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The ONE That Does It All - With Style, Power & Comfort

We needed a vehicle that could handle our extensive needs. I’m a musician, producer and event host, my wife and partner is an illustrator and video producer. We need to carry a considerable amount of music and video gear for live broadcast shows that raise awareness and funds for humanitarian causes. The grass-roots aspect of our shows requires a lot of travel and a vehicle capable of hauling not only gear but now a 21’ RV trailer as well. In 2017 we purchased a 2016 Durango “Limited” that we loved. Unfortunately a dishonest dealer told us the tow rating was 6,200 lbs - when in fact it lacked the necessary factory tow package and could safely only 3,500. This was THE WORST major purchase experience ever - the dealer denied their repeated misrepresentation, failed to install wiring properly and refused to make anything right - even when Dodge asked them to. Despite this - and losing over $10k we remained loyal and bought a 6 cylinder 2017 SXT WITH factory tow package but without all the extras the “Limited.” Soon after we moved from New Hampshire to Arizona where our Humanitarian Not-For-Profit Social Enterprise could do more with less driving. The Durango was over loaded as was the trailer - still it got us thru 13 states, out of the deep freeze and closer to LA where A4H will expand. My wife sold her house and I left with mine up for sale, making our trailer and tow vehicle our home for some time to come. We test drove many SUV’s and by far loved the Durango the best, so we traded in the 17 for a 2018 R/T 8 cylinder with 7,200 lb tow rating. What more anyone could ask we fail to see. The power is amazing - it’s like driving a sports car with a lift. The new one is rear wheel drive as opposed to AWD - we don’t plan to be in the snow again. With a power lift-gate and a 3rd row seat that lies totally flat - all our gear fits in and removes easily with no need to bend and strain the back. The technology works exceptionally well and with the working hood scoops it really turns heads. Probably the best feature is the ride - I have a very bad back and rare bone disease in my hip - the heated/vented excellent, supportive seats have extended my driving time several hours. The uni-body frame (no welds) keeps all wheels on the road even during fast hair pin turns. This visibility is the best of any vehicle I’ve driven - used only an extended passenger mirror hauling the trailer. Don’t make the mistake many have - spending more for a “name” I’ve been in the Lincoln, Cadillac, Lexus, Nissan Armada and they have NOTHING on the R/T except bigger size and much lower fuel economy. There were various little bugs - such as no lighted vanity mirrors in 17 and since becoming interested in the Durango I’ve researched and followed what they’ve done. 2018 will be a difficult year to forget - with R/T’s and SRT’s destined to become classics - the year they brought the best of what Mercedes, Chrysler (396 HP HEMI w/up to 24 MPG HWY) and unforgettable styling by Italians. It’s everything we wanted and much more. If you see us traveling “A4H” “A4HPROS” and “Arts4Humanity” prominently displayed on the Durango (even AZ Plate) and trailer - Say Hello - Watch For “NATIVE GROOVES” The Live Streaming A4H Show produced by STS Productions. Jeff Hayford n1m.co/jeffhayford

- Arts4Humanity

2018 Dodge Durango great mid-Size SUV

I love the Dodge Durango for the spacious interior. It has three row seating and seats seven people. And in the back there is a storage space underneath the floor. As well as the space behind the seat for storage. It handles very nicely. Dual climate control as well as rear climate controls. One issue that I have that I do not like is my phone does not automatically pair up with the vehicle. I have to manually connect it each time. And that is annoying. Another thing is the tailgate is very heavy to pull down from overhead. It does not automatically come with floor mats for the third row seating. Which, I think it should. Every rose should have floor mats. I don't like the carpet color, it's black/charcoal. It does show a lot of dirt. And, lastly, I don't like that there is no USB ports in the middle of the vehicle. There's two in the front, one in the consul, and one in the way back At the storage section. But there is not one in the middle for people in the backseat.

- Melissa B

Luxury love and a beer budget.

