend this vehicle.

- Lisa P

Dodge Durango GT review - very nice, sporty SUV for the money.

The 2017 Dodge Durango GT has a quiet drive, and has features that an upscale SUV would have, heated leather seats, heated second row captains seats, a third row, heated steering wheel and an easy to use touch screen system for your phone, the SUV's controls, optional navigation and Sirius XM radio.

- Suzanne J

I present the best SUV ever!

The Dodge Durango is reliable, the SUV is very comfortable, the drive is smooth, and I think it's a perfect family SUV that can be sporty at the same time. The gas mileage is pretty decent. I honestly have no complaints at this point. I just would have preferred the traditional stick to the knob.

- Yvonne S

My experience with my Dodge Durango citadel.

I own a black dodge Durango citadel. It has black leather interior with built in TV’s and DVD players. I really love my vehicle. It is very sleek looking, and the seats are comfortable. My family and I have taken long trips in it, and we have all enjoyed the ride and stayed quite comfortable.

- Angela A

Very roomy with good gas mileage.

No issues other than the plastic on the back of passenger seat broke a week after I bought it off of showroom floor and the automatic engine shut off when than the vehicle is stopped is a major complaint. It can be turned off by a button but it has to be done every time vehicle is turned on.

- Missy P

Comfortable, but very big.

My Durango is driven by my husband, as I am no longer driving. He complains that there are too many technological gadgets that he does not like. Also, he says it is too big (but we knew that before buying it!) He does not feel it is fast enough or agile enough for him to get around traffic.

- Olga S

Love my Durango and will not trade for any other brands.

The Durango is great on gas especially on highway. All wheel drive is awesome for mountain trips and any road trip. Its very spacious with comfortable folding seats for room for anything. Drives so smooth you may often need to look at how fast you are going because you tend to cruise up.

- Glenn T

Reliable, comfort, performance.

The v8 has a lot of horsepower that you can pull a boat and have the vehicle loaded but the power stays the same. The cabin is nice and roomy that the kids feel like they have their own space. I trust the reliability of this vehicle that we have driven cross country without any hiccups,

- Marcella, L M

It is a great family oriented car to have.

I love my car. It feels very safe on the roads. It comes with a lot of useful features. It also is very spacious and has a third row. It is very kid and pet friendly. We fit very comfortable. It also for being a SUV is good on gas. It is a very good safe and reliable car over all.

- Carrie D

Replacing family vehicle.

Vehicle is comfortable, spacious, and safe. This is an excellent option for those requiring a family sized vehicle. The overall design is sleek, modern with personality. Performance speaks to abilities we can use regularly (I.E., acceleration) with other attitudes we can employ.

- Chanty P

Great safety options. For parking or if a car is getting too close to you.

I love this car. It drives smooth. Is great for going food shopping lots of room. Great for long trip rides. Is good on gas. Love all the features. My favorite when I am parking. If you're too close to a car it will peep. Or the car will stop itself. Has great safety options.

- Marie M

The safety features are great! Nice and spacious a reliable vehicle

My vehicle is spacious enough for our family of 6. The interior is incredible comfortable. The only dislike I have about it is the knob to change gears is a little circle that you turn, also to switch to manual is in a very precarious place that I sometimes accidentally hit.

- Heather D

Service shifter issues fix it.

Service shifter issues we had to use the lemon law after 10 times of bringing it in and them not fixing it so then after that they finally was able to fix it and it's been good so far so I don't know what else to say about it I mean it's a good car and it gets the job done.

- Liz R

This vehicle is spacious and equipped with a lot of new technology.

I love the way my vehicle looks I love all the extra room that I have in my vehicle I do not like that if uses a lot of gas to fill up the tank however it is very good on gas while traveling on the expressway or traveling on the regular Highway but not on the city streets.

- Mar W

The 5. 7 v8 hem is powerful and makes my SUV feel like a sports car.

I have no complaints about this vehicle other than electrical problems. Sunroof gets stuck sometimes. Volume knob does not work sometimes. And headlights go out and back on. I also noticed that the transmission timing is a little off sometimes when I first start driving.

- Jordan H

It has push start, Bluetooth connections, hands free, and lots more.

