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Dodge grand caravan 2007: a perfect. Family car.

Car drives very well with decent mileage. Only issues we have had are with the side doors which the wiring can be broken and you either have to take it in or repair yourself in order for the doors to open and shut with the remote. The back rows are wonderful in that you can put the seats down when you need to haul large items. We have gotten large boards, couches, washers, and other large items in our van and it saves us from paying for a truck or delivery. The kids like the seating and there are several options on how you can have your kids sit depending on age and car seat situations. Car seats are easily installed. Overall we have enjoyed our car for three years and I would buy a Dodge grand caravan again.

- Rachel J

The Dodge grand caravan is a great family vehicle with all the space and safety.

The Dodge grand caravan performs pretty well. There are some issues with having a car that is 11 years old though. We had to replace a few things and trying to figure out what else needs to be done. Over years the ceiling fabric has been coming down so when we bought the van the ceiling has tacks in it. It is a great family van though. As a mother of two boys the multiple row seating helps. Being able to also pick up mom friends and their children for outings. Having the extra space for trips to the lake or picnics helps too.

- Carol F

The DVD player is 1 of the many things that is our favorite about our Dodge van.

If you have a big family and are always on the go the Grand Caravan is a good van for you. The stow' and go seating lets you convert your family hauler into a cargo carrier with minimal effort. It seats 7 people comfortably. It has a DVD player which is great for kids or long trips, a radio, CD player, power windows and locks. I have only had a problem with this van 1 time in 11 years, my water pump but its a easy 60$ fix. Good on gas, city 20/hwy 26.

- Meagan C

Family van, and a working van.

I like my van very much, I can grab large items at the store or drop large items off when I need to. It has automatic sliding doors and holds seven people easily. . I've had to replace the brakes at least twice but we have taken the van on very long trips in the past. . When traveling it is great, there is plenty of room for everyone. I am a big man and it is very comfortable for me to drive.

- Adam G

The Dodge Grand Caravan is an excellent choice for families on the go.

Our Dodge Grand Caravan has comfortable seats and a smooth ride. We have had it for several years and it is a reliable vehicle. It is roomy and 2nd and third row seats fold down so we can carry big things when needed. Also, there is storage under the floor on the second row. Great for storing things out of sight when shopping. That storage has come on handy when going on vacation.

- Donna W

Dodge grand caravan great family car.

I have a Dodge grand caravan. It has stow and go seats and remote controlled doors. With 3 kids and one on the way this does everything I need it to for space and holding everything for 3 kids. I've owned it for 2 years and have only needed to bring it in for wear and tear fixes. Brakes rotors etc. Plan on getting a newer one when it's time to buy a new car.

- Samantha L

It has stow and go seats which makes transporting people and stuff easier.

It gets really great gas mileage for a minivan. We were able to drive for 7 1/2 hours on a road trip before having to fill it. I love the stow and go seats. We bought it five years ago, and it's just now to the point where we need to consider more maintenance than just a regular oil change. Even still, it just needs a tune-up not a full overhaul.

- Julie H

Good and reliable family vehicle.

This vehicle has been fairly reliable for our family! We have had no major mechanical issues aside from normal maintenance. We love the convenience of the stow-and-go and the ability to fold seats down to make extra room. It is easy to drive, and has taken us on several long road trips in comfort.

- Tina G

Dodge Grand Caravan good for all your family needs!

I like that it is big enough to fit my family. It has some cool features, like a DVD system and sliding doors, but neither of the features work anymore and that is a bummer. It has high mileage on it and has not given us too many big problems. It is older and we would like something newer.

- Nicole K

It's good for moving, shopping and year-end sale shopping.

My sliding doors do not work right. One side will not open unless I open it. The DVD player quit work with DVDs still it. Its rusting bad. It eats gas badly. There is an gas leak somewhere along with a oil leak. Sunroof leaks when it rains heavy. Driver window dose do go back right away.

- Gabby M




Great family vehicle with lots of convenient handy options!