I love my car! I could not ask for better when it comes to my Durango. It drives like a dream. It feels like it floats above the road, it drives so smooth. The exterior is absolutely beautiful! Its sleek and tailored and sharp. It's so luxurious without the luxury price tag. The interior is the same way. The features that it has are amazing. There are features that I never thought that I would have. The lay out of the inside is so spacious and roomy and very well made. The leather suede combo is just such an extra touch that really makes the vehicle pop. It makes it feel very luxurious. Over all, I absolutely love my Durango and would absolutely buy another one!

- Whitney C

How roomy it is inside fits a least 8 comfortably.

I love my new vehicle. 2018 Dodge Durango. I needs more room for my kids to comfortably sit with legs not smushed and also have room for their backpacks and school stuff without having to hold on lap. This provides all the room needs for that and more. It features lots of extra things like rear view camera hands free cell access USB ports were you can charge cell as well as use carplay which allows you to text with voice so cool. It saves on gas to because it has the turn off engine feature when you are stopped a light or stuck in traffic as soon as you lift from brake pedal it automatically turns back on. Very comfortable to drive and sit in love it.

- Vanessa V

My 2018 dodge Durango. The new moms cars.

It has so far not given me any problems it has a lot of cool features that I have not gotten to check them all out, I enjoy the room it has for my kids it makes it easy to go in and out comfortably from the third row seat. Although the price is high the quality of the ride and smoothness really make it easy to handle even though it's a big vehicle it. Has a smooth handling. It includes Wi-Fi for the first couple of months it's free. A subscription is required after that you got to pay but it seems worth it cause your car's maps and GPS will stay up to date.

- Lidia P

Dodge Durango is the best luxury SUV ever!

The Dodge Durango is my dream car! I have the 2018 get with the black out package, and let me tell you, I feel like a million dollars in that car. They have memory seats that move forward and backwards automatically for easy access in and out of the car. It rides so smooth, and has a great sounding engine. It really keeps up with traffic, I never feel like I am lagging behind when I get on the road. I love the beats speakers and Bluetooth functions, it syncs with my iPhone for complete hands free cell usage. I feel so safe with my family in this truck!

- Stephanie G

Compact SUV with glitchy Bluetooth system.

The Uconnect system is glitchy. Sometimes it doesn't pick up the Bluetooth automatically so I have to manually connect it. Also, I don't like that I don't have the option to disconnect from Uconnect while on the phone. The only option is to turn off the Bluetooth which is a hassle. The car itself drives average. It is a little more compact on the interior and the trunk area is really small. Too small for luggage or even groceries. I have to put one of the seats down to make it work which can be crowded for a family of 5.

- Scott K

The best choice I ever made.

We love the new Durango. It doesn't have the stow and go seating, but the seats do lay flat so we can still put large items in the back and carry them. It has the heated seats and steering wheel. It has a display that also has apps (like a phone), it has cruise control, rear wiper, lights around the door handles. It even has a sunroof. It rides like a dream! More than enough leg room. And the color is awesome! In bright light you can see all the diamond like flecks and out of the light it's just a shiny black.

- Catherine H

My dodge Durango is very comfortable and easy to drive with many extras.

This is my third Durango. I tried switching to a different vehicle last year but it didn't compare to the Durango so I went back to a Durango. It drives so smooth, handles great, has many extra features that I love including automatic windshield wipers and automatic shutting back hatch. I am short and the seat adjusts perfectly for me and also has a button to set two different drivers. This is nice so you do not have to set your seat back to your preferences when someone else drives it. I just love my Durango!

- Beth O

If your looking for a vehicle with a lot of room, the Durango is it!

My vehicle is a 2018 Dodge Durango. I live the convenience of the room it has. It has a 3rd row seating that we all just love. My oldest daughter is involved in travel cheerleading and I haul five girls in my Durango. This vehicle is excellent in gas and we get great gas mileage. It rides very smooth. We haven't had any problems out of it. I love the storage when the third row is let down. So much room for hauling things. I would highly recommend this vehicle. This is my second one I have owned.