My Durango is a very safe vehicle and it holds my family comfortably where we can take trips together. It is all the bells and whistles. It has Bluetooth compatibility, hands free, and push start. Driving it is very comfortable and you feel like royalty when driving it.

- Christy S

I still love my car after 1 1/2 years. Love the dodge service.

I love my Durango. There have been a couple of recalls since we first got the car 1 1/2 years ago. But all I had to do is take it in and they fixed it. They provided me with a rental. It is roomier than my previous car and is able to pull more. Wish it had more power.

- Alexandra D

Quality vehicle at a very reasonable price for an SUV.

My Durango has a lot of seating and storage space. I really like the performance when driving. I feel safe and feel like my children are safer in this car then the Chevy Tahoe I used to drive. I do not have any complaints about this vehicle, I purchased it brand new.

- Jen R

Great family vehicle with great design.

Good tires good wheel good steering good seats nice engine reliable and efficient sleek and stylish design. Grey with silver trim, very bright headlights little blind spots, affordable, smells like new, provides comfort for driver and passenger. Good gas mileage.

- Jenna H

Dodge Durango bonuses and pluses.

I don't have any problems as yet. It is a very comfortable ride. The performance and reliability are excellent. The best features are sectional climate control and excellent sound system. The back up camera feature is excellent. Along with the collision alert.

- Anne M

Great running vehicle, reliable, trustworthy, and I love it.

May 2017 Dodge Durango is a really good and great vehicle. I would recommend this vehicle for others to buy for themselves in the future. It gets good gas mileage, it hardly ever breaks down on me. & since I've had it has been a reliable vehicle since day one.

- Teresa T

Best part of the Durango is third row seating.

A lot of recalls this past year. It is very inconvenient to get fixed and time consuming. The vehicle is reliable and very sturdy. I really like the third row seating. I also love the trunk space which is hidden. A large family would really enjoy this vehicle.

- Kyra B

Race car family fast car!

I haven't had any problems with it. The only. Thing that is annoying is the connectivity to Bluetooth to play music it goes in and out. Otherwise the performance and all meets my exceptions based on speed and pick up, space and comfortably for car seats.

- Candace B

Reliable and safe SUV perfect for a large family

The Dodge Durango is a large SUV and rated high on the consumer reports lists. It handles nicely, it is a safe vehicle and also features a fold down third row. The push start and gear shift has given me some issues when breaking, but nothing critical.

- Katie F

It's doesn't feel nearly as big as you assume it is when you first drive it - it's easier to park and turn than you think.

I love the room in my vehicle and the smooth ride but I don't like some of the finishes like the dial for putting the car into gear. Not also a big fan of the console design in my specific model but not sure how that differs between other models.

- Dana S

The Durango has a very sporty look and feel.

For the most part, I love my durango. It runs and drives great. It goes so good in the snow. It gets decent fuel mileage too. I dislike that most of the climate controls are on the touchscreen which is sometimes hazardous to use while driving.

- Megan G

It is a full size suv with great gas mileage and more room than a minivan.

My Dodge Durango is Charcoal Gray. I love the roomy interior, i have plenty of room to haul all of my kids. I wish I had upgraded to leather seats for easier upkeep. I enjoy the way my car handles on the highway it's a smooth and easy ride.

- Wendy W

Love my 2017 Dodge Durango!

Love the performance and handling. Great for traveling, comfortable has seat warmers for those cold winter mornings. Love the 3rd row seating that can convert easily to store and haul luggage and so much more. It's the 2nd one I have owned.

- Gina M

The Durango gets much better gas mileage than one would expect from a car its size.

I like the roominess. I get really good gas mileage and the motor is powerful. The Durango has a lot of technological advancements. Sometimes understanding some of the controls can be confusing but I can usually figure it out.

- Janet Z

That it can fit a big family in it.

I love how smooth it drives. It is very roomy. It is great vehicle to drive on vacation. My kids even love to drive it... I have no complaints about it. I have had a few recalls but that seems to be with most vehicles..

- Nicki Parson M

The captains chairs make it easier for my kids to get in and out of their seats.

I love the features that are offered in my vehicle, it is also very comfortable. This is important to me because I drive so much. It also offers enough space for three car seats, which is hard to find in mid-size SUVs.