I love the stow-n-go seats! I love that they fold away completely when I need space and provide storage bins when the seats are up. I love the power side doors and trunk, it's great when going back to the van I just press the button and the door slides open for the kids to hop in.

- Shikara C

It hauls-a-lot comfortably.

Very reliable/dependable; lots of room; great features like automatically opening sliding side doors; good stereo; great storage; fold away middle bucket seats; auto opening rear hatch; handy luggage rack; fairly good gas mileage for its size; will not lock if key is on ignition.

- Elizabeth H

The one thing people should know is that the minivan is really spacious and can fit up to 7 people pretty comfortably.

I like the room that the minivan gives me. I also like that I am able to completely fold down all of my back seats to make enough room to haul things without needing to rent a truck. I dislike that it is not updated and things seem to break pretty easily on the plastic pieces.

- Danielle T

My van has loud music, if I had an amp too, it would be phenomenal!!

Tires, I wish I could get expensive ones, I have not had really expensive stuff go wrong, but I had to have a heater core put in though, that cost kind of a lot!! I had a new stereo put in, with a kicker in the back because it was not loud, the factory stereo that was in it.

- Erin J

Lots of room great gas mileage.

Great gas mileage. Lots of room. There is DVD player and CD player. Store and go seats. It can pull trailer and tent camper. If you don't have camper you can put all seats down and sleep in the van. You can put the seats down and fill the back up with all kind of stuff.

- Lynn J

Grand caravan is great for your family.

It is roomy and has plenty of stretching room for our teenagers. I love the stow and go seating. We have moved appliances, beds and even a medium sized dresser. Also, we use the stow and go compartments for extra storage space. It has excellent gas mileage as well.

- James J

Spacious Minivan Offers Smooth and Comfortable Transportation!

I like the spacious interior of my Dodge Grand Caravan. It rides smoothly and comfortably. I dislike that the paint blisters badly in the sun and this vehicle is a bit too large for me. I'd purchased it as a wheelchair conversion for my mother in her time of need.

- Candace Y

It is a van would be good for a family.

It is mostly reliable have not had any problems, starts in the winter and is pretty good on snow covered roads. Van was purchased used. It has rust on the rocker panels rear hatch and some on the hood. Has cloth seats still in good shape. Sub-frame is still solid.

- Marian G

Engine is good, rest not so good.

Electrical problems warning lights turn on and then go off at different times. The two side passenger and rear lift gates do not close automatically close on their own. The headliner is coming off. The seats are very comfortable and easy to adjust.

- Sharon F

it's super helpful to have the sliding door with kids

Its a basic edition. nothing fancy so hopefully that makes it less often that things break down but would be nice to have some of the nicer features. It's getting pretty used and might be time to upgrade but i like driving a minivan.

- Katie L

Dependability has never broken down and left us stranded.

This van has been great. Plenty of room good pickup and love the folding seats! Just recently have had suspension problems but nothing with engine or transmission. Good maneuverability and has been a good vehicle for us.

- Robert C

So much cargo space, and plenty of seating without sacrificing leg room.

The seats in the van are very sturdy, however they are made of cloth and start to have an odor if not properly maintained. The biggest issues have been leaks in the engine of oil, a/c coolant, and power steering fluid.

- Alex D

It seems to be a reliable vehicle.

I like that it has a lot of room to carry all that I need to for a family of five. However, the paint is rusting. I have issues with my vehicle overheating in the summer and it hesitates when accelerating at times.

- Jessica H

Engine run very well good mileage.

I like that my vehicle has enough room for 4. The seating is comfortable and the radio gets good reception. I also like that it allows me to plug in any electronic devices such as my iphone and use the speakers.

- Christian S

It is a dependable family vehicle.

I like how much room it has, how affordable it is, and that it is a good family vehicle. I dislike that it is 7 seats instead of 8 and the air conditioner does not seem to work unless you have it on full blast.

