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The back doors open with your key and also the tailgate.

I love my vehicle because of the way it drives, the seats are very comfortable, love the pick up on it when you are trying to get on a busy highway. It has a smooth ride and it is easy to maneuver in and out of traffic. It is called the stow and go, the seats fold into the floor for extra space when traveling. A light flashes and it dings when you forget your key in the ignition and also when you do not put your seatbelt on. It has overhead lights that you can use if you want to read as you are traveling. Also it is good on gas especially on a trip which is very good when you are going a long way. You can hardly hear the motor running when you are sitting still. Also the automatic trunk lid and the electric doors on each side. I am able to open the doors when I am about 60 ft away and also the trunk will open, all of this is done from the cars key. I am very proud of owning this van it has be a great help in our family. I would tell anybody how great this car/van is. I am so glad we bought it when we did. I have put my scooter in the back and hauled it all the way to Tennessee. With us to our daughters for a week spent with them we have had it quite a few times down south in all the hills. It is a great transportation vehicle, we really do love our van.

- Debbie U

Great ride with lots of storage.

This is my second dodge grand caravan. I love the reliability and the flexibility. I can take 7 people or lay all my seats down and fit a full 8 foot piece of plywood in the van. The seats fold down so easy into the stow and go compartments, they are also just as easy to put back up again. My kids love the entertainment options for longer road trips as well as being able to lay back not only the middle seats but that far back as well. Has a great amount of cup holders (more then there are seats) and the plugs in the back really help with letting my passengers keep their electronics charged during long trips. Also the vents in the back are great for people to set their environment to what they prefer as well as the controls for the back ac/heating unit. I do wish the seat was either a little lower or the roof just a hair higher as I have to duck to get in without hitting my head on the roof, did not have that in my last van. There is plenty of storage up front as there are 2 compartments on the upper center console as well as 1 below and 2 glove boxes to hold all the goodies.

- Betsy R

The doors the doors the doors! Automatic doors are a plus.

If you have children, this is the vehicle to have. When I first made the decision, it was a decision that I knew would be for the family. The kids were so excited because of how much room they had. I was more excited because I could press a button and the doors will automatically close and shut. That makes unloading groceries so much easier. I can be unloading groceries while their getting in the vehicle. While I am talking about loading and unloading things, the stow and go compartment is also very convenient. The extra storage definitely comes in hand. There is so much storage and enough for others to ride with me as well. The vehicle also drives really smooth. It also has that extra boost of power, so I don't have to mash the gas to give it a running start. It is a very good vehicle to have.

- Janice C

In love with my van. Stow and go is the most valuable to me.

Performance- I have not been disappointed with the performance at all. Whatever I need from this van, it gives me and does not disappoint. . Reliability- extremely reliable. I never have to worry about car troubles. Problems- when I first got it, there were a few issues with the automatic doors sometimes not working. Had the battery checked, and it seemed to fix it right up. Never had a problem with it since. . Comfort- comfortable seats, comfortable ride, perfect for long drives which we do a lot of. . Features- the DVD player is a huge bonus since we have four kids. My favorite feature, though, is the stow and go. I love that I can easily move seats if I need to carry something large home, or I can utilize those compartments for storage on long trips.

- Anna P

Dodge grand caravan is a space saving and economical van with stow away seats.

My Dodge caravan 2013 is really a great vehicle! It has vents that the ac can be controlled on both sides so that driver and passenger can be comfortable even if they like different temperatures! The drivers side pedals can be moved up and down by a button for comfort! The passenger doors are electric with a push of a button they open and close! The back door also is electric remote open and close and the seats can go down under into the vehicle for easier storage to give more room to carry things! When moving things or just needing more space, can even have enough room to sleep in the back! The seats are the correct height for my 87 year old mother to get up and sit! It also gets good gas mileage!

- Penny K

Features of my 2013 dodge grand caravan.

So far I have had no problems with my vehicle except for one. The low tire pressure light comes on when it is cold outside even if the tire pressures are normal. This is not a big deal, it is just a nuisance. It has plenty of power and the six speed transmission is pretty smooth. After a few hours of driving the seat gets a little uncomfortable but it is bearable. It has a back-up camera, and overhead video with cordless headphones, and hands-free telephone. It has the stow-&-go feature that allows you to fold some or all of the seats down to increase the storage space. You do not have to take the seats out. This is a big plus. And the seats are easy to fold down.

- Tony H

Dodge grand caravan. Safety and comfort in one.

We traded our old minivan with 150, 000 miles that still ran beautifully from repeat trips to Nashville, tn. The one time it "broke down" was nothing more than our needing a new battery. Our new one purchased in 2013 has performed even better. These vehicles are worth their weight. They have kept our family safe in the worst of conditions. Flooding waters, outrunning tornado strength winds in tn. And plowed through deep snow and handled beautifully on icy streets in Pennsylvania during some of the worst blizzards burying the towns. They are a reliable vehicle and would recommend them as a safe comfortable ride for a family to rely on.

- Margaret C

The best vehicle for families. It is practical and comfortable.

Gets around 22mpg. It is easy to drive, turns on a dime. Is the best vehicle for small children. Has automatic doors that open with a click of button. Best feature is the 2nd and 3rd seats are able to completely fold down in the floor storage area (stow and go seating). It is comfortable and roomy for several people. With the stow and go seating you can change up the seating. I have 3 kids and like to “stow” one of the captain chairs in the 2nd row so that is there’s a big open area. That way all 3 kids can easily climb in and out and it is also gives more room for backpacks and such during the school year.

- Megan M

The best van for the money with fold down into the floor seats.

What I like best is that the seats fold down into the floor and I can load up a lot of luggage, coolers, cats and dogs in carriers. That is what I bought it for. When I have people riding with me I can just pull the seats up and it seats 5 adults, not counting me, the driver. What I do not like is that the headlights do not come on and off automatically. I had a much older van and a truck that did that! I wish it had a back up camera, but guess I'll have to get a newer model for that. The van is very comfortable with the captains chairs and fold down arms and about a dozen drink holders.

- Dawn S

The safety features in this van are great!

I like this vehicle very much. The features are nice and the look is sleek. The safety features are exactly what my family needs. There is plenty of room for luggage or groceries in the back and plenty of legroom in the seating areas. I love the storage under the floor in the mid-section. My only issue has been an emissions code that makes my check engine light come on. It will do great for a while and then come back on. It has been expensive tracking down the problem. Other than this one thing (and it has not seemed to have any effect on the performance), I love this van!

- Mary L

It's a powerful, attractive minivan that is a better value and is more comfortable than a crossover that's the same size.

So far I haven't had any problems with the vehicle. I really like the style and versatility. I don't know why people don't like minivans - mine basically looks like a SUV/crossover with sliding doors instead of hinged doors and the sliding doors are much more practical. It's a big vehicle, but doesn't feel big when driving it. The engine has more than enough power to keep up with and pass traffic. The stow-n-go seating is awesome. Only things I wish I have would be Apple carplay and a heated steering wheel. Maybe a power driver's seat too.

- Daniel M

I have always had minivans and this is the first terrible problem.