- Frankie P

It doesn't just look nice, it drives great and is very roomy for passengers.

I love the looks of my car and how well it drives. I love that adults can fit in the third row very comfortably. I dislike the amount of amount of storage that I have in the front but the rear cargo space is excellent.

- Diana P

It is roomy, has nice options, looks classy and is good on gas mileage.

I love that it is a big vehicle that gets good gas mileage. I have plenty of room to haul most things I need to haul. It has had some mechanical issues which are unacceptable for a vehicle that is brand new though.

- Lisa W

Durango's are a quality product. This is our second Durango.

I love all the room, my backup camera and my dash info. I haven't ever had a built in Bluetooth before for hands free phone service. Didn't think I would use the seat and steering wheel warmer, but I have. Love it!

- Gloria H

That it is a super vehicle and I would recommend it to anyone.

I love my Durango. It's so fun and comfortable to drive. It's got enough space but isn't huge and hard to drive or park. It's very nice looking too! I have no complaints about it at all.

- Jodee J

The Dodge Durango is spacious and offers a smooth ride.

My Durango is nice in how it seats seven people comfortably. It also has a very smooth ride and basic package is loaded. One thing that I don't like is how the rear camera glitches.

- Chris P

Fast, fun, but practical family vehicle.

It is the perfect family vehicle while still having plenty of power. Very fun to drive! Very comfortable, memory driver seat, heated and cooling seats, and plenty more. Quiet ride.

- Mandi G

it's my second home! so comfortable and safe. Everyone loves that they have their own climate control, spacious seats, places to plug their phones to and say to get in and out of

I love the look of my car. I also love the drive , its easy and comfortable. I love the interior of the car it is spacious and easy for my family of 6 to use. We all love it

- Gail s

It's most likely faster than yours and it's the best car I've ever owned.

I love my vehicle because it's fast, an R/T. It's comfortable and has all the bells and whistles. Heated and vented seats, on board navigation, uconnect, you name it.

- Natalie M

There is a recall for the power steering. Get it looked at especially if you travel on the highway.

Things I love are the back up cameras, comfortable, leather seating and plenty of space it gives. Hate the gear knob and also the recall on the power steering issue.

- Kimberly O

It's a small family SUV that runs fantastically for those desiring a vehicle that both looks stylish and is geared for country living.

I like the smooth ride and easy seating configurations. It's small, I do wish that it was larger, something more like a sequoia. It does excellent in the snow!

- Eli S

It's a very spacious car, and it has smart car abilities.

I love how it's kind of a smart car. I also like how you don't necessarily need a car key to drive, but it's a thing you insert. I also enjoy how spacious it is.

- Betty P

AWD price was worth it! Heated backseats and touchscreen dash with apps.

I don't like the auto start/stop function. I love the way it drives and it has been very reliable. I love the leather seat and Bluetooth Uconnect function.

- Kristen D

Has a rear backup sensor.

It's a great SUV and has many technological toys to make driving easier and safer. But, it's much bigger than we wanted and hard to get into our garage.

- Olga S

the most important thing about my Durango is that it is very spacious.

I love that my Dodge Durango is spacious enough to move big items such as furniture. It also has more than enough leg room for everyone in the family

- chris k

Safety Features are very good. Comfortable for a family of 4 and up. Great Steering and handling

I love the Dodge Durango as it drives like a car but sits high up like a drunk. Steering and handling is amazing. The V8 engine is just enough power.

- Thien S

It's reliable and has a lifetime powertrain warranty. Great vehicle with lots of extras at a very competitive price.

We love everything about our Durango. It fits all of our needs as new parents. It offers great fuel economy with plenty of room for family vacations.

- Chip B

The dependability that Dodge provides their customers is above and beyond.

Very reliable vehicle for my family & I. Everyone is safe and secure. The kids love the room in the backseat to play and enjoy our family trips.

- Kyle W

Built for families of four or less that do not require a car seat.

It is great on fuel and driver friendly. The Bluetooth is awesome for hands free driving. The safety equipment in the is the best in my opinion.

- Jason M

It's very spacious. The gas mileage on it is pretty good also.

I love the room that my vehicle has. I wish it had more space for coins and stuff like that but other than that, I am very happy with my car.