- Dawn S

It might run good but the interior things break fast and cost more than other repairs

I like that it's ran pretty well for us. I don't like that the middle windows don't roll down, the power door no longer works, and the sunroof doesn't work. Seems like a lot of little things are breaking

- Karen Z

It is reliable and roomy, and I enjoy having the extra space to put people and things.

I like my vehicle, because I have had it 5 years, with hardly any breakdowns. I have mainly just done maintenance, such as oil changes, tires, etc. Now, it is changing somewhat, but it's not unexpected.

- Mark L

This van is easy to use for all needs including long distance travel and easy to fix if you fix your own vehicle.

We like this van because it has stow and go seating. We like the trunk space when all the seats are in use because it is deep. We have nearly no issues with it and fixing parts on the van is cheap.

- sarah c

it is all purpose and you can use it for a family or for other things when you put the seats down there is a lot of room.

we have a lot of family that we there is a lot of room transport places so it h to different places.as a lot of seating and room. i enjoy driving this on road trips.and if i have to haul something

- linn b

You have to add oil to the engine every 1, 000 miles or so.

I like the amount of space on the inside. It is very comfortable. Do not really care for the size, like slightly more compact vehicles. Also do not like having to add oil in between oil changes.

- Gillian G

My car is practical and versatile

I like the height because I can see around me when I am driving. The stow and go seats make it easy to change seating configurations. There is amply space to seat adults and teens comfortably.

- Martha S

I need to upgrade to a newer make and model.

The motors on the locks and windows go out easily. It doesn't have great power going up hills in the West. It also struggles to run well without stalling after filling up the gas tank.

- TJ S

The great and amazing Dodge Grand Caravan

I love the stow and go seating. It has tons of space to move things. The radio volume doesn't work sometimes it skips too high or just turns off the gasket is broke replaced it

- Heather D

Her name is Vanna and gets me where I need to go right now.

My van gets me where I need to go, but I am afraid it will die on me soon and I can't afford to replace it right now. It does run good though. I would love a newer vehicle.

- Sherry H

It has lots of room and is easy to reconfigure the seating arrangements.

It has worked well for over 120,000 miles. There are the occasional problems, but not to be expected. With regular maintenance, this car has way outlasted our other cars.

- Lauretta M

It's a family car. Enough room for myself, my four kids and their dad.

I like that it is big enough for my family. Has a DVD player so it is good for long distance trips. Do not like the wheels. There is always something going wrong with them.

- Victoria H

Great runner with lots of room.

Really like the grand caravan but they all rust out fast. It has unbelievable amount of space. Drives and runs great. Will have to get rid of soon because of the rust.

- Debbie R

It gets you where you need to go.

I like that it has lots of room. I like that it is easy to use. I dislike that it takes up a lot of gas very easily. I dislike that it is always needing new parts.

- Allison L

They are great. You do not need to be a soccer mom in order to have a minivan. Cheaper to drive and insure than an SUV

This is my 3rd one and I really like it. They have plenty of room for people and luggage. It's comfortable to drive. It's like a truck with an enclosed bed.

- Colleen R

It is comfortable to ride in. It is great for families.

I love the sliding doors. I love the space and the ability to fold down the seats. It is a very dependable vehicle and I would recommend one to anyone.

- Jennifer M

It is a very durable car, and the motor is good, so the car will hold up for a long time.

I like that it has seats that you can store in the car. I like that there is a lot of room. I dislike that it has heavy doors and that it rusts easily.

- Christopher c

I love that it seats 7, but wish for 8 seats. It has been very reliable and is relatively good on gas.

It is pretty reliable, comfortable and good on gas. It also has plenty of cargo space for coolers, beach chairs, tents, etc. Great for summer travel!

- Cindy K

The calipers on the front brakes are sticky, but don't worry, the car still stops. I'm not putting $$$ into an 11yo car.

It's a shell built around many carseats. I like that it stops and goes when it's supposed to. I wish it had 3 LATCH anchors across the back bench.