Heat and air controls are a real problem. Several electric issues that are a real pain. I have read several online reviews and they all say the same thing for Dodge and Chrysler products they say the same thing constantly that they all have the same issues. I also heard that several people continue to fix this issue and then out of nowhere guess what it happens again and there is no fix it continuously happens and once again they are back in the same issue also when reading reviews Chrysler says that it is not a recall.

- Lisa W

It is a great van for daily driving and for trips.

I love the comfort of the seats and room to pack and take a long trip. It gets great gas mileage and has had few mechanical issues. I do not like that the A/C has problems and I have had it in a few times to be fixed and apparently Dodge cannot fix it, they just act like it. I also do not care for the black interior but, it's all our Dodge sells. I have driven Dodges for almost 20 years and am sorry to know they will stop making them. Just fix the problems and make it a better van.

- Suzette T

I would not recommend this vehicle.

Bluetooth is reliable and easy to set up. There are no air conditioning vents in the back seat, which makes riding in the back dreadful on hot spring and summer days in Texas. There is not a lot of room in between the front seats and the middle row seats, so if you have a long legged passenger riding in the front the passenger in the left middle row seat will be very cramped. The back hatch is very heavy and can be difficult to close for anyone under the height of 5 feet 7 inches.

- Hilary F

Vehicle of choice. We absolutely love this car. It is our luxury vehicle.

We love our Dodge caravan and would purchase this make and model again if needed. It is a large utility vehicle that is spacious, dependable I am classy. For the exception of regular maintenance, this vehicle has never been in the shop for any sort of repair. Although we have no children residing with this now, our caravan is always the first vehicle of choice when gathering as a family and going to the beach or any other type of celebration. We absolutely love our Dodge caravan!

- Beth P

Drive a Grand Caravan you will love it.

I bought my van new in 2013. It has been by far the most dependable vehicle I have ever owned, it is fun, easy to handle and park. The roominess of the interior is wonderful. You can fit 7 passengers or fold down the seats and just about carry any kind of merchandise in this vehicle. It performs well, gas mileage is reasonable, very little maintenance has been required on this vehicle. The only feature you need to make sure and buy is the rear ac, it is needed during summer.

- Terry A

Reliable, safe, comfortable. Love the seats go into the floor.

I love this van! I bought this van used, almost two years ago, and have had absolutely no problems! It drives great, very sturdy, always feels safe. It gets good gas mileage even in the city. Have had this van in different terrain, felt very safe, in mountain hills and curves without a worry. The seats are comfortable for long road trips. The power doors are very convenient, and appreciated. The entertainment center, is amazing! The backup camera, is very helpful.

- Lor R

Like it, but don't love it.

I love a minivan. I am a minivan Mamma. The one we have is 5 years old and almost 100,000 miles on it. We have had transmission problems and alternator problems a couple times and needed a tow a few times because of those problems. The sliding door acts up sometimes and just doesn't want to close. And the power driver seat just stopped working a few months ago. If I could afford it, I would get a new minivan, but not sure I would get another Dodge, though.

- Melanie G

This minivan is perfect for a family. It is especially nice for dropping the kids off at school with the automatic doors.

My vehicle is perfect for my current stage in life. I love the stow and go seating that makes it easy to convert to more space or more seating, depending on what I need. I like the stow and go compartments for when we travel and need to use every available bit of space. We have had problems with the transmission and I look forward to the days when I do not need to make a kid friendly vehicle my first priority. But for now it meets all my needs.

- Tess W

I never thought I'd drive a minivan now I won't be without one

I really love this vehicle. I always drove a VAN never a minivan. I never wanted a minivan. But vans weren't available so I got this and it's great. The stow and go seating is amazing. Sound system is good. We did have a few issues. After a recall was repaired the AC didn't work. When they fixed that the turn signals and windshield wipers both went out. I had to take it in three times to get those fixed they were doing the codes wrong.

- Lisa B

Comfortable seating for 7 is great for long trips!

I like that the middle set of seats fold down into the vehicle to create more storage. I enjoy the controls on the steering wheel that include the radio, reset button for the trip mileage option, and the cruise control. I like the key fob that opens the doors and the hatch and locks and unlocks the van. I don't like that the doors will sometimes start to open but shuts itself again or will refuse to close when prompted to do so.

- Tara B

Vans are good for all age groups to have or ride in.

I like my van because the seats hide into the bottom of the van so I do not have to carry heavy seats out. There is a lot of room when the seats stow away to help us and family and friends move. Also the height helps my 87 year old mom get in and out easily! I love the doors being automatic opening and closing and the back in case of not being able to open and close the doors with your hands full of stuff.

- Penny K

2013 Dodge grand caravan roomy van.

Air conditioner broke at 40, 000 miles. Sliding door cable broke at 30. 000 miles. It rides smoothly and quietly. Lots of room. Ton of cup holders. Stow and go seats very convenient. Plenty of room between rows. Two sliding doors makes it easy getting everyone in and out. Good gas mileage for a van. Trunk space behind third row. I find the 2013 Dodge grand caravan is a great van for a low price.

- Ashley C

My favorite feature is the automatic doors, which makes loading kiddos a breeze!

I love the automatic sliding doors on my van, it helps so much with loading kids, groceries, etc. I also love the store and go seating, it makes transporting large items so much easier and it also gives me room for an emergency kit under the seats when the seats are up. We also have a TV which helps with my son on longer trips. The seats are very comfy and there is plenty of room for everyone!

- Libby A

Reliable and flexible use; good for a family with several kids

So far our car has seemed very reliable. We haven't had any mechanical issues with it. I do love the stow-and-go seating. I do wish there were the option for three in the middle row and that those seats could be moved to create an aisle on the end instead of in the middle (so kids in the back don't have to crawl over infant car seats.) The gas mileage seem to be pretty good too.

- Nicole L

This is a Great family vehicle.

I had my dodge grand caravan for around 3 yrs now and never had any issues out of it. Within the last few months the check engine light is on and got it checked and the oxygen sensor is out. Haven't got it fixed yet and is still going just running a tad ruff sometimes. There been a few times I've died but always starts back up. Other than this tiny issue I've had no prob.

- LaDonna P

Great value that fits my needs.

I like the cargo capacity seat configuration and how quiet and easily it drives. It's a very comfortable vehicle. I also use my minivan to drive for uber and lyft. I like the value of my minivan and the fuel economy for a larger vehicle. I wish I could find two swiveling captain's seats to replace the middle bench or that the middle bench opened out flat into a bed.

- Angela G

The gas mileage is not great.

My main complaint about the Dodge grand caravan is the trunk space. The trunk is not as big as I had hoped but there is a good bit of storage under the folding captains chairs. The chairs are a little difficult to get in and out but it is very handy to be able to fold them into the floor. Otherwise it is a very reliable vehicle and we are very happy with it.

- Rebecca K

Buy the Honda Odyssey instead! Better craftsmanship, gains speed a lot faster, less mechanical issues

I love how roomy & spacious it is, very comfortable, especially for my kids in the back. Having the option to fold the seats under the floor is very convenient! Otherwise the car is a hunk of junk. Dim headlights, cheaply made interior materials. Tiny brake pads, blown alternator prior to 80k miles, it's a lemon, rear vent window switches caught on fire.