- Misty G

On a road trip everyone else needed to get gas a day before we did.

The Durango has great features with the backup camera, 3rd row seating, automatic trunk, ability to connect a phone. We loved the Durango so much that when we traded our 2012 Durango, we weren't going to get anything else but another Durango. It also has excellent gas mileage and out lasted all the other family vehicles with gas on a 6 hour road trip. We were able to last a day and a half longer without needing to get gas where everyone else needed to get gas before getting to our destination.

- Joanne D

Efficient and reliable Durango

I love my Durango. The car is very attractive. It has great power and plenty of pickup. The third row seating option is very handy for when we have family visiting or extra kids to haul around. The vehicle's handling is outstanding'feels super smooth. There are two minor complaints that I do have: 1. The cloth seats look and feel a little cheap. 2. The backup camera has NO warning sounds. However, these things are minor given the overall benefits of the vehicle.

- Carlos A

I love this dodge Durango.

I absolutely love it, I have 4 children so the space is amazing. I have the bench seat in the middle instead of the buckets, so we can have seven total in the vehicle. Seats are comfortable, second row has heated seats along with the front. Features are great heated seats, heated steering wheel, touch screen., I haven't had any issues with this vehicle. I would highly recommend it.

- Kayla B

Best car I have had so far!

The car is specious which makes it be very comfortable. Easy access to all controls. Steering and overall driving is smooth. Had no problems with anything. All the features are easy to navigate. So far it is been my favorite car in regards, to performance and reliability and I have had Infiniti's and Toyota's in the past. Would recommend to anyone to drive one today.

- Karolina N

My particular vehicle was recommended by a race team.

I haven't had any issues with my vehicle as of yet. I like the horsepower it has, the roominess of the interior. I do wish however that the cargo area was a bit bigger, but overall I do like the vehicle a lot. I miss having an overhead entertainment system for the youngest members of our family on trips, but I do have a portable version that does the job nicely.

- Chester C

2018 Dodge Durango Gt, features, performance

Vehicle performance is great... fast response and it is reliable... as for features are amazing yet, leaves questions. Many bugs need to be worked out for electronics, as it gives errors from time to time, and does not provide codes for troubleshooting. Automatic shut off/restart is annoying, and provides no long term shut off for this feature. Overall satisfied

- Jason G

Dodge Durango: Good family vehicle, but needs a little more room

I enjoy my Dodge Durango. I love the sun roof, the back-up camera, my beats speakers, the automatic hatch opener/closer, third row seating, heated seats and steering wheel. I wish the third row had 3 seats and not just 2. Also, I wish the second row of seating was wider. I have three car seats that have to be installed and it's a very tight space.

- Melanie F

Perfect combination of sport and family vehicle.

The 2018 dodge durango is awesome! We upgraded from the 2015 and love our second row captain's chairs because it allows easier access to the third row when you have two full time car seats installed. We also love the black leather interior with red stitching. It is sporty but classy. The 8 cylinders of the r/t is fantastic for 'get up. And go'!

- Meredith G

Great car! Great features! Convenient and user-friendly features.

I love the backup camera. The ease of adjusting the seats. The spacious back seat and third row. The button activated back hatch is great plus I love that there is a button in the front and back. The monitor and GPS is great to have and very useful. I love how while using the navigation, it tells me the speed limit wherever I am driving.

- Michelle S

Great vehicle overall, love the technology.

It is a great vehicle overall. It has really good gas mileage but yup... I have to leave it at turn off mode so everytime you stop at a red light or stop sign it turns off then when you release your foot off the break it turns back on. At first it is a bit annoying but it does save gas. I love that it starts 6 passengers plus the driver.

- Katrina E

Drives well, but needs better cup holders for passengers.

I have a Dodge Durango. It is an SUV, but doesn't feel like I am driving a huge care. It rides very comfortably. There is lots of room in the passenger seating in the back for long legs. The cup holders between the bucket seats are not great and do not hold drinks well. Good sound system and has the ability for Sirius radio.

