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That it is an old car, and that it probably was in excellent condition.

I bought it used. It needed a new battery. The following year the ac needed new one. Now as far as it drives, it is doing ok. It rides pretty good for it is age. I think it will last me at least another five years. No problems with the windows, they go up and down with the push of the buttons. The CD player still works good. The trunk is a bit of a problem as it lost it is spring before I got it. I have to lift the trunk and it is very heavy. The windshield wipers still work well. I have had it over three years now.

- Ruth B

Such a smooth ride and good on gas for an older car. Roomy and easy to drive.

I have had this car two times. In both cars and what I have read the cooling fans have gone out. I have had them replaced and overheating was not an issue. I love that it is a smooth ride and accelerate beautifully you do not lose power if you step off the gas which is a plus. It is super roomy and comfortable. The windshield wiper blades have to be replaced every year though because I think the car get hot that they just fall apart. I live in Cali so it is not such a big deal.

- Joyce P

Four door dodge intrepid se.

Very reliable. Comfortable. Huge trunk for extra storage. Lots of room. Rides smooth. Dependable. Nothing bad to say about it. Electric windows and seats. Good on gas. Family friendly. CD player. Easy maintenance. Four door. Cloth seats. I've had no problems with it. Great on gas. Best car I've ever had. Easy to keep clean. Would definitely recommend others to purchase those type of car. I absolutely love it.

- Tanya F

The Red Swedish Lemon called Ruby

not a great car. Always breaking down. One thing after another.Can't trust it at all. First it was as simple as a water pump, and then tires. Eventually my transmission went out, and the water pump again. My coolant reservoir had to be replaced. My front axle had to be replaced. This car used excessive amounts of coolant and oil. It was good the only thing I would give it a star for is that it was very comfy.

- Christie P

The battery. It might give out if the car just sits out without use.

The main problem I have with my vehicle is the size of my car. It is to small on the inside. The performance of my vehicle is just fine, it gets the job done. The reliability of my car is exceptional. The only problem I have with my vehicle is the battery life. I have had to recharge my battery and use spark plugs more than once in one year.

- Andres P

Missing my 2002 Dodge intrepid~.

When I drove my 2002 Dodge intrepid, I loved that car, smooth ride and lots of room. After fixing several things on it. Puke jug, radiator, new tires and a battery and of course gas. Had to baby it always checking the oil because it used it! Then the transmission went out in it! I miss that car!

- Angie A

Not worth the headache trust me on that

Just really old style vehicle, good on gas at first but quickly changes pace. Requires oil changes more than expected. I don't think it is a good car in general. I would definitely upgrade as soon as possible if you own this vehicle outright. It's just not worth the headache

- jalen H

Sporty feel vehicle dependable vehicle.

Very dependable and fuel efficient. Don't like that battery is inside wheel well (had to change out when replacing). Very roomy in size and for the most part easy to maintain. Did have issue bleeding air out of water system. Some parts are more expensive to replace.

- Jason B

2002 Dodge intrepid 4dr 180000 miles.

2002 Dodge intrepid, with four doors, very comfortable and roomy. I replaced the brake pads recently, but still needs rotors and calipers. Car has 180, 000 miles, runs and looks great, general wear and tear. Air conditioning has a leak and does not work.

- Jessica R

Standard and automatic shifting.

Jumped time and time and chain belt had to be replaced. No spark plugs wires they are electric. It is good on gas and comfortable it has both standard and automatic shifting. With regular maintenance it will last and be dependable. You will be pleased.

- Tina M

The car does not do great on gravel roads.

I like that my car is spacious, it gets good fuel mileage. And I like the seats. I hate the color and how easy the wheels go out of balance. The headlights could be a better design.

- Breanna B

They last a long time if regular maintenance is performed. Over 200000 mile and still going strong.

I love the size and interior room. It is comfortable and easy to drive even on long trips. I wish that the Intrepid was still manufactured, would buy a new on if they did.

- Kevin Q

Repairs are inexpensive. Bought it used and love it.

It is an old car and I take care of all the repairs needed. It is a very it is very faithful automobile and hope to have it for a while longer.

- Angela W

It runs, and gets me to where I need to go most of the time.

It is getting old and falling apart just cannot afford a new one yet. It gets me to work and back so cannot really complain too much about it.

- Harold S

it requires little attention

it is dependable in that it requires little attention. i do not care for the airconditioning as it does not work well and cannot be improved.

- kenneth L

Enjoying my 2002 Dodge Intrepid

The dodge intrepid is a fun loving full size vehicle to drive.It's good on gas and reliable. It plenty of legroom for the taller riders

- Kenneth W

It is very reliable and requires minimum maintenance.

It is very reliable, regardless of weather. It is highly maneuverable and I can park it easily. I really have no complaints. I love it!

- Phillip S

Takes a long time to accelerate.

It handles pretty well for an older car. Runs through gas pretty quickly, which sucks. It is very roomy and comfortable though.

- M K

Power windows, locks auto when moving.

Have my car since 2002 had hardly any problems with it. Drives nice and retired now so do not use it for work only pleasure.

- Ann D

that it has held up really well after 16 years

my vehicle still makes me happy after 16 years of driving it. I take very good care of it and I still like driving it.

- Kelly a

Always breaking down. Waste of money to fix.

Our map sensor went out multiple times. There is a leak somewhere in the engine. Throws random codes.

- Misty V

Great mid size car to drive.

I enjoy driving the Dodge intrepid. It's good on gas and have plenty of legroom for a taller person.

- Kenneth J

I don't like the 2002 model because I have had a lot of problems with it like the battery compartment should never be put in the tire well.

The battery placement sucks and when the module on the transmission gets wet it won't work either

- Paula M

The trunk space. It's freaking amazing!

It doesn't run 100% perfectly, but it has everything we need and fits our family nicely.

- Tiffany S

that it is a good size family car with a lot of room

It's a good family size car, gets good gas mileage and has a lot of room

- Deborah S

reliable brand 4 doors very convenient we have always liked the dodge brand

I like that it's a 4 door roomy enough don't really have any complaints

- sherry g