- Mallory R

Dodge Grand Caravan is a versatile vehicle for managing a families varied needs.

The Grand Caravan has been a reliable mode of transportation for our family. I faithfully change the oil and maintain it to make sure it is able to go the distance. There have been no major mechanical failures, relatively good gas mileage and a pretty good stereo system, also. All in all, it is a good option for transportation and hauling small loads.

- Lance L

I think that the most important thing about my van versus other vans is that the Stow and go is AMAZING!

I love having a minivan as it makes toting my two active daughters around to school, dance, and soccer much easier. The stow and go is a big lifesaver as we can put all their sports gear in there and have it out of the way until it is needed. I also appreciate the gas mileage considering the size of the vehicle considering we do a lot of traveling.

- Shannon G

The stop and go capability and the good gas mileage are a huge plus for us.

One of my favorite things about our Dodge Grand Caravan is the stop and go capability it is. We travel a lot and with a lot of children, being able to store things under the seats really helps! It also gets pretty good gas mileage. It is very comfortable to drive and ride in for long trips. It also has a DVD player to keep the kids occupied.

- Katey B

The best vehicle I have ever had.

I love how it has easy access for people with full hands. Plus the safety features for the doors. If it feels resistance from closing it will automatically open back up. The back up camera has been a favorite of mine. I can see the neighborhood kids if they are behind me. I recommend this van to any family looking for a family safe vehicle.

- Kelly C

The Dodge grand caravan is a total work-horse.

Overall the car is incredibly reliable. Just in the past 5 years we've put nearly 200, 000 miles on it and it still runs pretty great. It is never had any significant issues needing repair, and it is overall a pretty comfortable car. While not necessarily luxurious or expensive, as an affordable mid-range minivan it does a great job.

- John S

I love my van! I have had no major problems with it and it is roomy.

I love all of the room in this van. I travel with my grandson and his service dog, who is a mastiff. We need a lot of room for us and all of our things when we travel. This van gives us just enough room. I do not have any complaints so far about this vehicle, because any problems have been small ones that were easy and cheap to fix.

- Jamie K

Don't buy a base model if you have children. It's a family vehicle but not made for families. Little to no space to place whatever you purchase as stores, even groceries.

I hate this van more than anything. It's a base model and not meant to be a family vehicle. There are no vents in the passenger areas so there is no way to get air, cold or hot, to the back seat passengers. The one sliding door has been busted since purchased and was never properly fixed by dealership as they found nothing wrong.

- Amy O

The vehicle is very comfortable, easy to drive and the storage is amazing.

I absolutely love the storage available in the vehicle. The gas mileage is very fair. The back windows opening is convenient. I don't like that the vehicle must be in park to open the doors. I wish that there were more charging ports (cigarette lighters/usb hubs) in the back of the vehicle for the passengers to utilize.

- alicia q

The van is great for a family of 7.

The van drives great with no issues at all. The storage is also great. The bad thing is if you have people in your vehicle with long legs they will not have a lot of room. I love that it comes with a CD player and three outlets for Chargers. It also has buttons to open up the two side passengers doors and the trunk.

- Lauren S

Dodge Grand Caravan Se model

I bought this vehicle because I am a musician and I needed a van that the seats all fold down.it was sitting on the lot for a while and when I purchased it it already a one recall on it and it had two more recalls after that. Not really happy with it, but it seems to be running fine so I will keep it for a while.


It is comfortable and easy to drive in all types of weather conditions.

I like the fact that the Dodge products are one of the few makes that still has a battery activated DC port. My Caravan passenger seat leans far enough back to where I can almost use it as an inversion bed. The stow and go middle seats are an imperative for me. I don't like the Center bench seat options.

- Sheldon S

The stow-n-go seats are by far my favorite feature. Tons of storage.

Reliable vehicle for a big family. I have the stow and go seats that fold down when not in use. I love the features and comfort this vehicle offers. It fits my family without the hassle. Drives smooth and isn't hard to operate. Has room for so many things, especially groceries, which my family of 6 needs.

- Shannon W

Family van and have lot a room to move things around.

My does not have automatic door opener. It is good family van it eat more gas it has lot a room you can put lot a stuff to move or if you buy to transportation you can easily fit 7 people including driver it is reliable van and especially people who have a big family or planning to it is ideal for that.

- Bill C

Recommended family transportation

good gas mileage, comfortable ride, room for tall passengers which we are a tall and big family. Easy to fold seats down to make room to transport large items. Only complaint is we have had problems with the transmission since we're have owned it, other than that it has been a very good vehicle.

- Jeffrey M

Like the thickness of the steering wheel,

I like the performance on the car, it is very dependable, the seats can be a lot more comfortable. They are making them to slim, need to have more cushion on the front seats, the technology is hard for me to understand, but I like it. And gas miles on vans could do more the 22 miles per gallon.

- Alfred C

Great family vehicle, reliable.

Car has no major problems. Stow and go seats are a bit difficult to manage, but doable. If the coolant is running low, the heater will not work. There are not many blind spots, the motorized doors and gate are life savers! Using the latch system for a car seat is a little difficult.

- Katie M

Minnie the van is the best family purchase!

The stow and go feature is a plus! I love the versatility of a minivan as opposed to an SUV. I love the four doors so that kids don't have to climb over seats. My biggest disappointment is there is no built in Bluetooth, you have to pay a monthly fee for that service, so disappointing.

- Marie F

All the room you could need!

Lots of room! I love the fact that the seats fold down into the floor. You do not have to take any seats in and out anymore. You can increase the number of passengers in a minute just by pulling a seat up from the floor. Lots of room for the dog by folding seats down into the floor!

- Susan K

Very versatile with plenty of room.

Plenty of room. Dependable. Very versatile. Great gas mileage. Wish I had a backup camera. Love the tan color. Not happy with the black interior color but cloth fabric is great. Love the cooling system. No hot or cold spots. Volume from the radio is too much if you sit in the rear.

- Jeanette E

I love my Dodge grand caravan.

I love my car it drives smoothly and is very comfortable. It is good on gas and therefore is good for long trips. I enjoy driving the car. The stereo system is awesome. It has the right amount of everything. The extra compartments and storage space in the car are very convenient.

- Kayla B

It can fit 5 child car seats with 3 diono brand seats in the back!

I love that it has ample amount of space and it is great at temperature regulating. The van cools off and warms up very quickly. My favorite thing is the stow and go seating. The only thing I dislike is that it has black interior carpet and with kids it's very messy all the time.

- Ashley P

The Dodge Grand Caravan is a solid, well performing vehicle with ample storage and comfort.

U have had my Dodge Grand Caravan for 4 years and absolutely love it. I love the stow and go storage. I like that we can flip one seat down and my kids have a lot of room. I have had no problems with it so far. The only thing I would change is I wish it had a back up camera.

- Courtney F

Great family vehicle, lots of uses for it.