- Courtney B

Dodge Durango hits a homerun with how family friendly the vehicle is.

We have had our Durango now for 3 months and we love it! Gas mileage is mid range which is expected with w larger SUV. We have taken long road trips and found the car to be really comfortable. We have the model with the 3rd row seating. Our only complaint is the way the seats fold down are not the best design for little kids.

- Keith G

Sharp look, an attention getter. The black on black is mean.

My vehicle is comfortable however for price I believe passenger seat should be electronic and have a mirror. Also should come with a side rail. I love the paint color and look of my truck black on black. The other item I wish came standardized on the vehicle is the back gate will close with a button such as on the r/t model.

- Cindy R

Perfect for every occasion!

I love how this vehicle handles in winter weather and on gravel. It is very comfortable and perfect for taking on road trips. There is plenty of space in the back for passengers as well as hauling or transporting things. I love how it is fancy but not too fancy! It has everything I need but does not have too many features.

- Kelley S

Great Family SUV-Good Value for the Money

I love how spacious it is but how easy it is to handle. It is a smooth and comfortable ride. It feels safe for my family, as well. I have had no problems with performance at all and this vehicle has been extremely reliable so far. I would recommend this car for anyone who desires an easy to handle, large SUV.

- Emily S

Great space. We can fit everything especially with long road trips.

Great comfort and space. We have no problem loading 7 adults comfortably in the vehicle. We also have room to put the third row seating down for our dog to be in the back and the kiddos are in the middle. Makes a huge difference. Even with car seats the passenger does not have to sit knees up to the dash.

- Maureen C

Glitches but overall great car.

The ride and comfort level is awesome. But within the year one of my doors would randomly lock and unlock, thank goodness the warranty covered it. Sometimes the screen goes black and restarts itself and all I could be told was 'that's weird.' mileage is wonderful. Comfort is great. Third row is perfect.

- Serena M

Fully loaded 2018 dodge Durango.

I have a 2018 dodge Durango. I love it so much it has leather interior. It has seat warmers, backup camera it is fully loaded has sunroof navigation. It is economic on gas. It came with beats speakers I would recommend it for moms who have more than 3 kids it is so suitable for soccer moms so spacious.

- Diana R

Reliable and safe car which is very economical.

The conditioner doesn't work. You can't fix it by yourself. To fix some a wire would take 5 minutes at the repair center, because they have instruments. It costs 100$ for 5 minutes. That's why it's problem. It's very comfortable car, but it should be more flexible to build. It consumes not much gas.

- Irene K

With a powerful design and a refined style

My Dodge Durango, it's pure engine power is a HEMI V8 5.7L iconic of a powerful car Dodge brand you get a triple advantage: an amazing power, a towing capacity of up to 7,400 pounds and an incredible fuel savings In case you need more towing capacity, you can tow up to 8,700 pounds since it's proven

- derrick r

Dodge Durango gets it done.

Love the comfort and the passenger space plenty of passenger leg room. Tons of cargo space. Drives great even through several inches of snow. Love the navigation screen. Wish it came with DVD players for passengers. Would definitely recommend this vehicle for everyday driving or for road trips.

- Brenda G

I recommend this car to everyone.

I am 4’9” so I fit perfect but my husband is 6 feet tall so he wishes it had more leg room when driving. However, I love the fact that when you sit in the third row you do have enough leg space where your not smashed and you can put down the seats to fit anything and everything back there.

- Yvonne I

3rd row seating and keyless entry and drive.

I love the keyless entry and drive and the fact it will not let me lock door with keys in car. Love the eco bottom. . The gas mileage for the size of the vehicle the trunk space and the 3rd row seating super comfortable and roomy low enough to ground so kids can hop in but higher than car.

- Chandra J

Great buy! Amazing options, plenty of room, and power!

I love my Durango. Previously I had a Journey which I also loved but we needed a third row with space for a teen in the third row. There's room for an adult back there. It's so roomy. The gas mileage on the Durango is also a plus. The tow package makes the Durango an all around great buy!

