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'03 Dodge Intrepid 94k miles

I bought this car with 83k miles on it. It now has 94k miles. It is 15 years old. I have the oil changed every 3k miles. The A/C went out last week, simple fix but winter is coming so I won't bother with it right now. Had to change a control arm. It has a oil pan leak. Other than that, this car runs really good!

- Krista T

I think the single most important thing others should know about the Intrepid is that this is a very well built car so it's very seldom in for repairs.

The car is very basic, and I personally really like some of the new features I'm seeing cars have. Additionally, for a car it eats gas (only 18 miles per gallon.) Finally, because of all the SUVs and trucks that are on the road the Intrepid sits too low so it's difficult to see.

- Cyndi Z

Cannot kill Dodge! Use and abuse, Mopar just lasts!

I have a 2003 Dodge intrepid. Bought it used with 100, 000 mi. It has a blown head gasket but this vehicle just will not die. I have really put it through the ringer. It still has plenty of pick up when the pedal goes down. I will always drive Mopar!

- Fred P

It is very smooth when driving and traveling far, l and it is economical.

Personally, I like the Dodge intrepid 2003 because despite being small, it does not get stuck in the snow, it comes out easily, the only problem is that no mechanic fixes the shocks well. But it is been spacious and comfortable.

- Ingrid M

It can be expensive and difficult to find salvaged parts to do your own repairs.

I like the roominess for driver and passengers. It has comfortable seating and interior is easy to clean. I do not care for all the added features that I mostly do not need or use.

- Kay L

Dodge Intrepid very dependable

Great handling, great riding. Very dependable. My Intrepid is 15 years old, only replaced front brakes. Must change oil every 3000 miles, I use Mobile one 5w30 .

- Lou J

Has been a good car until recently

Seats could be higher and more comfortable, it has been fairly reliable in the first 12 years but has had some engine problems in the last few years

- Martha S

That is is my first car and that even though it is old it gets me to where i need to be.

The car is rather large and doesn't have the best turning radius. The fuel mileage isn't very good. Its older and things are starting to fail.

- Rachel G

The Dodge Intrepid is a very reliable and comfortable vehicle.

No problems, great performance. Very reliable. Comfortably seats 5 people. Has a very large trunk for storing things.

- Jeremy S

Gas eater. And too expensive to fix.

It eats gas worse than a V8 truck. too expensive to fix. Battery is in the wheel well. Worst car ever.

- Tiffany B

lots of room in the trunk and back seat so it's good for transporting things

I like it but it's old son always breaking down. It's very roomy though and has a lot of space

- emm s

dependable and works hard has only 78k mil

like it and are happy with it held up well no complaints

- al s