Very nice, comfortable and economical. We get around 23mpg it still looks to be in showroom condition. We will be looking to buy the same vehicle again when we are ready to replace it. Other than replacing the tires there has not been many mechanical problems with this vehicle.

- Steven Y

Very comfortable driving especially long distances.

Very comfortable for long road trips. I like being up higher in the driver's seat. I love that there are sliding doors on both sides. Dislikes: wished I had gotten the 'stow & go', wished the windows went down in the sliding doors (newer models have that). Maybe next vehicle.

- judi g

Not your mom's minivan!!

I love the vehicle over all. The stow & go is marvelous! I like the features that are provided & the roominess of the van. The heater does not always work correctly on the driver's side. I do not like the brakes - they are mushy & hesitant. The automatic side doors are a must.

- Lee G

I think it's very cool that I can't put the seats down all the way in to the bottom floor.

I love my stowaway seats I can put the seats down and fit everything I want in the Van or I can have the seats up and carry 6 passengers including plus me. It's great on gas mileage to I'm getting 23 miles per gallon on the highway and 19 miles per gallon on the city roads.

- Deborah S

Modify the seats to be arranged how you would like.

Stow n go seats. Great room and no fancy electronics that will break. We love the eco drive feature that allows for us to save on gas by increasing our mpg. Keyless entry helps a lot with unlocking and locking the doors to keep things safe. Lots of storage for a family of 5.

- Ben F

Awesome buy, no regrets. Would recommend to all.

We love it but wish we had known you can't put 3 car seats in the back row. In the back row there is also only one latch and it takes up 2 seats. It shifts hard, bit but that seems to be a Dodge thing. No rust. Its a few years old now and no rust. In WI, that is a big deal.

- Mara S

It gets the worse gas mileage of any van. I have had several others and all were better than this one.

I really like the way it drives and the amount of room inside. Also, the way the seats fold into the floor for extra space is a big plus. I do not like the lousy gas mileage and that the nose of the car is just way too long. It is hard to see and feel where the car ends.

- Rhea C

Good storage/transport area with great seating capacity.

No problems. Reliable vehicle. No major repairs in 55,000 miles. It is a reliable care with a great deal of storage transport area. It gets decent gas mileage for a minivan. I can stow seats for additional storage space, but it can transport 7 people with all the seats up.

- Tim E

The Store n go seating is wonderful for families like us!

Recently purchased this vehicle and I love it. True meaning of soccer mom. I have 3 kids and I cannot live without the store-n-go seating. We put one seat down always so I have easy access to buckle my children in. This is the 3rd dodge caravan I've owned and I love them!

- Jessica W

Great size! Eight seats! Spacious back for grocery outing, game or road trip!

My gold dodge grand caravan is reliable and is great for the purpose I use it for. It has great space in the back two rows, three seats on both rows. The first row is a little too close to the front seats when the child car seats are in though. Mileage is great as well.

- Alex B

Decent basic model minivan, love the room and seating arrangement!

Nice mini-van, we have the base model, so not too many bells or whistles to break. Drives well. Only issue I've encountered is it has cut off on me three times (once at a stop sign and 2 other times while driving around a corner at a slow rate of speed, thank goodness).

- Jennifer F

The ease of folding down the seats into the floor in the back rows.

Love my minivan for the ease of getting the kids in car seats with no doors in the way. Love the remotes for door opening and closing and the middle console in the front with compartments. Only complaint is that there are not latches in the back row for two car seats.

- Jessica M

Great van for anyone on a budget.

My grand caravan drives smoothly and the inside is really quite. My van gets great gas mileage for a van. Plenty of room and can show the seats away if I need to transport large items. My air conditioner stopped working a 35, 000 miles. Other than the a/c no problems.

- Ashley K

Nice family car for traveling.

I really like the storage in the van. The fold down seats are handy but they are kind of hard to fold down. I do wish my model had the built in DVD player for long trips. I wish the trunk was bigger but it is very deep. I also wish I had sprung for the leather seats.

- Rebecca K

Lots of room and awesome color!!

Uncomfortable. I had a different Dodge caravan that I loved but it was totaled. Lots of room in the one I now have but I just miss my last one I had. The color is awesome being metallic blue but the driver's seat is so uncomfortable no matter how I keep adjusting it.

- A A

No major complaints or concerns.

We really haven't any problems with the van just routine maintenance on the vehicle. It is been through two Disney trips and one to Utah. Very durable vehicle. The only complaint is that it is sensitive when the tire pressure is a bit low it is goes off constantly.

- Ed H

This van is a great vehicle.

This vehicle handles really well. There is plenty of storage space and room for a family. I am disappointed that there is not individual cargo lights in the back but I can live without it. I love the automatic doors and remote cranking. Overall, I love this van!

- Mary L

Great, reliable van at a good price!

Love this van, great mileage. Drives like a dream, have drove in various terrains and have felt completely safe. Many long road trips, the separate heating and air conditioning, is a life saver! The entertainment package is wonderful! Seats are very comfortable.

- Lor S

The Grand Caravan Crew, It's the Grandest of the vans.

I love the fact that I can put my seats in the floor when I don't need to use them. There is plenty of room for putting things in it. I don't like the fact that I have to pay for the navigation update. it should be free for life. I love the built in dvd player.

- Lisa T

Functional and family friendly.

I have found that the van rusts quickly and it is not always the smoothest ride. I am at 95000 miles and now it is starting to nickel and dime me. I do like all the storage room and the stow and go seating. There is always plenty of room. It has a good radio.

- Peter K

2013 dodge grand caravan - great for families.

The minivan had to have a new transmission put in a lot sooner than expected. Other than that, it is a great car for large families. It would be nice if it had a middle seat in the middle row of seats. I like all the storage options and the fold-down seats.

- Ashley Y

My favorite features of the Dodge caravan.

The reliability is very good. The fold down seats in the middle and back are very nice and helpful. The best feature of the van is the temperature control. Each section of the van and each person has the ability to change the temperature to what they like.

- Anna B

It's a great family car, very functional, easy to use.

I love that it has sliding doors. I don't have to worry about my kids banging the door into other cars in parking lots. I like the automatic lift gate. It makes loading and unloading the trunk much easier. I like the DVD player it keeps the kids occupied.

- Corine B

That is gets over 40 miles per gallon & never costs more than $20 to fill.

I love that it is so versatile. I can use it from hauling groceries to folding down all the seats and use it like a pickup. I dislike that the base model does not come with air vents for the back passengers. I had to supplement with a car fan in the back.

- Grace M

Great car for families and anyone with things to carry from one point to another

I love my van. The seats are easy to fold down, the controls are easy to use and quick to learn. We've replaced the battery and tires. The rear air conditioning thing needed replaced, but since we had the warranty, it didn't cost anything but the deposit.

- Marylee B

Se grand caravan benefits.

My white grand caravan is amazing. I love the fact it is spacious inside. More room is better. Lasts good on gas. Performance is very intriguing, smooth on rough roads. Seats are very comfortable. Knowing there is enough space for everyone is relieving.

- Skye M

Roomy and is priced right.

Very roomy, love the tow and go seating because if I have to load something while I am out I can still manage to fit it even with 3 car seats. Drives nice. Hard shifts sometimes, mostly at low speeds after slowing down. Great value at it is price point.