- Brianna D

It's large inside and out. Plenty of space for a family to grow into, with third row seating capability. Very safe, family vehicle!

It's large enough for our family to grow into, very spacious. In the 2 years we've owned it, we've put 40k miles on it. Great family vehicle!

- Brittley W

It is great on bad roads.

I like the way the Durango handles in the ice and snow. I do not like the size and style of the front seats. They become very uncomfortable.

- Heidi P

Great space for the family and all the activities

I love how my car has room for 7 but doesn't have the van look! My car is fast and has a sexy look to it! Great for my family. Tons of room!

- Sam f

It is got plenty of room for traveling.

I love the way this car drives. It has a lot of room with the third seat. It is a great family car. It gets great gas mileage for its size.

- Abby S

That it gets great gas mileage.

I love the size of the vehicle. The only downfalls are not having side mirrors with cameras. I also wish it had a better navigation system.

- Dana L

For a big SUV this this is quite fuel efficient, even when towing.

Best car we have had, meets all the needs we had when shopping. Way better mileage than expected, comfortable, roomy, tough(!) We love it.

- Sue G

Other people should know my car is great on gas mileage.

I like the space in my vehicle, I like the color. This vehicle is great for vacations and off-roading. A great all around family vehicle.

- Jessica M

It has a lot of room for people and stuff.

I like that our vehicle has a lot of room. I do not like that it uses up a lot of gas. That is what I like and dislike about our vehicle.

- Colt K

This car was a little expensive but well worth it.

Great pickup, sport mode allows me to drive easily in snow and heavy rain. Heated seats for added comfort and remote start is invaluable.

- Ai D

I have a large family and it has the third row seating capacity. I love that it gets great gas mileage on long trips. I love that it is a smooth ride.

It has very good gas mileage on over the road travel. The seats fold down to provide more cargo room so it works like a truck for me.

- Gary V

For a larger vehicle, it gets relatively good gas mileage

For being an SUV, it does not handle snow well at all, maybe due to all-wheel drive and not 4-wheel drive. It is comfortable, however

- Amy S

Transmission selector is unsafe. Tiltable alternative to minivan

Quality is still spotty, but it has been very reliable with only minor issues. Strong engineer and I like the entertainment console

- Brent Y

I do enjoy the back up cam.

My vehicle has had a lot of recalls within the past few months. It is very inconvenient and annoying. I am ready to trade it in.

- Kyra B

It can fit from 2 to 6 people, there is plenty of space for traveling and it has built in navigation which is a huge plus.

I love all the room I have for my family. We go on a lot of trips and it's perfect for us. It's sporty and fun looking as well

- Heather A

My car can be tracked through the Uconnect app.

I love the blu ray player. I love the heated steering wheel and seats. I love the automatic start. I love the keyless entry.

- Kathryn O

The most important thing other should know about our car is that is a nice ride,

Love it completely! Great for long trips, a lot of storage. Complete with 3rd row seating. Can even accommodate a roof rack.

- Gwen O

aside from looking sporty it's a safe car, love the back up and rear assist. I also appreciate the gas saver, engines shuts off when your foot's on the break for more than a minute

i love the sleek look and the smooth ride. One of the best things is the added media in the back, the kids love the tv's.

- edlin u

Has plenty of room for a family of 6!!

Love everything about the vehicle, except for the front seats. They could be a little more comfortable.Otherwise Awesome!

- Patricia H

Dodge Durango RT Year 2017

Love my truck! Best decision I made. It fits my family size very comfortably. Truly recommend this SUV if looking for one

- Mari R

Drives nicely and gets good gas mileage.

I don't like it when it shuts off at a stop. There is a button to use but every time car shuts off, you have to redo it.

- Angela P

Sport, flashy, great speed and quality

I love it. It's awesome with great performance and it's very roomy. I would suggest it to be a great car for families.

- james b

It handles well on slick surfaces.

I like that it is roomy and it handles well. I do not like the gas mileage. I like the features and it's comfortable.

- Harry A

Spacious and dependable!!

No problems mechanically, super comfortable and roomy. Third row even has leg room. Large front seat area, very wide.

- Amanda P

There are many computer controlled features.