- Rose C

enough room for big family feel very safe driving it can put all the kids stuff in it

Its reliability handles real good I like that in can fold away the seats has good power so I can take off good if need be great for hauling stuff

- Mark H

Dodge Grand Caravan is a trustworthy family vehicle with lots of space and sound mechanics.

I have had very few issues with this vehicle despite driving it for 10 years. I love the reliability. It makes noise when idling but it is old.

- Suzanne T

Cargo space is amazing for moving anything!

Bought it used and has been wonderful. Its has stow in the floor seats so getting big or bulky items is easy to transport. Seats 7 comfortably.

- Theresa L

it also get pretty good gas mileage for a big car

Has room for the whole family can transport a lot of cargo. Seats go flat if you need more room for groceries etc. There is nothing I dislike.

- Sandra L

The vehicle is spacious with plenty of legroom and cargo room if needed.

The vehicle performs well. The folding seats in the back allow for a lot of cargo room if needed. Overall, it is a good vehicle for families.

- Anthony M

It drives really nicely and is comfortable. I love the fold down seats.

My car is reliable. I love the fold down seats, they are really easy to use. My one complaint is that the one automatic door keeps breaking.

- Melanie C

We love being able to fold down the backseat for extra storage space.

This has been a comfortable and reliable vehicle for our family. Outside of regular maintenance, we have not had any major issues with it!

- Tina G

Don't buy one because they turn into rust buckets. These minivans are garbage.

I dislike how cheaply made my car is. While it is older. It only just hit 100k and I think the body will fall apart b4 the engine is done.

- Shanna G

It is safe and has remote door opening as well as room for at least five children in the back.

It is fully loaded. My van has auto hide back seats. I love the ability to remote open the doors which is helpful when grocery shopping.

- Dawn C

It drives great. It looks good and rides very smooth.

I have no complaints about my van even though it is old. It runs very well. I like it because it has lots of space and easy on gas use.

- Ella T

It is older and it driver well.

I enjoy the older van. The seats are more comfy. The proper engine runs forever. The only drawback is living in Wis is the rust .

- Frederick F

That even though it is older it runs great.

I dislike that electrical things are breaking down like power doors. It is dated. The seats are not as comfortable as newer cars.

- Pamela M

It has a lot of space and is large.

I like that it has plenty of seats. I like the amount of space it has in the trunk and I like the automated doors. No complaints.

- Nick C

Good gas mileage, very dependable car.

Very easy handling, lots of room for passengers, if seats are folded down, bid enough space to transport big items or furniture.

- Gabriele M

It gets decent gas mileage.

I am constantly getting my car repaired, the repairs are expensive and it does not fit well for a disabled member of my family.

- Holly G

It is reliable as far as starting.

Brakes continue to squeak although all 4 have been totally replaced. Very poor gas mileage both in the city and on the highway.

- Dawn L

The comfy seats and great interior.

It is very reliable and does not break down. It is smooth to drive. It attracts the hot ladies while I cruise around my town.

- Bill C

Dodge Grand Caravan a brief review.

My dodge grand caravan has been very reliable. It is a very comfortable ride and has plenty of room for multiple purposes.

- Joe H

Super great with kids and families

I love having a van, the sliding door is amazing with kids, the trunk space is fabulous, i wish i had more power though.

- Katie L

It has amazing safety ratings.

There room for family. Its run good. It's not truck. Its does pull stuff. It has rush on it. There is DVD player in it.

- Alicia D



- Pamela M

It is ugly and has a finicky motor.

Lots of boy damage an eats a lot of gas and it is old and just not my style the motors picky and goes when it wants.

- Elizabeth R

It drives smoothly. Easy to maneuver. Love the heated seats.

I love the looks. Wish it had better suspension/shocks. Mechanicals are iffy at times. Love how much room it has.

- Melody W

it gets us from point a to b. Has pretty good gas mileage, with a lot of features

I like my caravan.it is roomy enough for my family. We also have dogs so this is a perfect vehicle for road trips


This minivan is a very comfortable ride for a family with small children.