- Dallas H

For a minivan, my Dodge Grand Caravan has an amazing sound system.

The car is very reliable and comfortable. It has a lot of room and the far back seats are easily moved down to extend the back which makes moving a lot easier. Repairs can get quite costly, though, especially for small things like the air conditioning.

- Emily J

Love the way it drives and rides great.

I am very satisfied with my van. I have the stow n go seats so it comes in handy hiding gifts in the compartment where the 2nd row seats would lay down in. Right under the kids feet. I love everything about my van. It drives great and rides great too.

- Tammy A

Good family vehicle with good gas mileage.

We love the space that the vehicle offers. We did have to replace the transmission recently. It does pretty well on gas even though it is a van. Don't really have any complaints. It has air vents in the middle and back seats which is also great.

- Chasity W

Besides the pacifica there is no other match for moms that need a minivan.

I love the available space that a caravan has. My 5 children fit comfortably inside it daily. I am not fond of the problems that it has had since I have purchased it. The engine, oil components and air conditioning system has needed repairs.

- Nicole D

She has all the power you need for the long haul.

I like that the Grand Caravan has a lot of power. It picks up quick and goes when I need it to. I like the responsive steering. A little motion goes a long way with this van. I like the Stow-n-Go seating for when we need more cargo space.

- Michael R

It is a very reliable car and the seating room is the best for a big family.

I like my van due to the gas mileage is great for a bigger vehicle. I love the fact that it fits my whole family. The one down fall to my van is that the stereo don't work due to having to break-in to it cause my dog locked us out.

- Wesley P

Dodge caravan great for our family.

Overall we really like our caravan. We did have to recently repair our air conditioning system which was rather time intensive job that was expensive to fix. It is a great size for our family of 6 and we love the stow & go options.

- Erin H

The 2013 grand caravan has fold-n-go seats that fold into the floor of the van.

I have not had any problems at all. The fold-away seats have been wonderful! I have used this vehicle to move twice, and it has been very handy for family trips. I believe my favorite feature of this vehicle is the fold-n-go seats.

- Jamie A

It is good value for the cost - it runs well and has a lot of storage.

I love it. It gets good gas mileage. It has room for my children and my disabled brother plus groceries. It has enough room for me to separate my children when they are not getting along. It has plenty of storage under the seats

- keturah l

It is roomy and has stow and go storage. This is very convenient

I like that I have room to have several of my kids friends with us. I also like that it sits higher from the ground than a car. I don't like that it sometimes is harder to see out side windows on the freeway when changing lanes

- Amy L

It is a great family vehicle, especially with young children.

Our Dodge Grand Caravan seats 7 people fairly comfortably. It has a DVD player for our kids who really enjoy watching movies on long road trips. It has been a very reliable vehicle for us over the last three years of owning it.

- Sherry P

spacious and roomy. The van gives us room to transports 5 of our friends when we need to.

The vehicle has a comfortable ride and plenty of room for 7 people. It gets reasonable gas mileage for a vehicle of its size. I love how the middle and back seats fold down, giving me lots of cargo room when I need it.

- Robert N

I think it's a great vehicle for the cost.

I love the space and how well it drives/rides. I dislike the fact that I have had trouble with the rear a/c units ever since I have owned the van. I have had to take it back every summer and have something fixed on it.

- Barbara K

The sto and go is awesome

What I like about this vehicle is that it's pretty much maintenance free. The only thing that I have to do on a regular basis is change the oil. The sto and go option is great. It also has plenty of room for those long

- Anthony D

Our basic model has the same stylish look as the expensive one without the crazy price tag! Thanks Dodge for making vans for every price range!

We absolutely love our van! The size is perfect for us, it is very reliable and has never let us down! We wish it had a few more features such as tinted windows and a DVD player, but for the price we were satisfied!

- Becky S

Lots of space to haul stuff.

Love the stowed and go seating, lots of cup holders, built in window screens. I wish that the middle row seating could be moved forward or backwards to allow for room for individuals to get to the third row easier.

- Jessica T

The most important thing to know is that it is roomy and spacious.

I love that my vehicle is big enough to move big objects as well as my family. My favorite feature is the stow and go seating. The only thing I don't like is it is not up to date with all the newest features.

- melissa k

It carries a great deal-people, items, whatever; in comfort and safety.

Have had very little problems. Great on comfort and reliability. We take care to maintain our vehicles and they last; this has been no exception. Our most expensive maintenance issue was the tire replacement.

- Katherine D

Deep seat recline is bad. No ac no heat!

I hate it because it has no heat or AC in the second and third row. No windows in back. The seats have a deep recline that carseats make it unsafe. Also, third row middle seat has a off center seat belt.

- Natalie R

It is roomy and comfortable, and gets about 30 mpg when on the freeway but substantially less in town.

I like how roomy it is, and that the seats can store to be able to move things. Or you can store things in the store in go while the seats are up. I don't like that it has large blind spots when driving.

- Deniece M

It is not super stylish but it is the most practical vehicle I have driven.

My vehicle is great. I love how much room it has. It drives and handles like a car, but it has the head space and room of a large SUV. Anyone with a busy life and children should own a Dodge grand caravan.

- Joseph J

It's clean and I make sure to take care of it so it lasts a long time.

I like that it has a dvd player in it for the kids to watch movies. it drives great. the only thing I would change is the ability to get better gas mileage out of it as it really doesn't get great mileage.

- morgan B

It is a very safe and reliable vehicle. It is roomy and very comfortable.

I love my van because it's big enough for my whole family. There are 4 humans and 2 furry friends.What I don't like at the moment, is that a "flapper" went out, so at the moment I have no air conditioner.

- Michelle C

Dependable and Reliable Vehicle

This has been a great vehicle. This is my third vehicle of this model. If I had to buy another vehicle today, this would be my first choice. Have not experienced any problems. Great mileage and dependable

- Mary D

its reliable, good on gas and fits 7 passengers comfortably with room for plenty of cargo too. AC is ice cold and has a backup camera and safety features, nice design

3 rows for all my kids, seats in back all go into flow for a flat storage area. ac is great, back up camera. with all 7 passengers there is still plenty of cargo room for stroller/groceries. drives great!

- teresa b

Great family of 5 vehicle.

Love the stow and go, very easy to use. Good gas mileage. It holds a lot in the trunk. Entertainment feature is great. Seats are comfortable. I think it should come with the connect feature installed.

- Kristine W

It's great for a family with multiple children.

I love the stow and go storage. I love the ease of opening up doors from the remote because it makes loading kids up a lot easier. I don't like that the backseat is so tiny with little to no leg room.

- Lauren P

Dodge Grand Caravan - nice but fix the problem

There is currently a problem with the fuel pump. Dodge drivers report it, but it is not yet a recall for Dodge. This is frustrating when service people recognize the issue, but Dodge does not care.

- Rhonda C

This car is really spacious and great for carrying a family or stuff.

The Grand Caravan is great in terms of its roominess and cargo space. I have moved so much furniture with it that it almost acts like a pickup truck, plus it accommodates my family of six easily.