- Kari S

I wouldn't trade this vehicle for anything.

I think it is an attractive and reliable vehicle. The cooled seats for the summer and the heated steering wheel in the winter are the best features. The backup camera image is crisp and the windshield wiper sensor does all the work for me when it is raining. I seriously love this vehicle.

- Amanda J

Comfortable and sharp looking SUV

The vehicle is sharp and sporty looking and the interior is very comfortable. It drives very smooth and has nice options and accessories. It's a great family car. Works out very nice for my family of 5. I do wish that the towing was better and that there was more leg room inside the car.

- Brooke B

I take pride in my car now. I never did before but now I enjoy showing off my car. It is more than just a thing to get me to places.

I have a big vehicle that can fit all of my kids' things. It can seat 7 people and room for luggage. It came with a lot of bells and whistles that I've never owned before. The only downside is the gas mileage is not very great but it was comparable to the others in the same category.

- Marybeth S

It is a long car, and sometimes you can feel the back in the wind.

I like having 7 seats to transport my kids and their friends. I also like the large trunk space when the back seats are down. I dislike that I have to flip up a back seat to access the third row. This makes it difficult to keep a car seat in the middle row on one of the end seats.

- Kindle K

Dodge Durango underrated vehicle

Roomy for a 3rd row vehicle. Rugged, fun to drive, no problems. Nicely designed, fast, good price compared to similar sized 3rd row vehicles. Easy to get in and out. Technology is easy to use, nice Bose speaker system. Easy to switch from sport to eco mode, nice sounding engine.

- Anna H

Citadel is perfect for families.

Absolutely love this vehicle! It drives smooth, easy to operate, camera work perfectly. I never thought I would enjoy a car as much as I do. The price was affordable- the selections were great and the citadel fits my family and I perfectly. Not enough good words for the car.

- Cheryl G

Very great Vehicle for a family but also someone wanting power.

The r/t Durango provides the get up and go that I was looking for while providing comfort and space for my family. The captain seats are convenient and comfortable if adults are riding in the rear. Only con not liking is the brake system when it thinks will hit something.

- Samantha P

Amazing and comfortable ride.

Has all the features from heated/cooling comfortable seats, sunroof, lane control, blind spot sensors, to blu ray players. Third row makes for extra seating. The Durango can haul up to 6400 pounds which makes it convenient like a truck but has a lot more room and comfort.

- Heather M

It is so comfortable. We have driven it long distance and around town.

my durango is sporty, accelerates well, and is extremely comfortable. I'm still not sure about the auto shut off at lights. While it does save gas, it is somewhat disturbing to have it constantly shut off and restart. We have had no problems and find it very reliable

- joyce a

Awesome car! Safe for kids

I really like this vehicle. I like the colors. The handling is great. Back up screen Bluetooth. Quality make. TV on the back of sheets. Very safe for my children. Has good airbags and quality speakers. It's a great car to drive in the winter. It has a lot of space too

- Sarah F

Spacious sleek sport utility vehicle.

I love my car. The Durango is full of technology and is very comfortable. We use to have a Chevy Tahoe and there is more leg room in the Durango then the Tahoe. It is very sporty and sleek. Great on gas and spacious. I am able to fit 3 car seats in the middle row.

- Michelle C

everything is computerized. I don't even need to take the keys out of my bag to open the door

It is very comfortable, luxurious and efficient. It pulls out trailer like nothing, it has all new features and it's super easy to use. My only complaint is the amount of gas it consumes. If it was more efficient in that department it would be the perfect vehicle

- maria o

All these Amazing features and comfort under one roof

My car has fantastic features that I love! It goes into a 'fuel save' mode when stopped. It has a push start, nice size touch screen with Apple Carplay! It has rear AC, backup cam, Auto headrest fold, dual front ac control, dual USB ports and so much more!

