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Reliable up until 120, 000.

Put 2000 dollars worth of new parts on it just after 120, 000 miles. Car was in the shop three separate times in a month. The car does get good gas mileage but a lot of people told me it was going to go at 120, 000. They were right. Not to mention I have replaced a few other things in the last five years that shouldn't have gone out. Also, the location of the parts makes it almost impossible to get to any of the machinery without a lift and a mechanic.

- Cara R

Best car for snowy and icy weather.

Breaks down most of the time. Lemon car. Had a problem with the timing chain and the clock spring. . Mine was bought used so it came with a trailer hitch. Felt seats, large body (great for snow driving), sleek design. Comfortable to drive in. Really can say it is a great car if you take real good care of it. Drives well. Also has cruise control.

- Wolf L

Good first car but with a few problems.

Car can be a little hard to park since it is so long on city streets but has a ton of space which is helpful for moving things. The car does not have a tape deck so you need to have a wireless plug in for smartphones or a lot of CDs. But it is a comfortable car! Has power steering leakage though but the engine works great.

- Brian H

Fun car to drive. Classic colors and great styling.

I like the body style. It is not boring and boxy. I like the color. It is comfortable and easy to drive. I do not feel it gets good gas mileage and the engine could use a bit more power. I have liked the intrepid since they first came out. It was good when they were a part of mascara, but Dodge no longer races.

- Leigh I

I would probably say my car runs extremely well accelerates very quickly

One of the best things I like about my car is its fuel economy. I can fill it up on around $30. You really can't beat that so I'm spending a little over $100 on gas per month. One of the worst things I dislike is that it has been discontinued and finding something else that runs as well is very difficult.

- Ahmar M

Breaks and is expensive to fix.

It is so annoying and loud and completely unreliable. I have had so many issues with it and it just keeps snowballing. It is a sturdy car but the issues that it has and continues to have are ridiculous and expensive to fix. I would not recommend purchasing this vehicle because it is unreliable.

- Rob C

Dodge intrepid se 2004 sedan.

Gas guzzler and prone to problems with engine and transmission. Great size plenty of room for cargo. Comfortable for long trips with the leg space. Drives smooth loved the 60 40 split seats makes it easier for carry larger items. Would recommend this car as a short term beginner car.

- Kristena C

Good for a runabout, not bad for a 2004.

Its an older car but it has four wheels and an engine. It's still relatively easy to get parts for it, and there's a CD player in it. Good trunk space. The tires are easy to get hands on, the engine is reliable. Takes a hit pretty well. Seats lean back well. Did I mention the trunk?

- Christopher I

Great tires and wheels, sporty and stylish and a huge trunk.

My car is aerodynamic is comfortable and is smooth running. It gets good fuel mileage and still has plenty of pep, and does not lag when accelerating. It comfortably carries five adult passengers, while having bucket seats. Sporty and stylish that is what I like most about my car.

- David G

Spacious, Reliable, Convenient

The best thing about the vehicle is the space. The backseat is very wide and the trunk is great. We need to transport large instruments and it fits them and us with ease. It doesn't have great guts (acceleration isn't great) but overall it has been a very reliable vehicle.

- Ysabel N

Red and black interior very clean inside.

No air, good gas mileage, newer tires, comfortable, nice size trunk. It is red also gets a oil change and maintenance. Going to get air fixed later this spring. 5 passengers, high miles. Radio and CD player works nice sound. Some rest under back tires.

- Vicki L

It gets me from Point A to Point B while looking stylish.

I like that my car looks sporty and it's easy to get out of. However, it seems to be breaking down a lot. I've had to replace a lot of the original parts on it. The headlights are also dogged over and you can't clean them because they're plastic.

- Crista G

Lots of bang for your buck, between the lower cost of such a large vehicle.

Love the size, holds a ton in the backseat and trunk! Also love the gas mileage, since my other vehicles are a truck and an SUv and suck gas like crazy. don't like that it is getting old and needs more work and maintenance to keep it running.

- Kerri S

Great car for road trips! Plenty of room, great gas mileage and looks nice!

I love the classic feel of the car, like a luxury car with plenty of room inside. The dependability has been wonderful and very easy maintenance. I have taken several road trips in this car and just love it!

- Amy S

Engine has problems and car suffers if over 100,000 miles.

The engine isn't great. It's a good car, but it has had a lot of issues with oil and the engine getting dirty. I have had it cleaned, and then have had to go back a few days later and get it cleaned again.

- Michele G

Family size but not bad on fuel costs.

I like my Dodge Intrepid very much because it is a good family size car but yet it is not bad on gas expense at all. A lot of family size carts cost a fortune in gas money. This vehicle does not.

- Lenier N

That it has been reliable for me.

No complaints. It looks great and rides smooth. No mechanical issues so far. Reliable vehicle. There is nothing that i dislike about my car, except maybe having to pay for tags and insurance.

- Felicia S

It is a safe vehicle in good running condition and I own it.

My vehicle is safe,runs well,gets good gas mileage and I own it. On the negative side of the ledger is it is a lower profile car in height, making it harder to enter as I get older.

- David B

Outdated expensive piece of junk that should not be bought.

It's not reliable and it has a ton of problems. I constantly find myself trying to get it to pass inspection and it is not very good on gas it isn't terrible but it could be better.

- Jake H

The outside noise level is loud.

It is dependable and I own it so I have no payments. It is relatively good on gas. What I dislike about the car is low in height and as I age it gets harder to enter the vehicle.

- David B

Even with issues, it keeps on going. The issues are a nuisance, but it usually does not leave me stranded.

Comfortable seating with good travel room. Starting to show mechanical and electrical problems. Every Chrysler vehicle I have owned ends up with electrical problems

- John G

It ran well until 120, 000 miles.

It hit 120000 miles and started falling apart. The battery is hard to access. It gets me from place to place but I will be riding myself of it soon.

- Cara Y

Reliable, and comfortable.

Good roomy vehicle, fuel efficiency, sleek design. Dislike cost of parts and repair costs and general maintenance.

- Jason B

It will get you where you need to go and it gets good gas mileage

It's basically a good car, it has a lot of miles on it and is starting to rust. But it runs well

- Sandy N

It's a good size. Not too small and not too big for people uncomfortable driving bigger vehicles

I like the size but I don't like that my car hesitates if I accelerate too fast

- Staci N