- Jenny S

It is very spacious and convenient for those with children.

Love the room and ability to fit my whole family. Love the automatic doors and ability to open them with my keys. Only complaint is that even after multiple alignments it still pulls to the left.

- Amanda P

It's a good family vehicle that can carry a lot of stuff.

I love how it fits my family. I hate that the check engine light stays on but there is nothing wrong with the engine. the dealership tells me to just ignore it, they can't get it to stay off.

- Lisa P

Great ride for the entire family at a great price!

I love all the space and storage! Everything easily folds down and stores out of the way for when you have to move large items! It rides smooth and comfortable. Surprisingly great on gas too!

- Jessica K

The thing I would like others to know about the van is the stow and go option.

I like that it gets good gas mileage, for a van anyway. I wish it had a better heating/cooling system for the middle and back seats. I also like having the collapsing seats with stow and go.

- Michelle C

I have a safe feeling while driving.

Very reliable and durable. Very kid friendly. Love the stow and go feature. The only thing that would make it better is if the front and middle row passenger seats could rotate 180 degrees.

- Irene M

This van gets you and your crew from point A to point B.

It's a functional vehicle. It gets me where I need to and transports my children. But, there really aren't many frills or exceptional things about the van. It's just your basic vehicle.

- Amy R

It's cheaply made but it is very functional and will get the job done.

I love my minivan. It does exactly what i need it to do to transport my kiddos. I love the storage space, but I don't like that it is very basic and doesn't have many creature comforts.

- Kimberley L

It is the perfect family car.

I like that I can fit my whole family in it. I like that it can fit all of my groceries in it with little trouble. I do not like how sensitive it is if my air pressure is a little low.

- Edwin H

The vehicle seems to have a good engine which seems to be solid. The transmission is another story.

The vehicle can easily take my family places. The transmission does not seem to be very stable and the vehicle as a whole seems to be fragile. It was not my first choice of a vehicle.

- Aaron U

It's great for traveling to and from hockey tournaments.

I like the way it drives. I have had problems with it and have had to bring it into the shop a few times, but luckily most of it was covered under warranty. Love the stow and go seats.

- Nancy C

Complete stow away seats for second and third row.

Comfort is amazing and I love the convenience of it. The sliding doors and complete step away seats have been amazing. I also love how the two seats in the middle are captains chairs.

- Michelle P

it is comfortable to drive, handles well in all types of weather

I dislike that I cannot Bluetooth my phone. I like how many people that I can transport from place to place. I like the back up camera I would like running boards on the vehicle

- Marycatherrrine R

Speedometer goes to 160 mph.

I like how it drives and easy to get groceries in and out. Easy to get the grand children in and out. Also when we travel it is easy to put the seats down and put them back up.

- Paula G

Watch out for the paint and the car rusting early.

I dislike that the paint job on this model stinks and it will rust very easily. I dislike having to spend a lot of money for this car. I am happy to be able to have a car.

- Karin K

It is really comfortable! Stow and go seats make it easy to haul things!

I love my stow and go seats. I love how easy it is to enter and exit. Oil changes are easy. I do not care for the headrests in the rear, they make it hard to see behind me!

- vicki r

It was great until it wasn't. It's comfortable and lots of room and storage, but just worry technology is going to fast for manufacturers to keep up.

It was a great vehicle, with all the entertainment, performance, and comfort. Then just under five years my transmission went out. I don't want another Dodge every again.

- Tanisha B

It's a very good family vehicle and has really good gas mileage.

It drives very smoothly. It's comfortable. It fits my whole family and we can have a couple of extra passengers. I don't like that the dvd player isn't working correctly.

- Katie C

Convenience, safety, storage

It has everything I need as a mom with 3 kids. I love the heated seats, DVD players and automatic doors. Not happy about the transmission going out at only 35,000 miles.

- Shawna M

Sto n Go seats. Non electric doors.

Very basic but has stow and go seats that make storing things great. Also allows you to rearrange seats to accommodate whatever you may be needing to use the van for.

- Ben F

Room, seat, radio, and size this van has so much space I have 5 boys.

Love the drive and the space to the van and. Drives smooth I will tell you to get it if you have a big family it has a lot of room and kids will be happy and also mom.

- Annette A

It's absolutely perfect for a family with young children

I love the room that it has for our family, DVD player for long trips, and backup camera. I wish that all of them were Bluetooth enabled, but it's a minor complaint.

- Angelia B

Fold down seats in second and third row.

I like the ease of moving the second and third row into the floor. This is very helpful when I need to move or transport a larger item. I also like the DVD system.

- Adam L

Reliable and functional minivan.

It is very reliable. It has not ever broken down on me. It is also very easy to drive and to park. The driver's seat has a lot of position adjustments for comfort.

- Amber B

The engine isn't sufficient for the vehicle. It needs to be more powerful to haul more weight.

I don't like the engine. It takes forever to speed up. I also don't care for the interior. I do like the trunk space and how the seats fold down flat for storage.

- Michelle N

It has room for a family of six to fit in

it is big enough for my whole family to go places in. One thing i wish it had that it doesn't is a backup camera. Other than that i am really happy with my van

- claudia D

It has lots of room to transport people and things.

I love the way the seats are so easy to fold down into the floor to make more room for storage. I do not like the road noise. It is not as quiet as I would like.

- Susan d

Although Dodge no longer makes this model of van, it is a good van to own.

I like the CD player. I like all the space that the van gives me. I think that the storage seats should be in different locations in the van (front vs. back).

- Sandra C

Van Love - it is stylish and fits my needs.

I love my Dodge Caravan because it has lots of room for my four sons, more than enough cup holders on each row, it has been dependable and it is also stylish.

- Shan B

It is dependable. It handles well.

We like that it is on a truck frame. It handles very well in the city and on the highway. We also like the stow and go feature. There are really no dislikes.

- Carol K

It is spacious! And with stowaway seats you have the same space as a truck bed with a top.

I like the space. It has so much room so my kids aren't on top of each other. I wish the standard came with a back up camera instead of just back up sensor.

- Melinda R

There is plenty of room for 7 passengers and luggage, although we travel with 5 passengers and a lot of luggage.

It does It's job. I can rely upon that it is going to start, there is room for all of the kids and their stuff and I can pack it up tight for a vacation.

- Kandee S

I like the back up camera, color, and the sliding doors, comfortable seating.

I like the way I sit in the seats and I'm short like the way the pedal cone up to get me closer to the brake and gas pedals. I don't like it is so long.

- Lana k

Room for kids and their stuff

We love our van! It helps me tote my kids to school, piano, soccer, church, vacation, sleepovers, and so much more! They can even bring along a friend!

- Charity P

Drive in lower gears to come off mountains to keep from wearing your brakes out.

It is automatic and straight drive which comes in handy for driving in the mountains. It is very comfortable and has plenty of room for large families.

- Elizabeth R

Great Large-Family Vehicle

Dark Color seems to get hotter in summer and it is hard to cool the vehicle's interior down. We do like the extra storage and enjoy the sliding doors.

- Sarah M

That it is great for families and has a lot of room.