- Lacey L

Great family vehicle and great for road trips

Spacious! Love all the features it has and it is a good size for my family. Has 3 rows of seats and lots of space even when all seats are in use. Only problem I am having is the passenger front door won't lock from the key fob anymore so we need to get it fixed.

- Amber H

I like the roof racks . They are adjustable so you can make them horizontal or vertical.

My Durango is my favorite car ever. This is my second Durango and it is so comfortable. I can fit my 2 kids and all there stuff and my dog! Even with the third row up I have a good trunk space. I didn't find that with similar cars even at a higher price point.

- Ashley M

Slick smooth heads will turn.

Slick smooth, great performance, fully loaded with great style handle the road like a BMW carry family in comfort, can be a luxury SUV for date night or SUV for taking kids to soccer practice everything you need at your fingertips easy to learn instruments.

- Cheryl M

2018 Dodge Durango GT model.

My vehicle is super comfortable and very spacious with third row suede seating. It has a touch screen/Bluetooth/backup camera/heating and air thermostat in back of vehicle as well. Tinted windows. Drives very smooth. Automatic start/stop so save on fuel.

- Taylor A

High-end overall vehicle design, inside and out.

My primary vehicle has no problems whatsoever. I have regular routine maintenance check-ups done as needed. I absolutely love the luxury features and innovative technology my vehicle has. It's so state of the art. You know all the bells and whistles.

- David H

Smooth comfortable ride for up to seven passengers. Excellent mileage in both city and highway driving.

Smooth power and shifting, comfortable ride, comfortable seating, great headroom and legroom. Small glove box, console and door pockets as compared to,other vehicles in class. Sharp aggressive styling and nice leather accents. Good fit and finish.

- Mark B

It is a great car to own and it is better than others.

The car is great, it has a lot of features that make it stand from the competition. It is comfortable. It has a good motor and a lot of space to fit all the family. It is a muscle SUV. I like the feature to control temperature just for our seat.

- Ivan A

The Dodge Durango has awful fuel economy, getting only 9.6 average miles to the gallon in the city and 10.4 on the highway.

The body style makes it look like a sporty minivan not an SUV. The roughness of the ride is felt 100%, it is super bumpy. It handles great on turns and is pretty fast for a 6 cylinder. It has all the latest tech features, so that's a plus.

- Barbara E

It is very roomy and it drives very smoothly. It is enjoyable to drive.

I like the the room in my vehicle. It has ample room for my large family. I like the third row seat. I like the leather/suede seats, and I like that it is the blackout version and that everything inside and outside is black.

- Shannon F

Sunroof, having a sunroof in a truck is awesome. I love the amount of space.

I love my truck, I do not really have anything to say bad about it. My truck is fully loaded, it came with the works. The only problem I had a little trouble with was learning the navigation system. Other then that I love it!

- Leah H

It's very comfortable especially during long trips.

The seats are comfortable with heated seats in the first two rows. There's plenty of room for when on vacation or traveling with family and friends. I bought it new and added a lifetime warranty from Chrysler.

- Colleen T

The vehicle is very safe and reliable.

I like the sport look. I like the technology and space inside. I like how smooth it rides when driving. The only thing I'd change is how small the screen is for the radio and maps. I wish it was bigger.

- Megan C

It has a back camera. No one can say that can't see to reverse.

I like how much space and seats are in the vehicle. Without all the spacing the kids would be crammed. The interior is the best part to me thought just it looking nice always says a lot about a person.

- Tatiana M

Third row seats. We love the air vents on the top so it keeps our kids cool.

Love it! Perfect for a family of 4 with 2 babies. We enjoy third row seat for when we have company. We also can fit our dogs. We drive from Arizona to California often and it gets great gas mileage.

- Melissa L

It's easy to drive has the backup camera, 3rd row seat

The Durango is a roomy full size SUV that get great gas mileage for its size. My only complaint is that it needs more handles near the doors so the elderly, children and other can grab to get in.

- Kim S

Third row seating with plenty of space. Not one of the ones where you have no leg room. Car seats all fit great

Love my suv great on gas and has third row sitting for all my midgets. No problems since I got it. Oil changes got a bit more expensive but also not needed as much so I guess it would even out.