Very comfortable and reliable. It gets excellent gas mileage compared to the previous Durangos that we have owned. .

- Mike H

Great gas mileage even in sports mode.

I love it is acceleration. It is spaciousness. Grown ups can fit in third row seats. Great gas mileage for an SUV.

- Rochelle M

It has a lot of safety features and it is a great family vehicle.

I love that the entire family can ride. I love that it has great gas mileage. I love that it rides smooth.

- Kristi S

Its big so you can fit a lot of people in the car and its safe

Very comfortable, it's a big car, it goes very fast, expensive but safe and very spacious. Good family car

- Julia m

It's all wheel drive with a quiet ride and comfortable ride.

I like the way it rides. The entertainment system. I like that it's all wheel drive. No complaints so far.

- Tim E

It's a powerful. Affordable. Comfortable ride.

The towing power is amazing. How it looks great. Its comfortable. It looks good. It was reasonably priced.

- Katherine K

It's a beautiful color of red! It's comfortable and drives comfortably

I like be everything about my vehicle! There is plenty of space for everyone and I love the way it drives!

- Jennifer B

I believe it is good on gas.

Drives well, but not a lot of trunk space with the third row up would prefer it to have more storage room.

- Bianca C

Comfortable to ride in. does not make your back sore on a long drive.

Very comfortable to drive. Has a lot of pep can climb the hills with ease. Has every option you could want

- rhonda p

its a sports car and also daily driver

I don't like that Pandora is not in my sets of apps I don't like it because it doesn't have a cd player

- lisa g

It gets incredible gas mileage and travels well both long and short.

I like the space and comfort of the seats. I dislike the setup of the back seat. Wish it was 3, not 2.

- Tiffany D

I love this car! Great family car!

I love this car! The car has a ton of room, a smooth drive and is very reliable! Never had any issues!

- Samantha S

Its large but easy to drive. Great family SUV. 3rd row seats!

No issues. Great SUV, plenty of room for everyone and everything. Great sound system and good on gas.

- Sheila F

Comfortable and roomy for all

I've had no problems with my vehicle performance wise. My Durango is very comfortable and very roomy.

- Natasha G

The hemisphere engine is amazing. I love driving in sport mode

I like the engine. The design is great. The only thing I would change is the gear knob to the stick.

- Candyl M

Quality made in America vehicle

It's large and powerful, roomy, good size for family, fast, good features, and it's made in America.

- David C

dodge is a very reputable company this is my 3rd dodge

love that is a SUV. I can transport my whole family. Love sitting up high. it is very dependable

- aliya h

I enjoy my Durango. It had a couple factory recalls. I like the space it provides. Room for 7 passengers and it sits higher than a minivan.

The Durango is great to drive in the winter months. It handles great in the snow and on the ice

- Sarah H

Great family functionality! Carries 6 passengers comfortably and still has storage space.

Wish it was an 8 cylinder instead of a V6. Miss a DVD entertainment system. Rides very nice.

- Diane B

The Dodge Durango is a very reliable and comfortable vehicle.

I love how roomy and comfortable my Durango is. It is also a very awesome looking vehicle.

- Mandy P

It is a nice looking SUV with lots of features that are safety related!

It has a nice style.It has a lot of room in it .it is comfortable and has a lot of speed.

- Mike W

safe,up to date suv also nice looking and big enough for 6 people

suv--sturdy--safe--drives great no dislikes good gas mileage latest updates

- jen h

Safety is the most important feature! I love it all

I love the space in my new Durango. Also the DVD players and backup camera

- Abby T

It is a great family car that is not considered a minivan.

I love the size of it. It has 3 rows. It is comfortable and smooth ride.

- Janel K

How well it drives in winter weather without special studded winter tires.

I like the AWD system. The carrying capacity. I like the styling.

- Art C

It is a good looking truck and the color is very nice with good rims and tires.

It is not a 4x4 SUV. And not big enough for the whole family.

- Ruben S

Great safety. Digital screen radio. The backup camera and heated seats are great features

I love this car. Drives great and love the backup camera

- Jeremy S

Good gas mileage all the time. Has a good smooth ride

Roomy, Good on gas, gps is terrible. Good in winter

- M H

Long term dodge Durango customer. Style and quality excellent.

- Marilyn B