Good family minivan. Very comfortably fits two adults and 4 car seats! The stow and go seats are a huge plus!

- Ruth F

I can take a lot of people with me. The gas mileage is good for a van

I like that a lot of people can ride together in it. I like it is paid off. I wish it had newer features

- Tammy A

It's great for big families and doing lots of travel.

it has convertible seats, lots of room, great entertainment features. Nothing I dislike, no complaints.

- cassandra c

Sunce my car is larger than many, I feel safe especially driving grandchildren

I like the remote doors which open on both sides. Love the fold down seats when i have stuff to move.

- Mary c

Love all the room and stow and go seating.

Once the van reached 100, 000 miles the transmission started acting funny along with the fuel system.

- Nicole S

They have transmissions that need to be serviced a lot.

I like that they are big, roomy and functional. Dislike the transmission issues they are prone to.

- Gillian E

We bought this van unseen at auction.(Pictures only) It has proven to be very dependable and comfortable to drive for a used van with over 150000 miles on the dial. Love the power windows and doors and the stowaway seats..

It gets us where we need to go and carries everything we need in one trip. comfortable seating.

- Phyllis C

This vehicle is very comfortable in all 3 rows. You can customize your settings driver, passenger, and rear air/heat. There are multiple adjustments that can be made to the radio, seat positions, etc. There is plenty of storage and no performance issues at 126,000 miles!

It is a great vehicle for families with 7 seats and being very customizable to your preferences.

- Alayna B

I think it would have to be the safety features because that's most important for me.

It's a good reliable vehicle but it is getting old and sadly things are going wrong with it.

- Amber S

It's pretty reliable, and we're able to get several years of use out of it

The sensors don't work properly, so warning lights come on when it isn't necessary.

- Michele E

it is quiets and runs smooth and is also gas efficient.

it's black. Has auto lock buttons, wish it had a bigger trunk area. gas efficient

- Louise M

It is a good reliable care. Nice and safe, good on gas as well

I like the minivan, it carries all my tools And is good on gas. Very reliable

- Jeffrey B

It has terrible gas mileage. And most of the parts are no longer available

Automatic sliding doors are malfunctioning. Van has terrible gas mileage.

- Scott W

My vehicle has been a great one for my family. My biggest dislike is its age and high mileage. I would like to replace with something smaller since my family has grown and we don't need such a big vehicle anymore.

It's a great vehicle for anyone who has the need for a bigger vehicle.

- Susan T

it's very expensive.but gives a great ride and is very economical

my van is a handicapped van , because my wife is permanently disabled.

- roger v

It short circuits easily, so many things do not work.

It was an "as-is" vehicle. It is still running. It has a nice color.

- N/A A

I like that my vehicle has stow a way seating. I like that my van has automatic doors, that makes life easier! I also like that it shows how many miles you have left before running out of gas.

The most important thing to know about my vehicle is Engine size

- Alysson L

Económico doble tracción espacioso resistente y económico

muy grande y gasta mucha gasolina pero es estable y espacioso

- Luis P

That it is a very reliable vehicle that is most comfortable

I find it very reliable and road worthy. I have no complaints

- Judith B

It runs. low maintenance. cheap

It runs. It gets me where I want to go. Low maintenance

- tom P

The storage capacity how much you can put in the vehicle and still have space for peoples

Easy to drive very comfortable wonderful storage area

- Fran P

Has heated seats, cruise control, automatic seats, locks, mirrors, etc. which I love. The back van door and passenger side door have minds of their own and don't open and close properly all the time.

It is dependable, reliable, roomy, and comfortable.

- Deborah B

I like that it's converted to wheelchair accessible. When we fill the tank up, it jerks a little. It stops after moving a little bit. We leave a little room now.

It's easy to drive, and there is a lot of seating.

- Dee M

Good safe reliable vehicle.

Plenty of room. Good safe vehicle. Reliable.

- Barbara H

The dodge grand caravan- everything you need from everyday life and beyond.

- Megan H