I love the room and the storage. I like the automatic doors. I do not like the placement of the car seat latch and anchor hooks in the very back seat.

- Karen S

Dodge is the safest when you need to to put a lift in for a disabled person

I like the van because it is big and feel safe in it. My van has a ramp because my husband is disabled. The lift makes it easier for us to go places

- Vickie S

2013 Dodge Grand Caravan is awesome!

Needs new tires. Missing a plastic piece on the passenger side door. And could use a new radio. But otherwise is a very reliable vehicle and I love it

- Amanda W

Stow and go is very useful

The main reason that I own it is for the stow and go seating which I love. My main complaint is the gas mileage in town is lower than advertised.

- Harry W

It is safe and reliable. With plenty of room.

I love that there is so much room in my vehicle. What I do not like is I have a base model and there are not any vents in the rear of the vehicle.

- Tracey K

Turn off the green leaf and air conditioning if you have a tricky merging situation.

It's okay. It's spacious and comfortable for my family. It accelerates slowly which is a problem sometimes. Parts and repairs are very expensive.

- Jamie O

This van is great for busy families. There is plenty of cargo space.

I love the sliding doors! No worries about my kids opening the doors and hitting other cars. The van is comfortable and fits our family's needs.

- Maren H

There is so much room in the back that I can move big items such as furniture and yard equipment.

My van is roomy and comfortable and has many great features that I love. The seats all fold down flat so I am able to transport many big items.

- Sue K

Terrible in gas and expensive to upkeep.

Terrible in gas, is flex fuel so it helps keep cost down. Maintenance has to be done in a shop because it is not accessible to a non mechanic.

- Kelli O

That it's been a good car.

I like the room but do not like that it is hard to see when you back up, like the fold down seats and that you can carry lots of things in it.

- Linda R

it's a minivan, so there is most likely people in it.

I like that it has enough room for my kids and grandkids.And that it has enough room to pack up for vacation. Don't like the fuel efficiency.

- Bernice B

It is safe. Its dependable and cheap.

I love my van. It is blue and big enough to feel safe in it. I am a college student and it fits everything I need, backpacks and books, etc.

- Sabrina H

The van is very comfortable to take a trip in. Roomy.

I like my van because you sit up high and there is plenty of room for 7 people. The van is not good on gas an I wish it had leather seating.

- Sally J

It's a perfect family vehicle with great storage for traveling.

It's roomy with lots of neat storage places. Perfect for my family with four small kids. I wish I had opted for automated sliding doors.

- Hevyn D

Best van we owned out of 3.

It has a smell of antifreeze depending on weather and it can shift hard. It is easy upgradable without a professional doing all the work.

- Tamara S

It's great for kids and hauling them around. I love to travel in it.

It's a used car and has some issues with it we were not aware of when we bought it. I would like to have a newer car with less issues.

- Shanda T

It uses more gas than you think it would but it can use flex fuel so that is good.

It is very comfortable and easy to drive. It is great for taking kids places. The seats that completely fold down are very convenient.

- Nicole C

Great family car - lots of room and storage.

I like the 3 rows of seats. I love that the second and third rows fold into the floor - should we need to move big items. No dislikes.

- Brei S

Back door opens with my foot

It runs smoothly and is not bad on gas for a big car. Seats are good for my back. The seats go down very easy for carrying bulk items.

- Kimberly B

It's a comfortable drive. I don't like that to get to the spare tire I have to disassemble the center counsel. I have problem with my heat being hot at times and I also had to have my AC completely repaired which was $900.

It's a great family vehicle. The rear space is the most important feature because of the entourage of stuff we have for our daughter.

- Ashley S

It fits our family of 4 well. The size lets us pack up our family and whatever we need to go on vacations.

It is a reliable car and hasn't broken down and has 1 year left to pay off. It has taken us on many trips and fits our family well.

- David O

It is very spacious and great for family and traveling.

I like the automatic door, built in window shades, stow and go seats and all the space. I dislike nothing. It is been a great van.

- Nicole K

Stow and go seating is awesome for hauling large items.

I like the automatic doors and the stow and go seating. I've has some problems with the brakes but otherwise I have no complaints.

- Amber B

It has lots of get up and go and the foldaway seats are great.

great so far except for the warning lights keep coming on and changing but I think that is my fault as I altered the front bumper.

- Tom B

It has good gas mileage. We can travel a long distance without needing to fill the tank.

My vehicle has the basic of features. I do like the comfortable seats and the captain chairs. The stow and go is nice for space.

- Julie L

Overall it's a great car but not sure I'd buy it again.

Convenient with having kids but transmission jerks really bad. Love the stow and go and overall has been pretty reliable vehicle.

- Ashley B

Reliable transportation at reasonable price.

Good quality and reliable. It gets good gas mileage and is great for hauling a great deal. Good gas mileage for a large minivan.

- Tim E

Great van to use every day and to travel with.

Reliable, can get up to 26 mpg on the highway, has plenty of room to carry anything with the 2nd and 3rd rows seats folded down.

- Barry M

That it's safe and reliable.

I like the space. I like that the seats can fold down for more storage. I like the way it drives. Wish it had automatic doors.

- Emily W

don't buy it. . . Not worth it.

Engine needed repaired, great in reliability as far as gas, very comfortable a lot of storage, however runs thru tires a lot.

- Renee J

It is a great, reliable, family car.

I love the grand caravan, especially the seats that fold down. I wish it had better gas mileage but overall a dependable car.

- Emily R

It has so much space and great for kids.

The performance is wonderful and very reliable. The only issue we have with it is that we need to get an oil pressure sensor.

- Stephanie K

It is good for families with car seats.

I do not like that it does not go up hill well. I do love the stow and go cargo space. I also love the sliding double doors.

- Alita U

Great family vehicle with plenty of room

Love this vehicle! Plenty of room and it drives very smoothly. The stow and go seats provide extra room and storage space.

- Michelle A

Stow and go seating is my favorite feature. With seats down, we have the same amount of space as the bed of a pick up truck.

It looks sporty. It has plenty of room for my family. It has stow and go seating. It has front/rear heat/cooling controls.

- Tia J

It wears on tires. Key fobs do not last long. Other than that it's a decent vehicle.

My vehicle was wonderful until someone tore the front end up. Then it's been one thing after another to go wrong with it.

- Jeri B

It works well for my family. We have 4 kids and need flexible seating and cargo room. It provides that. The flex fuel is great too.

the check engine light comes on frequently because of a filter on sensor. I like the stow and go and customizable seating

- Sara W

Space and hideaway rear seats are the best!

Very spacious but I fill up on gas once a week. Could be due to needing tune up. 6 windows open. Love the sliding doors.

- Jackie J

I love my Grand Caravan. I was never going to own a minivan but I do and love it. I like that I can haul my kids plus a few others. when we vacation, there is lots of room for bags! One thing that I dislike is that the interior is made with cheap plastic that snaps off easily and breaks! I am having trouble with the locks on my sliding doors. Those are my only complaints-- I love most of it!

It's easy to drive and fun! Lots of room to spare! Great family vehicle! I like being above most other cars on the road!