- Danielle R

My Dodge Durango fits lots of people. And we can go on vacations with all of our stuff and people and be comfortable.

I dislike the way it shuts off at lights. It has the auto off to save gas, etc. I love the comfort and the size. I feel like the options on my model are lacking but overall I'm happy with it.

- Melissa C

The Dodge Durango has a lot of nice features. Such as heated seats in the front and back.

I really like my new Dodge Durango. It drives very smooth, I can hardly feel the umps in the road. There's lots of room for my family. And it's very comfortable when we take long drives.

- Christina R

It is the best SUV in its class.

My car has all of the bells and whistles without being complicated. It drives smoothly and is very comfortable. I love that it has a third row seat and plenty of legroom. No complaints.

- Dana H

Great 3 row SUV for the whole family

I love that the Durango has 3 rows of seats and also still has enough trunk space. It has remote start, which has been very helpful. Overall I have no complaints with this vehicle.

- Alisha M

It also gives you storage space to place things if your kids are into sports.

I love how easy it is to drive. I love the backup camera because I am good at backing into things. I love the extra room I have for taking the kids places and groceries.

- Renee C

Great versatile vehicle. Three rows for multiple passengers.

I dislike the perforated seats because spills, crumbs, etc.. Are hard to get out of them. I love my backup camera, remote startup and the power behind the r/t model.

- Debbie A

It is a gas guzzler, although it does have a large gas tank that wi4ll take you far.

The Durango is comfortable. I like the cargo space. I do not like the color, and I especially do not like the fuel mileage.I will find hybrid for my next vehicle.

- Victoria T

It is very stylish looking and popular right now. Also i got a great deal on the lease so it's a good time to lease one

I love my dodge because it is so sharp looking. I especially like the lights on the back. I love the technology inside including the navigation and backup camera.

- Victoria L

Many features and accessories.

Love the features, went with the r/t model for more horsepower. Features that I enjoy are heated steering wheel, heated front and back seats, and automatic start.

- Marissa N

It has a Hemi so it's got power and super quiet on the road.

Other than being brand new it's got leather seats, sunroof, it's got a Hemi so it can go! It's really quite while on the road with the windows are extra thick.

- Michael V

The Durango is fun to drive! It's perfect for people who could benefit from a minivan but don't want to drive one!

I love the moon roof and hemi engine. I like the seating which includes a third row. I wish it was bigger, more like a Tahoe instead of a compact large SUV.

- Donna V

It's reliable and has everything one needs and/or wants in a SUV!

I love my Durango. It is beefy but sleek. It has the Hemi engine and can tow a boat anywhere. It has the luxury I love but the utility when needed.

- Gwen M

The best thing about the Durango is the space!

When the stop/start feature shuts the car off, if you step on the gas (say the light turns green), it jumps and it feels like someone hit you.

- Margaret T

It's better than a minivan

I have a blacktop Dodge Durango . Automatic lights and windshield wipers , heated seats auto start navigation. I love everything about it.

- Liz P

Love the car, so happy with our choice

Love the performance and features. We have only positive comments to make . Oh snf we love the captains chairs- works great with car seats

- Dean O

Luxury SUV with plenty of space

2018 dodge durango gt. Good on gas mileage and easy to travel in. Very spacious and rides very smooth. Third row if needed and sunroof

- Steven E

I love the car just wish I had more features in it

I think it's great the only thing when you stop for a light the engine shuts down to save on fuel and restarts by itself when you got

- Fran E

It is spacious and comfortable. Have not had any issues in the year I have owned it.

Very comfortable. No issues with performance. Satellite radio is a bonus. 3rd row seating, good trunk space. Accelerates quickly.

- Tracy E

It can run as fast as a sports car.

The Durango is huge. I hate the color. But it is super spacious. The seats can be a little uncomfortable in the back two rows.

- Denise R

Make sure the blind spot sensors are secure.

