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2001 Dodge intrepid meets the test of time.

Mostly reliable though it is 17 years old so age is taking an effect. It has over 200k miles on it so it has been a good car for a long time. It has power steering and brakes, airbags and cruise control. It is a bit of a boat though, it is so long it barely fits in the length of most parking spaces. It has always been a comfortable ride with good legroom. For its size and age, it still gets good gas mileage, 23 city and about 28 highway.

- Sue L

If you're looking for a Car that is reliable with minimum problems, this is the vehicle for you!

Although this vehicle is old, it has been very reliable throughout the years, with only minor mechanical problems. As it gets older, more maintenance needs to be done and more parts needs to be replaced, but that's normal. This car is spacious and lots of room in the trunk for big items. It came with simple features, nothing fancy. This car has always run smooth and has a little bit of power to it. Overall it has been a very good vehicle.

- Belinda L

Long lasting Dodge with no real major issues.

The car has performed very well over the past 17 years and I have no plans to trade it. Have only had 3 major repairs including brakes, struts, and alternator. The only issue now is that I am older, it sits lower to the ground and is a little hard to get in an out of.

- Cathy R

Love the Dodge intrepid or it will show you why you should have.

Very nice reliable car, good on gas, great if you have kids, 4 door huge trunk 5 seats good heat and a/c great acceleration awesome handling, kinda small for trips but great safety features so, love the Dodge intrepid or it will show you why you should have.

- Wade M

It doesn't perform well in harsh winter driving conditions.

My vehicle functions alright and gets me from point A to B, but it's not a great car. It doesn't perform well in winter driving conditions and is getting to the age where expensive parts are starting to rust out.

- Kaira E

It is a pretty durable car. There was a recall on the pin in the front seats.

I like the size and comfort of the car. I dislike the display panel set up. I have also had electrical problems with a few things like the cigarette lighter/charging port.

- Trina W

ac works great and it's roomy for me n kids and its ok driving

old and ugly and i need new tires the handles are breaking and the ac only works that's the best thing only

- yvette p

The car is old but keeps trucking along.

My car makes loud noises sometimes. Overall, it does well. It has had quite a lot of repairs lately though.

- Kelsey H

It is an old model and I should get a new one

It is old and gold. I think it is a very outdated model. It is not very reliable anymore

- Kelsey M

The Dodge Intrepid is a tank. A very large car. The trunk is enormous, which is good. Good gas mileage. Sun roof. Should have a rear window windshield wiper.

The transmission has a few issues. Makes it a little touchy to drive.

- paula s