- Mary C

Minivans are awesome and we were not wanting one but after seeing how well they work for our family we will always have one.

The versatility is great. Room for our family of 5 with our luggage. Cargo room for larger loads and good gas mileage.

- Erin A

It is very Comfortable and has lots of storage space

Too many issues with car running correctly. Love the roominess. Always something wrong concerning the transmission.

- Barbara W

Transmission shifts odd - stays at low rpm and then jumps to high rpm

Like - roominess, flexible seating, stow and go seats, acceleration Dislike - transmission, reliability, resale value

- john k

It can do it all and does not waste too much gas

My vehicle has lots of room to load things carry people and the stow and go is great for additional room plus power

- Sammy S

Nothing except the sensor has a problem.

Nothing is wrong with it I like it just the way it is it could use more technology but other than that it is find.

- Ryan R

Good gas mileage and rides comfortable on vacations.

It is good on vacations. Gets good gas mileage. It has a lot of room. It is very comfortable. It is a stow and go.

- Gwyn K

Good family vehicle for larger family.

I love the stow and go seats. It is the best thing for a family of 5. The van has plenty of room for all our kids.

- Tamara H

Family van. Very spacious. Great amount of storage. Comfortable ride.

Been great but tires wear fast. Have 92k miles motor mounts going out. Very comfortable. Take it on family rides.

- Sione M

It's a great family car. Especially for busy, active families. We can carry 5 kids and all of their hockey bags with no problem.

I love the size. I like the height. I like the room on the inside. I love the ease of getting into the 3rd seat.

- Stephanie F

It is convenient to use for parents with multiple children.

I do not like that it does not have automatic lights. I love the stow and go option and electric opening doors.

- Angie P

It has high mileage already and still is running smoothly!.

Very dependable great vehicle to own! Bought it used and haven't had any major issues with it and runs great!.

- L M

My car is great because of the reliability.

I like that it is roomy and its family van but it is bad on gas you put a lot a stuff you can move in the van.

- Bill C

It has more pick up and go speed than you would think since it is a minivan

I like the hauling capacity. I like the height for visuals. I dislike that it is the stereotypical mom minivan

- Annie B

The amazing grand caravan

My van is extremely comfortable it's performance is amazing. It is always reliable and a great family vehicle

- Samantha N

It is great with very little problem.

The only problem is that it is over 100, 000 thousand miles and the left passenger door get stuck sometimes.

- Ryan R

It has a lot of room and you can switch the seats around.

My van runs just like it did when I drove it off the lot 2yrs ago. Just wish there was vents in back of van.

- Tara G

lots of room, great for families, stow and go is awesome for transporting

doors wont unlock, have had issues with brakes but overall love the space and stow and go, also love the tv

- mandy c

It's a great vehicle for families with lots of needs!

i love the storage. the way it drives is great. i also love the way i can change up the seat configuration.

- Tammy A

it gets me where i need to go.

it hauls everything i need to haul. it carries all the people i need to carry. it gets decent gas mileage.

- debbie A

It has great gas mileage.

I love my Dodge because it is comfortable, has running boards so it is easy to get into and easy to drive.

- Joyce R

There is stow and go seating.

I like the space. The stow and go seating great and somewhat easy to use. The cons is no ac in back area.

- Brenda M

Perfect for a family with 5 kids.

Our van fits all 7 of my family with little luxuries like power slide side doors and power lift tailgate.

- Katherine P

2013 Dodge Grand Caravan with built in ramp.

No problems. Reliable. Comfortable. Built in ramp. Drivers seat can be removed. Air conditioned.

- Denise R

Transmission quirky - goes from low to high rpm.

Good gas mileage for as large a vehicle that it is. Transmission quirky - seldom uses 1800-2500 rpm.

- John E

It's reliable and gets me around town.

I am in a wheelchair. My vehicle gives me the freedom to love my life and come and go as I please.

- Kevin B

A great family car that is sure to please

This car is spacious. I have had a wonderful experience and enjoy driving it. I would buy it again!

- sarah L

Roomy minivan that is perfect for a family even a large one

The space and cargo room can't be beat. I have four kids and can fit them all with room to spare.

- Steve S

It's a minivan. It gets me places. It's dark blue and it has taken some abuse but is still running

It's a minivan so there are problems with it like fuel Economy and its not all terrain

- Tiffany B

It's spacious and has a lot of room.

I love that it is spacious and comfortable. I do not like that it takes a lot of gas.

- Tina C

So much room! Seriously you can store stuff for all family members.

It is very comfortable and has lots of storage room. I also like the safety features.

- Athena S

its spacious and comfortable to go on trips in. I like it.

the size of the van is great. the quality of the van is great. the driving is great.

- Joe H

It doesn't come stuck with the automatic closing doors

I like the color. Has decent gas mileage for its size. Lots of storage. Stow and go

- Brandy C

It is large enough for family and it gets great gas mileage.

Like the size - big enough for family. Love the gas mileage we get. No complaints.

- Sandy w

great on gas. has the eco fuel feature

love the seats. they are stow and go. sp easy to stow away and put up again.

- mary M

The sliding doors are awesome for carline! So easy to get the kids in & out.

I wish it seated 8 instead of 7. Love the DVD player & the sliding doors.

- Andrea O

You can see the highway and cars from far back in line

It is big enough for what I need. holds 7 passengers get good gas mileage

- karen m

It gets good gas mileage for a van. It is comfortable to travel in

I like the size, the stow and go. the way that it drives, and the color

- Roxanne K

I like the remote rear hatch and sliding doors, the stow and go seats. Vehicle does not have automatic headlights

It is versatile for family needs. Will grow with needs as time goes on

- Luc P

fold and go seats and the doors open with a button.

I like the space. I do not like that it is a van. I like the doors.

- miriam H

I love the way my Caravan handles. I love the stow-and-go seating. I love the interior. My biggest complaint is that when I bought it, I assumed that it would have rear heating and air. But it has NO vents in the rear. It is very uncomfortable all summer and all winter

Caravans are great for moving people and all their gear.

- Kristine C

It is a good van. We have a large family and this accommodates the size family we have. I don't like the gas mileage it gets.

It is fairly comfortable to travel in. Seating is nice.

- Katherine A

Decent on gas. Lots of room for passengers. Storage in the back could be better. Isn't the smoothest ride.

Really reliable and lots of room. Pretty good on gas.

- Kim N

STow and go seats. extra row of seats power sliding doors

i like the stow and go. I like the third row of seats.

- Amy n

good on gas It has eco fuel which gives you better gas mileage

love it. love the stow and go eating. good gas mileage

- mary w

It's a minivan. It's what I'm used to driving. Its blue and I've had some minor damage to it but it still runs

Its durable, especially after the damage it has taken

- Larry B

it has plenty of space for storage and stow and go seating

it is roomy but i've had mechanical problems with it

- Tracy F

It's a safe and family friendly vehicle. Great for traveling

I love everything, just wish the air worked better

- Kim C

It is good family vehicle.

I like the space and the ride on the road.

- Jamie G

My dodge grand caravan. Comfort plus.

- Elaine E