Nothing it's a very good car with plenty of room. It's very family friendly. It has 3 row seating and is a very safe vehicle.

- Carrie D

The amount of space that you have throughout the car.

I love the space throughout the car. The trunk has enough space for all of my kids things. I like that it is all wheel drive.

- Lauren B

It's a great American made vehicle.

I have no problems with my vehicle. I love it! Its reliable, comfortable and easy to drive. Would recommend to my friends.

- Rebecca M

Excellent vehicle, highly recommend.

Most comfortable vehicle I have ever owned! I am extremely happy with my Durango, would definitely recommend this vehicle!

- Sara D

Stylish and fun to drive.

Smooth riding vehicle. Comfortable seating More than adequate cargo space Quite operating vehicle Love the backup screen

- Gail L




It's very roomy and comfortable. I feel safe in it.

Love the space, 7 seater. Very roomy for people with small children and car seats Just hate the gas mileage on it.

- Evelyn C

It has an auto start function that is great!

I don't have a negative thing to say about it. I love it. I drive it every chance I get. I definitely recommend.

- Hannah K

3rd row seating. Folds down when more room is needed in the back

Smooth ride, a lot of space for family, sharp looking, good gas mileage for an SUV, roomy interior, good options

- Clb B

Comfortable for family of 4, very versatile vehicle

Wish rear seat were more comfortable. The cooling system is great, we actually tow 5500 travel trailer with it.

- Anne A

Engine shuts down while not moving.

I don't like how vehicle shuts down while stopped. Other than that I love how comfortable and easy drive it is.

- Sara J

Its safety, how fasts the car goes and its miles.

I love its tires they are the new model. I love its rpm because its a faster newer car. And it has nice seats.

- Johnny B

Gets great gas mileage and has a ton of space.

Completely love it. The amount of space within the vehicle is amazing. No complaints at all about the vehicle.

- Kristen T

It does not get good gas mileage. The automatic stop will drive you insane.

The automatic stop is unnerving a times. The dashboard computer will randomly stop working while backing up.

- Meagan W

Lots of options but not the best mileage.

Love the vehicle so far. Wish it had better gas mileage though because at this point it is averaging poorly.

- Beth C

That a new dodge ram is not that expensive

To be honest I really love the durango because it handles rough road very well and has very good gas mileage

- John C

It it a very SMOOTH riding vehicle even over the most bumpy roads.

This Dodge Durango replaced our 2004 Dodge Durango. It has many new features and safety upgrades as well.

- Susan H

There is enough room for everyone and safe.It is very nice to sit in.

I love my car. Ut is very roomy. A lot of people can fit. Enough room to hold things like cups and stuff.

- Katerina V

Great on gas for an suv vehicle that has a large gas tank

Reliable, good on gas, looks great, easy to clean, dependable, very roomy, great air conditioning, quiet

- Ashley H

that It's a good looking car and the seats dont adjust while driving

It's to small for our family and doesn't have all the extra things I like

- jacob N

3rd row seating. Great room. All wheel drive. Great gas mileage.

No complaints at all. Love love love it. The size, room fits our family.

- Grasha C

It is reliable. It has a lot of space.

I like the motor power. I like the space. I like that is comfortable.

- Ivan H

I love that it has a camera to see behind me it have a lot of space charger outlets for front and back seats are comfortable

It's safe and very roomy you can set the air or heat front and back

- Travis N

Love it, rides great and great looking SUV Air and heated seats , navigation and has all the bell and whistles

Safe and reliable car to put Your family in. Looks great also.

- Susie B

It's fast and sporty and you would want one

I like everything about it. Rides smooth, drives good, fast

- Mandy b

Extremely comfortable interior that can seat 7 passengers comfortably.

Great SUV. Runs great. Excellent features. NO complaint.

- James R

Driver assist is very helpful

Like that it's a truck. Drives nicely and is roomy

- Anne p

Drives great, and can get some good options at a decent price

sporty, comfortable, roomy, fun to drive

- A D